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valgrind-client-headers-3.20.0-2.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: valgrind-client-headers Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 3.20.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Tue Jan 24 19:50:41 2023
Group: Development/Tools/Debuggers Build host: s390zp22
Size: 508435 Source RPM: valgrind-client-headers-source-3.20.0-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Header files for for Valgrind
This package contains the BSD-style licensed Valgrind header
files for inclusion into regular programs. The program can
detect if it is running under Valgrind and interact with the
Valgrind core and plugins.




GFDL-1.2-only AND GPL-2.0-or-later


* Wed Oct 26 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 3.20.0:
    * The option "--vgdb-stop-at=event1,event2,..." accepts the new value abexit.
      This indicates to invoke gdbserver when your program exits abnormally
      (i.e. with a non zero exit code).
    * Fix Rust v0 name demangling.
    * The Linux rseq syscall is now implemented as (silently) returning ENOSYS.
    * Add FreeBSD syscall wrappers for __specialfd and __realpathat.
    * Remove FreeBSD dependencies on COMPAT10, which fixes compatibility with
    * The option --enable-debuginfod=<no|yes> [default: yes] has been added on
    * More DWARF5 support as generated by clang14.
* Wed Aug 03 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - exclude client-headers from building for non-supported architectures
* Wed Apr 20 2022 Adam Majer <>
  - fix build on SLE12
* Wed Apr 13 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - spec-cleaner suggested cleanups
  - drop unnecessary procps buildrequires
* Tue Apr 12 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 3.19.0 (bsc#1204685):
    * obsoletes backport 0001-arm64-Mismatch-detected-between-RDMA-and-atomics-fea.patch
      on older distributions
    * Fix Rust v0 name demangling.
    * The Linux rseq syscall is now implemented as (silently) returning ENOSYS.
    * Add FreeBSD syscall wrappers for __specialfd and __realpathat.
    * Remove FreeBSD dependencies on COMPAT10, which fixes compatibility with HardenedBSD
    * see for list of bugfixes
  - drop handle-rseq-syscall.patch: upstream
* Wed Mar 09 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - add upstream handle-rseq-syscall.patch to fix run with glibc 2.35
* Tue Nov 09 2021 Chris Bradbury <>
  - update to 3.18.1 (jsc#SLE-18639):
    * 3.18.1 fixes a number of bugs and adds support for glibc-2.34, and for new
      platforms x86/FreeBSD and amd64/FreeBSD. Debuginfo reading is faster, and
      Rust demangling has been improved. For PPC64, ISA 3.1 support has been
      completed, and some newer ARM64 and S390 instructions are also supported.
* Sat Mar 20 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 3.17.0 (jsc#SLE-18713):
    * 3.17.0 fixes a number of bugs and adds some functional changes: support for GCC
      11, Clang 11, DWARF5 debuginfo, the 'debuginfod' debuginfo server, and
      some new instructions for Arm64, S390 and POWER.  There are also some tool
  - drop s390x-z14-vector-support.patch
      0001-lmw-lswi-and-related-PowerPC-insns-aren-t-allowed-on.patch: upstream
* Mon Jan 11 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - add 0001-lmw-lswi-and-related-PowerPC-insns-aren-t-allowed-on.patch (bsc#1180412)
* Mon Jan 04 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - add s390x-z14-vector-support.patch (bsc#1180511)
* Sun Aug 16 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to 3.16.1 (jsc#SLE-13769):
    * PPC sync instruction L field should only be 2 bits in ISA 3.0
    * vex: the `impossible' happened: expr_is_guardable: unhandled expr
  - remove 0001-Power-PC-Fix-extraction-of-the-L-field-for-sync-inst.patch (upstream)
* Fri Jun 19 2020 Michal Suchanek <>
  - Use autopatch
    - Change armv6-support.diff to a/b format
* Fri Jun 19 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to 3.16.0:
    * Many bugfixes, too many to list here, see NEWS file
    - The implicit memcpy done by each call to realloc now counts towards the
      read and write counts of resized heap blocks, making those counts higher
      and more accurate.
    - cg_annotate's --auto and --show-percs options now default to 'yes', because
      they are usually wanted.
    - callgrind_annotate's --auto and --show-percs options now default to 'yes',
      because they are usually wanted.
    - The command option --collect-systime has been enhanced to specify
      the unit used to record the elapsed time spent during system calls.
      The command option now accepts the values no|yes|msec|usec|nsec,
      where yes is a synonym of msec.  When giving the value nsec, the
      system cpu time of system calls is also recorded.
    - Several memcheck options are now dynamically changeable.
      Use  valgrind --help-dyn-options  to list them.
    - The release 3.15 introduced a backward incompatible change for
      some suppression entries related to preadv and pwritev syscalls.
      When reading a suppression entry using the unsupported 3.14 format,
      valgrind will now produce a warning to say the suppression entry will not
      work, and suggest the needed change.
    - Significantly fewer false positive errors on optimised code generated by
      Clang and GCC.  In particular, Memcheck now deals better with the
      situation where the compiler will transform C-level "A && B" into "B && A"
      under certain circumstances (in which the transformation is valid).
      Handling of integer equality/non-equality checks on partially defined
      values is also improved on some architectures.
    - The exprimental Stack and Global Array Checking tool has been removed.
      It only ever worked on x86 and amd64, and even on those it had a
      high false positive rate and was slow.  An alternative for detecting
      stack and global array overruns is using the AddressSanitizer (ASAN)
      facility of the GCC and Clang compilers, which require you to rebuild
      your code with -fsanitize=address.
    - Option -T tells vgdb to output a timestamp in the vgdb information messages.
    - The gdbserver monitor commands that require an address and an optional
      length argument now accepts the alternate 'C like' syntax "address[length]".
      For example, the memcheck command "monitor who_points_at 0x12345678 120"
      can now also be given as "monitor who_points_at 0x12345678[120]".
    - 001-Add-newer-constants-for-prctl-syscall.patch
    dropped as those patches were from upstream and are already in 3.16.0
    - add 0001-Power-PC-Fix-extraction-of-the-L-field-for-sync-inst.patch (bsc#1173135)
* Mon May 11 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - add dhat-use-datadir.patch:
    * move the dhat* scripts to datadir
* Wed Mar 25 2020 Martin Liška <>
  - Add parallel-lto.patch in order to make LTO LTRANS phase
    parallel. It will significantly improve build time.
* Thu Mar 12 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - add 0001-Fix-makefile-consistency-check.patch
    0001-s390x-Add-CPU-model-for-z15.patch (bsc#1165834)
* Tue Jan 28 2020 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Disable %check on %arm as it never passed - boo#1130395
* Sun Jan 19 2020 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Add support for PR_CAPBSET_READ/DROP syscalls. Fixes false
    error messages with latest libcap 2.30.
    * 0001-Add-newer-constants-for-prctl-syscall.patch
    * 0002-Add-support-for-PR_CAPBSET_READ-and-_DROP-syscalls.patch
* Wed Nov 27 2019 Dirk Mueller <>
  - remove jit-register-unregister.diff (fails patch not applied check)
* Tue Oct 29 2019 Dirk Mueller <>
  - move s390-*xml files to main package (bsc#1147071)
* Tue Oct 22 2019 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Use _multibuild for creating the client-headers subpackage. As
    the headers are just copied over, the package has no substantial
    build dependencies.
* Thu Oct 17 2019 Stefan Brüns <>
  - Move the BSD-style licensed client headers to a subpackage.
    Packages only requiring e.g. valgrind.h during build no longer
    need the full valgrind and valgrind-devel packages then.
  - Clean up documentation a bit:
    + use %build_cond, drop unused docbook_4 BuildRequires
    + remove the Postscript Valgrind manual in favor of the PDF one.
  - Add GFDL-1.2 to the License, relevant for man pages and Valgrind
    PDF/HTML manual.
* Wed May 08 2019 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to 3.15.0 (fate#327402) (jira SLE-5861):
    3.15.0 is a feature release with many improvements and the usual collection of
    bug fixes.
    This release supports X86/Linux, AMD64/Linux, ARM32/Linux, ARM64/Linux,
    PPC32/Linux, PPC64BE/Linux, PPC64LE/Linux, S390X/Linux, MIPS32/Linux,
    MIPS64/Linux, ARM/Android, ARM64/Android, MIPS32/Android, X86/Android,
    X86/Solaris, AMD64/Solaris and AMD64/MacOSX 10.12.  There is also preliminary
    support for X86/macOS 10.13 and AMD64/macOS 10.13.
    * ==================== CORE CHANGES ===================
    * The XTree Massif output format now makes use of the information obtained
    when specifying --read-inline-info=yes.
    * amd64 (x86_64): the RDRAND and F16C insn set extensions are now supported.
    * ==================== TOOL CHANGES ====================
    * DHAT:
    - DHAT been thoroughly overhauled, improved, and given a GUI.  As a result,
      it has been promoted from an experimental tool to a regular tool.  Run it
      with --tool=dhat instead of --tool=exp-dhat.
    - DHAT now prints only minimal data when the program ends, instead writing
      the bulk of the profiling data to a file.  As a result, the --show-top-n
      and --sort-by options have been removed.
    - Profile results can be viewed with the new viewer, dh_view.html.  When
      a run ends, a short message is printed, explaining how to view the result.
    - See the documentation for more details.
    * Cachegrind:
    - cg_annotate has a new option, --show-percs, which prints percentages next
      to all event counts.
    * Callgrind:
    - callgrind_annotate has a new option, --show-percs, which prints percentages
      next to all event counts.
    - callgrind_annotate now inserts commas in call counts, and
      sort the caller/callee lists in the call tree.
    * Massif:
    - The default value for --read-inline-info is now "yes" on
      Linux/Android/Solaris. It is still "no" on other OS.
    * Memcheck:
    - The option --xtree-leak=yes (to output leak result in xtree format)
      automatically activates the option --show-leak-kinds=all, as xtree
      visualisation tools such as kcachegrind can in any case select what kind
      of leak to visualise.
    - There has been further work to avoid false positives.  In particular,
      integer equality on partially defined inputs (C == and !=) is now handled
  - remove 0001-Bug-385411-s390x-Add-z13-vector-floating-point-suppo.patch
    Implement-emulated-system-registers.-Fixes-392146.patch (all upstream)
* Wed Apr 24 2019 Martin Liška <>
  - Disable LTO (boo#1133288).
* Tue Feb 19 2019 Dirk Mueller <>
  - add 0001-Bug-385411-s390x-Add-z13-vector-floating-point-suppo.patch
    0001-Bug-403552-s390x-Fix-vector-facility-bit-number.patch (bsc#1124111)
* Sat Feb 09 2019
  - Don't package files twice on ppc64
* Wed Jan 16 2019 Michal Suchanek <>
  - Fix POWER9 addex instruction emulation (bsc#1121025).
* Fri Jan 11 2019 Dirk Mueller <>
  - split into a -32bit subpackage, fix buildrequires for older distros



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