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urlwatch-2.25-1.4 RPM for noarch

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Name: urlwatch Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 2.25 Vendor: obs://
Release: 1.4 Build date: Fri Sep 2 20:25:27 2022
Group: Productivity/Networking/Web/Utilities Build host: s390zp21
Size: 385057 Source RPM: urlwatch-2.25-1.4.src.rpm
Summary: A tool for monitoring webpages for updates
urlwatch is intended to help you watch changes in webpages and get
notified (via email, in your terminal or with a custom-written
reporter class) of any changes. The change notification will include
the URL that has changed and a unified diff of what has changed.

A default config is ~/.urlwatch/urlwatch.yaml.
use "urlwatch --edit-config" to customize it.

You need to create ~/.urlwatch/urls.yaml in order to use urlwatch.
Use "urlwatch --edit" to open the file with your editor.

Please look in


 TIPS AND TRICKS what to use in urls.yaml.






* Fri Mar 18 2022 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 2.25:
    * Add a colored setting for the Discord reporter, enabled by
      default (PR#683)
    * Add a splitlines filter for trimming leading/trailing whitespace
      in each line (PR#693)
    * If a shell job fails, the job's stdout and stderr are added to
      the error message (fixes #689)
    * shell job: Add optional stderr key to customize how output on
      stderr is treated
    * Add --dump-history JOB command-line option to print historic
      job outputs (fixes #681)
    * Add display / empty-diff configuration option to skip reports when
      diffs are empty due to diff_filter (fixes #692)
    * New man pages: urlwatch-intro(7), urlwatch-deprecated(7),
      urlwatch-cookbook(7), urlwatch-jobs(5), urlwatch-filters(5),
      urlwatch-config(5) and urlwatch-reporters(5).
    * Require minidb 2.0.6; issue VACUUM only with --gc-cache (fixes #690)
    * For shell jobs, stderr output isn't sent to urlwatch's stdout anymore;
      add stdout: urlwatch to your shell job definition if you depend on
      the old default behavior
    * pytest command-line arguments are not wrongly interpreted by
      CommandConfig anymore (fixes #677)
* Mon Dec 13 2021 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 2.24:
    * The Telegram reporter has gained two new options:
      silent: Receive message notification without sound
      monospace: Format message in monospace style
    * Support for running a subset of jobs by specifying their index
      on the command line
    * Migrated CI pipeline from Travis CI to Github Actions
    * user_visible_url can now be specified for all job types (#654)
    * Added a remove-duplicate-lines filter.
    * Added a csv2text filter.
    * Set envelope from (-f option) when sending emails using sendmail
    * It is now possible to override the HTTP method when data is set
      on a URL job
    * Fix UnboundLocalError when SMTP auth is enabled, but keyring
      is not installed (#667)
* Tue Apr 13 2021 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 2.23:
    * New filter: pretty-xml to indent/pretty-print XML documents
    * New filter: jq to parse, transform, and extract JSON data
    * New reporter: prowl
    * Proper multi-line highlighting for wdiff (PR#615)
    * Fix command-line generation for html2text (PR#619)
* Mon Jan 04 2021 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 2.22:
    * Added 'wait_until' option to browser jobs to configure how long
      the headless browser will wait for pages to load.
    * Jobs now have an optional treat_new_as_changed (default false)
      key that can be set, and will treat newly-found pages as changed,
    and display a diff from the empty string (useful for diff_tool
    or diff_filter with side effects)
    * New reporters: discord, mattermost
    * New key user_visible_url for URL jobs that can be used to show a
      different URL in reports (useful if the watched URL is a REST API
    endpoint, but the report should link to the corresponding web page)
    * The Markdown reporter now supports limiting the report length via
      the max_length parameter of the submit method. The length limiting
    logic is smart in the sense that it will try trimming the details first,
    followed by omitting them completely, followed by omitting the summary.
    If a part of the report is omitted, a note about this is added to the
    report. (PR#572, by Denis Kasak)
    * Diff output is now generated more uniformly, independent of whether
      the input data has a trailing newline or not; if this behavior is not
    intended, use an external diff_tool (PR#550, by Adam Goldsmith)
    * The --test-diff-filter output now properly reports timestamps from the
      history entry instead of the current date and time (Fixes #573)
    * Unique GUIDs for jobs are now enforced at load time, append "#1",
      "#2", ... to the URLs to make them unique if you have multiple different
    jobs that share the same request URL (Fixes #586)
    * When a config, urls file or hooks file does not exist and should be
      edited or inited, its parent folders will be created (previously only
    the urlwatch configuration folder was created; Fixes #594)
    * Auto-matched filters now always get None supplied as subfilter; any
      custom filters must accept a subfilter parameter after the existing
    data parameter
    * Drop support for Python 3.5
    * Make imports thread-safe: This might increase startup times a bit,
      as dependencies are imported on bootup instead of when first used.
    Importing in Python is not (yet) thread-safe, so we cannot import
    new modules from the worker threads reliably (Fixes #559, #601)
    * The Matrix reporter was improved in several ways (PR#572, by Denis Kasak):
    - The maximum length of the report was increase from 4096 to 16384.
    - The report length limiting is now implemented via the new length
    limiting functionality of the Markdown reporter. Previously, the
    report was simply trimmed at the end which could break the diff
    blocks and make them render incorrectly.
    - The diff code blocks are now tagged as diffs which will allow the
    diffs to be syntax highlighted as such. This doesn't yet work in
    Element, pending on the resolution of trentm/python-markdown2#370.
* Fri Jul 31 2020 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 2.21:
    * Added --test-reporter REPORTER command-line option to send an
      example report using any configured notification service
    * JobBase now has main_thread_enter() and main_thread_exit() functions
      that can be overridden by subclasses to run code in the main thread
      before and after processing of a job
    * The --test-slack command line option has been removed, you can test
      your Slack reporter configuration using --test-reporter slack
    * The browser job now uses Pyppeteer instead of Requests-HTML for
      rendering pages while executing JavaScript; this makes JavaScript
      execution work properly
    * Applying legacy filters
* Thu Jul 30 2020 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 2.20:
    * A job can now have a diff_filter set, which works the same way as
      the normal filter (and has the same filters available), but applies
      to the diff output instead of the page content (can be tested with
    - -test-diff-filter, needs 2 or more historic snapshots in the cache)
    * Documentation now has a section on the configuration settings
    * New filter: ocr to convert text in images to plaintext
      (using Tesseract OCR)
    * New reporters:
    - ifttt to send an event to If This Then That (
      (#512, by Florian Gaultier)
    - xmpp to send a message using the XMPP (Jabber)
      protocol (#533, by Thorben G√ľnther)
    * The urlwatch script (Git only) now works when run from different paths
    * Chunking of strings (e.g. for Slack and Telegram) now adds
      numbering (e.g. (1/2)) to the messages (only if a message is split
      into multiple parts)
    * Unit tests have been migrated from nose to pytest and moved from
      test/ to lib/urlwatch/tests/
    * The css and xpath filters now accept skip and maxitems as subfilter
    * The shellpipe filter now inherits all environment variables
      (e.g. $PATH) of the urlwatch process
    * The html2text method lynx now treats any subfilters with a
      non-null value as command-line argument -key value (previously
      only the value true was treated like this, and any other values
      were silently dropped)
* Sat Jul 18 2020 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 2.19:
    * Documentation is now available at and
      shipped in the source tarball under docs/; filter examples in
      the docs are unit-tested
    New filters:
    * reverse: Reverse input items (default: line-based) with optional separator
    * pdf2text: Convert PDF files to plaintext (must be first filter in chain)
    * shellpipe: Filter text with arbitrary command-line utilities / shell scripts
    * FilterBase API improvements for specifying subfilters:
    - Add __supported_subfilters__ for sub filter checking and --features output
    - Add __default_subfilter__ to map value-only parameters to
      dict parameters, for example the grep filter now has a default
      subfilter named re
    * Support for using Redis as a cache backend via --cache=redis://localhost:6379/
    * Declare updated Python 3.5 dependency in
    * Filter improvements:
    - sort: Add reverse option to reverse the sorting order
    - sort: Add separator option to specify item separator (default is still line-based)
    - beautify: The jsbeautifier (for <script> tags) and cssbeautifier
      (for <style> tags) module dependencies are now optional
      if they are not installed, beautify only works on the HTML
    - Most filters that only had unnamed subfilters (e.g. grep)
      now have a named default subfilter
    * Reporter improvements:
    - pushover: The message priority can now be configured
    - Travis CI: Set pycodestyle version to 2.6.0 to avoid CI breakage
      when new style checks are added
    - Diff results are now runtime cached on a per-job basis, which shouldn't
      affect behavior, but could be observed by an external diff_tool
      running at most once per job instead of multiple times
    - Jobs with a custom diff_tool or a shellpipe filter are now ignored
      if jobs.yaml has the world-writable bit (o+w) set or is not owned by
      the current user (does not apply to Windows); previously only shell
      jobs were ignored if the permissions/owners were wrong
    * String-based filter definitions (e.g. html2text,grep:Current.*version,strip)
      are now deprecated, it is recommended to use YAML-based dictionary-style listing
      of filters, which is more flexible, easier to read and write and more structured
* Mon May 04 2020 Michael Vetter <>
  - Update to 2.18:
    * New filter: re.sub that can replace/remove strings using regular
    * Support ignore_timeout_errors and ignore_too_many_redirects for
      URL jobs (#423, by Josh aka Zevlag)
    * HTML reporter: Add viewport meta tag for improved viewing on
      mobile devices (#432, by Mike Borsetti)
    * Optional support for insecure SMTP password storage in the
      config; use with caution (#431)
    * Fix --test-filter when the specified job is not found
    * Fix another YAMLLoadWarning in unit tests (#382, by Louis Sautier)
    * Documentation updates and typo fixes (by Nate Eagleson)
    * Pushover: Fix default device config (Fixes #409 and #372,
      documented by Richard Goodwin)
    * Nicer formatting of --features for jobs with no docstring
      or many keys
    * The XPath and CSS filters now support XML namespaces
      (#404, by Chenfeng Bao)
    * Drop support for Python 3.3 and Python 3.4 (new minimum
      requirement is Python 3.5)
    * Use html.escape instead of cgi.escape (which was removed
      in Python 3.8; #424, by Chenfeng Bao)
    * Allow non-ASCII characters in format-json output filter
      (#433, by Mike Borsetti)
* Wed Mar 04 2020 Antonio Larrosa <>
  - This is a python3 application, so there's no need to require python2
    packages. Also, add a missing python3-cssselect dependency and make
    python3-keyring a recommndation since it's not really required
    (it seems to be used only to store the smtp password when enabled)
* Mon Apr 15 2019
  - Update to 2.17:
    * XPath/CSS: Support for excluding elements (#333, by Chenfeng Bao)
    * Add support for using external diff_tool on Windows (#373, by Chenfeng Bao)
    * Document how to use Amazon Simple E-Mail Service "SES" (by mborsetti)
    * Compare data with multiple old versions (compared_versions, #328, by Chenfeng Bao)
    * YAML: Fix deprecation warnings (#367, by Florent Aide)
    * Updated manpage with new options: Authentication, filter tests (Fixes #351)
    * Text formatter: Do not emit empty lines for line_length=0 (Fixes #357)
    * SMTP configuration fix: Only use smtp.user config if it's a non-empty value
* Mon Jan 28 2019
  - Update to 2.16:
    * Added XPath: Handle /text() selector (#282)
    * Added document how to specify cookies to (#264)
    * Added text Reporter: minimal config option to only print a summary (PR#304, fixes #147)
    * Added Document how to watch Github releases via XPath (#266)
    * Added jupport for parsing XML/RSS with XPath (Fixes #281)
    * Allow explicit setting of encoding for URL jobs (PR#313, contributes to #306)
    * Added Slack Channel Reporter (PR#309)
    * Added ANSI color output on the Windows console via colorama (PR#296, closes #295)
    * Added support for using CSS selectors via the cssselect module (PR#321, closes 273)
    * ignore_http_error_codes is now an option for URL jobs (PR#325, fixes #203)
    * Added job_defaults in the config for globally specifying settings (PR#345, closes #253)
    * Added Optional timeout (in seconds) for URL jobs to specify socket timeout (PR#348, closes #340)
    * Remvoed support for JSON storage (dead code that was never used in production; PR#336)
    * HtmlReporter now also highlights links for browser jobs (PR#303)
    * Allow --features and --edit-* to run without urls.yaml (PR#301)
    * When a previous run had errors, do not use conditional GETs (PR#313, fixes #292)
    * Explicitly specify JSON pretty print separators for consistency (PR#343)
    * Use data-driven unit tests/fixtures for easier unit test maintenance (PR#344)
    * Fix migration issues with case-insensitive filesystems (#223)
    * Correctly reset retry counter when job is added or unchanged (PR#291, PR#314)
    * Fix a FutureWarning on Python 3.7 with regard to regular expressions (PR#299)
    * If the filter list is empty, do not process the filter list (PR#308)
    * Fix parsing/sanity-checking of urls.yaml after editing (PR#317, fixes #316)
    * Fix Python 3.3 compatibility by depending on enum34 there (PR#311)
    * Fix migration issues introduced by PR#180 and #256 (PR#323, fixes #267)



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