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libdbus-glib-1-2-0.112-4.2 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: libdbus-glib-1-2 Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 0.112 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 4.2 Build date: Tue Mar 19 16:23:35 2024
Group: Unspecified Build host: reproducible
Size: 240829 Source RPM: dbus-1-glib-0.112-4.2.src.rpm
Summary: GLib-based library for using D-Bus
D-Bus add-on library to integrate the standard D-Bus library with the
GLib thread abstraction and main loop.

This package contains the shared library files.




AFL-2.1 OR GPL-2.0-or-later


* Tue Mar 19 2024 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Own %{_datadir}/gtk-doc and %{_datadir}/gtk-doc/html directories.
* Wed Nov 02 2022 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Try to guard against incomplete update stacks (boo#1202241):
    + Add split-provides to libdbus-1-glib and bash-completion
    + Add explicit conflict to bash-completion subpackage against
      dbus-1-glib < 0.112 (when the package split happened)
    + Ensure dbus-1-glib-tool gets the correct library version
* Wed Dec 08 2021 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Add relevant dbus-1-glib-<targettype> provides/obsoletes also in
    baselibs.conf (boo#1193502).
* Wed Dec 01 2021 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Add signature and keyring as sources, verify tarball with gpg.
* Wed Nov 24 2021 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Update to version 0.112:
    + Dependencies:
    - dbus 1.8 was already required, but is more strongly required
      now: the workarounds that were used to run continuous
      integration with dbus 1.6 on Ubuntu 14.04 'trusty' have been
      removed. (Note that dbus 1.8 has already reached end-of-life
      for security support, and newer dbus stable branches are
      strongly recommended.)
    - pkg-config 0.28 is required when building from git.
    + Enhancements:
    - Rewrite document, based on Wayland's
    - A generated ChangeLog file, which made up a significant
      proportion of the size of source tarball releases, is no
      longer included.
    - Improve man page.
    - Add test coverage for fdo#80557
    - Use more modern GLib assertions in unit tests.
    - Improve continuous integration to be run by GitLab in
      addition to Travis-CI.
    - Add clearer license information using
    + Fixes:
    - Allow glib-genmarshal to be overridden with
      `./configure GLIB_GENMARSHAL=/path/to/glib-genmarshal`, for
    - Avoid a double-free in dbus-binding-tool for certain inputs,
      possibly involving nested introspection data structures.
    - Report a better error for excessive recursion depth or
      unsupported data types.
    - Map the 15 most-recently-added DBusGError members to their
      corresponding D-Bus error names.
    - Mark all documented symbols as deprecated.
    - Fix unit test failures during distcheck by enabling
    - Fix a core dump during installed-tests by not attempting to
      close a shared DBusConnection.
  - Package COPYING as license, and NEWS as docs.
  - Add explicit pkgconfig BuildRequires.
  - Replace dbus-1-devel and glib2-devel with pkgconfig variants that
    configure checks for: pkgconfig(dbus-1), pkgconfig(glib-2.0),
    pkgconfig(gobject-2.0) and pkgconfig(gio-2.0) BuildRequires.
  - Drop hard Requires and BuildRequires that are not needed as they
    are added automatically.
  - Split out bash-completion sub-package.
  - Split out shared library into own sub-package, and Require it
    from the devel package, and add to the baselibs.conf. Following
    the SLPP standard. Add Provides and Obsoletes for the no longer
    existing main package.
  - Use ldconfig_scriptlets for post(un) handling.
  - Add soname define, ease future updates.
* Fri Jul 10 2020 Matthias Eliasson <>
  - Update to version 0.110:
    + GLib 2.40 is required
    + The GLib main-loop glue, "dbus-gmain", is now available as a separate
      subproject (the dbus-gmain branch in dbus-glib's git repository) for
      embedding in larger projects like dbus-glib and dbus-python via the
      `git subtree` or `git submodule` commands. This removes dbus-python's
      dependency on the rest of dbus-glib.
    + can now detect gtk-doc >= 1.26.
    + More files have per-file copyright information.
  - Run spec-cleaner
* Fri Jun 09 2017
  - remove CFLAGS setting, -fstack-protector is default and -fPIC
    will be auto-selected.
* Thu Oct 20 2016
  - Split out dbus-binding-tool in own sub-package.
* Wed Oct 12 2016
  - Update to version 0.108:
    + Use dbus-run-session instead of dbus-launch for tests.
  - Changes from version 0.106:
    + Stop testing G_HAVE_INLINE, which ceased to work in GLib 2.47.2
      and wasn't meant to be API anyway. Instead, rely on "static
      inline" doing the right thing. On pre-C99 compilers, this
      relies on <glib.h> defining inline to __inline, __inline__ or
      the empty string if the compiler requires it, which it has done
      since 2000. (fdo#93513).
    + Stop calling g_mem_profile() in the tests, which no longer does
      anything and caused the tests to fail by issuing a warning.
    + Slightly modernize build system, and remove a weird
      cross-directory dependency which was breaking distcheck.
    + Stop distributing generated marshallers in the tarball.
  - Run spec-clean, modernize spec-file macros and also drop a no
    longer conditional dbus-1-glib-64bit Obsoletes.
* Sat May 30 2015
  - Update to version 0.104:
    + Deprecations: Document the entire library as deprecated.
    + Dependencies:
    - libdbus 1.8 is required.
    - GLib 2.32 is required.
    + Enhancements:
    - The libdbus 1.8 dependency means we can now document that
      dbus_g_thread_init() is idempotent and thread-safe
    - Use g_cclosure_marshal_generic for all marshalling
    + Fixes:
    - Allow timeouts to be migrated from one main context to
      another without an assertion failure (fdo#30574).
    - Don't trip a libdbus fatal warning if a Unix fd or other
      unsupported type is encountered in a message (fdo#80557).
    - Make the tests pass with newer GLib by not removing removed
      sources (fdo#83530).
    - Fix some typos in the documentation (fdo#45686).
    - Make the Autotools setup less awful (fdo#58698).



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