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libpcp_web1-6.2.1-1.1 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for ppc64le

Name: libpcp_web1 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 6.2.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Tue May 14 22:25:32 2024
Group: System/Libraries Build host: reproducible
Size: 789392 Source RPM: pcp-6.2.1-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Performance Co-Pilot run-time web library
Performance Co-Pilot (PCP) run-time web library






* Tue May 14 2024 Martin Schreiner <>
  - Remove 0011-disable-redis-proxying-by-default.patch. This patch has
    been merged upstream during the 6.2.1 release.
  - Add new subpackage: pcp-pmda-uwsgi.
  - Upgrade to 6.2.1. Changelog:
    - PMDA additions, enhancements and bug fixes:
      pmdauwsgi: (new) instrumentation from uWSGI servers
      pmdalinux: new hugepage metrics from sysfs (fixed size hugepages)
      pmdalinux: new filesys.uuid and filesys.type metrics
      pmdalinux: new TcpExt metrics from /proc/net/netstat
      pmdalinux: new softnet metrics from newer kernel versions
      pmdalinux: new /proc/vmstat khugepaged metrics
      pmdabpf: updates to add eBPF networking metrics for pcp-atop
      pmdaopenmetrics: fix script error diagnostic cascading exception
    - Client tools and utilities:
      pcp2openmetrics: (new) push PCP metrics in OpenMetrics format
      pmcheck: (new) interrogate and control PCP components
      pmcheck: Redis server detection and agent recommendation
      pmcheck: PostgreSQL server detection and agent recommendation
      pmcheck: uwSGI server detection and agent recommendation
      pcp-atopsar: fix TZ mishandling relating to day-crossover
      pcp-dstat: fix an I/O config typo, sum reads and writes
      pcp-htop: sync latest htop-3.3.0 fixes
      pmrep.conf: use bpf instead of bcc pmda for proc net metrics
      pmrep.conf: proc-essential cosmetic improvements
      pmrep.conf: remove vmeff field from sar -B config
      pmrepconf: use pmrep-internal representations for each metric
    - Server-side utilities and log management scripts:
      pmlogger: bizarre timezone fix (github #1936)
      pmlogger: improve handling of a change in metadata semantics
      pmlogdump: add support for multi-archive contexts
      pmproxy: disable Redis protocol proxying by default
      runaspcp: remove hard-coded "pcp" for user and group
      init scripts: drop conditonal use of setpriv(1) or runuser(1)
    - libpcp, libpcp_pmda, libpcp_mmv, libpcp_web and language bindings:
      libpcp: fix logmeta.c SEGV with V3 archives
      libpcp: fix memleak on repeated __pmFixPMNSHashTab calls
      libpcp: add pmgetopt pmflush() call for warnings
      libpcp: fixes for V3 archives and multi-archive contexts
      libpcp: export __pmLogChangeArchive() interface to tools
      libpcp: fix for PMNS with multi-archive contexts
      libpcp: small derived metrics bug fix (github #1921)
    - Build, infrastructure and packaging updates:
      Linux MX distro support (Debian without systemd)
      riscv: configure pmdabpf_arch value correctly
      tar packages: fix perl modules install in postinstall script
      eBPF updates: add submodule for blazesym, sync to latest
      debian build: add postrm for pcp-zeroconf
      build: removed cppcheck from 'make check', too flakey
      container: Fedora 40 container testing added
      constainer: fixed Fedora base image location (
      build: add support for riscv64 to pcp rpm spec files
    - Security Enhanced Linux:
      selinux policy: small tweak for pmie signal handling
    - Documentation:
      man pages: document pmlogger_check and pmlogger_daily SaveLogs
      man pages: man-spell and corrections
      docs: updated donations page with new fiscal sponsor details
* Mon Apr 15 2024 Dirk Müller <>
  - move pmlogger_daily into main package (bsc#1222815)
  - fix compile flags conflusion
* Wed Apr 03 2024 Martin Schreiner <>
  - Add fix for bsc#1222121:
    * 0011-disable-redis-proxying-by-default.patch
* Mon Apr 01 2024 Martin Schreiner <>
  - Upgrade to 6.2.0 (bsc#1217826):
    * Changes from pcp-6.2.0:
    - Client tools and utilities:
      pmlogger: default to creating version 3 PCP archives
      pmie, pmlogger, pmcd, pmproxy: init script hardening to
      run less as root:root, more as pcp:pcp and more safely
      pcp-reboot-init: new systemd service for $PCP_RC_DIR setup
      pcp2arrow: new, export metrics to parquet format for pandas
      pcp-atop: deterministic process sort when handling NULLs
      pcp-atop: update to v2.10.0 upstream code
      pcp-htop: update to latest upstream fixes
      pcp-geolocate: function with older versions of python
      pcp-meminfo: resolve possible 'broken pipe' diagnostics
      pcp-ss: fix handling of listening state sockets to match ss
      pcp-ss: fix the UDP UNCONN vs LISTEN state handling
    - PMDA additions, enhancements and bug fixes:
      pmdaproc: improvements for process accounting metrics
      pmdalinux: add pgpromote* and pgdemote* memory metrics
      pmdalinux: add metric sysfs.module.zswap.max_pool_percent
      pmdalinux: add new SNMP metric network.ip.outtransmits
      pmdasummary: send state change 0 (no change) back to pmcd
      pmdapostgresql: support the psycopg3 python module as well
      pmdaopenmetrics: kepler support - live metrics and logging
    - Server-side utilities and log management scripts:
      pmlogrewrite, pmlogredact: fix for missing data volumes
      pmcd: cosmetic change to avoid pipe2 name clash
      runaspcp: new helper utility for unprivileged rc scripts
      pmnsmerge: be more defensive in qsort comparison routine
      pmlogsize: fix qsort comparison function handling of equality
    - libpcp, libpcp_pmda, libpcp_mmv, libpcp_web and language bindings:
      libpcp: pmOpenLog refactor for handling previous log files
      libpcp: new __pmCleanMapDir routine to aid log culling
      libpcp & pmcd: READY-NOT-READY hardening
      libpcp: avoid possible thread issues (coverity)
      libpcp: refactor pmDupContext for thread safety
      libpcp_import: add guard in pmiPutMark to prevent SIGSEGV
    - Build, infrastructure and packaging updates:
      build: changes to re-enable builds for FreeBSD 12, 13, 14
      build: add diffutils rpm dep as pmdaproc script uses diff
      build: add main.yml for building and publishing container
      build: resolve compiler warnings in various tools/libraries
      packaging: use tmpfiles.d method to create PCP_RUN_DIR
      build: packaging changes for openSUSE 15.5 and 15.6
      debian: do not ship empty directory /usr/lib/pkgconfig
      build: el10 systemd-presets for pmcd/pmie/pmlogger enabling
      build: drop rpm dep on bpftool as local version used only
      build: change perl YAML::XS::LibYAML module to YAML::XS
    - Security Enhanced Linux:
      selinux: policy improvements for CentOS/RHEL 7 and 8
    - Documentation:
      docs: Fedora 39 found some tbl(1)/troff(1) issues, fix
      docs: add an explicit code-of-conduct for PCP
      docs: pmns(5) note that metric names must only contain ASCII
      docs: update the BPF README to describe bpftool reality
    * Changes from pcp-6.1.1:
    - Client tools and utilities:
      pmie: add -o/--format to control output format with archives
      pcp-geolocate: automatic latitude and longitude metric labels
      pcp-atop: fix segv encountered on a multi-node NUMA system
      pcp-atop: add last level cache support using pmdaresctrl
      pcp-htop: updated with latest fixes from
      pcp-netstat: without time options report one sample only
      pcp-netstat: add machine header info
      pcp-meminfo: without time options report one sample only
      pcp-meminfo: add machine header info
      pcp-buddyinfo: resolve a key issue when using python v2
      pcp-zoneinfo: ensure determinism in pcp-zoneinfo output
      pcp-zoneinfo: fix failure with older PCP metric instances
    - PMDA additions, enhancements and bug fixes:
      pmdaresctrl: new PMDA for x86_64 last level cache metrics
      pmdafarm: new Seagate Field Access Reliability Metrics PMDA
      pmdadarwin: updated for changes in NFS stats management
      pmdalinux: new mem.util metrics from recent kernel versions
      pmdalinux: new networking metrics relating to MPTcpExt
      pmdasockets: allow sockets with duplicate sources to exist
      pmdabpftrace: rework exit/wait handling to avoid errors
      pmdahaproxy: fixed connect script handling of string quoting
      pmdastatsd: fixed metadata for a couple of metrics
      pmdalinux: fixed semantics for mem.vmstat.nr_free_cma metric
      pmdadenki: simplification and refactoring of metrics
      pmdagfs2: correct permissions of several installed files
      pmdakvm: fixed semantics for kvm.largepages metric
    - Server-side utilities and log management scripts:
      pmproxy: add support for HTTP compression
      pmlogger: rework heuristic for Latest folio creation
      pmlogctl: fix incorrect rewriting of PCP_ARCHIVE_DIR
      pmlogredact: add latitude and longitude labels to redacted set
      pmlogrewrite: resolve a small memory leak
      pmlogrewrite: use PM_CTXFLAG_METADATA_ONLY for speed
      pmcd: add $PMCD_CREDS_TIMEOUT as an alternative to -q
    - libpcp, libpcp_pmda, libpcp_mmv, libpcp_web and language bindings:
      libpcp: new PM_CTXFLAG_METADATA_ONLY flag for pmNewContext
      libpcp: fix a couple of derived metric bugs
      libpcp_web: implement config override by canonical env vars
    - Misc build, infrastructure and packaging updates:
      build: new CI build to keep PCP for MacOS up-to-date
      build: several fixes to tools when compiling with clang
      build: install pmlog[redact,reduce,rewrite] on default PATH
      build: default to using a path-prefixed PCP_PYTHON_PROG
      build: update the Fedora container to f38
      build: drop of i386/i686 architectures from Fedora builds
      build: enable build of pmdalibvirt on CentOS 7 platform
      build: enable Qt6 in Fedora and post-RHEL-9 rpm spec files
      build: add pyodbc rpm dep for pcp-pmda-mssql in RHEL 9
    - Security Enhanced Linux:
      selinux: allow pmproxy use the io_uring API
      selinux: policy fixes for recent AVCs on RHEL 7.9
      selinux: add netlink_kobject_uevent_socket getattr (bpftrace)
    - Documentation:
      man pages: change all to map font CW -> CR for latest groff
      man: note pmseries Redis timeseries load order limitation
    * Changes from pcp-6.1.0:
    - pmlogredact: new command for archive anonymisation
    - pcp-atop: new bar graph visualisation mode
    - pcp-atop: update to 2.9.1 sources
    - pcp-htop: support dynamic screens (user-configurable tabs)
    - pcp-htop: update to latest upstream source
    - pcp-htop: default screens for filesystems, disks and cgroups
    - pcp-htop: non-default screens for several libbpf modules
    - pcp-htop: fix mishandling of some process argument shading
    - pcp-buddyinfo: new tool reporting Linux buddyinfo stats
    - pcp-meminfo: new tool reporting Linux kernel memory stats
    - pcp-netstat: new tool reporting networking statistics
    - pcp-slabinfo: new tool reporting Linux slabinfo kernel stats
    - pcp-zoneinfo: new tool reporting Linux zoneinfo kernel stats
    - pmsleep,pmpause: add -w where option for systemd annotation
    - pmieconf: move test_action from primary into a separate group
    - pmieconf: update webhook action for better EDA integration
    - pmlogconf: remove latency-inducing fsync on config write
    - pmlogconf: updates for new metrics used in pcp-atop
    - pmdalinux: add three new /proc/vmstat pscan/pgsteal metrics
    - pmdalinux: fix bug when lsb-release is only /etc/*-release file
    - pmdabpf: add -q/--tryload command line option
    - pmdaopenmetrics: reduce transient instance logs, improve labels
    - libpcp: improved SSL error reporting
    - selinux: add policy updates for pmproxy (io_uring,ipc_lock)
    - build: support for Qt6, drop remaining Qt4 configure-support
    - build: updated licence strings in spec files to follow SPDX
    - build: default to using a path-prefixed PCP_PYTHON_PROG
    - build: fix several makefile clean targets for deb packagers
    - build: update to autoconf 2.71
    - build: add tarball upload to release workflow
    - docs: pmie updates to explain action behaviour with archives
    - docs: retire "archive log" phrase from man pages and books
    - docs: transition Artifactory (no free service) to Packagecloud
    * Changes from pcp-6.0.5:
    - pmie: ensure pmie.log.YYYYMMDD is owned by pcp:pcp
    - pcp2json: extend pcp2json with an option to send HTTP POSTs
    - pmlogger: fix pidfile update; is for primary only
    - pmdumptext: fix scaling when -i command line option is used
    - pmlogextract: improve resilience in corner-case conditions
    - pmdasmart: additional NVME power state metrics
    - pmdasmart: additional NVME disk information metrics
    - pmdasmart: update help with proper description of DC status
    - pmdasmart: filter out zram devices when probing for devices
    - pmdahacluster: handle pacemaker 2.1.5 crm_mon output changes
    - pmcd: improve debugging flags and diagnostics in general
    - libpcp_pmda: refactor and improve library diagnostics
    - selinux: updates to policy for pmlogger and pmlogger_daily
    - build: switch rpm spec files to SPDX license identifiers
    - build, qa: numerous updates to improve PCP on OpenBSD
    - build: switch from to for el6/el7
    - ci: add centos6 back into the fold as its on now
    - ci: add Debian 12, drop Ubuntu 16 and Fedora 35
    * Changes from pcp-6.0.4:
    - pmcd: propogate a new PMCD_HOSTNAME_CHANGE flag to clients
    - pmdumplog: support preferred alternate name pmlogdump
    - pmlogger: changes to accommodate PMCD_HOSTNAME_CHANGE
    - pmlogger_janitor: new script called from pmlogger_check
    - pmlogger: add -d directory argument for alternate naming schemes
    - pmlogrewrite: fix remaining corner case for indom renumbering
    - pmie: changes to accommodate PMCD_HOSTNAME_CHANGE
    - pmie: catching SIGUSR1 triggers a pending task dump
    - pmie_{check,daily}: change pmie.log handling regime
    - pmieconf: add support for a webhook action to pmieconf
    - pmieconf: add a wall rule action for adm group members
    - pmieconf: add support for an action testing rule
    - pmieconf: use correct pmieconf percent type for thermal throttle
    - pmieconf: add minimum pct conjunction to entropy for small poolsizes
    - pminfo: use -b to batch pmDesc retrievals as well as pmResult
    - pmstat: fix corner case handling of automatic pmcd reconnect
    - pcp2influxdb: add timeout to avoid hangs
    - pcp-dstat: fixes CSV output to show all (not visible) plugins
    - pcp-htop: support File Descriptor Meter
    - pcp-htop: sync latest fixes from upstream htop
    - pcp-mpstat: fixed broken pipe issue
    - pcp-ps: fix exception handling for process name
    - rc scripts: ensure pmcd.conf not rewritten unnecessarily
    - pmdalinux: add a couple of new /proc/net/snmp ICMP metrics
    - pmdalinux: add new network.tcp.tcpplbrehash metric
    - pmdaproc: add new proc.smaps.pss_dirty metric
    - pmdarabbitmq: add timeout handling to http requests
    - pmdastatsd: stats and blocklisted metric names alignment
    - libpcp: new pmAddDerivedText API for derived metric help text
    - libpcp: check level parameter on entry to pmLookupText
    - libpcp: new PMAPI error code addition for bad API arguments
    - libpcp: allow derived metrics semantics of 'similar' indoms
    - selinux: add missing context information on farm services
    - build: fix a number of Debian sub-package dependency issues
    * Changes from pcp-6.0.3:
    - build: fix Debian postinst script handling of missing systemctl
    - pmdaproc: support per-cgroup IRQ PSI metrics in recent kernels
    - pmdalinux: support for system wide IRQ PSI metrics in recent kernels
    - pmlogrewrite: improved handling of unused instance domains
    * Changes from pcp-6.0.2:
    - Client tools and utilities:
      pcp-atop: update to latest upstream sources
      pcp-atop: cgroup, NUMA memory and NUMA CPU support
      pcp-htop: update to latest upstream sources
      pcp-dstat: fix handling of --swap with -f (full) option
      pcp-dstat: fix columns for --net-packets
      pcp-mpstat: fix handling of log-once summary metric values
      pcp-mpstat: improve error handling for the current values
      pcp-ps: added capabilities to show N samples with archives
      pcp-ps: fix handling of the -o option
      pcp-ps: fix broken pipe errors when piping to head(1)
      pcp-ps: fix process "START" column calculation and rounding
      pcp-pidstat: fix broken pipe errors when piping to head(1)
      pmdumplog: extend -x so -xxx reports timestamps in Epoch format
      pmlogger: refactor getting FQDN for local host
    - PMDA additions, enhancements and bug fixes:
      pmdabpf: set config default for biosnoop module to disabled
      pmdabpf: port forward to latest vendored libbpf-tools code
      pmdalinux: boolean metric network.interface.virtual from sysfs
      pmdalinux: more careful slabinfo 32/64 bit type multiplication
      pmdalinux: add NUMA external fragmentation metric via sysfs
      pmdalinux: fix pmid numbering issue with
      pmdanfsclient: fix srcport handling for RDMA and UDP mounts
      pmdaopenmetrics: validate all names before using them for metrics
      pmdaoverhead: new PMDA to measure overhead for groups of processes
      pmdastatsd: static metric memory leak fix
      pmdastatsd: ragel parser refactor and fix
    - Server-side utilities and log management scripts:
      pmieconf: new pmie rule checking file descriptor limits
    - libpcp, libpcp_pmda, libpcp_mmv, libpcp_web and language bindings:
      libpcp: fix buffer issue for user/group name lookups
      libpcp_web: improve error handling in pmseries AST parser
    - Misc build, infrastructure and packaging updates: fixes for improved C99 compatibility use QTDIR search path only when given
      MacOS: build: fix shared library builds on modern Macs
      OpenBSD: build updates for clang, Qt and openssl
      libbpf: updated minimium version to 0.8.0, ARM and PPC support
      Qt: update minimum required versions for libqwt
      Drop no-longer-used pmlogger_daily_report systemd rpm spec code
      Determine clang version without optional llvm-config utility
      Another attempt to get the man/man-db/mandoc stuff sorted
    - Security Enhanced Linux:
      Policy updates for pmdastatsd
    - Documentation and QA infrastructure:
      Add help text for some OpenBSD kernel instance domains
      Provide more detailed explanation for default PMLOGGER_INTERVAL
      pmdaChildren(3): clarify the memory allocation scheme
      pcp-ps(1) man page fixes.
    * Changes from pcp-6.0.1:
    - Security Enhanced Linux:
      selinux: rework policy to use optional_policy
      selinux: rework policy to use an independent policy
      selinux: new cluster_exec_t policy handling for pmdahacluster(1)
      selinux: retire those parts of the build affecting CentOS 6
    - PMDA additions, enhancements and bug fixes:
      pmdabpf: set perf_buffer__poll timeout to 0 for optimal sampling
      pmdabpf: add CO-RE biosnoop
      pmdabpf: no BPF debug messages unless debugging (-Ddev0)
      pmdalinux: add "squashfs" to the list of ignored filesystem types
      pmdasnmp: install agent specific configuration file to PMDATMPDIR
      pmdakvm: initialise perf_event interface only if/when needed
    - Client tools and utilities:
      pcp-ps: initial version of a PCP implementation of ps(1)
      pcp-dstat: add --nomissed command line option for large systems
      pmfind, libpcp_web: MMV and shutdown memory management fixes
      pmlogreduce: fix corner-case in temporal index generation
      pmlogcheck: tighten some pmlogcheck pass0 checks
      pmseries: fix sampling when start < first sample or series has gaps
      shell completion: improve pmrep/zsh instance completion in live mode
      shell tools: convert fgrep and egrep over to grep -F and -E
    - Server-side utilities and log management scripts:
      pmlogger_daily_report: no longer needs any systemd support now fix pmlogger_daily_report test for zeroconf
    - libpcp, libpcp_pmda, libpcp_mmv, libpcp_web and language bindings:
      libpcp_web: fix race conditions affecting pmproxy
      libpcp_web: allow scalar operands in pmseries expressions
      libpcp_web: add pmseries float multiplication
    - Misc build, infrastructure and packaging updates:
      build: add PCP archive analysis container
      build: updates to fix Windows platform builds
      build: update to allow builds on Mac M1 (arm64)
      build: make openSUSE spec file builds work again
      containers: remove /build directory
      debian: use deb-systemd-helper if available
      build: fix libpcp check-statics regexp error with objects in subdirs
      build: podman PMDA no longer has deps, make it unconditional
      build: don't package and install pmrep xtract-names helper
      build: updates to hiredis code for pmseries and pmproxy
      build: updates to hiredis-cluster code for pmseries and pmproxy
      build: fix Makepkgs handling of argument parameters
      build: use vendored and update
      build: use vendored
      build: use vendored and update
      build: fix bpf PMDA inclusion check
      build: fix windows default pmcd.conf entry, dup path component
      build: rework Python3 and Python2 logic
      packaging: fix rpm systemd-sysusers on f37 and rawhide
    - Documentation and QA infrastructure:
      docs: small typo fixes relating to secure connections
      docs: fix sheet2pcp(1) man page quoting in examples
      pmdasample: additional metrics for testing cases
    * Changes from pcp-6.0.0:
    - Major changes:
      1. Add version 3 PCP archive support: instance domain change-deltas,
      Y2038-safe timestamps, nanosecond-precision timestamps, arbitrary
      timezones support, 64-bit file offsets used throughout for larger
      (beyond 2GB) individual volumes.
    * * Opt-in using the /etc/pcp.conf PCP_ARCHIVE_VERSION setting. **
    * * Version 2 archives remain the default (for next few years). **
      2. Switch to using OpenSSL only throughout PCP (dropped NSS/NSPR);
      this impacts on libpcp, PMAPI clients and PMCD use of encryption;
      these are now configured and used consistently with pmproxy HTTPS
      support and redis-server, which were both already using OpenSSL.
      3. New nanosecond precision timestamp PMAPI calls for PCP library
      interfaces that make use of timestamps.  These are all optional,
      and full backward compatibility is preserved for existing tools.
    - Client tools and utilities:
      pcp2elasticsearch: implement authentication support
      pcp-dstat: implement support for the top-alike plugins
      pcp-dstat: add plugin configuration for ZFS metrics
      pcp-dstat: battery charge remaining config using denki metrics
      pcp-htop: update to latest stable upstream release
      pcp-htop: initial support for screen tabs in the user interface
      pcp-pidstat: correct operation of the -p ALL|SELF options
      pmlogger: small changes for handling derived metrics better
      pmlogger, import: support configurable default archive version
      pcp2xxx: ignore pmrep-specific options
      pmlogger: extra hardening, backtrace symbol improvements
      pmlogger: add -V (output archive version) command line option
      pmseries: add sum(), avg() and stdev() functions
      pmseries: add nth_percentile() and topk() functions
      pmseries: add max_inst() and max_sample() functions
      pmseries: add min_inst() and min_sample() functions
      pmseries: be more defensive during shutdown error paths
      pmseries: fix assumption that any 40-character string is a SID
      pmseries: allow reporting values from SIDs (not just queries)
      sheet2pcp: add -V (output archive version) command line option
      ganglia2pcp: add -V (output archive version) command line option
      iostat2pcp: add -V (output archive version) command line option
    - PMDA additions, enhancements and bug fixes:
      pmdaapache: do time_t manipulation with sufficient space
      pmdabcc: sync bcc PMDA modules with upstream bcc tools
      pmdabpf: adds CO-RE (Compile Once - Run Everywhere) modules
      (exitsnoop, oomkill, bashreadline, mountsnoop, vfsstat,
      opensnoop, fsslower, statsnoop, tcpconnlat, tcpconnect)
      pmdabpf: support x86, arm and powerpc
      pmdabpf: fixed persistence of indom and cluster identifiers
      pmdabpf: rework setrlimit() logic for some small memory hosts
      pmdabpftrace: move example autostart scripts to /usr/share
      pmdabpftrace: update biolatency example script for kernel 5.16+
      pmdadenki: fix battery detection for non-intel systems
      pmdadenki: add support for multiple active batteries
      pmdadenki: support the -D option for debugging
      pmdadenki: improve labels associated with metrics
      pmdadenki: add battery capacity metric
      pmdadenki: add separate indom help text
      pmdalinux: add new MpTcpExt metrics from latest Linux 5.x kernels
      pmdalinux: updates for latest /proc/net/netstat kernel changes
      pmdalinux: improve network metrics help text
      pmdalinux: fix of tty metrics on s390x platform
      pmdamailq: update to ensure Y2038-safe time_t handling
      pmdammv: use highest available timestamp resolution
      pmdaopenvswitch: additional interface and coverage stats
      pmdapostfix: harden against a not-yet-running postfix
      pmdaproc: fix psargs string for processes with very large PIDs
      pmdaproc: fix cgroup cpu metrics refresh structures
      pmdasockets: prevent string overwrite of ss_stats_t fields
      pmdasockets: add checking to the pmStore filter strings
      pmdastatsd: fix detection of failure memory allocation
    - Server-side utilities and log management scripts:
      pmproxy: allow request parameters to be sent in the request body
      pmproxy: fix race on teardown of pcp protocol proxy clients
      pmproxy: improve error checking, check uv_pipe_bind result
      pmproxy: harden logging interfaces, racing with startup
      pmieconf: add several pmie rules for Open vSwitch metrics
      pmlogrewrite: subtle change in semantics for error checking
      pmlogreduce: allow sub-second values for -t option
      pmlogreduce: temporal index, add entries after 100k of data volume
      pmlogcheck: beef up pass 0 to check metadata record types
      pmlogconf: fix reprobing with interactive changes
      pmlogmv: fallback to copy for cross-mount case when link fails
      pmlogmv: add -c (paranoid checksum) option
      pmlogger_farm: add default configuration file for farm loggers
      pmlogger_check: increase PMLOGGER_REQUEST_TIMEOUT from 2 to 10 secs
      pmlogger_daily: callbacks for extra daily log processing tasks
      pmlogger_daily, pmlogger_check: additional systemd-driven changes
      pmlogger_daily: move redirection of stdout+stderr earlier in script
      pmlogger_daily: abandom use of fmt(1) - not portable - uses awk now some major efficiency improvements
      pmlogger_daily_report: re-enabled for rpm and deb builds
      pmie_check: avoid leaving lock file and temp dir behind
      pm{log,ie}ctl: handle embedded shell syntax in control lines
      pm{log,ie}ctl: add -C args option to pass "args" to pm{logger,ie}_check
      systemd units: pmlogger and pmie farm conditional use of type=exec
      rc-pmcd: reorder the systemd paths attempted in migrate_pid_cgroup
      dbpmda: fix an overlapping copy and add error handling
    - libpcp, libpcp_pmda, libpcp_mmv, libpcp_web and language bindings:
      libpcp_archive: new library for apps that write PCP archives
      libpcp: optimize indom handling in fetchgroup code
      libpcp: drop time_t abuse in getdate.y, use safe sizes
      libpcp: add __pmDumpPDUTrace() and circular trace buffer
      libpcp: add PM_ERR_FEATURE, PM_ERR_TLS error codes
      libpcp: refactor __pmDumpStack(), improve direct calling tools
      libpcp_qmc: require Qt5.6 as the minimum version for builds
      libpcp_qmc: resolve the Qt::endl warning more cleanly
      libpcp_web: stop Redis initialization if Redis version tool old
      libpcp_web: honour config settings that disable redis completely
      libpcp_web: fix memory leaks in discovery, query parsing and APIs
      libpcp_web: honor exclude.metrics setting in pmseries --load
      libpcp_web: run pmFetchArchive(3) in a worker thread
      libpcp_web: fix race condition tearing down load baton
      libpcp_pmda: ensure indom cache write handles time_t safely
      libpcp_import: add interface for setting output log version
      libpcp_import: interfaces for samples with high-resolution timestamps
      python api: updates to allow building from outside git repo
      python api: allow tools using pmconfig module to ignore options
      python api: add python wrappers for highres PMAPI routines
      python api: correct refcounting on pmParseMetricSpec source buffer
    - Security Enhanced Linux:
      selinux: additional policy rules, esp glusterd_log_t
      selinux: bcc PMDA policy to exec private memfd ctypes/libffi objects
      selinux: make use of syslogd_var_run_t map rule conditional
      selinux: policy updates needed for the pmdasockets metrics
      selinux: fine-tune netlink_tcpdiag_socket policy for all platforms
    - Misc build, infrastructure and packaging updates:
      build: latest distros supported (ubuntu 22.04, fedora 37, rhel9, etc)
      build: reproducible debian build efforts
      build: use standard dpkg buildflags variables.
      build: add BuildRequires: python*-pymongo to mongodb PMDA
      build: detect libbpf version for the BPF PMDA
      build: do not transform symlink targets when generating the source tarball
      build: update artifactory deploy script, add recalculate_metadata subtask
      build: update configure script for python2 retirement in rhel9
      build: convert libpcp check-statics to using readelf if available
      build: updates to libpcp check-statics for OpenBSD
      build: fix configure detection of backtrace() and associated hooks
      build: fixed source dependencies within libpcp_web makefile
      build: add rpm conflicts lines on postgresql-pgpool-II
      build: remove pmclient reliance on libpcp.h for timed sleep
      build: remove mmvdump reliance on libpcp.h for mmap wrapper
      build: make perl truly conditional in the PCP build
      build: drop no-longer-needed NSS/NSPR package deps
      build: resolve ostree non-writable /var for pmieconf
      packaging: update rpm specs to solve systemd warnings
      container: bump base image version
      Makepkgs: fix for Debian build (and Qt packaging failure in CI)
      vendor: switch to git-subtree for iovisor/bcc libbpf-tools code
    - Documentation and QA infrastructure:
      docs: update notes about sar2pcp, iostat2pcp in pcpcompat(1)
      docs: add section to pcpcompat(1) about python2
      docs: add fix for readthedocs compilation error
      docs: updates to the Quick Guide documents
      docs: clatifications to pmrep et al: man pages
      docs: improve pmproxy timeseries and pmseries load documentation
      docs: further improvements and fixes to the INSTALL doc
      docs: add pmlogger(1) -V, describe $PCP_ARCHIVE_VERSION in pcp.conf.
      docs: small fixes to the pcp-pidstat man page
      docs: fix webapi documentation typo around polltimeout
      pylint: numerous issues resolved, tracking latest versions
      qa: regression tests for bpftrace PMDA: check probes
      qa: pmdabcc pylint fixups
      qa: rework Redis PING-PONG checks
      qa/check: run tests under timeout(1) control if possible
      qa-summary: allow unified reporting from CI and QA Farm
      qa/admin/show-me-all & qa/show-me: changes for CI integration
      qa/check: add support for "triaged" tests
      ci: send report to Slack when QA workflow is triggered manually
      ci: add required packages to enable bpf PMDA on CentOS Stream 9
      ci: run CodeQL daily and for each PR
      ci: run full QA on pull requests, save history
      ci: unset XDG_RUNTIME_DIR when invoking podman
  - Refresh patches:
    * 0001-Install-libraries-without-exec-permission.patch
    * 0002-Remove-CPAN-rpaths.patch
    * 0003-Remove-runlevel-4-from-init-scripts.patch
    * 0010-services-switch-logutil-and-pmieutil-scripts-from-ty.patch
  - Change dependency from openssl-devel >= 1.1.1 to openssl-devel >= 1.0.2p.
    Required for SLE-12, builds just fine.
  - Disable 'pmda-infiniband' subpackage for SLE-12.
    Required so it builds cleanly.
  - Introduce pmda-resctrl package, disabled for architectures other
    than x86_64.
  - Change the architecture for various subpackages to 'noarch' as they
    contain no binaries, this lowers rpmlint's badness score
  - Disable 'pmda-mssql', as it fails to build.
* Thu Feb 29 2024 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Use %autosetup macro. Allows to eliminate the usage of deprecated
* Thu Feb 01 2024 Tina Müller <>
  - Change YAML::XS::LibYAML to YAML::XS as this is the module to be used
* Thu Dec 14 2023
  - declare the users/groups we create in the preinstall scripts
    (this is needed for newer rpm versions)
* Tue Nov 28 2023 Martin Schreiner <>
  - This version *does not* break API or ABI compatibility with the
    previous 5.2.5 release.
  - Remove 0009-remove-rundir-install.patch. Obsoleted.
  - Remove 0011-Revert-systemd-remove-Wants-pmcd-from-pmlogger-and-p.patch.
  - Various minor changes/improvements to the RPM spec file.
  - Upgrade to 5.3.7. This is the latest release in the 5.X series.
    Changes from 5.3.7:
    - Client tools and utilities:
      pcp2elasticsearch: implement authentication support
      pcp-ss: fixed incorrect client-side filtering
      pcp-ss: fixed reporting of IPv6 sockets in LISTEN state
      pmrep: 'iostat-multipath-wwid' for multipath disk monitoring
    - PMDA additions, enhancements and bug fixes:
      pmdalinux: add disk.wwid.* aggregated multipath metrics
      pmdalinux: add new MPTCP metrics from latest Linux kernel versions
      pmdalinux: fix up TTY metrics on s390x platform
      pmdalinux: add network.tcp.tcploss metric
      pmdamssql: fix config file logic, python string handling
      pmdadenki: fix crash in labels callback with multiple instances
      pmdasockets: changed default filter in sockets PMDA to "state all"
    - Server-side utilities and log management scripts:
      pmlogconf: correctly handle metric state transitions on (re-)probe
      pmie systemd: add missing systemd configuration and shell code
    - libpcp, libpcp_pmda, libpcp_mmv, libpcp_web and language bindings:
      libpcp_web: resolve a number of small memory leaks
    - Security Enhanced Linux:
      selinux: use interface calls instead of a simple rule
      selinux: add several more obscure missing selinux rules
      selinux: additional debugfs policy requirement for pmdakvm
      selinux: resolve an AVC observed on el8 with pmdashping
    - Misc build, infrastructure and packaging updates:
      rpms: switch to conditional selinux dependency for containers
      debs: reproducible build updates
    - Documentation and QA infrastructure:
      docs: add section to pcpcompat(1) about python2
      docs: update notes about sar2pcp, iostat2pcp in pcpcompat(1)
      docs: improve pmproxy --timeseries and pmseries --load documentation
      CI: disable cppcheck for pcp-atop temporarily due to a cppcheck bug
    Changes from 5.3.6:
    Changes from 5.3.5:
    Changes from 5.3.4:
    Changes from 5.3.3:
    Changes from 5.3.2:
    Changes from 5.3.1:
    Changes from 5.3.0:
* Fri Nov 17 2023 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Only auto-trigger pcp-pmda-postfix for automatic installation
    when pcp and postfix are present. Supplementing pcp alone would
    auto-install postfix on all systems.
  - Supplement pcp-pmda-rsyslog against pcp and rsyslog.
* Tue Aug 30 2022 David Disseldorp <>
  - Add back Wants=pmcd from pmlogger and pmie services; (bsc#1202896)
    + 0011-Revert-systemd-remove-Wants-pmcd-from-pmlogger-and-p.patch
* Wed Jun 08 2022 David Disseldorp <>
  - Workaround intermittent build-time package preun failures by dropping
    PMDA Remove script invocation; (bsc#1197796)
* Tue Jun 07 2022 David Disseldorp <>
  - Adjust systemd service types and remove deprecated KillMode=none;
    + 0010-services-switch-logutil-and-pmieutil-scripts-from-ty.patch
* Mon May 16 2022 David Disseldorp <>
  - Upgrade to 5.2.5
  - Client tools and utilities:
    + pcp-dstat: correct the sample count logic, was off-by-one
    + pcp-dstat: fix csv output with timestamps (no special chars)
  - PMDA additions, enhancements and bug fixes:
    + pmdazfs: new Linux ZFS metrics
    + pmdasockets: new Linux ss(1) metrics
    + pmdahacluster: new HA metrics (Pacemaker, Corosync, DRBD and SBD)
    + pmdabcc: netproc module: count kernel calls, not packets
    + pmdalinux: add hinv.cpu.thermal_throttle metrics
    + pmdalinux: add missing help text for new metrics, drop dups
  - Server-side utilities and log management scripts:
    + pmproxy: fix quoting of /series/metrics matched names
    + pmlogger: fix permissions mismatch for pmlogger tmp dir
    + pmlogger: fix incorrect reporting of pmcd state changes
    + pmie_check: explicity set a umask appropriate for pmieconf
    + pmlogger_check: explicity set a umask appropriate for pmlogconf
    + pmlogger_check: skip .NeedRewrite processing with -K
    + pmpost: increase timestamp resolution
    + pmpost: fix NOTICES file ownership changes
    + rc scripts: add optional logging
    + systemd: remove Wants=pmcd from pmlogger and pmie
  - libpcp, libpcp_pmda, libpcp_mmv, libpcp_web and language bindings
    + libpcp: redo the interp.c time_caliper changes
    + libpcp_web: add timer driven webgroup garbage collector
    + libpcp_pmda: add new function pmdaCachePurgeCallback
  - Misc build, infrastructure and packaging updates:
    + libpcp_web: fix minor memory leak on an error path (covscan)
    + build: fixes to ensure PCP_TMPFILE_DIR not used during the build
      drop upstream 0007-pmns-Make-drop-duplicate-if-else.patch
      drop upstream 0008-fixes-for-GH-1140-PCP_TMPFILE_DIR-used-in-build.patch
  - Security Enhanced Linux:
    + selinux: enable netcheck rawip_socket if icmp_socket unavailable
    + selinux: additional rules needed for pmie/pmlogger in fedora
  - Documentation and QA infrastructure:
    + docs: add pointers to now that books live there
    + pcp-dstat: optionally install a man page symlink for dstat
    + docs: pmproxy(1) man page corrections and additions
  - Upgrade to 5.2.3
  - Client tools and utilities:
    + pcp-htop: minimal version of htop with PCP backend platform
    + pcp-atop: add per-process network statistics
    + pcp-atop: result instance indexing performance optimization
    + pcp-atop: always restore original state of process accounting
    + pcp2elasticsearch: add guard around maximum long integer size
    + pmlogsummary: fix indom lookup for dynamic instance domains
    + pmseries: provide sum() and avg() query functions
    + pmseries: persist canonical query expressions to Redis
    + pmseries: fix HMSET calls when querying timeseries expression
    + pmseries: fix for failing queries with disjuncted qualifiers
    + pmseries: fix segfault in func call with globbed
  - Server-side utilities and log management scripts:
    + pmproxy: support fabricated SIDs in /series/instances requests
    + pmproxy: support fabricated SIDs in /series/metrics requests
    + pmlogger_check: add pmlc connection timeout checking current volume
    + pmlogctl,pmiectl: ignore saved control files after an upgrade
    + pmlogconf: add missing mssql template header
    + pmlogconf: add logger configuration files for the htop command
    + pmieconf: add a rule to detect and report OOM kills
    + pmieconf: cleanup old, no-longer-used tool integrations
    + pmieconf: ensure all automated invocations use the -c switch
    + pmieconf: fix default generated config file path
    + pmie_check: remove a tempfile once finished with it
  - PMDA additions, enhancements and bug fixes:
    + pmdaapache: fix buffer size to allow for multiple reads of the stream
    + pmdabcc: added new netproc module with per-process network metrics
    + pmdaproc: allow to use acct.control.enable_acct as reference counting
    + pmdalinux: added network.all.* metrics for physical interfaces
    + pmdalinux: fix case of waitio counters from /proc/stat going backwards
    + pmdalinux: minor tweaks to use integer math over floating point
    + dbpmda: send inst profile prior to instances level label requests
  - libpcp, libpcp_pmda, libpcp_mmv, libpcp_web and language bindings
    + libpcp: performance improvements for archives with dynamic indoms
    + libpcp: send instance profile for instances level labels requests
    + libpcp: make pmLookupName take a (const char **) namelist
    + libpcp_web: set pmseries source to all-zeroes for expressions
    + libpcp_web: handle fabricated SIDs in /series/values REST API
    + python api: fix fetchgroup max_insts size with multiple indoms
  - Misc build, infrastructure and packaging updates:
  - Security Enhanced Linux:
    + selinux: use matching autoconf guard for rawip_socket class
  - Documentation and QA infrastructure:
    + docs: update pmdabpftrace man page and README
    + docs: improvements in diagrams
    + docs: theme_overrides.css added for readthedocs content
    + docs: pmseries(1) chapter added in Users and Administrators Guide
    + docs: add quotes to curl calls with * in pmwebapi query strings
    + docs: update pmseries schema to describe expression keys
* Mon May 16 2022 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Fix a few rpmlint errors (to at least get below the 1000 mark)
    + make libpcp-devel require libpcp_gui: the devel package
      installs a symlink pointing to that library, so anything
      willing to link it would fail
      libpcp-devel.x86_64: E: no-library-dependency-on libpcp_gui2 /usr/lib64/
      The package misses dependency on a package which file it links to.
    + Call fdupes over /var/lib/pcp/testsuite to solve
      pcp-testsuite.x86_64: W: files-duplicate
    + W: macro-in-comment: escape the relevant macros using %%
    + Filter out W: potential-bashisms for pcp-testsuite.
* Mon Feb 07 2022 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Own %{_datadir}/zsh and %{_datadir}/zsh/site-functions: we have
    no guaranteed owner of these directories in the buildroot.
* Mon Dec 13 2021 Thorsten Kukuk <>
  - Remove sysconfig dependencies, this is not the equivalent of
    the initscripts package and completly unneeded here; (jsc#CSD-124)
  - Add missing hostname requires; (jsc#CSD-124)
* Tue May 11 2021
  - also buildrequire pkgconfig(systemd) to make sure configure
    detects systemd
* Sat Mar 13 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Replace ancient RPM variables by modern equivalents.
  - Drop support for ancient SUSE and ancient Fedora.
* Sun Feb 14 2021 David Disseldorp <>
  - Spec file fixes and cleanups
    + disable pcp-export-zabbix-agent to avoid conflicting /etc/zabbix/
    + fix unversioned Provides
    + remove unused python2 build logic and unconditionally enable python3
    + 0009-remove-rundir-install.patch
  - Add SUSE specific dejavu-fonts dependency for pcp-gui sans
  - Disable pcp-pmda-libvirt to avoid build dependency loop
* Wed Feb 10 2021 David Disseldorp <>
  - Drop unnecessary %pre/%post recursive chown calls; (bsc#1152533)
  - Changelog for patches carried as part of 5.2.2 source tarball:
    + build-drop-old-config-file-transition-code-from-rpm-.patch
    + 0007-pmdas-perf-Add-cpunumber-option-for-dynamic-perf-eve.patch
    + 0008-pmdas-perf-Add-support-for-hv_24x7-nest-events-on-mu.patch
    + 0009-qa-perfevent-Test-hv_24x7-events-on-multinode.patch



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