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minetest-5.6.1-2.1 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for ppc64le

Name: minetest Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 5.6.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Sat Oct 15 17:21:08 2022
Group: Amusements/Games/3D/Simulation Build host: obs-power9-13
Size: 8824467 Source RPM: minetest-5.6.1-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: A InfiniMiner/Minecraft inspired game
An infinite-world block sandbox game and a game engine, inspired by
InfiniMiner, Minecraft and the like.




CC-BY-SA-3.0 AND LGPL-2.1-or-later


* Fri Oct 14 2022 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Set -mbranch-protection=none only in Tumbleweed since gcc7 does
    not support it in Leap 15.x / SLE15
* Wed Sep 28 2022 Simon Vogl <>
  - Update to version 5.6.1:
    * Various bug fixes
    * Full changes:
* Thu Aug 18 2022 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Update to version 5.6.0
    * Fix CVE-2022-35978 ( boo#1202423 ): Mod scripts can escape
      sandbox in single player mode
    * `name` in game.conf is deprecated for the game title, use `title` instead
    * Add depth sorting for node faces
    * Various bug fixes
    * Full changes:
* Mon Aug 15 2022 Dmitriy Perlow <>
  - Introduced mbranch-protection=none CXX flag to resolve bnc#1193141
* Sat Jul 30 2022 Simon Vogl <>
  - Drop 0001-Fix-build-for-newer-versions-of-GCC-11246.patch as it is merged upstream
  - Only apply minetest-fix-luajit-include-path.patch on openSUSE Leap as TW versions do not require it any more.
  - Switch to from system irrlicht to IrrlichtMt library version 1.9.0mt5
  - Don't purge the bundled bitop library
  - Add new libzstd build dependency
  - Update to version 5.5.0 & 5.5.1:
    * Full log for version 5.5.0:
    * This release switches from Irrlicht to our own fork called IrrlichtMt.
    * Full log for version 5.5.1:
    * This is a maintenance release based on 5.5.0, it contains bugfixes but no new features.
* Wed Oct 06 2021 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Added hardening to systemd service(s) (bsc#1181400). Modified:
    * minetest@.service
* Tue Jun 01 2021 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Add GCC 11 compatibility patch:
    * 0001-Fix-build-for-newer-versions-of-GCC-11246.patch
* Mon Apr 19 2021 Maximilian Trummer <>
  - Update to version 5.4.1:
    * This is a maintenance release based on 5.4.0,
      it contains bugfixes but no new features.
    * Apply 'old-desktopfile-standard.patch' to Leap 15.3 as well.
* Wed Feb 24 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Fixed build on current Factory (checking symlinks)
  - Update to version 5.4.0
    * Full log:
    * Removed support for bumpmapping, generated normal maps
      and parallax occlusion
    * By default, the crosshair will now change to an "X" when
      pointing to objects
    * Prevent players accessing inventories of other players
    * Prevent interacting with items out of the hotbar
    * Prevent players from being able to modify ItemStack meta
* Tue Sep 08 2020 Dirk Stoecker <>
  - added patch to build .desktop file without 'PrefersNonDefaultGPU'
    option on Leap 15.2 and below (old-desktopfile-standard.patch)
  - removed conditional build for very old openSUSE/SLES versions
  - add minetest-runtime provides
* Mon Jul 13 2020 andy great <>
  - Update to version 5.3.0.
    * Formspec improvements, including a scrolling GUI element
    * Performance improvements to the Server and API
    * Many bug fixes and small features
  - Now requires desktop-file-utils version >= 0.25.
* Mon Jun 22 2020 Mia Herkt <>
  - spec-cleaner
  - Make sure the package does not build with bundled libraries
  - Add minetest-fix-luajit-include-path.patch
    Fixes the FindLuaJIT CMake module so it also looks for the
    moonjit include path
* Mon Apr 06 2020 Maximilian Trummer <>
  - Update to version 5.2.0
  - See
  - Client / Audiovisuals:
    * Fix alpha blending in texture modifiers (Warr1024)
    * Make natural night light as bright as MT 0.4.16 (paramat)
    * Shader fixes (lhofhansl, SmallJoker)
    * Clean up font caching, fix bitmap fonts (SmallJoker)
    * Waves generated with Perlin-type noise #8994 (lhofhansl)
    * Attachments: Fix glitches after detach (SmallJoker)
    * Let node 'place' and 'dug' sounds be heard
      by other players (sfan5)
    * Fix weird looking liquid source (Wuzzy2)
    * Basic model shading (dcbrwn)
    * Improve arm inertia animations (kilbith)
  - GUI improvements:
    * Add visual feedback for button states (Df458)
    * Formspec: draw order and clipping for all elements (DS)
    * Refactor internal button styling/rendering code (Df458')
    * Formspec: Fix clicking on tooltip-obstructed elements (DS)
    * Formspec: change cursor on fields and co. (DS)
    * Various new formspec bug fixes (SmallJoker)
    * Formspec: Add 9-slice background support
      to button elements (Df458)
    * Formspec: add hypertext[] element (pyrollo)
    * Formspec: animated_image[] (Df458, kilbith)
    * Make clipping of formspec elements more consistent (Df458)
    * Remove outdated field_close_on_enter[] warnings
      in element parameters (SmallJoker)
    * Fix mouse events sent to wrong GUI elements
      when dragging (sfan5)
    * Restore intuitive click-through behaviour (DS)
  - Enhancements:
    * Wear out tools on punch (sfan5)
    * Tunnels: Completely disable generation
      when 'cave width' >= 10.0 (paramat)
    * Randomwalk cave liquids:
      Remove deprecated 'lava depth' (paramat)
    * Automatically enable the mod's dependencies
      in the world config menu (HybridDog)
    * Clean up craft replacements docs (pauloue)
    * Falling nodes: add missing support for light sources,
      most drawtypes, and paramtype2s (Wuzzy2)
    * Remove legacy flat-file map code
      and documentation (random-geek)
    * Fix packet receiving in server and client (sfan5)
    * Key settings: Cancel with escape,
      clear with delete (SmallJoker)
  - Script API / Modding:
    * CSM: Introduce get_modpath() (sfan5)
    * CSM: Remove non-functional minetest.get_day_count() (sfan5)
    * Add z-index management to HUD (pyrollo)
    * Add table.key_value_swap and table.shuffle (HybridDog)
    * Map download:
      Escape ':' to '_' (NTFS/FAT* systems) (Montandalar)
    * Settings: Add get_flags API for mapgen flags (SmallJoker)
    * Improve minetest.sound_play with ephemeral sounds
      and player exclusion (sfan5)
    * Reworked validity checks for entities (sfan5)
    * Documentation: Add advice on lifetime of ObjectRefs (sfan5)
    * Allow texture modifiers in hotbar textures (Warr1024)
    * Nodes with torchlike drawtype and custom visual_scale now are
      rendered attached to surface instead of being centered (Wuzzy2)
    * Add documentation of VoxelArea 'ystride', 'zstride' (paramat)
    * Lua API: Document HP, breath and damage limits (SmallJoker)
    * Various documentation improvements (Wuzzy2)
    * CSM: Corrections to client_lua_api.txt (sfan5)
    * Make minetest.item_place_node return position
      of placed node (Bluebird)
    * Call on_secondary_use when object is right-clicked (sfan5)
    * CSM: Various fixes (sfan5)
    * Many pathfinder bugfixes and improvements (Wuzzy2)
      + Fix failure to find path
      if start or end pos is over air (Wuzzy2)
      + Fix very broken implementation of A* search (Wuzzy2)
      + No longer jump through solid nodes (Wuzzy2)
      + Return nil if start or end pos is solid (Wuzzy2)
    * New set_sky, set_sun, set_moon and set_stars (Jordach)
    * Secure and document minetest.deserialize() (luk3yx)
    * minetest.get_content_id: throw error
      for unknown nodes (HybridDog)
  - Misc / Build:
    * Don't install fonts on ENABLE_CLIENT=0 configurations (sfan5)
    * Fix memleaks in formspecs (SmallJoker)
    * Run luacheck in travis, add luacheck (rubenwardy)
    * Various build issue fixes (Clang, Travis CI) (sfan5)
* Sat Jan 18 2020 Maximilian Trummer <>
  - build with spatialindex-devel, this speeds up AreaStores, see
* Sat Jan 18 2020 Maximilian Trummer <>
  - Update to version 5.1.1
    * See
    * Fix player-bound sound playback (SmallJoker)
    * Fix item eat sound not played if last item (Wuzzy2)
    * Formspecs: Reset version number on rebuild (SmallJoker)
    * Rework packet receiving in ServerThread (sfan5)
    * Fix core.chat_format_message crashes (ClobberXD)
    * Fix spaces breaking formspec_version[] tag (rubenwardy)
    * Fix find_path for newer jsoncpp installations (vilhelmgray)
    * Update translations
* Fri Nov 22 2019 Simon Puchert <>
  - Explicitly require libXxf86vm-devel.
* Sun Oct 13 2019 Maximilian Trummer <>
  - Update to 5.1.0:
    * Mapgen Carpathian: Add optional rivers (paramat)
    * Move more dungeon parameter selection to mapgens (paramat)
    * Dungeons: Make multiple large rooms possible (paramat)
    * Change pitch fly binding to 'P', add to change keys menu (rubenwardy)
    * Android settings: Use 'simple' leaves instead of 'fancy' (paramat)
    * Fix 3rd person selection range (srifqi)
    * Make scrollbars' bar variable in size (stujones11)
    * Damage: Play no damage sound when immortal (SmallJoker)
    * Increase upper limit of display_gamma to 10 (ClobberXD)
    * Optimize and unify mesh processing (Vitaliy)
    * Re-order mapgens in mainmenu and 'all settings' mapgen selection (paramat)
    * Scrollbars: Move directly to clicked pos if clicked into tray (DS-Minetest)
    * Fix broken attachments on join (SmallJoker)
    * Fix inventory_overlay for nodes without inventory_image (DS-Minetest)
    * Better F6 profiler (SmallJoker)
    * Fix minimap markers (theviper121)
    * Textures: Load base pack only as last fallback (SmallJoker)
    * Add /help formspec for commands and privileges (SmallJoker)
    * Lua API: Add link to Minetest Modding Book (ClobberXD)
    * Force item entities out of solid nodes (sfan5, based on Wuzzy`s work)
    * Lua API: Various fixes (DS-Minetest, SmallJoker)
    * Rename "private messages" to "direct messages" (Calinou)
    * Automatically enable depending mods in the dialogue (HybridDog)
    * All settings: Fix missing flags checkboxes (srifqi)
    * Various network performance improvements (osjc)
    * Force send a mapblock to a player (sofar)
    * Revert ItemStacks being limited to the 'stack_size' value (ClobberXD)
    * Save forceloaded blocks file periodically (Thomas Rudin)
    * Improve ABM time budget handling (lhofhansl)
    * Group "immortal" also protects players from damage (Wuzzy)
    * Optimize usage of TOSERVER_GOTBLOCKS packet (sfan5)
    * Network: several bugfixes (sfan5)
    * Mapgen::spreadLight performance improvement (DS-Minetest)
    * Improve occlusion culling in corridors with additional check (sfan5)
    * Inventory: Delay dirty lists, and send changes incrementally (SmallJoker)
    * Other inventory bugfixes (sfan5, SmallJoker)
    * Move debug.txt after it grows too big (HybridDog)
    * Trigger on_place in many situations even if prediction failed (DS-Minetest)
    * Punchwear (improved) (sfan5)
    * Add deprecation warnings for ObjectRef:get/set_attribute (ClobberXD)
    * Nodedef 'drop' documentation: Improve (Paramat)
    * Mark tool filtering in node drop documentation as deprecated (Paramat)
    * Add node field to PlayerHPChangeReason table (pauloue)
    * Don't call on_hpchange callbacks if HP hasn't changed (ClobberXD)
    * Add disable_jump to liquids and ladders (SmallJoker)
    * Add support for 9-sliced backgrounds (rubenwardy)
    * Add compatible, consistent coordinate system to FormSpecs (v-rob)
    * Document ObjectRef:remove under Lua entity (ClobberXD)
    * Docs: Clarify where to check for 'protection_bypass' (SmallJoker)
    * Add and vector.cross (HybridDog)
    * Improve documentation of mapgen aliases (Paramat)
    * Remove debug.upvaluejoin to prevent leak of insecure environment (fluxionary)
    * Fix previously crashing minetest.get_craft_result() (pauloue)
    * Allow toolcaps to override the built-in times for dig_immediate (sfan5)
    * Formspec styling using style[] (rubenwardy)
    * Customizable chat message format (ClobberXD)
    * Velocity modifiers for players (sfan5)
    * Fix some issues with minetest.clear_craft (pauloue)
    * Add function `minetest.read_schematic` (paly2)
    * Formspecs: formspec_version[] element (SmallJoker)
    * Per-player FOV overrides and multipliers (ClobberXD)
    * Find PostgreSQL correctly (adrido)
    * Add compatibility to vcpkg buildsystem (adrido)
    * Android: Use system provided path for default TMPFolder setting (stujones11)
    * Fix handling of --color and --worldlist command line arguments (mmattes)
    * Unified OpenGL ES support (sfan5)
* Tue Apr 02 2019
  - Update to 5.0.1:
    * Fix detached inventory serialisation
    * Fix texture rotation for wallmounted nodeboxes
    * Fix build failing on some compilers
    * Warn about issues with the num_emerge_threads setting
    * HPChange Reason: Fix issues with custom reasons
    * Fix FreeBSD build by handling std::time_t properly
    * Confirm registration GUI: Remove positional strings to fix Windows bug
    * Prevent multi-line chat messages server-side
    * httpfetch: Disable IPv6 here too if requested by settings
* Mon Apr 01 2019 Reinhard Max <>
  - bsc#1131077: BuildRequire postgresql-server-devel as a workaround
    for CMake which explicitly looks for server headers even if just
    building a client application.
    CAUTION: This workaround should not blindly be copied to other
    packages that fail to build with PostgreSQL 11. It is always
    preferrable to convert the package to use pkg-config for linking
    against libpq instead of pulling in postgresql-server-devel
    to have pg_config. If in doubt, please talk to
    before applying such a workaround.
* Tue Mar 05 2019
  - Update to 5.0.0
    * 5.0.0 is a breaking release and not compatible to the 0.4 series.
    * See changes:
  - Remove shared_mods.patch: global mods possible by default now.
    See builtin/mainmenu/pkgmgr.lua
  - bsc#1127911: is tracking whitelisting of `minetest` user/group
    in rpmlint



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