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qore-misc-tools-1.13.0-1.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: qore-misc-tools Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.13.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Tue Jan 24 20:45:12 2023
Group: Development/Tools/Other Build host: cloud129
Size: 113321 Source RPM: qore-1.13.0-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Miscellaneous user tools writen in Qore Programming Language
This package contains tool for working with:
 - SQL Databases




GPL-2.0-or-later OR LGPL-2.0-or-later OR MIT


* Tue Jan 24 2023 Sarah Kriesch <>
  - Remove buildroot from mydatarootdir
* Mon Jan 16 2023 Sarah Kriesch <>
  - Update to 1.13.0
    * implemented support for including REST path args
    * fixed a bug handling the swagger_base_path RestClient option
    * RestHandler will always set the socketobject request content
    * implemented get_safe_url()
    * fixed parse_url() with passwords with / chars in it
    * fixed handling child attributes in connection objects
    * fixed REST ping operations
    * fixed bugs in HTTP communications with 32-bit builds of Qore
* Thu Dec 08 2022 Sarah Kriesch <>
  - Update to 1.12.4
    * fixed a bug building documentation with autotools
    * fixed bugs in C++ QoreSocket::send*() methods not used in the Qore
    * fixed a bug building documentation with release files created from
      the autotools makefile target
    * fixed bugs in the cmake configuration generating documentation for
      builtin modules
    * provide APIs to provide additional information about child data
    * Bugfix/4545 swagger fix
    * Add support for RISC-V
    * Bugfix/4538 sqlutil expressions
    * refs #4550 fixed WebUtil to never serve files outside the root dir
    * refs #4553 fixed a bug building with openssl 3+
    * refs #4555 do not return / chars in data provider names
    * refs #4557 implemented support for event handling in DataProviders
    * refs #4559 fixed FsUtil to behave more consistently regarding target
    * refs #4561 fixed bugs handling escape chars in regex subst replacement
    * refs #4565 fixed WebSocket PING/PONG handling
    * refs #4567 fixed bugs in HTTPClient class setting keys and certs
    * refs #4572 added child capability indicator attributes to data
    * refs #4574 allow HTTP certs to be reloaded from the source location
    * refs #4576 DataProvider module: updated child capability info
    * refs #4578 added the argument hash to methods returning REST API path
    * refs #4583 fixed race conditions in the Logger module
    * refs #4587 fixed a bug setting the data provider name in Swagger schema
    * refs #4590 QUnit: allow the exception argument to be checked
    * refs #4595 working socket polling infrastructure
    * refs #4605 fixed handling abstract memberGate() and methodGate() methods
    * refs #4607 fixed the unreferenced-variable warning
    * refs #4609 fixed cast<> with lvalues
    * added OdbcFirebirdSqlUtil module
    * refs #4620 fixed bugs serializing / deserializing SqlUtil tables
    * refs #4622 fixed AbstractDataProvider::search*() methods
    * Bugfix/4624 data provider search fix
    * refs #4626 added support for the immediate data:// location
    * refs #4628 fixed sequence* mapper keys in DbTableDataProvider
    * Bugfix/4624 4632 fixes
    * refs #4634 fixed WebSocketHandler::sendOne()
    * refs #4637 allow information about schema changes after alignments
    * refs #4639 allow for the client's time zone to be set
    * refs #4643 fixed handling signal args
    * refs #4646 allow REST handlers to set custom headers in error responses
    * refs #4658 fixed a race condition in deadlock detection
    * Enablement of the architecture s390x
    * Move qore-doc.spec to qore.spec
    * Remove fix-logger-doc.patch and fix-building-doc.patch
    * Remove clean section because of integration in rpm
* Sun Jun 05 2022 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Update to version 1.8.0
    * Updated modules with initial support for generic expressions for
    * Addded support for data provider options to support default values
    * Addded search_operators to the data provider response to report
      supported search operators
    * Fixed a type error in DataProvider::search*() calls with an empty
      where hash argument
    * RestClient module
    * Fixed a bug where REST schema validation was not applied in all
      contexts with specialized REST clients
    * RestHandler module
    * Do not raise a validation error when a response with an unknown
      code has a message body; this hides the true error message from
      the caller in case of error messages
    * Allow a logger to be set in validators
    * ServiceNowRestDataProvider module
    * Fixed bugs handling the orderby, orderbydesc, and groupby search
    * Fixed a bug where the cast<>() operator threw parse-time exceptions
      with hashdecls that could succeed at runtime
    * Fixed a bug handling types at parse time with the minus operator and
      complex hash operands
    * Fixed a static memory leak in libqore shutting down the library when
      built with openssl 3+
    * Fixed a bug where HTTP redirect messages were encoded twice causing
      redirect failures in cases where the redirect URI path had encoded
    * Fixed a crash related to stack exhaustion resolving deeply-nested
  - Add fix-building-doc.patch
  - Add fix-logger-doc.patch
  - Update to version 1.7.2
    * Fixed parse_datasource() to parse datasource strings with a DB name
      as a path or with ':' chars in the DB or host name
  - Update to version 1.7.1
    * DataProvider module: made it possible to determine the default field
      type in HashDataType
    * FsUtil module: fixed join_paths() to handle an arbitrary number of
      paths as arguments (the most common use case)
    * RestHandler module: improved error handling and sending error messages
      when exceptions contain non-serializable objects
    * Fixed a bug handling reference assignments and calculating matches
      with overloaded functions and methods
    * Fixed a bug with compilers that do not guarantee left to right argument
      execution order such as g++ 12+; note that the C++ standard does not
      guarantee this in any case
    * Fixed cast<> operator handling of "or nothing" types at parse and runtime
    * Load the default provider with OpenSSL3+ to make it work on platforms
      where this provider is not automatically loaded
  - Update to version 1.6.0
    * DataProvider module: added the desc key supporting a markdown description
      to data provider info
    * Mapper module: implemented options supporting suppressing data provider
      calls on input and output
    * Added HTTPClient::getSafeURL() and HTTPClient::getSafeProxyURL()
  - Update to version 1.5.0
    * CsvUtil and FixedLengthUtil: added support for resolving locations
      with the FileLocationHandler module
    * DataProvider module:fixed a type error iterating data in
* Sun Jun 05 2022 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Update to version 1.4.0
    * DataProvider module
    * Added support for tags on data provider types
    * Fixed data provider factory info to provide info about the
      actual data provider factory instead of only provider info
    * Added "from example" APIs to data provider factories
    * Added generic search capabilities to data providers with no
      native search functionality
    * Util module:
    * Implemented the serialize_to_string() API
    * parse_uri_query() fails if the string has newlines in it
    * RestHandler module: Added missing make*() methods with REST
      responses to the RestHandler class
    * added the CipherMap constant providing a hash of known ciphers
    * Support for OpenSSL 3+ added
    * when Qore is compiled with OpenSSL3 or greater, all cipher
      and digest algorithms known to the encryption library are
      supported with dynamic APIs
    * Removed code that generated unnecessary ILLEGAL-CALL
      exceptions at parse time
  - Update to version 1.3.0
    * FileLocationHandler module
    * updated for read/write operations and added streaming APIs
    * Added an optional encoding parameter to the FtpClient::getAsString() API
    * Fixed a bug handling committing parse operations where final
      checks were not always made before committing
    * Fixed return type for Type::isAssignableFrom(Type) in the
      reflection module
    * Fixed bugs in variant matching that could lead to unexpected
      results at runtime as well as errors with inherited Java code
    * Fixed a bug dispatching method and function calls at runtime in
      certain cases
  - Update to version 1.2.0
    * DataProvider module
    * Added a logger to the AbstractDataProvider class to enable
    * Added support for creating, updating, and deleting data providers
    * DbDataProvider module
    * Added support for creating, updating, and deleting data providers
    * FreetdsSqlUtil module
    * Fixed a bug where offset and limit were not properly supported
      with MS SQL Server DBs
    * Fixed a bug where date/time values in other time zones were not
      bound correctly
    * Fixed a bug handling transaction savepoints
    * Fixed a bug in certain type errors involving complex types where
      the specific complex type was omitted from the error message
    * Fixed a bug initializing constant values at parse time;
      now all constant expressions requiring evaluation are evaluated
      after all other parsing is done
  - Update to version 1.1.0
    * Added DataProviderTypeCache::listParentTypes() to allow a list
      of parent types to be returned
    * Added StringOutputStream::hasData()
    * rethrow now accepts optional exception arguments to allow
      exceptions to be enriched in a catch block while maintaining
      the original call stack, and the on_error statement now includes
      an implicit argument $1 giving the currently-active exception,
      additionally, rethrow statements are now allowed in on_error
      statement blocks to allow for exception enrichment without
      requiring a try/catch block.
    * Fixed a bug in the stack guard implementation where additional
      guard area was needed in the primary thread on some platforms
    * Fixed bugs tagging functions and constants provided by builtin
      modules with their module name; required to consistently provide
      unique binary names when imported into Java, for example
    * Fixed a bug initializing constant values that could result in
      spurious errors
    * Added regex APIs to the C++ string class
    * Added a warning for constant operands with the square bracket
      operator that are not integers
    * Fixed a bug handling EOF conditions while parsing the final
      part of regular expressions
* Fri May 20 2022 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Update to version 1.0.13
    * Fixed: builtin namespaces are not consistently tagged with the
      providing module's name
    * Update QUnit constructor variants taking list arguments to allow
      them to work better with Python and Java subclasses
    * Fixed: not possible to use a Mapper with an output provider only
      for the output data type
    * Fixed a bug where qpp would not recognize multi-line method
    * Fixed a regression in the SwaggerDataProvider
  - Update to version 1.0.12
    * Fixed handling implicit in-object calls in arguments
    * Adding missing methods for transaction management with
      supported DataProviders
    * Fixed upsert usage with unique constraints and indices
      when there is a non-matching PK
    * Fixed handling reserved words as column names in the
      PgsqlSqlUtil module
    * Fixed a bug in parse_to_qore_value() with floats and numbers
      with trailing zeros
    * Fixed handling recursive references in Swagger schemas in the
      Swagger module
    * Fixed handling recursive references in Swagger schemas in the
      SwaggerDataProvider module
    * Mail and MailMessage fixes - downstream patches
  - Drop upstream fixed fix-module-linker-flags.patch
* Thu Oct 28 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Update to 1.0.10:
    * Might break backwards compatibility:
    * Some server-side APIs have changed (integration of the Logger
      module in the HttpServer and the HttpServerUtil modules).
    * Implemented the invalid-catch warning when types are required
      by parse options and added to the default warning mask for modules
    * Added support for thread-local global variables
    * Type errors with function and method resolution will report the full
      namespace paths of class and hashdecl types
    * ConnectionProvider module:
    * updated the AbstractConnection::getInfo() method
    * added the AbstractConnection::getExtendedInfo() method
    * DataProvider module:
    * added the limit search option to the DefaultRecordIterator class
    * HttpServer module:
    * allow dynamic handlers to be disabled before being removed
    * integrated the Logger module
    * removed deprecated APIs
    * HttpServerUtil module:
    * integrated the Logger module
    * Logger module:
    * added support for the %h and %P patterns for hostname and PID
    * allow file appenders to be reopened
    * enable serialization for LoggerEvent objects as well as for
      them to be submitted directly to Logger objects
    * Added qjar tool for exporting javadoc
    * Many bug fixes
    * Full release notes:
  - Add fix-module-linker-flags.patch fixing gh#4335
* Sat Jun 12 2021 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Trim marketing wording from description.
* Tue Jun 08 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Update to 0.9.15
    * DataProvider: Fixed a bug where the data type was not supported
      correctly as a data provider type
    * Fixed a potential crash when raising a large number of exceptions
    * Fixed a potential deadlock loading user modules with complex
      initialization code
    * Fixed a bug where SSL errors were not properly cleared before
      I/O operations in all cases
    * Fixed a bug where empty binary values could not be deserialized
    * Fixed handling Qore program destruction in a foreign thread in
      a binary module that could cause a crash
  - Fixed abi Provides generation
* Wed May 19 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Update to 0.9.14
    * OracleSqlUtil module and SqlUtil module: fixed various SQL
      generation issues
    * Swagger module: fixed a bug where unknown string format types
      were not ignored but instead caused an exception to be thrown
    * Util module: fixed a bug in parse_memory_size()
    * Full changes:
* Wed Apr 14 2021 Ferdinand Thiessen <>
  - Update to 0.9.13
    * Fixes CVE-2020-13615
    * Added saprest tool (a SAP rest client)
    * Bug fixes and improvements for
    * CsvUtil
    * DataProvider
    * FixedLengthUtil
    * HttpServer nad HttpServerUtil
    * ServiceNowRestDataProvider
    * WebUtil
    * RestClient: additional fixes to REST path handling with schema
      validators with a base path
    * New Modules in Qore:
    * ServiceNowRestClient: provides APIs for communicating with
      the ServiceNow REST API
    * ServiceNowRestDataProvider: Provides a data provider API
      for the ServiceNow REST API
  - ABI breaks with 0.9.0 update, removed outdated API and updated
  - Refreshed reproducible.patch
  - Drop unused qore-libtool-2.4.6.patch
  - Split -doc package, building the documentation requires the
    yaml module, so this would create a dependency circle



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