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zerobranestudio-1.90-3.5 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: zerobranestudio Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.90 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 3.5 Build date: Thu Feb 1 11:47:26 2024
Group: Development/Tools/IDE Build host: i04-ch4c
Size: 3669600 Source RPM: zerobranestudio-1.90-3.5.src.rpm
Summary: Lightweight Lua IDE
ZeroBrane Studio is a lightweight cross-platform Lua IDE with code completion,
syntax highlighting, remote debugger, code analyzer, live coding, and debugging
support for several Lua engines (LuaJIT, Love 2D, Moai, Gideros, Corona,
Marmalade Quick, Cocos2d-x, GSL-shell, Adobe Lightroom, OpenResty/Nginx and
others). It originated from the Estrela Editor.






* Sun Jul 11 2021 Callum Farmer <>
  - Re-add accidentally removed dependency
* Sun Apr 18 2021 Callum Farmer <>
  - Use Lua default on TW and 5.1 on anything else
* Sat Jun 27 2020 Matthias Mailänder <>
  - unbundle more libraries
* Sat Jun 13 2020 Matthias Mailänder <>
  - update to version 1.90
    - Added handling of dark mode switching in the OS (#999).
    - Added setting dark mode when configured by the OS (#999).
    - Added GetBestIconSize method to identify the most appropriate toolbar icon size.
    - Added rescaling to fix blury text in commandbar on hidpi screens in macOS (#999).
    - Added editor.showligatures setting (#960).
    - Added workaround for large font in auto-complete popup when DirectWrite is used (#999, #960).
    - Added support for font ligatures (#999, #960).
    - Added workaround for Linux crash on middle mouse click in the editor (pkulchenko/wxlua#5).
    - Added workaround for macOS crash when editor is closed with opened autocomplete popup (#999).
    - Added workaround for white background in focused tree items (#999).
    - Allowed warnings about globals from luacheck by default (#1013).
    - Added IsExiting method (#166).
    - Added check to improve compatibility with 'system' versions of wxlua 2.8.
    - Added search option to search mapped directories when present (off by default).
    - Added search option to follow symlinks to the searchbar (off by default).
    - Added option for skipping symlinks during search.
    - Added activating the editor tab after right click.
    - Added CreateNotebook method to provide GetCurrentPage if not available (#166).
    - Added GetShortFilePath method (#166).
    - Added project scope to CloseAll and switched to using it in project switching.
    - Added dryrun option for CloseAll method to retrieve documents to be closed.
    - Added seven lexers from Scintila 3.10.1.
    - Added GetTabCtrl method for the notebook.
    - Added onFiletreeFileMarkSelected event (#166).
    - Added MarginFromPoint editor method (#166).
    - Added IsDirHoisted method for project tree.
    - Added showing file icons on editor tabs.
    - Added CreateFileIcon method (#166).
    - Added switching to window being saved during Save As and Save All operations.
    - Added SetFileName document method (#166).
    - Added IsActive document method (#166).
    - Added CreateDocument method (#166).
    - Added OutputDebugStringW method for fs module.
    - Added GetDocumentList method (#166).
    - Added RemoveDocument method (#166).
    - Added end scope name for else statement (#946).
    - Added writing using fs library on Windows, as this preserves file attributes.
    - Added editor tooltip showing full path (when available).
    - Added support for hoisted directories.
    - Enabled icon scaling on macOS for better file icons (#999).
    - Explicitly disable lines in tree controls on macOS and Linux (#999).
    - Improved support for running the IDE using Lua 5.2+ without module compatibility.
    - Improved wxwidget API/autocomplete (closes #979).
    - Minor update to zh-cn translation (closes #990).
    - Moved updating file history to happen on document activation.
    - Renamed the Simplified Chinese locale and improve translation
    - Refactored file renaming from the file tree to avoid creating editor tabs.
    - Removed CloseAllExcept method as it's not longer needed.
    - Removed SetTabIndex and direct tab index usage.
    - Removed hidpi option, as it's no longer needed with hidpi always supported (#999).
    - Removed message on mixed end-of-line characters for binary files (#1012).
    - Removed message on failing to load binary files, as the error is reported anyway (#1012).
    - Removed wxlua build workarounds that are not needed with the current wxlua version (#999).
    - Removed freezing of the file tree, as moving active filename into view fails (#999).
    - Updated application icons to add 128- and 256-pixel ones.
    - Updated editor marker size to work better on hidpi screens (#999).
    - Update tab art processing to ensure that tabs are of the same height on macOS (#999).
    - Upgraded luasec to 0.9 and openssl to 1.1.1d (closes #958).
    - Updated copyright year in the About screen.
    - Updated Windows build script to set static-libgcc to avoid dll dependencies (#999).
    - Updated style processing for more robust handling of color values.
    - Updated markup color for better visibility on dark background.
    - Updated wxlua binaries to use wxlua (#999).
    - Updated macOS build script to require 10.14+ SDK for dark mode support (#999).
    - Updated build scripts to add copying headers.lua when luasocket is built.
    - Updated file icon font processing to make it independent from editor font (#999).
    - Updated tonumber conversion to improve running the IDE using Lua 5.2 or Lua 5.3.
    - Updated to disable Window menu on macOS (#999).
    - Updated drawing of scaled file icons to improve font readability (#999).
    - Updated sash/border size to be smaller and only scale on Windows (#999).
    - Updated search toolbar size to match the main toolbar (#999).
    - Updated toolbar icon auto-sizing to better work on smaller, but scaled screens (#999).
    - Updated rescaling check, as it's only supported in wxwidgets 3.1.2+ (#999).
    - Updated icon processing to work with scaled resolution (#999).
    - Updated architecture setting to 64bit on macOS (#999).
    - Updated macOS build script to use rpath in library references (#1018, #999).
    - Updated clipboard handling of invalid UTF-8 content on Windows (#1012).
    - Updated editor to set block cursor for binary files (#1012).
    - Updated handling of binary files to load the entire file (closes #1012).
    - Updated to add workaround for occasional crash on macOS and Linux (#999).
    - Updated build scripts to add xml and xrc wxwidgets components (#999).
    - Updated tab close button on Linux to match those on Windows and macOS (#999).
    - Updated END_PROCESS callback to Detach launched process (#999).
    - Updated launcher on Windows to use more reliable method to find executable path.
    - Updated build scripts to enable AddPrivateFont in wxFont (#999).
    - Updated build scripts to add libtiff to wxlua binary (#999, closes #963).
    - Updated Linux dependencies to install GTK3 (#999).
    - Updated to use wxLuaProcess when available, as it fixes macOS crash (#999).
    - Updated to use API call to get label text without shortcut.
    - Updated to use screen size when setting default frame size.
    - Updated idle processing to skip items from the same group.
    - Updated commandbar processing to use space as any character in prefiltering.
    - Updated filtering logic in commandbar to better handle non-alphanum characters.
    - Updated Love2d API for 11.3 (#247).
    - Updated autocomplete to allow classes without any (sub-)elements.
    - Updated to suppress repeated errors about files that can't be indexed.
    - Updated love2d interpreter to cache love2d executable name per project.
    - Updated love2d interpreter to reduce duplication.
    - Updated markup restyling to not happen during cursor movement.
    - Updated tooltip position to better work with wrapped lines.
    - Updated IsSameDirectoryPath method to handle nil parameters (closes #1021).
    - Updated handling of search-in-selection toggle to better work on macOS 10.14+.
    - Updated to allow incremental search with search-in-selection.
    - Updated editor font loading to better handle invalid/missing font names.
    - Updated to explicitly set art provider in pop out panels (#999).
    - Updated handling of static analyzer/luacheck options to allow dynamic switching (closes #1013).
    - Updated Linux arch check to handle 32bit userspace with 64bit kernel (closes #947).
    - Updated shebang processing to also accept extensions.
    - Updated the About screen to include Scintilla version when available (#994).
    - Updated to allow StartStyling to work with deprecated parameters (closes #994).
    - Updated Brazilian Portuguese translation.
    - Updated Love2d API for 11.2 (#247).
    - Updated RequestAttention method to check documents in floating panels.
    - Updated commandbar to activate (floating) editor in symbol selection.
    - Updated commandbar processing to work with multiple notebooks.
    - Updated GetEditor to check for all notebooks that may have documents.
    - Updated placeholder expansion to show labels for editor in any notebook.
    - Updated CloseAll to report closing results.
    - Updated to not close the document when the editor is moved to a different notebook.
    - Updated root path generation to make it work from Windows paths with unicode names.
    - Updated document activation to reduce dependence on tab being in a specific notebook.
    - Updated CloseAll method to only retrieve tab control when needed.
    - Updated commandbar to find better position over split notebook.
    - Updated to improve file activation in project tree.
    - Updated file icon generation to keep header on files with no extension.
    - Updated dynamic icons to show the custom color in the header instead of the text (#470).
    - Updated page closing to simplify selection of the page to activate.
    - Updated commandbar to cancel selection on switching focus from the editor for consistency.
    - Updated to use wxGetUserId to get user login for singleinstance checks (fixes #951).
    - Updated to allow hoisting for mapped directories.
    - Updated closing multiple tabs to stop closing on canceling save.
    - Updated to preserve compatibility with older versions of wxlua/wxwidgets.
    - Updated indicator handling to work when tabs are quickly closed.
    - Updated find/replace result message to get proper translation.
    - Updated Show Location label to more informative Open Containing Folder.
    - Updated Show Location to use the default explorer as configured (Windows).
    - Upgraded Mobdebug (0.706) to improve debugging of wxlua apps under strict (closes #962).
    - Upgraded LexLPeg lexers to support new lexer syntax.
    - Fixed reset of the output/console window color scheme when copied from the editor styles.
    - Fixed default reference for editor.showligatures config setting (#960).
    - Fixed setting default calltip colors when setting custom color schemes (#1024).
    - Fixed the project tree not scrolled to the left in some cases after activation (#999).
    - Fixed caching of loaded bitmaps.
    - Fixed showing icons in the Stack view panel (#999).
    - Fixed setting focus on text fiels in command bar (#999).
    - Fixed memory allocation for the directory path (thanks to Shmuel Zeigerman).
    - Fixed assertion in notebook:GetPage when requested page is not in range (#999).
    - Fixed menu item name shown in a long tooltip.
    - Fixed closing directory handles to avoid locking last expanded directory (fixes #1029).
    - Fixed showing invalid UTF-8 in debugger tooltips (fixes #1025).
    - Fixed luasocket issues reported under strict (closes #950).
    - Fixed updating editor tab icon when un/setting start file.
    - Fixed restarting incremental search when initiated with search panel open.
    - Fixed keeping the editor tab open when file is renamed from the file tree.
    - Fixed SetupKeywords to re-apply styles when requested (closes #1014).
    - Fixed reported error message for some file writing errors.
    - Fixed closing the current editor tab from menu with some other panel being active.
    - Fixed checking output from external commands before interpreter is set (#973).
    - Fixed handling of output callbacks not returning expected strings (closes #973).
    - Fixed error when no APIs loaded (in eg experimental interpreter) (closes #976).
    - Fixed Luacheck not receiving API globals by default or with custom globals (#976).
    - Fixed recognition of linecomment option in lexlpeg lexers (close #1007).
    - Fixed error reported on shebang with executable not matching any lexer (fixes #969).
    - Fixed loading of api files relative to package directory (fixes #965).
    - Fixed arg to have the 'original' (instead of shortened) name during debugging.
    - Fixed storing name of unsaved tabs in recovery records.
    - Fixed error shown when focus is set on the editor while it's removed from the notebook.
    - Fixed expanding mapped directories when adding new items under it.
    - Fixed allowing to add new file/directory only under directories.
    - Fixed project tree refresh and sync after un/mapping directory or setting start file.
    - Fixed black background shown for generated file icons on Linux.
    - Fixed showing current file in the project tree.
    - Fixed adding files/directories under mapped and hoisted directories.
    - Fixed adding mapped directory after drop on project tree over no item.
    - Fixed transparent background for dynamic icons in the project tree (#470).
    - Fixed activation of editor tab from the filetree on Windows.
    - Fixed output truncation after launched process terminates (fixes #949).
    - Fix margin click selection to select folded block.
    - Fixed typo in the usage instructions.
    - Fixed message on how to configure short path conversion on Windows (fixes #948).
    - Fix symbol indicators when no editor windows are open.
    - Fixed incorrect outline with repeat until before else (fixes #946).
    - Removed CloseAllExcept method as it's no longer needed.
    - Removed SetTabIndex and direct tab index usage.
  - changes from version 1.80
    - Added document SetTabIndex method (#166).
    - Added restoring editor content when loading a file fails.
    - Added lexer detection based on the shebang content for unknown extensions.
    - Added drag-n-drop into project tree to map directories.
    - Add editor IndicateSymbols method (#166, #929).
    - Added per-editor configuration for collecting dynamic words (closes #922).
    - Added message in search toolbar after replacement in files (#910).
    - Added shortcuts to popup menus for edit operations.
    - Added keeping the clipboard content after exiting.
    - Added reporting failures on file open.
    - Added support for function to remap results in output line activation (#881).
    - Added configuration setting for output line activation patterns (closes #881).
    - Added showing tab name in the search status bar when no text is found (#887).
    - Added Bulgarian translation (closes #876, #70).
    - Added config option for transparency of window.
    - Added support for configuring virtual space in the editor (closes #861).
    - Added ShowFullScreen method (#166).
    - Added recognition of linecomment option in lexlpeg lexers.
    - Added support for fold.compact flag by lpeg lexer (closes #853, #847).
    - Added switching to the editor tab being saved during confirmation.
    - Added project tree methods to map and unmap directories (#166).
    - Added editor.endatlastline to set the editor maximum scroll position (closes #842).
    - Added editor.wrapflagslocation setting for specifying wrap flag location.
    - Added ExpandPlaceholders method (#166).
    - Added GetModifiedTime editor method (#166).
    - Added ReportError method (#166).
    - Disabled opening non-existing directories from commandbar.
    - Enabled global shortcuts for clearing output and console (closes #844).
    - Renamed ID.CLEAROUTPUT to ID.CLEAROUTPUTENABLE to avoid conflict between actions (#844).
    - Renamed document method Get/SetModTime to Get/SetFileModifiedTime (#166).
    - Refactored document 'modified' status to match the editor modification status.
    - Reorganized setting accelerators to allow all of them to be set from onRegister events.
    - Updated C/cpp spec to cover larger variety of functions.
    - Upgraded Mobdebug (0.704) to fix serialization issue (fixes #900).
    - Updated error navigation in output window to handle lines with line:position information.
    - Upgraded luacheck to v0.23.0.
    - Updated drag-n-drop mapping to limit to existing directories.
    - update traditional chinese translation
    - Updated Window build script to support building of 64bit luasec (using mingw64).
    - Updated Windows launcher manifest description.
    - Updated dates in the Windows launcher manifest.
    - Upgraded Mobdebug (0.705) to fix explicit garbage collection during stepping (closes #919).
    - Update comment markup styling to avoid hiding line comments.
    - Updated Love2d API for 0.11.1 (#247).
    - Updated Love2d script to include class inheritance where available.
    - Updated GetHotKey to return error message instead of printing it.
    - Updated markers menu to show images when available and configured.
    - Updated IDs to reference the ID table instead of global variables.
    - Updated order of items in Edit menu for consistency with other menus and apps.
    - Updated README to add Lua 5.4 support.
    - Updated build scripts to add Lua 5.4.0-work1.
    - Upgraded Mobdebug (0.703) to include Serpent updates.
    - Updated to use editor method SetupKeywords instead of global function.
    - Updated path caching in intepreters to allow changing path configuration without restarting.
    - Updated Gideros API to include valuetype values where needed (closes #889).
    - Updated Gideros API script to add valuetype attribute to new methods (#889).
    - Updated Gideros API for v2018.2.1.
    - Updated build scripts to refresh submodules after checkout (follow-up to ebe9f572).
    - Updated Copy/Cut commands to make line copying configurable (closes #878).
    - Updated SetHotKey to allow removing hotkeys by setting to nil value.
    - Updated build scripts to optimize when building wxwidgets and lexlpeg.
    - Updated Corona interpreter to suggest project path when main.lua is not found in the current project.
    - Updated to show relative path for mapped directories when it is a project subdirectory.
    - Updated project tree to remove trailing separator from mapped directories.
    - Updated symbol for modified tabs to a better looking unicode asterisk.
    - Updated xml lexlpeg lexer to improve its performance on large files (closes #835).
    - Updated loading files when starting second instance to speed up the process.
    - Fixed disabling scratchpad updates after syntax errors (#944).
    - Fixed shebang detection with enabled dynamic words (follow-up to 663be9a7).
    - Fixed creating files from commandbar.
    - Fixed 'deleting' mapped directory.
    - Fixed mapping and unmapping directories with/out trailing separator.
    - Fixed parsing invalid Lua code (#937, #492).
    - Fixed parsing table fields in the left side of multiple assignment (fixes #937).
    - Fixed proper delete of hidden markup (follow up to ce5879a7).
    - Fixed using vararg in live coding code (closes #927).
    - Fixed showing stack content when codepage is set (closes #923).
    - Fixed running/debugging on Windows with unicode characters in username (closes #921).
    - Fixed activating file from the command line after project path is set (#829, #830).
    - Fixed indentation on functions with _function in the name (fixes #905, #324).
    - Fixed associating hotkey with editor menu items.
    - Fixed include to work relative to included locations (#555).
    - Fixed checking system location for include command when HOME is not set (#555).
    - Fixed sorting text with invalid unicode characters (fixes #893).
    - Fixed opening files pointing to broken symlinks or with denied access.
    - Fixed custom lexer highlighting caused by a conflict with ansi styles (closes #891, #684).
    - Fixed autocomplete to avoid looping on recursive references.
    - Fixed self reference (#873).
    - Fixed showing large strings in the Stack window that was slowing the IDE (fixes #863).
    - Fixed issue with setting an accelerator for an empty shortcut (#844).
    - Fixed keeping acccelerators after switching to full screen on Linux (fixes #857).
    - Fixed search in selection to use correct editor when activated from Output/Console.
    - Fixed fuzzy matching with lower case match following upper case or vise versa.
    - Fixed autocomplete on a string longer than 32 chars with a match (fixes #837).
    - Fixed loading files using relative names (closes #829, #830).
    - Fixed lexlpeg Lua lexer to style numbers next to concatenation operator (closes #831).
* Tue Dec 12 2017
  - update to version 1.70
    - Added `AnalyzeFile` method (#166).
    - Added `AnalyzeString` method (#166).
    - Added `fontname` and `fontsize` to the default config.
    - Added auto-rescaling of toolbar icons if smaller sizes are available.
    - Added more locations to the default installation path to check for Corona.
    - Added warning on using removed `outputshell` settings in the config.
    - Added reapplying ansi color styles after color scheme switching (#684).
    - Added support for ansi escapes to color text in Output window (closes #684).
    - Added status messages for find-in-files to better report search progress (#822).
    - Added option to limit number of files returned by `GetFileList`.
    - Added `GetHotKey` method to return shortcut/id (#166).
    - Added `onFiletreeFileDelete` and `onFiletreeFilePreDelete` events (closes #815, #166).
    - Added `onFiletreeFileRename` and `onFiletreeFilePreRename` events (#815, #166).
    - Added re-encoding of the path when codepage is set to activate in debugger (closes #817, #804).
    - Added console `reset` command and `Reset` method to reset the current environment.
    - Added config setting to specify if `inselection` search needs to be on by default.
    - Added `GetFileList` method (#166).
    - Added `GetFocusedItem` and `SetFocusedItem` methods for wxlua <3.x (if not present).
    - Added encoding output based on codepage setting (closes #804, closes #710).
    - Added `GetCodePage` method (#166, #804, #710).
    - Added support for discontinuous match strategry in variable auto-complete (closes #805).
    - Added handling of `error in __gc` messages in error navigation (#808).
    - Added handling of `AppKey` for local menu in the editor (closes #809).
    - Added `MergePath` method to use instead of a global function (#166).
    - Added `GetLineWrapped` editor method (#166).
    - Added `GetAllMarginWidth` editor method (#166).
    - Added `commandbar.filecache` setting to control commandbar file cache.
    - Added cache for the files in the commandbar.
    - Added comment about usage of known files in the project tree imagelist.
    - Added `onFileTreeFileAdd`, `onFileTreeFileRemove`, and `onFileTreeFileRefresh` events (#166).
    - Added un/setting Start file to the tab menu (closes #790).
    - Added checks when project is not set and start file is unset or directory unmap.
    - Added `GetStartFile` and `SetStartFile` methods for the project tree (#790, #166).
    - Added `varself` indicator for hidden `self` variable (#777).
    - Added `RequestAttention` method (#166).
    - Added restoring app window if minimized during activation on Linux.
    - Added default value for `staticanalyzer.luacheck` (#768).
    - Added support for using luacheck (closes #768).
    - Added handling of leading slash in exclusion lists to anchor at project directory.
    - Added progress bar indicator for commandbar processing.
    - Added ability to interrupt long processing in commandbar with more input.
    - Added `ShowCommandBar` method (#166).
    - Added more robust checks for format of the colors in the config.
    - Added support for whitespace size in the editor.
    - Added and corrected color descriptions (closes #770).
    - Added support for whitespace type setting.
    - Added using extension from the current tab for new documents.
    - Added `GetDefaultFileName` method (#166).
    - Added toolbar initialization if not provided.
    - Added handling of `editor.keymap` encoded as hash to simplify modifications.
    - Added `SETLEXERLANGUAGE` constant to avoid hardcoded values.
    - Added handling of exclusion lists encoded as hashes.
    - Added stripping for binary Lua modules (for non-debug builds).
    - Added skipping stripping for debug builds.
    - Assigned style defaults to allow simple setting of back/foreground colors.
    - Converted `excludelist` and `binarylist` to hashes to simplify modifications.
    - Disabled moving through history in console when selection is on.
    - Disabled closing commandbar while the text is still processed as it caused unexpected effects.
    - Disabled interrupts for long commandbar processing on Linux.
    - Improved support for handling some of the shortcuts with `Ctrl` and `Alt` on Linux.
    - Moved terminating timer loop to happen after all the timers are stopped.
    - Moved default configuration into a separate file.
    - Reorganized font handling to prepare for splitting configuration for Output and Console (#684).
    - Removed switching control back to the search panel after find-in-files, as it's not needed.
    - Removed deprecated `GetEditorWithFocus` global function (#166).
    - Removed workaround for crash on Linux after filetree editing (#425, #464).
    - Removed obsolete `GetEditorFileAndCurInfo` global function (#166).
    - Removed obsolete `GetEditor` global function (#166).
    - Removed `run` option from the interpreter as it's no longer needed.
    - Removed functions that are no longer used.
    - Removed `bin` folder from the module search path as it's no longer used for modules.
    - Removed `encoding` in the desktop file as it's deprecated.
    - Refactored handling of lost focus event in commandbar.
    - Refactored methods to score and show commandbar items.
    - Replaced obsolete global function `FileSysGetRecursive` with `GetFileList` method (#166).
    - Split `outputshell` into `output` and `console` settings (#684).
    - Updated settings processing to use methods.
    - Updated to reset toolbar size after configuration changes.
    - Updated app launch script to make single instance detection work with High Sierra (closes #813).
    - Updated search status refresh to avoid too frequent updates that delay the search (#822).
    - Updated find-in-files to allow aborting for better UI responsiveness (closes #822).
    - Updated `SetHotKey` to return assigned values (#166).
    - Updated to use `GetEditorWithFocus` method instead of global function (#166).
    - Updated filetree to allow selection of multiple files (#815).
    - Updated build scripts to use tags to build the specific version of binaries (#260).
    - Update pt-br.lua
    - Updated tests to check for `acandtip.symbols=2` setting (#805).
    - Updated project tree to work with multiple selection enabled (#815).
    - Upgraded Mobdebug (0.702) to fix line numbering in files starting with empty lines.
    - Updated variable auto-complete to do case-sensitive match on upper case (#805).
    - Updated global/config usage to avoid warnings running under 'strict' (closes #799).
    - Updated console to show table content similar to Stack/Watch (#457).
    - Upgraded Mobdebug (0.70) to show tables with `__tostring` metamethod (closes #457, #569).
    - Updated console to disallow left cursor moving from the current input line (follow-up to 9d5af184).
    - Updated console to keep cursor at the beginning of commands when moving up history.
    - Updated console to allow cursor up/down navigation in multi-line commands.
    - Updated debugger and style processing to remove some of obsolete global functions.
    - Updated analyzer to remove usage of obsolete global functions.
    - Updated README with a reference to uninstallation instructions (#784).
    - Updated index exclusion to only match paths under the current project.
    - Update moai API to community version 1.8 RC (closes #762).
    - Updated commandbar to improve prefiltering performance on search through large file sets.
    - Updated editor edge settings to use `editor.edge` and `editor.edgemode` instead of style.
    - Updated single instance logic to activate the running copy when no files are loaded.
    - Updated auto-complete to skip showing after separators with no match.
    - Updated port number for singleinstance check to minimize the number of ports used.
    - Updated MacOS launch script to avoid adding the current folder to `DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH` when not set.
    - Updated debugger message to remove the default file name from it.
    - Updated `IsValidProperty` check to work for controls without `Id` field.
    - Updated .gz and .rar extensions in `binarylist` for consistency.
    - Updated build scripts to allow loading of os/debug modules from lexlpeg lexers (#760).
    - Updated MacOS build files to add install name to the build commands.
    - Fixed debugging for Lua 5.2/5.3 when `LUA_PATH_5_2`/`5_3` env var is set (closes #806).
    - Fixed markdown markup to skip empty `[]` or `()` parts in link formatting (closes #827).
    - Fixed directory traversal in search after failure to open a directory (#822).
    - Fixed search status showing directories with special characters (#822).
    - Fixed `SetHotKey` to remove the accelerator in case of a conflict (#166).
    - Fixed closing the app while search is in progress.
    - Fixed aborting find-in-files with `Escape` when results are in non-editor panel (#822).
    - Fixed closing editor tab using document method (fixes #818).
    - Fixed formatting of `repeat ... until` on one line (#324).
    - Fixed showing tooltip after using `Inserting Library Function` from commandbar.
    - Fixed simple name substitution in `Insert Library Function`.
    - Fixed setting start file in a project with special characters in the name (#790).
    - Fixed usage of `arg` on Windows where it may be undefined (#799).
    - Fixed crash when adding a watch to a docked watch panel on Windows.
    - Fixed opening Open/Save dialog before the first editor tab is rendered.
    - Fixed tooltip showing after `(`/`,` and failing type assignment (fixes #796).
    - Fixed indentation of `do`/`then` that follow strings and table indexes (closes #797, #324).
    - Fixed loading files into read-only editors.
    - Fixed lexlpeg styling on Linux (fixes #763).
    - Fixed closing files after reading to avoid access conflicts when used in commandbar preview.
    - Fixed restoring maximized window on a secondary monitor.
    - Fixed commandbar preview when the file fails to read.
    - Fixed resetting whitespace style to default when not specified.
    - Fixed setting markers on lines with invalid UTF8 characters.
    - Fixed highlighting function under cursor in the Outline.
    - Fixed project tree icon for mapped directory.
    - Fixed skipping binary files (based on `binarylist`) in file search.
    - Fixed loading lexlpeg on MacOS when conflicting lpeg is present (fixes #760).
    - Fixed loading lexlpeg with conflicting lpeg binary present in default path on MacOS (fixes #760).
    - Deprecated `FileSysGetRecursive` global function; use `ide:GetFileList()` instead.
    - Removed deprecated `GetEditorFileAndCurInfo` global function; use `ide:GetEditor()` instead.
    - Removed deprecated `GetEditor` global function; use `ide:GetEditor()` instead.
    - Removed deprecated `GetEditorWithFocus` global function; use `ide:GetEditorWithFocus()` instead.
    - Reorganized `ide.font` table.
    - Split `outputshell` into `output` and `console` settings (#684).
* Sun Oct 15 2017
  - update to version 1.60
    - Added checks to Outline to make handling of cached data more robust.
    - Added check for `LoadLexerLibrary` as it's not present in older wxwidgets versions (#260).
    - Added clearing breakpoints and bookmarks in a file to the main menu.
    - Added clearing breakpoints and bookmarks in a file to the Markers menu.
    - Added `moonscript` and other lexers to the extension mapping.
    - Added `FindSpec` method (#166).
    - Added syntax highlighting and folding for 100+ languages (based on Scintillua).
    - Added mapping to set extension color in Project icons (#470).
    - Added color indicators for extentions in Project icons (#470).
    - Added showing extension in Project window icons (closes #470).
    - Added support for aarch64 architecture (#745).
    - Added signed versions of MacOS executables (#743).
    - Added closing directory iterator (where available) after use (#633).
    - Added hiding Stack/Watch expansion indicator when `maxdatalevel` is not set.
    - Added shared indicator for expandable tables in Stack and Watch processing.
    - Adding eclipse shortcut key config
    - Added dynamic table expansion to Watch expressions.
    - Added `numformat` debugger option to set numeric format (#739).
    - Added `GetDataOptions` debugger method (#166).
    - Added indicator for expandable items in the Stack view.
    - Added limiting tooltip values in debugger for the configured depth.
    - Added refresh of the Stack values in the tree after expansion.
    - Added API reloading after registering a new spec.
    - Added `LoadAPI` package method to load API files (#166).
    - Added deprecation notices to `load.*` functions when used in config.
    - Added `LoadInterpreter` package method (#166).
    - Added `LoadTool` package method (#166).
    - Added `LoadSpec` package method (#166).
    - Added `toolbar.iconsize` default setting.
    - Disabled running/debugging for interpreters that don't support it.
    - Improved expansion of values that can't be evaluated.
    - Improved handling of valid and invalid UTF8 strings in copy/paste (#729, #556).
    - Minor corrections in de.lua (closes #723).
    - Removed duplicate code toggling breakpoint marker in the debugger.
    - Refactored marker processing to avoid hardcoding marker types.
    - Removed specs that are no longer needed (covered by integrated lexers).
    - Refactored stack processing for expansion to make it more consistent with Watch processing.
    - Removed top level comments from the Stack view results.
    - Removed graphics-related APIs to move to plugins.
    - Removed load filters, tools, and graphics-related specs to move to plugins.
    - Updated Corona API for v2017.3068.
    - Updated toolbar icon size check to allow for large (48x48+) custom icons.
    - Upgraded Mobdebug (0.648) to add traceback handling improvements.
    - Updated MacOS build scripts to strip binaries and update install_name.
    - Updated build scripts for more consistent usage of lua/lib folders.
    - Updated tests to use `ID` table instead of individual values.
    - Updated extension font size in Project tree icons on MacOS for better visibility (#470).
    - Updated generation of 'original' case for local file names (#744).
    - Updated file loading to show files on Windows with 'original' case when available (closes #744).
    - Updated formatting and added comments to MacOS launch script (#743).
    - Updated MacOS launch script to work with quarantined files on Sierra (#743).
    - Upgraded Mobdebug (0.646) to add STACK/EXEC options for expansion support.
    - Updated instructions in configs for alternative shortcuts.
    - Updated serialization of Watch results to take number format into consideration (closes #739).
    - Updated debugger to use dynamic serialization options for Stack expansion.
    - Updated default limits for stack expansion for better performance.
    - Updated expansion check for `userdata` and similar table keys.
    - Updated expansion checks to properly handle empty tables after expansion.
    - Updated Stack processing to expand values in different stack frames.
    - Updated Stack processing to dynamically retrieve expandable values.
    - Updated debugger eval/exec methods to pass optional parameters to the debugger.
    - Updated lexlpeg lexer to handle folding in embedded lexers (scintillua/rev/1e0037b4af2f).
    - Updated Estrela reference in README to point to the GraphicsCodePack repository.
    - Updated tooltip display to also show after comma in parameter list.
    - Updated debugger to request further socket processing when needed.
    - Fixed indentation of functional calls with multi-bracket expressions (fixes #758).
    - Fixed showing Outline on MacOS with `outline.showonefile` enabled (fixes #749).
    - Fixed assertion in Outline when `outline.showonefile` is specified.
    - Fixed enabling `Set as Start File` for all known extensions (fixes #747).
    - Fixed LexLPeg loading on MacOS.
    - Fixed copying text with accented characters on OSX (closes #729).
    - Fixed restoring recovery record with unknown/empty value.
    - Fixed copying invalid UTF-8 values in the Watch window (#734).
    - Fixed showing invalid UTF-8 values in the Watch window (fixes #734).
    - Fixed first expanding of a table value in the Stack window.
    - Fixed `Go To Line` selection when the line number is not provided (closes #730).
    - Fixed style conflict in HTML with embedded lexers, which caused disappearance of some text.
    - Fixed path remapping in the debugger when a local file is present, but not activated.
    - Fixed `runonstart` processing in debugger when starting external sessions.
    - Deprecated load methods in the config as they are no longer needed.
* Fri Feb 10 2017
  - update to version 1.50
  - remove appdata.patch (included upstream)
    - Added Output method `ProcessStreams` (#166).
    - Added `ignorecase` as an option for the debugger (closes #718).
    - Added `debugger.ignorecase` to configure ignoring case in activating files in debugger (#718).
    - Added `GetProperty` method (#166).
    - Added keeping the last command when the console history is cleared.
    - Added replacement for `wxMenu.GetLabelText` for earlier wxwidgets versions (#260).
    - Added `Restart` method (#166).
    - Added `Exit` method (#166).
    - Added parameter generation to `GetLaunchPath` method (#166).
    - Added `GetLaunchPath` method (#166).
    - Added `outline.activateonclick` setting to set outline activation (#337).
    - Added `Compile` icon to use in the toolbar (hidden by default).
    - Added support for dynamic LexLPeg lexers with `AddLexer`/`RemoveLexer` methods (#701, #166).
    - Added LexLPeg license (#701).
    - Added support for LexLPeg-based lexers (closes #701).
    - Added `package.searchpath` when running under Lua 5.1 (#701).
    - Added moving the cursor to the fold header after folding (closes #704).
    - Added LexLPeg binaries and lexers based on scintillua 3.6.5-1 (#701).
    - Added `IsValidHotKey` check for hotkey to be valid before setting (#166).
    - Added `SetHotKey` method that checks for and resolves hotkey conflict (#166).
    - Added `AddStyle`, `GetStyle`, `GetStyles`, and `RemoveStyle` methods (#166).
    - Added `SetProject` method to set/update project directory (#166).
    - Added an appdata.xml file.
    - Added selecting blocks by `Ctrl-click` on the fold margin (closes #653).
    - Added changing the current line to a triggered breakpoint (closes #694).
    - Added multipaste support that wasn't enabled after wxwidgets merge (closes #311, #260).
    - Added fillup character handling to autocomplete (`acandtip.fillups`).
    - Added `commandbar.maxlines` configuration setting.
    - Allowed single tabs to be dragged out of split notebooks (closes #700).
    - Optimized toolbar icons to remove text and other chunks.
    - Refactored key processing in the Output panel to simplify.
    - Removed stoppage on phantom breakpoints when document fails to activate.
    - Removed unnecessary scrolling after fold margin click (fixes #708).
    - Removed `text` spec that is not needed and not complete to be useful.
    - Removed error popup on failure to launch a command (as it's reported with the return value).
    - Removed filters that are no longer used/needed.
    - Replaced `wxFileName.GetTempDir` with alternative available in earlier wxwidgets versions (#260).
    - Replaced `ActivateOutput` with `Activate` method for all editor-based objects (#166).
    - Removed auto-complete for `new/create` methods as it's too Lua-specific.
    - Updated to return `nil` on non-existing IDE properties.
    - Upgraded Mobdebug (0.641) to improve stack view in Nginx/Openresty debugging.
    - Updated style processing to remove hardcoded style mask (follow-up to 308412).
    - Updated Console/Output usage to allow for Console to be hidden.
    - Updated dynamic LexLPeg lexers to use a separate temporary folder (#701).
    - Updated Love2d API for 0.10.2 (#247).
    - Updated love2d interpreter to switch project directory when `main.lua` file is not present.
    - Updated API processing to force reload after a new API is added.
    - Updated Lua spec to move `package.path` and `package.cpath` to constants (#84, #79).
    - Updated LexLPeg lexer to allow fold on case insensitive keywords (#701).
    - Updated event handling to allow added editor tab to be closed from `onEditorNew`.
    - Updated search results fold to match the editor fold behavior.
    - Updated `Ctrl-Shift-FoldMarginClick` to un/fold the block with all children (closes #706).
    - Updated configuration option description.
    - Updated ID references in find-replace to avoid using global variables.
    - Updated LexLPeg lexer to improve float parsing (#701).
    - Updated spec-related processing to avoid Lua-specific checks (#701).
    - Updated build scripts to build LexLPeg (#701).
    - Updated `Stop Debugging` label to show `Stop Process` by default.
    - Updated toolbar generation to only add separators when needed.
    - Updated script post processing to provide pid and error code to the handler.
    - Updated project tree usage to allow for it to be hidden.
    - Updated outline processing to allow for `functions` without parameters.
    - Updated double click processing in the Output panel to allow handlers to be added.
    - Updated console window to show the typed symbol after moving to the input line.
    - Updated main frame initialization to move it before the config processing.
    - Updated start/stop debugging menu labels to allow dynamic updates to them.
    - Update style handling for compatibility with wxwidgets 2.9.5+ (follow-up to 30841216).
    - Updated package sample to use current API calls.
    - Updated unindent on backspace to use included Scintilla functionality.
    - Updated markup processing to use `AddStyle` instead of `AddIndicator`.
    - Updated `AddIndicator` to use more robust logic for new indicators.
    - Updated application name in OSX package.
    - Updated file watch error handling to only report once per session (#693).
    - Updated initial watches to only set when not active (#693).
    - Updated bookmarks to use a different bookmark icon when available.
    - Updated to use MAX_MARGIN value from wxSTC when available.
    - Updated Outline to hide the tab when disabled.
    - Updated Markers to hide the tab when disabled.
    - Updated static analyzer to report unknown field on all values (instead of only the first one).
    - Updated command line arguments popup to remove separator from empty menu.
    - Updated `Shift-Enter` processing in auto-complete to only trigger on that combination.
    - Updated editor idle processing to handle items in the same order as they are submitted.
    - Updated commandbar to take font size configuration and OS differences into account.
    - Updated Gideros interpeter to skip compilation (to allow for bitops and macros).
    - Updated to make autocomplete recursion prevention less aggressive (closes #692).
    - Updated to walk inheritance list when resolving assign (#692).
    - Fixed styling editor content after `Save As` operation with a different extension.
    - Fixed indexing to start after inactivity when `showonefile` is set (#337).
    - Fixed switching outline sorting when `showonefile` is set (#337).
    - Fixed removing outline when closing the last editor with `showonefile` set (#337).
    - Fixed outline flicker during autocomplete when `outline.showonefile` is set (#442).
    - Fixed indentation of fragments with partial long string/comments (#639, #324).
    - Fixed indentation of words that match keywords surrounded by underscores (#324).
    - Fixed clearing Console window when the cursor is not in an editable area (closes #702).
    - Fixed menu item removal to delete separators at the top of the menu.
    - Fix type calculation in auto-complete for values returned by `require` (#692).
    - Fixed compatibility with wxlua/wxwidgets without `wxFSW_EVENT*` constants (closes #693).
    - Fixed autocomplete for variables when multiple selection is active.
    - Fixed commandbar issue when arrow key is pressed while large file is loaded in preview.
* Sun Sep 18 2016
  - Update to version 1.40
  - Add appdata.patch for
    - Added luasec 0.6 with openssl 1.0.2h binaries (#260).
    - Added lpeg 1.0 build files and binaries (#260).
    - Added lfs 1.6.3 build files and binaries (#260, #566).
    - Added `onFiletreeExpand` and `onFiletreeCollapse` events and their `Pre*` counterparts (#166).
    - Added tracking file system changes in the project tree to auto-refresh it (#260).
    - Added opening files on drag-n-drop on Linux (closes #177).
    - Added collapsing expanded nodes on `LEFT` key in tree controls on Linux (#686).
    - Added opening files on drag-n-drop on dock icon on OSX (closes #248, #260).
    - Added slight improvement for Ctrl-Tab workaround on OSX.
    - Added default setting for `debugger.allowediting` config option.
    - Adding new Spanish translations (#70, closes #677).
    - Added workaround for hanging during editing on ArchLinux when tab name is modified (#673).
    - Added checks to ensure that only valid tree items are passed to `onFiletree*Down` callbacks.
    - Added disallowing mapping of the project directory.
    - Added workaround for `GetFirst` method missing on `wxMenuItemList` in some Linux packages (#671).
    - Added `Error` method for the Output object (#166).
    - Added history of command line parameters to the menu in the status bar (closes #665).
    - Added `SetCommandLineParameters` method (#665, #166).
    - Added showing menu when clicked on command line parameters in the status bar (#665).
    - Added command line parameters to the status bar after the interpreter (#665).
    - Added `UpdateStatus` interpreter method (#166).
    - Added unfolding of the target line after navigation from the Stack window.
    - Added debugger `SetOptions` method and deprecated `DebuggerAttachDefault` (#166).
    - Added refresh of search results from the right-click-on-tab menu.
    - Added saving of command line options per project.
    - Added explicit `onProjectClose` event before closing the application (#166).
    - Added `Error` method for console (#166).
    - Added checks in stack panel to avoid throwing errors on improperly formatted stack message.
    - Added translation of menus and messages to traditional chinese (closes #659).
    - Added `ActivateFile` method instead of a global function (#166).
    - Added global menu items for clearing breakpoints and bookmarks.
    - Added markers menu to clear bookmarks in a project.
    - Added markers menu to clear breakpoints in a project.
    - Added workaround for `Ctrl-(Shift-)Tab` processing on Linux.
    - Added enforcing scrolling in the output panel to make sure added text is visible.
    - Added `IsProjectSubDirectory` method (#166).
    - Added storing start time to measure uptime for error reporting.
    - Added `ShowRange` editor method to move desiged range into view.
    - Added `onMenuOutputTab` event and closing search results in the Output notebook.
    - Added tab menu to close all search result pages in the editor notebook.
    - Added wxwidgets ticket number for a Ubuntu issue with stock menu items.
    - Added `GetCommandLineArg` interpreter method (#166).
    - Added requesting attention before showing an error message in case the app is in the background.
    - Added shortcuts for navigation to prev/next tab (closes #648, #298).
    - Added Scintilla license.
    - Added checks to windows to be present and indexes to be valid after tab movements.
    - Added search in Output and Console panels when no editor tab is opened.
    - Added enabling full screen view when supported, for example on OSX (#260).
    - Added `ScrollRange` to improve showing of search results on long wrapped lines (#260).
    - Added setting focus on tab content after selection in Output and Project notebooks.
    - Added setting focus on tab content after drag-and-drop in Output and Project notebooks.
    - Added initialization for `startat` config option in auto-complete.
    - Added skipping auto-complete suggestions after markup in comments.
    - Added `onDebuggerPreActivate` debugger method (#166).
    - Added `UpdateStatus` debugger method (#166).
    - Added `Break` debugger method (#166).
    - Added `SetRemote` and `GetRemote` Console methods. Removed `ShellSupportRemote`.
    - Added `Erase` method for the Output object (#166).
    - Added `GetAccelerator` and `GetAccelerators` methods (#166).
    - Added `SetAccelerator` method (#166).
    - Added metalua license.
    - Added luainspect license.
    - Added copas license.
    - Added `SetInterpreter` method (#166).
    - Added ignoring `tooltips_class32` window on Windows (closes #631).
    - Added `SetModTime` method for the document (#166).
    - Added `SetFilePath` method for the document (#166).
    - Added `Print` and `Write` method to the Output object (#166).
    - Added menu item to un/fold the current line with `Shift-F12` default shortcut (closes #616).
    - Added `Shift+click-on-fold-margin` to un/fold the line the click was on (#616).
    - Added `Find Next` toolbar/menu icon to distinguish from `Find` (#603).
    - Added keeping command line parameters after canceling the dialog (closes #610).
    - Added `GetTextFromUser` method to better report canceled dialog (#166).
    - Added saving command line parameters between restarts (closes #583).
    - Added `GetPackage` method (#166).
    - Added workaround to fix `Ctrl-(Shift-)Tab` navigation on OSX (#298).
    - Added `AddTimer` method (#166).
    - Added `io.write` support to the local console (#606).
    - Added `Print` and `Write` method to the console object (#166).
    - Added checks for indicator value types to not fail on invalid configuration (closes #607).
    - Added `Breakpoint` and `Stop` commands to debugger tests.
    - Added debugger tests.
    - Added showing names of test files in the test results.
    - Added explicit conversion to a number for line numbers in document activation.
    - Added return value to the `package` command in config files.
    - Added support for icons in the menu controlled by `menuicon` (closes #603); thanks to @tdev.
    - Added reverse search on `Shift-Enter` (closes #604).
    - Added marker tinting controlled by `markertint`.
    - Added `GetTintedColor` method (#166).
    - Added setting initial `imagetint` value.
    - Added `IsListening` debugger method (#166).
    - Added debugger `GetConsole` method (#166).
    - Added `SetDebugger` method and updated debugger initialization to set fields (#166).
    - Added address/port information to debugger verbose output.
    - Added `SetLaunchedProcess` method (#166).
    - Added `BreakpointToggle` method to the debugger (#166).
    - Added `RefreshPanels` debugger method (#166).
    - Added `AddPanelFlex` method to pick how to better add panel (#166).
    - Added debugger method to refresh debugger panels.
    - Added `debugger.refuseonconflict` to control when debugger connections can be refused.
    - Added `ActivateDocument` debugger method (#166).
    - Added `onDebuggerCommand` method (#166).
    - Added `onDebuggerStatusUpdate` method (#166).
    - Added `onDebuggerActivate` method (#166).
    - Added `onDebuggerPerClose` and `onDebuggerClose` methods (#166).
    - Added `onDebuggerPerLoad` and `onDebuggerLoad` methods (#166).
    - Added `editor.linenumber` to configure showing of line numbers in the editor.
    - Added workaround to enable closing all tabs on OSX.
    - Added workaround to fix rendering artifacts on OSX (fixes #590).
    - Added check for editor being valid in delayed outline redrawing.
    - Added reporting of error messages after process completion for Gideros interpreter.
    - Added expanding folded line after marker navigation (closes #595).
    - Added resetting app position when the saved position is outside of the screen (closes #593).
    - Added `editor.commentlinetoggle` to configure toggling comments by line (closes #591).
    - Allow copying of selection in Local console when floating (fixes #596).
    - Allowed packages registered from config files (using `package {}`) to load/save settings.
    - Allowed space(s) in function calls before opening parenthesis when showing tooltip (closes #635).
    - Allowed shortcuts for editor menu items (closes #597, closes #405).
    - Allowed optional `version` parameter to execution path in Lua interpreter.
    - Allowed `MarkerToggle` method to accept marker name in addition to marker number.
    - Disabled error popup on failure to stop process (as it's reported in the Output window).
    - Improved activation in debugger when the starting file is specified.
    - Improved the fix to avoid duplicate lines in the editor on OSX (follow-up to 9344280d).
    - Improved path merge for the main editor path (#663).
    - Improved handling of constant values in Gideros API processing.
    - Improved whitespace handling in commandbar pattern matching (#31).
    - Ignore statements on the line with function definition that ends with an `end` (closes #611).
    - Increased default `bordersize` value to improve dragging with a track pad (closes #637).
    - Moved wxlua binaries to `clibs/` folder (#260).
    - Moved DROP_FILES handler to associate with editor tabs on Windows.
    - Modified adding icons to menu items to avoid duplice items on Win10 (#603).
    - Minor update to use editor `BreakpointToggle` method.
    - Moved folder toggling inside activation logic to allow skipping (#602).
    - Opens the item in the file tree on double clicking the item
    - Removed `ID_TOGGLEBREAKPOINT` identifier as it was deprecated in the previous version (1.30).
    - Renamed debugger method `quickeval` to `EvalAsync` for consistency.
    - Reorganized tests to provide package reference to the test functions to set callbacks.
    - Replaced use of debugger fields with debugger methods.
    - Reorganized process killing to avoid multiple attempts at terminating debugger sessions.
    - Removed Estrela shell interpreter no longer used.
    - Refactored focus processing after switching to the IDE (#577).
    - Renamed `onAppDone` event to `onAppShutdown` for consistency (#166).
    - Removed limit on `stdout` content sent from the application being debugged.
    - removing old luxinia related files, now found at
    - Removed adding BOM when opening non-existing files in the editor.
    - Removed deprecated `DebuggerAttachDefault` call from interpreters.
    - Removed setting background on whitespaces as it causes gaps in selection (closes #657).
    - Refactored `fattachdebug` from the interpreter code.
    - Relaxed markup formatting to allow markup symbols to be marked as well.
    - Refactored `BreakpointToggle` method to make it work consistently with other marker handling.
    - Refactored preview check when closing tabs.
    - Refactored empty line check to use Editor method.
    - Reorganized component load order to allow `ide` methods to be used from config files.
    - Removed interpreters filter as it's not longer needed or used.
    - Removed forced styling from folding requests as it left markup in comments non-styled.
    - Removed debugger definitions as they are obsolete.
    - Removed hardcoded values for any-marker mask.
    - Renamed `RefreshPanels` debugger method for consistency (#166).
    - Reorganized console printing to work with partial output.
    - Simplified logic for launching ext-associated apps from Project popup menu.
    - Switched recovery record to use plain/fast serialization.
    - Updated luajit binaries and build scripts to use v2.0.4 (#260).
    - Updated Windows launcher to add description and fix loading of Unicode parameters (#663, #260).
    - Updated lua52 and lua53 executable to add hidpi support manifest (#260).
    - Updated lua executable to a generic one to simplify lua dll changes (#260).
    - Updated OSX manifest to include `NSHighResolutionCapable` (#260).
    - Updated initial path handling to allow loading wxlua from `clibs/` (#260).
    - Updated package event messages to be marked as errors.
    - Updated output messages to add markers to the first instead of the last line.
    - Updated error reporting on failure to stop process to check for process id.
    - Update pt-br.lua
    - Update de.lua
    - Updated Italian Translation
    - Updated zh-tw translation (#70, closes #679).
    - Updated french translation (#70)
    - Updated Russian translation (#70).
    - Updated translation files with new messages (#70).
    - Updated translation call to not appear on the warnings list (#70).
    - Updated debugger tests to handle activation executed before command is completed.
    - Updated debugger error messages to use error markers in the Output window.
    - Updated Gideros API for version 2016.06.
    - Updated Corona API for v2016.2906.
    - Updated Corona API processing script to work from `api/lua` folder.
    - Updated tooltip shortcuts to match modifiers in the main menu (`Cmd` instead of `Ctrl`).
    - Updated warning message to only update `Ctrl` shortcut (and not `RawCtrl`).
    - Updated project tree to clear settings from projects with all mappings removed.
    - Updated Gideros script to simplify processing of its API descriptions.
    - Updated config settings to support 'overrides' when settings are modified between snapshots.
    - Updated `onProject*` directory parameter to use the same format as `GetProject`.
    - Update metalua to properly report `identifier expected` error in table fields.
    - Updated metalua to remove usage of missing `table.tostring` method.
    - Updated global function to make it local in the file.
    - Updated Love2d interpreter default to start debugging without stopping.
    - Updated to use console `Print` and `Error` methods instead of global functions.
    - Updated Love2d API for 0.10.1 (closes #537, #247).
    - Updated file activation test as filename case may be different on OSX.
    - Updated marker handling to use `MarkerToggle` method as it's more generic.
    - Updated `ActivateFile` method to also accept directories.
    - Updated debugger `BreakpointToggle`/`RunTo` methods to take 1-base line nums for consistency.
    - Updated editor menu processing to allow Run-to-Cursor when clicked anywhere on the line.
    - Updated search to use `ShowRange` instead of `ScrollRange`.
    - Updated interpreters to use `GetCommandLineArg` method.
    - Updated comment check in toggling breakpoint to use comment indicator from the editor spec.
    - Updated keymap documentation to add `RawCtrl` example.
    - Updated `GetInterpreter` method to accept interpreter name and return its value (#166).
    - Updated to use `GetColour` ArtProvider method instead of an obsolete one (#260).
    - Updated full screen view processing to reduce flicker with auxiliary panels.
    - Updated last line calculation for markup styling to cover all shown lines (affected by 513a3f67).
    - Updated interpreter definition to add missing fields.
    - Updated `ActivateDocument` to add an option to clear line markers.
    - Updated remote mapping in the debugger to avoid mapping matching paths.
    - Updated valid property check to work with `nil` properties after wxlua upgrade (#260).
    - Updated `SetDebugger` to re-assign remote console to the new debugger.
    - Updated `package` processing to also check main `packages` directory (closes #640, #555).
    - Updated `package` processing to use better path splitting method.
    - Updated `Rename All Instances` menu item to remove unnecessary whitespace.
    - Updated icon handling in the menu to work with `SetBitmap` taking two parameters (#603, #260).
    - Updated menu item icon processing to avoid assert on Linux.
    - Updated handling of clicks on errors to jump to a proper error line (closes #620).
    - Updated copyright year in the About screen.
    - Updated menu generation to use a three-parameter `wxMenu` constructor to avoid crash on Win7.
    - Updated core components to use `Print` method instead of removed `print` function.
    - Updated path normalization to keep leading up-directory references in relative paths.
    - Updated Lua base interpreter to use `GetRootPath`.
    - Updated debugger to better handle incoming session while the current one is being set up.
    - Updated Remote Console to pick a better error message for failed commands.
    - Updated editor calltip to use line number instead of position in getting text height.
    - Updated Windows build script to copy luasec Lua modules (#260).
    - Updated timers to use `AddTimer` method.
    - Updated tests to use temporary folder for debugger tests.
    - Updated test module to better report skipped tests.
    - Updated debugger to use `verbose` option instead of the global `print`.
    - Updated `Wait` and `Update` debugger methods to uppercase.
    - Updated `Run` and `RunTo` debugger methods to uppercase.
    - Updated `Step`, `Over`, and `Out` debugger methods to uppercase.
    - Updated `Listen` debugger method to uppercase (as it's public).
    - Updated debugger to avoid double reporting of stopping when scratchpad is turned off.
    - Updated debugger to use proper debugger objects.
    - Updated debugger termination to stop suspended process without socket leftovers.
    - Updated debugger kill logic to report success to better handle process termination.
    - Updated `ActivateDocument` method to use immediate rather than delayed activation (#166).
    - Updated debug interface to replace global functions with debugger methods (#166).
    - Updated package example to use current API.
    - Updated message to better describe the situation when interpreter not loaded.
    - Updated Chinese translation; thanks to Allan Cylakes (#70).
    - Updated idle processing to handle items in the same order as they are submitted.
    - Updated copyright message in the OSX manifest file.
    - Updated `AddMarker` method to fail when no valid colors provided (#587).
    - Upgraded binaries to wxwidgets 3.1.1 (#260).
    - Upgraded Mobdebug (0.64) to improve error checking after OUTPUT command.
    - Upgraded MobDebug (0.6371) to add path normalization to file names that don't start with `@`.
    - Upgraded MobDebug (0.636) to populate vararg values in the main chunk during debugging.
    - Upgraded to Mobdebug 0.635 to add path normalization in debugger.
    - Fixed setting 'enabled' status for items in popup menus on Linux.
    - Fixed run-time error when auto-complete configured with `strategy=1` or `=0` (fixes #660).
    - Fixed debugger error on Linux when live coding is activated.
    - Fixed check for custom Lua interpreters to avoid conflict with system libs (ref 4ba15eb6).
    - Fixed remote file mapping in the debugger for dynamic chunks when no name is provided.
    - Fixed default value shown in the file search `scope` panel when no editor tab is opened.
    - Fixed indentation of fragments with partial long strings/comments (fixes #639, ref #324).
    - Fixed selection of other tabs after tab move in Output and Project noteboooks.
    - Fixed selecting proper tabs after dragging tabs in the split part of the editor notebook.
    - Fixed line calculations for markup styling to properly style comments after folded fragments.
    - Fixed keeping current line marker when commands are executed in the debugger.
    - Fixed restoring split tab configuration that was broken by 97c7bb96.
    - Fixed using proper debugger object from Stack and Watch functions (fixes #608).
    - Fixed line number reported in `onEditorMarkerUpdate` event callback.
    - Fixed reporting debugger stopping when using `Done` command while running.
    - Fixed selection of the test file to avoid skipping some.
    - Fixed incorrect `ranlib` path in luasec build script on Windows.
    - Fixed remote console not working after using `Break` when running scratchpad.
    - Fixed termination of the debugging when stopped while suspended.
    - Fixed merging some debugger options with `false` values.
    - Fixed stripping path in build scripts on OSX and Linux.
    - Fixed mouse selection in commandbar on OSX (#31).
    - Fixed restoring editor focus on OSX when switching to the IDE (#577).
    - Fixed toolbar disappearing after using FullScreen mode and stopping debugging (fixes #594).
    - Fixed setting editor focus when switching from commandbar on OSX (fixes #577).
* Sun Jul 31 2016
  - Enable parallel build
* Thu Jul 21 2016
  - initial packaging of version 1.30



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