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java-1_8_0-openjdk-demo- RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: java-1_8_0-openjdk-demo Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Wed Nov 15 12:39:39 2023
Group: Development/Languages/Java Build host: s390zl29
Size: 4306153 Source RPM: java-1_8_0-openjdk-
Summary: OpenJDK 8 Demos
The OpenJDK 8 demos.




Apache-1.1 AND Apache-2.0 AND GPL-1.0-or-later AND GPL-2.0-only AND GPL-2.0-only WITH Classpath-exception-2.0 AND LGPL-2.0-only AND MPL-1.0 AND MPL-1.1 AND SUSE-Public-Domain AND W3C


* Tue Nov 14 2023 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Update to version jdk8u392 (icedtea-3.29.0)
    * October 2023 CPU
    * CVEs
      + CVE-2023-22067, bsc#1216379
      + CVE-2023-22081, bsc#1216374
    * Security fixes
      + JDK-8286503, JDK-8312367: Enhance security classes
      + JDK-8297856: Improve handling of Bidi characters
      + JDK-8303384: Improved communication in CORBA
      + JDK-8305815, JDK-8307278: Update Libpng to 1.6.39
      + JDK-8309966: Enhanced TLS connections
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u392 build 08
      + JDK-6722928: Provide a default native GSS-API library on
      + JDK-8040887: [TESTBUG] Remove
      + JDK-8042726: [TESTBUG] TEST.groups file was not updated after
      runtime/6925573/ removal
      + JDK-8139348: Deprecate 3DES and RC4 in Kerberos
      + JDK-8173072: zipfs fails to handle incorrect info-zip
      "extended timestamp extra field"
      + JDK-8200468: Port the native GSS-API bridge to Windows
      + JDK-8202952: C2: Unexpected dead nodes after matching
      + JDK-8205399: Set node color on pinned HashMap.TreeNode
      + JDK-8209115: adjust libsplashscreen linux ppc64le builds for
      easier libpng update
      + JDK-8214046: [macosx] Undecorated Frame does not Iconify when
      set to
      + JDK-8219804: java/net/MulticastSocket/ fails
      intermittently due to NumberFormatException
      + JDK-8225687: Newly added sspi.cpp in JDK-6722928 still
      contains some small errors
      + JDK-8232225: Rework the fix for JDK-8071483
      + JDK-8242330: Arrays should be cloned in several JAAS Callback
      + JDK-8253269: The CheckCommonColors test should provide more
      info on failure
      + JDK-8283441: C2: segmentation fault in
      + JDK-8284910: Buffer clean in PasswordCallback
      + JDK-8287073: NPE from CgroupV2Subsystem.getInstance()
      + JDK-8287663: Add a regression test for JDK-8287073
      + JDK-8295685: Update Libpng to 1.6.38
      + JDK-8295894: Remove SECOM certificate that is expiring in
      September 2023
      + JDK-8308788: [8u] Remove duplicate test
      + JDK-8309122: Bump update version of OpenJDK: 8u392
      + JDK-8309143: [8u] fix archiving inconsistencies in GHA
      + JDK-8310026: [8u] make java_lang_String::hash_code consistent
      across platforms
      + JDK-8314960: Add Certigna Root CA - 2
      + JDK-8315135: Memory leak in the native implementation of
      + JDK-8317040: Exclude cleaner test failing on older releases
  - Added patch:
    * bsc1211968.patch
      + fix bsc#1211968: SLES12SP5 vulnerable to CVE-2015-4000
* Mon Jul 31 2023 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Update to version jdk8u382 (icedtea-3.28.0)
    * July 2023 CPU
    * CVEs
      + CVE-2023-22045, bsc#1213481
      + CVE-2023-22049, bsc#1213482
    * Security fixes
      + JDK-8298676: Enhanced Look and Feel
      + JDK-8300596: Enhance Jar Signature validation
      + JDK-8304468: Better array usages
      + JDK-8305312: Enhanced path handling
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u382 build 05
      + JDK-8072678: Wrong exception messages in
      + JDK-8151460: Metaspace counters can have inconsistent values
      + JDK-8152432: Implement setting jtreg @requires properties
      vm.flavor, vm.bits, vm.compMode
      + JDK-8185736: missing default exception handler in calls to
      + JDK-8186801: Add regression test to test mapping based
      charsets (generated at build time)
      + JDK-8215105: java/awt/Robot/HiDPIScreenCapture/
      / Wrong Pixel Color
      + JDK-8241311: Move some charset mapping tests from closed to
      + JDK-8263059: security/infra/java/security/cert/
      /CertPathValidator/certification/ fails due to
      revoked cert
      + JDK-8268558: [TESTBUG] Case 2 in
      TestP11KeyFactoryGetRSAKeySpec is skipped
      + JDK-8271199: Mutual TLS handshake fails signing client
      certificate with custom sensitive PKCS11 key
      + JDK-8276841: Add support for Visual Studio 2022
      + JDK-8277881: Missing SessionID in TLS1.3 resumption in
      compatibility mode
      + JDK-8278851: Correct signer logic for jars signed with
      multiple digest algorithms
      + JDK-8282345: handle latest VS2022 in abstract_vm_version
      + JDK-8282600: SSLSocketImpl should not use user_canceled
      workaround when not necessary
      + JDK-8285515: (dc) DatagramChannel.disconnect fails with
      "Invalid argument" on macOS 12.4
      + JDK-8289301: P11Cipher should not throw out of bounds
      exception during padding
      + JDK-8293232: Fix race condition in pkcs11 SessionManager
      + JDK-8293815: P11PSSSignature.engineUpdate should not print
      debug messages during normal operation
      + JDK-8295530: Update Zlib Data Compression Library to Version
      + JDK-8298108: Add a regression test for JDK-8297684
      + JDK-8298271: java/security/SignedJar/spi-calendar-provider/
      / failing on Windows
      + JDK-8301119: Support for GB18030-2022
      + JDK-8301400: Allow additional characters for GB18030-2022
      + JDK-8302791: Add specific ClassLoader object to Proxy
      IllegalArgumentException message
      + JDK-8303028: Update system property for Java SE specification
      maintenance version
      + JDK-8303462: Bump update version of OpenJDK: 8u382
      + JDK-8304760: Add 2 Microsoft TLS roots
      + JDK-8305165: [8u] ServiceThread::nmethods_do is not called to
      keep nmethods from being zombied while in the queue
      + JDK-8305681: Allow additional characters for GB18030-2022
      (Level 2) support
      + JDK-8305975: Add TWCA Global Root CA
      + JDK-8307134: Add GTS root CAs
      + JDK-8307310: Backport the tests for JDK-8058969 and
      JDK-8039271 to the OpenJDK8
      + JDK-8307531: [aarch64] JDK8 single-step debugging is
      extremely slow
      + JDK-8310947: gb18030-2000 not selectable with
      LANG=zh_CN.GB18030 after JDK-8301119
* Wed May 03 2023 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Update to version jdk8u372 (icedtea-3.27.0)
    * April 2023 CPU
    * CVEs
      + CVE-2023-21930, bsc#1210628
      + CVE-2023-21937, bsc#1210631
      + CVE-2023-21938, bsc#1210632
      + CVE-2023-21939, bsc#1210634
      + CVE-2023-21954, bsc#1210635
      + CVE-2023-21967, bsc#1210636
      + CVE-2023-21968, bsc#1210637
    * Security fixes
      + JDK-8287404: Improve ping times
      + JDK-8288436: Improve Xalan supports
      + JDK-8294474: Better AES support
      + JDK-8295304: Runtime support improvements
      + JDK-8296496, JDK-8292652: Overzealous check in sizecalc.h
      prevents large memory allocation
      + JDK-8296676, JDK-8296622: Improve String platform support
      + JDK-8296684: Improve String platform support
      + JDK-8296692: Improve String platform support
      + JDK-8296700: Improve String platform support
      + JDK-8296832: Improve Swing platform support
      + JDK-8297371: Improve UTF8 representation redux
      + JDK-8298191: Enhance object reclamation process
      + JDK-8298310: Enhance TLS session negotiation
      + JDK-8298667: Improved path handling
      + JDK-8299129: Enhance NameService lookups
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u372 build 07
      + JDK-6734341: REGTEST fails: SelectionAutoscrollTest.html
      + JDK-6829250: Reg test: java/awt/Toolkit/ScreenInsetsTest/
      / fails in Windows
      + JDK-7001973: java/awt/Graphics2D/ fails
      + JDK-7124238: [macosx] Font in BasicHTML document is bigger
      than it should be
      + JDK-7124381: DragSourceListener.dragDropEnd() never been
      called on completion of dnd operation
      + JDK-8039888: [TEST_BUG] keyboard garbage after
      + JDK-8042098: [TESTBUG] Test
      sun/java2d/ fails on Windows
      + JDK-8065422: Trailing dot in hostname causes TLS handshake to
      fail with SNI disabled
      + JDK-8072770: [TESTBUG] Some Introspector tests fail with a
      Java heap bigger than 4GB
      + JDK-8075964: Test java/awt/Mouse/TitleBarDoubleClick/
      /TitleBarDoubleClick.html fails intermittently with timeout
      + JDK-8137101: [TEST_BUG] javax/swing/plaf/basic/BasicHTML/
      /4251579/ failure due to timing
      + JDK-8142540: [TEST_BUG] Test sun/awt/dnd/8024061/
      / fails on ubuntu
      + JDK-8156579: Two JavaBeans tests failed
      + JDK-8156581: Cleanup of ProblemList.txt
      + JDK-8159135: [PIT] javax/swing/JMenuItem/8152981/
      / always fail
      + JDK-8177560: @headful key can be removed from the tests for
      + JDK-8196196: Headful tests should not be run in headless mode
      + JDK-8196467: javax/swing/JInternalFrame/ fails
      + JDK-8197408: Bad pointer comparison and small cleanup in
      + JDK-8203485: [freetype] text rotated on 180 degrees is too
      + JDK-8205959: Do not restart close if errno is EINTR
      + JDK-8216366: Add rationale to PER_CPU_SHARES define
      + JDK-8226236: win32:
      gc/metaspace/ fails
      + JDK-8228585: jdk/internal/platform/cgroup/
      / - NumberFormatException because of
      large long values (memory limit_in_bytes)
      + JDK-8229182: [TESTBUG] runtime/containers/docker/
      / test fails on SLES12
      + JDK-8229202: Docker reporting causes secondary crashes in
      error handling
      + JDK-8230305: Cgroups v2: Container awareness
      + JDK-8231111: Cgroups v2: Rework Metrics in java.base so as to
      recognize unified hierarchy
      + JDK-8232207: Linux os::available_memory re-reads cgroup
      configuration on every invocation
      + JDK-8233570: [TESTBUG] HTMLEditorKit test is
      failing on macos
      + JDK-8234484: Add ability to configure third port for remote
      + JDK-8237479: 8230305 causes slowdebug build failure
      + JDK-8239559: Cgroups: Incorrect detection logic on some
      + JDK-8239785: Cgroups: Incorrect detection logic on old
      systems in hotspot
      + JDK-8239827: The test should be
      changed to be manual
      + JDK-8240189: [TESTBUG] Some cgroup tests are failing after
      + JDK-8241087: Build failure with VS 2019 (16.5.0) due to C2039
      and C2873
      + JDK-8242468: VS2019 build missing vcruntime140_1.dll
      + JDK-8243543: jtreg test security/infra/java/security/cert/
      /CertPathValidator/certification/ fails
      + JDK-8244500: jtreg test error in test/hotspot/jtreg/
      + JDK-8245543: Cgroups: Incorrect detection logic on some
      systems (still reproducible)
      + JDK-8245654: Add Certigna Root CA
      + JDK-8247676: vcruntime140_1.dll is not needed on 32-bit
      + JDK-8248899: security/infra/java/security/cert/
      /CertPathValidator/certification/ fails,
      Certificate has been revoked
      + JDK-8252359: HotSpot Not Identifying it is Running in a
      + JDK-8252957: Wrong comment in CgroupV1Subsystem::cpu_quota
      + JDK-8253435: Cgroup: 'stomping of _mount_path' crash if
      manually mounted cpusets exist
      + JDK-8253714: [cgroups v2] Soft memory limit incorrectly using
      + JDK-8253727: [cgroups v2] Memory and swap limits reported
      + JDK-8253797: [cgroups v2] Account for the fact that swap
      accounting is disabled on some systems
      + JDK-8253939: [TESTBUG] Increase coverage of the cgroups
      detection code
      + JDK-8254001: [Metrics] Enhance parsing of cgroup interface
      files for version detection
      + JDK-8254717: isAssignableFrom checks in
      KeyFactorySpi.engineGetKeySpec appear to be backwards
      + JDK-8254997: Remove unimplemented
      + JDK-8257620: Do not use objc_msgSend_stret to get macOS
      + JDK-8262379: Add regression test for JDK-8257746
      + JDK-8263404: RsaPrivateKeySpec is always recognized as
      RSAPrivateCrtKeySpec in RSAKeyFactory.engineGetKeySpec
      + JDK-8266391: Replace use of reflection in
      + JDK-8270317: Large Allocation in CipherSuite
      + JDK-8275535: Retrying a failed authentication on multiple
      LDAP servers can lead to users blocked
      + JDK-8275650: Problemlist java/io/File/createTempFile/
      / for Windows 11
      + JDK-8275713: TestDockerMemoryMetrics test fails on recent runc
      + JDK-8278951: containers/cgroup/ fails on Ubuntu
      + JDK-8280048: Missing comma in copyright header
      + JDK-8282398: test fails because SSL
      cert expired
      + JDK-8282511: Use fixed certificate validation date in
      SSLExampleCert template
      + JDK-8282947: JFR: Dump on shutdown live-locks in some
      + JDK-8283606: Tests may fail with zh locale on MacOS
      + JDK-8284102: [TESTBUG] [11u] Retroactively add regression
      test for JDK-8272124
      + JDK-8284690: [macos] VoiceOver : Getting
      java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Invalid location on
      Editable JComboBox
      + JDK-8284756: [11u] Remove unused isUseContainerSupport in
      + JDK-8284977: MetricsTesterCgroupV2.getLongValueEntryFromFile
      fails when named value doesn't exist
      + JDK-8286624: Regression Test
      fails on OL8.3
      + JDK-8287107: CgroupSubsystemFactory.setCgroupV2Path asserts
      with freezer controller
      + JDK-8287109: failed with
      + JDK-8287463: JFR: Disable on Windows
      + JDK-8287741: Fix of JDK-8287107 (unused cgv1 freezer
      controller) was incomplete
      + JDK-8289695: [TESTBUG] fails on
      cgroups v2 and crun
      + JDK-8291570: [TESTBUG] Part of JDK-8250984 absent from 11u
      + JDK-8292083: Detected container memory limit may exceed
      physical machine memory
      + JDK-8292541: [Metrics] Reported memory limit may exceed
      physical machine memory
      + JDK-8293472: Incorrect container resource limit detection if
      manual cgroup fs mounts present
      + JDK-8293540: [Metrics] Incorrectly detected resource limits
      with additional cgroup fs mounts
      + JDK-8293767: AWT test has old SCCS
      + JDK-8294767: 8u contains two copies of
      test/../, one uses JDK9+ features
      + JDK-8295322: Tests for JDK-8271459 were not backported to 11u
      + JDK-8295952: Problemlist existing compiler/rtm tests also on
      + JDK-8295982: Failure in sun/security/tools/keytool/
      / - ks: The process cannot access the file because
      it is being used by another process
      + JDK-8296480: java/security/cert/pkix/policyChanges/
      / is failing
      + JDK-8296485: test fails with
      + JDK-8296632: Write a test to verify the content change of
      TextArea sends TextEvent
      + JDK-8296957: One more cast in SAFE_SIZE_NEW_ARRAY2
      + JDK-8297329: [8u] hotspot needs to recognise VS2019
      + JDK-8297739: Bump update version of OpenJDK: 8u372
      + JDK-8297996: [8u] generated images are broken due to renaming
      of MSVC runtime DLL's
      + JDK-8298027: Remove SCCS id's from awt jtreg tests
      + JDK-8298307: Enable hotspot/tier1 for 32-bit builds in GHA
      for 8u
      + JDK-8299445: fails because of
      compilation errors
      + JDK-8299548: Fix hotspot/test/runtime/Metaspace/
      / in 8u
      + JDK-8299804: Fix non-portable code in hotspot shell tests in
      + JDK-8300014: Some backports placed the tests in the wrong
      + JDK-8300119: CgroupMetrics.getTotalMemorySize0() can report
      invalid results on 32 bit systems
      + JDK-8301122: [8u] Fix unreliable vs2010 download link
      + JDK-8301143: [TESTBUG] jfr/event/sampling/TestNative was
      backported to JDK8u without proper native wrapper
      + JDK-8301246: NPE in FcFontManager.getDefaultPlatformFont() on
      Linux without installed fontconfig
      + JDK-8301332: [8u] Fix writing of test files after the cgroups
      v2 backport
      + JDK-8301550: [8u] Enable additional linux build testing in
      + JDK-8301620: [8u] some shell tests are passed but have
      unexpected operator errors
      + JDK-8301760: Fix possible leak in SpNegoContext dispose
      + JDK-8303408: [AIX] Broken jdk8u build after JDK-8266391
      + JDK-8303828: [Solaris] Broken jdk8u build after JDK-8266391
      + JDK-8304053: Revert os specific stubs for SystemMetrics
      + JDK-8305113: (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2023c
* Tue Feb 07 2023 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Update to version jdk8u362 (icedtea-3.26.0)
    * January 2023 CPU
    * CVEs
      + CVE-2023-21830, bsc#1207249
      + CVE-2023-21843, bsc#1207248
    * Security fixes
      + JDK-8285021: Improve CORBA communication
      + JDK-8286496: Improve Thread labels
      + JDK-8288516: Enhance font creation
      + JDK-8289350: Better media supports
      + JDK-8293554: Enhanced DH Key Exchanges
      + JDK-8293598: Enhance InetAddress address handling
      + JDK-8293717: Objective view of ObjectView
      + JDK-8293734: Improve BMP image handling
      + JDK-8293742: Better Banking of Sounds
      + JDK-8295687: Better BMP bounds
    * New features
      + Support for building with autoconf 2.71
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u362 build 09
      + JDK-6885993: Named Thread: introduce print() and
      print_on(outputStream* st) methods
      + JDK-7124218: [TEST_BUG] [macosx] Space should select cell in
      the JTable
      + JDK-8054066: com/sun/jdi/ fails with
      + JDK-8067941: [TESTBUG] Fix tests for OS with 64K page size.
      + JDK-8071530: Update OS detection code to reflect Windows 10
      version change
      + JDK-8073464: GC workers do not have thread names
      + JDK-8079255: [TEST_BUG] [macosx] Test closed/java/awt/Robot/
      /RobotWheelTest/RobotWheelTest fails for Mac only
      + JDK-8129827: [TEST_BUG] Test java/awt/Robot/RobotWheelTest/
      / fails
      + JDK-8148005: One byte may be corrupted by
      + JDK-8159599: [TEST_BUG] java/awt/Modal/ModalInternalFrameTest/
      + JDK-8159720: Failure of C2 compilation with tiered prevents
      some C1 compilations
      + JDK-8197859: VS2017 Complains about UINTPTR_MAX definition in
      + JDK-8206456: [TESTBUG] docker jtreg tests fail on systems
      without cpuset.effective_cpus / cpuset.effective_mems
      + JDK-8221529: [TESTBUG] Docker tests use old/deprecated image
      on AArch64
      + JDK-8224506: [TESTBUG] fails
      with exitValue = 137
      + JDK-8233551: [TESTBUG] fails on MacOS
      + JDK-8241086: Test runtime/NMT/ is
      failing on 32bit Windows
      + JDK-8253702: BigSur version number reported as 10.16, should
      be 11.nn
      + JDK-8255559: Leak File Descriptors Because of
      + JDK-8265527: tools/javac/diags/ fails after
      JDK-8078024 8u backport
      + JDK-8269039: Disable SHA-1 Signed JARs
      + JDK-8269850: Most JDK releases report macOS version 12 as
      10.16 instead of 12.0
      + JDK-8270344: Session resumption errors
      + JDK-8271459: C2: Missing NegativeArraySizeException when
      creating StringBuilder with negative capacity
      + JDK-8273176: handle latest VS2019 in abstract_vm_version
      + JDK-8274563: jfr/event/oldobject/
      fails when GC cycles are not happening
      + JDK-8274840: Update OS detection code to recognize Windows 11
      + JDK-8275887: jarsigner prints invalid digest/signature
      algorithm warnings if keysize is weak/disabled
      + JDK-8280890: Cannot use '-Djava.system.class.loader' with
      class loader in signed JAR
      + JDK-8283277: ISO 4217 Amendment 171 Update
      + JDK-8283903: GetContainerCpuLoad does not return the correct
      result in share mode
      + JDK-8284389: Improve stability of GHA Pre-submit testing by
      caching cygwin installer
      + JDK-8284622: Update versions of some Github Actions used in
      JDK workflow
      + JDK-8286582: Build fails on macos aarch64 when using
    - -with-zlib=bundled
      + JDK-8288928: Incorrect GPL header in pnglibconf.h (backport
      of JDK-8185041)
      + JDK-8289549: ISO 4217 Amendment 172 Update
      + JDK-8292762: Remove .jcheck directories from jdk8u
      + JDK-8293181: Bump update version of OpenJDK: 8u362
      + JDK-8293461: Add a test for JDK-8290832
      + JDK-8293828: JFR: jfr/event/oldobject/
      still fails when GC cycles are not happening
      + JDK-8294307: ISO 4217 Amendment 173 Update
      + JDK-8294357: (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2022d
      + JDK-8294863: Enable partial tier1 testing in GHA for JDK8
      + JDK-8295164: JDK 8 jdi tests should not use tasklist command
      on Windows
      + JDK-8295173: (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2022e
      + JDK-8295288: Some vm_flags tests associate with a wrong BugID
      + JDK-8295714: GHA ::set-output is deprecated and will be
      + JDK-8295723: security/infra/wycheproof/
      fails with Assertion Error
      + JDK-8295915: Problemlist compiler/rtm failures specific to 8u
      + JDK-8295950: Enable langtools/tier1 in GHA for 8u
      + JDK-8296108: (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2022f
      + JDK-8296239: ISO 4217 Amendment 174 Update
      + JDK-8296555: Enable hotspot/tier1 for 64-bit builds in GHA
      for 8u
      + JDK-8296715: CLDR v42 update for tzdata 2022f
      + JDK-8296959: Fix hotspot shell tests of 8u on multilib systems
      + JDK-8297141: Fix hotspot/test/runtime/SharedArchiveFile/
      / for 8u
      + JDK-8297804: (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2022g
      + JDK-8299439: java/text/Format/NumberFormat/
      fails for hr_HR
      + JDK-8299483: ProblemList java/text/Format/NumberFormat/
      + JDK-8300178: JDK-8286496 causes build failure on older GCC
      + JDK-8300225: JDK-8288516 causes build failure on Windows +
    * Bug fixes
      + Don't run check-aes on Zero builds (pointless and slow)
  - Removed patch:
    * java-1_8_0-openjdk-autoconf27.patch
      + fixed upstream
* Thu Dec 01 2022 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Update to version jdk8u352 (icedtea-3.25.0)
    * October 2022 CPU
    * CVEs
      + CVE-2022-21619 (bsc#1204473)
      + CVE-2022-21626 (bsc#1204471)
      + CVE-2022-21624 (bsc#1204475)
      + CVE-2022-21628 (bsc#1204472)
    * Security fixes
      + JDK-8282252: Improve BigInteger/Decimal validation
      + JDK-8285662: Better permission resolution
      + JDK-8286511: Improve macro allocation
      + JDK-8286519: Better memory handling
      + JDK-8286526: Improve NTLM support
      + JDK-8286533: Key X509 usages
      + JDK-8286910: Improve JNDI lookups
      + JDK-8286918: Better HttpServer service
      + JDK-8288508: Enhance ECDSA usage
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u352
      + JDK-7131823: bug in GIFImageReader
      + JDK-7186258: InetAddress$Cache should replace
      currentTimeMillis with nanoTime for more precise and accurate
      + JDK-8028265: Add legacy tz tests to OpenJDK
      + JDK-8039955: [TESTBUG] jdk/lambda/LambdaTranslationTest1 -
      java.lang.AssertionError: expected [d:1234.000000] but found
      + JDK-8049228: Improve multithreaded scalability of InetAddress
      + JDK-8071507: (ref) Clear phantom reference as soft and weak
      references do
      + JDK-8087283: Add support for the XML Signature here() function
      to the JDK XPath implementation
      + JDK-8130895: Test javax/swing/system/6799345/
      fails on Solaris11 Sparcv9
      + JDK-8136354: [TEST_BUG] Test
      java/awt/image/RescaleOp/ with Bad action
      for script
      + JDK-8139668: Generate README-build.html from markdown
      + JDK-8143847: Remove REF_CLEANER reference category
      + JDK-8147862: Null check too late in
      + JDK-8150669: C1 intrinsic for Class.isPrimitive
      + JDK-8155742: [Windows] robot.keyPress(KeyEvent.VK_ALT_GRAPH)
      throws java.lang.IllegalArgumentException in windows
      + JDK-8173339: AArch64: Fix minimum stack size computations
      + JDK-8173361: various crashes in
      + JDK-8175797: (ref) Reference::enqueue method should clear the
      reference object before enqueuing
      + JDK-8178832: (ref) jdk.lang.ref.disableClearBeforeEnqueue
      property is ignored
      + JDK-8183107: PKCS11 regression regarding checkKeySize
      + JDK-8193780: (ref) Remove the undocumented
      "jdk.lang.ref.disableClearBeforeEnqueue" system property
      + JDK-8194873: right ALT key hotkeys no longer work in Swing
      + JDK-8201793: (ref) Reference object should not support cloning
      + JDK-8214427: probable bug in logic of
      + JDK-8232950: SUNPKCS11 Provider incorrectly check key length
      for PSS Signatures.
      + JDK-8233019: java.lang.Class.isPrimitive() (C1) returns wrong
      result if Klass* is aligned to 32bit
      + JDK-8235218: Minimal VM is broken after JDK-8173361
      + JDK-8235385: Crash on aarch64 JDK due to long offset
      + JDK-8245263: Enable TLSv1.3 by default on JDK 8u for Client
      + JDK-8254178: Remove .hgignore
      + JDK-8254318: Remove .hgtags
      + JDK-8256722: handle VC++:1927 VS2019 in  abstract_vm_version
      + JDK-8260589: Crash in JfrTraceIdLoadBarrier::load(_jclass*)
      + JDK-8280963: Incorrect PrintFlags formatting on Windows
      + JDK-8282538: PKCS11 tests fail on CentOS Stream 9
      + JDK-8283849: AsyncGetCallTrace may crash JVM on guarantee
      + JDK-8285400: Add '@apiNote' to the APIs defined in
      Java SE 8 MR 3
      + JDK-8285497: Add system property for Java SE specification
      maintenance version
      + JDK-8287132: Retire Runtime.runFinalizersOnExit so that it
      always throws UOE
      + JDK-8287508: The tests added to jdk-8 by 8235385 are to be
      ported to jdk-11
      + JDK-8287521: Bump update version of OpenJDK: 8u352
      + JDK-8288763: Pack200 extraction failure with invalid size
      + JDK-8288865: [aarch64] LDR instructions must use legitimized
      + JDK-8290000: Bump macOS GitHub actions to macOS 11
      + JDK-8292579: (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2022c
      + JDK-8292688: Support Security properties in
    * AArch32 port
      + JDK-8292599: [aarch32] Crash due to missed CPU specific part
      of 8233019
* Wed Aug 24 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - make-jobserver-detection.patch: Fix detection of jobserver support
* Tue Aug 02 2022 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Update to version jdk8u345 (icedtea-3.24.0)
    * July 2022 CPU
    * Security fixes
      + JDK-8272243: Improve DER parsing
      + JDK-8272249: Better properties of loaded Properties
      + JDK-8277608: Address IP Addressing
      + JDK-8281859, CVE-2022-21540, bsc#1201694: Improve class
      + JDK-8281866, CVE-2022-21541, bsc#1201692: Enhance
      MethodHandle invocations
      + JDK-8283190: Improve MIDI processing
      + JDK-8284370: Improve zlib usage
      + JDK-8285407, CVE-2022-34169, bsc#1201684: Improve Xalan
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u342
      + JDK-8076190, bsc#1195163: Customizing the generation of a
      PKCS12 keystore
      + JDK-8129572: Cleanup usage of getResourceAsStream in jaxp
      + JDK-8132256: jaxp: Investigate removal of com/sun/org/apache/
      + JDK-8168926: C2: Bytecode escape analyzer crashes due to
      stack overflow
      + JDK-8170530: bash configure output contains a typo in a
      suggested library name
      + JDK-8190753: (zipfs): Accessing a large entry (> 2^31 bytes)
      leads to a negative initial size for ByteArrayOutputStream
      + JDK-8194154: System property user.dir should not be changed
      + JDK-8202142: jfr/event/io/TestInstrumentation is unstable
      + JDK-8209771: jdk.test.lib.Utils::runAndCheckException error
      + JDK-8221988: add possibility to build with Visual Studio 2019
      + JDK-8223396: [TESTBUG] several jfr tests do not clean up
      files created in /tmp
      + JDK-8230865: [TESTBUG] jdk/jfr/event/io/
      fails at-run shell target
      + JDK-8235211: serviceability/attach/
      / fails with
      AttachNotSupportedException: Unable to open socket file
      + JDK-8244973: serviceability/attach/
      / fails "stderr was not
      + JDK-8248876: LoadObject with bad base address created for
      exec file on linux
      + JDK-8255239: The timezone of the hs_err_pid log file is
      corrupted in Japanese locale
      + JDK-8261107: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in the
      + JDK-8266187: Memory leak in appendBootClassPath()
      + JDK-8274658: ISO 4217 Amendment 170 Update
      + JDK-8274751: Drag And Drop hangs on Windows
      + JDK-8278138: OpenJDK8 fails to start on Windows 8.1 after
      upgrading compiler to VS2017
      + JDK-8279669: test/jdk/com/sun/jdi/ uses
      wrong condition
      + JDK-8281814: Debuginfo.diz contains redundant build path
      after backport JDK-8025936
      + JDK-8282458: Update .jcheck/conf file for 8u move to git
      + JDK-8282552: Bump update version of OpenJDK: 8u342
      + JDK-8283350: (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2022a
      + JDK-8284620: CodeBuffer may leak _overflow_arena
      + JDK-8285445: cannot open file "NUL:"
      + JDK-8285523: Improve test java/io/FileOutputStream/
      + JDK-8285591: [11] add signum checks in engineVerify
      + JDK-8285727: [11u, 17u] Unify fix for JDK-8284920 with
      version from head
      + JDK-8286989: Build failure on macOS after 8281814
      + JDK-8287537: 8u JDK-8284620 backport broke AArch64 build
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u345
      + JDK-8290832: It is no longer possible to change "user.dir"
      in the JDK8
      + JDK-8291568: Bump update version of OpenJDK: 8u345
  - Removed patch:
    * JDK-8076190.patch
      + Included by upstream
* Thu Jun 30 2022 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Update to version jdk8u332 (icedtea-3.23.0)
    * April 2022 CPU
    * Security fixes
      + JDK-8269938: Enhance XML processing passes redux
      + JDK-8270504, bsc#1198672, CVE-2022-21426: Better XPath
      expression handling
      + JDK-8272255: Completely handle MIDI files
      + JDK-8272261: Improve JFR recording file processing
      + JDK-8272594: Better record of recordings
      + JDK-8274221: More definite BER encodings
      + JDK-8275151, bsc#1198675, CVE-2022-21443: Improved Object
      + JDK-8277227: Better identification of OIDs
      + JDK-8277672, bsc#1198674, CVE-2022-21434: Better invocation
      handler handling
      + JDK-8278008, bsc#1198671, CVE-2022-21476: Improve Santuario
      + JDK-8278356: Improve file creation
      + JDK-8278449: Improve keychain support
      + JDK-8278805: Enhance BMP image loading
      + JDK-8278972, bsc#1198673, CVE-2022-21496: Improve URL supports
      + JDK-8281388: Change wrapping of EncryptedPrivateKeyInfo
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u332
      + JDK-8033980: Xerces Update: datatype XMLGregorianCalendarImpl
      and DurationImpl
      + JDK-8035437: Xerces Update: xml/serialize/DOMSerializerImpl
      + JDK-8035577: Xerces Update: impl/xpath/regex/
      + JDK-8037259: xerces update: xpointer update
      + JDK-8041523: Xerces Update: Serializer improvements from Xalan
      + JDK-8141508: java.lang.invoke.LambdaConversionException:
      Invalid receiver type
      + JDK-8162572: Update License Header for all JAXP sources
      + JDK-8167014: jdeps: Missing message: warn.skipped.entry
      + JDK-8198411: [TEST_BUG] Two java2d tests are unstable in mach5
      + JDK-8202822: Add .git to .hgignore
      + JDK-8205540: test/hotspot/jtreg/vmTestbase/nsk/jdb/trace/
      /trace001/ fails with Debuggee did not exit after
      15 <cont> commands
      + JDK-8209178: Proxied HttpsURLConnection doesn't send BODY
      when retrying POST request
      + JDK-8210283: Support git as an SCM alternative in the build
      + JDK-8218682: [TEST_BUG] DashOffset fails in mach5
      + JDK-8225690: Multiple AttachListener threads can be created
      + JDK-8227738: jvmti/DataDumpRequest/datadumpreq001 failed due
      to "exit code is 134"
      + JDK-8227815: Minimal VM: set_state is not a member of
      + JDK-8240633: Memory leaks in the implementations of
      + JDK-8241768: git needs .gitattributes
      + JDK-8247766: [aarch64] guarantee(val < (1U << nbits)) failed:
      Field too big for insn
      + JDK-8253147: The javax/swing/JPopupMenu/7154841/
      / fail on big screens
      + JDK-8253353: Crash in C2: guarantee(n != NULL) failed: No Node
      + JDK-8266749: AArch64: Backtracing broken on PAC enabled
      + JDK-8270290: NTLM authentication fails if HEAD request is used
      + JDK-8273229: Update OS detection code to recognize Windows
      Server 2022
      + JDK-8273341: Update Siphash to version 1.0
      + JDK-8273575: memory leak in appendBootClassPath(), paths must
      be deallocated
      + JDK-8274524: SSLSocket.close() hangs if it is called during
      the ssl handshake
      + JDK-8277224:
      throws NPE
      + JDK-8277488: Add expiry exception for Digicert
      (geotrustglobalca) expiring in May 2022
      + JDK-8279077: JFR crashes on Linux ppc due to missing crash
      protector in signal handler
      + JDK-8280060: The sun/rmi/server/ class use
      + JDK-8282300: Throws NamingException instead of
      InvalidNameException after JDK-8278972
      + JDK-8282397: createTempFile method of is failing
      when called with suffix of spaces character
      + JDK-8284548: Invalid XPath expression causes
      + JDK-8284920: Incorrect Token type causes XPath expression to
      return empty result
      + JDK-8284936: Fix Java 7 bootstrap breakage due to use of
    * Backports
      + JDK-8031567: Better model for storing source revision
      + JDK-8170385: JDK-8031567 broke source bundles
      + JDK-8170392: JDK-8031567 broke builds from source bundles
      + JDK-8253424: Add support for running pre-submit testing using
      GitHub Actions
      + JDK-8253865: Pre-submit testing using GitHub Actions does not
      detect failures reliably
      + JDK-8254054: Pre-submit testing using GitHub Actions should
      not use the deprecated set-env command
      + JDK-8254173: Add Zero, Minimal hotspot targets to submit
      + JDK-8254175: Build no-pch configuration in debug mode for
      submit checks
      + JDK-8254282: Add Linux x86_32 builds to submit workflow
      + JDK-8255305: Add Linux x86_32 tier1 to submit workflow
      + JDK-8255352: Archive important test outputs in submit workflow
      + JDK-8255373: Submit workflow artifact name is always
      + JDK-8255895: Submit workflow artifacts miss hs_errs/replays
      due to ZIP include mismatch
      + JDK-8256127: Add cross-compiled foreign architectures builds
      to submit workflow
      + JDK-8256277: Github Action build on macOS should define OS
      and Xcode versions
      + JDK-8256354: Github Action build on Windows should define OS
      and MSVC versions
      + JDK-8256393: Github Actions build on Linux should define OS
      and GCC versions
      + JDK-8256414: add optimized build to submit workflow
      + JDK-8256747: GitHub Actions: decouple the hotspot build-only
      jobs from Linux x64 testing
      + JDK-8257056: Submit workflow should apt-get update to avoid
      package installation errors
      + JDK-8259924: GitHub actions fail on Linux x86_32 with "Could
      not configure libc6:i386"
      + JDK-8260460: GitHub actions still fail on Linux x86_32 with
      "Could not configure libc6:i386"
      + JDK-8263667: Avoid running GitHub actions on branches named
      + JDK-8282225: GHA: Allow one concurrent run per PR only
      + JDK-8284772: 8u GHA: Use GCC Major Version Dependencies Only
    * Bug fixes
      + GH002: Only add -Wno-unused-parameter on gcc and clang
      + GH004: Fix naming of sockaddr_in6 variable (sa6->him6) in
      SOCKETADDRESS union on Windows
      + GH007: Fix NetworkInterface_winXP.c variable declarations to
      compile on VS2010
      + GH008: Reinstate POST_STRIP_CMD empty check in Images.gmk
      + GH012: Building from tarball broken by bad backport of
    * Shenandoah
      + JDK-8260632: Build failures after JDK-8253353
* Mon Apr 04 2022 Stephan Kulow <>
  - Add java-1_8_0-openjdk-autoconf27.patch to accept autoconf 2.71
    as autoconf 2.59 or later
* Sat Mar 05 2022 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Update to version jdk8u322 (icedtea-3.22.0)
    * January 2022 CPU
    * Security fixes
      + JDK-8264934, CVE-2022-21248, bsc#1194926: Enhance cross VM
      + JDK-8268488: More valuable DerValues
      + JDK-8268494: Better inlining of inlined interfaces
      + JDK-8268512: More content for ContentInfo
      + JDK-8268795: Enhance digests of Jar files
      + JDK-8268801: Improve PKCS attribute handling
      + JDK-8268813, CVE-2022-21283, bsc#1194937: Better String
      + JDK-8269151: Better construction of EncryptedPrivateKeyInfo
      + JDK-8269944: Better HTTP transport redux
      + JDK-8270392, CVE-2022-21293, bsc#1194935: Improve String
      + JDK-8270416, CVE-2022-21294, bsc#1194934: Enhance
      construction of Identity maps
      + JDK-8270492, CVE-2022-21282, bsc#1194933: Better resolution
      of URIs
      + JDK-8270498, CVE-2022-21296, bsc#1194932: Improve SAX Parser
      configuration management
      + JDK-8270646, CVE-2022-21299, bsc#1194931: Improved scanning
      of XML entities
      + JDK-8271962: Better TrueType font loading
      + JDK-8271968: Better canonical naming
      + JDK-8271987: Manifest improved manifest entries
      + JDK-8272014, CVE-2022-21305, bsc#1194939: Better array
      + JDK-8272026, CVE-2022-21340, bsc#1194940: Verify Jar
      + JDK-8272236, CVE-2022-21341, bsc#1194941: Improve serial
      forms for transport
      + JDK-8272272: Enhance jcmd communication
      + JDK-8272462: Enhance image handling
      + JDK-8273290: Enhance sound handling
      + JDK-8273748, CVE-2022-21349: Improve Solaris font rendering
      + JDK-8273756, CVE-2022-21360, bsc#1194929: Enhance BMP image
      + JDK-8273838, CVE-2022-21365, bsc#1194928: Enhanced BMP
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u322
      + JDK-6801613: Cross-platform pageDialog and printDialog top
      margin entry broken
      + JDK-8011541: [TEST_BUG] closed/javax/swing/plaf/metal/
      /MetalUtils/ fails NPE since 7u25b03
      + JDK-8025430: [TEST_BUG] javax/swing/JEditorPane/5076514/
      / failed since jdk8b108
      + JDK-8041928: MouseEvent.getModifiersEx gives wrong result
      + JDK-8042199: The build of J2DBench via makefile is broken
      after the JDK-8005402
      + JDK-8044365: (dc) failing with
      ENOMEM when joining group (OS X 10.9)
      + JDK-8048021: Remove @version tag in jaxp repo
      + JDK-8049348: compiler/intrinsics/bmi/verifycode tests on
      lzcnt and tzcnt use incorrect assumption about REXB prefix
      + JDK-8060027: Tests java/beans/XMLEncoder/ and
      + JDK-8066588: javax/management/remote/mandatory/connectio
      / fails to compile
      + JDK-8066652: Default TimeZone is GMT not local if
      user.timezone is invalid on Mac OS
      + JDK-8069034:
      nightly failure
      + JDK-8077590: windows_i586_6.2-product-c2-runThese8_Xcomp_vm
      failing after win compiler upgrade
      + JDK-8080287: The image of BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_ARGB and
      BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_ARGB_PRE is blank
      + JDK-8140329: [TEST_BUG] test
      failed because image was not generated
      + JDK-8140472: java/net/ipv6tests/ failed
      intermittently with Address already in
      use: NET_Bind
      + JDK-8147051: StaxEntityResolverWrapper should create
      StaxXMLInputSource with a resolver indicator
      + JDK-8148915: Intermittent failures of
      + JDK-8176837: SunPKCS11 provider needs to check more details
      on PKCS11 Mechanism
      + JDK-8177393: Result of RescaleOp for 4BYTE_ABGR images may be
      25% black
      + JDK-8177536: Avoid Apple Peer-to-Peer interfaces in
      networking tests
      + JDK-8182036: Load from initializing arraycopy uses wrong
      memory state
      + JDK-8183369: RFC unconformity of HttpURLConnection with proxy
      + JDK-8183543: Aarch64: C2 compilation often fails with "failed
      spill-split-recycle sanity check"
      + JDK-8187450: JNI local refs exceeds capacity warning in
      + JDK-8187649: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in
      + JDK-8190482: InnocuousThread creation should not require the
      caller to possess enableContextClassLoaderOverride
      + JDK-8190793: Httpserver does not detect truncated request body
      + JDK-8196572: Tests and
      + JDK-8202788: Explicitly reclaim cached thread-local direct
      buffers at thread exit
      + JDK-8210058: Algorithmic Italic font leans opposite angle in
      + JDK-8220150: macos10.14 Mojave returns anti-aliased glyphs
      instead of aliased B&W glyphs
      + JDK-8225082: Remove IdenTrust certificate that is expiring in
      September 2021
      + JDK-8225083: Remove Google certificate that is expiring in
      December 2021
      + JDK-8226806: [macOS 10.14] Methods of Java Robot should be
      called from appropriate thread
      + JDK-8231254: (fs) Add test for macOS Catalina changes to
      protect system software
      + JDK-8231438: [macOS] Dark mode for the desktop is not
      + JDK-8232178: MacVolumesTest failed after upgrade to MacOS
      + JDK-8232226: [macos 10.15] test/jdk/java/awt/color/
      /EqualityTest/ may fail
      + JDK-8235153: [TESTBUG] [macos 10.15] java/awt/Graphics/
      /DrawImageBG/ fails
      + JDK-8236897: Fix the copyright header for pkcs11gcm2.h
      + JDK-8237499: JFR: Include stack trace in the ThreadStart event
      + JDK-8239886: Minimal VM build fails after JDK-8237499
      + JDK-8261397: Try Catch Method Failing to Work When Dividing
      An Integer By 0
      + JDK-8262731: [macOS] Exception from "Printable.print" is
      swallowed during "PrinterJob.print"
      + JDK-8272342: [TEST_BUG] java/awt/print/PrinterJob/
      / catches all exceptions
      + JDK-8273308: fails on CI
      + JDK-8273342: Null pointer dereference in
      + JDK-8273826: Correct Manifest file name and NPE checks
      + JDK-8273968: JCK javax_xml tests fail in CI
      + JDK-8274407: (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2021c
      + JDK-8274467: fails with tzdata2021b
      + JDK-8274468: fails with tzdata2021b
      + JDK-8274595: DisableRMIOverHTTPTest failed: connection refused
      + JDK-8274779: HttpURLConnection: HttpClient and HttpsClient
      incorrectly check request method when set to POST
      + JDK-8275766: (tz) Update Timezone Data to 2021e
      + JDK-8275849: fails with tzdata2021e
      + JDK-8276536: Update TimeZoneNames files to follow the changes
      made by JDK-8275766
  - Added patch:
    * JDK-8076190.patch
      + backport reviewed fix for JDK-8076190 Customizing the
      generation of a PKCS12 keystore (bsc#1195163)
* Wed Feb 09 2022 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Removed patch:
    * comment-nss-security-provider.patch
      + there is a configure-time option to do exactly the same thing
  - Modified patch:
    * fips.patch
      + allow plain key import, unless disabled with
    - Dcom.suse.fips.plainKeySupport=false command-line option
* Sat Dec 04 2021 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Modified patch:
    * fips.patch
      + When system crypto policy files are not available, use the
      information from the file that we distribute
      with OpenJDK as a fallback. (bsc#1193314, bsc#1193444,
* Fri Nov 05 2021 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Modified patch:
    * fips.patch
      + return in native code after generating
* Tue Nov 02 2021 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Update to version jdk8u312 (icedtea-3.21.0)
    * October 2021 CPU
    * Security fixes
      + JDK-8130183, CVE-2021-35588, bsc#1191905: InnerClasses: VM
      permits wrong Throw ClassFormatError if InnerClasses
      attribute's inner_class_info_index is 0
      + JDK-8161016: Strange behavior of URLConnection with proxy
      + JDK-8163326, CVE-2021-35550, bsc#1191901: Update the default
      enabled cipher suites preference
      + JDK-8254967, CVE-2021-35565, bsc#1191909: spins on TLS session close
      + JDK-8263314: Enhance XML Dsig modes
      + JDK-8265167, CVE-2021-35556, bsc#1191910: Richer Text Editors
      + JDK-8265574: Improve handling of sheets
      + JDK-8265580, CVE-2021-35559, bsc#1191911: Enhanced style for
      RTF kit
      + JDK-8265776: Improve Stream handling for SSL
      + JDK-8266097, CVE-2021-35561, bsc#1191912: Better hashing
      + JDK-8266103: Better specified spec values
      + JDK-8266109: More Resilient Classloading
      + JDK-8266115: More Manifest Jar Loading
      + JDK-8266137, CVE-2021-35564, bsc#1191913: Improve Keystore
      + JDK-8266689, CVE-2021-35567, bsc#1191903: More Constrained
      + JDK-8267086: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException in
      + JDK-8267712: Better LDAP reference processing
      + JDK-8267729, CVE-2021-35578, bsc#1191904: Improve TLS client
      + JDK-8267735, CVE-2021-35586, bsc#1191914: Better BMP support
      + JDK-8268193: Improve requests of certificates
      + JDK-8268199: Correct certificate requests
      + JDK-8268506: More Manifest Digests
      + JDK-8269618, CVE-2021-35603, bsc#1191906: Better session
      + JDK-8269624: Enhance method selection support
      + JDK-8270398: Enhance canonicalization
      + JDK-8270404: Better canonicalization
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u312 build 01
      + JDK-7146776: deadlock between URLStreamHandler.getHostAddress
      and file.Handler.openconnection
      + JDK-8004148: NPE in
      + JDK-8027154: [TESTBUG] Test java/awt/Mouse/
      /GetMousePositionTest/ fails
      + JDK-8035001: TEST_BUG: the retry logic in RMID.start() should
      check that the subprocess hasn't terminated
      + JDK-8035424: (reflect) Performance problem in
      + JDK-8042557: compiler/uncommontrap/
      / fails with: GC triggered
      before VM initialization completed
      + JDK-8054118: java/net/ipv6tests/ failed
      + JDK-8065215: Print warning summary at end of configure
      + JDK-8072767: DefaultCellEditor for comboBox creates
      ActionEvent with wrong source object
      + JDK-8079891: Store configure log in $BUILD/configure.log
      + JDK-8080082: configure fails if you create an empty directory
      and then run configure from it
      + JDK-8086003: Test fails on OSX with java.lang.RuntimeException
      'Narrow klass base: 0x0000000000000000, Narrow klass shift: 3'
      + JDK-8134989: java/net/MulticastSocket/
      failed due to unexpected IP address
      + JDK-8156584: Initialization race in
      + JDK-8166673: The new implementation of Robot.waitForIdle()
      may hang
      + JDK-8170467: (reflect) Optimize SignatureParser's use of
      + JDK-8196181: sun/java2d/GdiRendering/ fails
      + JDK-8202837: PBES2 AlgorithmId encoding error in PKCS12
      + JDK-8206189: sun/security/pkcs12/ fails
      with Sequence tag error
      + JDK-8214418: half-closed SSLEngine status may cause
      application dead loop
      + JDK-8214513: A PKCS12 keystore from Java 8 using custom PBE
      parameters cannot be read in Java 11
      + JDK-8220786: Create new switch to redirect error reporting
      output to stdout or stderr
      + JDK-8229243: SunPKCS11-Solaris provider tests failing on
      Solaris 11.4
      + JDK-8231222: fix pkcs11 P11_DEBUG guarded native traces
      + JDK-8238567: SoftMainMixer.processAudioBuffers(): Wrong
      handling of stoppedMixers
      + JDK-8240518: Incorrect JNU_ReleaseStringPlatformChars in
      Windows Print
      + JDK-8241248: NullPointerException in
      + JDK-8248901: Signed immediate support in
      .../share/assembler.hpp is broken.
      + JDK-8259338: Add expiry exception for identrustdstx3 alias to test
      + JDK-8262000: jdk/jfr/event/gc/detailed/
      / failed with
      "OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space"
      + JDK-8262829: Native crash in
      + JDK-8263311: Watch registry changes for remote printers
      update instead of polling
      + JDK-8265238: [8u] [macos] build failure in OpenJDK8u after
      JDK-8211301 in older xcode
      + JDK-8265978: make test should look for more locations when
      searching for exit code
      + JDK-8269810: [8u] Update after
      JDK-8250876 backport
      + JDK-8269953: config.log is not in build directory after 8u
      backport of JDK-8079891
      + JDK-8271466: StackGap test fails on aarch64 due to "-m64"
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u312 build 02
      + JDK-8247469: getSystemCpuLoad() returns -1 on linux when some
      offline cpus are present and cpusets.effective_cpus is not
      + JDK-8265836: OperatingSystemImpl.getCpuLoad() returns
      incorrect CPU load inside a container
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u312 build 03
      + JDK-8237495: Java MIDI fails with a dereferenced memory error
      when asked to send a raw 0xF7
      + JDK-8264752: SIGFPE crash with option
      + JDK-8266206: Build failure after JDK-8264752 with older GCCs
      + JDK-8270137: Kerberos Credential Retrieval from Cache not
      Working in Cross-Realm Setup
      + JDK-8272214: [8u] Build failure after backport of JDK-8248901
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u312 build 04
      + JDK-6847157: java.lang.NullPointerException: HDC for
      component at sun.java2d.loops.Blit.Blit
      + JDK-8176837: SunPKCS11 provider needs to check more details
      on PKCS11 Mechanism
      + JDK-8194246: JVM crashes when calling getStackTrace if stack
      contains a method that is a member of a very large class
      + JDK-8244154: Update SunPKCS11 provider with PKCS11 v3.0
      header files
      + JDK-8263382: java/util/logging/ failed
      with "checkLoggers: getLoggerNames() returned unexpected
      + JDK-8268103: JNI functions incorrectly return a double after
      + JDK-8269594: assert(_handle_mark_nesting > 1) failed: memory
      leak: allocating handle outside HandleMark
      + JDK-8269859: BacktraceBuilder._cprefs needs to be accessed as
      unsigned short
      + JDK-8269882: stack-use-after-scope in NewObjectA
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u312 build 05
      + JDK-7188942: Remove support of pbuffers in OGL Java2d pipeline
      + JDK-8022323: [JavaSecurityScanner] review package* Native methods should be private
      + JDK-8131062: aarch64: add support for GHASH acceleration
      + JDK-8134869: AARCH64: GHASH intrinsic is not optimal
      + JDK-8269851: OperatingSystemMXBean getProcessCpuLoad reports
      incorrect process cpu usage in containers
      + JDK-8272124: Cgroup v1 initialization causes
      NullPointerException when cgroup path contains colon
      + JDK-8272714: [8u] Build failure after backport of JDK-8248901
      with MSVC 2013
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u312 build 06
      + JDK-8268965: TCP Connection Reset when connecting simple
      socket to SSL server
      + JDK-8272643: Backout JDK-8176837 from 8u312
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u312 build 07
      + JDK-8157404: Unable to read certain PKCS12 keystores from
      + JDK-8222751: closed/test/jdk/sun/security/util/
      /DerIndefLenConverter/ fail
      + JDK-8269763: The JEditorPane is blank after JDK-8265167
    * Shenandoah
      + [backport] 8269661: JNI_GetStringCritical does not lock char
      + Re-cast JNI critical strings patch to be Shenandoah-specific
* Wed Oct 13 2021 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Remove the icedtea-sound backend, since all its functionality is
    in the default java sound backends
* Mon Oct 11 2021 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Added patches:
    * comment-nss-security-provider.patch
      + Comment this provider since it is not passing the compliance
    * fips.patch
      + Implement fips mode
* Wed Aug 04 2021 Andreas Schwab <>
  - riscv64-zero.patch: Add support for riscv64 (zero VM)
* Wed Jul 28 2021 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Update to version jdk8u302 (icedtea 3.20.0)
    * July 2021 CPU
    * Security fixes
      + JDK-8256157: Improve bytecode assembly
      + JDK-8256491: Better HTTP transport
      + JDK-8258432, CVE-2021-2341, bsc#1188564: Improve file
      + JDK-8260453: Improve Font Bounding
      + JDK-8260960: Signs of jarsigner signing
      + JDK-8260967, CVE-2021-2369, bsc#1188565: Better jar file
      + JDK-8262380: Enhance XML processing passes
      + JDK-8262403: Enhanced data transfer
      + JDK-8262410: Enhanced rules for zones
      + JDK-8262477: Enhance String Conclusions
      + JDK-8262967: Improve Zip file support
      + JDK-8264066, CVE-2021-2388, bsc#1188566: Enhance compiler
      + JDK-8264079: Improve abstractions
      + JDK-8264460: Improve NTLM support
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u302 build 01
      + JDK-6878250: (so) IllegalBlockingModeException thrown when
      reading from a closed SocketChannel's InputStream
      + JDK-7059970: Test case: javax/imageio/plugins/png/
      / is not closing a file
      + JDK-8030123: java/beans/Introspector/ fails
      + JDK-8033289: clang: clean up unused function warning
      + JDK-8036095: RMI tests using testlibrary.RMID and
      testlibrary.JavaVM do not pass through vmoptions
      + JDK-8042891: Format issues embedded in macros for two g1
      source files
      + JDK-8055754: filemap.cpp does not compile with clang
      + JDK-8064909: got OutOfMemoryError
      + JDK-8066508: JTReg tests timeout on slow devices when run
      using JPRT
      + JDK-8066807: langtools/test/Makefile should use -agentvm not
    - samevm
      + JDK-8071374: -XX:+PrintAssembly -XX:+PrintSignatureHandlers
      crash fastdebug VM with assert(limit == __null || limit <=
      nm->code_end()) in RelocIterator::initialize
      + JDK-8073446: TimeZone getOffset API does not  return a dst
      offset between years 2038-2137
      + JDK-8075071: [TEST_BUG] OOME: Java
      heap space: MaxHeap shrinked by MaxRAMFraction
      + JDK-8077364: "if( !this )" construct prevents build on Xcode
      + JDK-8130308: Too low memory usage in
      + JDK-8132148: G1 hs_err region dump legend out of sync with
      region values
      + JDK-8132709: [TESTBUG] gc/g1/
      might fail on embedded
      + JDK-8134672: [TEST_BUG] Some tests should check
      + JDK-8134883: C1 hard crash in range check elimination in
      Nashorn test262parallel
      + JDK-8136592: [TEST_BUG] Fix 2 platform-specific closed
      regtests for jigsaw
      + JDK-8151786: [TESTBUG] java/beans/XMLEncoder/
      timed out intermittently
      + JDK-8159898: Negative array size in
      + JDK-8166046: [TESTBUG] compiler/stringopts/
      / fails with OOME
      + JDK-8166724: gc/g1/ fails with
      + JDK-8177809: File.lastModified() is losing milliseconds
      (always ends in 000)
      + JDK-8178403: DirectAudio in JavaSound may hang and leak
      + JDK-8180478: tools/launcher/ fails on Windows
      because of extra-''
      + JDK-8183910: gc/arguments/ fails
      + JDK-8190332: PngReader throws NegativeArraySizeException/OOM
      error when IHDR width is very large
      + JDK-8190679: java/util/Arrays/ fails
      with "Initial heap size set to a larger value than the maximum
      heap size"
      + JDK-8191955: AArch64: incorrect prefetch distance causes an
      internal error
      + JDK-8199265: java/util/Arrays/ fails
      with OOM
      + JDK-8200550: Xcode 9.3 produce warning -Wexpansion-to-defined
      + JDK-8203196: C1 emits incorrect code due to integer overflow
      in _tableswitch keys
      + JDK-8205014: com/sun/jndi/ldap/
      failed with "Read timed out"
      + JDK-8209996: [PPC64] Fix JFR profiling
      + JDK-8214345: infinite recursion while checking super class
      + JDK-8217230: assert(t == t_no_spec) failure in
      + JDK-8217348: assert(thread->is_Java_thread()) failed: just
      + JDK-8225081: Remove Telia Company CA certificate expiring in
      April 2021
      + JDK-8225116: Test intermittently fails
      + JDK-8230428: Cleanup dead CastIP node code in formssel.cpp
      + JDK-8231631: sun/net/ftp/ fails
      intermittently with NPE
      + JDK-8231841: AArch64: debug.cpp help() is missing an AArch64
      line for pns
      + JDK-8231949: [PPC64, s390]: Make async profiling more reliable
      + JDK-8234011: (zipfs) Memory leak in
      + JDK-8241649: Optimize Character.toString
      + JDK-8243559: Remove root certificates with 1024-bit keys
      + JDK-8247350: [aarch64] assert(false) failed: wrong size of
      mach node
      + JDK-8249278: Revert JDK-8226253 which breaks the spec of
      AccessibleState.SHOWING for JList
      + JDK-8255086: Update the root locale display names
      + JDK-8255734: VM should ignore SIGXFSZ on ppc64, s390 too
      + JDK-8257999: Parallel GC crash in gc/parallel/
      / new region is not in covered_region
      + JDK-8258419: RSA cipher buffer cleanup
      + JDK-8258669: fastdebug jvm crashes when do event based
      tracing for monitor inflation
      + JDK-8258753: StartTlsResponse.close() hangs due to
      synchronization issues
      + JDK-8259271: gc/parallel/ still fails
      "assert(covered_region.contains(new_memregion)) failed: new
      region is not in covered_region"
      + JDK-8259619: C1: 3-arg StubAssembler::call_RT stack-use
      condition is incorrect
      + JDK-8259886: Improve SSL session cache performance and
      + JDK-8260029: aarch64: fix typo in verify_oop_array
      + JDK-8260236: better init AnnotationCollector _contended_group
      + JDK-8260255: C1: LoopInvariantCodeMotion constructor can
      leave some fields uninitialized
      + JDK-8260484: / fail
      with jtreg 4.2
      + JDK-8260704: ParallelGC: oldgen expansion needs release-store
      for _end
      + JDK-8261355: No data buffering in SunPKCS11 Cipher encryption
      when the underlying mechanism has no padding
      + JDK-8261867: Backport relevant test changes & additions from
      + JDK-8262110: DST starts from incorrect time in 2038
      + JDK-8262726: AArch64: C1 StubAssembler::call_RT can corrupt
      + JDK-8262730: Enable jdk8u MacOS external debug symbols
      + JDK-8262864: No debug symbols in image for Windows
    - -with-native-debug-symbols=external
      + JDK-8263061: copy wrong unpack200 debuginfo to bin directory
      after 8252395
      + JDK-8263504: Some OutputMachOpcodes fields are uninitialized
      + JDK-8263600: change rmidRunning to a simple lookup
      + JDK-8264509: jdk8u MacOS zipped debug symbols won't build
      + JDK-8264562: assert(verify_field_bit(1)) failed: Attempting
      to write an uninitialized event field: type
      + JDK-8264816: Weak handles leak causes GC to take longer
      + JDK-8265832: runtime/StackGap/ fails to compile in 8u
      + JDK-8265988: Fix sun/text/IntHashtable/Bug4170614 for JDK 8u
      + JDK-8266191: Missing aarch64 parts of JDK-8181872 (C1:
      possible overflow when strength reducing integer multiply by
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u302 build 02
      + JDK-8129511: PlatformMidi.c:83 uses malloc without malloc
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u302 build 03
      + JDK-8019470: Changes needed to compile JDK 8 on MacOS with
      clang compiler
      + JDK-8138820: JDK Hotspot build fails with Xcode 7.0.1
      + JDK-8241829: Cleanup the code for PrinterJob on windows
      + JDK-8252883: AccessDeniedException caused by delayed file
      deletion on Windows
      + JDK-8256818: SSLSocket that is never bound or connected leaks
      socket resources
      + JDK-8257670: sun/security/ssl/SSLSocketImpl/
      / reports leaks
      + JDK-8257884: Re-enable sun/security/ssl/SSLSocketImpl/
      / as automatic test
      + JDK-8257997: sun/security/ssl/SSLSocketImpl/
      again reports leaks after JDK-8257884
      + JDK-8264640: CMS ParScanClosure misses a barrier
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u302 build 04
      + JDK-8032050: Clean up for java/rmi/activation/Activatable/
      + JDK-8043264: hsdis library not picked up correctly on
      expected paths
      + JDK-8130430: [TEST_BUG] remove unnecessary internal calls
      from javax/swing/JRadioButton/8075609/
      + JDK-8206243: java -XshowSettings fails if
      memory.limit_in_bytes overflows LONG.max
      + JDK-8206925: Support the certificate_authorities extension
      + JDK-8228757: Fail fast if the handshake type is unknown
      + JDK-8242565: Policy initialization issues when the denyAfter
      constraint is enabled
      + JDK-8253375: OSX build fails with Xcode 12.0 (12A7209)
      + JDK-8257039: [8u] GenericTaskQueue destructor is incorrect
      + JDK-8262446: DragAndDrop hangs on Windows
      + JDK-8265666: Enable AIX build platform to make external debug
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u302 build 05
      + JDK-6990210: [TEST_BUG] EventDispatchThread/
      /HandleExceptionOnEDT/ fails on gnome
      + JDK-7106851: Test should not use System.exit
      + JDK-8028618: [TEST BUG] javax/swing/JScrollBar/bug4202954/
      / fails
      + JDK-8035000: clean up ActivationLibrary.DestroyThread
      + JDK-8037825: Fix warnings and enable "warnings as errors" in
      serviceability native libraries
      + JDK-8043646: libosxapp.dylib fails to build on Mac OS 10.9
      with clang
      + JDK-8047939: [TESTBUG] Rewrite
      + JDK-8074835: Resolve disabled warnings for libj2gss
      + JDK-8074836: Resolve disabled warnings for libosxkrb5
      + JDK-8078855: [TEST_BUG] javax/swing/JComboBox/8032878/
      / fails in WindowsClassicLookAndFeel
      + JDK-8081764: [TEST_BUG] Test javax/swing/plaf/aqua/
      / fails on Windows, Solaris
      Sparcv9 and Linux but passes on MacOSX
      + JDK-8172188: JDI tests fail due to "permission denied" when
      creating temp file
      + JDK-8196092: javax/swing/JComboBox/8032878/
      + JDK-8202299: Java Keystore fails to load PKCS12/PFX
      certificates created in WindowsServer2016
      + JDK-8239053: [8u] clean up undefined-var-template warnings
      + JDK-8239400: [8u] clean up undefined-var-template warnings
      + JDK-8249142: java/awt/FontClass/CreateFont/ is
      + JDK-8250876: Fix issues with cross-compile on macos
      + JDK-8254631: Better support ALPN byte wire values in SunJSSE
      + JDK-8265462: Handle multiple slots in the NSS Internal Module
      from SunPKCS11's Secmod
      + JDK-8266723: JFR periodic events are causing extra allocations
      + JDK-8266929: Unable to use algorithms from 3p providers
      + JDK-8267235: [macos_aarch64]
      InterpreterRuntime::throw_pending_exception messing up LR
      results in crash
      + JDK-8267426: MonitorVmStartTerminate test timed out on
      Embedded VM
      + JDK-8267689: [aarch64] Crash due to bad shift in indirect
      addressing mode
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u302 build 06
      + JDK-8267545: [8u] Enable Xcode 12 builds on macOS
      + JDK-8268444: keytool -v -list print is incorrect after
      backport JDK-8141457
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u302 build 07
      + JDK-8269388: Default build of OpenJDK 8 fails on newer GCCs
      with warnings as errors on format-overflow
      + JDK-8269468: JDK-8269388 breaks the build on older GCCs
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u302 build 08
      + JDK-8270533: AArch64: size_fits_all_mem_uses should return
      false if its output is a CAS
    * Shenandoah
      + [backport] 8259580: Shenandoah: uninitialized label in
      + [backport] 8259954: gc/shenandoah/mxbeans tests fail with
    - Xcomp
      + [backport] 8261251: Shenandoah: Use object size for full GC
      + [backport] 8261413: Shenandoah: Disable class-unloading in
      I-U mode
      + [backport] 8265239: Shenandoah: Shenandoah heap region count
      could be off by 1
      + [backport] 8266802: Shenandoah: Round up region size to page
      size unconditionally
      + [backport] 8267561: Shenandoah: Reference processing not
      properly setup for outside of cycle degenerated GC
      + [backport] 8268127: Shenandoah: Heap size may be too small
      for region to align to large page size
      + [backport] 8268699: Shenandoah: Add test for JDK-8268127
      + Shenandoah: Process weak roots during class unloading cycle
* Fri May 28 2021 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Added patch:
    * tls13extensions.patch
      + make tlsv1.2 client hello not emit the optional tlsv1.3
      extensions (fixes bsc#1184639)
* Fri May 14 2021 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Update to version jdk8u292 (icedtea 3.19.0)
    * April 2021 CPU
    * Security fixes
      + JDK-8227467: Better class method invocations
      + JDK-8244473: Contextualize registration for JNDI
      + JDK-8244543: Enhanced handling of abstract classes
      + JDK-8249906, CVE-2021-2163, bsc#1185055: Enhance opening JARs
      + JDK-8250568, CVE-2021-2161, bsc#1185056: Less ambiguous
      + JDK-8253799: Make lists of normal filenames
    * New features
      + PR3835: Populate unique SystemTap suffix from configure
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u292 build 01
      + JDK-6949753: [TEST BUG]: java/awt/print/PageFormat/
      / needs update by removing a infinite loop
      + JDK-8031126: java/lang/management/ThreadMXBean/
      / fails intermittently
      + JDK-8035166: Remove dependency on EC classes from pkcs11
      + JDK-8035186: j2se_jdk/jdk/test/java/lang/invoke/lambda/
      / - assertion error
      + JDK-8078450: Implement consistent process for quarantine of
      + JDK-8080953: [TEST_BUG]Test java/awt/FontClass/
      fails due to wrongly typed bugid
      + JDK-8081547: Prepare client libs regression tests for running
      in a concurrent, headless jtreg environment
      + JDK-8141457: keytool default cert fingerprint algorithm should
      be SHA-256
      + JDK-8150204: (fs) Enhance java/nio/file/Files/
      /probeContentType/ debugging output
      + JDK-8160217: JavaSound should clean up resources better
      + JDK-8163363: AArch64: Stack size in tools/launcher/
      / needs to be adjusted
      + JDK-8167281: IIOMetadataNode bugs in getElementsByTagName and
      NodeList.item methods
      + JDK-8168996: C2 crash at postaloc.cpp:140 : assert(false)
      failed: unexpected yanked node
      + JDK-8185934: keytool shows "Signature algorithm:
      SHA1withECDSA, -1-bit key"
      + JDK-8186090: java.nio.Bits.unaligned() doesn't handle aarch64
      + JDK-8195685: AArch64 port of 8174962: Better interface
      + JDK-8202343: Disable TLS 1.0 and 1.1
      + JDK-8211339: NPE during SSL handshake caused by
      + JDK-8216987: ciMethodData::load_data() unpacks MDOs with
      non-atomic copy
      + JDK-8217338: [Containers] Improve systemd slice memory limit
      + JDK-8223186: HotSpot compile warnings from GCC 9
      + JDK-8225805: Java Access Bridge does not close the logger
      + JDK-8226899: Problemlist compiler/rtm tests
      + JDK-8227642: [TESTBUG] Make docker tests podman compatible
      + JDK-8228434: jdk/net/Sockets/ fails after JDK-8227642
      + JDK-8229284: jdk/internal/platform/cgroup/
      / fails for - memory:getMemoryUsage
      + JDK-8230388: Problemlist additional compiler/rtm tests
      + JDK-8233228: Disable weak named curves by default in TLS,
      CertPath, and Signed JAR
      + JDK-8234727: sun/security/ssl/X509TrustManagerImpl tests
      support TLSv1.3
      + JDK-8234728: Some security tests should support TLSv1.3
      + JDK-8235874: The ordering of Cipher Suites is not maintained
      provided through jdk.tls.client.cipherSuites and
      jdk.tls.server.cipherSuites system property.
      + JDK-8238579: HttpsURLConnection drops the timeout and hangs
      forever in read
      + JDK-8242141: New System Properties to configure the TLS
      signature schemes
      + JDK-8244621: [macos10.15] Garbled FX printing plus CoreText
      warnings on Catalina when building with Xcode 11
      + JDK-8249183: JVM crash in "AwtFrame::WmSize" method
      + JDK-8249588: libwindowsaccessbridge issues on 64bit Windows
      + JDK-8250984: Memory Docker tests fail on some Linux kernels
      w/o cgroupv1 swap limit capabilities
      + JDK-8251397: NPE on ClassValue.ClassValueMap.cacheArray
      + JDK-8252470: java/awt/dnd/DisposeFrameOnDragCrash/
      / fails on Windows
      + JDK-8253368: TLS connection always receives close_notify
      + JDK-8253476: fails on some Linux
      kernels w/o swap limit capabilities
      + JDK-8253932: SSL debug log prints incorrect caller info
      + JDK-8254854: [cgroups v1] Metric limits not properly detected
      on some join controller combinations
      + JDK-8255908: ExceptionInInitializerError due to
      UncheckedIOException while initializing cgroupv1 subsystem
      + JDK-8255937: Better cleanup for test/jdk/javax/imageio/stream/
      + JDK-8256642: [TEST_BUG] jdk/test/javax/sound/midi/MidiSystem/
      / failed
      + JDK-8257192: Integrate AArch64 JIT port into 8u
      + JDK-8258079: Eliminate ParNew's use of klass_or_null()
      + JDK-8258241: [8u] Missing doPrivileged() hunks from
      + JDK-8258396: SIGILL in jdk.jfr.internal.PlatformRecorder
      + JDK-8258430: 8u backport of JDK-8063107 missing test/javax/
      /swing/JRadioButton/8041561/ changes
      + JDK-8258933: G1 needs klass_or_null_acquire
      + JDK-8259312: fails as soneraclass2ca cert
      + JDK-8259384: CUP version wrong in THIRD_PARTY_README after
      + JDK-8259568: PPC64 builds broken after JDK-8221408 8u backport
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u292 build 02
      + JDK-8078614: WindowsClassicLookAndFeel MetalComboBoxUI
      .getbaseLine fails with IllegalArgumentException
      + JDK-8198334: java/awt/FileDialog/8003399/ fails
      in headless mode
      + JDK-8249251: [dark_mode ubuntu 20.04] The selected menu is not
      highlighted in GTKLookAndFeel
      + JDK-8250582: Revert Principal Name type to NT-UNKNOWN when
      requesting TGS Kerberos tickets
      + JDK-8258833: Cancel multi-part cipher operations in SunPKCS11
      after failures
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u292 build 03
      + JDK-8145051: Wrong parameter name in synthetic lambda method
      leads to verifier error
      + JDK-8172404: Tools should warn if weak algorithms are used
      before restricting them
      + JDK-8209333: Socket reset issue for TLS 1.3 socket close
      + JDK-8219991: New fix of the deadlock in
      + JDK-8239091: Reversed arguments in call to strstr in freetype
      "debug" code.
      + JDK-8240827: Downport from "8221882: Use
      fiber-friendly java.util.concurrent.locks in JSSE"
      + JDK-8255880: UI of Swing components is not redrawn after their
      internal state changed
      + JDK-8256682: JDK-8202343 is incomplete
      + JDK-8260930: AARCH64: Invalid value passed to critical JNI
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u292 build 04
      + JDK-8061777: (zipfs) IllegalArgumentException in ZipCoder
      .toString when using Shitft_JIS
      + JDK-8158525: Update a few java/net tests to use the loopback
      address instead of the host address
      + JDK-8171410: aarch64: long multiplyExact shifts by 31 instead
      of 63
      + JDK-8225435: Upgrade IANA Language Subtag Registry to the
      latest for JDK14
      + JDK-8235263: Revert TLS 1.3 change that wrapped IOExceptions
      + JDK-8235311: Tag mismatch may alert bad_record_mac
      + JDK-8236500: Windows ucrt.dll should be looked up in versioned
      WINSDK subdirectory
      + JDK-8260349: Cannot programmatically retrieve Metaspace max
      set via JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS
      + JDK-8261766: [8u] hotspot needs to recognise cl.exe 19.16 to
      build with VS2017
      + JDK-8262075: sun/security/krb5/auto/
      timed out intermittently
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u292 build 05
      + JDK-6345095: regression test EmptyClipRenderingTest fails
      + JDK-6896810: TEST_BUG: java/lang/ref/SoftReference/
      fails with OOME during System.out.println
      + JDK-7107012: sun.jvm.hostspot.code.CompressedReadStream
      readDouble() conversion to long mishandled
      + JDK-7112454: TEST_BUG: java/awt/Choice/
      + JDK-7131835: [TEST_BUG] Test does not consider that the
      rounded edges of the window in Mac OS 10.7
      + JDK-7185221: [macosx] Regtest should not throw exception if
      a suitable display mode found
      + JDK-8041464: [TEST_BUG] CustomClassLoaderTransferTest does not
      support OS X
      + JDK-8078024: javac, several incorporation steps are silently
      failing when an error should be reported
      + JDK-8129626: G1: set_in_progress() and clear_started() needs
      a barrier on non-TSO platforms
      + JDK-8211301: [macos] support full window content options
      + JDK-8240353: AArch64: missing support for
    - XX:+ExtendedDTraceProbes in C1
      + JDK-8248336: AArch64: C2: offset overflow in BoxLockNode::emit
      + JDK-8257746: Regression introduced with JDK-8250984 - memory
      might be null in some machines
      + JDK-8261231: Windows IME was disabled after DnD operation
      + JDK-8262073: assert(allocates2(pc)) failed: not in CodeBuffer
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u292 build 06
      + JDK-8259048: (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2020f
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u292 build 07
      + JDK-8263008: AARCH64: Add debug info for
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u292 build 08
      + JDK-8191915: JCK tests produce incorrect results with C2
      + JDK-8256421: Add 2 HARICA roots to cacerts truststore
      + JDK-8260356: (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2021a
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u292 build 09
      + JDK-8264171: Missing aarch64 parts of JDK-8236179 (C1 register
      allocation failure with T_ADDRESS)
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u292 build 10
      + JDK-8258247: Couple of issues in fix for JDK-8249906
      + JDK-8259428: AlgorithmId.getEncodedParams() should return copy
      + JDK-8261183: Follow on to Make lists of normal filenames
    * Backports
      + JDK-8250825, PR3837: C2 crashes with assert(field != __null)
      failed: missing field
      + JDK-8255466, PR3837: C2 crashes at ciObject::get_oop()
    * Bug fixes
      + PR3822: Update elliptic curve patch to handle
      jdk.disabled.namedCurves (JDK-8233228) & file movement
      + PR3836: Extra compiler flags not passed to adlc build
      + PR3838: Bogus -Wnonnull warning on Zero builds
      + PR3839: Make -Wnonnull warnings on ppc64 non-fatal for
    * Shenandoah
      + [backport] 8202976: Add C1 lea patching support for x86
      + [backport] 8221507: Implement JFR Events for Shenandoah
      + [backport] 8224573: Fix windows build after JDK-8221507
      + [backport] 8228369: Shenandoah: Refactor LRB C1 stubs
      + [backport] 8229474: Shenandoah: Cleanup CM::update_roots()
      + [backport] 8229709: x86_32 build and test failures after
      JDK-8228369 (Shenandoah: Refactor LRB C1 stubs)
      + [backport] 8231087: Shenandoah: Self-fixing load reference
      barriers for C1/C2
      + [backport] 8232747: Shenandoah: Concurrent GC should
      deactivate SATB before processing weak roots
      + [backport] 8232992: Shenandoah: Implement self-fixing
      interpreter LRB
      + [backport] 8233021: Shenandoah: SBSC2::is_shenandoah_lrb_call
      should match all LRB shapes
      + [backport] 8233165:
      Shenandoah:SBSA::gen_load_reference_barrier_stub() should use
      pointer register for address on aarch64
      + [backport] 8233574: Shenandoah: build is broken without jfr
      + [backport] 8237837: Shenandoah: assert(mem == __null) failed:
      only one safepoint
      + [backport] 8238153: CTW: C2 (Shenandoah) compilation fails
      with "Unknown node in get_load_addr: CreateEx"
      + [backport] 8238851: Shenandoah: C1: Resolve into registers of
      correct type
      + [backport] 8240315: Shenandoah:
      Rename ShLBN::get_barrier_strength()
      + [backport] 8240751: Shenandoah: fold ShenandoahTracer
      + [backport] 8241765: Shenandoah: AARCH64 need to
      save/restore call clobbered registers before calling keepalive
      + [backport] 8244510: Shenandoah: invert SHC2Support::is_in_cset
      + [backport] 8244663: Shenandoah: C2 assertion fails in
      + [backport] 8244721: CTW: C2 (Shenandoah) compilation fails
      with "unexpected infinite loop graph shape"
      + [backport] 8251451: Shenandoah: Remark ObjectSynchronizer
      roots with I-U
      + [backport] 8252660: Shenandoah: support manageable
      SoftMaxHeapSize option
      + [backport] 8253224: Shenandoah: ShenandoahStrDedupQueue
      destructor calls virtual num_queues()
      + [backport] 8253778:
      ShenandoahSafepoint::is_at_shenandoah_safepoint should not
      access VMThread state from other threads
      + [backport] 8255457: Shenandoah: cleanup ShenandoahMarkTask
      + [backport] 8255760: Shenandoah: match constants style in
      ShenandoahMarkTask fallback
      + [backport] 8256806: Shenandoah: optimize shenandoah/jni/
      / test
      + [backport] 8257641: Shenandoah:
      Query is_at_shenandoah_safepoint() from control thread should
      return false
      + Fix racy update of code roots
      + Fix register allocation for thread register is 32bit LRB
      + Fix Shenandoah bindings in ADLC formssel
      + Normalise whitespace in AArch64 sources prior to merge of
      upstreamed version in 8u292-b01.
      + Revert differences against upstream 8u
      + Shenandoah: Backed out weak roots cleaning during full gc
    * AArch64 port
      + Normalise AArch64 sources, prior to merge of upstream version.
* Mon Feb 08 2021 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Update to version jdk8u282 (icedtea 3.18.0)
    * January 2021 CPU (bsc#1181239)
    * Security fixes
      + JDK-8247619: Improve Direct Buffering of Characters
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u282 build 01
      + JDK-6962725: Regtest javax/swing/JFileChooser/6738668/
      / fails under Linux
      + JDK-8025936: Windows .pdb and .map files does not have proper
      dependencies setup
      + JDK-8030350: Enable additional compiler warnings for GCC
      + JDK-8031423: Test java/awt/dnd/DisposeFrameOnDragCrash/
      / fails by Timeout on Windows
      + JDK-8036122: Fix warning 'format not a string literal'
      + JDK-8051853: new
      URI("x/").resolve("..").getSchemeSpecificPart() returns null!
      + JDK-8132664: closed/javax/swing/DataTransfer/DefaultNoDrop/
      / locks on Windows
      + JDK-8134632: Mark javax/sound/midi/Devices/
      / as headful
      + JDK-8148854: Class names "SomeClass" and "LSomeClass;"
      treated by JVM as an equivalent
      + JDK-8148916: Mark as intermittently failing
      + JDK-8148983: Fix extra comma in changes for JDK-8148916
      + JDK-8160438: javax/swing/plaf/nimbus/8057791/
      + JDK-8165808: Add release barriers when allocating objects
      with concurrent collection
      + JDK-8185003: JMX: Add a version of
      ThreadMXBean.dumpAllThreads with a maxDepth argument
      + JDK-8202076: test/jdk/java/io/File/ on
      windows with VS2017
      + JDK-8207766: [testbug] Adapt tests for Aix.
      + JDK-8212070: Introduce diagnostic flag to abort VM on failed
      JIT compilation
      + JDK-8213448: [TESTBUG] enhance jfr/jvm/TestDumpOnCrash
      + JDK-8215727: Restore JFR thread sampler loop to old /
      previous behavior
      + JDK-8220657: JFR.dump does not work when filename is set
      + JDK-8221342: [TESTBUG] Generate Dockerfile for docker testing
      + JDK-8224502: [TESTBUG] JDK docker test
      fails with access issues and OOM
      + JDK-8231209: [REDO] ThreadMXBean::getThreadAllocatedBytes()
      can be quicker for self thread
      + JDK-8231968: getCurrentThreadAllocatedBytes default
      implementation s/b getThreadAllocatedBytes
      + JDK-8232114: JVM crashed at imjpapi.dll in native code
      + JDK-8234270: [REDO] JDK-8204128 NMT might report incorrect
      numbers for Compiler area
      + JDK-8234339: replace JLI_StrTok in java_md_solinux.c
      + JDK-8238448: RSASSA-PSS signature verification fail when
      using certain odd key sizes
      + JDK-8242335: Additional Tests for RSASSA-PSS
      + JDK-8244225: stringop-overflow warning on strncpy call from
      + JDK-8245400: Upgrade to LittleCMS 2.11
      + JDK-8248214: Add paddings for TaskQueueSuper to reduce
      false-sharing cache contention
      + JDK-8249176: Update GlobalSignR6CA test certificates
      + JDK-8250665: Wrong translation for the month name of May in
      + JDK-8250928: JFR: Improve hash algorithm for stack traces
      + JDK-8251469: Better cleanup for
      + JDK-8251840: Java_sun_awt_X11_XToolkit_getDefaultScreenData
      should not be in make/mapfiles/libawt_xawt/mapfile-vers
      + JDK-8252384: [TESTBUG] Some tests refer to COMPAT provider
      rather than JRE
      + JDK-8252395: [8u] --with-native-debug-symbols=external
      doesn't include debuginfo files for binaries
      + JDK-8252497: Incorrect numeric currency code for ROL
      + JDK-8252754: Hash code calculation of JfrStackTrace is
      + JDK-8252904: VM crashes when JFR is used and JFR event class
      is transformed
      + JDK-8252975: [8u] JDK-8252395 breaks the build for
    - -with-native-debug-symbols=internal
      + JDK-8253284: Zero OrderAccess barrier mappings are incorrect
      + JDK-8253550: [8u] JDK-8252395 breaks the build for make
      + JDK-8253752: test/sun/management/jmxremote/bootstrap/
      / fails randomly
      + JDK-8254081: java/security/cert/PolicyNode/
      / fails due to an expired certificate
      + JDK-8254144: Non-x86 Zero builds fail with return-type
      warning in os_linux_zero.cpp
      + JDK-8254166: Zero: return-type warning in
      + JDK-8254683: [TEST_BUG] jdk/test/sun/tools/jconsole/
      / fails
      + JDK-8255003: Build failures on Solaris
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u282 build 02
      + JDK-8253837: JFR 8u fix symbol and cstring hashtable equals
      + JDK-8255269: Unsigned overflow in g1Policy.cpp
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u282 build 03
      + JDK-8163161: [PIT][TEST_BUG] increase timeout in
      + JDK-8168292: [TESTBUG] [macosx] Test
      java/awt/TrayIcon/DragEventSource/ fails
      on OS X
      + JDK-8168682: jdk/test/java/lang/ClassLoader/forNameLeak/
      / fails with -Xcomp
      + JDK-8223108: Test java/awt/EventQueue/
      / is unstable
      + JDK-8255603: Memory/Performance regression after JDK-8210985
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u282 build 04
      + JDK-8022535: [TEST BUG] javax/swing/text/html/parser/
      / fails
      + JDK-8043899: compiler/5091921/ fails if
      specified -Xmx is less than 1600m
      + JDK-8046221: [TEST_BUG] Cleanup datatransfer tests
      + JDK-8058805: [TEST_BUG]Test java/awt/TrayIcon/SecurityCheck/
      /NoPermissionTest/ fails
      + JDK-8068275: Some tests failed after JDK-8063104
      + JDK-8069211: (zipfs) ZipFileSystem creates corrupted zip if
      entry output stream gets closed more than once
      + JDK-8130772: Util.hitMnemonics does not work:
      getSystemMnemonicKeyCodes() returns ALT_MASK rather than
      + JDK-8156803: Turn StressLCM/StressGCM flags to diagnostic
      + JDK-8160761: [TESTBUG] Several compiler tests fail with
      product bits
      + JDK-8166015: [PIT][TEST_BUG] stray character in java/awt/
      + JDK-8166583: Add oopDesc::klass_or_null_acquire()
      + JDK-8166663: Simplify oops_on_card_seq_iterate_careful
      + JDK-8166862: CMS needs klass_or_null_acquire
      + JDK-8179083: Uninitialized notifier in Java Monitor Wait
      tracing event
      + JDK-8205507: jdk/javax/xml/crypto/dsig/
      timed out
      + JDK-8217362: Emergency dump does not work when disk=false is
      + JDK-8217766: Container Support doesn't work for some Join
      Controllers combinations
      + JDK-8219013: Update Apache Santuario (XML Signature) to
      version 2.1.3
      + JDK-8219562: Line of code in osContainer_linux.cpp L102
      appears unreachable
      + JDK-8220579: [Containers] out of sync with
      + JDK-8221340: [TESTBUG] fails after fix
      for JDK-8219562
      + JDK-8221710: [TESTBUG] more configurable parameters for
      docker testing
      + JDK-8227006: [linux] Runtime.availableProcessors execution
      time increased by factor of 100
      + JDK-8229868: Update Apache Santuario TPRM version
      + JDK-8233548: Update CUP to v0.11b
      + JDK-8242480: Negative value may be returned by
      getFreeSwapSpaceSize() in the docker
      + JDK-8246648: issue with OperatingSystemImpl
      getFreeSwapSpaceSize in docker after 8242480
      + JDK-8249846: Change of behavior after JDK-8237117: Better
      ForkJoinPool behavior
      + JDK-8250636: iso8601_time returns incorrect offset part on
      + JDK-8251365: Build failure on AIX after 8250636
      + JDK-8255717: Fix JFR crash in WriteObjectSampleStacktrace due
      to object not initialized
      + JDK-8256618: Zero: Linux x86_32 build still fails
      + JDK-8256671: Incorrect assignment operator used in
      guarantee() in genCollectedHeap
      + JDK-8256752: 8252395 incorrect copy rule for macos .dSYM
      + JDK-8257397: [TESTBUG] test/lib/containers/docker/
      refers to -Xlog:os+container=trace
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u282 build 05
      + JDK-8254982: (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2020c
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u282 build 06
      + JDK-8255226: (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2020d
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u282 build 07
      + JDK-8225072: Add LuxTrust certificate that is expiring in
      March 2021 to list of allowed but expired certs
      + JDK-8239105: Add exception for expiring Digicert root
      certificates to VerifyCACerts test
      + JDK-8258630: Add expiry exception for QuoVadis root
    * Bug fixes
      + PR3819: Installation can't handle existing tapset symlinks
    * Shenandoah
      + Shenandoah: Fix racy update of code roots
    * AArch32 port
      + JDK-8253036: Support building the Zero assembler port on
* Thu Nov 26 2020 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Update to version jdk8u275 (icedtea 3.17.1)
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u275 build 01
      + JDK-8214440, bsc#1179441: ldap over a TLS connection negotiate
      failed with "
      hostname of the server "does not match the hostname in the
      server's certificate"
      + JDK-8223940: Private key not supported by chosen signature
      + JDK-8236512: PKCS11 Connection closed after Cipher.doFinal
      and NoPadding
      + JDK-8250861: Crash in MinINode::Ideal(PhaseGVN*, bool)
    * Bug fixes
      + PR3815: Fix new s390 size_t issue in
  - Removed patches:
    * JDK-8250861.patch
    * s390.patch
      + integrated upstream
* Tue Nov 17 2020 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Modified patch:
    * java-atk-wrapper-security.patch
      + Fix errors introduced by manual rediffing of the patch
* Thu Nov 05 2020 Archie Cobbs <>
  - Add missing /etc/alternatives link for "jcmd" utility
* Wed Nov 04 2020 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Enable Shenandoah garbage collector on supported architectures
    and distributions
* Mon Nov 02 2020 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Added patch:
    * s390.patch
      + Fix build on s390 31bit
* Mon Nov 02 2020 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Added patch:
    * JDK-8250861.patch
      + Fix regression "8250861: Crash in MinINode::Ideal(PhaseGVN*,
      bool)" introduced in October 2020 CPU
* Wed Oct 28 2020 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Update to version jdk8u272 (icedtea 3.17.0) (July 2020 CPU,
    bsc#1174157, and October 2020 CPU, bsc#1177943)
    * New features
      + JDK-8245468: Add TLSv1.3 implementation classes from 11.0.7
      + PR3796: Allow the number of curves supported to be specified
    * Security fixes
      + JDK-8028431, CVE-2020-14579: NullPointerException in
      + JDK-8028591, CVE-2020-14578: NegativeArraySizeException in
      + JDK-8230613: Better ASCII conversions
      + JDK-8231800: Better listing of arrays
      + JDK-8232014: Expand DTD support
      + JDK-8233255: Better Swing Buttons
      + JDK-8233624: Enhance JNI linkage
      + JDK-8234032: Improve basic calendar services
      + JDK-8234042: Better factory production of certificates
      + JDK-8234418: Better parsing with CertificateFactory
      + JDK-8234836: Improve serialization handling
      + JDK-8236191: Enhance OID processing
      + JDK-8236196: Improve string pooling
      + JDK-8236862, CVE-2020-14779: Enhance support of Proxy class
      + JDK-8237117, CVE-2020-14556: Better ForkJoinPool behavior
      + JDK-8237592, CVE-2020-14577: Enhance certificate verification
      + JDK-8237990, CVE-2020-14781: Enhanced LDAP contexts
      + JDK-8237995, CVE-2020-14782: Enhance certificate processing
      + JDK-8238002, CVE-2020-14581: Better matrix operations
      + JDK-8238804: Enhance key handling process
      + JDK-8238842: AIOOBE in GIFImageReader.initializeStringTable
      + JDK-8238843: Enhanced font handing
      + JDK-8238920, CVE-2020-14583: Better Buffer support
      + JDK-8238925: Enhance WAV file playback
      + JDK-8240119, CVE-2020-14593: Less Affine Transformations
      + JDK-8240124: Better VM Interning
      + JDK-8240482: Improved WAV file playback
      + JDK-8241114, CVE-2020-14792: Better range handling
      + JDK-8241379: Update JCEKS support
      + JDK-8241522: Manifest improved jar headers redux
      + JDK-8242136, CVE-2020-14621: Better XML namespace handling
      + JDK-8242680, CVE-2020-14796: Improved URI Support
      + JDK-8242685, CVE-2020-14797: Better Path Validation
      + JDK-8242695, CVE-2020-14798: Enhanced buffer support
      + JDK-8243302: Advanced class supports
      + JDK-8244136, CVE-2020-14803: Improved Buffer supports
      + JDK-8244479: Further constrain certificates
      + JDK-8244955: Additional Fix for JDK-8240124
      + JDK-8245407: Enhance zoning of times
      + JDK-8245412: Better class definitions
      + JDK-8245417: Improve certificate chain handling
      + JDK-8248574: Improve jpeg processing
      + JDK-8249927: Specify limits of jdk.serialProxyInterfaceLimit
      + JDK-8253019: Enhanced JPEG decoding
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u262 build 01
      + JDK-4949105: Access Bridge lacks html tags parsing
      + JDK-8003209: JFR events for network utilization
      + JDK-8030680: 292 cleanup from default method code assessment
      + JDK-8035633: TEST_BUG: java/net/NetworkInterface/
      and some tests failed on windows intermittently
      + JDK-8041626: Shutdown tracing event
      + JDK-8141056: Erroneous assignment in HeapRegionSet.cpp
      + JDK-8149338: JVM Crash caused by Marlin renderer not handling
      NaN coordinates
      + JDK-8151582: (ch) test java/nio/channels/
      / failing due to "Connection
      + JDK-8165675: Trace event for thread park has incorrect unit
      for timeout
      + JDK-8176182: 4 security tests are not run
      + JDK-8178910: Problemlist sample tests
      + JDK-8183925: Decouple crash protection from watcher thread
      + JDK-8191393: Random crashes during cfree+0x1c
      + JDK-8195817: JFR.stop should require name of recording
      + JDK-8195818: JFR.start should increase autogenerated name by
      + JDK-8195819: Remove recording=x from jcmd JFR.check output
      + JDK-8199712: Flight Recorder
      + JDK-8202578: Revisit location for class unload events
      + JDK-8202835: jfr/event/os/ fails on
      missing events
      + JDK-8203287: Zero fails to build after JDK-8199712 (Flight
      + JDK-8203346: JFR: Inconsistent signature of
      + JDK-8203664: JFR start failure after AppCDS archive created
      with JFR StartFlightRecording
      + JDK-8203921: JFR thread sampling is missing fixes from
      + JDK-8203929: Limit amount of data for JFR.dump
      + JDK-8205516: JFR tool
      + JDK-8207392: [PPC64] Implement JFR profiling
      + JDK-8207829: FlightRecorderMXBeanImpl is leaking the first
      classloader which calls it
      + JDK-8209960: -Xlog:jfr* doesn't work with the JFR
      + JDK-8210024: JFR calls virtual is_Java_thread from ~Thread()
      + JDK-8210776: Upgrade X Window System 6.8.2 to the latest XWD
      + JDK-8211239: Build fails without JFR: empty JFR events
      signatures mismatch
      + JDK-8212232: Wrong metadata for the configuration of the
      cutoff for old object sample events
      + JDK-8213015: Inconsistent settings between JFR.configure and
    - XX:FlightRecorderOptions
      + JDK-8213421: Line number information for execution samples
      always 0
      + JDK-8213617: JFR should record the PID of the recorded process
      + JDK-8213734: SAXParser.parse(File, ..) does not close
      resources when Exception occurs.
      + JDK-8213914: [TESTBUG] Several JFR VM events are not covered
      by tests
      + JDK-8213917: [TESTBUG] Shutdown JFR event is not covered by
      + JDK-8213966: The ZGC JFR events should be marked as
      + JDK-8214542: JFR: Old Object Sample event slow on a deep heap
      in debug builds
      + JDK-8214750: Unnecessary <p> tags in jfr classes
      + JDK-8214896: JFR Tool left files behind
      + JDK-8214906: [TESTBUG] jfr/event/sampling/
      fails with UnsatisfiedLinkError
      + JDK-8214925: JFR tool fails to execute
      + JDK-8215175: Inconsistencies in JFR event metadata
      + JDK-8215237: jdk.jfr.Recording javadoc does not compile
      + JDK-8215284: Reduce noise induced by periodic task
      + JDK-8215355: Object monitor deadlock with no threads holding
      the monitor (using jemalloc 5.1)
      + JDK-8215362: JFR GTest JfrTestNetworkUtilization fails
      + JDK-8215771: The jfr tool should pretty print reference chains
      + JDK-8216064: -XX:StartFlightRecording:settings= doesn't work
      + JDK-8216486: Possibility of integer overflow in
      + JDK-8216528: test/jdk/java/rmi/transport/
      / failing with Xcomp
      + JDK-8216559: [JFR] Native libraries not correctly parsed from
      + JDK-8216578: Remove unused/obsolete method in JFR code
      + JDK-8216995: Clean up JFR command line processing
      + JDK-8217744: [TESTBUG] JFR TestShutdownEvent fails on some
      systems due to process surviving SIGINT
      + JDK-8217748: [TESTBUG] Exclude TestSig test case from JFR
      + JDK-8218935: Make jfr strncpy uses GCC 8.x friendly
      + JDK-8223147: JFR Backport
      + JDK-8223689: Add JFR Thread Sampling Support
      + JDK-8223690: Add JFR BiasedLock Event Support
      + JDK-8223691: Add JFR G1 Region Type Change Event Support
      + JDK-8223692: Add JFR G1 Heap Summary Event Support
      + JDK-8224172: assert(jfr_is_event_enabled(id)) failed:
      + JDK-8224475: JTextPane does not show images in HTML rendering
      + JDK-8226253: JAWS reports wrong number of radio buttons when
      buttons are hidden.
      + JDK-8226779: [TESTBUG] Test JFR API from Java agent
      + JDK-8226892: ActionListeners on JRadioButtons don't get
      notified when selection is changed with arrow keys
      + JDK-8227011: Starting a JFR recording in response to JVMTI
      VMInit and / or Java agent premain corrupts memory
      + JDK-8227605: Kitchensink fails "assert((((klass)->trace_id()
      & (JfrTraceIdEpoch::leakp_in_use_this_epoch_bit())) != 0))
      failed: invariant"
      + JDK-8229366: JFR backport allows unchecked writing to memory
      + JDK-8229401: Fix JFR code cache test failures
      + JDK-8229708: JFR backport code does not initialize
      + JDK-8229873: 8229401 broke jdk8u-jfr-incubator
      + JDK-8230448: [test] is failing on
      + JDK-8230707: JFR related tests are failing
      + JDK-8230782: Robot.createScreenCapture() fails if
      "awt.robot.gtk" is set to false
      + JDK-8230856: Java_java_net_NetworkInterface_getByName0 on
      unix misses ReleaseStringUTFChars in early return
      + JDK-8230947: is failing after
      + JDK-8231995: two jtreg tests failed after 8229366 is fixed
      + JDK-8233623: Add classpath exception to copyright in file
      + JDK-8236002: CSR for JFR backport suggests not leaving out
      the package-info
      + JDK-8236008: Some backup files were accidentally left in the
      hotspot tree
      + JDK-8236074: Missed package-info
      + JDK-8236174: Should update javadoc since tags
      + JDK-8238076: Fix OpenJDK 7 Bootstrap Broken by JFR Backport
      + JDK-8238452: Keytool generates wrong expiration date if
      validity is set to 2050/01/01
      + JDK-8238555: Allow Initialization of SunPKCS11 with NSS when
      there are external FIPS modules in the NSSDB
      + JDK-8238589: Necessary code cleanup in JFR for JDK8u
      + JDK-8238590: Enable JFR by default during compilation in 8u
      + JDK-8239055: Wrong implementation of VMState.hasListener
      + JDK-8239476: JDK-8238589 broke windows build by moving
      + JDK-8239479: minimal1 and zero builds are failing
      + JDK-8239867: correct over use of INCLUDE_JFR macro
      + JDK-8240375: Disable JFR by default for July 2020 release
      + JDK-8241444: Metaspace::_class_vsm not initialized if
      compressed class pointers are disabled
      + JDK-8241902: AIX Build broken after integration of
      JDK-8223147 (JFR Backport)
      + JDK-8242788: Non-PCH build is broken after JDK-8191393
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u262 build 02
      + JDK-8130737: AffineTransformOp can't handle child raster with
      non-zero x-offset
      + JDK-8172559: [PIT][TEST_BUG] Move @test to be 1st annotation
      in java/awt/image/Raster/
      + JDK-8230926: [macosx] Two apostrophes are entered instead of
      one with "U.S. International - PC" layout
      + JDK-8240576: JVM crashes after transformation in C2
      + JDK-8242883: Incomplete backport of JDK-8078268: backport
      test part
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u262 build 03
      + JDK-8037866: Replace the Fun class in tests with lambdas
      + JDK-8146612: C2: Precedence edges specification violated
      + JDK-8150986: serviceability/sa/jmap-hprof/
      / failing because expects HPROF
      JAVA PROFILE 1.0.1 file format
      + JDK-8229888: (zipfs) Updating an existing zip file does not
      preserve original permissions
      + JDK-8230597: Update GIFlib library to the 5.2.1
      + JDK-8230769: BufImg_SetupICM add
      ReleasePrimitiveArrayCritical call in early return
      + JDK-8233880, PR3798: Support compilers with multi-digit major
      version numbers
      + JDK-8239852: java/util/concurrent tests fail with
    - XX:+VerifyGraphEdges: assert(!VerifyGraphEdges) failed:
      verification should have failed
      + JDK-8241638: launcher time metrics always report 1 on Linux
      when _JAVA_LAUNCHER_DEBUG set
      + JDK-8243059: Build fails when --with-vendor-name contains a
      + JDK-8243474: [TESTBUG] removed three tests of 0 bytes
      + JDK-8244461: [JDK 8u] Build fails with glibc 2.32
      + JDK-8244548: JDK 8u: sun.misc.Version.jdkUpdateVersion()
      returns wrong result
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u262 build 04
      + JDK-8067796: (process) Process.waitFor(timeout, unit) doesn't
      throw NPE if timeout is less than, or equal to zero when unit
      == null
      + JDK-8148886: SEGV in sun.java2d.marlin.Renderer._endRendering
      + JDK-8171934:
      does not recognize OpenJDK's HotSpot VM
      + JDK-8196969: JTreg Failure:
      serviceability/sa/ causes NPE
      + JDK-8243539: Copyright info (Year) should be updated for fix
      of 8241638
      + JDK-8244777: ClassLoaderStats VM Op uses constant hash value
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u262 build 05
      + JDK-7147060: com/sun/org/apache/xml/internal/security/
      /transforms/ doesn't run in agentvm mode
      + JDK-8178374: Problematic ByteBuffer handling in
      CipherSpi.bufferCrypt method
      + JDK-8181841: A TSA server returns timestamp with precision
      higher than milliseconds
      + JDK-8227269: Slow class loading when running with JDWP
      + JDK-8229899: Make less racy
      + JDK-8236996: Incorrect Roboto font rendering on Windows with
      subpixel antialiasing
      + JDK-8241750: x86_32 build failure after JDK-8227269
      + JDK-8244407: JVM crashes after transformation in C2
      + JDK-8244843: JapanEraNameCompatTest fails
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u262 build 06
      + JDK-8246223: Windows build fails after JDK-8227269
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u262 build 07
      + JDK-8233197: Invert JvmtiExport::post_vm_initialized() and
      Jfr:on_vm_start() start-up order for correct option parsing
      + JDK-8243541: (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to tzdata2020a
      + JDK-8245167: Top package in method profiling shows null in JMC
      + JDK-8246703: [TESTBUG] Add test for JDK-8233197
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u262 build 08
      + JDK-8220293: Deadlock in JFR string pool
      + JDK-8225068: Remove DocuSign root certificate that is
      expiring in May 2020
      + JDK-8225069: Remove Comodo root certificate that is expiring
      in May 2020
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u262 build 09
      + JDK-8248399: Build installs jfr binary when JFR is disabled
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u262 build 10
      + JDK-8248715: New JavaTimeSupplementary localisation for 'in'
      installed in wrong package
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u265 build 01
      + JDK-8249677: Regression in 8u after JDK-8237117: Better
      ForkJoinPool behavior
      + JDK-8250546: Expect changed behaviour reported in JDK-8249846
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u272 build 01
      + JDK-8006205: [TESTBUG] NEED_TEST: please JTREGIFY
      + JDK-8035493: JVMTI PopFrame capability must instruct
      compilers not to prune locals
      + JDK-8036088: Replace strtok() with its safe equivalent
      strtok_s() in DefaultProxySelector.c
      + JDK-8039082: [TEST_BUG] Test java/awt/dnd/
      /BadSerializationTest/ fails
      + JDK-8075774: Small readability and performance improvements
      for zipfs
      + JDK-8132206: move into OpenJDK
      + JDK-8132376: Add @requires to the client tests with
      access to internal OS-specific API
      + JDK-8132745: minor cleanup of java/util/Scanner/
      + JDK-8137087: [TEST_BUG] Cygwin failure of java/awt/
      + JDK-8145808: java/awt/Graphics2D/MTGraphicsAccessTest/
      / hangs on Win. 8
      + JDK-8151788: NullPointerException from ntlm.Client.type3
      + JDK-8151834: Test times out
      + JDK-8153430: jdk regression test MletParserLocaleTest,
      ParserInfiniteLoopTest reduce default timeout
      + JDK-8153583: Make OutputAnalyzer.reportDiagnosticSummary
      + JDK-8156169: Some sound tests rarely hangs because of
      incorrect synchronization
      + JDK-8165936: Potential Heap buffer overflow when seaching
      timezone info files
      + JDK-8166148: Fix for JDK-8165936 broke solaris builds
      + JDK-8167300: Scheduling failures during gcm should be fatal
      + JDK-8167615: Opensource unit/regression tests for JavaSound
      + JDK-8172012: [TEST_BUG] delays needed in
      + JDK-8177628: Opensource unit/regression tests for ImageIO
      + JDK-8183341: Better cleanup for javax/imageio/
      + JDK-8183351: Better cleanup for jdk/test/javax/imageio/spi/
      + JDK-8193137: Nashorn crashes when given an empty script file
      + JDK-8194298: Add support for per Socket configuration of TCP
      + JDK-8198004: javax/swing/JFileChooser/6868611/
      throws error
      + JDK-8200313: java/awt/Gtk/GtkVersionTest/
      + JDK-8210147: adjust some WSAGetLastError usages in windows
      network coding
      + JDK-8211714: Need to update vm_version.cpp to recognise
      VS2017 minor versions
      + JDK-8214862: assert(proj != __null) at compile.cpp:3251
      + JDK-8217606: LdapContext#reconnect always opens a new
      + JDK-8217647: JFR: recordings on 32-bit systems unreadable
      + JDK-8226697: Several tests which need the @key headful
      keyword are missing it.
      + JDK-8229378: jdwp library loader in linker_md.c quietly
      truncates on buffer overflow
      + JDK-8230303: JDB hangs when running monitor command
      + JDK-8230711: ConnectionGraph::unique_java_object(Node* N)
      return NULL if n is not in the CG
      + JDK-8234617: C1: Incorrect result of field load due to
      missing narrowing conversion
      + JDK-8235243: handle VS2017 15.9 and VS2019 in
      + JDK-8235325: build failure on Linux after 8235243
      + JDK-8235687: Contents/MacOS/libjli.dylib cannot be a symlink
      + JDK-8237951: CTW: C2 compilation fails with "malformed
      control flow"
      + JDK-8238225: Issues reported after replacing symlink at
      Contents/MacOS/libjli.dylib with binary
      + JDK-8239385: KerberosTicket client name refers wrongly to
      sAMAccountName in AD
      + JDK-8239819: XToolkit: Misread of screen information memory
      + JDK-8240295: hs_err elapsed time in seconds is not accurate
      + JDK-8241888: Mirror system
      property with a security one
      + JDK-8242498: Invalid "sun.awt.TimedWindowEvent" object leads
      to JVM crash
      + JDK-8243489: Thread CPU Load event may contain wrong data for
      CPU time under certain conditions
      + JDK-8244818: Java2D Queue Flusher crash while moving
      application window to external monitor
      + JDK-8246310: Clean commented-out code about ModuleEntry
      and PackageEntry in JFR
      + JDK-8246384: Enable JFR by default on supported architectures
      for October 2020 release
      + JDK-8248643: Remove extra leading space in JDK-8240295 8u
      + JDK-8249610: Make keys)
      method public
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u272 build 02
      + JDK-8023697: failed class resolution reports different class
      name in detail message for the first and subsequent times
      + JDK-8025886: replace [[ and == bash extensions in regtest
      + JDK-8046274: Removing dependency on jakarta-regexp
      + JDK-8048933: -XX:+TraceExceptions output should include the
      + JDK-8076151: [TESTBUG] Test java/awt/FontClass/CreateFont/
      /fileaccess/ fails
      + JDK-8148854: Class names "SomeClass" and "LSomeClass;"
      treated by JVM as an equivalent
      + JDK-8154313: Generated javadoc scattered all over the place
      + JDK-8163251: Hard coded loop limit prevents reading of smart
      card data greater than 8k
      + JDK-8173300: [TESTBUG]compiler/tiered/
      fails with compiler.whitebox.SimpleTestCaseHelper(int) must be
      + JDK-8183349: Better cleanup for jdk/test/javax/imageio/
      /plugins/shared/ and
      + JDK-8191678: [TESTBUG] Add keyword headful in java/awt
      FocusTransitionTest test.
      + JDK-8201633: Problems with AES-GCM native acceleration
      + JDK-8211049: Second parameter of "initialize" method is not
      + JDK-8219566: JFR did not collect call stacks when
      MaxJavaStackTraceDepth is set to zero
      + JDK-8220165: Encryption using GCM results in
      RuntimeException- input length out of bound
      + JDK-8220555: JFR tool shows potentially misleading message
      when it cannot access a file
      + JDK-8224217: RecordingInfo should use textual representation
      of path
      + JDK-8231779: crash
      + JDK-8238380, PR3798: java.base/unix/native/libjava/childproc.c
      "multiple definition" link errors with GCC10
      + JDK-8238386, PR3798: (sctp) jdk.sctp/unix/native/libsctp/
      /SctpNet.c "multiple definition" link errors with GCC10
      + JDK-8238388, PR3798: libj2gss/NativeFunc.o "multiple
      definition" link errors with GCC10
      + JDK-8242556: Cannot load RSASSA-PSS public key with non-null
      params from byte array
      + JDK-8250755: Better cleanup for jdk/test/javax/imageio/
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u272 build 03
      + JDK-6574989: TEST_BUG:
      javax/sound/sampled/Clip/ fails sometimes
      + JDK-8148754: C2 loop unrolling fails due to unexpected graph
      + JDK-8192953: sun/management/jmxremote/bootstrap/*.sh tests
      fail with error : revokeall.exe: Permission denied
      + JDK-8203357: Container Metrics
      + JDK-8209113: Use WeakReference for lastFontStrike for created
      + JDK-8216283: Allow shorter method sampling interval than 10 ms
      + JDK-8221569: JFR tool produces incorrect output when both
    - -categories and --events are specified
      + JDK-8233097: Fontmetrics for large Fonts has zero width
      + JDK-8248851: CMS: Missing memory fences between free chunk
      check and klass read
      + JDK-8250875: Incorrect parameter type for update_number in
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u272 build 04
      + JDK-8061616: HotspotDiagnosticMXBean.getVMOption() throws
      IllegalArgumentException for flags of type double
      + JDK-8177334: Update xmldsig implementation to Apache
      Santuario 2.1.1
      + JDK-8217878: ENVELOPING XML signature no longer works in JDK
      + JDK-8218629: XML Digital Signature throws NAMESPACE_ERR
      exception on OpenJDK 11, works 8/9/10
      + JDK-8243138: Enhance BaseLdapServer to support starttls
      extended request
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u272 build 05
      + JDK-8026236: Add PrimeTest for BigInteger
      + JDK-8057003: Large reference arrays cause extremely long
      synchronization times
      + JDK-8060721: Test runtime/SharedArchiveFile/
      / fails in jdk 9 fcs new
      + JDK-8152077: (cal) Calendar.roll does not always roll the
      hours during daylight savings
      + JDK-8168517: java/lang/ProcessBuilder/ failed
      + JDK-8211163: UNIX version of Java_java_io_Console_echo does
      not return a clean boolean
      + JDK-8220674: [TESTBUG] MetricsMemoryTester failcount test in
      docker container only works with debug JVMs
      + JDK-8231213: Migrate SimpleDateFormatConstTest to JDK Repo
      + JDK-8236645: JDK 8u231 introduces a regression with
      incompatible handling of XML messages
      + JDK-8240676: Meet not symmetric failure when running lucene
      on jdk8
      + JDK-8243321: Add Entrust root CA - G4 to Oracle Root CA
      + JDK-8249158: THREAD_START and THREAD_END event posted in
      primordial phase
      + JDK-8250627: Use -XX:+/-UseContainerSupport for
      enabling/disabling Java container metrics
      + JDK-8251546: 8u backport of JDK-8194298 breaks AIX and
      Solaris builds
      + JDK-8252084: Minimal VM fails to bootcycle: undefined symbol:
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u272 build 06
      + JDK-8064319: Need to enable -XX:+TraceExceptions in release
      + JDK-8080462, PR3801: Update SunPKCS11 provider with PKCS11
      v2.40 support
      + JDK-8160768: Add capability to custom resolve host/domain
      names within the default JNDI LDAP provider
      + JDK-8161973: PKIXRevocationChecker.getSoftFailExceptions()
      not working
      + JDK-8169925, PR3801: PKCS #11 Cryptographic Token Interface
      + JDK-8184762: ZapStackSegments should use optimized memset
      + JDK-8193234: When using -Xcheck:jni an internally allocated
      buffer can leak
      + JDK-8219919: RuntimeStub name lost with
      + JDK-8220313: [TESTBUG] Update base image for Docker testing
      to OL 7.6
      + JDK-8222079: Don't use memset to initialize fields decode_env
      constructor in disassembler.cpp
      + JDK-8225695: 32-bit build failures after JDK-8080462 (Update
      SunPKCS11 provider with PKCS11 v2.40 support)
      + JDK-8226575: OperatingSystemMXBean should be made container
      + JDK-8226809: Circular reference in printed stack trace is not
      correctly indented & ambiguous
      + JDK-8228835: Memory leak in PKCS11 provider when using AES GCM
      + JDK-8233621: Mismatch in jsse.enableMFLNExtension property
      + JDK-8238898, PR3801: Missing hash characters for header on
      license file
      + JDK-8243320: Add SSL root certificates to Oracle Root CA
      + JDK-8244151: Update MUSCLE PC/SC-Lite headers to the latest
      release 1.8.26
      + JDK-8245467: Remove 8u TLSv1.2 implementation files
      + JDK-8245469: Remove DTLS protocol implementation
      + JDK-8245470: Fix JDK8 compatibility issues
      + JDK-8245471: Revert JDK-8148188
      + JDK-8245472: Backport JDK-8038893 to JDK8
      + JDK-8245473: OCSP stapling support
      + JDK-8245474: Add TLS_KRB5 cipher suites support according to
      + JDK-8245476: Disable TLSv1.3 protocol in the ClientHello
      message by default
      + JDK-8245477: Adjust TLS tests location
      + JDK-8245653: Remove 8u TLS tests
      + JDK-8245681: Add TLSv1.3 regression test from 11.0.7
      + JDK-8251117: Cannot check P11Key size in P11Cipher and
      + JDK-8251120, PR3793: [8u] HotSpot build assumes ENABLE_JFR is
      set to either true or false
      + JDK-8251341: Minimal Java specification change
      + JDK-8251478: Backport TLSv1.3 regression tests to JDK8u
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u272 build 07
      + JDK-8246193: Possible NPE in ENC-PA-REP search in AS-REQ
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u272 build 08
      + JDK-8062947: Fix exception message to correctly represent
      LDAP connection failure
      + JDK-8151678: com/sun/jndi/ldap/ failed
      due to timeout on DeadServerNoTimeoutTest is incorrect
      + JDK-8252573: 8u: Windows build failed after 8222079 backport
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u272 build 09
      + JDK-8252886: [TESTBUG] sun/security/ec/ :
      Compilation failed
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u272 build 10
      + JDK-8254673: Call to JvmtiExport::post_vm_start() was removed
      by the fix for JDK-8249158
      + JDK-8254937: Revert JDK-8148854 for 8u272
    * Backports
      + JDK-8038723, PR3806: Openup some PrinterJob tests
      + JDK-8041480, PR3806: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException when
      JTable contains certain string
      + JDK-8058779, PR3805: Faster implementation of
      String.replace(CharSequence, CharSequence)
      + JDK-8130125, PR3806: [TEST_BUG] add @modules to the several
      client tests unaffected by the automated bulk update
      + JDK-8144015, PR3806: [PIT] failures of text layout font tests
      + JDK-8144023, PR3806: [PIT] failure of text measurements in
      + JDK-8144240, PR3806: [macosx][PIT] AIOOB in
      + JDK-8145542, PR3806: The case failed automatically and thrown
      java.lang.ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException exception
      + JDK-8151725, PR3806: [macosx] ArrayIndexOOB exception when
      displaying Devanagari text in JEditorPane
      + JDK-8152358, PR3800: code and comment cleanups found during
      the hunt for 8077392
      + JDK-8152545, PR3804: Use preprocessor instead of compiling a
      program to generate native nio constants
      + JDK-8152680, PR3806: Regression in
      GlyphVector.getGlyphCharIndex behaviour
      + JDK-8158924, PR3806: Incorrect i18n text document layout
      + JDK-8166003, PR3806: [PIT][TEST_BUG] missing helper for
      + JDK-8166068, PR3806: test/java/awt/font/GlyphVector/
      / does not compile
      + JDK-8169879, PR3806: [TEST_BUG] javax/swing/text/
      /GlyphPainter2/6427244/ - compilation failed
      + JDK-8191512, PR3806: T2K font rasterizer code removal
      + JDK-8191522, PR3806: Remove Bigelow&Holmes Lucida fonts from
      JDK sources
      + JDK-8236512, PR3801: PKCS11 Connection closed after
      Cipher.doFinal and NoPadding
      + JDK-8254177, PR3809: (tz) Upgrade time-zone data to
    * Bug fixes
      + PR3798: Fix format-overflow error on GCC 10, caused by
      passing NULL to a '%s' directive
      + PR3795: ECDSAUtils for XML digital signatures should support
      the same curve set as the rest of the JDK
      + PR3799: Adapt elliptic curve patches to JDK-8245468: Add
      TLSv1.3 implementation classes from 11.0.7
      + PR3808: IcedTea does not install the JFR *.jfc files
      + PR3810: Enable JFR on x86 (32-bit) now that JDK-8252096 has
      fixed its use with Shenandoah
      + PR3811: Don't attempt to install JFR files when JFR is
    * Shenandoah
      + [backport] 8221435: Shenandoah should not mark through weak
      + [backport] 8221629: Shenandoah: Cleanup class unloading logic
      + [backport] 8222992: Shenandoah: Pre-evacuate all roots
      + [backport] 8223215: Shenandoah: Support verifying subset of
      + [backport] 8223774: Shenandoah: Refactor
      ShenandoahRootProcessor and family
      + [backport] 8224210: Shenandoah: Refactor
      ShenandoahRootScanner to support scanning CSet codecache roots
      + [backport] 8224508: Shenandoah: Need to update thread roots
      in final mark for piggyback ref update cycle
      + [backport] 8224579: ResourceMark not declared in
      shenandoahRootProcessor.inline.hpp with
    - -disable-precompiled-headers
      + [backport] 8224679: Shenandoah: Make
      ShenandoahParallelCodeCacheIterator noncopyable
      + [backport] 8224751: Shenandoah: Shenandoah Verifier should
      select proper roots according to current GC cycle
      + [backport] 8225014: Separate ShenandoahRootScanner method for
      + [backport] 8225216: gc/logging/ doesn't
      work for Shenandoah
      + [backport] 8225573: Shenandoah: Enhance ShenandoahVerifier to
      ensure roots to-space invariant
      + [backport] 8225590: Shenandoah: Refactor
      ShenandoahClassLoaderDataRoots API
      + [backport] 8226413: Shenandoah: Separate root scanner for
      + [backport] 8230853: Shenandoah: replace leftover
      assert(is_in(...)) with rich asserts
      + [backport] 8231198: Shenandoah: heap walking should visit all
      roots most of the time
      + [backport] 8231244: Shenandoah: all-roots heap walking misses
      some weak roots
      + [backport] 8237632: Shenandoah: accept NULL fwdptr to
      cooperate with JVMTI and JFR
      + [backport] 8239786: Shenandoah: print per-cycle statistics
      + [backport] 8239926: Shenandoah: Shenandoah needs to mark
      nmethod's metadata
      + [backport] 8240671: Shenandoah: refactor
      + [backport] 8240749: Shenandoah: refactor ShenandoahUtils
      + [backport] 8240750: Shenandoah: remove leftover files and
      mentions of ShenandoahAllocTracker
      + [backport] 8240868: Shenandoah: remove CM-with-UR
      piggybacking cycles
      + [backport] 8240872: Shenandoah: Avoid updating new regions
      from start of evacuation
      + [backport] 8240873: Shenandoah: Short-cut arraycopy barriers
      + [backport] 8240915: Shenandoah: Remove unused fields in init
      mark tasks
      + [backport] 8240948: Shenandoah: cleanup not-forwarded-objects
      paths after JDK-8240868
      + [backport] 8241007: Shenandoah: remove
      ShenandoahCriticalControlThreadPriority support
      + [backport] 8241062: Shenandoah: rich asserts trigger "empty
      statement" inspection
      + [backport] 8241081: Shenandoah: Do not modify
      update-watermark concurrently
      + [backport] 8241093: Shenandoah: editorial changes in flag
      + [backport] 8241139: Shenandoah: distribute mark-compact work
      exactly to minimize fragmentation
      + [backport] 8241142: Shenandoah: should not use parallel
      reference processing with single GC thread
      + [backport] 8241351: Shenandoah: fragmentation metrics overhaul
      + [backport] 8241435: Shenandoah: avoid disabling pacing with
      + [backport] 8241520: Shenandoah: simplify region sequence
      numbers handling
      + [backport] 8241534: Shenandoah: region status should include
      update watermark
      + [backport] 8241574: Shenandoah: remove
      + [backport] 8241583: Shenandoah: turn heap lock asserts into
      + [backport] 8241668: Shenandoah: make ShenandoahHeapRegion not
      derive from ContiguousSpace
      + [backport] 8241673: Shenandoah: refactor anti-false-sharing
      + [backport] 8241675: Shenandoah: assert(n->outcnt() > 0) at
      shenandoahSupport.cpp:2858 with
      + [backport] 8241692: Shenandoah: remove
      + [backport] 8241700: Shenandoah: Fold
      ShenandoahKeepAliveBarrier flag into ShenandoahSATBBarrier
      + [backport] 8241740: Shenandoah: remove
      + [backport] 8241743: Shenandoah: refactor and inline
      + [backport] 8241748: Shenandoah: inline MarkingContext TAMS
      + [backport] 8241838: Shenandoah: no need to trash cset during
      final mark
      + [backport] 8241841: Shenandoah: ditch one of allocation type
      counters in ShenandoahHeapRegion
      + [backport] 8241842: Shenandoah: inline
      + [backport] 8241844: Shenandoah: rename
      + [backport] 8241845: Shenandoah: align ShenandoahHeapRegions
      to cache lines
      + [backport] 8241926: Shenandoah: only print heap changes for
      operations that directly affect it
      + [backport] 8241983: Shenandoah: simplify FreeSet logging
      + [backport] 8241985: Shenandoah: simplify collectable garbage
      + [backport] 8242040: Shenandoah: print allocation failure type
      + [backport] 8242041: Shenandoah: adaptive heuristics should
      account evac reserve in free target
      + [backport] 8242042: Shenandoah: tune down
      + [backport] 8242054: Shenandoah: New incremental-update mode
      + [backport] 8242075: Shenandoah: rename
      ShenandoahHeapRegionSize flag
      + [backport] 8242082: Shenandoah: Purge Traversal mode
      + [backport] 8242083: Shenandoah: split "Prepare Evacuation"
      tracking into cset/freeset counters
      + [backport] 8242089: Shenandoah: per-worker stats should be
      summed up, not averaged
      + [backport] 8242101: Shenandoah: coalesce and parallelise heap
      region walks during the pauses
      + [backport] 8242114: Shenandoah: remove
      + [backport] 8242130: Shenandoah: Simplify arraycopy-barrier
      + [backport] 8242211: Shenandoah: remove
      + [backport] 8242212: Shenandoah: initialize
      ShenandoahHeuristics::_region_data eagerly
      + [backport] 8242213: Shenandoah: remove
      + [backport] 8242217: Shenandoah: Enable GC mode to be
      diagnostic/experimental and have a name
      + [backport] 8242227: Shenandoah: transit regions to cset state
      when adding to collection set
      + [backport] 8242228: Shenandoah: remove unused
      ShenandoahCollectionSet methods
      + [backport] 8242229: Shenandoah: inline ShenandoahHeapRegion
      liveness-related methods
      + [backport] 8242267: Shenandoah: regions space needs to be
      aligned by os::vm_allocation_granularity()
      + [backport] 8242271: Shenandoah: add test to verify GC mode
      + [backport] 8242273: Shenandoah: accept either SATB or IU
      barriers, but not both
      + [backport] 8242301: Shenandoah: Inline LRB runtime call
      + [backport] 8242316: Shenandoah: Turn NULL-check into assert
      in SATB slow-path entry
      + [backport] 8242353: Shenandoah: micro-optimize region
      liveness handling
      + [backport] 8242365: Shenandoah: use uint16_t instead of
      jushort for liveness cache
      + [backport] 8242375: Shenandoah: Remove
      ShenandoahHeuristic::record_gc_start/end methods
      + [backport] 8242641: Shenandoah: clear live data and update
      TAMS optimistically
      + [backport] 8243238: Shenandoah: explicit GC request should
      wait for a complete GC cycle
      + [backport] 8243301: Shenandoah: ditch
      + [backport] 8243307: Shenandoah: remove
      + [backport] 8243395: Shenandoah: demote guarantee in
      + [backport] 8243463: Shenandoah: ditch total_pause counters
      + [backport] 8243464: Shenandoah: print statistic counters in
      time order
      + [backport] 8243465: Shenandoah: ditch unused pause_other,
      conc_other counters
      + [backport] 8243487: Shenandoah: make _num_phases illegal
      phase type
      + [backport] 8243494: Shenandoah: set counters once per cycle
      + [backport] 8243573: Shenandoah: rename GCParPhases and
      related code
      + [backport] 8243848: Shenandoah: Windows build fails after
      + [backport] 8244180: Shenandoah: carry Phase to
      ShWorkerTimingsTracker explicitly
      + [backport] 8244200: Shenandoah: build breakages after
      + [backport] 8244226: Shenandoah: per-cycle statistics contain
      worker data from previous cycles
      + [backport] 8244326: Shenandoah: global statistics should not
      accept bogus samples
      + [backport] 8244509: Shenandoah: refactor
      ShenandoahBarrierC2Support::test_* methods
      + [backport] 8244551: Shenandoah: Fix racy update of
      + [backport] 8244667: Shenandoah: SBC2Support::test_gc_state
      takes loop for wrong control
      + [backport] 8244730: Shenandoah: gc/shenandoah/options/
      / should only verify the heuristics
      + [backport] 8244732: Shenandoah: move heuristics code to
      + [backport] 8244737: Shenandoah: move mode code to
      + [backport] 8244739: Shenandoah: break superclass dependency
      on ShenandoahNormalMode
      + [backport] 8244740: Shenandoah: rename ShenandoahNormalMode
      to ShenandoahSATBMode
      + [backport] 8245461: Shenandoah: refine mode name()-s
      + [backport] 8245463: Shenandoah: refine ShenandoahPhaseTimings
      constructor arguments
      + [backport] 8245464: Shenandoah: allocate collection set
      bitmap at lower addresses
      + [backport] 8245465: Shenandoah: test_in_cset can use more
      efficient encoding
      + [backport] 8245726: Shenandoah: lift/cleanup
      ShenandoahHeuristics names and properties
      + [backport] 8245754: Shenandoah: ditch ShenandoahAlwaysPreTouch
      + [backport] 8245757: Shenandoah: AlwaysPreTouch should not
      disable heap resizing or uncommits
      + [backport] 8245773: Shenandoah: Windows assertion failure
      after JDK-8245464
      + [backport] 8245812: Shenandoah: compute root phase parallelism
      + [backport] 8245814: Shenandoah: reconsider format specifiers
      for stats
      + [backport] 8245825: Shenandoah: Remove diagnostic flag
      + [backport] 8246162: Shenandoah: full GC does not mark code
      roots when class unloading is off
      + [backport] 8247310: Shenandoah: pacer should not affect
      interrupt status
      + [backport] 8247358: Shenandoah: reconsider free budget slice
      for marking
      + [backport] 8247367: Shenandoah: pacer should wait on lock
      instead of exponential backoff
      + [backport] 8247474: Shenandoah: Windows build warning after
      + [backport] 8247560: Shenandoah: heap iteration holds root
      locks all the time
      + [backport] 8247593: Shenandoah: should not block pacing
      + [backport] 8247751: Shenandoah: options tests should run with
      smaller heaps
      + [backport] 8247754: Shenandoah: mxbeans tests can be shorter
      + [backport] 8247757: Shenandoah: split heavy tests by
      heuristics to improve parallelism
      + [backport] 8247860: Shenandoah: add update watermark line in
      rich assert failure message
      + [backport] 8248041: Shenandoah: pre-Full GC root updates may
      miss some roots
      + [backport] 8248652: Shenandoah: SATB buffer handling may
      assume no forwarded objects
      + [backport] 8249560: Shenandoah: Fix racy GC request handling
      + [backport] 8249649: Shenandoah: provide per-cycle pacing stats
      + [backport] 8249801: Shenandoah: Clear soft-refs on requested
      GC cycle
      + [backport] 8249953: Shenandoah: gc/shenandoah/mxbeans tests
      should account for corner cases
      + Fix slowdebug build after JDK-8230853 backport
      + JDK-8252096: Shenandoah: adjust SerialPageShiftCount for
      x86_32 and JFR
      + JDK-8252366: Shenandoah: revert/cleanup changes in
      + Shenandoah: add JFR roots to root processor after JFR
      + Shenandoah: add root statistics for string dedup table/queues
      + Shenandoah: enable low-frequency STW class unloading
      + Shenandoah: fix build failures after JDK-8244737 backport
      + Shenandoah: Fix build failure with +JFR -PCH
      + Shenandoah: fix forceful pacer claim
      + Shenandoah: fix formats in
      + Shenandoah: fix runtime linking failure due to non-compiled
      + Shenandoah: hook statistics printing to PrintGCDetails, not
      + Shenandoah: JNI weak roots are always cleared before Full GC
      + Shenandoah: missing SystemDictionary roots in
      + Shenandoah: move barrier sets to their proper locations
      + Shenandoah: move parallelCleaning.* to shenandoah/
      + Shenandoah: pacer should use proper Atomics for intptr_t
      + Shenandoah: properly deallocates class loader metadata
      + Shenandoah: specialize String Table scans for better pause
      + Shenandoah: Zero build fails after recent Atomic cleanup in
    * AArch64 port
      + JDK-8161072, PR3797: AArch64: jtreg
      compiler/uncommontrap/TestDeoptOOM failure
      + JDK-8171537, PR3797: aarch64: compiler/c1/
      generates guarantee failure in C1
      + JDK-8183925, PR3797: [AArch64] Decouple crash protection from
      watcher thread
      + JDK-8199712, PR3797: [AArch64] Flight Recorder
      + JDK-8203481, PR3797: Incorrect constraint for unextended_sp
      in frame:safe_for_sender
      + JDK-8203699, PR3797: java/lang/invoke/SpecialInterfaceCall
      fails with SIGILL on aarch64
      + JDK-8209413, PR3797: AArch64: NPE in clhsdb jstack command
      + JDK-8215961, PR3797: jdk/jfr/event/os/
      fails on AArch64
      + JDK-8216989, PR3797:
      does not check for zero length on AARCH64
      + JDK-8217368, PR3797: AArch64: C2 recursive stack locking
      optimisation not triggered
      + JDK-8221658, PR3797: aarch64: add necessary predicate for
      ubfx patterns
      + JDK-8237512, PR3797: AArch64: aarch64TestHook leaks a
      + JDK-8246482, PR3797: Build failures with +JFR -PCH
      + JDK-8247979, PR3797: aarch64: missing side effect of killing
      flags for clearArray_reg_reg
      + JDK-8248219, PR3797: aarch64: missing memory barrier in
      fast_storefield and fast_accessfield
  - Modified patch:
    * java-atk-wrapper-security.patch
      + rediff to changed context
* Fri May 29 2020 Josef Cejka <>
  - Ignore whitespaces after the header or footer in PEM X.509 cert
    + JDK_1_8_0-8208602.patch
* Mon May 04 2020 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Update to version jdk8u252 (icedtea 3.16.0) (April 2020 CPU,
    * Security fixes
      + JDK-8223898, CVE-2020-2754: Forward references to Nashorn
      + JDK-8223904, CVE-2020-2755: Improve Nashorn matching
      + JDK-8224541, CVE-2020-2756: Better mapping of serial ENUMs
      + JDK-8224549, CVE-2020-2757: Less Blocking Array Queues
      + JDK-8225603: Enhancement for big integers
      + JDK-8227542: Manifest improved jar headers
      + JDK-8231415, CVE-2020-2773: Better signatures in XML
      + JDK-8233250: Better X11 rendering
      + JDK-8233410: Better Build Scripting
      + JDK-8234027: Better JCEKS key support
      + JDK-8234408, CVE-2020-2781: Improve TLS session handling
      + JDK-8234825, CVE-2020-2800: Better Headings for HTTP Servers
      + JDK-8234841, CVE-2020-2803: Enhance buffering of byte buffers
      + JDK-8235274, CVE-2020-2805: Enhance typing of methods
      + JDK-8236201, CVE-2020-2830: Better Scanner conversions
      + JDK-8238960: linux-i586 builds are inconsistent as the newly
      build jdk is not able to reserve enough space for object heap
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u252 build 01
      + JDK-8028480: (zipfs) NoSuchFileException on creating a file
      in ZipFileSystem with CREATE and WRITE
      + JDK-8031191: Warning exception when XMLSignature logging is
      + JDK-8034773: (zipfs) newOutputstream uses CREATE_NEW when no
      options specified
      + JDK-8038431: Close InputStream when finished retrieving XML
      Signature HTTP References
      + JDK-8041620: Solaris Studio 12.4 C++ 5.13 change in behavior
      for placing friend declarations within surrounding scope.
      + JDK-8046044: Fix raw and unchecked lint warnings in XML
      Signature Impl
      + JDK-8056313: TEST_BUG: java/util/Timer/
      fails intermittently
      + JDK-8144732: VM_HeapDumper hits assert with bad dump_len
      + JDK-8150432: fails
      + JDK-8150460: (linux|bsd|aix)_close.c: file descriptor table
      may become large or may not work at all
      + JDK-8216354: Syntax error in toolchain_windows.m4
      + JDK-8218553: Enhance keystore load debug output
      + JDK-8218580: endpoint identification algorithm should be
      + JDK-8227397: Add --with-extra-asflags configure option
      + JDK-8227662: freetype seeks to index at the end of the font
      + JDK-8231201: hs_err should print coalesced safepoint
      operations in Events section
      + JDK-8231991: Mouse wheel change focus on awt/swing windows
      + JDK-8232003: (fs) Files.write can leak file descriptor in the
      exception case
      + JDK-8232154: Update Mesa 3-D Headers to version 19.2.1
      + JDK-8232355: Two obsolete flags have the wrong obsolete
      version in 8u
      + JDK-8233023: assert(Opcode() == mem->Opcode() ||
      phase->C->get_alias_index(adr_type()) == Compile::AliasIdxRaw)
      failed: no mismatched stores, except on raw memory
      + JDK-8233404: System property to set the number of PBE
      iterations in JCEKS keystores
      + JDK-8234107: Several AWT modal dialog tests failing on Linux
      after JDK-8231991
      + JDK-8234264: Incorrect 8047434 JDK 8 backport in 8219677
      + JDK-8234288: Turkey Time Zone returns incorrect time zone name
      + JDK-8235637: jhsdb jmap from OpenJDK 11.0.5 doesn't work if
      prelink is enabled
      + JDK-8236873: Worker has a deadlock bug
      + JDK-8237523: 8u backport of JDK-8216354 didn't include changes
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u252 build 02
      + JDK-7143743: Potential memory leak with zip provider
      + JDK-8033215: clang: node.cpp:284 IDX_INIT macro use
      uninitialized field _out
      + JDK-8143849: Integrate Marlin renderer per JEP 265
      + JDK-8146792: Predicate moved after partial peel may lead to
      broken graph
      + JDK-8193255: Root Certificates should be stored in text
      format and assembled at build time
      + JDK-8233995: java.vm.vendor (and potentially other
      properties/fields) not correctly set in Windows/Hotspot build
      of OpenJDK8
      + JDK-8235142: JDK-8193255 backport broke bootstrap with JDK 10
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u252 build 03
      + JDK-8005819: Support cross-realm MSSFU
      + JDK-8046724: XML Signature ECKeyValue elements cannot be
      marshalled or unmarshalled
      + JDK-8079140: IgnoreAllErrorHandler should use doPrivileged
      when it reads system properties
      + JDK-8134579: [TESTBUG] Some bmi tests fail if
      can_access_local_variables is on.
      + JDK-8145055: Marlin renderer causes unaligned write accesses
      + JDK-8145849: ALPN: getHandshakeApplicationProtocol() always
      return null
      + JDK-8146293: Add support for RSASSA-PSS Signature algorithm
      + JDK-8158978: ALPN not working when values are set directly on
      a SSLServerSocket
      + JDK-8162723: Array index overflow in Base64 utility class
      + JDK-8170282: Enable ALPN parameters to be supplied during the
      TLS handshake
      + JDK-8171443: (spec) An ALPN callback function may also ignore
      + JDK-8175029: StackOverflowError in X509CRL and
      X509Certificate.verify(PublicKey, Provider)
      + JDK-8200400: Restrict Sasl mechanisms
      + JDK-8205445: Add RSASSA-PSS Signature support to SunMSCAPI
      + JDK-8205720: KeyFactory#getKeySpec and translateKey throws
      NullPointerException with Invalid key
      + JDK-8206171: Signature#getParameters for RSASSA-PSS throws
      ProviderException when not initialized
      + JDK-8213009: Refactoring existing SunMSCAPI classes
      + JDK-8213010: Supporting keys created with certmgr.exe
      + JDK-8214096: passes null
      parameter, so JCE validation fails
      + JDK-8215694: keytool cannot generate RSASSA-PSS certificates
      + JDK-8216039: TLS with BC and RSASSA-PSS breaks
      + JDK-8221407: Windows 32bit build error in
      + JDK-8223003: SunMSCAPI keys are not cleaned up
      + JDK-8223063: Support CNG RSA keys
      + JDK-8223158: Docked MacBook cannot start any Java Swing
      + JDK-8225180: SignedObject with invalid Key not throwing the
      InvalidKeyException in Windows
      + JDK-8225392: Comparison builds are failing due to cacerts file
      + JDK-8225745: NoSuchAlgorithmException exception for
      SHA256withECDSA with RSASSA-PSS support
      + JDK-8229767: Typo in Sasl.createClient and
      + JDK-8230977: JEP 244/8051498 - TLS Application-Layer Protocol
      Negotiation Extension (Java SE 8)
      + JDK-8230978: Add support for RSASSA-PSS Signature algorithm
      (Java SE 8)
      + JDK-8234245: sun/security/lib/cacerts/
      fails due to wrong checksum
      + JDK-8236470: Deal with ECDSA using ecdsa-with-SHA2 plus hash
      algorithm as AlgorithmId
      + JDK-8238502: sunmscapi.dll causing EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u252 build 04
      + JDK-8047212:
      failed: monitor is invalid
      + JDK-8135318: CMS wrong max_eden_size for
      + JDK-8144445: Maximum size checking in Marlin ArrayCache
      utility methods is not optimal
      + JDK-8144446: Automate the Marlin crash test
      + JDK-8144630: Use PrivilegedAction to create Thread in Marlin
      + JDK-8215756: Memory leaks in the AWT on macOS
      + JDK-8219244: NMT: Change ThreadSafepointState's allocation
      type from mtInternal to mtThread
      + JDK-8225128: Add exception for expiring DocuSign root to
      VerifyCACerts test
      + JDK-8229345: Memory leak due to vtable stubs not being shared
      on SPARC
      + JDK-8229872: (fs) Increase buffer size used with getmntent
      + JDK-8236179: C1 register allocation error with T_ADDRESS
      + JDK-8237368: Problem with NullPointerException in RMI
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u252 build 05
      + JDK-8022263: use same Clang warnings on BSD as on Linux
      + JDK-8055283: Expand ResourceHashtable with C_HEAP allocation,
      removal and some unit tests
      + JDK-8068184: Fix for JDK-8032832 caused a deadlock
      + JDK-8079693: Add support for ECDSA P-384 and P-521 curves to
      XML Signature
      + JDK-8132130: some docs cleanup
      + JDK-8144526: Remove Marlin logging use of deleted internal API
      + JDK-8144654: Improve Marlin logging
      + JDK-8144718: Pisces / Marlin Strokers may generate invalid
      curves with huge coordinates and round joins
      + JDK-8166976: TestCipherPBECons has wrong @run line
      + JDK-8167409: Invalid value passed to critical JNI function
      + JDK-8181872: C1: possible overflow when strength reducing
      integer multiply by constant
      + JDK-8187078: -XX:+VerifyOops finds numerous problems when
      running JPRT
      + JDK-8191227: issues with unsafe handle resolution
      + JDK-8216472: (se) Stack overflow during selection operation
      leads to crash (win)
      + JDK-8229022: BufferedReader performance can be improved by
      using StringBuilder
      + JDK-8231430: C2: Memory stomp in max_array_length() for
      T_ILLEGAL type
      + JDK-8235904: Infinite loop when rendering huge lines
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u252 build 06
      + JDK-8225130: Add exception for expiring Comodo roots to
      VerifyCACerts test
      + JDK-8230235: Rendering HTML with empty img attribute and
      documentBaseKey cause Exception
      + JDK-8235744: PIT:
      times out in linux-x64
      + JDK-8240521: Revert backport of 8231584: Deadlock with
      ClassLoader.findLibrary and System.loadLibrary call
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u252 build 07
      + JDK-8197441: Signature#initSign/initVerify for an invalid
      private/public key fails with ClassCastException for SunPKCS11
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u252 build 08
      + JDK-8241296: Segfault in JNIHandleBlock::oops_do()
      + JDK-8241307: Marlin renderer should not be the default in
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u252 build 09
      + JDK-8204152: SignedObject throws NullPointerException for
      null keys with an initialized Signature object
      + JDK-8219597: (bf) Heap buffer state changes could provoke
      unexpected exceptions
    * Backports
      + JDK-8035949, PR3784: Remove unused macro USE_SELECT and clean
      up Unix version of net_util_md.{c,h}
      + JDK-8167481, PR3784: cleanup of headers and includes for
      native libnet
      + JDK-8195607, PR3776:
      sun/security/pkcs11/Secmod/ failed with
      "NSS initialization failed" on NSS 3.34.1
    * Bug fixes
      + PR3786: Use 'JDK-' as prefix for bugs from the OpenJDK bug
    * Shenandoah
      + AArch64: Fix LRB use in LIRGenerator::do_UnsafeGetAndSetObject
      + [backport] 8221751: Shenandoah: Improve SATB enqueueing
      + [backport] 8221848: Shenandoah: ArrayCopy post-barrier
      + [backport] 8222766: Shenandoah: streamline post-LRB CAS
      barrier (x86)
      + [backport] 8223951: Shenandoah: Only need to update thread
      roots during final update refs
      + [backport] 8224179: Shenandoah: CTW test failures with
      traversal GC
      + [backport] 8224495: Shenandoah: Do not rescan code roots in
      final mark pause if it is not degenerated GC
      + [backport] 8224508: Shenandoah: Need to update thread roots
      in final mark for piggyback ref update cycle
      + [backport] 8224525: Shenandoah: Eliminate shenandoah
      verifier's side-effects
      + [backport] 8225171: Remove leftovers in
      + [backport] 8225341: Shenandoah: CM::update_thread_roots()
      needs to handle derived pointers
      + [backport] 8226586: Shenandoah: No need to pre-evacuate roots
      for degenerated GC
      + [backport] 8227327: Shenandoah: Faster and more parallel tests
      + [backport] 8227676: Shenandoah: More consistent naming of LRB
      entry points
      + [backport] 8228364: Shenandoah: Remove unused code from
      + [backport] 8229865: Use explicit #include debug.hpp for
      STATIC_ASSERT in gc/shenandoah/shenandoahUtils.cpp
      + [backport] 8229919: Support JNI Critical functions in object
      pinning API on x86_32 platforms
      + [backport] 8231086: Shenandoah: Stronger invariant for
      + [backport] 8231293: Shenandoah: Traversal should not revive
      dead weak roots
      + [backport] 8231410: Shenandoah: clone barrier should use base
      + [backport] 8231447: Shenandoah: Compilation-time regression
      after JDK-8231086
      + [backport] 8231499: Shenandoah:
      compiler/arraycopy/TestDefaultMethodArrayCloneDeoptC2 fails
      + [backport] 8232205: Shenandoah: missing "Update References"
    - > "Update Roots" tracing
      + [backport] 8232778: Shenandoah: SBSA::arraycopy_prologue
      checks wrong register
      + [backport] 8232908: Shenandoah: compact heuristics has
      incorrect trigger "Free is lower than allocated recently"
      + [backport] 8233387: Shenandoah: passive mode should disable
      pacing ergonomically
      + [backport] 8233520: Shenandoah: do not sleep when thread is
      + [backport] 8233850: Shenandoah: Shenandoah thread count
      ergonomics should be container aware
      + [backport] 8234232: [TESTBUG]
      gc/shenandoah/jvmti/ fails with -Xcomp
      + [backport] 8235636:
      gc/shenandoah/compiler/ fails after
      + [backport] 8235729: Shenandoah: Remove useless casting to
      + [backport] 8236106: [TESTBUG] Shenandoah: Make
      TestThreadFailure more resilient
      + [backport] 8236181: C2: Remove useless step_over_gc_barrier()
      in int->bool conversion
      + [backport] 8236732: Shenandoah: Stricter placement for
      oom-evac scopes
      + [backport] 8236851: Shenandoah: More details in Traversal GC
      event messages
      + [backport] 8237007: Shenandoah: assert(_base == Tuple)
      failure during C2 compilation
      + [backport] 8237038: Shenandoah: Reduce thread pool size in test
      + [backport] 8237570: Shenandoah: cleanup uses of
      allocation/free threshold in static heuristics
      + [backport] 8237586: Shenandoah: provide option to disable
      periodic GC
      + [backport] 8239868: Shenandoah: ditch C2 node limit
      + [backport] 8239904: Shenandoah: accumulated penalties should
      not be over 100% of capacity
      + [backport] 8240069: Shenandoah: turn more flags diagnostic
      + [backport] 8240070: Shenandoah: remove obsolete
      + [backport] 8240076: Shenandoah: pacer should cover reset and
      preclean phases
      + [backport] 8240215: Shenandoah: remove
      + [backport] 8240216: Shenandoah: remove
      + [backport] 8240217: Shenandoah: remove ShenandoahEvacAssist
      + [backport] 8240534: Shenandoah: ditch debug safepoint timeout
      + Fix LRB use in LIRGenerator::do_UnsafeGetAndSetObject
      + Fix tier2_gc_shenandoah group definition
      + Rectify JDK-8191227 workaround for Shenandoah
      + Revert leftover changes in type.{cpp|hpp}
      + JDK-8233500: Shenandoah: Shenandoah load barrier should save
      registers before calling keep alive barrier on x86
    * AArch64 port
      + JDK-8224851, PR3785: AArch64: fix warnings and errors with
      Clang and GCC 8.3
    * AArch32 port
      + JDK-8240219: CPU specific port of 8229345: Memory leak due to
      vtable stubs not being shared on SPARC
* Wed Apr 15 2020 Fridrich Strba <>
  - The pack200 and unpack200 alternatives should be slaves of java
    and not of javac, since they are part of JRE.
* Tue Feb 04 2020 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Add -fcommon to CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS to allow building with new
    compilers (boo#1160398)
* Mon Jan 27 2020 Fridrich Strba <>
  - On platform where OpenJ9 exists, avoid building with it in order
    to prevent build cycles
* Tue Jan 21 2020 Fridrich Strba <>
  - Update to version jdk8u242 (icedtea 3.15.0) (January 2020 CPU,
    * Security fixes
      + S8225261: Better method resolutions
      + S8224909, CVE-2020-2583: Unlink Set of LinkedHashSets
      + S8225279: Better XRender interpolation
      + S8226352, CVE-2020-2590: Improve Kerberos interop capabilities
      + S8227758: More valid PKIX processing
      + S8227816: More Colorful ICC profiles
      + S8228548, CVE-2020-2593: Normalize normalization for all
      + S8229951, CVE-2020-2601: Better Ticket Granting Services
      + S8230279: Improve Pack200 file reading
      + S8230318: Better trust store usage
      + S8230967: Improve Registry support of clients
      + S8231129: More glyph images
      + S8231139: Improved keystore support
      + S8231422, CVE-2020-2604: Better serial filter handling
      + S8231795, CVE-2020-2659: Enhance datagram socket support
      + S8232419: Improve Registry registration
      + S8234037, CVE-2020-2654: Improve Object Identifier Processing
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u242 build 01
      + S8010500: [parfait] Possible null pointer dereference at
      + S8067429: java.lang.VerifyError: Inconsistent stackmap frames
      at branch target
      + S8073154: NULL-pointer dereferencing in
      + S8077707: jdk9 b58 cannot run any graphical application on
      Win 8 with JAWS running
      + S8132249: Clean up JAB debugging code
      + S8133951: Zero interpreter asserts in stubRoutines.cpp
      + S8134739: compiler/loopopts/superword/
      /TestVectorizationWithInvariant crashes in loop opts
      + S8212071: Need to set the FreeType LCD Filter to reduce
      + S8230238: Add another regression test for JDK-8134739
      + S8230813: Add JDK-8010500 to compiler/loopopts/superword/
      / bug list
      + S8231398: Add time tracing for gc log rotation at safepoint
      + S8231988: Unexpected test result caused by C2
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u242 build 02
      + S8057986: freetype code to get glyph outline does not handle
      initial control point properly
      + S8068736: Avoid synchronization on
      + S8073347: javadoc of Formattable messed up by JDK-8019857
      + S8206173: MallocSiteTable::initialize() doesn't take function
      descriptors into account
      + S8213568: Typo in
      + S8218558: NMT stack traces in output should show mt component
      for virtual memory allocations
      + S8225101: Crash at sun.awt.X11.XlibWrapper.XkbGetUpdatedMap
      when change keybord map
      + S8228888: C2 compilation fails with assert "m has strange
      + S8229020: Failure on CPUs allowing loads reordering:
      assert(_tasks[t] == 1) failed: What else?
      + S8229169: False failure of GenericTaskQueue::pop_local on
      architectures with weak memory model
      + S8230363: C2: Let ConnectionGraph::not_global_escape(Node* n)
      return false if n is not in the CG
      + S8231887: fails because certificate was revoked
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u242 build 04
      + S8048556: Unnecessary GCLocker-initiated young GCs
      + S8073108: Use x86 and SPARC CPU instructions for GHASH
      + S8130341: GHASH 32bit intrinsics has AEADBadTagException
      + S8139178: Wrong fontMetrics when printing in Landscape
      + S8146238: [macosx] Java2D Queue Flusher crash on OSX after
      switching between user accounts
      + S8196681: Java Access Bridge logging and debug flags
      dynamically controlled
      + S8204288: Matching the end of a string followed by an empty
      greedy regex and a word boundary fails
      + S8204290: Add check to limit number of capture groups
      + S8219914: Change the environment variable for Java Access
      Bridge logging to have a directory.
      + S8225505: ctrl-F1 does not show the tooltip of a menu item
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u242 build 05
      + S8029629: java/lang/ProcessBuilder/ fails
      + S8055351: sun/security/provider/DSA/
      / failed with interrupted!
      (timed out?)
      + S8131778: java disables UseAES flag when using VIS=2 on sparc
      + S8133489: Better messaging for PKIX path validation matching
      + S8134424: BlockDataInputStream.readUTFBody: size local
      StringBuffer with the given length
      + S8156028: G1YoungGenSizer _adaptive_size not correct when
      setting NewSize and MaxNewSize to the same value
      + S8170641: sun/net/www/protocol/https/HttpsURLConnection/
      / fails with timeout
      + S8173956: KeyStore regression due to default keystore being
      changed to PKCS12
      + S8185898: setRequestProperty(key, null) results in HTTP
      header without colon in request
      + S8189762: [TESTBUG] Create tests for JDK-8146115 container
      awareness and resource configuration
      + S8194653: Deadlock involving FileSystems.getDefault and
      System.loadLibrary call
      + S8195088: [TEST_BUG] StartManagementAgent got unexpected
      + S8195667: ProblemList PKCS11 tests Secmod/
      and tls/ due to JDK-8180837
      + S8198649: Switch AWT/Swing's default GTK version to 3
      + S8208715: Conversion of milliseconds to nanoseconds in
      UNIXProcess contains bug
      + S8213119: [macos]
      java/awt/GraphicsDevice/ fails
      + S8215210: [macos] Hangul text does not shape to the
      precomposed form on JDK8u
      + S8216401: Allow "file:" URLs in Class-Path of local JARs
      + S8221172: SunEC specific test is not limited to SunEC
      + S8221246: NullPointerException within Win32ShellFolder2
      + S8222496: [8u] Switch on GTK3 as a default GTK L&F in
      + S8223490: Optimize search algorithm for determining default
      time zone
      + S8225141: Better handling of classes in error state in fast
      class initialization checks
      + S8229420: [Redo] jstat reports incorrect values for OU for
      CMS GC
      + S8231124: Missing closedir call with JDK-8223490
      + S8231584: Deadlock with ClassLoader.findLibrary and
      System.loadLibrary call
      + S8232984: Upgrading Joni License version to 2.1.16
      + S8233886: TEST_BUG jdk/java/net/CookieHandler/
      hit hardcoded expiration date
      + S8234591: [11u] Build with old C compiler broken by 8223490
      + S8236178: Debug build failed after 8236058
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u242 build 06
      + S8227715: GPLv2 files missing Classpath Exception
      + S8232019: Add LuxTrust certificate updates to the existing
      root program
      + S8233223: Add Amazon Root CA certificates
      + S8235850: [TESTBUG] Remove
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u242 build 07
      + S8037550: Update RFC references in javadoc to RFC 5280
      + S8039438: Some tests depend on internal API sun.misc.IOUtils
      + S8044500: Add kinit options and krb5.conf flags that allow
      users to obtain renewable tickets and specify ticket lifetimes
      + S8058290: JAAS Krb5LoginModule has suspect ticket-renewal
      logic, relies on clockskew grace
      + S8080835: Add blocking bulk read to sun.misc.IOUtils
      + S8138978: Examine usages of sun.misc.IOUtils
      + S8139206: Add InputStream readNBytes(int len)
      + S8183591: Incorrect behavior when reading DER value with
      Integer.MAX_VALUE length
      + S8186576: KerberosTicket does not properly handle renewable
      tickets at the end of their lifetime
      + S8186831: Kerberos ignores PA-DATA with a non-null s2kparams
      + S8186884: Test native KDC, Java krb5 lib, and native krb5 lib
      in one test
      + S8193832: Performance of InputStream.readAllBytes() could be
      + S8196956: (ch) More channels cleanup
      + S8201627: Kerberos sequence number issues
      + S8215032: Support Kerberos cross-realm referrals (RFC 6806)
      + S8226719: Kerberos login to Windows 2000 failed with
      "Inappropriate type of checksum in message"
      + S8227061: test behaves incorrectly when AS-REQ
      contains a PAData not PA-ENC-TS-ENC
      + S8227381: GSS login fails with PREAUTH_FAILED
      + S8227437: S4U2proxy cannot continue because server's TGT
      cannot be found
      + S8232381: add result NULL-checking to freetypeScaler.c
      + S8233944: Make KerberosPrincipal.KRB_NT_ENTERPRISE field
      package private
      + S8235909: File.exists throws AccessControlException for
      invalid paths when a SecurityManager is installed
      + S8236983: [TESTBUG] Remove pointless catch block in
      + S8236984: Add compatibility wrapper for IOUtils.readFully
    * Import of OpenJDK 8 u242 build 08
      + S8031111: fix krb5 caddr
      + S8132111: Do not request for addresses for forwarded TGT
    * Shenandoah
      + Add missing include in shenandoahOopClosures.cpp
      + Avoid initializing unused SharedHeap::_workers for Shenandoah
      + [backport] 8221435: Shenandoah should not mark through weak
      + [backport] 8221766: Load-reference barriers for Shenandoah
      + [backport] 8222129: Shenandoah: Missing CompareAndSwapP/N
      case in get_barrier_strength()
      + [backport] 8222738: Shenandoah: assert(is_Proj()) failed when
      running cometd benchmarks
      + [backport] 8223448: Shenandoah disabled barriers blocks omit
      + [backport] 8223450: Disable Shenandoah C2 barriers
      verification for x86_32
      + [backport] 8223567: Rename ShenandoahBrooksPointer to
      + [backport] 8224496: Shenandoah compilation fails with
      assert(is_CountedLoopEnd()) failed: invalid node class
      + [backport] 8224522: Shenandoah should apply barriers on
      + [backport] 8224584: Shenandoah: Eliminate forwarding pointer
      + [backport] 8224667: Shenandoah: Post-LRB cleanup
      + [backport] 8224881: Shenandoah: trashing "Collection Set,
      Pinned" region during Degenerated GC
      + [backport] 8224932: Shenandoah: Rename ShenandoahHeapLock,
      make it general purpose lock
      + [backport] 8225017: [TESTBUG]
      gc/shenandoah/oom/ takes too long
      + [backport] 8225046: Shenandoah metrics logs refactoring
      + [backport] 8225048: Shenandoah x86_32 support
      + [backport] 8225111: Make Shenandoah tests work with 32-bit VMs
      + [backport] 8225229: Shenandoah: trim down default number of
      GC threads
      + [backport] 8225357: Rewire
      ShenandoahHeap::maybe_update_with_forwarded for contending fixups
      + [backport] 8225441: Cleanup
      + [backport] 8225514: Shenandoah: ShenandoahCodeRoots should
      inherit from AllStatic
      + [backport] 8226757: Shenandoah: Make traversal and passive
      modes explicit
      + [backport] 8226957: Shenandoah: Remove obsoleted
      ShenandoahStoreCheck option
      + [backport] 8228775: Shenandoah: Remove useless
      null-input-verification in Shenandoah/C2 verifier
      + [backport] 8229002: Shenandoah: Missing node types in
      + [backport] 8229231: Shenandoah: Non-PCH builds failed after
      + [backport] 8229350: Shenandoah does not need barriers before
      + [backport] 8229416: Shenandoah: Demote or remove
      ShenandoahOptimize*Final optimizations
      + [backport] 8229419: Shenandoah: Cleanup LRB strength selector
      + [backport] 8229707: [TESTBUG] Some Shenandoah tests assume
      Server VM by default
      + [backport] 8231197: Shenandoah: JVMTI heap walking cleanup
      crashes with NULL forwardee
      + [backport] 8231405: [Shenandoah] guarantee(d != NULL) failed:
      Null dominator info
      + [backport] 8231583: Shenandoah: Fix register clash in
      SBSA::resolve_forwarding_pointer() borrowing
      + [backport] 8231667: Shenandoah: Full GC should take empty
      regions into slices for compaction
      + [backport] 8231932: Shenandoah: conc/par GC threads
      ergonomics overrides user settings
      + [backport] 8231946: Remove obsolete and unused
      ShenandoahVerifyObjectEquals flag
      + [backport] 8231947: Shenandoah: cleanup
      ShenandoahHumongousMoves flag treatment
      + [backport] 8232102: Shenandoah: print everything in proper
      + [backport] 8232176: Shenandoah: new assert in
      ShenandoahEvacuationTask is too strong
      + [backport] 8232534: Shenandoah: guard against reentrant
      ShenandoahHeapLock locking
      + [backport] 8232573: Shenandoah: cleanup and add more logging
      for in-pause phases
      + [backport] 8232575: Shenandoah: asynchronous object/region
      + [backport] 8232702: Shenandoah:
      gc/shenandoah/ uses non-existent
    - XX:+VerifyObjectEquals
      + [backport] 8232729: Shenandoah: assert
      ShenandoahHeap::cas_oop addresses are aligned
      + [backport] 8232802: Shenandoah: transition between "cset" and
      "pinned_cset" does not require cancelled gc
      + [backport] LRB right after call, use is Bool
      + Backport per-region seqnum tracking
      + [backport] Relax Shenandoah/C2 verifier against JDK11
      + [backport] Remove to wrong handlings of Shenandoah LRB in
      escape analysis
      + Backport Traversal GC
      + Cherry-pick JDK-8231201: hs_err should print coalesced
      safepoint operations in Events section
      + Cleanup weak JNI refs when not doing reference processing
      + Correct order between load, LRB and membar nodes
      + Disable JNI tests for 32-bit platforms, due to lack of jtreg
      + Do not enable UseCountedLoopSafepoints in Shenandoah by
      + Fix ifdef -> if INCLUDE_ALL_GCS in Shenandoah x86_32 code
      + Fix leftover commented out code in
      + Fix lock ordering issue when calling JVMTI GetLoadedClasses
      during marking
      + Fix naked heap loads in HeapDumper
      + Fix ShenandoahLoadReferenceBarrierNode::{Value, Identity}
      signatures after LRB backport
      + Fix Windows build after LRB backports
      + Fix Zero build after LRB backport moves, remove other stubs
      + Remove some obsolete Shenandoah code from C2
      + Remove StubRoutines::_shenandoah_wb_C and related code
      + Revert obsolete shared-code changes in runtime synchronizer
      + Revert ShenandoahVerifyObjectEquals additions, not required
      after LRB
      + S8236829: JDK-8232102 backport breaks s390
      + Save vector registers before LRB slowpath call
      + Shenandoah: JvmtiExport::weak_oops_do should not be entered
      by multiple threads
      + Shenandoah SA: support live region iteration
      + Use correct flag to guard implicit concurrent GC
    * AArch64 port
      + S8073108, PR3772: [AArch64] Use x86 and SPARC CPU
      instructions for GHASH acceleration
      + S8135018, PR3772: AARCH64: Missing memory barriers for CMS
      + S8209835, PR3772: Aarch64: elide barriers on all volatile
      + S8233839, PR3772: aarch64: missing memory barrier in
      NewObjectArrayStub and NewTypeArrayStub



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