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jhead-3.08-1.1 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: jhead Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 3.08 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Fri Jun 23 22:12:43 2023
Group: Productivity/Graphics/Other Build host: s390zp25
Size: 126326 Source RPM: jhead-3.08-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Tool to Manipulate the Nonimage Part of EXIF Compliant JPEG Files
Jhead is a command line utility for extracting digital camera settings
from the EXIF format files used by many digital cameras. It handles the
various confusing ways these can be expressed and displays them as
F-stop, shutter speed, and more. It is also able to reduce the size of
digital camera JPEG files without loss of information by deleting
thumbnails that digital cameras put into the EXIF header.






* Fri Jun 23 2023
  - version update to 3.08
    * Fix various "issues" people have found with fuzz testing.
      These can only be produced when running jhead in some memory access testing setup
      such as ASAN and throwing carefully crafted garbage at it, causing jhead to read
      some bytes past memory it malloced.  no real life consequences.
  - deleted patches
    - jhead-CVE-2021-34055.patch (upstreamed)
    - jhead-CVE-2022-41751-1.patch (upstreamed)
    - jhead-CVE-2022-41751-2.patch (upstreamed)
    - jhead-CVE-2022-41751-3.patch (upstreamed)
* Thu Feb 16 2023 Martin Liška <>
  - Remove hunk that enables -fsanitize=address (bsc#1208386), note it's
    already removed in the upstream project:
* Fri Feb 10 2023
  - added patches
    fix [bsc#1207150]
    + jhead-CVE-2022-41751-3.patch
* Tue Nov 08 2022 Jason Sikes <>
  - Added jhead-CVE-2021-34055.patch
    * Fix out of bounds write in ClearOrientation() due to unchecked error
    * [bsc#1205167]
    * CVE-2021-34055
* Thu Oct 27 2022 David Anes <>
  - security fix [bsc#1204409, CVE-2022-41751]
    * arbitrary OS commands by placing them in a JPEG filename
    * Added patch jhead-CVE-2022-41751-1.patch
    * Added patch jhead-CVE-2022-41751-2.patch
* Mon Apr 19 2021
  - version update to
    * lot of fuzztest fixes, e. g. CVE-2021-3496 [bsc#1184756]
  - deleted patches
    - CVE-2018-17088.patch (upstreamed)
* Fri Jan 22 2021 Wang Jun <>
  - Update to version 3.04
    * Apply a whole bunch of patches from Debian.
    * Spell check and fuzz test stuff from Debian, nothing useful to
      human users.
    * Add option to set exif date from date from another file.
    * Bug fixes relating to fuzz testing.
    * Fix bug where thumbnail replacement DID NOT WORK.
    * Fix bug when no orientation tag is present
    * Fix bug of not clearing exif information when processing images
      with an without exif data in one invocation.
    * Remove some unnecessary warnings with some types of GPS data
    * Remove multiple copies of the same type of section when deleting
      section types
    * Modify the patch CVE-2018-17088.patch because source code changed
  - Remove these patches because of including upstream code
    * CVE-2018-6612.patch, CVE-2016-3822.patch, CVE-2018-16554.patch
* Wed Oct 24 2018 Marketa Calabkova <>
  - Renamed CVE-2018-16554.patch to CVE-2018-17088.patch, because
    it is in fact fix of boo#1108672
  - Buffer overflow fix (boo#1108480) CVE-2018-16554.patch
* Fri Sep 14 2018
  -  Integer overflow fixes (boo#1108480, CVE-2016-3822,
    CVE-2018-16554, CVE-2016-3822.patch, CVE-2018-16554.patch.
* Mon Feb 05 2018
  - Added CVE-2018-6612.patch: Fix of a heap-based buffer over-read
    (boo#1079349 CVE-2018-6612)



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