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libdnf5-plugin-actions- RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Tumbleweed for x86_64

Name: libdnf5-plugin-actions Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Fri Apr 26 18:02:15 2024
Group: Unspecified Build host: reproducible
Size: 128051 Source RPM: dnf5-
Summary: Libdnf plugin that allows to run actions (external executables) on hooks
Libdnf plugin that allows to run actions (external executables) on hooks.






* Fri Apr 26 2024 Neal Gompa <>
  - Rebase to
    + Update translations from weblate
    + [DNF5] `--enable-plugin` and `--disable-plugin`: no match found message
    + [DNF5] API: Move Context::libdnf5_plugins_enablement to p_impl
    + spec: Add conflict with the former provider of plugin man pages
    + spec: Add conflict with the old provider of dnf.conf
    + [DNF5] Fix: Remove transaction_store_path from public, add getter/setter
    + [libdnf5 API] Base::get_plugins_info
    + [libdnf5 plugins] include iplugin.hpp in plugins instead of base.hpp
    + repo_sack: Treat all repos with solv_repo created as loaded (RhBug:2275530)
    + [DNF5] API: No inline methods in shared_options.hpp
    + [DNF5] API: offline::OfflineTransactionState: no inline methods, move cpp
    + [DNF5] API: Remove unused and buggy RpmTransactionItem class
    + [DNF5] Command: no inline methods
    + [DNF5] API: Context: add p_impl, move public vars to p_impl, getters
    + API: cli::session: no inline methods and public vars in opts classes
    + API: cli::session::Command: no inline methods
    + API: add p_impl to cli::session::Session
    + API: rpm::TransactionCallbacks: no inline methods
    + API: repo::RepoCallbacks: no inline methods
    + Prepare for switch of dnf5 in Rawhide
    + base: Make get_transaction_history unstable
    + Set `group` reason for packages removed by a group removal
    + [DNF5] Implement `--enable-plugin` and `--disable-plugin`
    + [libdnf5 API] Base::enable_disable_plugins
    + spec: Simplify man page files
    + Loggers: Fix: Add missing "null_loger.cpp" file
    + Loggers API: unify, explicit ctors, non-inline methods, use p_impl
    + doc: Review of DNF4 vs DNF5 CLI and configuration changes
    + Re-enable clang builds after API changes
    + Add `--store` option for storing arbitrary transaction
    + libdnf5::Goal: when adding serialized transaction accept local items
    + Goal: change `add_serialized_transaction()` to accept path to trans
    + Add group/env paths for transaction parsing/serializing
    + base::Transaction: during serialization allow specifying paths
    + base::Transaction: add `store_comps(...)` method
    + repo_sack: add stored_transaction repo and its private API
    + repo: add private API `add_xml_comps(path)`
    + Generalize logging of `read_group_solvable_from_xml(..)`
    + Add `environment_no_groups` to `GoalJobSettings`
    + libdnf5 IPlugin: Pass IPluginData instead of Base to constructor
    + libdnf5 IPlugin: Use pImpl
    + libdnf5 IPlugin: Do not use inline methods
    + dnf5 IPlugin: Do not use inline methods on API
    + libdnf5 IPlugin: Add argumets description
    + libdnf5 plugins: New hooks `pre/post_add_cmdline_packages`
    + libdnf5 plugins: New hook `repos_loaded`
    + libdnf5 plugins: New hook `repos_configured`
    + Base: notify_repos_configured and are_repos_configured methods
    + Fix: implicit conversion changes signedness, unused value
    + Disable unit tests for Copr dnf5 plugin
    + dnfdaemon: Document Polit CheckAuthorization call
    + dnfdaemon: Catch timeout during CheckAuthorization
    + Not handle compatibility.conf as configuration file
    + config: add search (se) and info (if) aliases
    + Improve documentation of repo config directories
    + Cross reference documentation
    + Document Repos and Vars Dirs
    + doc: Unify style and move "Files" section
    + Document repos configuration overrides
    + doc: Remove ":" in titles
    + Bump libdnf5/libdnf5-cli so version
    + Mark multiple strings for translation
    + Set locale for dnf5 run
    + spec: Add missing dnf-config-manager.8.gz file
    + Generate documentation for ConfigRepo Class
    + [Doc] Describe denerating repo cache path
    + dnf5daemon: Make availability case insensitive
    + dnf5: Drop unneeded severities capitalization
    + dnf5: Document --available as default for advisory cmd
    + dnf5daemon-client: Drop unneeded severities capitalization
    + advisory: filter_severity and filter_type case insensitive
    + dnfdaemon: Fix and enhance Advisory interface doc
    + Enable import data from DNF4 for systems without state dir
    + libdnf5 options: Unify constructors - pass args for storing by value
    + dnfdaemon: Missing signal registration
    + doc: config manager plugin: wrap too long lines
    + doc: document config-manager plugin
    + Packit: get version from specfile for copr_builds againts main
    + Update tests to use new `load_repos()` API
    + Use new load_repos instead of deprecated update_and_load_enabled_repos
    + Make `libdnf5::repo::Repo::load()` private
    + Deprecate: `update_and_load_enabled_repos`
    + RepoSack: add new `load_repos` method
    + Move update_and_load_repos and fix_group_missing_xml to Impl
    + Prevent loading plugins for unittests
    + Respect plugins configuration option for loading plugins
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::LogRouter`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::MemoryBufferLogger`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::OptionBinds`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::OptionBinds::Item`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::Config`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::OptionStringList`
    + OptionStringList: remove assignment operators and move constructor
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::OptionBool`
    + OptionBool: remove assignment operators and move constructor
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::OptionNumber`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::OptionPath`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::OptionString`
    + libdnf5::OptionEnum: remove template, add pImpl
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::Option`
    + modules: Report problems with switching module streams
    + modules: Report switched module streams
    + modules: Add switching module streams as a possible transaction action
    + modules: Add replaces and replaced_by to TransactionModule
    + Add missing info updates alias, to match list command
    + Update `package_info_sections` not to use `scols_table_print_range`
    + libdnf-cli: Extract package info printing
    + ArgumentParser: use p_impl, no inline methods
    + ArgumentParser:PositionalArg: Unit tests: Support repeating of pos arg
    + ArgumentParser:PositionalArg: Support repeating of positional argument
    + Hide/Remove deprecated `libdnf5::repo::Repo` API
    + Remove deprecated members from `/include/libdnf5/logger/factory.hpp`
    + Remove deprecated unused function `create_forcearch_option()`
    + builddep: Don't escape globs, use expand_globs = false
    + builddep: Don't try to expand globs in pkg specs
    + libdnf5-cli::output: Use ifaces instead templates. Move code to .cpp files
    + Interfaces and adapters
    + module::ModuleStatus: Move to separate header file
    + comps::PackageType: Move to separate header file
    + cmp_naevr: Fix: pass by reference
    + modules: Report module solver problems
    + Accept SolverProblems for transacion resolve log
    + modules: Return problems from the module solver
    + modules: Add a method to process module solver problems
    + modules: Add a separate set of problem rules for modules
    + modules: Store the original module context also in the libsolv solvable
    + modules: Internalize modular repositories
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::repo::RepoCache` and `RepoCacheRemoveStatistics`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::repo::RepoQuery`
    + Hide deprecated `libdnf5::base::with_config_file_path` into Impl
    + Remove deprecated `libdnf5::Base::load_config_from_file`
    + Move all `libdnf5::Base` members to pImpl
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::rpm::Reldep`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::rpm::Changelog`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::rpm::Nevra`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::rpm::Checksum`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::rpm::Package`
    + Adjust code to new rpm::PackageQuery::filter_* methods after the rebase
    + Add a method accepting std::string for filter_repo_id()
    + Add a method accepting std::string for filter_location()
    + Add a method accepting std::string for filter_file()
    + Add a method accepting std::string for filter_supplements()
    + Add a method accepting std::string for filter_enhances()
    + Add a method accepting std::string for filter_suggests()
    + Add a method accepting std::string for filter_recommends()
    + Add a method accepting std::string for filter_obsoletes()
    + Add a method accepting std::string for filter_conflicts()
    + Add a method accepting std::string for filter_requires()
    + Add a method accepting std::string for filter_description()
    + Add a method accepting std::string for filter_summary()
    + Add a method accepting std::string for filter_url()
    + Add a method accepting std::string for filter_sourcerpm()
    + Add a method accepting std::string for filter_nevra()
    + Add a method accepting std::string for filter_evr()
    + Add a method accepting std::string for filter_arch()
    + Add a method accepting std::string for filter_release()
    + Add a method accepting std::string for filter_version()
    + Add a method accepting std::string and int for filter_epoch()
    + Add a method accepting std::string for filter_name()
    + Add a method accepting std::string for filter_provides()
    + Extend version to four numbers (5.x.y.z)
    + Unify smallest version number name
    + cmake: rename PROJECT_VERSION_* to just VERSION_*
    + dnf5daemon: Document before_begin / after_complete signals
    + dnf5daemon: Signals to wrap rpm transaction execution
    + rpm: New callback to wrap whole rpm transaction
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::module::ModuleProfile`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::module::ModuleDependency`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::module::Nsvcap`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::module::ModuleQuery`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::comps::EnvironmentQuery`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::comps::GroupQuery`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::comps::Environment`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::comps::Package`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::comps::Group`
    + Remove unused `libdnf5::comps::GroupSack`
    + Remove unused `libdnf5::comps::EnvironmentSack`
    + Remove unused `libdnf5::comps::Comps`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::advisory::Advisory`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::advisory::AdvisoryReference`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::advisory::AdvisoryCollection`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::advisory::AdvisoryQuery`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::rpm::RpmSignature`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::transaction::Transaction`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::rpm::KeyInfo`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::repo::RepoSack`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::base::SolverProblems`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::base::LogEvent`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::ConfigParser`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::Vars`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::transaction::TransactionHistory`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::transaction::Package`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::transaction::CompsGroup`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::transaction::CompsEnvironment`
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::transaction::TransactionItem`
    + Remove several not needed imports
    + repo: add p_Impl and several needed utility methods
    + Repo: remove unused `fresh()` and `timestamp` attribute
    + Add pImpl to `ModuleItem` and remove definitions from header
    + Add pImpl to `libdnf5::base::transaction_*` classes
    + Add p_impl to libdnf5::GoalJobSettings and add getters and setters
    + Add p_impl to libdnf5::ResolveSpecSettings and add getters and setters
    + dnf5: bash completion: Prefer using "_comp_initialize" with fallback
    + dnf5: Bash completion: Switch to `_init_completion`
    + Fix `DISTRO_SYNC_ALL` (distro-sync without arguments, system upgrade)
    + Give inline methods hidden visibility by default
    + dnfdaemon: Make only internally used funcs static
    + dnfdaemon: Enhance Rpm.list() / Rpm.list_fd() documentation
    + doc: Add example of Rpm.list_fd usage in Python
    + dnf5daemon-client: Repoquery uses new Rpm:list_fd() API
    + dnfdaemon: New method list_fd() on Rpm interface
    + dnfdaemon: Serialize package object to JSON string
    + dnf5daemon: Handler that return data using UNIX_FD
    + dnf5daemon: Auxiliary method to write string to fd
    + dnf5daemon: Move utils functions into dnfdaemon namespace
    + dnf5daemon: get_session() method for D-Bus services
    + dnf5daemon-server: Ignore SIGPIPE
    + Vars: Add unit tests for API methods
    + Vars::unset: API method for removing variable
    + dnf5daemon-server/dbus: Install config files into /usr
    + Fix: libdnf5-cli::output::action_color: Move implementation to .cpp file
    + Fix: Do not use Variable-length arrays (VLAs) in C++ code
    + Add a hint to call base.setup() prior loading repositories
    + dnf5daemon-client: New switches for group list
    + doc: Include comps.Group interface to D-Bus API documentatin
    + dnfdaemon: Enhance comps.Group.list() method
    + dnf5daemon-client: Fix group.get_installed()
    + man: Link dnf5 pages to dnf
* Sat Apr 06 2024 Neal Gompa <>
  - Move dbus policy configuration from /etc to /usr
* Thu Apr 04 2024 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 5.1.17
    + Update translations from weblate
    + dnf5daemon: Remove reposdir from allowed config overrides
    + Document system-upgrade aliases
    + Improved Bash Completion
    + Print command line hints after resolve failure
    + Docuent Advisory.list() API usage
    + Add NEVRA field to advisory packages in dnf5daemon
    + Review and fix missing commands
    + Document dnf5daemon advisory
    + Document system-upgrade
    + system-upgrade: offline status subcommand
    + Add aliases `offline-distrosync`, `offline-upgrade`
    + Add `system-upgrade --offline` option
    + Add `offline`, `system-upgrade` commands
    + Automatically set `upgrade --downloadonly` when `--destdir` is used
    + Write warnings to stderr too in config-manager plugin
    + Add repoid to generated repository name in config-manager plugin
    + Bump sdbus-cpp requirement to 0.9.0
    + Document and implement dnf5daemon Rpm interface
    + Document and implement dnf5daemon Goal interface
    + Document and implement dnf5daemon Repo interface
    + Document and implement dnf5daemon Base interface
    + Document and implement dnf5daemon Advisory interface
    + Document and implement dnf5daemon SessionManager interface
    + Add `dnf5daemon repo --enable/--disable` commands
    + automatic: Skip network availability check without remote repo
    + dnf5daemon: Rpm.list() works with commandline pkgs
* Fri Mar 08 2024 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 5.1.14
    + Update translations from weblate
    + Make the error to resolve module metadata more descriptive
    + Switch off deltarpm support
    + Limit number of dnf5daemon simultaneously active sessions
    + Make info and list commands case insesitive
    + Allow dnf5daemon configuration overrides for root
    + Add repoquery.hpp for swig-4.2.1 support
* Mon Feb 26 2024 Neal Gompa <>
  - Fix dependency on libcurl in dnf5-automatic
* Fri Feb 23 2024 Neal Gompa <>
  - Move libdnf5 plugin directory ownership to libdnf5 package
* Fri Feb 23 2024 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 5.1.13
    + Change location of automatic.conf
    + Limit message log to one on dnf5 start
    + Implement waiting for network for dnf5 automatic
    + Write dnf5 commandline to the log
    + Implement dnf5-automatic: Tool for managing automatic upgrades
    + Parametrize output stream in transaction table
    + Add `download --srpm` option
    + Add missing dbus signal registations
    + Add new versionlock bindings
    + Implement `dnf5 versionlock` command
* Sun Feb 18 2024 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 5.1.12
    + Update translations from weblate
    + Drop dnf obsoletion temporarily
    + Use regex for tmt plan names
    + Add tmt tests identifiers
    + PackageQuery: Add `filter_{latest,earliest}_evr_ignore_arch`
    + Suggest to use dnf5 command to install dnf5 plugins
    + Added arch option to the download command
    + CI: Upgrade action/checkout to a version with Node.js 20
    + Document explicit nevra remove commands and aliases dropped
    + build: Include <unistd.h> for isatty()
    + Change user info display on history command to include display name and username
    + Revert "Use focusbest: prefer latest deps versions over smaller transactions"
    + Fix a warning when building docs.
    + modules: Add a test for enabling default modules
    + modules: Add a new module stream to test data
    + modules: Respect defaults when enabling multiple streams of a module
    + modules: Fix TransactionItemType for not found modules
    + Build: Require GCC 10.1 for std::in_range<>()
    + Add --urlprotocol option to download command
    + dnfdaemon: Explicitly specify allowed config overrides
    + Disable dnf and dnf5daemon tests
    + needs-restarting: get systemd boot time from UnitsLoadStartTimestamp
    + doc: Add --destdir option to upgrade command manual
    + Move number placeholder to postposition in copr_repo.cpp
    + Added url option
    + Load protected packages from installroot
    + Make protected_packages an append options
    + doc: Create a man page for Aliases
    + I18N: Annotate literals in advisory command
    + Extend filter_release and filter_version tests
    + package_query: Fix filter_version with non EQ comparator
    + Fix clang format
    + Fix code for string deduplication
    + Use placeholders to deduplicate strings
    + Add __hash__(), __str__(), and __repr__() for Package
    + Add __hash__() for Reldep Python binding
    + Add __repr__() to python bindings of Reldep
    + Define tp_str slot for Reldep Class
    + group: Fix using allowerasing option
    + Fix misspellings
    + I18N: Remove duplicate empty message IDs from catalogs
    + I18N: Do not mark empty strings for a translation
* Thu Jan 11 2024 Neal Gompa <>
  - Refresh patches to fix the build
    + Remove patch: dnf5-5.1.3-Switch-default-reposdir-to-etc-dnf-repos.d.patch
    + Remove patch: dnf5-5.1.3-Use-usr-lib-sysimage-for-the-persistent-state-dir.patch
    + Remove patch: dnf5-5.1.4-with-static-libsolvext.patch
    + Add Patch: dnf5-Switch-default-reposdir-to-etc-dnf-repos.d.patch
    + Add Patch: dnf5-Use-usr-lib-sysimage-for-the-persistent-state-dir.patch
    + Add Patch: dnf5-with-static-libsolvext.patch
* Thu Jan 11 2024 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 5.1.11
    + Update translations from weblate
    + Fix `--skip-unavailable` documentation
    + Make `cachedir`, `system_cachedir` relative to `installroot`
    + Workaround for swig-4.2.0 missing fragment dependency
    + Add `repoquery --recursive` option
    + Add `repoquery --providers-of=PACKAGE_ATTRIBUTE` option
    + Update documentation of repoquery
    + Update documentation for remove command behavior
    + Limit search pattern for remove command to NEVRAs and files
    + Disable zchunk on RHEL
    + Add dnf5.conf man page
    + Add RPM package Group attribute to dnf5daemon-server
    + Document changes related to caching
    + Document caching man page
    + Document Global Option `--help-cmd` dropped
    + log_event: Correct message for HINT_ICASE
  - Drop patch to support RPM Group tag in dnf5daemon as it's part of this release
    + Patch: 0001-dnf5daemon-server-Add-RPM-package-Group-attribute.patch
* Wed Jan 03 2024 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 5.1.10
    + Document dnf5 plugins
    + Document How-to write libdnf5 plugin tutorial
    + Document How-to write dnf5 plugin tutorial
    + Document Templates for libdnf5 plugin
    + Document Templates for dnf5 plugin
    + Sort the module info table
    + `module info` print hint for active modules
    + `module info` print "[a]" for active modules
    + Ensure write permission before importing packages
    + Change module dependency string to be the same as in dnf4
    + `module info`: improve summary and description
    + Escape glob characters in pkg specs for `builddep`
    + Add `mc` alias for `makecache`
    + Implement `logdir`, `log_size` and `log_rotate` config options
    + remove redundant "all" in command `check`
    + Improve bash completion
    + Fix progress bars miss newlines on non-interactive output
  - Add patch to support RPM Group tag in dnf5daemon
    + Patch: 0001-dnf5daemon-server-Add-RPM-package-Group-attribute.patch
* Wed Dec 27 2023 Neal Gompa <>
  - Add missing directories to libdnf5 subpackage
  - Unify formatting of build conditionals
* Wed Dec 27 2023 Neal Gompa <>
  - Add missing file list entry for as_yum conditional
* Thu Dec 21 2023 Neal Gompa <>
  - Initial packaging based on Fedora package
  - Add initial SUSE specific patches to fix the build
    + Patch: dnf5-disable-Werror.patch
    + Patch: dnf5-5.1.3-Switch-default-reposdir-to-etc-dnf-repos.d.patch
    + Patch: dnf5-5.1.3-Use-usr-lib-sysimage-for-the-persistent-state-dir.patch
    + Patch: dnf5-5.1.4-with-static-libsolvext.patch



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