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libgimp-2_0-0-2.10.38-1.1 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for x86_64

Name: libgimp-2_0-0 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 2.10.38 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Mon May 6 09:20:05 2024
Group: System/Libraries Build host: reproducible
Size: 803337 Source RPM: gimp-2.10.38-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: The GNU Image Manipulation Program - Libraries
The GIMP is an image composition and editing program. GIMP offers
many tools and filters, and provides a large image manipulation
toolbox and scripting.

This package provides GIMP libraries.






* Mon May 06 2024 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 2.10.38:
    * Fixed a crash with newer glib
    * Indexed PNGs with transparency are now exported with the correct colors
    * Anders Jonsson fixed the input ranges for several filters such as Waves and Distort
    * The titlebar customization field now supports UTF-8 characters
    * Existing image comments no longer “leak” into newly created images
* Wed Nov 08 2023 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 2.10.36:
    - New features and improvements
    - ASE and ACB palettes support
    - New Gradient: FG to Transparent (Hardedge)
    - GIF: non-square ratio support
    - Text tool: improved formatting behavior when selecting and
      changing text on canvas.
    - Theme: better feedback when hovering lock buttons (with a white frame)
      as well as when activating a lock (a small padlock shows up in the corner).
    - Security and bug fixes
    - Fixed Vulnerabilities (DDS: ZDI-CAN-22093, PSD: ZDI-CAN-22094,
      PSP: ZDI-CAN-22096 and ZDI-CAN-22097)
    - Broken Graphics Tablets with recent linuxwacom driver
* Fri Jun 30 2023 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Drop baselibs.conf: the biarch module is not used anymore.
* Tue Apr 18 2023 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Do not recommend gimp-plugins-python even when we build it: it
    pulls in python2. Users are free to install it, but the default
    is not to do it anymore.
* Thu Apr 06 2023 Michael Gorse <>
  - Bump glib dependency to match the configure script.
* Thu Mar 02 2023 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Add boolean pkgconfig(babl-0.1) BuildRequires, allow build with
    new version of babl.
* Wed Feb 22 2023 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 2.10.34:
    - Core:
    - Check for updates now works on macOS (backported from 2.99.14).
    - Update help IDs for better integration with the documentation website.
    - Symmetry dockable contents is now shown, yet deactivated, when no images are
      opened, improving discoverability (backported from 2.99.14).
    - DBus fully disabled on macOS (in some case, it could even freeze GIMP
      process when dbus is present yet not responding). Open With feature (e.g.
      from file browsers) still work fine as it uses a different code path on
      macOS. Other features using dbus (opening files or running batch commands
      from a separate GIMP process) won't work, but they probably never did on
      macOS anyway.
    - "Canvas Size" dialog took too much vertical space and now better uses the
      horizontal space by moving the preview and offset fiels to the right side,
      and the "Center" button just below (backported from 2.99.8).
    - Template selector (backported from 2.99.6) in resize dialog.
    - Color scale preferences (0..255/0..100 and LCh/HSV settings in Colors
      selection dialogs) are now remembered across sessions.
    - Eye icon header added to the item tree views to make it more obvious where
      to click for item visibility and links (backported from 2.99.10)
    - Revert color proofing behavior changed in 2.10.32 which resulted in
      inconsistent past workflows.
    - "Lock path strokes" tooltip for the dockable icon was renamed "Lock path".
    - Plug-ins:
    - DDS: make GUI translatable.
    - file-raw: added high bit depth precision export (partial backport from
    - TIFF:
    * Various bug fixes;
    * better check for invalid resolutions on import;
    * do not generated warnings for incorrect RichTIFFIPTC tags produced by
      Adobe products (only output a message to stderr, for not completely
      ignoring these);
    * Loading "reduced" image or not is now an option. We use a heuristic for
      the default value of said option (trying to guess if it's a thumbnail by
      using common usage), but final decision is now up to one knowing the image
      you load (backported from 2.99.14);
    * Default TIFF export format is "normal" TIFF, not BigTIFF (making it
      default was definitely an error in 2.10.32).
    - PSD:
    * Various bug fixes;
    * Useless physical unit conversion removed;
    * Backported improvement (2.99.10) for importing layers with clipping set
      (leading to color bleeding);
    * Backported improvements (2.99.10) for importing clipping layers;
    * Paths are now exported (backported from 2.99.14).
    - WebP: more informative error messages in some cases.
    - Flame: various bug fixes.
    - JPEG-XL:
    * metadata import backported from 2.99.14 - (requires libjxl 0.7.0)
    * Partial backport (2.99.8) of JPEG-XL export; export is always in 8bit
    - HEIF: various bug fixes.
    - Dicom: various bug fixes.
    - help:
    * macOS: https support now working fine for help files (bypassing
      lack of support in GIO for macOS platform).
    - animation-play: fixed on macOS.
    - PDF:
    * Import: new option "Fill transparent areas with white" to fill the
      background in white (ON by default as most office PDF writers seem to rely
      on readers filling the background with white), allowing importing
      transparent PDF files.
    * Export: new option "Fill transparent areas with background color" allowing
      to decide whether to export a PDF with transparent background.
    - TGA:
    * Added a workaround to load wrongful TGA files exported by Krita (which
      they fixed on their side too now, see Krita bug 464484).
    - ICO and CUR:
    * Magics detection for these formats has been removed (now using only using
      filename extension) because it was interfering with the detection of
      certain types of TGA images (which are likely more common than ICO and CUR
      files, and extension for these should be reliable enough).
    - Libgimpbase:
    - GimpMetadata API (in particular the gimp_metadata_set_from_*() functions)
      are now much less memory-hungry (backported from the main dev branch) when
      using GExiv 0.12.2 or over. With some huge metadata, it could cause long
      freeze or even crashes of plug-ins.
    - Libgimpwidgets:
    - Color-picking with X11 is now the default when compiled with X11, even if a
      color-picking portal also exists, because it is always right, whereas
      portals return color in display space without the space information itself
      (i.e. without profiles).
    - New dedicated GimpPickButton implementation for Windows (backported from
    - Libgimp:
    - New wrapper functions around GEGL ops, which also map to items in our Color
    * gimp_drawable_shadows_highlights()
    * gimp_drawable_extract_component()
* Wed Jun 15 2022 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 2.10.32: (boo#1199653 CVE-2022-30067)
    - Core:
    - Adding support for localized glyphs ('locl') in Text tool
      depending on the value of the "Language" field in Text tool
    - XCF import nows drop Xmp.photoshop.DocumentAncestors tags
      after 1000 of them, similarly to what libgimpbase now does.
      This could happen in XCF files which were created e.g. from a
      PSD import before we handled the issue in libgimpbase.
    - XCF import:
    - made more robust by ignoring (with a warning) invalid
      parasites and continuing to load the rest of the file
      (which might be valid). This way, we are able to salvage
      more cases of partially corrupted XCF files.
    - additional safety checks to detect broken XCF files.
    - Version check can be globally disabled through a value in the
      `gimp-release` file. This would allow to use the same build
      on repositories with an update channels (where we don't want
      update check notifications) and on standalone (where we want
    - User Interface:
    - Removed titlebar/borders from Windows Splash Screen.
    - All official themes now have on-hover indicator around eye
      and link toggles in Layer/Channel/Path Dialog tree-views.
    - Dark theme:
    - Hover-on effect on radio menu items to improve readability.
    - Color icon theme:
    - Thin contrast border for 'close' and 'detach' to improve
      their readability against dark backgrounds on mouse-hover.
    - Plug-ins:
    - TGA: improving indexed images with alpha channel support
      (both import and export).
    - DICOM: Fix endian conversion for photometric interpretation
    - file-raw: "RGB Save Type" confusing dialog label renamed to
      "Palette Type" as on the main dev branch.
    - screenshot: option to capture cursor in now available on
    - pygimp: new optional parameter `run_mode_param` (defaulting
      to True) to register() function of the Python binding, which
      allows to make the "run-mode" parameter optional when
      creating a new PDB procedure. This is already used to fix
      "file-openraster-load-thumb" without changing its signature.
    - BMP: new PDB procedure "file-bmp-save2" which supports all
      options available interactively.
    - BigTIFF: our TIFF plug-in now officially supports BigTIFF
      import and export.
    - Import was actually already working transparently if you
      had a recent enough libtiff. Now the recent libtiff is
      enforced by dependency requirements.
    - Export support was added with a checkbox in the interactive
      dialog and a new "bigtiff" argument in the "file-tiff-save"
      PDB procedure.
    - When an interactive export of ClassicTIFF fails for the
      explicit reason of "Maximum TIFF file size exceeded", the
      export dialog is raised again with a message proposing to
      try again as BigTIFF or trying another compression
      algorithm. This allows because discoverability and
      understandibility of the issue, while not forcing BigTIFF
      export (since it might not be supported everywhere).
    - Unlike the same change on the main dev branch, this
      backport comes without a dependency requirement bump, which
      means this will only work if GIMP is built with recent
      enough libtiff.
    - Raw: more robust load able to load as much as possible from
      the file, then fill the rest with white, when offset and
      dimensions are bigger than actual file size.
    - Improved support of a few plug-in code for building under
      UCRT Windows environment (more modern C runtime library than
    - EPS: loading transparent EPS files now supported.
    - JPEG XL: import backported from the `master` (2.99) branch.
    - WebP: export has a new IPTC checkbox (saved through XMP) as
      well as a thumbnail checkbox. (backported from dev branch,
      since 2.99.8)
    - DDS: export has a new flip option (useful for some game
      engine) as well as a new savetype option to export all
      visible layers (not only the active one).
    - TIFF:
    - import support for 8 and 16 bit CMYK(A) TIFF files.
    - 1, 2 and 4-bit B/W images are now converted to indexed
      rather than grayscale as it seems that there is more of a
      use case for these images to be handled as indexed, even
      though technically they can be considered grayscale. In the
      future we could add an option at loading time where the
      user can choose whether they prefer it to be loaded as
      indexed or grayscale.
    - Fix loading images generated by MATLAB's blockproc
    - More robust loading for 8 bps grayscale MINISWHITE TIFF.
    - Libgimp:
    - New gimp_plug_in_error_quark() as a generic GQuark/GError
      domain for plug-ins (backported from 2.99.6).
    - gimp_drawable_brightness_contrast() now works in the [-1.0,
      1.0] range (it's more of a fix than a change because it's
      what it should have been from the start).
    - Better management of modification time in metadata: IPTC tag
      Iptc.Application2.DateCreated is not overridden anymore as it
      is the original creation date of the image. Instead we set
      the XMP tag Xmp.xmp.ModifyDate for file modification time and
      Xmp.xmp.MetadataDate for metadata modification time.
    - Format of Xmp.tiff.DateTime is now properly set with timezone
      as a consequence of the previous improvement.
    - Libgimpbase:
    - Limit to 1000 ancestors when importing images with incredible
      amount of `Xmp.photoshop.DocumentAncestors` tags, which is
      most likely due to a bug in some versions of Photoshop (in
      some PSDs, we encountered over 100,000 such tags; it probably
      makes no sense that a document could have that many ancestor
      documents). GIMP will now stops at 1000 such tags before
      dropping the rest and continue loading the file.
    - Icons:
    - Chain icons for the Color icon theme reworked from the
      Symbolic versions (with contrast borders to work on any
      background color) so that the "broken" and full variants are
      easily distinguishable.
    - Translations:
    - New Galician and Georgian translations for the Windows
    - 20 translations were updated: Catalan, Chinese (China),
      Croatian, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, French, Georgian, German,
      Hungarian, Icelandic, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian,
      Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian.
    - Build:
    - Bumping minimum GEGL to version 0.4.36.
  - drop gimp-CVE_2022-30067.patch: included in update
* Tue May 24 2022 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Do not recommend lang package: the lang package has smarter
    supplements in place.
* Wed May 18 2022 Michael Gorse <>
  - Add gimp-CVE_2022-30067.patch: fix out of memory when reading
    XCF (boo#1199653 CVE-2022-30067).
* Wed May 04 2022 Marcus Meissner <>
  - switched to https urls
* Tue Dec 21 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 2.10.30
    - Core:
    - Do not follow subpixel font rendering choice from system
      settings for text layer rendering. These systems are useful
      for GUI rendering on a screen of a specific type and pixel
      order. Yet when rendering an image which can be zoomed in or
      out, showed on various screens or even printed, subpixel font
      rendering doesn't make sense.
    - Rewrite the core selection drawing logics so that it works on
      macOS Big Sur and over. This is a backport (adapted to GTK+2)
      of the fix brought in GIMP 2.99.8 for Wayland and macOS.
    - Ignore MakerNote metadata tag at export and only store the
      tags that go in it, hence avoiding partial invalid metadata.
    - Color picking from Colors dockable can now use the
      Freedesktop portal.
    - On Windows, move from GetICMProfile() to
      WcsGetDefaultColorProfile() because the former is broken in
      Windows 11.
    - Plug-ins:
    - metadata-viewer: improve how XMP tags with multiple values
      are handled and shown (now each value on a separate line for
      better readability).
    - metadata-editor:
    * XMP array tags of type BAG and SEQ are now on separate
    * Comparing XMP tags with equivalent IPTC tags with multiple
      values, each value is compared individually, instead of
      comparing the list as a whole.
    - Many robustness improvements and other fixes to the metadata
    - AVIF: prefer AOM encoder for export.
    - PSD:
    * Skip sanity check for mask of rendered layers as some layer
      mask have invalid dimensions in such cases. They will now
      be loaded correctly.
    * Fixed loading of CMYK PSD files without alpha.
    * Fixed loading of CMYK images without layers.
    * Fixed loading of merged image of a 16 bit per channel RGBA
      PSD file with the alpha channel opaque.
    - PBM: large file export now always works and does not depend
      anymore on the platform's long int size.
    - Screenshot:
    * GNOME shell implementation dropped because the D-Bus API
      has been restricted to core components for security
      reasons, thus our plug-in was failing.
    * KDE portal moved as last fallback after the X
      implementation (when running on X) and Freedesktop portal,
      because KDE is also starting to block API calls for
      security reasons.
  - drop 0001-Issue-6210-Subpixel-font-rendering-system-settings-s.patch
    included in update
* Fri Oct 22 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Add upstream patch (GIMP issue #6210)
    + 0001-Issue-6210-Subpixel-font-rendering-system-settings-s.patch
      Fix issue where the textool produces false color artifacts
      when using font anti-aliasing and system is set to subpixel
* Thu Oct 07 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - gimp-tips no longer has translations
* Sat Sep 18 2021 Marcus Rueckert <>
  - Update to 2.10.28
    - Core:
    - Dashboard now has memory support in OpenBSD.
    - Default shortcuts Shift+[ and ] for tool size changed to {
      and }.
    - Performance improvements for GIMP on macOS Big Sur: these
      improvements were actually already applied in our macOS
      packages since GIMP 2.10.22, but were applied upstream
      directly only now.
    - User Interface:
    - Dark theme: improve accessibility of GtkRadioButton by adding
      a white border on mouse-hover.
    - Gray theme: set light background for selected text in Layers
      and Paths dockable dialogs to make text visible.
    - Dark, Gray and Light themes: remove 3D shadow box around eye
      and link toggles in Layers, Channels, and Paths dockable
      dialog tree views.
    - Plug-ins:
    - Improved DDS support and fix some red/blue bit swap for
      RGB10A2 DDS.  The plug-in version is incremented so that it
      is able to catch and correct previously incorrect RGB10A2
      images exported by older versions of our plug-in.
    - DDS files with "L16" - a 16 bit luminance channel - are now
      loaded in 16-bit.
    - DICOM images:
    * Support for planar configuration.  Support for deprecated
    * big endian transfer.
    - TIFF images:
    * Thumbnail storing now done by storing the thumbnail as the
    * second
      page in the file (through Exiv2) and setting metadata
      "Exif.Thumbnail.NewSubfileType" to 1 (reduced resolution
      image) instead of storing the thumbnail as a subifd. This
      was done because of a Windows bug locking TIFF files with
      thumbnail stored as subfid.
    * Symmetrically, loading will ignore pages marked as "reduced
      resolution image" (i.e. it will consider them as
      thumbnails), as well as try to guess if a page (without
      subfile type) is a thumbnail when it meets following
      criteria: second page with YCbCr PhotometricInterpretation,
      old style jpeg compression while the first page has a
      different PhotometricInterpretation or compression.
    - Script-fu:
    - New (dir-make "/dir/name" mode) function to create a
    - Build:
    - Fix uninstalled white-border prelight file.
    - On Windows, *.rs file extension is not associated with SUN
      Raster images anymore. The reason is that this file extension
      is mostly used for Rust code files nowadays. If Windows could
      detect file formats with "magic numbers" (i.e. byte
      identifiers), it would not be a problem, but since it relies
      apparently only the extension, it's better to remove this
    - Oppositely on Linux and other Unix-like systems using desktop
      files, add the image/x-sun-raster MimeType which was
      forgotten (there, detection should be fine and not depend on
      file extension).
    - is not installed anymore (only used during the
      build to generate gimp-tips.xml with multiple language
    - --enable-check-update now has an "auto" value, which is the
      new default. It is equivalent to "yes" for Windows and macOS
      and "no" in all other cases.
    - New unit test to check that localizations listed in the
      installer script match available po files in
    - "msys*" host value now detected as Windows builds.
    - Bumping minimum GEGL to version 0.4.32.
* Thu Sep 16 2021 Stanislav Brabec <>
  - Remove obsolete translation-update-upstream support
* Fri Jun 04 2021 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Move rpm macros.gimp from /etc/rpm to %{_rpmmacrodir}.
* Mon Mar 29 2021 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 2.10.24
    - Core:
    - Ignore Pentax and PentaxDng metadata at export because they are
    - DBus calls (remote file open, typically with double click on file
      browser; and remote command run) are now processed after all command
      line files (in case of calls during startup) and in the call order
      (FIFO) for consistency. Some timeout has also been added to not spam
      the core process with non-processable DBus calls during startup.
    - Display profile name in "Color space" field of Image Properties and
      improve ellipsis & wrap on dialog fields whose contents' size is not
      controllable together with better dialog size management.
    - Fix stack overflow when loading very large XCF files on Windows.
    - Point snapping now works outside the canvas. This is used for snap
      to guides, grid and vectors. Snap to grid only works off-canvas when
      "Show All" is enabled because off-canvas grid is not visible
      otherwise, though snap to guide and vectors will always work
    - Libgimp:
    - Various metadata improvements:
    * Improve reading of iptc tags that appear more than once.
    - Plug-ins:
    - JPEG export will better advertize when metadata export fails,
      possibly with relevant error message. Image export would not fail,
      but at least we make the person aware metadata is not properly
    - More robust TIFF import and export:
    * Better handling of Exif.Thumbnail.* tags on export.
    * Import now ignores TIFF pages with invalid directory (rather than
      freezing and output an error to warn of possible data loss).
    * Import attempts to count the directories by reading them when the
      headers does not announce any directory, which allows to salvage
      images with improper header. Also if reading of a directory fail,
      we now output a message to warn of possible data loss.
    * Fixed loading 2 and 4-bit TIFF images in grayscale and indexed.
    * Improve support of ExtraSamples fields with non-conformant TIFF
    * Improve loading of multi page tiffs with linear TRC.
    * More safety checks as a result of fuzz-testing.
    * Improve loading of MinIsWhite and MinIsBlack images.
    - GeoTIFF tag support added (recognized and stored into image
      parasites at import, then exported back when TIFF format is used)
      with appropriate "Save GeoTIFF data" checkbox (checked by default)
      to disable GeoTIFF metadata export when not desired.
    - The metadata viewer and editor got a big cleaning and refactoring
      pass, as well as various fixes and several improvements:
    * Fix handling of IPTC tags which can appear more than once (such as
      "Keywords") in both the viewer and editor.
    * Always read both the IPTC and XMP equivalent tags in the editor,
      instead of assuming they are necessarily the same.
    * More IPTC equivalents of XMP tags added:
      + Iptc.Application2.LocationName <=> Xmp.iptc.Location
      + Iptc.Application2.BylineTitle <=> Xmp.photoshop.AuthorsPosition
      + Iptc.Application2.CountryCode <=> Xmp.iptc.CountryCode
      + Iptc.Application2.Writer <=> Xmp.photoshop.CaptionWriter
    * The editor now properly saves IPTC tags.
    * Improve UTF-8 conversion to avoid double string conversion (hence
      actually breaking encoding).
    * Use proper unit abbreviations and proper label casing.
    * GPS data is now properly formatted with better precision and with
      translatable string parts and tooltips are added to explain how to
      correctly edit GPS data (latitude, longitude, altitude).
      Also seconds part of latitude/longitude is now saved with more
      precision and altitude details now switch from .1m to .10m.
    * Better error reporting when the editor fails to write a tag, with
      proper GUI error, so that such error do not go unseen.
    * Better error handling when closing the editor or viewer too, and
      improve error handling when the calendar dialog fails.
    * Use a logging domain for debugging-only messages which pollutes
      the output.
    * Xmp.iptc.CreatorContactInfo/Iptc4xmpCore:* override the shorter
      forms Xmp.iptc.Ci* if both are present, since the longer form is
      more common.
    * Improve saving of XMP metadata.
    * And more bug fixes and refactoring steps to get rid of duplicate
    - PNG will now prompt only for layer offset different from zero. Some
      software were always setting an offset of 0 (e.g.: POV-Ray v3.7) so
      GIMP would unecessarily prompt the user until now for PNG created by
      such software.
    - BMP:
    * allow loading of BMP images with incorrect BI_BITFIELDS
    * support loading more bit depth such as 24bpp images.
    - file-darktable:
    * support updated Lua API of darktable 3.6 and beyond;
    * Adding environment contents to debugging output when
      DARKTABLE_DEBUG env variable is set.
    - PDF import:
    * New option to reverse order of layer.
    * Support fractional DPI (allowing accurate page dimensions).
    - DDS:
    * Set blue channel of BC5 dds images to 0 instead of 255.
    * Fix DDS BC5 compression/decompression with Red and Blue swapped.
      We detect images created by an older GIMP on loading and swap the
      channels back.
    - HEIF:
    * Removes the "HDR" mention on HEIF 10/12-bit export because high
      bit depth does not necessarily means HDR.
    * Runtime detection of HEIC and AVIF file formats (depending on
      available encoders and decoders), which allows afterwards update
      of the dependency, but also allows usage for a single format (e.g.
      for distributions which want to support only AVIF).
    * With libheif 1.10, visually lossless export is possible for
      10/12 bit depths too
    - PSD:
    * More flexible reading of layer mask record size, skipping invalid
      or unsupported mask info size, hence allowing us to load more PSD
      files (at least the part of a PSD we support instead of failing
      the whole import altogether).
    - G3 fax images:
    * Improve error handling when loading.
    * Be more forgiving on bad lines which were quite frequent on older
      fax images, allowing to salvage some old images.
  - Drop 0001-app-make-gegl-introspect-an-optional-operation-depen.patch
  - Drop libheif-avif-only.patch
* Fri Feb 12 2021 Michael Gorse <>
  - Recurse directories when looking for python plugins
* Mon Jan 25 2021 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Make graphviz/dot only required for runtime debugging an
    optional dependency, fixes bsc#1180614:
    * 0001-app-make-gegl-introspect-an-optional-operation-depen.patch
  - Cleanup spec file, remove Leap 42.x parts
* Thu Jan 07 2021 Alynx Zhou <>
  - Added python-xml as recommend dependency. (bsc#1180363)



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