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wcslib-devel-8.2.2-1.3 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: wcslib-devel Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 8.2.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.3 Build date: Sat Dec 9 19:22:49 2023
Group: Development/Libraries/C and C++ Build host: reproducible
Size: 578166 Source RPM: wcslib-8.2.2-1.3.src.rpm
Summary: Development files for wcslib
This package contains libraries and header files for developing
applications that use wcslib.






* Sat Dec 09 2023 Ben Greiner <>
  - Update to 8.2.2
    * In prj.c, a number of variables with global scope that are only
      used internally were declared static to avoid namespace
      conflicts arising in Link Time Optimization (LTO) builds of the
      Rwcs wrappers.  This is a patch release as it does not affect
      the library itself other than in localising some symbols that
      were never meant to be global. Reported by Rodrigo Carrizo with
      Likewise for an internally used helper function, prjoff().
      Likewise for a handful of variables in cel.c, dis.c, lin.c,
      tab.c, wcs.c, wcsfix.c, and wcshdr.c.
  - WCSLIB version 8.2
    * In wcshdo(), fixed character buffer overflows in the comment
      string for the longitude and latitude axes triggered by some
      projections, and also the formatting for generic coordinate
      systems.  Reported by Shu Niu.
  - WCSLIB version 8.1
    * Changes in the contents of the auxprm struct (in 8.0 beta)
      necessitated incrementing the major version number from 7 to 8,
      i.e. the ABI changed. Took the opportunity for minor tweaks to
      wcsprm and disprm.
    [#]# C library
    * In disprm, changed the order of maxdis and totdis to ensure
      correct alignment of doubles on 32-bit machines.
    [#]# Fortran wrappers
    * Match changes to disprm in the C library.
    * In the Fortran test suite, inserted a brief pause between plots
      in tprj2, tspc, and tpih2, which have long been a blur.
    [#]# PGSBOX
    * Quell innocuous compiler warnings from gfortran 12.1.0.
      Inserted a brief pause between plots in pgtest and cpgtest.
  - WCSLIB version 8.0 beta
    * Beta test version, not publically released.
    [#]# C library
    * Support planetary keywords A_RADIUS, B_RADIUS, C_RADIUS, BLON_OBS,
      BLAT_OBS, and BDIS_OBS in auxprm by analogy with the Solar keywords
      added at 7.1.  Requested by Chiara Marmo (Observatoire de Paris).
    * Added wcsprm::time to the wcsprm struct to record the TIME axis
      number (along with lng, lat, and spec).
    * Fixed a bug in wcspih() and wcsbth() where trailing blanks were not
      stripped from string keyvalues.  Reported by Naveen Dukiya.
      Changed test program tdis3 to test this.
    * Fixed a problem affecting thread safety in disp2x(), disx2p(), and
      diswarp().  Reported by Mohammad Akhlaghi.
    [#]# Fortran wrappers
    * Match changes to the C library supporting planetary keywords in
      auxprm and the addition of wcsprm::time.
* Tue Oct 11 2022 Asterios Dramis <>
  - Update to version 7.12:
    * C library
    - In wcsp2s() and wcss2p(), fixed handling of status returns
      from linp2x() and linx2p() relating to distortion functions,
      specifically with respect to setting the stat[] vector.
      Reported by Sepideh Eskandarlou (via Mohammad Akhlaghi).
    - When extracting by axis type, wcssub() did not account for
      the possibility of time axes with -TAB or -LOG algorithm
      codes. Reported by Mihai Cara.
    * Utilities
    - Fixed a bit of confusion in wcsgrid relating to cfitsio file
      opening syntax, e.g. file.fits+1.  It now matches wcsware in
      that regard.
    - Portability fix - need to define _POSIX_C_SOURCE as 199506L
      in order to get the declaration of localtime_r().  Reported
      by Marc Espie.
    * User manual
    - Documentation generation moved to doxygen 1.9.5 (was 1.9.3).
* Thu May 05 2022 Asterios Dramis <>
  - Update to version 7.11:
    * C library
    - In tabini(), the default index array should contain a
      1-relative sequence: {1, 2,... N}.  Previously it was
    From version 7.10:
    * C library
    - In tabcpy(), collapse degenerate table index arrays if they
      are collapsed in the source struct.  Minor fix for output
      formatting in tabprt().
    - In the C test suite, added calls to wcstrim() in twcsfix to
      tidy the structs before printing.
    * Utilities
    - The default option in wcsware now trims the wcsprm struct
      before printing it.  Use the '-p' option to print the
      untrimmed struct.
    From version 7.9:
    * C library
    - In wcsset(), bug fix for identifying time coordinate axes.
      Reported by Mihai Cara with patch.
    From version 7.8:
    * C library
    - In wcssub(), bug fix for tabular coordinates that change axis
      number, thus requiring tabprm::map to be updated.  Reported
      by Mihai Cara with patch.
      Also in wcssub():
    - check that all axes of a multi-dimensional table are
      extracted together,
    - fixed potential memory leaks for tabular coordinate axes
      when an attempt to subimage non-separable axes fails,
    - the error messages for non-separable coordinate systems are
      generally more informative,
    - subimage extraction by coordinate type now recognises time
      coordinate axis types via WCSSUB_TIME.
    - wcsset() now identifies time coordinate axes in
    - Extended test program twcssub to test the above
    * Installation
    - Bug fix in the utils makefile for creating $(MANDIR)/man1.
      Reported by Aleksander Kurek.
    - Bug fix in the Fortran makefile for compiling and using
      'tofits'. Reported by Stefan Br�ns.
    * User manual
    - Documentation generation moved to doxygen 1.9.3 (was 1.9.1).
  - Removed 0001-Fix-utils-tofits-location-in-Fortran-GNUmakefile.patch
    (fixed upstream).
  - Don't use %configure macro for building i586 package (it makes
    tests fail).
* Wed Nov 10 2021 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Update to version 7.7, for details see:
  - Remove workarounds for gfortran 10/11
  - Add 0001-Fix-utils-tofits-location-in-Fortran-GNUmakefile.patch
* Wed Jun 16 2021 Asterios Dramis <>
  - Update to version 7.6:
    * C library
    - Bug fix in tabs2x() triggered for 1-dimensional coordinate
      lookup tables on axes > 1.  Reported by Mihai Cara.
    - In datfix(), don't return status 0 if no change was made (fix
      for change made at release 7.4).  Reported by Derek Homeier.
    - New function wcspcx() in the wcsfix suite regularizes the
      linear transformation component of a coordinate description
      to make it more human-readable.  It decomposes CDi_ja into
      PCi_ja and CDELTia in such a way that CDELTia forms
      meaningful scaling parameters, often leaving an orthogonal or
      near-orthogonal matrix.  Optionally, it can then permute rows
      of this matrix to unscramble axis permutations.
      A test header may be generated from wcspcx.keyrec for input
      to wcsware (not exercised as part of the standard test
    - New function wcstrim() frees memory allocated by wcsinit()
      for arrays in a wcsprm struct that remain unused after the
      struct has been set up.
    - New functions wcssize(), auxsize(), tabsize(), linsize(),
      dissize(), celsize(), prjsize(), spcsize(), and wcserr_size()
      compute the total size of the relevant structs, including
      allocated memory.
    - In the C test suite, inserted a brief pause in tprj2 and
      tspc, which otherwise have now become a blur.
    * Fortran wrappers
    - Added wrappers for wcspcx(), wcstrim(), wcssize(), auxsize(),
      tabsize(), linsize(), dissize(), celsize(), prjsize(),
      spcsize(), and wcserr_size().
    * Utilities
    - Added -c, -cp, -C, and -Cp options to wcsware to apply
      wcspcx() in a variety of ways, -m to apply wcstrim(), and -z
      to report the total size of the wcsprm struct with a
      breakdown of the sizes of its constituent structs.
    - Fixed compiler warnings for sundazel (portability issue).
    * Installation
    - Upped the required version of Flex to 2.6.0 (was 2.5.9).
      Problems with Flex 2.5.39 reported by Derek Homeier.
      Also added '--disable-flex' as a new configure option to
      force the use of the pre-generated Flex sources.
    From version 7.5:
    * The C code in WCSLIB is moving piecemeal to the C99 standard.
      In fact, various indispensible C99 constructs have been used in
      WCSLIB for many years: the long long int data type (in
      fitshdr() only); stdint.h, inttypes.h, and the use of PRI
      formatting control (in wcsprintf(), which is widely used by the
      library); and the C99-extended library function vsnprintf()
      (used by wcserr for a decade).  Flex-generated C code also uses
      C99 extensions, though with workarounds if they are not
      Except in the header prologues, which are formatted in a special
      way for generating the user manual, comments were changed en
      masse to C99 style in release 7.3.1, and variable declarations
      in code that I have occasion to modify will transition to the
      more general placement allowed by C99. However, there are no
      plans to use any of the more esoteric features of C99.
    * C library
    - New function, wcsccs(), changes the celestial coordinate
      system of a wcsprm struct, for example, from equatorial to
      galactic coordinates. The parameters that define the
      spherical coordinate transformation must be provided.  This
      allows WCSLIB to provide this functionality without needing
      to know anything about specific celestial coordinate systems,
      and has the advantage of making the routine completely
      general.  Requested by Mohammad Akhlaghi.
      Modified test program twcsfix also to test wcsccs().
    - Fixed a problem common to all of the Flex code (fitshdr,
      wcsbth, wcspih, wcsulex, and wcsutrn) that made it
      thread-unsafe.  Reported by Cyril Richard.
      Added a new test program, tpthreads, to test thread safety.
      It is only used for code development, and not exercised as
      part of the  standard test suite.
    - In fitshdr(), fixed a problem that potentially could arise on
      systems where sizeof(long long int) is greater than 8 (64
    * Fortran wrappers
    - Match changes to the C library: added a wrapper for wcsccs(),
      and modified twcsfix.f.
    - Because null addresses cannot be passed to functions in
      Fortran, wcssub_() now interprets *nsub == -1 && *axes == -1
      as a signal to do a deep copy of one wcsprm struct to
    * Utilities
    - New utility, sundazel, computes the local time of the Sun's
      passage through the specified apparent longitude or latitude
      in a user-defined coordinate system.  It can also perform
      several other Solar related calculations.  (It is unrelated
      to FITS WCS, and does not use WCSLIB.)
    * Installation
    - Added an 'uninstall' rule to the makefiles.  Suggested by
      Cyril Richard.
* Mon Mar 01 2021 Asterios Dramis <>
  - Update to version 7.4:
    * C library
    - In wcshdo(), fixed a bug introduced in release 5.9 that
      potentially caused loss of numerical precision in the
      sprintf() formatting of floating point keyvalues. This was
      triggered when a large range of CRPIXja, PCi_ja, or CDELTia
      values (as three separate groups) were formatted using an 'f''
      format descriptor, the range not being so large that it would
      have forced wcshdo() to revert to 'E' format. Reported by
      Mohammad Akhlaghi.
      Also in wcshdo(), fixed a bug introduced in release 7.1 that
      caused the coefficients of the TPD distortion function not to
      be written to the header. TPD and Polynomial distortion
      function headers will now always include the DPja.DOCORR
      keyword. Reported by Derek Homeier with patch.
    - In wcsset(), fixed a segv generated in attempting to report a
      non-standard units string with wcserr message reporting
      disabled. Reported by Mohammad Akhlaghi.
      In wcsutrne(), allow 'Angstroms' and 'angstroms' as
      additional synonyms for 'Angstrom'.
    - In datfix(), ensure that 0 is returned if an informational
      message is set in wcsprm::err. Consequent on feedback
      independently from Mihai Cara and Bruce Merry.
      Clarified that informational messages may be set in
      wcsprm::err for returns of 0 from datfix(), obsfix(),
      unitfix(), and spcfix().
    * User manual
    - Added cautions about translating CDi_ja to PCi_ja plus
      CDELTia for those historical distortion functions (TPV, TNX,
      ZPX) that expect to operate on intermediate world
      coordinates, rather than intermediate pixel coordinates.
      Consequent on feedback from Mohammad Akhlaghi.
    - Documentation generation moved to doxygen 1.9.1 (was 1.8.19).
* Tue Sep 01 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to 7.3.1:
    * There are no functional changes in this release.
    - Changed all C code, including within the flex sources, Fortran and
      PGSBOX wrappers, and test suite, to use C99 style commenting (i.e.
      using //), excluding the header prologues used to generate the user
    - Documentation generation moved to doxygen 1.8.19 (was 1.8.18).
* Mon Jul 06 2020 Benjamin Greiner <>
  - Update to version 7.3
    * C library
    - wcshdo() was writing MJD-OBS twice to the header, and
      MJD-BEG not at all.
    - In wcshdo(), if MJDREF assumes its default value, just write
      MJDREF = 0 (not MJDREFI & MJDREFF), and omit writing DATEREF,
      which, with a value of '1858-11-17', looks strange and is
      potentially confusing.  Reported by Thomas Robitaille.
      If the fractional part of MJDREF is zero, then just write the
      integer part as MJDREF (i.e. not as MJDREFI & MJDREFF).
    - Bug fix in wcsfix() - it was writing error messages that
      referred to DATE-REF and MJD-REF rather then DATEREF and
      MJDREF.  Reported by Mihai Cara.
    - Under control of a new flag, WCSHDR_DATEREF, added the option
      to wcspih() and wcsbth() to accept DATE-REF, MJD-REF,
      MJD-REFI, MJD-REFF, JDREF, JD-REFI, and JD-REFF as synonyms
      for the standard keywords, DATEREF, MJDREF, MJDREFI, MJDREFF,
      JDREF, JDREFI, and JDREFF.  The latter buck the pattern set
      by the other date keywords ({DATE,MJD}-{OBS,BEG,AVG,END}),
      thereby increasing the potential for confusion and error.
    * Fortran wrappers
    - As compilers are becoming much stricter (gfortran 10),
      modified all Fortran test programs to use the type-specific
      equivalents of the various *PUT and *GET routines.
      Reported by Ole Streicher.
    - For the fitshdr wrappers, added type-specific equivalents
    * PGSBOX
    - Modified pgtest to use the type-specific equivalents of
    * User manual
    - In the section "WCSLIB Fortran wrappers", promoted use of
      the type-specific equivalents of the various *PUT and *GET
    - In the section "FITS-WCS and related software", added ASCL
      and ADS codes, where they exist, for all software packages
    - Documentation generation moved to doxygen 1.8.18
      (was 1.8.17).
  - Allow fortran argument mismatches in rank and type to pass the
* Tue Jun 02 2020 Asterios Dramis <>
  - Update to version 7.2:
    * C library
    - In wcssub(), fixed a bug relating to handling coordinate
      lookup tables.  Reported by Mihai Cara with fix.
      Also increased the number of coordinate axes handled from
      10 to 32.
    * Installation
    - New configure option, --disable-shared, defeats generation
      of the sharable library.
    Version 7.1:
      Changes in the contents of the wcsprm struct necessitated
      incrementing the major version number from 6 to 7 (i.e. the
      ABI changed).
    * C library
    - In wcsset(), set wcsprm::mjdref[] to zero if neither it nor
      wcsprm::dateref are defined, as per the standard.  Reported
      by Thomas Robitaille.
      wcsset() now also checks that the number of coordinate axes
      does not exceed 32.
    - In tabs2x(), fixed an out-of-bounds array access produced
      by invalid world coordinates.  Reported by Mihai Cara and
      Michael Seifert.
      In tab.c, declare static three helper functions, tabedge(),
      tabrow(), and tabvox(), used by tabs2x().  Increased the
      number of coordinate axes handled by tabvox() from 16 to
    - Extended datfix() to handle MJDREF/DATEREF, overlooked in
      the changes in release 6.1.  Also fixed the handling of
      MJD < 0.
    - Support Solar keywords RSUN_REF, DSUN_OBS, CRLN_OBS,
      CRLT_OBS, HGLN_OBS, and HGLT_OBS by accomodating them
      within an auxiliary struct, auxprm, within the wcsprm
      struct.  Now filled by the header parsers, wcspih() and
      wcsbth() and handled routinely by wcsinit(), wcssub(),
      wcscompare(), wcsfree(), wcsprt(), wcsset(), and wcshdo().
      Requested by Stuart Mumford (SunPy) with input from Bill
    - Bug fix in wcsprintf_set() for resetting the output
      Reported by Mihai Cara with patch.
    - In dis.{h,c}, the DOCORR record is now handled as a
      first-class value via disprm::docorr.  This required
      changing the struct.
    - In cel.c, spc.c, wcserr.c, wcsfix.c, wcshdr.c, and
      wcsutil.c, quelled compiler warnings from gcc 9.2.0
      generated by
    - Wmaybe-uninitialized and -Wstringop-truncation (via
    - Wall).
      Similarly for various programs in the test suite.
    - In various functions, quelled warnings from the Microsoft
      Visual C++ compiler, mostly relating to pointer arithmetic.
      Reported by Michael Seifert.
    * Fortran wrappers
    - Handled compiler warnings from gcc 9.2.0 generated by
    - Wstringop-truncation (via -Wall).
    - Minor enhancements to character argument handling,
      including, in prjget_(), blank-filling the returned strings
      matching PRJ_CODE and PRJ_NAME, and likewise for SPC_TYPE
      and SPC_CODE in spcget_().
    * Utilities
    - In wcsgrid, handled compiler warnings from gcc 9.2.0
      generated by -Wstringop-truncation (via -Wall).
    * User manual
    - In the section on "FITS-WCS and related software", added
      mention of the R wrappers (Rwcs).  Suggested by Aaron
    - Added a new section detailing the limit on the number of
      image axes that WCSLIB can handle (currently 32), and how
      this could be increased if needed.  Prompted by Thomas
    - Augmented the section on the Fortran wrappers, particularly
      with respect to character string handling in argument
    - Documentation generation moved to doxygen 1.8.17 (was
* Sun Nov 10 2019 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Update to version 6.4 (2019/08/15):
    * Installation
    - The rule change to the Fortran makefile in v6.3 to add getwcstab_f.o
      to the sharable library causes it to depend on CFITSIO to resolve
      fits_get_wcstab().  Hence backed out of that change.
    * User manual
    - Documentation generation moved to doxygen 1.8.16 (was 1.8.14).
  - Update to version 6.3 (2019/07/12)
    * C library
    - Fixed the Polynomial and TPD distortions so that, as stipulated in
      WCS Paper IV, they are now considered to return an additive
      correction to be applied to the given coordinates, rather than the
      corrected coordinates themselves.
      Added a new subsection to the prologue of dis.h entitled 'Historical
      idiosyncrasies', which discusses this issue and other vagueries.
      Amended components of the test suite accordingly: SIPTPV.keyrec,
      TPV7.keyrec, and tdis1.c.
    - Fixed memory leaks and other potential problems that arose in the
      wcserr system consequent on changes made in release 6.1.
      Memory allocated by wcsfixi() for messages in the array of wcserr
      structs must now be freed by the caller.  Amended twcsfix.c
    - Plugged memory leaks arising in disset().
    - New function wcsdealloc() provided to free memory allocated within
      certain WCSLIB routines.  Suggested by David Motl.
    - Eliminated a swag of inconsequential compiler warnings, particularly
      those emanating from the flex sources.
    * Validation
    - The library, Fortran wrappers, utilities, and test programs now pass
      runtime analysis using -fsanitize=address and -fsanitize=undefined
      in gcc 8.3.0, in addition to valgrind.  Also compile-time strictures
      using -std=c99, -pedantic, -Wall, -Wextra, and -DFORTIFY_SOURCE=2.
      Prompted by feedback from Ole Streicher.
    * Installation
    - The non-graphical tests now run reliably in parallel builds
      (make CHECK=nopgplot -j8 check).  Requested by Mohammed Akhlaghi.
      The graphical tests can also be run in parallel, but as PGPLOT can
      only handle one stream at a time, some graphics are likely to be
      lost.  Nevertheless, it is a useful option, especially with runtime
      analysis via -fsanitize=address, etc.
    - As CFITSIO doesn't provide a Fortran wrapper for fits_read_wcstab(),
      getwcstab_f.o is now always included in the WCSLIB object library
      and sharable library if CFITSIO is available (and the WCSLIB Fortran
      wrappers are required).  Use 'configure --without-cfitsio' to
      defeat this.
    - Tidied up some aspects of the build where CFITSIO is not available.
    * User manual
    - Fixed minor formatting problems in dis.h.



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