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libsrt1_5-1.5.3-1.3 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: libsrt1_5 Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 1.5.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.3 Build date: Mon Oct 2 10:10:49 2023
Group: System/Libraries Build host: reproducible
Size: 793581 Source RPM: srt-1.5.3-1.3.src.rpm
Summary: Secure Reliable Transport (SRT) library
This package contains a shared system library for Secure Reliable
Transport (SRT).






* Mon Oct 02 2023
  - version update to 1.5.3
    * New Features
    - PR #2714: Added maximum BW limit for retransmissions. See SRTO_MAXREXMITBW.
    * Important Bug Fixes
    - PR #2632: Use overlapped WSASendTo to avoid UDP sending losses.
    - PR #2766: Fixed spurious group read-ready epoll events.
    - PR #2772: Fixed RCV buffer initialization in Rendezvous. ⚠️
    - PR #2757: Fix memory leak on queuing connection initialization packets.
    - PR #2745: Fix hang up on not enough space in the RCV buffer.
    - PR #2740: Fix possible tsbpd() deadlock with processCtrlShutdown().
    - PR #2692: Rejection not undertaken in rendezvous after KMX failure.
    - PR #2774: Fix rendezvous connection mode when processing resulted in ACCEPT it was still sending rejection.
    - PR #2778: Drop unencrypted packets in AES-GCM mode.
    * Build
    - PR #2779, #2780: Fix the build for targets without IP_ADD_SOURCE_MEMBERSHIP.
    - PR #2784: Added missing public header files in Windows binary installer.
    * Unit Tests
    - PR #2681: Added custom main with transparent parameters.
    * Documentation
    - PR #2765: Updated the explicit information for binding to IPv6 wildcard.
    - PR #2785: Fixed API doc: SRT_INVALID_SOCK
* Wed Aug 02 2023 Valentin Lefebvre <>
  - Update to 1.5.2:
    * API
    - 41c4b1f Fixed #ifdef ENABLE_AEAD_API_PREVIEW (#2603).
    - b3a21e1 SRT version raised to 1.5.2.
    - c0d9fcd Restored resetlogfa(..) in udt.h. Reverting #2558, although udt.h is not the official SRT API.
    - 87de405 Added ENABLE_AEAD_API_PREVIEW build option to enable AEAD API.
    - 60d1237 Crypto mode 'auto' implemented for listener (#2574).
    - 27e7d8d Socket Options: do not allow AES GCM if TSBPD is disabled.
    - 3e4561e Add GCM to the SRT API.
    * Core Functionality
    - 3cefede Correct remaining endianness issues
    - 30e7ccd Minor fix of variable shadowing.
    - 6fcff6d Fixed various compiler warnings on various platforms (#2679).
    - 59cde53 Fixed FEC Emergency resize crash (#2717).
    - 2fcd3d4 Fix crypto mode auto for listener sender (#2711).
    - b010763 Fixed typos in MBedTLS where it referred to GnuTLS (#2699).
    - a991767 Fix peer filter config being rejected because of endianness
    - 1cffd2f Added rejection handshake sent to the peer in rendezvous mode (#2667).
    - f57ba89 Added missing thread watchdog ticks in 3 thread loop (#2669).
    - e8d0533 Fixed old ENABLE_AEAD_PREVIEW.
    - 599c1fb Reworked the CRcvBuffer::dropMessage(..) function (#2661).
    - 7948772 Removed duplicate lines (#2660).
    - 3ffc93f Fixed CRcvBuffer::dropMessage (#2657).
    - e9a3955 Fixed guard for rcv-rexmit fields (#1859).
    - 22e97f8 Fixed warnings and removed redundant includes (#2658).
    - c83c31b Reduce frequency of the decryption failure log (#2602).
    - 21b55a2 Disabled warnings various platforms and fixed C++20 Windows build (#2411).
    - 65bef37 Set CLOSING state when closing a socket (#2643).
    - 02cba9e Drop undecrypted packet based on sequence number (#2654).
    - 6d774dd Fixed invalid ASSERT checking outdated object in haicrypt (#2652).
    - 8db35de Refaxed and fixed multiplexer reusage (#2608).
    - 6c92a13 Fix crash when enable heavy log and socket id less than 10 (#2619).
    - 64dedef CodeQL: operation requires 22 bytes.
    - 0c583f8 CodeQL warning: checking NULL after new.
    - b8962b4 Fixed PKTINFO case that was failing for IPv4+IPv6 bound sockets (#2630).
    - a42a39f Fixed wrong null-safety condition check in haicrypt (#2616).
    - 30f6f6b Removed extra redundant condition checks (#2615).
    - 5f02310 Fix negative id when wrap around
    - f533716 Fixed reject reason by a caller if connection is UNSECURE (#2622).
    - 04e8dbc Fixed default reject reason for a listener callback (#2605).
    - 0b9d583 AEAD: don't break a connection on decrypt failure.
    - 6db28dc RCV Buffer Refax: added some utils and simplifications (#2522).
    - 5889a2c AES-GCM payload length check (#2591).
    - 45232ad Allow fileCC in group mode
    - 98b1b00 Added extraction of IP_PKTINFO when reading (#456).
    - de9fc45 Fix CRcvBuffer last position in getTimespan_ms (#2579).
    - 38b4211 Remove use variable length array (#2279).
    - 78dd987 Fixed missing DROPREQ for LOSSREPORT that partially predates ACK (#2498).
    - 4090b25 Reject caller to caller connection (#2562).
    - 0a835ea Refax: moved removal of one seq from fresh loss list to a separate function (#2521).
    - 19af5d1 Obtain ConnectionLock while sending crypto keys.
    - 3d517cf Fixed a warning: member referenced before initialized (#2433).
    - fc82eac Refax: remove usage of LOGF/HLOGF (#2566).
    - 637d439 Refax: removed m_iRcvLastSkipAck and its dependencies (#2546).
    - 6c52f2d Pass std::string by const ref where possible.
    - 6d62096 Applied clang-format on md5.cpp and md5.h.
    - 2c48cba MD5: Removed null pointer subtraction (may have undefined behavior).
    - ae39052 Fixed rendezvous connection in the Non Blocking Mode (#2548).
    - 0138898 Fixed cloning the RX crypto context (AEAD)
    - be1ccf5 Moved KM refresh in packUniqueData() (#2541).
    - f864cec Fixed TARGET_OS_MAC not defined. Wrong include order.
    - 432f2d8 fix CSndBuffer parameter incorrect in AES GCM mode
    - cbfa812 Refax/postfix: further fixes after last refax changes (#2528)
    - e082f30 Fixed validation of input parameters in srt_connect (#2520).
    - 932e5bd Cleanup of bonding conditionals and unused code (#2525).
    - f477b51 Fixed connected peer address recording (#2526)
    - b76c8b2 Fixed CRcvBuffer::getAvailSize() may jump around. (#2490)
    - 71c3e40 Refax: safety improvements for RCV loss list and closing state (#2517)
    - 491e6e8 Extract RCV buffer insertion handling to a separate function (#2500).
    - 258a858 Refax: added size cache to the group container (#2510).
    - 2fd1363 Refax: improve logging and code readability around specific logging (#2511).
    - f7a024a Refax: removed the synconmsg property and its handling in the group (#2509)
    - 53735e1 Don't consider tool old ACK as IPE, it' may caused by network.
    - d26bbf7 Fixed a false alarm: ACK ERROR...(diff -1)
    - 0f6e7c7 Fixed the inconsistency between getFirstLostSeq() and ackDataUpTo() (#2488)
    - ea86302 Reduced calls to steady_clock::now() from two to one.
    - 8e9958a Reject if SRT_MAGIC_CODE is not set in the HS induction response.
    - 8e67aa7 Tune logs of group members adding and removing.
    - c01c646 Fixed AES-GCM support check.
* Sun Jan 08 2023 ecsos <>
  - Update to 1.5.1:
    * API/ABI
    - 453b276 SRT version raised to 1.5.1.
    - ec52c45 Export functions in mingw-w64 when building as a DLL (#2451).
    - daf838e Renamed macro MN to SRT_EMN, MJ to SRT_EMJ.
    * Core Functionality
    - 646bf2c Remove MSG_TRUNC logging
    - 293a677 Removed unused struct HaveState
    - 96d0c12 Fixed missing reject reason types (logging). (#2436)
    - 8941831 Changed cond notification naming. Added and used new sync utilities. (#2429)
    - eae2749 Update TSBPD base time and clock drift on an idle connection. (#2408)
    - e50ccde Applied clang-format on CPacket.
    - 666ee63 Fixed outlen_p value in EVP_AES_EcbCipher (crysprOpenSSL_EVP_AES_EcbCipher).
    - f0b2003 Minor CSndBuffer edits. (#2430)
    - fe98265 CCryptoControl: Partially removed dependency on CUDT. (#2424)
    - 5ae3b00 Removed unused struct FByOldestActive.
    - 7f12138 Initialize CRYSPR in startup() (#2425)
    - 1b30573 Remove unused variable
    - e48f43d Fixed SRT_ASSERT definition for non-MSVC compilers (#2423).
    - ee398a3 Small refactor of the crysprFallback_MsEncrypt
    - 618db39 Fixed byteRcvLoss stats
    - 088e27d Create MbedTLS ctx in PBKDF (#2413)
    - ced76c7 Increased CUnitQueue block allocation speed. Allocates 128 additional
      units at the start and every time 90% of units are taken.
      Previously was allocating only 32 units.
    - a51ec39 Protect CUnit::m_iFlag from data race using an atomic.
      Refactored common allocation code CUnitQueue::allocateEntry(..).
    - b5055db Minor clean-up fix rethrowing an exception.
    - c3fed9c CRcvQueue tracks IP version instead of CUnitQueue
    - 830c599 CUnitQueue::increase(): Do not adjust taken units.
      The adjustment was intended to patch issues around m_iCount.
      Those are not present anymore.
    - cdafca5 Fix sendBroadcast() message length (#2391).
    - c5f613e Added OpenSSL EVP API support to HaiCrypt (#2333).
    - 5070037 Cookie contest log msg downgraded to Debug
    - bb6c493 Rethrow an exception without copying it.
    - c9e48bd Made CRcvQueue::m_counter atomic to avoid data race.
      Used for setting the RcvQueue:: worker thread name for logging.
    - 6a489e1 Fixed suspicious (HCRYPT_CTX_F_ENCRYPT & ctx->flags ? ..).
    - 2de9e6e Explicitly compare with an enum type. Fixes #2374.
    - 61170ad Fixed local variable 'i' hiding previous local declaration. Fixes #2371.
    - 88aab43 Fixed 'false' value implicitly casting to an integer.
      Handle handling failure of fillHsExtKMRSP(..).
      Fixed some other minor conversion warnings. Fixes #2372.
    * Sample Applications and Scripts
    - 0bc3b03 List contributors using the changelog generation script (#2456)
    * Unit Tests
    - 3ed8bfa Fixed a typo: cypto -> crypto.
    - 086dfe9 Fixed TestIPv6.v6_calls_v4
    - 0153f69 Minor fix for Bonding.CloseGroupAndSocket (#2406).
    - 04407e6 SyncRandom.GenRandomInt: Increase tolerance (#2385)
    * Build Scripts (CMake, etc.)
    - 95d82c4 Only install headers if CMAKE_INSTALL_INCLUDEDIR is available
    - 91a4373 Only install pkg-config files if CMAKE_INSTALL_LIBDIR is available
    - 3709471 Use the default TARGETS installation folder when possible
    - 286b43e Don't force RUNTIME targets in CMAKE_INSTALL_BINDIR
    - 3170590 Install scripts/srt-ffplay in the bin directory
    - ea84103 Always use GNUInstallDirs
    - bb6fede Add variable telling if DESTINATION is needed with install()
    - 6b70452 Add 'ENABLE BONDING' option to Windows PowerShell build script (#2398).
    * Documentation
    - 90d2f07 Fixed the version to 1.5.1 and did some minor changes to build options summary table.
    - 82f742b Added Packet Managers section to Build Instructions.
    - 286b3aa Updated the Debian badge in ReadMe
    - 89e11eb Fixed Time Access link in API-functions.
    - 5812e1f Fixed a typo in srt_epoll_uwait
  - Update to 1.5.0:
    * API
    - 64d7f69 SRT version raised to 1.5.0.
    - c6b95f5 Removed unused srt_group_configure API function.
    - f82b131 Dummy bonding API version if ENABLE_BONDING is disabled.
    - 042df34 Removed balancing and multicast group types (#2323)
    - 94ff168 Removed unused srt_include(..) and srt_exclude(..) API functions for unimplemented externally managed groups.
    - 1c6e1ce Deprecated srt_rejectreason_msg[]. (#2312)
    - 2fb3c9a Use the SOCKET type for any WIN32 environment (#2152)
    * Core Functionality
    - 990b75a Moved bonding API to the end of srt.h
    - 8901838 Moved CWindow inside the srt namespace.
    - 9761063 Moved sockaddr_any inside the srt namespace.
    - 909c8fb Moved CCache inside the srt namespace.
    - 3fbb917 Placed CHandshake inside the srt namespace.
    - 9ba7e64 Moved CEpoll, CUDTException, etc. into the srt namespace
    - 681b363 Placed CSndLossList and CRcvLossList inside the srt namespace.
    - e926653 Fixed minor compiler warnings in RCV buffer
    - 9b3e3c1 Fixed ENABLE_HAICRYPT_LOGGING (#2315).
    - 477530f Drop packets in the new RCV buffer by group RCV base (#2207)
    - 69284ce Fixed updating new RCV buffer on ISN change. (#2309)
    - c76f43d fix CRcvBufferNew::m_iStartSeqNo was not sync in group
    - 48d1364 Added explicit to the Scoped and UniqueLock constructors
    - 992d816 Check if CryptoControl exists in craftKmResponse. Fixes crash #2231.
    - 591e320 Clean up the CUDT processConnectRequest(..) function.
      Update listener write-ready only after the new connection.
      Was changed in #1650, but must not be done at all (see #1831).
    - 911de75 Fix name conflict with md5 functions (#2301)
    - c0da44e FixedArray: use a function to throw an exception.
    - 29d56be Define an iterator for the srt::FixedArray.
    - 1cd39b9 Show RCV buffer timespan instead of TSBPD ready span.
    - cc62e98 Fixed CRcvBufferNew::strFullnessState(..).
      Possible null pointer object call after if (m_entries[iLastPos].pUnit).
      Show the first valid packet instead of the very first position in the buffer.
    - 6c8f0f1 fix volatile in group.h
    - 1f8c1e9 prefer to use std::atomic if available
    - fec9a40 fix m_iLastSchedSeqNo
    - 8f22c96 CSndUList use notify_one() instead of notify_all()
    - af6ff16 Downgrade ACKACK reorder log to Note
    - 1dacc2a Remove declaration srt_logger_config again
    - 4c08c3d Move srt_rejectreason_str implementation to srt_c_api
    - a68683a haicrypt_log.cpp include its header file
    - f1ec270 Remove duplicated includes
    - 5bf0cc1 Remove redundant ';' after '}'
    - 8d1a722 Applied clang-format on api.h and api.cpp.
    - ebbac9a fix CRcvBufferNew::m_bPeerRexmitFlag.
    - 024e9c0 Fix extraction seq with scheduling seq in group. (#2258)
    - 3975428 fix unrecoverable initial packets lose in group message mode
    - fe5debb Source rate estimate: ignore old samples
    - 589d36e Backup group: derive source rate estimate from an active link on idle member activation
    - daf94c4 Moved source rate estimation logic to CRateEstimator from CSndBuffer
    - a60d98a Protect RCV buffer access from socket stats
    - 4b70a63 Group option SRTO_GROUPMINSTABLETIMEO (#2081)
    - f15d300 Fix build for FreeBSD kernel (#2255)
    - 7d77d41 SND Drop Request: ignore if TLPktDrop and TSBPD are enabled to reduce
      false drops when a packet can still arrive later. It will be dropped anyway as too late.
    - 5adc2db RCV don't drop packets on SND drop request if they already exist
      in the buffer and can be read (full message is available).
    - 81a31da Fix RCV drop count when dropping on SND DROP REQ. Extended RCVBUF trace logging.
    - 0c5bf7a Decreased SND drop request log level to Debug
    - c885ed1 Group::updateReadState() support out-of-order messages
    - 650dbe6 Fixed rcvDropTooLateUpTo calls. Broken after merging #2218
    - 8f68f61 refactor Group::recv() base on new rcv buffer to support message mode
    - ac854f2 Fixed setting the peer rexmit flag on the RCV buffer
    - 409d363 Improved the condition for smoothed_rtt recalculation, bidirectional transmission
    - 08e6482 SND prioritize original packets in live configuration
    - ef11d26 SND pacing: amendment on probing packets
    - 912463b Fix MaxBW limitation. Don't reschedule sending (keep pacing) on - SND drop,
    - NAK received - retransmission timeout.
    - 308cd30 Added missing lock to CSndBuffer::readData
    - 5773901 Use SND buffer delay for TL Packet Drop instead of the timespan
      between the first and the last packet in the buffer.
    - a31e618 Refactoring: added packUniqueData(..) func
    - 8518558 fixed missing m_RcvBufferLock in processCtrlDropReq()
    - 8c05c70 Fix CRcvBufferNew::dropMessage() (#2222)
    - 24bf666 CRcvBufferNew::dropUpTo() able to drop non-empty units (#2221)
    - 31de8aa Add CRcvBufferNew::dropUnitInPos(..) (#2226)
    - 8afcdbe fix m_iMaxPosInc was not updated in releaseNextFillerEntries()
    - 258167d replace ++ with incPos() in getTimespan_ms()
    - 3d26644 Fixed build with the old RCV buffer
    - 1111cbd Fixed RCV TL drop of packets dropped by SND (#2214)
    - 5f7bc23 Refactored the core stats structure (#2212).
    - 3558cd0 Fix GC stop handling (#1950)
    - 26678fe Fixed the issue with RTT in case of bidirectional transmission
      introduced when adding atomic types
    - ae787bf Fix rtt estimate in bidirectional mode
    - c8cb38f Fix m_GroupOf->updateReadState() in message mode (#2204)
    - 1d808c1 fix recv_WaitForReadReady() return empty
    - c9a8db7 Fix consistency of packet seqno in CRcvLossList (#2195)
    - 244d2f4 Fix deadlock introduced by CUDTGroup::setOpt()
    - 8b68157 fix CRcvLossList::m_iTail not reset to -1
    - e5a1179 Fix UDP RCVBUF and SNDBUF on Solaris (#2162).
    - 6ae42c6 Drop msg by TTL even if hasn't ever been sent (#2068)
    - b99e41c SND buffer: operate either origin or source time, not both.
    - 33c8e49 checkNeedDrop returns the congestion state
    - 5f3cd06 Fixed std::runtime_error usage (use C++03 version instead of C++11) (#2184)
    - e4a1d2b Fixed read-ready epoll event in stream (file) mode. Only the new RCV buffer (PR #1964) is affected.
    - ec571a0 Fixed new RCV buffer in stream mode (reading fractional packets)
    - 3c3824f Removed unused SRT_DEBUG_TSBPD_DRIFT
    - f11b026 fix listener's cookie check (#2176).
    - 276a841 New receiver buffer implementation
    - 3f2945c Reduced nesting of checkBrokenSockets()
    - c1fdb61 Changed lock order in bstats (#2168)
    - 489c5fc Use Mersenne Twister engine with C++11 instead of the std::random_device.
      Fixed max value probability for the default (C++03) rand().
    - 86d1eb2 Added CUDT::isRcvReady() with mutex lock.
      Added CUDT::getAvailRcvBufferSize() function with and without mutex lock.
    - 2031b2c Do not set peerA...
* Sun Mar 27 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 1.4.4:
    * Monotonic/steady clock is enabled by default.
    * Changed the default value of SRTO_RETRANSMITALGO socket option to 1. This
      activates the efficient retransmission algorithm on the sender side which
      optimizes the bandwidth usage by producing fewer retransmissions per lost
      packet. The algorithm is available since v1.4.2. Intensive retransmission
      algorithm (the former default) can be activated by setting
    * Improved random integer retrieval, which is mainly used for initial socket
      ID and Initial Sequence Number (ISN) generation.
    * Improved clock drift compensation algorithm. RTT samples are now taken into
      account when estimating clock drift.
    * Improved round-trip time (RTT) estimation.
      On the receiver side, smoothed RTT (SRTT) is set to the first RTT
      measurement obtained from the first ACK/ACKACK pair. When a subsequent RTT
      measurement is made, an exponentially weighted moving average (EWMA) is used to
      update smoothed RTT. Before the very first RTT sample is available, SRTT is
      initialized as 100 ms or taken from the cache if one exists.
    * On the sender side, in the case of unidirectional transmission, the values of
      smoothed RTT and RTT variance are now extracted from ACK packets. In the case
      of bidirectional transmission, an EWMA is still applied to be consistent with
      the previous behavior.
    * Improved 'No room to store incoming packet' warning with additional hints
      to identify a possible reason.
    * Added support for atomic types.
    * Improved the logic of switching between main and backup links, extended the
      list of member link states as well as defined events resulting in state
      transition for Main/Backup mode of Connection Bonding.
    * Documented Main/Backup mode of Connection Bonding. See here.
    * Fixed group read-readiness update on the receiver side.
    * Added missing lock when checking for read-readiness of a group member and
      fixed the resulting crash.
    * Fixed base time and drift synchronization in a group, which caused
      insufficient packet loss recovery and end-to-end latency maintenance by a
      group receiver.
    * Fixed validation of the packet sequence number when reading from a group
      member, which was causing an incorrect decision to break a member
    * Fixed crash on dereferencing null CryptoControl instance in handshake reply.
    * Placed some of the SRT classes under the 'srt' namespace.
    * Fixed possible incorrect outcome of cookie contest function (rendezvous
      connection mode) under certain compiler optimizations.
    * Fixed uninitialized destination socket ID in Shutdown control message.
    * Set CLOEXEC for epoll on Linux.
    * Added missing receiver buffer lock into CUDT::receiveBuffer(..) and
      CUDT::recvfile(..) functions.
    * Make sure TTL will not drop packets over the last block.
    * Fixed the value of the Last Packet Sequence Number field in Drop Request
      control message on TTL packet drop.
    * Fixed the content of the Drop Request control message. If a loss of packets
      already missing in the sender buffer was reported, the very first packet
      present in the sender buffer was incorrectly included in the range of
      packets to be dropped.
    * Fixed version rejection for handshake v4 caller (SRT prior to v1.3.0).
    * Fixed the crash when referencing a resource already freed in CRendezvousQueue class.
    * Fixed detection of reusable bindings and binding conflicts.
    * Updated SRTO_RETRANSMITALGO socket option description.
* Tue May 11 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Update to version 1.4.3
    * API/ABI/Integration Changes
    * fixed/changed cast to bool instead of int in srt_getsockopt and
      srt_getsockflag API functions
    * Fixed ABI compatibility around SRTO_BINDTODEVICE value
    * Made SRT versioned SO named with major and minor
    * New Features and Enhancements
    * New API function srt_clock_type() to retrieve SRT internal
      clock type.
    * New SRTO_MININPUTBW socket option to control the minimum
      allowed value of the input bitrate estimate.
    * Run the accept hook (listener callback) before opening an
      accepted socket providing an opportunity to set some ‘PRE’
      options (like SRTO_RCVBUF).
    * Fixed wrong check of common FEC configuration.
    * Added handshake data check to prevent rogue handshakes.
    * Fixed crash and hang up related to CSndLossList.
    * Fixed miscalculations on extreme loss conditions in FEC.
    * Fixed Data race when TLPKTDROP while checking loss for ACK
    * Fixed handshake IP parsing in IPv4-IPv6 connections.
    * Fixed race starting and joining TSBPD thread.
    * SRTO_RETRANSMITALGO becomes readable.
    * Fixed sender hang up
    * Fixed SRTO_MINVERSION not rejecting too old SRT version.
    * Fixed a bug repeating a conclusion HS with rejection
  - Drop upstream merged 0001-Fix-build-with-GCC-11.patch
* Wed Feb 10 2021 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Add patch to fix build with GCC 11 (boo#1181883)
    * 0001-Fix-build-with-GCC-11.patch
* Wed Oct 07 2020 Luigi Baldoni <>
  - Update to version 1.4.2
    New Features and Enhancements
    * Added support for C++11. Reworked timing and
      synchronization objects. Three sources of timing are now
      available (selected via a build option):
      + POSIX gettimeofday() - default build mode (affected by
      discontinuous jumps in the system time);
      + POSIX CLOCK_MONOTONIC. CMake build option:
    - DENABLE_MONOTONIC_CLOCK=ON. See --enable-monotonic-clock
      + C++11 std::chrono::steady_clock, std::thread,
      std::mutex, etc. CMake build option:
    - DENABLE_STDCXX_SYNC=ON. See --enable-stdcxx-sync in
    * Added SRT Source Time API support. It allows setting a
      source timestamp on a packet that corresponds to a packet
      creation/reception time. See the Time Access section of
      the API docs.
    * Added an improved retransmission algorithm which reduces
      the retransmission overhead on a link. Set option
    * Added SRTO_BINDTODEVICE option to bind a socket to a
      specified NIC. SRTO_BINDTODEVICE option reflects the
      system option SO_BINDTODEVICE for an SRT socket.
    * Customizable rejection reason code. SRT library now lets
      the application provide a code with rejection reason (in a
      listener callback) if connection request has been rejected
      by the application. See Rejection Codes in the Access
      Control guide.
    * Added new rejection reason: on timeout. See
    * Extended SRT statistics with pktSentUniqueTotal,
      pktRecvUniqueTotal. Statistics documentation now has a
      summary table for better navigation.
    * Added srt_getversion() API function.
    * Moved socket options documentation to a separate file It now has a summary table for better
    * Socket options SRTO_INPUTBW and SRTO_OHEADBW are now
    * The logging functionality has been improved by means of
      defining new and more fine-grained Functional Areas (FA)
      to which log messages are assigned. This is done to prevent
      too many debug log messages from the library influencing
      performance with the debug logging turned on.
      Fixed Issues
    * Fixed bug: finding the listener's muxer only by port
      number was wrong.
    * Fixed wrong reject reason on async connect.
    * Fixed CSndLossList::insert with negative offset.
    * Fixed default binding for IPv6-target rendezvous.
    * Fixed HS TSBPD flags check.
    * Improved CRcvLossList protection from concurrent access.
    * Fixed error reporting on connect/accept.
    * Correctly handle IPv4 connections on IPv6 listener.
    * Fixed Moving Average for receiver and sender buffers.
    * Protecting RCV buffer access.
    * Fixed local storage depleted issue #486.
    * Fixed restrictions on pre-bind only options.
    * Avoid reporting packets rebuilt by FEC as lost.
    * Improved inserting a serial element into sender's loss
    * Fixed handling of stale loss report.
    * Fixed closing the crypto control.
    * Added CSync class as a high-level CV wrapper.
    * Renamed legacy UDT_EPOLL_* symbols.
    * Eliminated ref_t. Some more convention fixes.
    * Crypto: Reset the passphrase in memory on close for
      security reasons.
      Deprecated or Renamed
    * Removed deprecated socket options: SRTO_TWOWAYDATA,
    * Removed deprecated option names: SRTO_SMOOTHER (use
      version 1.4.1:
    * Improved periodic NAK report timing
    * Use monotonic clock in CTimer::sleepto()
    * Initial reorder tolerance set to maximum value
    * Added pktReorderTolerance to stats
    * Use busy wait only to refine below 1 ms
    * Added SRTO_LOSSMAXTTL to srt_getopt()
    * Update SND loss list on lite ACK
    * Fixed catching exception from
    * Fixed missing vertical FEC/CTL packet
    * Fixed bandwidth measurement on non-monotonic or
      retransmitted packets
    * Fixed srt_getopt(...): optlen is not set in some cases.
    * Fixed EPoll update_usock
    * Fixed checkTimers interval (100ms -> 10 ms)
    * Fixed SRT Stats backward compatibility (CBytePerfMon
      fields order)
    * Fixed FEC crash when a large number of dropped packets
    * Fixed FEC crash (access item out of range)
    * Fixed FileCC crash. Prevented 0 pktsInFlight to be used in
      the calculation for loss percentage
      version 1.4.0:
      New Features and Enhancements
    * Updates to epoll API. Added edge-triggered epoll wait.
    * srt-live-transmit default chunk size set to 1456
    * Added forward error correction (FEC) packet filter
    * Added Packet filter API
    * File congestion control improvements
      Fixed Issues
    * Free addrinfo if bind fails (potential memory leak)
    * Fixed SRTO_LOSSMAXTTL option on accepted socket
    * Fixed blocking srt_connect call (state update)
    * Fixed potential sender's sockets list overflow
    * Use MONOTONIC clock in Garbage Collector thread
  - Drop CVE-2019-15784.patch (fixed upstream)
* Fri Dec 13 2019 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Drop pkgconfig(zlib) BuildRequires: this is only needed on
    win32/mingw (and even there it rather seems like working around a
    bug in some other package, as there is no explicit call to zlib
* Fri Aug 30 2019 Alexandros Toptsoglou <>
  - Backported commit 47e5890 and 64875fa to fix CVE-2019-15784
    (boo#1148844) and avoid a potential array overflow.
    * Added CVE-2019-15784.patch
* Thu Aug 29 2019 Alexandros Toptsoglou <>
  - Update to version 1.3.4:
    + Various bugfixes and feature enhancments.



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