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nbdfuse-1.18.1-3.1 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: nbdfuse Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 1.18.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 3.1 Build date: Sat Dec 16 11:42:42 2023
Group: Unspecified Build host: s390zl21
Size: 36849 Source RPM: libnbd-1.18.1-3.1.src.rpm
Summary: FUSE support for libnbd
This package contains FUSE support for libnbd.






* Tue Dec 12 2023
  - Use ocaml-rpm-macros to track OCaml ABI
* Mon Nov 13 2023 James Fehlig <>
  - Fix assertion in ext-mode BLOCK_STATUS, CVE-2023-5871
* Wed Oct 25 2023
  - Update to version 1.18.1:
    * Version 1.18.1.
    * rust: Use string_starts_with instead of String.starts_with
    * rust: Build the examples
    * rust: Write a custom translator from POD to rustdoc
    * rust: Add overview documentation
    * rust: Annotate 'endif' with corresponding label
    * utils: Slightly simplify human_size()
    * docs: Assign CVE-2023-5215 to nbd_get_size negative result issue
* Fri Sep 29 2023
  - Update to version 1.18.0:
    * CVE-2023-5215 (bsc#1215799)
    * docs: Add link to nbd_get_size announcement in release notes
    * docs: Add URL to list post on nbd_get_size security
    * docs: Update release notes for nbd_get_size backport to 1.16.5
    * docs: Finalize release notes for release tomorrow
    * dump: Add more examples of running subprocesses from nbddump
    * info: Tolerate missing size
    * block_status: Fix assertion on bad 64-bit block status reply
    * block_status: Fix assertion with large server size
    * api: Sanitize sizes larger than INT64_MAX
* Thu Mar 23 2023 Martin Liška <>
  - Enable LTO as it works fine.
* Thu Oct 13 2022
  - Update to version 1.14.1:
    * Version 1.14.1.
    * copy/ Alternate test for compressed clusters
    * ci: Expire artifacts after 1 week
    * sh: Add workaround for macOS SIP DYLD_* environment sanitiser
    * info: Tone down the colours in nbdinfo normal output
    * tests/ Use Subject Alternative Name for server certificate
    * info: Improve error message when the export may be unknown to the server
    * info: Add limited colourized output
    * dump: Move ANSI colours to separate library under common/include
    * Version 1.14.0.
    * docs: Finalize release notes for 1.14
    * Version 1.13.9.
    * build: Document gmake instead of make on *BSD, macOS
    * build: Use GNUTLS_CFLAGS when checking for <gnutls/socket.h>
    * build: Remove use of $^
    * copy: Skip compressed qcow2 test on older qemu-nbd
    * interop: Skip interop-qemu-nbd-tls-psk if qemu-nbd doesn't support PSK
    * tests: Check nbdkit supports --tls-verify-peer before using
    * docs: Document signal handling
    * generator: Set SO_NOSIGPIPE on sockets
    * lib/crypto: Use GNUTLS_NO_SIGNAL if available
    * docs: Add outline release notes for libnbd 1.14
    * lib/crypto.c: Ignore TLS premature termination after write shutdown
    * lib/crypto.c: Check for <gnutls/socket.h> before including
    * Version 1.13.8.
    * generator: Add to EXTRA_DIST
    * generator: Fix reentry to REPLY.START when recv returns EAGAIN
    * generator: Move state machine documentation to a README file
    * tests: Avoid bash namerefs, for RHEL 7
    * tests: Better quoting for cleanup_fn
    * Version 1.13.7.
    * configure: Document --with-* flags that require a parameter
    * copy: Remove advice about using nbdcopy + cmp to compare NBD sources
    * build: Print full versions of nbdkit and qemu-nbd
    * tests: Add tests/ to EXTRA_DIST
    * tests: Test nbd+vsock:// support
    * lib/uri.c: Don't corrupt memory on error path
    * info/show.c: Don't misuse nbd_get_error or leak nbd_get_export_name
    * fuzzing/libnbd-fuzz-wrapper.c: Fix loop condition
    * fuse: Check return value from nbd_poll
    * examples/batched-read-write.c: Use _exit in signal handler
    * copy: Remove dead store
    * Version 1.13.6.
    * configure: Add status of interop and examples
    * configure: Print the versions of certain external libraries
    * configure: Check for nbdkit-file-plugin
    * configure: Make the 'feature' function print the dots
    * ci: Update generated files
    * copy: Assert that request size is not too large
    * copy: Force block size, request size and sparse size to be powers of 2
    * copy/ Break up long lines
    * Use ARRAY_SIZE macro in a few places in libnbd
    * common/include: Rename BUILD_BUG_ON_ZERO to something more meaningful
    * common/include/test-array-size.c: Avoid Clang warning
    * common/include: Add ARRAY_SIZE macro
    * dump: Add another example to the manual
    * Version 1.13.5.
    * copy: Use preferred block size for copying
    * copy: Store the preferred block size in the operations struct
    * dump/ Test requires nbdkit 1.22
    * dump: Fix tests on Debian 10
    * dump: Fix build on i686
    * dump: Visually separate columns 0-7 and 8-15
    * Version 1.13.4.
    * Add nbddump tool
    * copy/nbd-ops.c: Fix whitespace for indentation
    * copy/nbd-ops.c: Move related extents functions together
    * lib: Display kTLS status
    * copy: Print program name in some error messages
    * Version 1.13.3.
    * python: Allow control over copy/share of nbd.Buffer
    * valgrind: Update comment about valgrind bug affecting OCaml
    * ocaml: Add further valgrind suppression
    * ocaml: Add valgrind suppression for OCaml 4.14 bug
    * Version 1.13.2.
    * python: Fix code style in the tests
    * python: Slice structured read callback buffer from original
    * python: Support len(nbd.Buffer(n))
    * python: Accept all buffer-like objects in aio_p{read,write}
    * python: Alter lock for persistent buffer
    * python: Simplify passing of mutable *error to callbacks
    * python: Whitespace cleanup
    * python: Correctly use PyGILState
    * Version 1.13.1.
    * golang: aio_buffer.go: Explicit panic() on invalid usage
    * golang: Whitespace change caused by gofmt
    * golang: Add some more debug environment variables
    * python: Another format tweak to generated code
    * python: Make nbd.Buffer lighter-weight
    * python: Simplify python generator
    * python: Don't unwrap nbd.Buffer in
    * python: Make py_aio_buffer a private struct
    * python: Reformat generated methods.c in a few places
    * python: Enhance tests of nbd.Buffer
    * python: Plug uninit leak in nbd.Buffer.to_bytearray
    * python: Improve doc comments for
    * python: Drop pointless (char*)"..." cast
    * python: Avoid memleak on (unlikely) module failure
    * api: Tighter checking of structured read replies
    * Fix small whitespace problem in
    * Change README to use markdown
    * python: Speed up pread
    * api: Speed up nbd_pread_structured when reading holes
    * ci: Rebuild containers
* Fri Jul 08 2022 James Fehlig <>
  - Update to version 1.12.4:
    * python: Correctly use PyGILState
    * olang: aio_buffer.go: Explicit panic() on invalid usage
    * python: Enhance tests of nbd.Buffer
    * python: Plug uninit leak in nbd.Buffer.to_bytearray
    * python: Avoid memleak on (unlikely) module failure
    * python: Accept buffers in nbd.Buffer.from_bytearray()
  - Enable building python module and utilities
* Tue May 24 2022 James Fehlig <>
  - Adjust _service file to coincide with recent manual update to
    version 1.12.2
* Mon May 16 2022
  - Update to version 1.12.2:
    * Version 1.12.2.
    * Fix for CVE-2022-0485 Silent data corruption when using
    * New APIs
      Control whether libnbd clears the pread buffer to avoid
      leaking memory contents if the client does not properly
      handle errors. These were added as part of the fix for
      CVE-2022-0485 (Eric Blake).
      Control whether libnbd requests block size constraints from
      the server during negotiation (Eric Blake).
    * Error messages about incorrect URIs in nbd_connect_uri(3) have
      been improved to make common mistakes clearer for the user.
    * New syntax: nbdinfo [ CMD ... ] allowing you to query the
      properties of an NBD server directly.
    * nbdcopy(1) new --queue-size option to control the maximum
      size of the internal buffer (Nir Soffer).
    * nbdcopy(1) now names the source and destination handles to
      make it easier to understand debug output.
    * New OCaml NBD.with_handle helper which ensures that NBD.close
      is always called even if the inner code throws an exception.
    * The OCaml bindings now consistently use the correct types for
      buffer sizes everywhere (Laszlo Ersek).
    * Several improvements and fixes to the golang bindings and
      tests. The golang bindings have been relicensed to LGPLv2+
      like the rest of the library and are now published as a golang
      module at (Nir Soffer).
    * The Python bindings no longer crash if you pass None in place
      of a buffer parameter. In addition some memory leaks were fixed
      (Eric Blake).
    * Various memory leaks have been fixed when using the optional
      strict_mode settings (Eric Blake).
    * The performance of the internal vector library has been
      improved greatly and overflow is now handled correctly
      (Nir Soffer, Laszlo Ersek and Eric Blake).
    * Add simple_copy and aio_copy Golang examples (Nir Soffer).
    * Error handling was reviewed and fixed across many of the
      example programs and documentation (Eric Blake, Nir Soffer).
    * Simplify and optimize handling of the extents callback in
      Golang (Nir Soffer).
    * Golang AioBuffer was enhanced, making it safer to use, faster
      and adding documentation (Nir Soffer).
    * Other fixes to Tests, Documentation, and Build.
* Thu May 12 2022
  - Enable building the ocaml bindings for libnbd.
    virt-v2v has added a dependency on ocaml bindings from libnbd
    beginning with virt-v2v version 2.0.0.
* Tue Feb 08 2022
  - Update to version 1.10.4:
    * Version 1.10.4.
    * copy: CVE-2022-0485: Fail nbdcopy if NBD read or write fails (bsc#1195636)
    * copy: Pass in dummy variable rather than &errno to callback
    * docs: Clarify how callbacks should handle errors
    * ocaml: tests: Fix error handling
    * python: tests: Fix error handling
    * ocaml/helpers.c: Rearrange Assert_failure check
    * golang: tests: Fix error handling
    * docs: Fix typo in callback docs
    * ocaml: Update comment
* Wed Aug 25 2021
  - Update to version 1.9.3:
    * Version 1.9.3.
    * maint: Modernize to silence autoreconf warnings
    * maint: Update to latest ax_pthread.m4
    * copy: Avoid potential divide by zero when source size is zero
    * copy: Test corner case of copying from zero-sized source
    * copy: Fix progress bar
    * Update CI files once more
    * ci: Allow failure when building fedora rawhide container
    * ci: Consolidate refresh scripts
    * macOS: Simple cloexec/nonblock fix
    * info: Require can_cache for
    * CI: Add testing on Alpine
    * Update CI files
    * macOS: Do not use --version_script
    * One more VSOCK include fix
    * m4: Remove *~ on make clean
    * ci: Rework the build script to run check-valgrind properly
    * fuse: move check-valgrind out from condition
    * qemu-storage-daemon 5.2.0 is still broken
    * Version 1.9.2.
    * python: Add missing test file to EXTRA_DIST
    * build: Warn about large stack frames
    * configure: Add a macro to test if compiler -W warning flags work
    * lib/uri.c: nbd_get_uri: Do not translate port name into service
    * python: Implement nbd.aio_connect for AF_UNIX
    * bash: Generate completion files during build
    * info: Add percentage after field in --map --totals
    * info: Add --can|--is options to test for NBD flags
    * info: Add --map --totals sub-mode to display summary of map
    * info: Don't print extra trailing \n after output
    * fuse: Tidy up MODES section of the documentation
    * fuse: Note in docs that read-only server implies -r flag
    * fuse: Improve documentation on the thread model
    * fuse: Update comment as we expect zero support to be present in 5.14
    * copy: Set default request-size to 2**18 (262144 bytes)
    * copy/ Set request-size explicitly
    * maint: Untabify
* Thu Jul 01 2021
  - Update to version 1.9.1:
    * Version 1.9.1.
    * ci: Update build files
    * ci: Also perform `brew upgrade` on MacOS
    * ci: Only run `make check` on Linux
    * ci: Skip some broken tests/distro combinations
    * ci: Rename to just
    * ci: Add support for test skipping
    * ci: Some build script fixes
    * ci: Fix run commands in README
    * ci: Add support for FreeBSD-13.0
    * ci: Remove debian-10-clang build
    * ci: Remove cross-compilation targets
    * ci: Change docker driver and archive logs
    * tests: Rename version to get-version
    * tests: Do not use magic parameter for some nbdkit plugins
    * tests: Require cap_sys_admin where root is required
    * tests: Fix port randomisation
    * tests: Enhance fuse probing
    * tests: Clean up qemu-nbd detection
    * tests: Fix hexdump probing
    * interop: Do not test against broken qemu-storage-daemon
    * fuse: Only support defined fallocate modes
    * Include sys/vsock.h if linux/vm_sockets.h is not available
    * info: Avoid ambiguous 'allocated' terminology in --map
    * run: Unset DEBUGINFOD_URLS
    * ci/cirrus: Update system before doing anything else
* Wed Jun 09 2021
  - Update to version 1.8.0:
    * Version 1.8.0.
    * docs: Get release notes ready for a release today
    * copy/ Skip this test for old qemu-nbd
    * docs: Put links to release notes in a separate section
    * docs: Add preliminary release notes for libnbd 1.8
    * common/utils: Add test-vector.c (unit test for vectors) from nbdkit
    * copy, fuse, info: Synchronize --help output with manual
    * generator: Update copyright year in generated files.
    * Update README
    * Version 1.7.12.
* Wed Apr 14 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Update to 1.7.7
    * Fixed CVE-2021-20286
    * Fix parsing and construction of IPv6 URIs
    * New API nbd_get_uri to get an NBD URI for a connection
    * Permit "see also" links to nbd_get_error and nbd_get_errno
    * Avoid over-long lines in POD.
    * Fix reporting of NBD URI support
    * Let exit status reflect any failures during NBD_OPT_INFO
    * Fix page eviction when len < page_size.
* Sun Mar 14 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Specfile modernization
* Thu Feb 25 2021 James Fehlig <>
  - spec: Only enable system nbd interop tests if
    suse_version >= 1550
* Tue Jan 26 2021
  - Initial packaging of libnbd:
    * Version 1.7.1.
    * sh: Add NOTES section.
    * copy: Update multi-conn documentation.
    * sh: Arrange --opt-mode documentation in alphabetical order.
    * python: Add example.
    * copy: Fix initialization complaint with ancient GCC on RHEL 7.
    * python: Fix Python style error.
    * copy/file-ops.c: Small whitespace fix.
    * copy/ Skip test unless nbdkit available.



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