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xrootd-server-libs-5.6.9-1.2 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for x86_64

Name: xrootd-server-libs Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 5.6.9 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.2 Build date: Thu Mar 14 17:13:05 2024
Group: System/Daemons Build host: reproducible
Size: 2267314 Source RPM: xrootd-5.6.9-1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Libraries used by XRootD servers
The XROOTD project gives access to data repositories.
The typical usage is to give access to file-based ones.

This package contains libraries used by XRootD servers.






* Thu Mar 14 2024 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Update to version 5.6.9:
    * [Python] Check list of files in prepare to ensure they are
    * [Python] Fix iteration over a file with Python3.
    * [Python] Use int for 'force' in File::Stat
    * [Utils] Correct comparison that wrongly missed reaping certain
    * [XrdCl] Fix logic error when upgrading connections to TLS.
    * [XrdCl] Stop Poller before TaskManager (fixes rare crashes at
    * [XrdHttpTPC] Fix 500 server response code if
      X-Number-Of-Streams > 100 (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2186).
    * [XrdSciTokens] Add stat permissions to create, modify and
      write operations (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2185).
    * [XrdSciTokens] Allow creation of parent directories if
      necessary (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2184).
    * [XrdSciTokens] Fix bug when scope includes basepath or /
* Sat Feb 24 2024 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Update to version 5.6.8:
    * [XrdCl] Only claim to be TLS capable if TLS initialization
      succeeds (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2020).
    * [XrdCl] Only consider an endpoint TLS-enabled if the
      connection is encrypted
    * [XrdCl] Remove duplicates from URL list to avoid undefined
    * [XrdHttpTPC] Fix infinite loop when scitags packet marking is
      enabled (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2192).
    * [XrdPosix,XrdSecztn] Fix build on FreeBSD
    * [XrdTls] Fix automatic renewal of server certificate with
      OpenSSL>=1.1 (gh#xrootd/xrootd#1678).
* Thu Feb 15 2024
  - version update to 5.6.7
    * [XrdCl] Fix crash at teardown when using copies with multiple
      streams (issue #2164)
    * [XrdSecsss] Fix buffer overrun when serializing credentials
      (issue #2143)
    * [XrdCl] Fix TPC initialization to take into account control
      stream (issue #2164)
    * [XrdPosix] Fix ordering of debug levels in pss.setop
      DebugLevel (#2183)
    * [XrdTpc] Properly handle creation of packet marking handles
      when socket is not yet connected (#2179)
    * [XrdHeaders] Install XrdSfsFAttr.hh as private header
* Thu Jan 25 2024 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Update to version 5.6.6:
    * [XrdHttp] Fix PostProcessHttpReq to take into account
      User-Agent setting (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2154).
    * [Server] Set TZ environment variable to avoid race conditions
    * [XrdCl] Treat errOperationInterrupted as a recoverable error
* Wed Jan 24 2024 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Update to version 5.6.5:
    * [XrdTpc] Fix potential segmentation fault when creating packet
      marking handle (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2161)
    * [XrdSecgsi] Fix compilation with GCC 14
    * [XrdSys] Include <byteswap.h> for BSD and GNU/Hurd
    * [Server] Align monitoring ID with HTTP (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2133)
    * [XrdCrypto] Skip check of our standard DH parameters
    * [XrdHttp] Send User-Agent as part of monitoring info
* Tue Dec 19 2023 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Update to version 5.6.4:
    * [XrdHttp] Fix segfault with macaroons (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2114).
    * [XrdPss] Fix segfault if pss.origin uses https protocol with
      no port (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2140).
    * [CMake] Fix include path in XRootDConfig.cmake
    * [Headers] Fix header dependencies and missing
      includes/declarations (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2119).
    * [Server] Initialize pidFN to pidpath base directory if an
      error occurs.
    * [XrdCl] Don't try to enable TCP_CORK in GNU/Hurd
    * [XrdCl] Reapply fix for null-characters in error output
      (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2138, gh#xrootd/xrootd#1501).
    * [XrdEc] Fix alignment issues on SPARC (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2131).
    * [XrdHttp,XrdNet] Adapt Scitag min and max value to change in
      spec (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2139).
    * [XrdSciTokens] Initialize SecEntity.addrInfo to avoid SEGV
    * [XrdTls] Switch from using a cert file to a cert chain file
    * [CMake] Install CMake config file into lib/lib64 rather than
      share (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2116).
    * [Tests] Convert tests to GoogleTest and run without containers
      (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2055, GSoC 2023).
    * [Tests] Other fixes and improvements to tests
      (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2115, gh#xrootd/xrootd#2129,
      gh#xrootd/xrootd#2130, gh#xrootd/xrootd#2137,
  - Use source tarballs from Github as the previously used website
    can be hit or miss sometimes.
* Sun Nov 12 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 5.6.3:
    * Export project version in CMake config (issue #2094)
    * Find only XRootD matching XRootDConfig.cmake installation path
    * Do not use PEP517 by default, not supported on CentOS 7
    * Call tzset() early to ensure thread-safety of localtime_r()
      and mktime() (issue #2107)
    * Correct maximum exp/act value in XrdNetPMark::getEA
    * Create environment file within adminpath (issue #2106)
    * Fix incorrect patch for authfile parsing (issue #2088)
    * Skip server checksum query test on unsupported filesystems
    * Return an error if xrdfs rm fails to delete any file
    * Try to load blacklist even if some entries are invalid
    * Wait for pipeline including XrdCl::AppendFile() to finish
    * Fix parsing of chunked PUT lengths (#2102, #2103)
* Sun Sep 17 2023 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Update to version 5.6.2:
    * [XrdHttp] Fix chunked PUT creating empty files
    * [CMake] Update Findlibuuid.cmake to use correct include paths
    * [Python] Fix inclusion of markdown README file in
      documentation (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2057)
    * [Server] Align code with actual documentation for auth idspec
    * [XrdCl] Fix flag check for append in XrdClZipArchive
    * [XrdCl] Fix promotion of root:// URLs to use TLS encryption
    * [XrdHttp] Correct chunked response for GET with a byte range
    * [XrdHttp] Refactor read issuing during GET and fix read vector
      too long (gh#xrootd/xrootd#1976)
    * [XrdSciTokens] Fix logic error in user mapping
    * [XrdSciTokens] Update maximum header size and line length in
      INI files (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2074)
    * [XrdSecgsi] Fix crash of xrdgsitest when proxy is not already
    * [XrdSecztn] Fix template for default ZTN token location
    * [XrdTls] Change the thread-id returned to openssl 1.0 to
      improve performance (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2084)
    * [XrdTls] Insert CRLs containing critical extensions at the end
      of the bundle (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2065)
    * [CMake] Always compile XrdOssCsi (compiled only with GCC
    * [CMake] Hide build output for isa-l to not confuse CTest
    * [CMake] Run tests in parallel and fail build when tests fail
    * [Python] Allow build customization via environment variable
    * [Python] Check for Development.Module with CMake 3.18 and
    * [Server] Add initialiser in one of the XrdScheduler
      constructors (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2081)
    * [Server] Default ffdest as per current pmark specification
    * [Server] Export readv comma separated limits via
      XRD_READV_LIMITS envar
    * [Server] Implement Linux epoll maxfd limit
    * [XrdClHttp] Add pgWrite support to the HTTP client plugin
    * [XrdHttp] Refactor request statemachine for HTTP GET requests
    * [XrdTls] Refactor CASet and CRLSet to open the output file
      only once before the processing
* Sat Jul 22 2023 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Only build python bindings without private copies of the client
    library. This also removes the ambiguity for the client libraries
    for the automatic dependency generation.
  - Only use build dependency on doxygen/graphviz for the main
  - Remove unused swig build dependency.
  - Various spec file cleanups
  - Fix installation of API docs
* Thu Jul 20 2023
  - version update to 5.6.1
    * Version 5.6.1
      Minor bug fixes
      [CMake] Fix Findlibuuid.cmake to use kernel provided uuid on macOS
      [XrdCl] Avoid race in postmaster QueryTransport
      [XrdCl] Add missing argument in call to debug log message.
      This fixes sporadic crashes seen in FTS when debug logging is enabled.
      [XrdCrypto] Avoid race in GetCryptoFactory
      [CMake] Make sure Python is required in PyPI build
      [CMake] Set RPATH that works for binaries and libraries on macOS
      [CMake,Python] Handle RPATH for Python bindings on macOS
      [Python] Use PEP517 by default when building Python bindings
    * Version 5.6.0
      New Features
      [CMake] Modernization of build system, now requires CMake 3.16
      [Client] Add xrdfs cache subcommand to allow for cache evictions
      [Misc] Add support for building with musl libc (issue #1645)
      [Python] Modernization of build system, better support for creating binary wheels,
      properly propagating CXXFLAGS (issues #1768, #1807, #1833, #1844, #2001, #2002)
      [Python] Better handling of unicode strings in the API (issue #2011)
      [Server] Add gsi option to display DN when it differs from entity name
      [Server] Allow generic prepare plug-in to handle large responses (issue #2023)
      [Server] Allow specfication of minimum and maximum creation mode (issue #649)
      [Server] Make maxfd be configurable (default is 256k) (issue #2010)
      [Server] Include token information in the monitoring stream (phase 1).
      [Xcache] Implement a file evict function
      [Xcache,XrdCl] Increase default number of parallel event loops to 10 (#2047)
      [XrdCl] xrdcp: number of parallel copy jobs increased from 4 to 128
      [XrdHttp] Allow XRootD to return trailers indicating failure (#1912)
      [XrdHttp] Denote Accept-Ranges in HEAD response (issue #1889)
      [XrdHttp] Report cache object age for caching proxy mode (#1919)
      [XrdPss] Allow origin to be a directory of a locally mounted file system
      [XrdSciTokens] Implement ability to have the token username as a separate claim (#1978)
      [XrdSecgsi] Use SHA-256 for signatures, and message digest algorithm (issues #1992, #2030)
      [XrdSecztn] Allow option '-tokenlib none' to disable token validation (issue #1895)
      [XrdSecztn] Allow to point to a token file using CGI '?xrd.ztn=tokenfile' (#1926)
      Major bug fixes
      [XrdHttp] Fix SEGV in case request has object for opaque data but no content (#2007)
      [XrdSecgsi] Fix memory leaks in GSI authentication (issue #2021)
      Minor bug fixes
      [Server] Use correct value for testing vector size
      [XrdCl] Fix off by one error in failure recovery check in parallel operation (issue #2040)
      [XrdCl] Fix potential stream timeout when a new request is sent to an idle stream (issue #2042)
      [XrdCl] Do not enforce TLS when --notlsok option is used in combination with root:// URL.
      This allows falling back to e.g. Kerberos authentication on a server with ZTN plugin
      enabled if the client has no certificates, hence not able to use TLS (issue #2020)
      [XrdEc] Fix compilation issues and underlinking on macOS
      [XrdHttp] Fix error returned when a client provides too many range requests (issue #2003)
      [XrdHttp] Fix regression where performance markers were missing during an HTTP TPC transfer (#2017)
      [XrdHttp] Return 404 instead of 500 error code on GET request on non-existent file (issue #2018)
      [XrdHttp] Return 405 instead of 500 error code on deletion of non-empty directory (issue #1896)
      [XrdHttp] Update HTTP header handling for chunked encoding and status trailer (#2009)
      [XrdTls] Make sure TLS context is marked invalid if not properly constructed (issue #2020)
      [XrdTls] Fix build failure with latest glibc (#2012)
      [Apps] Make xrdcrc32c consistent with xrdadler32 (issue #2045)
      [CMake] Build option ENABLE_CRYPTO has been removed. OpenSSL is always required with XRootD 5 (issue #1827)
      [CMake] New test.cmake script added to automate configure/build/test cycle
      [CMake] Fix build with link-time optimizations on 32bit systems (issue #2032)
      [docs] Update READMEs, contribution, installation, and testing documentation
      [Misc] Fix warnings from Clang compiler (#1997)
      [Misc] Add sandboxing settings to systemd service files (initially commented out) (issue #2033)
      [Server] Also check for IPv6 ULA's to determine if an address is private
      [Tests] New script xrd-docker added to automate running of dockerized tests (#1974)
      [XProtocol] Add fallthrough statement for ENOTEMPTY errno code mapping
      [XRootD]  Update code to no longer rely on using namespace std; (needed to support C++17)
      [XrdCeph] Submodule merged back into main repository (#2008)
      [XrdCeph] Minor build system updates and integration with main repository
      [XrdCrypto] Switch to a fixed set of DH parameters compatible with older OpenSSL (issue #2014)
  - modified patches
    % harden_cmsd@.service.patch (refreshed)
    % harden_frm_purged@.service.patch (refreshed)
    % harden_frm_xfrd@.service.patch (refreshed)
    % harden_xrootd@.service.patch (refreshed)
  - removed patches
    - xrootd-modernize-python-builds.patch (upstreamed)
* Thu Jun 15 2023 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Fix some multibuild package name degeneracies.
* Fri Jun 09 2023 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Update to version 5.5.5:
    * [HTTP] Initialize SecEntity.addrInfo to avoid SEGV
    * [Server] Allow XrdXrootdFile::Serialize() to be used to wait
      more than once (gh#xrootd/xrootd#1995).
    * [Server] Correct file handle returned when reusing it from
      external table.
    * [XrdCl] Fix client crash on early closed connection
    * [Server] Use correct format to print size_t
    * [XrdApps] Let XrdClProxyPlugin work with PgRead
    * [XrdCl] Avoid possibility of Channel unregistering the wrong
      task (gh#xrootd/xrootd#1883).
    * [XrdCl] Fix ZipArchive issuing VectorWrite which is too large
      during CloseArchive (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2004).
    * [XrdSys] Avoid memory leak when overwriting the default
      message for EBADE.
    * [CMake] Adjust build rules to not depend on scitokenscpp to
      build libXrdSecztn.
    * [Server,XrdPosix,XrdSecgsi] Fix compile warnings with Clang
    * [XrdPosix] Fix build with Clang and _FORTIFY_SOURCE enabled
  - Fix python builds:
    * Add xrootd-modernize-python-builds.patch: patch from
      gh#xrootd/xrootd#2025 rebased for current version.
    * Use _multibuild to split out python builds into own flavour
      separate from main package builds.
    * Manually create a VERSION file so that dist-infos can decipher
      the right version and does not use 5.6-rc-foo; this should no
      longer be required when packaging tagged version 5.6.
    * Manually specify xrootd includedirs when building python pkgs
      since cmake as invoked by python build tools does not
      automatically inherit them, leading to missing header
    * Pass -Wno-error=odr to linker flags to avoid build failures on
      32bit archs (gh#xrootd/xrootd#2032).
* Wed Apr 05 2023 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Update to version 5.5.4:
    + **[SSI]** Avoid file system+SSI feature interference that caused problems
    + **[Server]** Fix dropped connections when link is reused (issue 1928)
    + **[Server]** Limit max number of sockets in poller (issue 1962)
    + **[Tests]** Fix intermittent failure of SocketTest
    + **[XrdApps]** Fix crashes and deadlocks in xrdreplay tool (issue 1937)
    + **[XrdCl]** Remove interference between sessions in the client (issue 1942)
    + **[XrdCrypto]** Allow ASN1 GeneralizedTime in certificates (issue 1969)
    + **[XrdCrypto]** Fix handling of daylight savings time (issues 985, 1955)
    + **[XrdHttp]** Avoid sending empty headers in the HTTP response
    + **[XrdHttp]** Clear digest header between requests (issue 1956)
    + **[XrdHttp]** Fix for HTTP requests with open-ended byte range
    + **[XrdHttp]** Fix handling of SSL shutdown during cleanup (issue 1967)
    + **[XrdHttp]** Fix parsing of configuration with weighted checksums (issue 1944)
    + **[XrdHttp]** Only call ERR_print_errors() if an error occurred
    + **[XrdPfc]** Fix HTTP request failures with direct read mode enabled
    + **[XrdTls]** Fix intermittent clients disconnections on login (issue 1952)
  - Drop xrootd-drop-python-distutils.patch: fixed upstream.
* Sun Jan 15 2023 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Add xrootd-drop-python-distutils.patch: Drop distutils usage in
    favour of setuptools; upstream commit d5732ef
    [gh#xrootd/xrootd#1843]. This fixes build failures on Factory.
* Mon Oct 31 2022 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Update to version 5.5.1:
    * [XrdFfs] Fix a bug in xrootdfs (gh#xrootd/xrootd#1777).
    * [Server] Avoid SEGV when client tries to access file after
      deferred closed.
    * [XrdHttp] The server certificate is renewed by the Refresh
      thread of the XrdTlsContext object.
    * [XrdHttp] Fix a segv happening when a client sends a first
      line starting with a space.
    * [XrdTls] Shutdown the socket if a SSL error happens when
      trying to accept a connection.
    * [Apps] Avoid SEGV when asking for help.
    * [XrdCl] copy job: fix memory leak (buffers not queued on
    * [Server] Add O_RDWR open flag when creating file to avoid fs
    * [Server] Properly handle opaque info for fsctl operations.
    * [XrdHttp] Allow VO names with spaces and other quoted chars.
    * [XrdCl] LocalFileHandler: fail gracefuly on overloaded
    * [XrdCl] Introduce new error code for handling local errors.
    * [XrdCl] local file handler: obtain error code with aio_error.
    * [XrdCl] xrdfs ls: sanitize ls entry.
    * [CMake] Add ENABLE_ switch for scitokens and
    * [XrdTls] Start the CRLRefresh thread in XrdTlsContext
    * [XrdTls] Changed the bit set for the activation of the Refresh
    * [XrdTls] The CRL refresh thread logic only starts when there
      is a need for it.
    * [XrdTls] Free current context when a new context is generated.
    * [XrdHttpTpc] Pass src size to OFS via oss.asize.
* Thu Sep 29 2022 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - rpmlintrc: Filter out missing-call-to-setgroups-before-setuid
    warnings which are false positives (see
* Tue Sep 20 2022 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Update to version 5.5.0:
    * Long list of changes, see
  - Update patches to apply cleanly:
    * harden_cmsd@.service.patch
    * harden_frm_purged@.service.patch
    * harden_frm_xfrd@.service.patch
    * harden_xrootd@.service.patch
  - Adapt to changes in installed files list for python3.
  - Build python bindings for all supported python versions (python3
  - Add BuildRequires: python-pip needed to install standard
    python egg-info (avoiding installing .pth files).
  - Install /run/%{name} as ghost dir.
  - Drop unused filter from rpmlintrc.
  - Rename logrotate file to xrootd-server to conform with rpmlint
  - Add BuildRequires: sysuser-tools and use its macros to set up
    xrootd user and group in compliance with
  - Add %{name}-user.conf as source as required for above.
  - Drop conditionals for openSUSE < 1500 (sle_version < 150000).
  - Minor specfile cleanups using spec-cleaner.
* Sat Mar 26 2022 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Update to version 4.12.9:
    * No Linux related changes, just version sync.
* Mon Jan 10 2022 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Added hardening to systemd service(s) (bsc#1181400). Added patch(es):
    * harden_cmsd@.service.patch
    * harden_frm_purged@.service.patch
    * harden_frm_xfrd@.service.patch
    * harden_xrootd@.service.patch
* Fri Jul 02 2021 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Update to version 4.12.8:
    * [XrdTpc] Buffer starting at the right offset.
    * [XrdHttp] Store a new header in the headers map before
      mangling it, fixes gh#xrootd/xrootd#1399.
    * [XrdHttp] Fix chunked transfer with 100-continue.
  - Drop xrootd-build-with-glibc2.33.patch: integrated upstream.
* Mon Feb 22 2021 Atri Bhattacharya <>
  - Update to version 4.12.7:
    * [XrdHttp] Fix empty PUT.
    * [XrdTpc] Do not call Write() on flush.
    * [XrdTpc] Avoid using invalid object in multi-stream.
    * [XrdTpc] Always check and fail on error.
    * [XrdTpc] Catch all negative return values not just SFS_ERROR.
    * [XrdTpc] Fix the return value of `Stream::Write`
    * [XrdTpc] Always populate error buffer with messages.
    * [XrdTpc] Factor out recursive writes.
    * [XrdTpc] Do not allow partial buffer writes.
    * [XrdTpc] Adjust buffer size based on number of streams.
  - Add xrootd-build-with-glibc2.33.patch: Fix build with glibc
    2.33; patch taken from upstream commit [gh#xrootd/xrootd#1315].



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