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nqp-2022.07-1.3 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: nqp Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 2022.07 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.3 Build date: Sun Mar 19 23:09:52 2023
Group: Development/Languages/Other Build host: s390zl28
Size: 4002647 Source RPM: nqp-2022.07-1.3.src.rpm
Summary: Not Quite Perl
This is "Not Quite Perl" -- a lightweight Raku-like environment for virtual
machines. The key feature of NQP is that it's designed to be a very small
environment (as compared with, say, raku or Rakudo) and is focused on being
a high-level way to create compilers and libraries for virtual machines like
MoarVM, the JVM, and others.

Unlike a full-fledged implementation of Raku, NQP strives to have as small a
runtime footprint as it can, while still providing a Raku object model and
regular expression engine for the virtual machine.






* Sat Oct 01 2022
  - update to version 2022.07
    * Presize $!mbc and write at offsets instead of pushing
    * Write each frame directly to the MAST bytecode file...
    * Speed up "sorted_keys" sub
* Sun Apr 03 2022
  - update to version 2022.03
    * Remove some not-needed trys, or convert to nqp::can + the method call
    * Provide op coerce_ns on MoarVM and JVM
    * Fix all returned native integers getting treated as signed
* Sun Mar 27 2022 Stefan Seifert <>
  - Fix build on RHEL7
    RHEL doesn't include perl's core libraries in its perl package, so
    we need to explicitly depend on the modules we need for building.
* Mon Feb 21 2022
  - update to version 2022.02
    * Introduce a new generalized dispatch mechanism.
      It results in a more uniform architecture for all kinds
      of dispatch, delivering better performance on a range of
      langauge features. For more information see
    * Native unsigned integers are now first class citizens
    * Give NQPParametricRoleHOW a role_typecheck_list method
    * Set NQP HLL on all NQP types
    * Avoid an implicit array stringification in NQP
    * Avoid a slurp/flatten in NQP object creation
    * Avoid lots of string box/unbox in hash key sort
    * Use natives to reduce some allocation hotspots
    * Fix miscompilation of sized integers as loop condition
    * Remove the --rxtrace feature
    * Access register allocator via compiler instance
    * Switch most $*MAST_FRAME access away from dynamics
    * Replace costly $*MAST_FRAME lookup with $frame arg in core op generators
    * Don't error if no typechecking mode set
    * move lookups of op generators out of repeated code
    * Use `my constant` somewhat in QAST compiler
    * Add mapping for ctxnt op
    * Avoid duplicate lookups in NFA merging
    * Fix SpecialArg unintentionally modifying class' MRO
    * Don't die on non-primitive objects in $!named
    * More universal fix for dumping QAST nodes with attached data
    * Implement the -o form of the --output option
    * Fix race when checking for global uniques (#760)
* Sun Aug 22 2021
  - update to version 2021.08
    * Fix several issues on the JVM
* Sat Jul 24 2021
  - update to version 2021.07
    * Implement support for moar::hllincludes config variable
    * Fix reproducible build regression
    * Wrap QAST::Regex from qbuildsub in QAST::Stmts
* Sat Jul 10 2021
  - update to version 2021.06
    * Simplify loop in optimizer's incorporate_inner
    * Micro-optimize the sift_down sub in sorted_keys
    * Remove no longer needed JVM workaround
* Mon May 24 2021
  - update to version 2021.05
    * Use new nqp::time instead of nqp::time_(i|n)
    * Finish getting rid of NQPCursor
    * Remove no longer needed $!slang override in Braid
    * Disallow explicity specifying op write registers
    * No need to stringify the float twice in the sprintf implementation.
    * Hoist the repeated calculation in stringify-to-precision2 to a variable.
    * Accurately calculate pow_n(10.0, $exp) for stringify-to-precision2.
    * Convert scientific and shortest to use pow10 and an int for $exp.
* Sun Mar 21 2021
  - update to version 2021.03
    * Support some missing Rakudo command line flags
    * Comment out two lines only needed during debugging
    * Eliminate the ops sec_n, asec_n and sech_h, which are no longer used.
* Sun Feb 21 2021
  - update to version 2021.02
    * Switch spawnprocasync to use a separate arg for the program name
    * Stub some Archetypes methods expected by Rakudo
    * Don't bind an int attribute to 0 directly after construction
    * Improve error message for erroneous <.panic()> syntax
    * Fix sprintf() with *-specified negative width argument
    * Start up REPL if "-" given *and* STDIN is a tty
    * Make HLL::Compiler.execute_stage easier to call from Raku
    * Give NQPClassHOW a submethod_table method for better compatibility
    * Dump a QAST::Block's name, too for easier debugging
    * MoarVM: Allow for explicitly marking the mainline_frame in the bytecode
    * Add a nested compiler's load_dependency_tasks to the outer compiler's
    * Add frames created by a nested compiler to the outer comp unit
    * Allow more interesting constants in NQP
    * Simplify Cursor!cursor_pass
    * Micro optimize !cursor_fail
    * Simplify braid initialization in cursor_init
    * Introduce / use !cursor_pass_quick
    * Make sure cursor_pass_quick also reset bstack
    * Tweaks to regex compiler API
    * Remove reliance in a $*W object in alt NFA gen
    * NQP_HOME env var should override a static NQP home
    * map nqp::setthreadname op to give current thread a name
    * Register a plain HLL::Compiler object under the 'HLL' name
    * Support for typechecking against Raku roles
    * Add a HLL::SysConfig class
    * Add missing debug type name for easier debuggin
    * Make mixins concurrency safe
    * Fix parallel compilation occasionally losing frames
    * Fix "no such attribute" errors on mixin created by concurrent code
* Wed May 13 2020
  - update to version 2020.05
    * Add nextdispatcherfor/takenextdispatcher ops
    * More explicit error when more than one --target is provided (issue #600)
    * Set return type of intifying a list or hash
    * Optimize code trying to count elems of a list or hash
    * Use already calculated value instead of nqp::elems
    * Save a bunch of allocations in MoarVM::StringHeap
    * Split MoarVM::StringHeap into an inlineable add and slow add-internal
    * Simplify some Role accessor methods
    * Remove an unneeded for+push, use list directly
    * Add more str coercion cases
    * Write new strings directly into string heap buf
    * Write bytecode to output file on the fly
    * Write header last instead of first and fixing up
    * Fix sqlite3 running out of memory when importing large profiles
    * Fix profile kind detection
    * Support anon declarator on NQP subs
    * Add QAST::Node::dump_indent_string method to produce indent strings
    * Modify Node dump routines to use new dump_indent_string method
    * Add guide lines to QAST::Block node dumps
    * Remove qlist opcode
    * Some minor optimizations to NQP matching
* Tue Mar 03 2020
  - update to version 2020.02
    * Fix for
    * Only do assignment if nfa is not in the cache
    * cache_add returns the value, so no assignment needed
    * Completely disable NFA debugging (for now)
    * Don't call non-existent panic method
    * Consistently make the `.` in `<.[x]>` a no-op
    * Recognize `chain` as an assoc
* Tue Jan 28 2020
  - update to version 2020.01
    * Fix "Decoder may not be used concurrently" errors with concurrent EVAL
    * Give HLL/Actions|Grammar a "raku" method
    * Add NQPAttribute.is_built method
    * Add NQPAttribute.is_bound method
    * Change references of HLL language to 'Raku'
    * Remove HLL dependency
    * Fix various compiler warnings



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