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iproute2-6.1-2.1 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: iproute2 Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 6.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Thu Jan 5 15:07:03 2023
Group: Productivity/Networking/Routing Build host: s390zl24
Size: 3466920 Source RPM: iproute2-6.1-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Linux network configuration utilities
iproute2 is a collection of user-space utilities to set up networking
under Linux from the command-line. It can inspect and configure,
among other things: interface paramters, IP addresses, routing,
tunnels, bridges, packet transformations (IPsec, etc.), and Quality
of Service.






* Tue Dec 27 2022 Ludwig Nussel <>
  - Replace transitional %usrmerged macro with regular version check (boo#1206798)
* Fri Dec 23 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 6.1:
    * man: ss.8: fix a typo
    * testsuite: fix build failure
    * genl: remove unused vars in Makefile
    * json: do not escape single quotes
    * ip-monitor: Do not error out when RTNLGRP_STATS is not available
    * ip-link: man: Document existence of netns argument in add command
    * macsec: add Extended Packet Number support
    * macsec: add user manual description for extended packet number feature
    * ip: xfrm: support "external" (`collect_md`) mode in xfrm interfaces
    * ip: xfrm: support adding xfrm metadata as lwtunnel info in routes
    * ip: add NLM_F_ECHO support
    * libnetlink: add offset for nl_dump_ext_ack_done
    * tc/tc_monitor: print netlink extack message
    * rtnetlink: add new function rtnl_echo_talk()
    * ip: fix return value for rtnl_talk failures
    * iplink_bridge: Add no_linklocal_learn option support
    * devlink: use dl_no_arg instead of checking dl_argc == 0
    * devlink: remove dl_argv_parse_put
    * mnlg: remove unnused mnlg_socket structure
    * utils: extract CTRL_ATTR_MAXATTR and save it
    * devlink: expose nested devlink for a line card object
    * devlink: load port-ifname map on demand
    * devlink: fix parallel flash notifications processing
    * devlink: move use_iec into struct dl
    * devlink: fix typo in variable name in ifname_map_cb()
    * devlink: load ifname map on demand from ifname_map_rev_lookup() as well
    * dcb: unblock mnl_socket_recvfrom if not message received
    * libnetlink: Fix memory leak in __rtnl_talk_iov()
    * tc_util: Fix no error return when large parent id used
    * tc_util: Change datatype for maj to avoid overflow issue
    * ss: man: add missing entries for MPTCP
    * ss: man: add missing entries for TIPC
    * ss: usage: add missing parameters
    * ss: re-add TIPC query support
    * devlink: Fix setting parent for 'rate add'
    * link: display 'allmulti' counter
    * seg6: add support for flavors in SRv6 End* behaviors
    * tc: ct: Fix invalid pointer dereference
    * uapi: update from 6.1 pre rc1
    * u32: fix json formatting of flowid
    * tc_stab: remove dead code
    * uapi: update for in.h and ip.h
    * remove #if 0 code
    * tc: add json support to size table
    * tc: put size table options in json object
    * tc/basic: fix json output filter
    * iplink: support JSON in MPLS output
    * tc: print errors on stderr
    * ip: print mpls errors on stderr
    * tc: make prefix const
    * man: add missing tc class show
    * iplink_can: add missing `]' of the bitrate, dbitrate and termination arrays
    * ip link: add sub-command to view and change DSA conduit interface
* Tue Nov 22 2022 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Replace routel program by a non-python version [boo#1205632]
* Sat Oct 08 2022 Callum Farmer <>
  - update to 6.0:
    * ipstats: Add param.h for musl
    * Update kernel headers
    * libbpf: add xdp program name support
    * iplink: bond_slave: add per port prio support
    * seg6: add support for SRv6 Headend Reduced Encapsulation
    * lib: Introduce ppp protocols
    * f_flower: Introduce PPPoE support
* Wed Aug 10 2022 Callum Farmer <>
  - update to 5.19:
    * ip/iplink_virt_wifi: add support for virt_wifi
    * Update kernel headers
    * libnetlink: Add filtering to rtnl_statsdump_req_filter()
    * ipstats: Add a "set" command
    * ipstats: Add a group "link"
    * libbpf: Use bpf_object__load instead of bpf_object__load_xattr
    * uapi: change name for zerocopy sendfile in tls
    * bridge: vxlan device vnifilter support
    * f_flower: Add num of vlans parameter
* Sun Jun 05 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 5.18:
    This is the release of iproute2 corresponding to the 5.18 kernel.
    There are not many new features in this release.
    * The build issues with libbpf should be fixed now.
    * Building with clang is now supported.
    * There are still some warnings with gcc-12 that will need to be
      fixed in the upstream kernel headers.
* Sat Mar 26 2022 Callum Farmer <>
  - update to 5.17:
    * lib/fs: fix memory leak in get_task_name()
    * bridge: Remove vlan listing from `bridge link`
    * bond: add arp_missed_max option
    * libnetlink: fix socket leak in rtnl_open_byproto()
    * dcb: Fix error reporting when accessing "dcb app"
    * tc_util: Fix parsing action control with space and slash
    * lib: fix ax25.h include for musl
    * uapi: add missing rose and ax25 files
    * rdma: Fix res_print_uint() and add res_print_u64()
    * tc: Add support for ce_threshold_value/mask in fq_codel
  - Add tmpfiles.d conf for /run/netns
* Fri Mar 04 2022 Callum Farmer <>
  - Add eBPF(libbpf) support
  - Adjust NETNS_RUN_DIR from /var/run to /run
* Tue Jan 11 2022 Callum Farmer <>
  - remove routef from links; it doesn't exist anymore
* Tue Jan 11 2022 Callum Farmer <>
  - update to 5.16:
    * devlink: Fix cmd_dev_param_set() to check configuration mode
    * ip: add AMT support
    * iplink_can: fix configuration ranges in print_usage() and add
    * tc: flower: Fix buffer overflow on large labels
    * ip/ipnexthop: fix unsigned overflow in parse_nh_group_type_res()
    * tc/m_vlan: fix print_vlan() conditional on TCA_VLAN_ACT_PUSH_ETH
    * iplink_can: add new CAN FD bittiming parameters:
      Transmitter Delay Compensation (TDC)
* Sat Nov 13 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 5.15:
    * lib: bpf_legacy: fix bpffs mount when /sys/fs/bpf exists
    * man: devlink-port: fix the devlink port add synopsis
    * man: devlink-port: fix pfnum for devlink port add
    * iptuntap: fix multi-queue flag display
    * mptcp: unbreak JSON endpoint list
    * ipneigh: add support to print brief output of neigh cache in
      tabular format
    * ip/bond: add LACP active support
    * ip/tunnel: always print all known attributes
    * Add, show, link, remove IOAM namespaces and schemas
    * New IOAM6 encap type for routes
    * tc/skbmod: Introduce SKBMOD_F_ECN option
    * tc/f_flower: fix port range parsing
* Wed Sep 01 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 5.14
    * ip: Add nodst option to macvlan type source
    * iplink: add support for parent device
    * iplink: support for WWAN devices
    * bridge: reorder cmd line arg parsing to let "-c" be detected
      as "color" option
* Wed Jul 28 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 5.13
    * mptcp: add support for port-based endpoints
    * nexthop: Add ability to specify group type, add support for
      resilient nexthop groups and nexthop buckets
    * ip: xfrm: add support for tfcpad
    * ip-nexthop: support flush by id
    * mptcp: add support for event monitoring
    * bridge: monitor: add support for vlan monitoring
* Wed Apr 28 2021 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to release 5.12
    * devlink: Use library provided string processing APIs
    * utils: Introduce helper routines for generic socket recv
    * q_cake: Fix incorrect printing of signed values in class statistics
    * json_print: Add print_tv()
    * nexthop: Add support for nexthop buckets
    * nexthop: Add support for resilient nexthop groups
    * ip: xfrm: add support for tfcpad
    * tc: e_bpf: fix memory leak in parse_bpf()
    * lib: bpf_legacy: treat 0 as a valid file descriptor
    * ip: drop 2-char command assumption
    * bridge: vlan: dump port only if there are any vlans
* Sat Mar 06 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 5.11
    * tc: skip actions that don't have options attribute when
    * ip route: Print "trap" nexthop indication
    * dcb: new utility
* Wed Jan 27 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 5.10
    * iplink: add support for protodown reason
    * ss: add support to expose various inet sockopts
    * ss: add support for XDP statistics
    * bridge: mdb: add support for source address
* Fri Dec 04 2020 Ludwig Nussel <>
  - missed /usr/bin/ip link in usrmerge
* Sat Oct 17 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 5.9
    * iplink: hsr: add support for creating PRP device similar to HSR
  - Drop 0001-ip-add-error-reporting-when-RTM_GETNSID-failed.patch
* Fri Oct 16 2020 Ludwig Nussel <>
  - prepare usrmerge (boo#1029961)
* Wed Sep 23 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Add 0001-ip-add-error-reporting-when-RTM_GETNSID-failed.patch
* Wed Sep 02 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 5.8
    * macsec: add support for MAC offload
    * Add support for mptcp netlink interface
    * erspan: Add type I version 0 support
* Wed Jun 17 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - remove bpf-bss-section-poc.patch, bpf-data-section-support-poc.patch:
    * these patches should be obsolete with cilium 1.7 and they never
    went upstream, so we can drop it (jsc#SLE-9813)
* Wed Jun 03 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 5.7
    * macsec: add support for reporting and changing the offloading
      mode (`ip macsec offload`).
* Wed Apr 08 2020 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - Move arpd into own subpackage to avoid libdb dependency
* Wed Apr 01 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to release 5.6
    * ip link: show permanent hardware address
    * ip link: add support for STP xstats
    * ip link: bond: print LACP actor/partner oper states as strings
    * tc: Add support for ETS Qdisc
    * ip: xfrm: add espintcp encapsulation
    * tc: add support for FQ-PIE packet scheduler
* Sun Feb 09 2020 Michal Kubecek <>
  - Update to new upstream version 5.5
    * bridge: support fdb get
    * devlink: command line option to switch netns
    * devlink: all changing netns on reload
    * devlink: new timestamp format for health report dump
    * ip: support for alternative device names
    * ip link: support to get SR-IOV VF node GUID and port GUID
    * ip neigh: support get
    * rdma: relax requirement to have PID for HW objects
    * rdma: stat show mr
    * ss: allow dumping kTLS info
    * tc: support action flags
    * tc flower: support masked port destination and source match
    * tc pie: add dq_rate_estimator option
    * tipc: new commands to set TIPC AEAD key
    * more json support
  - drop patches obsoleted by version upgrade:
    * ss-fix-end-of-line-printing-in-misc-ss.c.patch
    * no-double-definitions.patch
    * Revert-emp-fix-warning-on-deprecated-bison-directive.patch
    * Revert-tc-ematch-fix-deprecated-yacc-warning.patch
  - refresh
    * split-link-and-compile-steps-for-binaries.patch
* Wed Jan 08 2020 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Add no-double-definitions.patch [boo#1160271]
* Tue Dec 03 2019 Michal Kubeček <>
  - Update to new upstream release 5.4
    * devlink: increase number of supported options (32 -> 64)
    * devlink: add trap set and show commands
    * devlink: add trap group set and show commands
    * devlink: add reset_dev_on_drv_probe param
    * devlink: support unknown value for fw_load_policy
    * devlink: support flash status monitoring
    * devlink: add reload failed indication
    * ip: netns: support dump of nsid conversion table
    * ip: nexthop: support filtering by protocol for flush and list
    * rdma: driver QP type string
    * tc: introduce ct action
    * tc: support 64-bit rate and peakrate
    * tc: etf: support skip_sock_check
    * tc: flower: add matching on conntrack info
    * tc: taprio: support setting flags
    * tc: taprio: support setting txtime_delay
    * documentation improvements
    * json output improvements
    * drop outdated example scripts and README files
  - drop (patched script dropped)
  - ss-fix-end-of-line-printing-in-misc-ss.c.patch:
    fix missing end of line at the end of ss output
* Wed Sep 25 2019 Michal Kubeček <>
  - Update to new upstream release 5.3
    * devlink: show devlink port number
    * devlink: introduce PCI PF and VF port flavor and attribute
    * ip: support for nexthop objects
    * ip: add -Numeric option
    * ip: bond: support peer notification delay
    * rdma: query/set netns sharing sys parameter
    * rdma: support setting netns of rdma device
    * rdma: support "stat qp show"
    * rdma: support per-port counter mode
    * rdma: support stat manual mode
    * rdma: support default counter statistics
    * rdma: support CQ adaptive moderation
    * tc: support act_ctinfo action
    * tc: skbedit: add mask parameter
    * tc: add mpls actions
    * tc: stricter parameter parsing
    * tc: netem: json output
    * tipc: support interface name when activating UDP bearer
    * update documentation
  - refresh
    * xfrm-support-displaying-transformations-used-for-Mob.patch
    * bpf-data-section-support-poc.patch
    * bpf-bss-section-poc.patch
  - use fallback definition %make_build if it is not defined
    (fix SLE12 build)
* Mon Aug 12 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Use FAT LTO objects in order to provide proper static library.
* Fri Aug 02 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Use %make_build.
* Thu Jul 18 2019 Michal Kubeček <>
  - Update to new upstream release 5.2
    * devlink: increase column size for larger shared buffers
    * ip: reset netns after each command in batch mode
    * ip addr: do not set IPv6 specific options for IPv4 addresses
    * ip fou: support binding FOU ports
    * ip link: support bridge vlan_stats_per_port
    * ip link: support vlan bridge binding flag
    * ip macsec: supporet gcm-aes-256 cipher type
    * ip monitor: display interfaces from all groups
    * ip neigh: show neighbor offload indication
    * rdma: add link add/delete
    * rdma: update node type strings
    * ss: add option for single line output
    * ss: show raw numbers for data rates with --numeric
    * tc: support for plug qdisc
    * tc: taprio: support for changing schedules
    * tc: taprio: support cycle_time and cycle_time_extensions
    * tipc: support for link broadcast method and ratio
    * update documentation
* Mon May 13 2019 Michal Kubecek <>
  - Revert-tc-ematch-fix-deprecated-yacc-warning.patch:
    fix build on SLE12 and openSUSE Leap 42.3
* Mon May 13 2019 Michal Kubecek <>
  - Update to new upstream release 5.1
    * bridge: fdb: add support for src_vni option
    * devlink: report cell size
    * devlink: add dev info and dev flash subcommands
    * devlink: add health subcommand
    * ip link: display netrom link type
    * ip link: bond_slave: add xstats support
    * ip link: bridge: support mcast to unicast flag
    * ip netns: add attach subcommand to attach existing netns
    * ip xfrm: add option to hide keys in state output
    * ip xfrm: support xfrm interfaces
    * rdma: add unbound workqueue to list of poll context types
    * rdma: provide parent context index for all objects except CM_ID
    * rdma: add prefix for driver attributes
    * ss: support AF_XDP
    * tc: add hit counter for matchall
    * tc: add kind property to csum action
    * tc: q_cake: support fwmark option
    * improve batch and dump performance by caching link lookups
    * more JSON support
    * many text/JSON output fixes
* Sat Mar 23 2019
  - Update to new upstream release 5.0.0
    * ip route: get print JSON output when -j is given
    * ip route: print route type in JSON output
    * tc: m_connmark: fix action error messages
    * ipaddress: print error messages on stderr
    * iprule: fix printing hint about unresolved iifname + oofname
    * man: Document COLORFGBG environment variable
    * tcpedit: Fix wrong pedit ipv6 structure id
    * ss: Render buffer to output every time a number of chunks alloc
    * ss: fix compilation under glibc < 2.18
* Wed Mar 06 2019 Joe Stringer <>
  - Add patches which enable support of BPF global data section,
    pulled from
    * bpf-bss-section-poc.patch
    * bpf-data-section-support-poc.patch
* Sat Jan 26 2019
  - Update to new upstream release 4.20
    * lwtunnel: allow src for encap ip/ip6
    * tc netem: add slot parameter
    * ip: add ipvtap support
    * ip neigh: support NTF_ROUTER and NTF_EXT_LEARNED flags
    * bridge fdb: support sticky flag
    * tc flower: geneve option match
    * tc: show TCA_STATS_BASIC_HW statistics
    * libnetlink: use correct message types for dump requests
    * tc flower: expose hardware offload count
    * tc: allow configuring taprio qdisc
    * bridge: support backup port
    * ss: support bytes_sent, bytes_retrans, dsack_dups, reord_seen
    * bridge: make -c match -compressvlans first instead of -color
    * fix build errors (old glibc, new llvm, no mnl, 32-bit archs)
    * various minor fixes
    * testsuite improvements
  - refresh split-link-and-compile-steps-for-binaries.patch



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