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kubernetes1.21-kubelet-common-1.21.7-2.4 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: kubernetes1.21-kubelet-common Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 1.21.7 Vendor: obs://
Release: 2.4 Build date: Sun Sep 4 21:45:12 2022
Group: System/Management Build host: s390zl26
Size: 318980 Source RPM: kubernetes1.21-1.21.7-2.4.src.rpm
Summary: Kubernetes kubelet daemon
Manage a cluster of Linux containers as a single system to accelerate Dev and simplify Ops.
kubelet daemon






* Mon Feb 07 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - avoid bashism in client-common postinstall script (bsc#1195391)
* Wed Dec 08 2021
  - Update to version 1.21.7:
    * parameter 'disabled-metrics' is invalid
    * defer close the rotated log open
    * Fixed nil pointer dereference
    * Add tests for checking bind mounts
    * Check subpath file
    * Add check for subpaths
    * Manual cherry pick of kube-openapi changes for release-1.21 Bump kube-openapi against kube-openapi/release-1.21 branch
    * Fixed unit test SELinux support
    * Add shortcut for SELinux detection
    * Don't guess SELinux support on error
    * Use separate pathSpec for local and remote to properly handle cleaning paths
    * [go1.16] Update to go1.16.10
    * Automated cherry pick of #105122: added keys for structured logging (#105138)
    * Update debian, debian-iptables, setcap images to pick up CVEs fixes
    * Fixing how EndpointSlice Mirroring handles Service selector transitions
    * Fix race condition in logging when request times out
    * Remove nodes with Cluster Autoscaler taint from LB backends.
    * Retry detaching FibreChannel volume few times
    * Regenerate vendor/
    * Move error reporting to volume plugins
    * Retry reading /proc/mounts indifinetly in FC and iSCSI volume reconstruction
    * ConsistentRead tries 10 times
    * Bump
    * Fix issue in node status updating VolumeAttached list
    * Support cgroupv2 in node problem detector test
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.21.6
    * Fix log spam for du failure on pod etc-hosts metrics
    * Run storage hostpath e2e test client pod as privileged
    * support more than 100 disk mounts on Windows
    * Update to go1.16.9
    * Fix PreferNominatedNode test
    * Verifying the auth headers are set for upgraded aggregated API requests
    * apiserver aggregator upgrade unit test
    * Aggregator uses the regular transport even if the request requires upgrades
    * check log directory for restartCount
    * Copy VolumeSnapshotContent annotations in snapshottable.go test
    * Bump klog to v2.9.0
    * Ignore VMs in vmss delete backend pools
    * aggregate errors when putting vmss
    * fix: skip not found nodes when reconciling LB backend address pools
    * fix: consolidate logs for instance not found error
    * Remove a duplicate StorageClass creation call
    * Bump to v0.3.6
    * Revert 102925: Fix Node Resources plugins score when there are pods with no requests
    * e2e scheduling priorities: do not reference control loop variable
    * storege e2etest: Delete restored PVC/Pod in snapshottable
    * tests: Wait for the network connectivity first
    * v1.21: Fix test flake in old svc registry
    * 'New' Event namespace validate failed
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.21.5
    * Refine locking in API Priority and Fairness config controller
    * kube-controller-manager: properly check generic ephemeral volume feature
    * Fix null JSON round tripping
    * Propagate conversion errors
    * integration test
    * fix 104329: check for headless before trying to release the ClusterIPs
    * fix detach disk issue on deleting node
    * fix: ignore the case when comparing azure tags in service annotation
    * fix: ignore the case when updating tags
    * backport metrics grabbing through port-forwarding
    * remove listx from OWNERS_ALIASES
    * Only use dualstack if the node and config supports it
    * Local PV e2e: fix leaked local volumes
    * Add explicit capability for online volume expansion
* Wed Oct 06 2021 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Bump disk requirements in _constraints to 12GB. Data based on the
    last successful build consumed storage.
* Thu Sep 16 2021
  - Update to version 1.21.5:
    * Update to go1.16.8
    * legacy-cloud-providers: aws: Add support for consuming web identity credentials
    * e2e iperf2 change threshold to 10MBps = 80 Mbps
    * Fix NodeAuthenticator tests in dual stack
    * Fix the key missing issue for structured log
    * Fix a small regression in Service updates
    * Service: Fix semantics for Update wrt allocations
    * Don't prematurely close reflectors in case of slow initialization in watch based manager
    * Fix storage class setup in regional_pd.go
    * backport 104410 to release-1.21
    * pkg/kubelet/cm: use SkipFreezeOnSet
    * vendor: bump runc to 1.0.2
    * Switch to non-deprecated timestamppb.Now()
    * Fix buckets initialization
    * fix: ensure InstanceShutdownByProviderID return false for creating Azure VMs
    * fix: skip case sensitivity when checking Azure NSG rules
    * Keep MakeMountArgSensitive and add a new signature that receives flags
    * Update the unit tests to handle mountFlags
    * Add missing interface method in mount_unsupported.go
    * Pass additional flags to subpath mount to avoid flakes in certain conditions
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.21.4
    * Copy golang license to staging copies
    * delete stale UDP conntrack entries for loadbalancer IPs
    * Set idle and readheader timeouts
* Wed Aug 25 2021
  - Update to version 1.21.4:
    * Avoid spurious calls to update/delete validation
    * Update to go1.16.7
    * Fix metrics reporting for the deprecated watch path
    * Update
    * Update
    * Update
    * Fix disruptive subPath test failures
    * Fix: ignore not a VMSS error for VMAS nodes in reconcileBackendPools
    * feat: Provide IPv6 support for internal load balancer
    * Update to using apiserver-network-proxy v1.22
    * Make CSR cleaner tolerate objects with invalid status.certificate
    * disable aufs module
    * Update pd csi driver images to use v1 images (CSINode, CSIDriver, etc)
    * storage e2e: patch in RBAC rules for secrets
    * storage e2e: downgrade hostpath driver
    * storage e2e: disable health check containers
    * storage e2e: automate hostpath YAML updates, hostpath v1.6.2
    * update comments and owners file for pkg/util/removeall
    * kubelet: do not call RemoveAll on volumes directory for orphaned pods
    * Fix panic in master upgrade tests
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.21.3
    * Updated to use konnectivity client v0.0.21, and implemented placeholder context
    * Fix the code is leaking the defaulting between unrelated pod instances
    * Simplify use of the fake dynamic client
    * fix: return empty VMAS name if using standalone VM
    * wait for endpoints to be available
    * Remove extra zone test
    * Fix frameworkImpl.extenders being not set
    * fix: Refresh VM cache when node is not found
    * fix: cleanup outdated routes
    * strip prefix 'v' in coredns version if exists
    * Fix closing of decorated watcher channel on timeout
    * fix: delete non existing disk issue
    * let objects without metadata pass through the managedFields admission controller
* Tue Jul 20 2021 Richard Brown <>
  - Introduce revert-coredns-image-renaming.patch to correct new
    upstream behaviour
* Mon Jul 19 2021 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Drop kubeadm-opensuse-corednsimage.patch: fixed upstream.
* Fri Jul 16 2021
  - Update to version 1.21.3:
    * move upgrade test frameworks closer to Describe
    * Update setcap image to buster-v2.0.3
    * Update debian-iptables image to buster-v1.6.5
    * Update debian-base image to buster-v1.8.0
    * Update to go1.16.6
    * Bump SMD to v4.1.2 to pick up #102749 fix
    * generate scheduler merge patches on the pod status instead of the full pod
    * Loadbalancer IngressIP policy should be configured as non-DSR to enable routing mesh by default
    * Fix race in attachdetach tests
    * Fix Node Resources plugins score when there are pods with no requests
    * Do not throw error when we can't get canonical path
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.21.2
    * Remove error wrap from logs
    * client-go: reduce log level of reflector again
    * Update to go1.16.5
    * feat: remove ephemeral-storage etcd requirement
    * endpointslicemirroring controller mirror address status
    * sched: fix a bug that a preemptor pod exists as a phantom
    * Revert "Cleanup portforward streams after their usage"
    * serviceOwnsFrontendIP shouldn't report error when the public IP doesn't match
    * Return UnschedulableAndUnresolvable when looking up volume-related resources returns NotFound error
    * Return UnschedulableAndUnresolvable instead of Error when failing to lookup pvc or storageclass in VolumeZone plugin
    * use subpath for coredns only for default repository
    * (scheduler e2e) Create balanced pods in parallel
    * Fix VolumeAttachment garbage collection for migrated PVs
    * fix error of setting negative value for containerLogMaxSize
    * Update setcap to buster-v2.0.1 and add setcap to dependencies.yaml
    * kubeadm: remove e2e test for ClusterStatus
    * Update etcd image revision
    * Update debian-base to buster-v1.7.0
    * Update debian-iptables to buster-v1.6.1
    * Upgrade konnectivity-client for GRPC connection fixes
    * Respect annotation size limit for SSA last-applied.
    * Remove unnecessary quotes from get-kube scripts
    * Fix expired unit test certs
    * Set cgroups via opencontainer
    * vendor: bump runc to rc95
    * pkg/kubelet/nodeshutdown/systemd: fix for dbus 5.0.4
    * kubelet: reuse manager
    * Azure: avoid setting cached Sku when updating VMSS and VMSS instances
    * Ref counting is only applicable to Remote endpoints
    * Make watch order conformance test reliable
    * Add missing clientset to EBS storage e2e test
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.21.1
    * fixed wrong warning in kube-proxy regarding topology aware hints
    * fix removing pods from podTopologyHints mapping
    * Update cos-gpu-installer image
    * fix: avoid nil-pointer panic when checking the frontend IP configuration
    * Add jitter to lease controller
    * Avoid caching the VMSS instances whose network profile is nil
    * fix: not tagging static public IP
    * Use CSI driver to determine unique name for migrated in-tree plugins
    * chunk target operatation for aws targetGroup
    * Fix watchForLockfileContention memory leak
* Tue May 25 2021 Richard Brown <>
  - Toggle ip4/ipv6 forwarding sysctls to ensure all devices are
    refreshed [boo#1186125]
* Thu May 20 2021 Richard Brown <>
  - Restore 90-kubeadm.conf, still needed [boo#1186125]
* Wed May 19 2021 Richard Brown <>
  - Stop setting sysctls on kubelet start with `sysctl -a --system`.
    Instead use more specific sysctl calls in kubelet service start.
* Wed May 19 2021
  - Update to version 1.21.1:
    * [go1.16] Update to go1.16.4
    * Automated cherry pick of #101377: Fix validation in kubectl create ingress (#101426)
    * Update tests to use agnhost 2.32
    * Fix EndpointSlice describe panic when an Endpoint doesn't have zone
    * Add test create service with ns
    * Set namespace when using kubectl create service
    * Update pkg/volume/azure_file/azure_provision.go
    * Normalize share name to not include capital letters
    * Extend pod start timeout to 5min for storage subpath configmap test
    * Fix cleanupMountpoint issue for Windows
    * fix: set "host is down" as corrupted mount
    * no watch endpointslice in userpace mode
    * Ensure service deleted when the Azure resource group has been deleted
    * Update Makefile
    * Update dependencies.yaml
    * update debian-base to buster-v1.5.0 for CVEs
    * fix TestMutatingWebhookResetsInvalidManagedFields flakes
    * Updating EndpointSlice validation to match Endpoints validation
    * fix: azure file namespace issue in csi translation
    * pkg/kubelet: improve the node informer sync check
    * Remove Limits from scheduling e2e balanced pod resources
    * Additional CVE-2021-3121 fix
    * Fix RBAC of generic ephemeral volumes controller
    * move filesystem resize code to kubernetes/mount-utils and add need resize function
    * Fix panic when killing container fails
    * Fix startupProbe behaviour changed
    * Fix test
    * [go1.16] Update to go1.16.3
    * Fix Job describe for completion mode
    * Upgrade kustomize-in-kubectl to v4.1.2
    * exec test should not run in Parallel as feature gate is not locked
    * respect ExecProbeTimeout
    * apf: exempt probes /healthz /livez /readyz
    * DelegatingAuthenticationOptions TokenReview request timeout
    * add node handlers to the metaproxier
    * Updating Topology Aware Hints to support "Auto" value for annotation
    * list pod list once to avoid timeout
    * gce configure containerd default_runtime_name
    * Update the containerd runtime binary path - gce
    * Cleanup portforward streams after their usage
    * azure: fix node public IP not able to fetch issues from IMDS
    * Update CHANGELOG/ for v1.21.0
    * e2e test with hostNetwork pods can't run in parallel
    * do not tag user created public IPs
* Mon May 17 2021 Richard Brown <>
  - Revert remove workaround in 10-kubeadm.conf - still needed [boo#1186125]
* Wed May 05 2021 Anthony Rabbito <>
  - Remove workaround in 10-kubeadm.conf for boo#1171770 causing sysctl values to be reset
* Mon Apr 26 2021 Richard Brown <>
  - Introduce kubeadm-opensuse-corednsimage.patch to correct new
    coredns image name reference introduced in kubernetes 1.21
* Wed Apr 14 2021 Richard Brown <>
  - Rebase opensuse-version-checks.patch
* Tue Apr 13 2021 Richard Brown <>
  - Initial Package



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