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kubernetes1.23-kubelet-common-1.23.9-1.2 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: kubernetes1.23-kubelet-common Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 1.23.9 Vendor: obs://
Release: 1.2 Build date: Sun Sep 4 21:45:05 2022
Group: System/Management Build host: s390zl23
Size: 339590 Source RPM: kubernetes1.23-1.23.9-1.2.src.rpm
Summary: Kubernetes kubelet daemon
Manage a cluster of Linux containers as a single system to accelerate Dev and simplify Ops.
kubelet daemon






* Tue Jul 19 2022
  - Update to version 1.23.9:
    * Do not skip job requeue in conflict error
    * kubeadm: fix the bug that configurable KubernetesVersion not respected during kubeadm join
    * Bump cAdvisor to v0.43.1
    * Fix: filter out unsatisfied nodes when calling AddPod in PodTopologySpread
    * kubeadm: fix the bug that configurable KubernetesVersion not respected during kubeadm join
    * GIT-110239: fix activeDeadlineSeconds enforcement bug
    * fix: --chunk-size with selector returns missing result
    * Fixed winkernel proxy failing to query v1 endpoints created by dockershim CNIs
    * Winkernel proxier cache HNS data to improve syncProxyRules performance
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.23.8
    * apiserver: printers should use int64
    * add missing error handling steps
    * add missing error handling steps
    * fix image pulling failure when IMDS is unavailalbe in kubelet startup
    * fix: exclude non-ready nodes and deleted nodes from azure load balancers
    * Avoid updating Services with stale specs Fix the bug that service specs in servicesToUpdate may have been updated by clients.
  - Require only BuildRequires: golang(API) = 1.17 pinned Go major version.
    Remove potentially conflicting BuildRequires: go >= x.y.z.
    The plan for future updates is BuildRequires: golang(API) >= 1.17
    minimum Go major version.
* Tue Jul 19 2022
  - Update to version 1.23.8:
    * Revert "Automated cherry pick of #109124: Winkernel proxier cache HNS data to improve syncProxyRules"
    * test: update graceful node shutdown e2e with watch
    * move the ignore logic higher up to the reconciler
    * Ignore EndpointSlices that are already marked for deletion
    * kubelet: Mark ready condition as false explicitly for terminal pods
    * agnhost: bump version 2.39
    * Update Go to 1.17.11
    * add service e2e tests
    * kubelet: add e2e test to verify probe readiness
    * kubelet: only shutdown probes for pods that are terminated
    * kubelet: Pod probes should be handled by pod worker
    * Enable resize feature
    * Reject proxy requests to as well
    * ipvs: fix prevent concurrent map read and map write for 1.23
    * cpu manager policy set to none, no one remove container id from container map, lead memory leak
    * fix audit union loop variables in closures
    * Updating e2e test to check EndpointSlices and Endpoints as well
    * e2e: services with evicted pods doesn't have endpoints
    * e2e test for evicted pods
    * endpoints controller: don't consider terminal endpoints
    * endpointslices: terminal pods doesn't receive enpoints
    * add pod util to verify pod is terminal
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.23.7
    * Add test for checking ephemeral volume expansion
    * Fix resizing of ephemeral volumes
    * untangle fix with healthCheck feature
    * Winkernel proxier cache HNS data to improve syncProxyRules performance
    * Skip updating Endpoints and EndpointSlice if no relevant fields change
* Tue Jul 19 2022
  - Update to version 1.23.7:
    * Fix requests scope classification
    * Update Go to 1.17.10
    * authn: fix cache mutation by AuthenticatedGroupAdder
    * GCE: skip updating and deleting external loadbalancers if service is managed outside of service controller
    * Wait for cache to sync in job's TestWatchOrphanPods
    * Fix OpenAPI loading error caused by empty APIService
    * Test Foreground deletion in job integration
    * Fix removing finalizer from finished jobs
    * Don't mark job as failed until expectations are satisfied
    * Integration test for backoff limit and finalizers
    * component-base: replace url in rest client metrics
    * fix broken find command
    * Allow KUBE_TEST_REPO_LIST to be a remote url as well
    * Disable JobTrackingWithFinalizers due to unresolved bug
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.23.6
    * Correct event registration for multiple scheduler plugins.
    * kubelet: rename closeAllConns to onHeartbeatFailure
    * kubelet apiserver: be gentle closing connections on heartbeat failures
    * fix: race detected in TestErrConnKilled
    * Replace hardcoded kubectl with kubectl.Name()
    * kubectl: fix hard-coded value in zsh completion
    * kubeadm: add etcd flag for member data consistency
    * Fix a bug that out-of-tree plugin is misplaced when using scheduler v1beta3 config
    * ipvs: remove port opener
    * iptables: remove port opener
    * azure_file: try to get secret namespace from ClaimRef
    * azure_file: add namespace tests for InTree to CSI conversion
* Tue Jul 19 2022
  - Update to version 1.23.6:
    * Update Go to 1.17.9
    * Fix: abort nominating a pod that was already scheduled to a node
    * Fix the overestimated cost of deletaged API requests in P&F
    * omit enums from static openapi snapshots used to generate clients
    * Drop enum tag from certificate request condition
    * Addresses the issue which caused #109115
    * Add test for indexer with multiple values
    * Reduce number of pods in Job+GC tests
    * Adjust validation checks to pass for both client-side and server-side validation
    * Remove finalizer when orphaned
    * Fix: Clean job tracking finalizer from orphan pods
    * Add test for Background delete propagation
    * Add integration test for orphan pods when there is GC
    * Copy request in timeout handler
    * kube-up: use for containerd-related jobs
    * kubelet: If the container status is created, we are waiting
    * e2e: Wait only for the service account
    * e2e: Wait for kube-root-ca.crt to be created
    * client-go: update generated
    * default kubernetes agent for generated clients
    * Include pod UID in secret/configmap cache key
    * Move kubelet secret and configmap manager calls to sync_Pod functions
    * test: Verify that nodes do not transition to Failed while ready
    * test: Add E2E for job completions with cpu reservation
    * test: Add E2E for init container pod deletion
    * kubelet: Delay writing a terminal phase until the pod is terminated
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.23.5
    * generated: make update
    * polish comments of non-enum values.
    * unmark non-validated types as enums.
* Tue Jul 19 2022
  - Update to version 1.23.5:
    * Remove apf_fd from httplog
    * Update Go to 1.17.8
    * cluster/gce: update konnectivity image tags to v0.0.30
    * bump
    * fix dryrun when ca file exists
    * fix regression introduced by PR 100320
    * Add unit tests
    * Fix nodes volumesAttached status not updated
    * Fix default config flags
    * test/e2e/framework: include the new control plane taint
    * kubelet: Clean up a static pod that has been terminated before starting
    * Add an e2e test for updating a static pod while it restarts
    * cronjob_controllerv2: do not filter jobs to be reconciled by labels
    * kube-proxy: fix duplicate port opening
    * increase Azure ACR credential provider timeout
    * Updating EndpointSlice strategy to retain node name in topology until field is set
    * fix: do not return early in the node informer when there is no change of the topology label.
    * /test/e2e_kubeadm: adjust label checks for 1.23
    * Ignore container notfound error while getPodstatuses
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.23.4
    * Add PDB selector patch integration test
    * Revert v1beta1 PodDisruptionBudget select patchStrategy
    * test/e2e_kubeadm: fix matching UnversionedKubeletConfigMap defaults
    * kubeadm: fix the bug that 'kubeadm init --dry-run --upload-certs' command failed with 'secret not found' error
    * wrap error from RunCordonOrUncordon
* Wed Mar 16 2022
  - Update to version 1.23.4:
    * Update Go to 1.17.7
    * Use serializable struct for x-kubernetes-validations in openapi
    * Make JSON schema round tripping test more strict
    * ignore CRI PodSandboxNetworkStatus for host network pods
    * set secondary address on host-network pods
    * Deeply copy JSONSchemaProps.XValidations.
    * Ensure the execHostnameTest() compares hostnames
    * Revert "Fix comparison between FQDN and hostname"
    * service REST: Call Decorator(old) on update path
    * add namespace in azurefile volumeid
    * fix: azurefile volumeid conflict in csi migration
    * Mark device as uncertain if unmount device succeeds
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.23.3
    * kubelet: fix podstatus not containing pod full name
    * Fix bug with node restriction blocking pvc.status.resizestatus change
    * Fix regression pruning array fields with x-kubernetes-preserve-unknown-fields: true
    * Set max results if its not set
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.23.2
    * Update k/utils to v0.0.0-20211116205334-6203023598ed
    * [go] update to Go 1.17.6
    * fix: remove outdated ipv4 route when the corresponding node is deleted
    * fix: delete non existing disk issue
    * Revert "Automated cherry pick of #107554: Correct the feature gate string for RBD migration."
    * fix containers order after applying
    * generated: ./hack/
    * upgrade to v4.2.1
    * Execute sync before taking the snapshot
    * Correct the feature gate string for RBD migration.
    * fix: azuredisk parameter lowercase translation issue
    * removed unnecessary log line
    * kubectl: add integration test for result reporting
    * cli: let kubectl handle error printing
    * cli: avoid logging command line errors in more cases
    * Fix header mutation race in timeout filter
    * clear pod's .status.nominatedNodeName when necessary
    * use node informer to check volumes attachment status before backoff
    * When volume is not marked in-use, do not backoff
    * kubeadm: remove the restriction that the ca.crt can only contain one certificate
    * flake fix: remove the error handler for cronjob integration test
    * Fix the leak of vSphere client sessions
    * fix nil pointer in create secret commands
    * Fix order of commands in the snapshot tests for persistent volumes
    * client-go: Clear the ResourceVersionMatch on paged list calls
    * Improving performance of EndpointSlice controller metrics cache
    * fix the error when cleaning up jobs for cronjob
    * Update CHANGELOG to add missing release notes.
    * apf: ensure exempt request notes the classification
    * Enabling kube-proxy metrics on windows kernel mode
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.23.1
    * add gce loadbalancer no-op finalizer and existingFwdRule tests
    * disable gce service handling if has rbs forwarding rule
    * add ELBRbsFinalizer
    * add gce elb rbs opt-in annotation
    * cherry pick of knp 0.0.27
    * Remove JSON logging performance regression
    * Re-introduce removed kubectl --dry-run values.
    * Point flowcontrol users at v1beta2
    * [go1.17] Update to go1.17.5
    * dependencies: Update to v0.0.0-20211209124913-491a49abca63
    * mount-utils: Detect potential stale file handle
    * Skip creating HNS loadbalancer with empty endpoints
    * Add regression test for CPUManager distribute NUMA algorithm
    * Add unit test for CPUManager distribute NUMA algorithm verifying fixes
    * Fix accounting bug in CPUManager distribute NUMA policy
    * Fix error handling in CPUManager distribute NUMA tests
    * Add a sum() helper to the CPUManager cpuassignment logic
    * Allow the map.Values() function in the CPUManager to take a set of keys
    * Fix CPUManager algo to calculate min NUMA nodes needed for distribution
    * Fix unit tests following bug fix in CPUManager for map functions (2/2)
    * Fix unit tests following bug fix in CPUManager for map functions (1/2)
    * Fix bug in CPUManager map.Keys() and map.Values() implementations
    * Ensure we balance across *all* NUMA nodes in NUMA distribution algo
    * Short-circuit CPUManager distribute NUMA algo for unusable cpuGroupSize
    * Round the CPUManager mean and stddev calculations to the nearest 1000th
    * updated deprecation messages from 1.23 to 1.24
    * kubelet: set failed phase during graceful shutdown
    * kubeadm: avoid requiring a CA key during kubeconfig expiration checks
    * kubeadm: print the CA of kubeconfig files in "check expiration"
    * kubeadm: validate local etcd certficates during expiration checks
    * publishing-bot/doc: add component-helpers to the readme
    * publishing-bot/rules: remove non existing component-helpers branch 1.19 from the rules
    * Changelog: mention kube-scheduler bits deprication
    * rbd: initialize ceph monitors slice with an empty value.
    * Direct v2betaX users to migrate to HPA v2
    * DelegateFSGroupToCSIDriver e2e: skip tests with chgrp
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.23.0
    * [go1.17] Update to go1.17.4
* Mon Feb 07 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - avoid bashism in client-common postinstall script (bsc#1195391)
* Thu Jan 13 2022 Richard Brown <>
  - Increase _constraints to 13GB
* Thu Dec 16 2021 Richard Brown <>
  - Restore & rebase revert-coredns-image-renaming.patch from
    kubernetes1.22. Looks like it's still needed until all supported
    k8s versions allow us to change how we publish coredns containers
* Wed Dec 08 2021 Richard Brown <>
  - Initial Package



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