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nauty-devel-2.8.8-2.1 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: nauty-devel Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 2.8.8 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Fri May 17 08:22:51 2024
Group: Development/Libraries/C and C++ Build host: reproducible
Size: 113802 Source RPM: nauty-2.8.8-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Development files for nauty, a math library
nauty and Traces are programs for computing automorphism groups of
graphs and digraphs. They can also produce a canonical label.

This subpackage contains the header files for developing
applications that want to make use of libnauty.






* Fri May 17 2024 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Add autoconf-2.72.patch
* Tue Nov 21 2023 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 2.8.8
    * `deledgeg` has a new option -v for removing only edges incident
      to a particular vertex.
    * `countneg` is a new utility for counting graphs by their number
      of edges and/or vertices. Faster than countg, but does not
      support sparse6 input or count'gs -p and -f options.
    * `genspecialg` has a new option -X which can select one of 126
      named graphs.
    * countg/pickg: The chromatic number is selected by -N and the
      chromatic index by -NN.
    * countg/pickg: Connectivity is selected by -G and the
      edge-connectivity by -GG.
    * `genbg` got faster for trees
    * Don Knuth's 30-bit random number generator has been replaced by
      George Marsaglia's 64-bit random number generator.
    * `genktreeg` is a new generator for making k-trees.
    * `ransubg` is a new tool that extracts a random
      subgraph/subdigraph from an input graph. It can make random
    * `geng -p` will exclude graphs with 5-cycles.
* Sun Dec 11 2022 Stefan BrĂ¼ns <>
  - Update to release 2.8.6
    * New utilities:
    * addptg: add additional vertices in various ways
    * ancestorg: removes a specified number of final vertices
    * productg: product of two graphs
    * genposetg: generate posets
    * dimacs2g: read files of graphs in DIMACS format
    * For a detailed list of changes, see included changes24-28.txt
    * Changes to existing utilities:
    * geng got sigificantly faster for connected graphs with a
      small number of edges. However, if you want trees the program
      gentreeg is still much faster. There are also new options:
    * -k: generate graphs without K4
    * -T: generate chordal graphs
    * -S: generate split graphs
    * -P: generate perfect graphs
    * -F: generate claw-free graphs
  - Rebase nauty-uninitialized.diff and nauty-am.diff.
* Sat Jul 16 2022 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 2.7.4
    * Fixed an obscure bug in multig that might occur if the input
      graph has loops. No example of incorrect behaviour is known.
* Sun Sep 27 2020 Bernhard Wiedemann <>
  - Disable lzcnt instruction to make build reproducible (boo#1100677)
* Mon Sep 07 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 2.7.1
    * The -B/--B switch of listg/countg is now
* Sat Aug 24 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to new upstream release 2.7~rc2
    * -h and -k options for independent set size and clique size
      were added to countg and pickg. For some graphs these use the
      program cliquer.
    * Added option -a to complg.
    * Program copyg can now be used to make a simple filter.
    * Programs countg and pickg can now display some parameter values
      as ranges instead of writing a separate line for each value.
    * Program vcolg now handles digraphs and graphs with loops.
    * genrang can now make random spanning trees of K(n1,n2)
    * amtog has an "s" command for reading tournaments
    * genspecialg can now make multiple special graphs at once.
      The -b option has been extended to allow removing a matching
      from a complete bipartite graph.
    * See /usr/share/doc/packages/nauty/changes24-27.txt for details.
* Thu Oct 25 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to new upstrem release 2.6.11
    * No changelog was provided
* Mon Jul 30 2018
  - Disable popcnt instruction to make build reproducible (boo#1100677)
* Mon Apr 30 2018
  - Update to new upstream release 2.6.10
    * Problems with input of graphs with 0 vertices were fixed.
      Many utilities in the package will not work with such graphs.
      It is NOT TRUE that graphs of order 0 are now supported.
    * Stronger measures are taken to ensure that the sort order
      used by shortg is plain byte order. This corresponds to the C
      collation order, also known as POSIX, but it may be different
      from the collation order used by default on your command
      line. This means that utilities like sort, uniq, comm and
      join might consider the output of shortg to be out of order.
      To avoid this, define the environment variable LC_ALL to
      equal the string "C":
    * bash: export LC_ALL=C
    * tcsh: setenv LC_ALL C
    * If LC_ALL is undefined, it will also be sufficient to define
      LC_COLLATE to equal "C". The POSIX standard says that LC_ALL
      takes precedence over LC_COLLATE if both are defined, but
      this might not be true for older systems.



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