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klavaro-3.14-1.3 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for ppc64le

Name: klavaro Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 3.14 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.3 Build date: Thu Aug 31 19:56:11 2023
Group: Amusements/Teaching/Other Build host: reproducible
Size: 3037761 Source RPM: klavaro-3.14-1.3.src.rpm
Summary: Typing tutor
Klavaro  is a touch typing tutor that is very
flexible and supports customizable keyboard
layouts. Users can edit and save new or unknown
keyboard layouts, as the basic course provided by
the program was designed to not depend on specific






* Thu Aug 31 2023 Avindra Goolcharan <>
  - Update to version 3.14
    * appdata ==> metainfo for desktop stuff.
    * Non-deprecated replacements for icon names.
    * fix Progress chart for basic module showing lesson 0 as lesson 1.
    * fix Spell correction: editting ==> editing.
    * fix Semicolon at end of keyword entries in
    * fix Memory leak on trans_lang_get_similar function.
    * add Hindi support.
    * add Indonesian translation.
    * update Croatian,  Romenian translation
* Sat Mar 26 2022 Matthias Mailänder <>
  - Update to version 3.13
    * Fixed Close button on About dialog.
    * Added French layout from AFNOR: azerty (amélioré).
    * Updated translations: Croatian, Greek (partial), Portuguese (Portugal)
  - fix website URL
  - removed _service file: use the upstream tarball directly
* Thu Apr 29 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Update to version 3.12
    * Turkish translation added
    * Indonesian support added.
  - Build with system GtkDatabox3
* Mon Nov 16 2020 Elisei Roca <> - 3.11
  - add _service file
  - remove klavaro-devel package because the header files are gone
  - update to 3.11
    2020-08-18  Felipe Castro (-) <>;
    * Release 3.11
    * Fixed:
    - Dutch typos correction on paragraphs.
    * Added:
    - keyboard: dvorak_de_bone
    * Updated translations:
    - Esperanto.
    - French.
    - Portuguese (BR).
    - Portuguese (PT).
    - Russian.
    - Serbian.
    - Ukrainian.
    - Vietnamese.
    * Added translations:
    - Romanian (very partial).
    2020-05-30  Felipe Castro (-) <>;
    * Release 3.10
    * Added:
    - Support for Tibetan.
    * Changed:
    - Checking for Werror=format-security at src/
    - Applying Debian patches 02, 03, 04 and 05.
    - Not installing GtkDataBox's include headers anymore.
    - dvorak_fr_bepo.kbd: apostrophe now is typographic.
    * Updated translations:
    - Basque.
    - Croatian.
    - Hungarian.
    - Italian.
    - Serbian.
* Tue Sep 24 2019 - 3.09
  - update to 3.09
    * Fixed:
    - Internet ranking server now is
    - Top10 window showing always external scores when changing language
    - Portugal Portuguese code (pt) defined as pt_PT.
    - Man page updated.
    - Disabling beeps internally too.
    - qwertz_sk_2.kbd is a qwerty one: --> qwerty_sk.kbd (Slovakia)
    - qwertz_sk.kbd is for Slovenia:  -->  qwertz_si.kbd
    - Contry code for Slovenia is sk, not sl.
    - Using $(rootdatadir) for Gnome metadata.
    * Added:
    - Validation limits before putting scorings on Top 10.
    - Logging touch timings from last session for all modules:
    - Portuguese translation, from Portugal (pt).
    - Hotkey Ctrl+F: font configuration.
    - Hotkey Ctrl+KP_plus: increase spin buttons.
    - Hotkey Ctrl+KP_minus: decrease spin buttons.
    - Hotkeys Ctrl+R or Escape: cancel current practice, start a new one.
    - Alternative colors toggle button in tutor window. At first time run,
    a default "dark mode" is copied to the file: $HOME/.config/klavaro/altcolor.ini
    Hotkey: Ctrl+A for alternative colors.
    - qwertz_sk_2.kbd keyboard layout for Slovenia.
    - /usr/.../share/klavaro/preferences_darkmode.ini as dark colors example.
    * Removed:
    - Beeps, as they were not reliable.
    * Updated translations:
    - Dutch.
    - French.
    - Swedish.
  - splitted out -devel package for header files
  - removed klavaro-3.00-paragraph-ru-fix.patch : fixed upstream
  - needs now cairo-devel and libgnutls-devel as build requires
  - use SSL for Url and Source
  - ran spec-cleaner
* Mon Mar 18 2019 - 3.05
  - update to 3.05
    * Fixed:
    - Crashing when not recognized option from command-line.
    * Added:
    - Instructions for typing with the shift keys (in the introduction).
    - Explanation about the blank lessons after 43, in basic module.
    - Possible to reset progress log of each module individually, as well
      as character error charts or touch times charts in adaptability.
    - Possible to use paragraphs complete texts in Speed module (klavaro -x).
    * Updated translations:
    - Croatian.
    - Danish.
    - Esperanto.
    - Polish.
    - Portuguese (BR).
    - Russian.
    - Ukrainian.
    From Release 3.04
    * Fixed:
    - Tutor window was not allowing to shrink horizontaly, only growing.
      Now its horizontal scroll is allowed to appear, liberating it to shrink.
    - Colors again on keyboard buttons, they had disappeared.
    - Proficiency log file shown as touch time per key in adaptability
      charts  was being corrupted eventually.
    - Statistics after practice were being colorized.
    - Crashing? when no <libintl.h> installed on the system and? using
      ./configure --disable-nls
    - bg.paragraphs and bg.words chars fixed.
    - da.paragraphs and da.words chars fixed. (ét -> et)
    - fi.paragraphs char fixed.
    - hr.paragraphs chars fixed.
    - kk.paragraphs chars fixed?
    - nl.paragraphs chars fixed? (wéér -> weer)
    - pa.paragraphs chars fixed. (removed English word quadrant)
    - ru.paragraphs chars fixed.
    - sr.paragraphs chars fixed. (ascii quotes: " ")
    - uk.paragraphs chars fixed.
    - qwertz_de.kbd chars fixed. (Ä Ö -> ä ö)
    - Substituted deprecated stuff on Glade file, for GTK+-3.8
    * Changed:
    - Inserting a little indentation on tutor texts paragraphs.
    - Using 2 copies of character pool for the basic lessons generator,
      for a little bit more double sequences of same char.
    - More difficult to get a special proficiency training session on
      adaptability, but easier to get an special error training.
    - Using new GtkDataBox update, from GIT repository, changes may appear
      in the progress charts.
    - Some deprecated GTK+-3 functions were updated to version 3.8.
    * Added:
    - Merge all the basic lessons in the progress chart: Lesson '0'.
    - In fluidity, manages Ctrl+h to work as Backspace (delete -1 char)
      and Ctrl+w as Ctrl+Backspace (clean up all errors).
    - dvorak_de_adnw.kbd    "Aus der Neue Welt" german keyboard layout.
    - dvorak_us_left.kbd    Dvorak left hand layout.
    - dvorak_us_rigth.kbd   Dvorak rigth hand layout.
* Tue Mar 13 2018
  - Use espeak-ng when available
  - Remove superfluous buildtime requirement
* Sun Aug 06 2017
  - update to 3.03
    + Fixed:
    - el.paragraphs minor bugs fixed.
    - Counting unicode characters apart for touchs-per-second calculation and
      also handling IM context.
    - Gurmukhi keyboard for Jhelum is from Pakistan (kept version for
      India). Removed extra "bindi" from 'P' key-position.
    - Updated klavaro.appdata.xml file, e.g. added the kudo ModernToolkit.
    - Added GenericName in klavaro.desktop file.
    - Resource leak at translation.c (fh obtained with fopen but had no fclose).
    - Default keyboard for Finnish is [qwerty_se], not [querty_se].
    - Blinking cursor GSource timeout error.
    - Not plotting data for English UK, Español; Castellano and possibly other
    + Changed:
    - Max number of customizable basic lessons increased to 256.
    - ar.paragraphs updated with some quotes, no more religious or
      political texts.
    - Allowing the tutor window to shrink more.
    - Using Gurmukhi script to show Punjabi (pa) option in "Language" at main menu
    + Added translations:
    - Korean support.
    - Serbian.
    + Updated translations:
    - Arabic.
    - French.
* Sun Nov 06 2016
  - use
  - use upstream provided .desktop file
* Thu Sep 01 2016
  - update to 3.02
    + Fixed:
    - Using portable GTK function to access Klavaros's Top 10 URL.
    + Changed:
    - pa.paragraphs updated.
    + Added translations:
    - Catalan.
    - Croatian.
    + Updated translations:
    - Swedish.
    - Polish.
    - Czech.
    - Italian.
    - Galician.
    - French.
    - Finnish completed: words and paragraphs added.



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