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notmuch-devel-0.38.1-1.1 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: notmuch-devel Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 0.38.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Sun Nov 26 20:44:01 2023
Group: Unspecified Build host: s390zl22
Size: 91236 Source RPM: notmuch-0.38.1-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Development files for notmuch
The notmuch-devel package contains libraries and header files for
developing applications that use notmuch.






* Sat Nov 25 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 0.38.1:
    * Report parse errors in config files.
    * Fix image toggling for Emacs >= 29.1.
    * Support relative lastmod queries (see notmuch-sexp-queries(7)
      and notmuch-search-terms(7) for details).
    * Support indexing of designated attachments as text (see
    * notmuch-config(1) for details).
    * Add options --offset and --limit to notmuch-show(1).
    * New commands notmuch-search-edit-search and notmuch-tree-
    * Introduce notmuch-tree-outline-mode.
    * Some compatibility fixes for Emacs 29. At least one issue
      (hiding images) remains in 0.38.
    * Support completion when piping to external command.
    * Fix regression in updating tag display introduced by 0.37.
    * Fix bug creating database when database.path is not set.
    * Incremental performance improvements for message deletion.
    * Catch Xapian exceptions when deleting messages.
    * Sync removed message properties to the database.
    * Replace use of thread-unsafe Query::MatchAll in the infix
      query parser.
    * Be more careful when clearing the results directory.
    * Use `database_open_with_config`, and provide compatible path
      search semantics.
    * Support testing installed version of notmuch.
    * Adapt to some breaking changes in glib handling of init
    * Replace OpenPGP key used in test suite.
    * Performance Tests
    * Update signatures for performance test corpus.
* Mon Aug 07 2023 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Remove rhetorics and history lesson from description.
* Mon Aug 07 2023 Dan Čermák <>
  - Fix libnotmuch pkg description, fixes boo#1020067
* Sat Dec 03 2022 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Drop build-dependency on libgcrypt-cavs: no longer existing with
    libgcrypt 1.10.
* Mon Oct 03 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 0.37:
    * Fix uninitialized field in message objects.
    * Add one sided lastmod ranges for sexp queries.
    * Expand macro parameters inside regex and wildcard modifiers.
    * `notmuch help` now works for external commands.
    * `NOTMUCH_CONFIG` is now passed to external commands and hooks.
    * The function `notmuch-mua-mail` now moves point depending on the
    * provided arguments.
    * Restrict what mime types are inlined in replies and on refresh.
    * The functions in notmuch-query.el are now obsolete and may be removed
    * in a future version of Notmuch.
    * Add some controls for lazy display of message bodies (See "Dealing
    * with large messages and threads" in the notmuch-emacs documentation).
    * Allow the user to select (with '%') a different duplicate message file
    * to display.
    * Use `message-dont-reply-to-names` in `notmuch-message-mode`.
    * Add the `sexp` prefix to the infix (traditional) query parser. This
    * allows specific subqueries to be parsed by the sexp parser (with
    * appropropriate quoting). See `notmuch-search-terms(7)` for details.
    * Add another heuristic to regexp fields to prevent phrase parsing of
    * bracketed sub-expressions.
    * Envelope from ("From ") headers are now escaped as X-Envelope-From: in
    * input to `notmuch-insert`. This prevents creating mbox files when
    * calling `notmuch-insert` from e.g. `postfix`.
    * Use the `config_pairs` API in ConfigIterator. This returns all
    * matching key-value pairs, not just those that happen to be stored in
    * the database.
    * Reorganize documention for `notmuch-config`. Add a few links from
    * other man pages.
* Mon Feb 28 2022
  - Version 0.35
    * Library
    - Implement the `date` and `lastmod` fields in the S-expression parser.
    - Ignore trailing `/` for pathnames in both query parsers.
    - Rename configuration option `built_with.sexpr_query` to `built_with.sexp_queries`.
    - Do not assume a default mail root in split (e.g. XDG) configurations.
    - Fix some small memory leaks in `notmuch_database_open_with_config`.
    * CLI
    - Improve handling of leading/trailing punctation and space for configuration lists.
    - Only ignore `.notmuch` at the top level in `notmuch new`.
    - Optionally show extra headers in `notmuch show`. See `show.extra_headers` in notmuch-config(1).
    * Disable tests due to known failures of python-cffi test cases
* Wed Nov 03 2021 Dan Čermák <>
  - New upstream release 0.34.1
    What's new in notmuch 0.34.1
    Fix for deallocation and nulling of output parameter for
    notmuch_database_{open_with,create_with,load}_config when errors
    occur. This change fixes a potential use-after-free bug that has been
    present since 0.32. This release also improves the documentation of
    status returns for the same 3 functions.
* Fri Oct 22 2021 Dan Čermák <>
  - New upstream release 0.34
    What's new in notmuch 0.34
    An optional new s-expression based query parser is available if
    notmuch is built with the `sfsexp` library. See
    notmuch-sexp-queries(7) for syntax, and use `notmuch config get
    built_with.sexpr_queries` to check if notmuch is compiled with
    s-expression query support.
    Support multiple `Delivered-To` headers in notmuch-reply(1).
    Functions are now allowed in `notmuch-search-result-format`.
    Improvements to unthreaded view on large threads.
    Tolerate bad/missing working directory for most commands.
    Allow customization of tree drawing symbols in notmuch-tree mode.
* Thu Sep 30 2021 Dan Čermák <>
  - New upstream release 0.33.2
    What's new in notmuch 0.33.2
    Improve reliability of T355-smime by changing gpgsm initialization.
* Mon Sep 13 2021 Dan Čermák <>
  - New upstream release 0.33.1
    What's new in notmuch 0.33.1
    Replace the fully-qualified-domain-name of the host with "localhost"
    in the default email address.  This should fix two flaky subtests in
    What's new in notmuch 0.33
    Correct documentatation about transactions.
    Add a configurable automatic commit of transactions. See
    `database.autocommit` in notmuch-config(1).
    Document the algorithm used to find a database.
    Define format version 5, which supports sorting the output of
    `notmuch` no longer sets `mail-user-agent` on load. To restore the
    previous behaviour of using notmuch to send mail by default, customize
    `mail-user-agent` to `notmuch-user-agent`.
    `notmuch-company` now works in `org-msg`.
    Improve the display of messages from long threads in unthreaded mode.
    Prefer email addresses over User ID when showing valid signatures.
    Define a new face `notmuch-jump-key`.
    New commands in notmuch-tree view: `notmuch-tree-filter` and `notmuch-tree-filter-by-tag`.
    Honour `notmuch-show-text/html-blocked-images` when using `w3m` to
    render html.
    Support toggling sort order in notmuch-tree mode.
    Memory management of allocated notmuch objects (database, messages,
    etc...) is now done via the Ruby GC. This removes all constraints on
    the order of object destruction.  Database close and destroy are
    split, following an old library API change.
    Respect excluded tags when showing a thread.
    Fix doc build for Sphinx 4.0.
    Improve the markup and linking of the documentation.
* Wed Aug 18 2021 Dan Čermák <>
  - New upstream release 0.32.3
    What's new in notmuch 0.32.3
    Restore location of database via `MAILDIR` environment variable, which
    was broken in 0.32.
    Bump libnotmuch minor version to match the documentation in
    Correct documentation for deprecated database opening functions to
    point out that they (still) do not load configuration information.
    Restore "notmuch config get built_with.*", which was broken in 0.32.
* Mon Jun 28 2021 Dan Čermák <>
  What's new in notmuch 0.32.2
    Fix a bug from 2017 that can add duplicate thread-id terms to message
    Fix small memory leak in notmuch new.
    Add `(require 'seq)` for `seq-some`.
    Fix man page build for Sphinx 4.x. Fix variable name in emacs docs.
    Fix backup creation in `perf-test/T00-new`.  Check openssl
    prerequisite in `add_gpgsm_home`.
* Mon May 17 2021 Dan Čermák <>
  What's new in notmuch 0.32.1
    Restore handling of relative values for `database.path` that was
    broken by 0.32. Extend this handling to `database.mail_root`,
    `database.backup_dir`, and `database.hook_dir`.
    Reload certain metadata from Xapian database in
    notmuch_database_reopen. This fixes a bug when adding messages to the
    database in a pre-new hook.
    Fix default of `$HOME/mail` for `database.path`. In release 0.32, this
    default worked only in "notmuch config".
    Restore the dynamically bound variables `tag-changes` and `query` in
    in `notmuch-before-tag-hook` and `notmuch-after-tag-hook`.
* Wed May 05 2021 Dan Čermák <>
  What's new in notmuch 0.32
    This release includes a significant overhaul of the configuration
    management facilities for notmuch.  The previous distinction between
    configuration items that can be modified via plain text configuration
    files and those that must be set in the database via the "notmuch
    config" subcommand is gone, and all configuration items can be set in
    both ways.  The external configuration file overrides configuration
    items in the database. The location of database, hooks, and
    configuration files is now more flexible, with several new
    configuration variables. In particular XDG locations are now supported
    as fallbacks for database, configuration and hooks. For more
    information see `notmuch-config(1)`.
    To support the new configuration facilities, several functions and
    constants have been added to the notmuch API. Most notably:
  - `notmuch_database_create_with_config`
  - `notmuch_database_open_with_config`
  - `notmuch_database_load_config`
  - `notmuch_config_get`
    A previously requested API change is that `notmuch_database_reopen` is
    now exposed (and generalized).
    The previously severe slowdowns from large numbers calls to
    notmuch_database_remove_message or notmuch_message_delete in one
    session has been fixed.
    As always, the canonical source of API documentation is
    `lib/notmuch.h`, or the doxygen formatted documentation in `notmuch(3)`
    The `notmuch config set` subcommand gained a `--database` argument to
    specify that the database should be updated, rather than a config file.
    The speed of `notmuch new` and `notmuch reindex` in dealing with large
    numbers of mail file deletions is significantly improved.
    Completion related updates include: de-duplicating tags offered for
    completion, use the actual initial input in address completion, allow
    users to opt out of notmuch address completion, and do not force Ido
    when prompting for senders.
    Some keymaps used to contain bindings for unnamed commands.  These
    lambda expressions have been replaced by named commands (symbols), to
    ease customization.
    Lexical binding is now used in all notmuch-emacs libraries.
    Fix bug in calling `notmuch-mua-mail` with a non-nil RETURN-ACTION.
    Removed, inlined or renamed functions and variables:
      `notmuch-documentation-first-line`, `notmuch-folder`,
      `notmuch-hello-trim', `notmuch-hello-versions` => `notmuch-version`,
      `notmuch-remove-if-not`, `notmuch-search-disjunctive-regexp`,
      `notmuch-sexp-eof`, `notmuch-split-content-type`, and
* Mon Mar 01 2021 Dan Čermák <>
  - New upstream release 0.31.4
    What's new in notmuch 0.31.4
    - ------
    Fix include bug triggered by glib 2.67.
    - ---
    Fix race condition in T568-lib-thread.
* Mon Jan 04 2021 Dan Čermák <>
  - New upstream release 0.31.3
    What's new in notmuch 0.31.3
    - -------
    Fix for exclude tags in notmuch2 bindings.
    - ----
    Portability update for T360-symbol-hiding
    - ------
    Fix for memory error in notmuch_database_get_config_list
* Mon Nov 09 2020 Dan Čermák <>
  - New upstream release 0.31.2
    What's new in notmuch 0.31.2
    - ----
    Catch one more occurence of "version" in the build system, which
    caused the file to be regenerated in the release tarball.
    What's new in notmuch 0.31.1
    - ------
    Fix a memory initialization bug in notmuch_database_get_config_list.
    - ----
    Rename file 'version' to 'version.txt'. The old file name conflicted
    with a C++ header for some compilers.
    Replace use of coreutils `realpath` in configure.
* Mon Sep 07 2020 Dan Čermák <>
  - New upstream release 0.31
    * skip a failing test on ppc64
    What's new in notmuch 0.31
    - ----
    Notmuch now supports Emacs 27.1. You may need to set
    `mml-secure-openpgp-sign-with-sender` and/or
    `mml-secure-smime-sign-with-sender` to continue signing messages.
    The minimum supported major version of GNU Emacs is now 25.1.
    Add support for moving between threads after notmuch-tree-from-search-thread.
    New `notmuch-unthreaded` mode (added in Notmuch 0.30)
    Unthreaded view is a mode where each matching message is shown on a
    separate line.
    The main key entries to unthreaded view are
    'u' enter a query to view in unthreaded mode (works in hello,
    search, show and tree mode)
    'U' view the current query in unthreaded mode (works from search,
    show and tree)
    Saved searches can also specify that they should open in unthreaded
    Currently it is not possible to specify the sort order: it will
    always be newest first.
    - -----------
    The shell pipeline executed by notmuch-mutt, which symlinked matched
    files to a maildir for mutt to access is replaced with internal perl
    processing. This search operation is now more portable, and somewhat
    - ------
    Improve exception handling in the library. This should
    largely eliminate terminations inside the library due to uncaught
    exceptions or internal errors.  No doubt there are a few uncovered
    code paths still; please report them as bugs.
    Add `notmuch_message_get_flag_st` and
    `notmuch_message_has_maildir_flag_st`, and deprecate the existing
    non-status providing versions.
    Move memory de-allocation from `notmuch_database_close` to
    Handle relative filenames in `notmuch_database_index_file`, as
    promised in the documentation.
    Python Bindings
    - --------------
    Documentation for the python bindings is merged into the main
    sphinx-doc documentation tree. The merged documentation can be built
    with e.g. `make sphinx-html`
    - -----------
    We now support building notmuch against Xapian 1.5 (the current
    development version).
    Test Suite
    - ---------
    Test suite fixes for compatibility with Emacs 27.1.
    Build System
    - -----------
    Man pages are now compressed reproducibly.
* Mon Aug 31 2020 Dan Čermák <>
  - New upstream pre-release 0.31~rc2
* Tue Aug 18 2020 Dan Čermák <>
  - New upstream pre-release 0.31~rc1
* Mon Aug 17 2020 Dan Čermák <>
  - New upstream pre-release 0.31~rc0
* Mon Jul 06 2020 Dan Čermák <>
  - New upstream release 0.30
    - -----
    Handle S/MIME (PKCS#7) messages -- one-part signed messages, encrypted
    messages, and multilayer messages. Treat them symmetrically to
    OpenPGP messages. This includes handling protected headers
    If you're using Notmuch with S/MIME, you currently need to configure
    gpgsm appropriately.
    Mixed-up MIME Repair
    - -------------------
    Detect and automatically repair a common form of message mangling
    created by Microsoft Exchange (see index.repaired=mixedup in
    Protected Headers
    - ----------------
    Avoid indexing the legacy-display part of an encrypted message that
    has protected headers (see
    index.repaired=skip-protected-headers-legacy-display in
    - -----
    Drop support for python2, focus on python3.
    Introduce new CFFI-based python bindings in the python module named
    "notmuch2".  Officially deprecate (but still support) the older
    "notmuch" module.
    - -----------
    Support for Xapian 1.2 is removed. The minimum supported version of
    Xapian is now 1.4.0.
* Tue May 05 2020 Dan Čermák <>
  - Add missing BuildRequire info and drop obsoleted macros:
    %install_info, %install_info_prereq and %install_info_delete were deprecated
    in favor of file triggers => drop these from the spec
* Wed Mar 11 2020 Dan Čermák <>
  - Improve Python 3.8 workaround:
    silence python warnings emitted by gdb instead of skipping tests
* Tue Mar 10 2020 Dan Čermák <>
  - Add workaround for Python 3.8 + GDB 8
* Mon Jan 06 2020 Ondřej Súkup <>
  - drop python2 subpackages
  - don't BuildRequires python3-devel, isn't needed



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