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guile-3.0.9-2.1 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for s390x

Name: guile Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 3.0.9 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Thu Feb 29 00:03:21 2024
Group: Development/Languages/Scheme Build host: s390zp24
Size: 705386 Source RPM: guile-3.0.9-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: GNU's Ubiquitous Intelligent Language for Extension
This is Guile, a portable, embeddable Scheme implementation written in
C. Guile provides a machine independent execution platform that can be
linked in as a library when building extensible programs.




GFDL-1.3-only AND GPL-3.0-or-later AND LGPL-3.0-or-later


* Tue Feb 27 2024 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Use %autosetup macro. Allows to eliminate the usage of deprecated
* Tue May 23 2023 Jonathan Brielmaier <>
  - Add key from Ludovic Courtès to guile.keyring, who released 3.0.9
* Sun Jan 29 2023 Jonathan Brielmaier <>
  - Update to version 3.0.9
    * New interfaces and functionality
    * * New `spawn' procedure to spawn child processes
    * * `open-file' now supports an "e" flag for O_CLOEXEC
    * * `pipe' now takes flags as an optional argument
    * * Bindings to `openat' and friends
    * * Abstract Unix-domain sockets are supported
    * * New socket-related constants defined
    * * New `bytevector-slice' procedure
    * * Disassembler now shows intrinsic names
    * * Linker and assembler consume less memory
    * Bug fixes (for more see the NEWS file)
    * * JIT compilation is now supported on Apple M1 processors
    * * libguile/srfi-14.i.c is now longer shipped and is instead built from source
    * * Cross-compilation supports triplets with empty vendor strings
    * * 'system*' honors output/error port redirects
    * * 'open-input-pipe' & co. are now much faster
  - Refresh patches:
    * disable-test-out-of-memory.patch
    * guile-3.0-gc_pkgconfig_private.patch
  - Remove no longer used guile-rpmlintrc
* Wed Dec 07 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - skip checks for qemu-user-space-builds (tries to close filedescriptors
    that qemu relies on)
* Tue Mar 29 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - stage2-serialize.patch: Serialize stage2 build only
* Mon Mar 21 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - use parallel build for Rings
  - force LTO
* Mon Mar 21 2022 Andreas Schwab <>
  - adjust-32bit-big-endian-build-flags.patch: replace with working patch
* Mon Mar 07 2022 John Paul Adrian Glaubitz <>
  - Add patch to fix build on 32-bit big-endian targets
    * adjust-32bit-big-endian-build-flags.patch
  - Run aclocal before %configure to regenerate aclocal.m4
* Thu Feb 24 2022 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Update to version 3.0.8
    * Important changes
    * Avoid the need for a custom GMP allocator
      This removes the need for the GUILE_INSTALL_GMP_MEMORY_FUNCTIONS
      environment variable mentioned introduced with Guile 3.0.6
      And deprecates the scm_install_gmp_memory_functions variable.
    * New interfaces and functionality
    * Typed vector copy functions in srfi srfi-4 gnu
      See SRFI-4 - Guile extensions" in the manual.
    * `bytevector-fill!' supports partial fill through optional arguments
    * `vector-copy!' and `vector-copy' from (rnrs base) included in core
    * New function bitvector-copy
    * Other new optimizations
    * Better optimization of "let" in right-hand-side of "letrec"
    * Allow constant-folding for calls to "expt"
    * Add ,optimize-cps REPL meta-command
    * Improve alias analysis in common subexpression elimination
    * Avoid argument-count checks for well-typed calls to known procedures
    * Avoid return-value-count checks for calls to
      known-return-arity procedures
    * New deprecations
    * Vector functions require vector arguments
    * `scm_from_contiguous_typed_array' is deprecated
    * Deprecate the "simple vector" concept, `scm_is_simple_vector'
    * Deprecate internal contiguous array flag
    * Deprecate symbol properties
      Symbols used to have a "function slot" and a "property slot"
    * Bug fixes
    * Fix compilation of (ash x N), where N is a literal, at -O1 and below
    * Texinfo and XML parsers are now thread-safe
    * Fix crash when reading #nil
    * Limit `ash' to left-shift by 2^32 bits
    * Various other bug fixes, please refer to the NEWS file
  - Drop upstream fixed
  - Drop upstream fixed (commit b4a80f4239b19fea4d2cc3e9d197f24b809f0624)
* Tue Sep 07 2021 Andreas Schwab <>
  - gnulib-dynarray.patch: Update gnulib module dynarray to fix use of
    reserved macros
* Fri May 14 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Update to version 3.0.7
    * Guile now defines constants such as `O_NOFOLLOW', `O_CLOEXEC',
      `O_TMPFILE', and more.  These may be passed as arguments to
      procedures such as `open' and `open-fdes'.
    * Fix deadlock after `primitive-fork'
    * Fix duplicates handlers for interfaces that use interfaces
    * Fix R7RS include-library-declarations, cond-expand
    * Fix excessive compile times for vectors >16k elements long
    * Fix use of literal tree-il as source language
    * Fix SRFI-64 test-end to not remove globally-installed test runner
  - Update to version 3.0.6
    * Reimplement dynamic library loading ("dlopening") without libltdl
    * New library search path variable, `GUILE_EXTENSIONS_PATH'.
    * Fix important incompatibility with GnuTLS and GMP, but this may
      slow down some uses of bignums.
    * New `read' implementation in Scheme
    * Syntax objects record source locations
    * Optimized run-time relocations
    * Optimized calls to known functions
    * Reduce code size for calls to module variables
    * Updated Gnulib
    * New interfaces and functionality
    * `call-with-port'
    * `call-with-input-bytevector', `call-with-output-bytevector'
    * `mkdtemp' and `mkstemp'
    * `(system foreign-library)' module
    * `read-syntax'
    * `quote-syntax'
    * `syntax-sourcev'
    * Fix reverse-list->string docstring
    * Fix R7RS "member" result when no item found
    * Fix make-transcoded-port on input+output ports
    * Fix (ice-9 ftw) on filesystems where inode values are meaningless
    * Fix srfi-69 merge-hash
    * Fix suspendable-ports implementation of get-bytevector-some!
    * Fix overread in string-locale<?, string-locale-ci<?, and friends
    * Fix handling of parameter lists to elisp defun to allow nil
    * Fix closure-conversion bug for SCC with no free vars and one
      not-well-known function
    * Fix error when < passed non-real value
    * Fix bug in which exported and private names in a used module
      could alias each other
    * Fix bug with slot options in redefinable GOOPS classes
    * Fix bugs regarding port buffering for TLS connections in web client
    * `dynamic-unlink': Deprecated! has now no effect
    * `call-with-output-string': Changed! closes port on normal exit
  - Update disable-test-out-of-memory.patch
  - Add 0007-Fix-non-revealed-port-is-closed-ports.test.patch from
* Fri Jan 22 2021 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Skip test-stack-overflow on qemu builds
* Sat Jan 09 2021 Andreas Stieger <>
  - GNU guile 3.0.5:
    * O(1) compilation of `case' and related expressions
    * New (ice-9 copy-tree) module
    * New warning: use-before-definition
    * New warning: non-idempotent-definition
    * A number of functions were deprecated with replacements
    * copy read-option removed
  - remove deprecated texinfo packaging macros



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