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kubernetes1.22-kubelet-common-1.22.7-1.4 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: kubernetes1.22-kubelet-common Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 1.22.7 Vendor: obs://
Release: 1.4 Build date: Sun Sep 4 21:45:10 2022
Group: System/Management Build host: s390zl28
Size: 357295 Source RPM: kubernetes1.22-1.22.7-1.4.src.rpm
Summary: Kubernetes kubelet daemon
Manage a cluster of Linux containers as a single system to accelerate Dev and simplify Ops.
kubelet daemon






* Wed Mar 16 2022
  - Update to version 1.22.7:
    * Update Go to 1.16.14
    * add namespace in azurefile volumeid
    * fix: azurefile volumeid conflict in csi migration
    * Execute sync before taking the snapshot
    * Mark device as uncertain if unmount device succeeds
    * Set max results if its not set
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.22.6
    * Update k/utils to v0.0.0-20211116205334-6203023598ed
    * [go] update to Go 1.16.13
    * Enabling kube-proxy metrics on windows kernel mode
    * fix: ignore the case when comparing azure tags in service annotation
    * fix: remove outdated ipv4 route when the corresponding node is deleted
    * fix: delete non existing disk issue
    * fix containers order after applying
    * generated: ./hack/
    * upgrade to v4.2.1
    * fix: azuredisk parameter lowercase translation issue
    * fix: do not delete the lb that does not exist
    * removed unnecessary log line
    * Fix header mutation race in timeout filter
    * use node informer to check volumes attachment status before backoff
    * When volume is not marked in-use, do not backoff
    * kubeadm: remove the restriction that the ca.crt can only contain one certificate
    * flake fix: remove the error handler for cronjob integration test
    * vendor: bump cAdvisor to v0.39.3
    * Fix the leak of vSphere client sessions
    * fix nil pointer in create secret commands
    * client-go: Clear the ResourceVersionMatch on paged list calls
    * Update GCE manifest to use konnectivity 0.0.27
    * Update to apiserver-network-proxy v0.0.27
    * add gce loadbalancer no-op finalizer and existingFwdRule tests
    * disable gce service handling if has rbs forwarding rule
    * add ELBRbsFinalizer
    * add gce elb rbs opt-in annotation
    * Improving performance of EndpointSlice controller metrics cache
    * fix the error when cleaning up jobs for cronjob
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.22.5
    * Add test to confirm containers won't start
    * Check for failed sandbox and failed workload containers
    * mount-utils: Detect potential stale file handle
    * [go1.16] Update to go1.16.12
    * Skip creating HNS loadbalancer with empty endpoints
    * dependencies: Update to v0.0.0-20211209124913-491a49abca63
    * kubeadm: avoid requiring a CA key during kubeconfig expiration checks
    * kubeadm: print the CA of kubeconfig files in "check expiration"
    * kubeadm: validate local etcd certficates during expiration checks
    * kubelet: set failed phase during graceful shutdown
    * [go1.16] Update to go1.16.11
    * fix: ignore the case when updating tags
    * Ensure deletion of pods in queues and cache
    * kubelet: Rejected pods should be filtered from admission
    * kube-scheduler: Increase the duration to expire an assumed pod
    * Skip check for all topology labels when using system default spreading
    * workqueue: fix leak in queue preventing objects from being GCed
    * Fix workqueue memory leak
    * Ignore 'wait: no child processes' error when calling mount/umount
    * Reduce calls to docker from dockershim for stats
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.22.4
    * Add warning about using unsupported CRON_TZ
    * Fix flake caused by sampling signal counter too early.
    * Ensure there is one running static pod with the same full name
    * NodeConformance: Respect grace period when updating static pod
    * Fix concurrent map writes error in kube-apiserver
    * e2e: node: release-1.22: backport findKubeletServiceName
    * node: e2e: add test for the checkpoint recovery
    * devicemanager: checkpoint: support pre-1.20 data
    * fix: remove VMSS and VMSS instances from SLB backend pool only when necessary
    * fix: leave the probe path empty for TCP probes
    * fix: skip instance not found when decoupling vmss from lb
* Mon Feb 07 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - avoid bashism in client-common postinstall script (bsc#1195391)
* Fri Dec 17 2021 Richard Brown <>
  - Tidy up merge marker
* Wed Dec 08 2021
  - Update to version 1.22.4:
    * defer close the rotated log open
    * proxy/iptables: fix all-vs-ready endpoints a bit
    * proxy/iptables: Remove a no-op check
    * proxy/iptables: Add more stuff to the unit test
    * proxy/iptables: Fix TestOnlyLocalNodePortsNoClusterCIDR
    * proxy/iptables: test that we create a consistent set of iptables rules
    * proxy/iptables: Misc improvements to unit test
    * proxy/iptables: Improve the sorting logic in TestOverallIPTablesRulesWithMultipleServices
    * proxy/iptables: Fix sync_proxy_rules_iptables_total metric
    * Fixed nil pointer dereference
    * Add tests for checking bind mounts
    * Check subpath file
    * Add check for subpaths
    * Fixed unit test SELinux support
    * Add shortcut for SELinux detection
    * Don't guess SELinux support on error
    * Manual cherry pick of kube-openapi changes for release-1.22 Bump kube-openapi against kube-openapi/release-1.22 branch
    * kube-proxy: fix stale detection logic
    * Use separate pathSpec for local and remote to properly handle cleaning paths
    * [go1.16] Update to go1.16.10
    * Automated cherry pick of #105122: added keys for structured logging (#105137)
    * Update debian, debian-iptables, setcap images to pick up CVE-2021-33910 fixes
    * Fixing how EndpointSlice Mirroring handles Service selector transitions
    * Add unit tests to cover scheduler's setup
    * sched: ensure feature gate is honored when instantiating scheduler
    * Fix race condition in logging when request times out
    * use original requests in NodeResourcesBalancedAllocation instead of NonZero
    * Remove nodes with Cluster Autoscaler taint from LB backends.
    * Fix issue in node status updating VolumeAttached list
    * Support cgroupv2 in node problem detector test
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.22.3
    * Free APF seats for watches handled by an aggregated apiserver.
    * parameter 'disabled-metrics' is invalid
    * Run storage hostpath e2e test client pod as privileged
    * support more than 100 disk mounts on Windows
    * [go1.16] Update to go1.16.9
    * Clear initial UDP conntrack entries for loadBalancerIPs
    * Verifying the auth headers are set for upgraded aggregated API requests
    * apiserver aggregator upgrade unit test
    * Aggregator uses the regular transport even if the request requires upgrades
    * Fix PreferNominatedNode test
    * Remove Error Message Check Dynamic PV Tests
    * go fmt
    * Add e2e test to verify kubelet restart behaviour
    * kubelet: set terminated podWorker status for terminated pods
    * Fix quota controller hotloop in integration tests
    * remove StartedPodsErrorsTotal metrice message
    * Copy VolumeSnapshotContent annotations in snapshottable.go test
    * Fix bugs in e2e pod test
    * Ensure terminal pods maintain terminal status
    * Do not sync Waiting statuses for Terminated pods
    * Adds CancelRequest function to CommandHeadersRoundTripper
    * Fixes kubectl command headers which hangs on kubectl run
    * Revert "Build non-static binaries with PIE buildmode"
    * Ignore VMs in vmss delete backend pools
    * Fix CSR test to accept certs shorter than the requested duration
    * fix: skip not found nodes when reconciling LB backend address pools
    * fix: consolidate logs for instance not found error
    * Remove a duplicate StorageClass creation call
    * Update Containerd version - GCE Windows
    * e2e scheduling priorities: do not reference control loop variable
    * storege e2etest: Delete restored PVC/Pod in snapshottable
    * pkg/kubelet/cm/memorymanager: Fix ErrorS key/value pair
    * v1.22: Fix test flake in old svc registry
    * 'New' Event namespace validate failed
    * kubelet: Handle UID reuse in pod worker
    * Add test for recreating a static pod
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.22.2
    * Refine locking in API Priority and Fairness config controller
    * kube-controller-manager: properly check generic ephemeral volume feature
    * Fix null JSON round tripping
    * Propagate conversion errors
    * integration test
    * fix 104329: check for headless before trying to release the ClusterIPs
    * fix detach disk issue on deleting node
    * kubelet: fix sandbox creation error suppression when pods are quickly deleted
    * remove listx from OWNERS_ALIASES
* Thu Sep 16 2021
  - Update to version 1.22.2:
    * [go1.16] Update to go1.16.8
    * Fix Job tracking with finalizers for more than 500 pods
    * e2e iperf2 change threshold to 10MBps = 80 Mbps
    * legacy-cloud-providers: aws: Add support for consuming web identity credentials
    * Fix the key missing issue for structured log
    * add a test for jsonpath template parsing to prevent regressions
    * revert "fix wrong output when using jsonpath"
    * Fix a small regression in Service updates
    * kubelet: Admission must exclude completed pods and avoid races
    * Don't prematurely close reflectors in case of slow initialization in watch based manager
    * backport 104410 to release-1.22
    * Fix storage class setup in regional_pd.go
    * pkg/kubelet/cm: use SkipFreezeOnSet
    * vendor: bump runc to 1.0.2
    * vendor: bump to get fix for LRU cache
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.22.1
    * fix: ensure InstanceShutdownByProviderID return false for creating Azure VMs
    * fix: skip case sensitivity when checking Azure NSG rules
    * Copy golang license to staging copies
* Wed Sep 01 2021 Richard Brown <>
  - Tiding up old sources (remove kubernetes-1.22.0.obscpio)
* Wed Aug 25 2021
  - Update to version 1.22.1:
    * Keep MakeMountArgSensitive and add a new signature that receives flags
    * Update the unit tests to handle mountFlags
    * Add missing interface method in mount_unsupported.go
    * Pass additional flags to subpath mount to avoid flakes in certain conditions
    * device manager: do not clean admitted pods from the state
    * memory manager: do not clean admitted pods from the state
    * cpu manager: do not clean admitted pods from the state
    * Avoid spurious calls to update/delete validation
    * Update to go1.16.7
    * Pass unknown labels in allowedTopologies during CSI translation
    * Fix metrics reporting for the deprecated watch path
    * Update
    * Update
    * Update
    * Remove duplicate dependencies from 1.22 changelog
    * replace e2e WaitForPodsReady by WaitTimeoutForPodReadyInNamespace
    * delete stale UDP conntrack entries for loadbalancer IPs
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.22.0
    * Set idle and readheader timeouts
* Fri Aug 06 2021 Alexandre Vicenzi <>
  - Initial Package



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