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nvme-cli-2.6-6.1 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: nvme-cli Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 2.6 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 6.1 Build date: Fri Dec 22 00:31:39 2023
Group: Hardware/Other Build host: s390zl25
Size: 1349134 Source RPM: nvme-cli-2.6-6.1.src.rpm
Summary: NVM Express user space tools
NVM Express (NVMe) is a direct attached storage interface. The
nvme-cli package contains core management tools with minimal






* Thu Oct 12 2023 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Add missing jsc# and bsc# tracking entries in change log.
* Mon Oct 09 2023 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Use fixed timestamps for documentation allowing reproducable builds
  - Announce nvmeof-boot-support support via Provides
  - Filter rpmlint warnings for systemd-service-without-service_ macros
  - Add missing service files for NBFT feature
    * add 0001-fabrics-autoconnect-add-service-unit-for-connecting-.patch
    * add 0002-fabrics-add-udev-rule-to-avoid-renaming-nbft-interfa.patch
* Wed Oct 04 2023 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Enable test during build (bsc#1207686)
  - Drop minimum version meson dependency
  - Add asciidoc dependency
  - Build documentation when requested
* Fri Sep 29 2023 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Update to version 2.6 (jsc#PED-3610 jsc#PED-4879 jsc#PED-5061):
    * nvme: allocate payload buffer in create-ns command
    * nvme-print-stdout: Add CAP.CPS and CAP.NSSS human readable outputs
    * nvme: Add output-format default option instead of argconfig json option
    * nvme: fw-download offset only describes FW offset, not file offset
    * unit: add locale number test
    * util: handle utf-8 thousend separators correctly
    * nvme: Change to use NVME_ARGS verbose default option from OPT_ARGS
    * fabrics: Fix NVMF_ARGS macro to use parameter n correctly
    * nvme: Add verbose default option to show command debug output
    * util: Fix to set argconfig output format json option correctly
    * util: Split argconfig output format json function to set and get
    * nvme: Spport Phy Rx Eye Opening Measurement Log
    * nvme: Introduce nvme_realloc function
    * nvme: Fix for fdpa reserved field printing
    * completion: add 'version' and 'help' to list
    * udev-rule: apply round-robin iopolicy on i/o subsystems alone (bsc#1215994)
    * nvme: Add support for the OAQD ID controller field
    * plugins/solidigm: use static log macro to calc bitmask
    * plugins/ocp: Rename FW activation history command
    * nvme: auto free nvme_dev resource
    * nvme: allocate aligned payloads for all nvme commands
    * nvme: introduce alloc helper with alignment support
    * util: add cleanup function for generic memory allocations
    * nvme: append huge to nvme_{alloc|free} function
    * nvme: fw_download use nvme_alloc only
    * fabrics: Removing duplicate code and moving to libnvme
    * nvme-print: omit size of protection information
    * tree: Modify label name close_fd to close_dev
    * fabrics: For TCP/RDMA, compare IP addresses with nvme_ipaddrs_eq() (bsc#1213768)
    * fabrics: lookup_discovery_ctrl() must look under host and not root (bsc#1213768)
    * nvme: Do not map status to errno codes
    * completions: Add bash completion for DSSD Power state feature(FID: C7h)
    * Documentation: Add document for DSSD Power state feature(FID: C7h)
    * plugins/ocp: Add DSSD Power state feature(FID: C7h)
    * avoid casting pointer arguments to argconfig functions
    * nvme-print: Add support for EGFEAT, Domain Identifier, TEGCAP and UEGCAP
    * nvme-print: Fix endurance_log whitespace changes
    * nvme: Fix retrieval of telemetry log up to specified data area.
    * nvme: Update list secondary command
    * wdc: Add support for SN861 drive
    * util: Set errno to 0 before strtol/stroul call
    * nvme: Revert passthru and submit_io to print status to stderr from stdout
    * plugins/zns: Fix offset in report zones
    * nvme-rpmb: Fix nvme_show_id_ctrl_rpmbs() definition error
    * fabrics: Use corresponding hostid when hostnqn is generated
    * json: fix seg. fault converting NULL to JSON string (bsc#1213762)
    * nvme-cli: fix extended metadata size calculation
    * nvme-print: Show subsystem iopolicy (bsc#1124564)
    * nvme-print-stdout: Do not show non reachable ns in namespace topology (bsc#1212598)
    * nvme-print: Fix show-topolocy for ctrls
    * doc: Fix typo in documentation
    * nvme-print-stdout: fix storage tag size label
    * nvme-print-stdout: List only ctrls which are part of ns (bsc#1212598)
    * nvme-print-stdout: Support subsys reachable from several hosts (bsc#1212598)
    * ccan: Add htable, strset and dependencies (bsc#1212598)
    * ccan: Remove unused documentation (bsc#1212598)
    * nvme-print: Split max power flags
    * nvme-print: fix counter while looping through uuid_list (bsc#1212598)
    * fabrics: only look for matching ctrl on same host (bsc#1213768)
    * README: Correct hugetlbfs spelling error
    * util: Delete unused CFG_BOOL argconfig type as duplicated with CFG_FLAG
    * util: Set LC_ALL=C as default if -H option is not used
    * nvme: Add support for create-ns command endg-id option parameter
    * nvme-print: fix argument order for show functions
    * plugins/solidigm: Added Marketing Name Log support for Solidigm.
    * nvme-print: Remove left overs from refactoring
    * nvme-print: Move num argument parsing into callbacks
    * nvme-print: Fix typo in callback definition
    * scripts: Make release script project neutral
    * scripts: Update scripts
    * scripts: Execute the scripts from toplevel directory
    * scripts: Move helper scripts to a central place
    * docs: Update file modes
    * doc: Add information on --context
    * nvmf-autoconnect: Annotate the context to autoconnect
    * fabrics: Add support for volatile configuration
    * plugins/solidigm: Formated log page directory table consistently with "nvme list" format.
    * plugins/solidigm: Added Identify controller VU extensions parsing.
    * nvme-print-json: Print PCI pysical slot number for controller
    * nvme-print-stdout: Print PCI physical slot number for controller
    * libnvme.wrap: Bump to 42ac453
    * plugins/nbft: Use common code to parse print flags
    * fabrics: Do not print device on connect per default
    * fabrics: Revert 'fabrics: prevent 'nvme connect' to well-known discovery NQN'
    * nvme-print: fix wrong list-subsys output when ns are attached to different ctrls
    * plugins/micron: Correct NULL pointer checking error
    * plugins/innogrit: Add vendor command get-eventlog and get-cdump
    * nvme: Use correct data buffer size
    * nvme: Fix quoted string split across lines to use quoted newline
    * plugins/zns: Fix zns.c linux kernel check patch errors and warnings
    * plugins/ymtc: Fix ymtc-nvme.c linux kernel check patch warning
    * plugins/ymtc: Fix ymtc-nvme.c space indentation to tab indentation
    * plugins/virtium: Fix virtium-nvme.c linux kernel check patch errors and warnings
    * plugins/transcend: Fix transcend-nvme.c linux kernel check patch errors and warnings
    * plugins/solidigm: Fix linux kernel check patch errors and warnings
    * plugins/shannon: Fix shannon-nvme.c linux kernel check patch errors and warnings
    * plugins/seagate: Fix seagate-nvme.c linux kernel check patch warnings
    * plugins/scaleflux: Fix sfx-nvme.c linux kernel check patch errors and warnings
    * plugins/netapp: Fix netapp-nvme.c linux kernel check patch errors and warnings
    * plugins/nbft: Fix nbft-plugin.c linux kernel check patch warnings
    * plugins/micron: Fix micron-nvme.c linux kernel check patch errors and warnings
    * plugins/micron: Fix micron-nvme.c space indentation to tab indentation
    * plugins/memblaze: Fix memblaze-nvme.c linux kernel check patch errors and warnings
    * plugins/memblaze: Fix memblaze-utils.h space indentation to tab indentation
    * plugins/memblaze: Fix memblaze-nvme.c space indentation to tab indentation
    * plugins/intel: Fix intel-nvme.c linux kernel check patch errors and warnings
    * plugins/inspur: Fix inspur-nvme.c linux kernel check patch warnings
    * plugins/inspur: Fix inspur-nvme.c space indentation to tab indentation
    * plugins/innogrit: Fix innogrit-nvme.c linux kernel check patch errors
    * plugins/huawei: Fix huawei-nvme.c linux kernel check patch errors and warnings
    * plugins/fdb: Fix fdb.c linux kernel check patch warnings
    * plugins/dera: Fix dera-nvme.c linux kernel check patch errors and warnings
    * plugins/amzn: Fix amzn-nvme.c linux kernel check patch error and warnings
    * plugins/wdc: Fix wdc-utils.c linux kernel check patch errors and warnings
    * plugins/wdc: Refactor wdc-nvme.c for linux kernel check patch errors and warnings
    * util: Move falltrhough feature check to meson.builds
    * ocp: Add eol plp failure mode json outputs
    * nvme-print: Add nvme show result function
    * nvme-print-json: Add json output result function
    * nvme-print: Fix nvme_show_error() to call va_end() for json output format
    * nvme: Fix nvme format block-size option handling
    * Revert "nvme: Masks SSTAT in sanize-log output"
    * fabrics: Fix NVMF_ARGS macro indentation error
    * Documentation: Add document for OCP Device capability(LID: 0xC4) log page
    * completions: Add bash completion for OCP Device capability(LID: 0xC4) log page
    * plugins/ocp: Add Device capability(LID: 0xC4) log page
    * udev: fix warning reported by udevadm verify
    * fabrics: fix conditions in nvmf-autoconnect.service
    * fabrics: Change NVMF_OPTS as NVMF_ARGS to fix linux kernel check patch error
    * nvme: Split passthru commands read output
    * nvme: Fix io-passthru command read metadata output
    * plugin/ocp: Added implementation for 0xC1 log page
    * util: Fix suffix_si_parse to parse no decimal point but suffix value correctly
    * completions: Add zsh option values handling for sanitize command action
    * completions: Add ocp sub commands zsh completion
    * completions: Add ocp commands zsh completion
    * completions: Add ocp commands bash completion
    * nvmf-autoconnect: restart service to avoid dropping AEN
    * solidigm: Reduce memory usage in supported log pages feature
    * solidigm: Changes to supported log pages feature requested by review
    * solidigm: Add supported log pages log feature to Solidigm plugin
    * plugins/ocp: Added ocp unsupported requirements log page
    * completions: Add bash option values handling for sanitize command action
    * doc: Correct nvme-show-hostnqn command NAME description
    * completions: Add missing zsh commands descriptions
    * plugins/wdc: Extend SN530 support.
    * Fix incorrect article 'an' as 'a' to use for descriptions and message
    * nvme: Set effects-log command csi option help message string
    * completions: bash: Delete unsupported id-iocs command options
    * completions: bash: Add id-domain command
    * completions: Fix nvm-id-ns-lba-format command zsh definition
    * completions: Add json command option
    * nvme: Fix get-feature command sel parameter check to allow value 8
    * util: Delete unnecessary argconfig definitions OPT_VAL and CFG_VAL
    * util: Delete argconfig value type to add option value as va lists instead
    * util: Split to set argconfig option value
    * util: Delete argconfig value length to calcurate instead
    * nvme: Change sanitize command action option to use argconfig parse value
    * util: Add argconfig parse value function
    * util: Delete unused argconfig subopts type
    * util: Delete unused argconfig file types
    * util: Delete unused argconfig help function
    * nvme-wrap: do_admin_args_op should not clear args timeout
    * nvme: Fix linux kernel check patch warnings
    * nvme: Fix linux kernel check patch errors
    * plugins/ocp: Add telemetry-log command to OCP plugin
    * plugins/ocp: Add OCP set latency monitor feature command
    * plugins/ocp: Fix endianness in Latency Monitor Log output
    * plugins/ocp: Add missing fields in Latency Monitor Log
    * plugins/ocp: Fix typos in Latency Monitor Log
    * plugins/ocp: Reorganize OCP plugin source code
    * tests: Add tests for controller reset
    * plugin/solidigm: Added vs-internal-log command.
    * nvme: Add nvme_show_perror to use instead of perror for json output
    * nvme-print-json: Use vasprintf instead of vsnprintf to allocate string
    * nvme: fix rnlpt to_string() values.
    * nvme: fix io_mgmt args parse error
    * fdp: set-events feature is saveable
    * fabrics: Return errno value as negative
    * fabrics: Fix linux kernel check patch errors and warnings
    * nbft: add the nbft show plugin
    * nbft: added NBFT v1.0 table support (jsc#PED-1449)
    * nbft: make lookup_ctrl function public
    * nvme: Fix indentation errors around nvme show error API
    * nvme: Check validate output format err value instead of flags
    * nvme: Use nvme show error API to outptu stderr messages for json format
    * util: Check output format json for json error message output
    * nvme-printf: Add show error function for nvme list command json output
    * nvme: Add zns specfic field for create ns
    * nvme: Add ns-mgmt host software specified fields
    * nvme: Add dtype, dspec on write-zeroes, write-uncor
    * nvme-print: Add new fields print on id directive
    * nvme-print: Add VWCNP on NSFEAT of id-ns
    * nvme: Fix format command to skip to reread NSID all block device
    * plugins/solidigm: Fixes and clean-up of Telemetry parse code. Fixed parsing of 64 bit values. Fixed COD field name. Fixed compilation warnings when compiling for 32 bit. Added missing free(). Consolidated single entry function to telemetry parser. Consolidated use of integer types.
    * doc: Documentations maintenance changes
    * doc: Add nvme-mi-send command documentation
    * doc: Add nvme-mi-recv command documentation
    * doc: Add clear-pcie-correctable-error-counters command documentation
    * doc: Add eol-plp-failure-mode command documentation
    * plugins/solidigm: Add firmware activation history log to Solidigm plugin
    * plugins/ocp: Add firmware activation history log to OCP plugin
    * nvme-print: Use enum nvme_print_flags for nvme_show_id_ctrl
    * nvme: Add support for NVMe-MI send command
    * nvme: Use stdout for passthru and submit_io commands success messages
    * nvme: Fix passthru command function indentation errors
    * nvme: Add support for NVMe-MI receive command
    * fabrics: fix fc config JSON file handling (bsc#1210089)
    Refresh 0100-harden_nvmf-connect@.service.patch
  - Fix install path for nvme-regress script
* Fri Mar 31 2023 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Update to version 2.4 (jsc#PED-553 jsc#PED-3884):
    * plugins/ocp: Add SMART cloud log to solidigm plugin
    * nvme-print: Unify number base format for nsid
    * nvme-(discover,connect,connect-all): enable options '--keyring' and '--tls_key'
    * nvme-connect: enable option '--tls'
    * nvme-check-tls-key: add options to derive a 'retained' TLS key
    * nvme-gen-tls-key: add options to derive a TLS key
    * plugins/ocp: Move SMART cloud log methods to separate file for reusability
    * nvme: validate storage tag size correctly
    * nvme-print-json: Add json output status function
    * util: Cleanup argconfig parse function
    * nvme: Fix format command function indentation errors
    * util: Use argconfig commandline options pointer directly
    * nvme-print: Fix nvme show status function indentation errors
    * nvme: Check fw-commit command support MUD
    * print: print csi and opcode in error log (TP4113)
    * plugins/inspur: Cast vendor specific smart log value
    * nvme: Use correct ABORT type for self abort test
    * plugins/solidigm: Do not overwrite previously initialized variable
    * nvme-print: sanitize supported-log-pages output (bsc#1209550)
    * nvme: Enforce length to a multiple of 4 in get_log_page
    * nvme: fix block count and data size logic (bsc#1209564)
    * util: Introduce argconfig simple helper to check seen condition
    * plugins/ocp: Add set feature EOL/PLP failure mode no-uuid option
    * plugins/ocp: Refactor to clear feature identifier C1h and C3h
    * plugins/ocp: Add support for clear PCIe correctable error counters feature
    * nvme-doc: update man page for supported-log-pages (bsc#1209550)
    * plugins/ocp: OCP 2.0 field updates for SMART cloud log
    * nvme: Fix parameter limit range
    * fdp: Fix wrong Reclaim Unit Handle Status size
    * plugins/ocp: Add support for EOL/PLP failure mode feature
    * nvme-print: Fix printing of u32 values
    * nvme: Fix invalid memory access in show_registers
    * util: Add argconfig seen flag parameter to check if feature NSID set
    * nvme-print: fix segfault in supported-log-pages json output
    * fabrics: Fix ordering for auto connect services (bsc#1208075)
    * nvme.c: Check Firmware Update Granularity in fwdl
    * log: high latency timestamp issue
    * nvme: Align get feature data buffer length by page size to allocate
    * nvme: Continue get feature on invalid NS error to get multiple feature ids
    * plugins/ocp: SMART cloud log bug fixes.
    * Made temperature readouts in line with the SI.
    * Changed 'Kelvin' to 'kelvin', as recommended by the BIPM.
    * plugins/ocp: Fix whitespace and style issues
    * util: Revert JSON output to plain numbers
    * nvme: Add rae argument to telemetry-log command
    * nvme: Refactor get telemetry log page helper
    * nvme: Factor out parse telemetry log da element
    * nvme: Fix type in error message
    * unit: Add test-argconfig-parse
    * nvme: Use chunked read in get_log()
    * nvme: Use fprintf for error message logging in get_log()
    * nvme: fix /dev/spkd/ typo
    * doc: --storage-tag-check doesn't take any arguments
    * fabrics: Ensure host-traddr/iface consistency for "connect-all"
    * nvme-print: print the nvme generic name in json output as well
    * plugins/innogrit: modify command opcode for eventlog and cdump
    * completion: fix typo, add missing args
    * plugins/wdc: Fix data Formatting for Latency Monitor Log Page
    * nvme: Make json-c optional again
    * nvme-print: Move JSON printing function into a new file
    * plugins/solidigm: Use json_create_object wrapper
    * plugins/solidigm: Use struct json_object instead of typedef
    * fabrics: No need to sanitize trsvcid and traddr
    * docs: Fixed typos and missing options
    * util: Numbers without any suffix are also valid
    * util: Update suffix_binary_parse API
    * util: Reimplement suffix_si_parse
    * nvme: Filter out status flags for get feature command
    * util: Add crc32 implementation
    * nvme-print: Use attrs_info as key for Zone Attributes Information
    * nvme: Support effects-log for fabrics ctrl
    * plugins/solidigm: Add uuid index resolution
    * plugins/ocp: Use network byte order for OCP UUID value
    * json_discovery_log: avoid buffer overrun (bsc#1207435)
    * Fix connect nbft regressions (bsc#1209905)
    * Fix auto connect conditions (bsc#1210105)
    * Fix auto boot for NBFT connections (bsc#1211647)
* Mon Jan 30 2023 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Update to version 2.3:
    * Added support for Flexible Data Placement (TP4146)
    * Added Persistent Discovery Controller support (TP8013/TP8014)
    * nvme-mi: support for firmware downloads
    * nvme device-self-test learned the --wait command line argument
      which makes nvme-cli to wait (incl. progress bar) in foreground
      until the test has finished.
    * A lot of bug fixes all over the place
  - Update spec file
    * Project depends on meson >= 0.50.0
    * make build dependency dropped
* Wed Nov 02 2022 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Update to version 2.2.1:
    * Added parsing for Solidigm telemetry observable data.
    * add item ddr_ecc_err_cnt in smart-log-add
    * build: Drop dependency on libuuid
    * build: Fix endian check for cross build
    * build: Remove unused uuid.wrap file
    * build: Remove unusned uuid.h include
    * completions: Add show-topology tab completion
    * fabrics: Honor JSON config file in connect-all command (bsc#1199504)
    * fabrics: Trigger auto connect if config.json exists
    * fabrics: fix 'persistent' handling during connect-all with JSON file
    * fabrics: nvme config --modify depends on -n and -t argument
    * fabrics: re-read the discovery log page when a discovery controller reconnected
    * json: Support uint64 types serialization for older json-c versions
    * nvme, plugins: fix __u64 -> unsigned long long assumptions
    * nvme-print: Add missing values in id-ctrl for JSON output
    * nvme-print: Handle NULL hostid in JSON output
    * nvme-print: Output 128bit values as uint128 type instead of double
    * nvme-print: Print fguid as a UUID
    * nvme-print: Use uint128 JSON function for media_units_written
    * nvme-print: decode MI status values
    * nvme-print: decode status types
    * nvme-print: fix wrong json key
    * nvme: Add helper function to parse 16-bit comma separated list
    * nvme: Add nvme_cmd wrapper for get_features
    * nvme: Add show-topology command
    * nvme: Add wrapper for Format NVM
    * nvme: Add wrapper for Sanitize NVM
    * nvme: Add wrappers for Get Log page helpers
    * nvme: Add wrappers for Identify controller lists
    * nvme: Add wrappers for NS attach/detach
    * nvme: Add wrappers for NS management functions
    * nvme: Add wrappers for basic NS identify
    * nvme: Add wrappers for firmware commands
    * nvme: Fix set feature command to get feature identifier 0Dh length as zero
    * nvme: Introduce a union in struct nvme_dev for different transport types
    * nvme: Introduce nvme_cli_ wrappers, wrap identify and identify_ctrl
    * nvme: Make static nvme_dev private to open_dev(), use locals elsewhere
    * nvme: Masks SSTAT in sanize-log output
    * nvme: Remove static nvme_dev, allocate on open instead
    * nvme: Use correct print format specifier for sizeof arguments
    * nvme: Use local struct nvme_dev for show_registers & map_registers
    * nvme: check if cfg.metadata is NULL before passing it to strlen()
    * nvme: use helpers for checking status types
    * plugins/innogrit: Include timer.h
    * plugins/innogrit: add smart items for smart-log-add
    * plugins/micron-nvme: Use correct print format specifier for sizeof arguments
    * plugins/ocp: Include timer.h
    * plugins/ocp: Output 128bit values as uint128 type instead of double
    * plugins/ocp: pass struct nvme_dev to internal functions
    * plugins/seagate: Add support for OCP
    * plugins/toshiba: pass struct nvme_dev rather than fd + name
    * plugins/virtium: Output 128bit values as uint128 type instead of double
    * plugins/wdc: Add support for SN660 drive
    * plugins/wdc: Add type case for feature id
    * plugins/wdc: Output 128bit values as uint128 type instead of double
    * plugins/wdc: pass a struct nvme_dev around rather than a fd
    * plugins/wdc: pass struct nvme_dev rather than using global nvme_dev
    * plugins/ytmc: pass struct nvme_dev rather than fd + name
    * plugins: Use PRIu64 format specifier for 64bit types
    * print: Add Controller Ready Timeout Exceeded HW error code
    * solidgm: fix initialization warning
    * solidigm: Added parsing for telemetry customer screenable data
    * solidigm: Fix printf format for size_t variable
    * solidigm: Updated Telemetry parsing code to MIT license.
    * subprojects/libnvme: update for MI admin command coverage
    * tests: Update license to GPL-2.0-or-later
    * tree: Add NVMe-MI support
    * tree: Add dev_fd() helper
    * tree: Change nvme_dev from global to static
    * tree: Combine NVMe file descriptor into struct nvme_dev
    * tree: Move global device info to a single struct
    * tree: fail on non-negative return values from parse_and_open
    * udev: Add HOST_IFACE to udev rule (bsc#1208001)
    * util/json.h: Add json_object_get_uint64 fallback implementation
    * util/json: Add 128 bit JSON helpers
    * util/types: Add 128 bit conversion helpers
    * util: Fix le128_to_cpu on big-endian
    * util: Fix le128_to_cpu on little-endian
    * util: Move common type conversion helpers into util section
    * utils/json: Add json_object_new_uint64 for json-c < 0.14
    * utils: Fix uint128_t usage
    * wdc:  OCP Log page updates and fixes
    * zns.c: report zones should be started after retrieved zone
  - Handle suse-missing-rclink lint warnings by providing the symlinks
  - Drop rpmlintrc as it is not needed anymore
* Wed Sep 21 2022 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Support auto discovery, add %systemd_ordering to spec file (bsc#1186399)
  - Mark no binaries rpms as noarch
* Wed Aug 17 2022
  - Update to version 2.1.2:
    * build: Update version to v2.1.2
    * wrapper: Update SPDIX license
    * wrapper: Call library version of nvme_init_copy_range_f1
    * Revert "udev: re-read the discovery log page when a discovery controller reconnected"
    * nvme: Simplify ns list identify
    * meson: we don't need a c++ compiler
    * plugins/ocp: drop unused fd argument
    * plugins/wdc: remove fd argument from print functions
    * plugins/wdc: fix memset() on the address of a pointer
    * plugins/solidigm: fix return value on format parse failure
    * plugins/wdc: prevent duplicate close on NVMe device
* Wed Aug 03 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - Update to version 2.1.1:
    * build: Update version to v2.1.1
    * build: Extend release script to support micro version releases
    * build: Add minimum build requirement on libnvme
    * wrapper: Add weak nvme_init_copy_range_f1 symbol
    * build: Update version before regenerating docs
    * build: Update release version rules
* Mon Aug 01 2022 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Update to version v2.1:
    * nvme: Do not print error message in collect_effects_log helper
    * fabrics: Remove dhchap-ctrl-secret from discover/connect-all (bsc#1201701)
    * nvme-print: sanitize the get-feature async event config output
    * nvme: Set default rae value for nvme_get_nsid_log users
    * fabrics: Avoid nvme_scan_ctrl when disconnecting
    * print: Fix nvme_id_uuid_list
    * fabrics: Already connected uses a different error code (bsc#1199994)
    * fabrics: skip connect if the transport types don't match (bsc#1199949 bsc#1199994)
    * nvme-print: Show ANA state only for one namespace (bsc#1200044 bsc#1199956 bsc#1199990)
* Thu Jul 14 2022 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Update to version v2.1~rc0:
    * build and install fixes/improvements
    * documentation fixes
    * version reporting includes library version
    * various fixes reported by coverity
    * new solidigm plugin
* Fri Apr 08 2022 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Update to version 2.0:
    * fabrics: Create persistent controller using unique subsystem NQN (bsc#1198243)
    * fabrics: Set KATO for discovery controller when connecting
    * fabrics: Do no modify default config for discovery controller
    * fabrics: Set default trsvcid ports for TCP and RDMA (bsc#1195858)
    * fabrics: Support connect even when no /etc/nvme/hostnqn file exists
    * nvme: update to nvme_scan_filter_t modifications (bsc#1195938)
    * plugins/intel: make 'buckets' a json array
    * plugins: Update WDC capabilities command with new commmands
    * plugins: Add OCP plugin
* Fri Apr 01 2022 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Update to version 2.0-rc8:
    * fabrics: Add DIM command
    * fabrics: Introduce force flag to overwrite persistence logic (bsc#1197076)
    * fabrics: Free non-matching controller during discovery
    * fabrics: add 'nvme config' command
    * fabrics: Correctly stringify discovery.conf and config.json paths
    * nvme-print: Add human readable print for nsattr field
    * nvme-print: Update Persistent Event log fields
    * nvme-print: print discovery async event support
    * nvme-rpmb: Fix spelling for 'Partition'
    * nvme-copy: add missing field to the command
    * nvme: add get_mi_cmd_support_effects_log command
    * nvme: Fixup namespace filtering yet again
    * nvme: Use type bool for OPT_FLAG
    * nvme: use filter for 'list-subsys <devname>' (bsc#1195938)
    * Add lbstm option to create-ns
    * argconfig: Do not use default value loading by getopt_long_only
    * argconfig: Rename CFG_NONE to CFG_FLAG
    * plugins: Use type bool for OPT_FLAG
    * documenation updates
  - Drop 'ProtectKernelTunables=true' (bsc#1197076)
* Tue Mar 22 2022 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Fix install conflict caused by new bash completion script
    location (bsc#1197365).
* Fri Mar 18 2022 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Update to version 2.0-rc7:
    * netapp-nvme: fix smdevices segfault in json output (bsc#1195937)
    * fabrics: keep the backward compatibility
    * nvme: Do not slash escape strings in JSON output (bsc#1195937)
    * nvme: Print full device path
    * nvme-print: Make JSON keys consistent with nvme-cli 1.x
    * nvme-print: print generic device in list command
    * fabrics: check for discovery controller instead of subsystem NQN (bsc#1197061)
    * connect: Set errno to zero on nvmf_add_ctrl() success
    * documenation updates
  - Set path to systemctl via newly introduced config option
  - Update 0100-harden_nvmf-connect@.service.patch due to upstream file rename
  - Moved bash completion script to /usr/share/bash-completion/completions/nvme
* Fri Mar 11 2022 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Update to version 2.0-rc6:
    * nvme: print out ANA state for 'list-subsys' (bsc#1195938)
    * nvme: Explicit initialize all command line options (bsc#1195945)
    * nvme: Explicit initialize passthru command line options
    * nvme: list_ns bug fix (csi option enable)
    * nvme: nvme write bug fix (no parse for option)
    * documenation updates
* Thu Mar 03 2022 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Update to version 2.0-rc5:
    * nvme: passthru bugfix(wrong jump, wrong file descriptor)
    * nvme-cli: Ignore traddr case (bsc#1194025)
    * nvme: fix segfault in nvme telemetry-log error handling
    * fabrics: ensure zero kato for non-persistent controllers
    * documenation updates
* Tue Feb 22 2022 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Update to version 2.0-rc4:
    * netapp-nvme: free the nsdescs pointer after use
    * netapp-nvme: fix ontapdevices segfault in json output
    * nvme-print: fix 'nvme list -o json' segfault
    * nvme: get_ns_id command fails on nvme device
    * wdc: updated products list for telemetry (--type) argument
    * docs: fix typo in Data Set Management section
    * Fix ctrlist for attach-ns and detach-ns
    * netapp-nvme: fix nvme ns desc uuid handling for ontapdevices
    * wdc: Fix use-after-free access of cbs_data
    * Fixed regression with 'open namespace exclusive' (bsc#1195945)
* Fri Feb 11 2022 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Update to version v2.0-rc3:
    * nvme-print: Fix json output for list-subsys
    * nvme: Allow --verbose flag to increase log level
    * Added telemetry log fetch support for SN810, SN530 and SN740 series NVMe SSDs through wdc vs-internal-log command
    * nvmf: Remove --matching from systemd service file (bsc#1195665)
    * nvme: Fix --force flag inversion (bsc#1195637)
    * nvme: Add support for data area 4 to get-telemetry-log
    * nvme: Add Supported Capacity Configuration List log page(LID: 0x11)
    * nvme: Add Enhanced Controller Meta Data(FID: 0x7D)
    * nvme-print: Add NVME_FEAT_FID_ENH_CTRL_METADATA to nvme_feature_to_string
    * nvme-print: remove unused nvme_show_id_ctrl function
    * nvme: Add nvm-id-ns-lba-format(CNS 0Ah) command from TP4095
    * nvme: Add NVM Command Set specific identify namespace command
    * nvme: Add id-ns-lba-format(CNS 09h) command from TP4095
    * nvme: Add nulbaf(Number of Unique Capability LBA Formats) field on nvmd_id_ns
  - Include precompiled documentation
* Tue Feb 01 2022 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Update to version 2.0~2:
    * Adapt to logging API changes in libnvme
    * Adapt to scan API changes in libnvme
    * Reworked error message handling
    * Fix 'list-ns' (bsc#1195151)
    * Add 'gen-tls-key' and 'check-tls-key'
    * Add Media Unit Status log page support
    * Cleanups and build fixes
  - Fix path to systemctl (bsc#1193699)
* Wed Jan 19 2022 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Fix zsh completion package depenedencies.
* Tue Jan 18 2022 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Use osc_scm to manage upstream input source.
  - Fix version string.
* Mon Jan 17 2022 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Update Source URL and introduce a variable for the release canditate
    version string.
* Fri Jan 14 2022 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Update to v2.0-rc0
    * Depends on libnvme
    * rename harden_nvmf-connect@.service.patch to 0100-harden_nvmf-connect@.service.patch
    * drop 0102-nvme-cli-Add-script-to-determine-host-NQN.patch
* Thu Dec 09 2021 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Update to version 1.16:
    + Print ProductName found even if subvendor/subdevice is unknown.
    + Add New fields on PEL based on NVMe 2.0a.
    + nvme-cli:
    - Split media units written/read into hi/lo 64 bit fields.
    - Add support for new SN650 device.
    - Update WDC pluging version to 1.15.3.
    - fix the [data|mdata]_len param (boo#1193547).
    - Add support for C3/Latency Monitor Log page parsing.
    - ctrl-loss-tmo should accept -1 as value.
    + nvme: add spinup control feature (fid=0x1A).
    + nvme: Add Identify for CNS 08h NVMe spec 2.0a based.
    + nvme: add boot partition log support.
    + nvme: add support for fid supported and effects log(lid =
    + add identify endurance group list (cns 0x19) support.
    + add json support for zns report zones.
    + fabrics: fix 'nvme discover' segfault if sysfs path is not
* Fri Oct 15 2021 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Drop ProtectClock hardening, can cause issues if other device acceess is needed
* Tue Oct 12 2021 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Added hardening to systemd service(s) (bsc#1181400). Added patch(es):
    * harden_nvmf-connect@.service.patch
* Wed Aug 18 2021 Daniel Wagner <>
  - update to 1.15
    * add NVMe MI features
    * add uuid index in get and set features command
    * nvme-cli: Add lsi option for get-log command
    * nvme: add json output format for list_ns
    * fabrics: add fast_io_fail_tmo option
    * fabrics: add --host-iface option
    * nvme: add latency parameter for passthru commands
    * nvme: add optional copy format support id ctrl field
    * nvme: add zone desc changed notice async event
    * nvme: add json, binary and human readable output format for id iocs
    * fabrics: print device name on connect
    * nvme: add get log page 2.0 spec fields
    * nvme: add the status codes from 2.0 spec
    * zns: add timeout parameter for Zone Management Commands
    * nvme: add CDW2 and CDW3 support for Write Zeroes and Verify Command
    * nvme: add Storage Tag Check field in NVM Commands
    * bash: updated completion support for latest commands and plugins
    * nvme: add capacity management command support
    * add identify CNS 0x18 domain list support
* Fri Jul 23 2021 Daniel Wagner <>
  - Update copyright date
  - Move bash-completion into subpackage to avoid zypper
    recommanding bash-completion everytime.
* Fri Jul 02 2021 Manfred Schwarb <>
  - install bash-completion file in correct directory
  - recommend bash-completion
* Tue May 04 2021 Daniel Wagner <>
  - update to 1.14
    * nvme-discover: add json output
    * nvme: add support for lba status log page
    * nvme: add support for endurance group event aggregate log
    * nvme: add endurance group event configuration feature
    * nvme: add latest opcodes for command supported and effects log
    * zns: print select_all field for Zone Management Send
    * print topology for NVMe nodes in kernel and path
    * nvme: add support for predictable latency event aggregate log page
    * nvme: add support for persistent event log page
    * Show more async event config fields
* Fri Nov 13 2020 Franck Bui <>
  - Drop '-f' option with %service_del_postun
    This option shouldn't be needed besides very few special cases. But
    this package doesn't seem to belong to this category.
* Fri Oct 23 2020 Daniel Wagner <>
  - update to 1.13
    * support for zoned command set
    * Identify I/O Command Set data structure command added
    * Added new namespace list command on list-ns, 4056 modification added
    * Added temperature information getting and text formatting
    * Implemented additional statistics to display
    * nvme: add support for non shared namespaces
* Sun Aug 16 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to 1.12
    * Corrected text output in FW activation history
    * nvme: allow addr family to recognize loop
    * Add log page CA parsing
    * nvme status code updates based nvme spec v1.4
    * Provide documentation for log page directory WDC plugin command
    * Fix status displayed by vs-telemetry-controller-option wdc plugin
    * fabrics: ignore hostnqn file if its empty
* Mon Jan 27 2020
  - Update to version 1.10.1+git9.872e6b0:
    * fabrics: fix connection args parsing
    * nvmf-autoconnect.service
    * Fix status displayed by vs-telemetry-controller-option wdc plugin command.
    * Provide documentation for log page directory WDC plugin command
    * Provide WDC plugin command to dump log page directory
    * Tests: Hande string encoding and handling failures
    * Makefile: use UDEVRULESDIR instead of UDEVDIR
  - Rename 'nvme-det-hostnqn' script to 'nvme-gen-hostnqn'
* Thu Jan 16 2020
  - Update to version 1.10.1+git2.797ec65:
    * Makefile: generate Dracut config according to UDEVDIR
    * Add additional smart log critical warn decoding
    * New tag for missing docs
    * Add new wdc documentation
    * Release v1.10
    * Regen documentation
    * Use asprintf for long names
    * [NVME-CLI] Add documentation file for vs-error-reason-identifier WDC            plugin command. [NVME-CLI] Minor updates/corrections to the clear-fw-activate-history            and vs-fw-activate-history command help text.
    * [NVME-CLI] Add support for WDC plugin command - vs-error-reason-identifier [NVME-CLI] Reverse enable/disable bit on the vs-telemetry-controller-option            WDC plugin command
    * Fix systemd service script use of CONNECT_ARGS env var
    * Shannon Plugin update.
    * Doc/Makefile: Introduce 'quiet' build option
    * Makefile: use 'quiet' compile
    * Makefile: Use special variables
    * micron: don't ignore 'system()' return value
    * Fix libhugetlbfs flags
    * Regenerate documentation
    * Micron plugin updates
    * Mention the buildroot package
    * nvmf-autoconnect: add udev rules to set iopolicy for certain NetApp devices
    * Fix intel json latency statistics output format
    * intel: Add function lat-stats to cli Adds the lat-stats function to intel plugin. If lat-stats-tracking is enabled, lat-stats will print out latency statistics according to the user's desired format.
    * [NVMe-CLI] Update documentation for telemetry data retrieval to vs-internal-log wdc plugin command.
    * [NVMe-CLI] Add support to retrieve telemetry data in vs-internal-log
    * [nvme-cli] Add documentation file for new  wdc plugin command - vs-telemetry-controller-option
    * [nvme-cli] Add support for wdc plugin command - vs-telemetry-controller-option
    * Fix typo (bulit -> built)
    * Warn on admin-passthru opcode not matching read/write flag
    * MAINT: Fix format compile warning error on 32 bit system
    * nvme-cli: Check for sysfs interface before NVMe discovery
    * Revert "Add Dera plugin extension."
    * Revert "Add Dera plugin extension."
    * Add Dera plugin extension. Add stat sub-command to retrieve Dera device status and additional SMART log.
    * Add Dera plugin extension. Add stat sub-command to retrieve Dera device status and additional SMART log.
    * Improve self test log command
    * nvme-cli: Update err to 0 in get_telemetry_log
    * fixup up self-test log when no test is in progress
    * nvme-cli: Update err value to 0 in get_ns_id func.
    * Add Dera plugin extension. Add stat sub-command to retrieve Dera device status and additional SMART log.
    * nvme.c: create-ns arguments are added
  - Remove patch merged with upstream
    * Delete 0101-nvme-add-iopolicy-rules-for-netapp.patch



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