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zim-lang-0.75.1-2.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: zim-lang Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 0.75.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Wed Jan 18 17:37:22 2023
Group: System/Localization Build host: s390zl25
Size: 1606450 Source RPM: zim-0.75.1-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Translations for package zim
Provides translations for the "zim" package.






* Wed Jan 18 2023 Wolfgang Frisch <>
  - Added missing dependency on typelib-1_0-Gtk-3_0 (bsc#1188958)
* Wed Nov 09 2022 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 0.75.1:
    * Fix bug with relative path notebook icon
    * Fix bug with icons in notebookdialog
    * Fix bug with loading sub-notebooks via "notebook.zim"
    * Fix bug with "--list" commandline
    * Fix issue opening unicode attachements on win32
    * Fix saving preferences for edit bar
    * Fix link visibility in TableEditor
    * Use flatpak locale directory in flatpak
    * Upgrade Python version requirement to >= 3.6
    * Complete porting all modules to `zim.newfs` and deprecate `zim.fs`
    * Refactor APIs to deal with tokens instead of `etree` interface
    * Add framework for imagegenerators with inline data
    * Refactored ther user interface of the tasklist plugin
    * Make tasklist window persistent
    * Let tasklist window also show closed tasks
    * Let tasks inherit all modifiers from list heading
    * Let "Go to Today" use anchor id for current day
    * Update LinkMap with new options
    * Refactor preference for custom window decoration & toolbar plugin
    * Enables distinct shortcuts for en and em dashes in symbol list
    * Add unicode 8757 ("because") in symbol list
    * Move Selected Text: add preference for short links & save bounds
    * Extend ToC pane context menu
    * Score editor: add check for convert-ly
    * Source View plugin: Don't show hidden languages
    * Export code blocks in markdown as fenced blocks
    * Fix loading GIF images
    * Fix to let the "insert link" dialog allow anchors
    * Allow sidepane focus key to be configured
    * Added action to collapse and expand in PageIndex
    * Add action for "move text" to allow keybinding
    * Support closing an open 'find bar' by pressing ESC in the page view widget
    * Allow cancelling ImageGeneratorDialog using Escape key
    * Version control: fix fossil
    * Fix KDE drag-n-drop bug
    * Fix export with formatting in heading
    * Minimal support for "Terminal" option in desktop files
    * Add preference for not prompting on new folder
* Sun Dec 12 2021 Cor Blom <>
  - Update to 0.74.3:
    * Fix issue with brioken links on move page
    * Fix bug in copy-paste
    * Fix bug on move page for existing textbuffer
    * Fix bug with saving of notebook editable state
    * Fix for error while loading plugins
    * Fix issue with stray unicode character
    * Fix issue to allow relative document root
    * Fix hack for rendering sourceview blocks
    * Add mnemonic keys to open sidepane tabs
    * Add links and screenshot to macOS app & update README
    * Improve inline rendering of equations & make image DPI
    * Add box drawing characters to symbols list
    * Scroll on moving lines with linesorter plugin
    * Move floating table of contents to overlay layer
* Mon Nov 08 2021 Bjørn Lie <>
  - Replace python3-gobject with python3-gobject-Gdk Requires. This
    should fix boo#1188958.
* Sat Oct 16 2021 Cor Blom <>
  - Update to 0.74.2:
    * Let Toolbar plugin also remove window decoration
    * Fix execution of custom tools from Toolbar
    * Add plugin "view" items to Toolbar plugin
    * Make drag&drop optional in the pageindex
    * Add option to toggle tooltips for index panes
    * Fix Zeitgeist plugin to work with Gtk3 branch
    * Improve dialog feedback for invalid input
    * Fix error on cancel insert dialog
    * Let exceptions not block search
    * Make page parser robust for empty files
  - Update to 0.74.1:
    * Add preference to hide edit bar
    * Add separate parameter for wrapped lines linespacing
    * Fix behavior of copying images on copy-paste
    * Fix export of anchors to make valid HTML tags
    * Fix storing of uistate for window panes
    * Fix issues for "file:/path" file URIs
    * Fix bug in "copy link"
    * Make clipboard handling robust for non-local file URI
    * Fix issue with escaping in find input
    * Fix behavior of TrashDialog on error
    * Remove string literal formatting syntax
  - Update to 0.74.0:
    * Support link "anchors" to allow linking within page
    * Add new-style headerbar as window decoration
    * Add auto-hiding headerbar in full screen mode
    * Add confirmation dialog when trashing pages
    * Replace toolbar by a plugin, introduce "Edit Bar" in pageview
    * Remove statusbar
    * Make single page window editable
    * Keep undostack for the last 10 pages
    * Copy equations on copy-paste
    * Copy image attachments on copy-paste
    * Update relative links on copy-paste formatted text
    * Fix copy-pasting links to another notebook
    * Add Bullet Journal "back arrow" checkbox
    * Add default browser to preferences
    * Add option to paste short relative link names
    * Add support for "INCLUDE file" in templates
    * Add `<Ctrl><Shift>C` for copying the current line
    * Show plugins that failed to load in the plugin list
    * Add auto-expand and -collapse options to tags plugin
    * Add option for horizontal scrollbar to pageindex & tags plugins
    * Add "open backlink in new window" in backlinks plugin
    * Add count and full path options for backlinks plugin
    * Add rename and delete menu entries in attachmentbrowser
    * Improve language selection for sourceview plugin
    * Add border width preference to sourceview plugin
    * Add dark mode preference to equation editor
    * Add Toolbar plugin, including "classic" mode
    * Add Command Palette plugin
    * Also match URL in wiki text for local network
    * Improve read performance for large text attachments
    * Fix issue with unicode mismatch in link and page names
    * Make indexer robust against false folder mtime
    * Make windows installer robust against overwriting data
    * Try to use GtkSourceView 4.x if 3.x not found
    * Fix numbered lists with letters in Markdown export
    * Use Pillow fallback to load WebP images
    * Make appending to page undo-able
    * Highlight "Toggle Editable" button when read-only
    * Add extensions on PageWindow by splitting NotebookView and PageView
    * Show link destination for keyboard navigation
    * Exclude formatting when copying headings
* Mon Apr 26 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Update to version 0.73.5:
    * Fix regression for “www.” links in pages
    * Fix bug with email address or url wrapped in higlight markup
    * Fix bug with handling newline in inline formatting
    * Fix bug when deleting a bullet-like sequence
    * Fix bug with relative links in single page export
    * Fix bug if notebook name is not set
    * Interpret pasted text as “wiki” format and add “Paste As Verbatim”
    * Update default application lookup to latest spec
    * Fix portable environment windows installer
    * Merge Weblate translations
* Thu Nov 26 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to 0.73.4:
    * Fix issue with relative links on windows
    * Fix reload page after change in external editor
    * Fix regressions due to python3.9 change in ElementTree
    * Fix regression in nested format in link
    * Fix test failure in testing translations
    * Let versions control plugin initialize git repro to not quote non-ascii paths
    * Update markdown extension and mime-type
    * Merge translations
    * Fix missing export formats in windows installer
    * Add support for environ.ini at startup for portable install
    * Make trash function more robust for GLib.Error errors
    * Remove xdg import in windows for mimetyping
    * Fix regression with GdkPixbuf.PixbufRotation constants
    * Fix issues in parser under Python 3.9
    * Fix regression with pages with formatting in heading
    * Merge translations
* Tue Sep 29 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to 0.73.2:
    + Add "show debug log" menu item
    + Add missing "triangle" icons for windows installer
    + Include helper to spawn external processes for windows installer
    + Fix dropdown namespace autocomplete in move-page dialog
    + Fix wiki parser for case of nested URL
    + Fix ParseTreeBuilder interface for python3.9
    + Add debug output for drag-and-drop workaround
    + Fix popup menu in attachment browser plugin
    + Fix warnings during export for "page.meta"
    + Fix on-preferences-changed for tableofcontents plugin
* Thu Jul 09 2020 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 0.73.1:
    + Fix regression for opening single instance
    + Fix exception on toggle format
    + Fix failing tests due to change in sorting python3.8
    + Make robust for deprecation of cElementTree in python3.9
    + Improve tmpdir usage by using tempfile.mkdtemp()
    + Add ability to combine formatting styles in editor
    + Improve URL and link parsing to look for matching brackets
    + Reduce the number of - needed to auto-format a horizontal line
    + Allow typing bullet after e.g. checkbox to replace it
    + Add autoformat for sub- and super-script by typing ^.. and _{..}
    + On autoformat headings also strip trailing =
    + Fix issue with lost formatting when using spellchecker
    + Add support for "paragraph-background" property in style.conf
    + Improve keyboard behavior of find bar in editor
    + Swap the layout in the InsertDateDialog
    + Allow re-arranging side pane tabs by drag and drop
    + Add option to automatically collapse sections in the pageindex
    + Fix regression for inserting links on "Attach file" and moved this function to the Insert menu
    + Merge MovePageDialog and RenamePageDialog into a single dialog
    + Fix behavior when renaming non-existing "placeholder" pages
    + Add workaround for drag-and-drop issue #390
    + Whitelist image formats in latex export to avoid invalid image types
    + Add MacOS menubar plugin & fix for main menu mnemonics in MacOS
    + Give temporary directories unique names to improve robustness
    + Support TEXTDOMAINDIR evironment variable to set locale directory
    + Improve folder checks for automount feature
    + Improve window colors in distraction free mode
    + Add option to set the wrap-mode in sourceview
    + Add theme choice for the source view plugin
    + Add "private" switch to server command for commandline usage
    + Add authentication support to web server
    + Add template selection option to web server dialog
    + Add option for fontsize to table of contents plugin
    + Add option to show horizontal lines in table of contents
  - Remove zim-CVE-2020-10870-tempdir.patch
* Tue Mar 24 2020 Wolfgang Frisch <>
  - Update to version 0.72.1:
    + Update translations & documentation
  - CVE-2020-10870: Fixed a denial-of-service via predictable temporary directories (bsc#1167519).
* Thu Sep 19 2019 Luke Jones <>
  - Update to version 0.72:
    + Improve pathbar with "linked" visual design
    + Improve statusbar visual style
    + Change behavior for lists with mixed bullets
    + Add configuration of keybindings to preferences dialog
    + Support gnome-screenshot in the insert screenshot pluing
    + Save size of secondary page window
    + Add option for linenumbers option in insert code block dialog
    + Add option to display date column in tasklist side pane
    + Add warnings if locale does not support unicode
    + Make SVG thumbnail support configurable
    + Fix bug for insert equation and other objects
    + Fix use of escape sequence in table cells
    + Fix tasklist view for multiple dates in task
    + Fix "apply heading" to strip list formatting
    + Make ToC plugin update instead of refresh on save
    + Fix issue with not-unique headings in tableofcontents
    + Fix bugs in auto insert bullet at newline
  - Update to version 0.71.1:
    + Fix robustness for OSError on process startup
    + Fix for popup menu on page index for Gtk < 3.22
    + Updated translations
  - Update to version 0.71:
    + Fix "spill over" between translation files
    + Fix use of popup menus
    + Hack to work around textview glitches embedded objects
    + Make indexer recover from duplicate page names
    + Fix recovery of broken index file on startup
    + Restore New Sub Page for index context menu
    + Let customtools replace autoselected words and insert
    + Fallback encoding when calling external applications
    + Hide pathbar in distraction free mode
    + Merge fix for unicode completion in dialogs
    + Remember cursor position on reload
    + Fix inlinecalculator plugin
    + Update Gtk prerequisite version to 3.18
    + Updated Russian translation
  - Update to version 0.70:
    * Ported zim to use Python3 & Gtk3
    * Refactored application framework, all windows run single process now with single plugin manager and preferences manager
    * Refactored plugin extension loading code and added functions to find extensions and actions
    * Removed the notebook "profile" properties
    * Plugins now can use notebook properties to store settings per notebook
    * The page index side pane and the pathbar are now plugins
    * Redesign journal plugin sidepane view and remove dialog
    * Renamed "calendar" plugin to "journal"
    * Removed OSX menubar plugin
    * Image generator plugins now are "inserted objects"
    * Workaround for missing clipboard.set_with_data()
    * Improved speed of test suite and refactored test constructs
    * Support flatpack-spawn to execute processes
    * Critical fix for updating links on move page and rename page
    * Critical fix for parsing headers when page has no title
    * Fix page index issue on delete page
* Sat Mar 02 2019 Karl Cheng <>
  - Fix missing python-xml runtime requirement.



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