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hawkey-man-0.69.0-1.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for noarch

Name: hawkey-man Distribution: openSUSE:Factory:zSystems
Version: 0.69.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Mon Oct 17 19:17:21 2022
Group: Documentation/Man Build host: s390zl23
Size: 15893 Source RPM: libdnf-0.69.0-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Documentation for the hawkey Python bindings
This package provides the man pages for the hawkey Python bindings.






* Sat Oct 15 2022 Andreas Stieger <>
  - libdnf 0.69.0:
    * Expose librepo max_downloads_per_mirror configuration
  - includes changes from 0.68.0:
    * context: Support (NEVRA forms, provides, file provides)
      including globs in the dnf_context_remove func
    * dnf-context: Disconnect signal handler before dropping file
      monitor ref
    * Filter out advisory pkgs with different arch during advisory
      upgrade, fixes possible problems in dependency resulution
    * Gracefully handle failure to open repo primary file
    * Fix listing a repository without cpeid
* Wed May 04 2022 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 0.67.0:
    * Add 'loongarch' support
    * Use dnf solv userdata to check versions and checksum (rh#2027445)
    * context: Substitute all repository config options (rh#2076853)
* Sun Mar 27 2022 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 0.66.0
    + Use `rpmdbCookie` from librpm, remove `hawkey.Sack._rpmdb_version`
    + Fix handling transaction id in resolveTransactionItemReason (rh#2010259, rh#2053014)
    + Remove deprecated assertions (rh#2027383)
    + Increase required rpm version since we use `rpmdbCookie()`
    + Skip rich deps for autodetection of unmet dependencies (rh#2033130)
  - Use ldconfig_scriptlets macro for ldconfig scriptlets
* Wed Nov 03 2021 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 0.65.0
    + Add support for excluding packages to be installed as weak dependencies
    + Add support for autodetecting packages to be excluded from being installed as weak dependencies
    + Turn off strict validation of modulemd documents (rh#2004853, rh#2007166, rh#2007167)
    + Implement logic for demodularization of modular rpms (rh#1805260)
    + DnfContext: fix handling of default module profiles
    + ModuleMetadata: gracefully handle modules with no defaults
    + Remove failovermethod config option (rh#1961083)
* Fri Aug 27 2021 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 0.63.1
    + ModuleProfile: add isDefault()
    + ModulePackage: add getDefaultProfile()
    + Add new dnf_context_module_install() C API
    + Fix a crash when [media] section in .treeinfo is missing for bootable media (rh#1946024)
    + Add hy_query_get_advisory_pkgs to C API (rh#1960561)
    + Add dnf_advisorypkg_get_advisory()
    + DNF does not fail on non UTF-8 file names in a package (rh#1893176)
    + Improve error-reporting for modular functions
  - Drop patch included in this release
    + Patch: 0001-Fix-a-crash-when-repoId-not-found-in-loaded-conf-gke.patch
* Thu Apr 15 2021 Neal Gompa <>
  - Add patch to fix crash when loading DVD repositories
    + Patch: 0001-Fix-a-crash-when-repoId-not-found-in-loaded-conf-gke.patch
* Tue Apr 13 2021 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 0.62.0
    + Change order of TransactionItemReason (rh#1921063)
    + Add two new comperators for security filters (rh#1918475)
    + Apply security filters for candidates with lower priority
    + Fix: Goal - translation of messages in global maps
    + Enhance description of modular solvables
    + Improve performance for module query
    + Change mechanism of modular errata applicability (rh#1804234)
    + dnf_transaction_commit(): Remove second call to rpmtsSetVSFlags
    + Fix a couple of memory leaks
    + Fix: Setting of librepo handle in newHandle function
    + Remove failsafe data when module is not enabled (rh#1847035)
    + Expose librepo's checksum functions via SWIG
    + Fix: Mising check of "hy_split_nevra()" return code
    + Do not allow 1 as installonly_limit value (rh#1926261)
    + Fix check whether the subkey can be used for signing
    + Hardening: add signature check with rpmcliVerifySignatures
      (CVE-2021-3445, CVE-2021-3421, CVE-2021-20271, rh#1932079, rh#1932089, rh#1932090, boo#1183779)
    + Add a config option sslverifystatus, defaults to false (rh#1814383)
    + [context] Add API for distro-sync
* Tue Mar 02 2021 Neal Gompa <>
  - Fix dependency for repo-config-zypp subpackage to work with SLE
* Tue Mar 02 2021 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to 0.60.0
    + Fix repo.fresh() implementation
    + Fix: Fully set ssl in newHandle function
    + [conf] Add options for working with certificates used with proxy
    + Apply proxy certificate options
    + lock: Switch return-if-fail to assert to quiet gcc -fanalyzer
    + build-sys: Clean up message about Python bindings
    + Modify module NSVCA parsing - context definition (rh#1926771)
    + [context] Fix: dnf_package_is_installonly (rh#1928056)
    + Fix problematic language
    + Add getApplicablePackages to advisory and isApplicable to advisorymodule
    + Keep isAdvisoryApplicable to preserve API
    + Run ModulePackageContainerTest tests in tmpdir, merge interdependent
    + [context] Support config file option "proxy_auth_method", defaults "any"
    + Properly handle multiple collections in updateinfo.xml (rh#1804234)
    + Support main config file option "installonlypkgs"
    + Support main config file option "protected_packages"
  - Drop patches now part of this release
    + Patch: 0001-context-Support-config-file-option-installonlypkgs.patch
    + Patch: 0002-context-Support-config-file-option-protected_package.patch
    + Patch: 0001-context-Fix-dnf_package_is_installonly-RhBug-1928056.patch
    + Patch: 0001-Fix-librepo-version-required-in-CMakeList.txt-1.12.0.patch
    + Patch: 0002-Fix-Fully-set-ssl-in-newHandle-function.patch
    + Patch: 0003-conf-Add-options-for-working-with-certificates-used-.patch
    + Patch: 0004-Apply-proxy-certificate-options.patch
    + Patch: 0001-Deduplicate-code-create-Repo-Impl-stringToProxyAuthM.patch
    + Patch: 0002-context-Support-config-file-option-proxy_auth_method.patch
* Fri Feb 26 2021 Neal Gompa <>
  - Backport more fixes for using certs for repo authorization
    + Patch: 0001-Deduplicate-code-create-Repo-Impl-stringToProxyAuthM.patch
    + Patch: 0002-context-Support-config-file-option-proxy_auth_method.patch
* Thu Feb 25 2021 Neal Gompa <>
  - Add repo-config-zypp subpackage to allow easily using Zypper
    repository configuration
* Tue Feb 23 2021 Neal Gompa <>
  - Backport support for using certificates for repository authorization
    + Patch: 0001-Fix-librepo-version-required-in-CMakeList.txt-1.12.0.patch
    + Patch: 0002-Fix-Fully-set-ssl-in-newHandle-function.patch
    + Patch: 0003-conf-Add-options-for-working-with-certificates-used-.patch
    + Patch: 0004-Apply-proxy-certificate-options.patch
* Sat Feb 13 2021 Neal Gompa <>
  - Backport another fix for adding controls to installonlypkgs
    + Patch: 0001-context-Fix-dnf_package_is_installonly-RhBug-1928056.patch
* Sat Feb 13 2021 Neal Gompa <>
  - Add patch to move directory for dnf state data to /usr/lib/sysimage
    + Patch: libdnf-0.58.0-Use-usr-lib-sysimage-for-the-persistent-state-dir.patch
* Fri Feb 12 2021 Neal Gompa <>
  - Backport fixes to add controls for installonlypkgs and protected_packages
    + Patch: 0001-context-Support-config-file-option-installonlypkgs.patch
    + Patch: 0002-context-Support-config-file-option-protected_package.patch
* Tue Feb 02 2021 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to version 0.58.0
    + Option: Add reset() method
    + Add OptionBinds::getOption() method
    + [context] Add dnf_repo_conf_from_gkeyfile() and dnf_repo_conf_reset()
    + [context] Add support for options: minrate, throttle, bandwidth, timeout
    + [context] Remove g_key_file_get_string() from dnf_repo_set_keyfile_data()
    + Allow loading ext metadata even if only cache (solv) is present
    + Add ASAN_OPTIONS for test_libdnf_main
    + [context,API] Functions for accessing main/global configuration options
    + [context,API] Function for adding setopt
    + Add getter for modular obsoletes from ModuleMetadata
    + Add ModulePackage.getStaticContext() and getRequires()
    + Add compatible layer for MdDocuments v2
    + Fix modular queries with the new solver
    + Improve formatting of error string for modules
    + Change mechanism of module conflicts
    + Fix load/update FailSafe
  - Drop patch included in this release
    + Patch: 0001-context-Sync-missing-arches-from-DNF.patch
* Mon Jan 04 2021 Neal Gompa <>
  - Add patch to support armv6hl and RISC-V architectures
    + Patch: 0001-context-Sync-missing-arches-from-DNF.patch
* Sun Dec 06 2020 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to version 0.55.2
    + Improve performance of query installed() and available()
    + Swdb: Add a method to get the current transaction
    + [modules] Add special handling for src artifacts (rh#1809314)
    + Better msgs if "basecachedir" or "proxy_password" isn't set (rh#1888946)
    + Add new options module_stream_switch
    + Support allow_vendor_change setting in dnf context API
  - Drop patches incorporated into this release
    + Patch: 0001-Support-allow_vendor_change-setting-in-dnf-context-A.patch
    + Patch: 0001-context-dnf_keyring_add_public_keys-not-generate-err.patch
  - Use cmake_build and cmake_install macros
* Sun Nov 29 2020 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to version 0.55.0
    + Add vendor to dnf API (rh#1876561)
    + Add formatting function for solver error
    + Add error types in ModulePackageContainer
    + Implement module enable for context part
    + Improve string formatting for translation
    + Remove redundant printf and change logging info to notice (rh#1827424)
    + Add allow_vendor_change option (rh#1788371) (rh#1788371)
  - Backport patches from upstream
    + Patch: 0001-Support-allow_vendor_change-setting-in-dnf-context-A.patch
    + Patch: 0001-context-dnf_keyring_add_public_keys-not-generate-err.patch
  - Add patch to turn off changing vendors by default
    + Patch: libdnf-0.55.0-Switch-allow_vendor_change-off.patch
* Sat Oct 24 2020 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to version 0.54.2
    + history: Fix dnf history rollback when a package was removed (rh#1683134)
    + Add support for HY_GT, HY_LT in query nevra_strict
    + Fix parsing empty lines in config files
    + Accept '==' as an operator in reldeps (rh#1847946)
    + Add log file level main config option (rh#1802074)
    + Add protect_running_kernel configuration option (rh#1698145)
    + Context part of libdnf cannot assume zchunk is on (rh#1851841, rh#1779104)
    + Fix memory leak of resultingModuleIndex and handle g_object refs
    + Redirect librepo logs to libdnf logs with different source
    + Add hy_goal_lock
    + Enum/String conversions for Transaction Store/Replay
    + utils: Add a method to decode URLs
    + Unify hawkey.log line format with the rest of the logs
  - Drop patches included in this release
    + Patch: 0001-tests-Fix-incorrect-usage-of-the-fail_unless-macro.patch
  - Refresh patch for reposdir paths
    + Remove patch: libdnf-0.39.1-Switch-default-reposdir-to-etc-dnf-repos.d.patch
    + Add patch: libdnf-0.54.2-Switch-default-reposdir-to-etc-dnf-repos.d.patch
* Fri Aug 21 2020 Neal Gompa <>
  - Backport fix from upstream to fix building against check >= 0.15
    + Patch: 0001-tests-Fix-incorrect-usage-of-the-fail_unless-macro.patch
  - Clean up spec comments about patches
* Tue Jul 07 2020 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to version 0.48.0
    + Add prereq_ignoreinst & regular_requires properties for pkg (rh#1543449)
    + Reset active modules when no module enabled or default (rh#1767351)
    + Add comment option to transaction (rh#1773679)
    + Failing to get module defauls is a recoverable error
    + Baseurl is not exclusive with mirrorlist/metalink (rh#1775184)
    + Add new function to reset all modules in C API (dnf_context_reset_all_modules)
    + [context] Fix to preserve additionalMetadata content (rh#1808677)
    + Fix filtering of DepSolvables with source rpms (rh#1812596)
    + Add setter for running kernel protection setting
    + Handle situation when an unprivileged user cannot create history database (rh#1634385)
    + Add query filter: latest by priority
    + Add DNF_NO_PROTECTED flag to allow empty list of protected packages
    + Remove 'dim' option from terminal colors to make them more readable (rh#1807774, rh#1814563)
    + [context] Error when main config file can't be opened (rh#1794864)
    + [context] Add function function dnf_context_is_set_config_file_path
    + swdb: Catch only SQLite3 exceptions and simplify the messages
    + MergedTransaction list multiple comments (rh#1773679)
    + Modify CMake to pull *.po files from weblate
    + Optimize DependencyContainer creation from an existing queue
    + fix a memory leak in dnf_package_get_requires()
    + Fix memory leaks on g_build_filename()
    + Fix memory leak in dnf_context_setup()
    + Add `hy_goal_favor` and `hy_goal_disfavor`
    + Define a cleanup function for `DnfPackageSet`
    + dnf-repo: fix dnf_repo_get_public_keys double-free
    + Do not cache RPMDB
    + Use single-quotes around string literals used in SQL statements
    + SQLite3: Do not close the database if it wasn't opened (rh#1761976)
    + Don't create a new history DB connection for in-memory DB
    + transaction/Swdb: Use a single logger variable in constructor
    + utils: Add a safe version of pathExists()
    + swdb: Handle the case when pathExists() fails on e.g. permission
    + Repo: prepend "file://" if a local path is used as baseurl
    + Move urlEncode() to utils
    + utils: Add 'exclude' argument to urlEncode()
    + Encode package URL for downloading through librepo (rh#1817130)
    + Replace std::runtime_error with libdnf::RepoError
    + Fixes and error handling improvements of the File class
    + [context] Use ConfigRepo for gpgkey and baseurl (rh#1807864)
    + [context] support "priority" option in .repo config file (rh#1797265)
  - Drop obsolete patch: libdnf-0.45.0-handle-all-rpmdb-variants.patch
  - Refresh patch for static linking libsolvext
    + Remove patch: libdnf-0.39.1-with-static-libsolvext.patch
    + Add patch: libdnf-0.48.0-with-static-libsolvext.patch
* Mon Mar 23 2020 Neal Gompa <>
  - Remove unused BR for gobject-introspection
* Sun Mar 22 2020 Neal Gompa <>
  - Add patch to support monitoring non-bdb rpmdb variants
    + Patch: libdnf-0.45.0-handle-all-rpmdb-variants.patch
* Thu Feb 27 2020 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to version 0.45.0
    + Config options: only first empty value clears existing (rh#1788154)
    + Make parsing of reldeps more strict (rh#1788107)
    + [context] Support repositories defined in main configuration file
    + Fix filtering packages by advisory when more versions and arches are available (rh#1770125)
    + Add expanding solvable provides for dependency matching (rh#1534123)
    + DnfRepo: fix module_hotfixes keyfile priority level
    + Add custom exceptions to libdnf interface
    + [conf] Set useful default colors when color is enabled
    + Port to libmodulemd-2 API (rh#1693683)
* Sun Jan 19 2020 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to version 0.43.1
    + Allow excluding packages with "excludepkgs" and globs
    + Add two new query filters: obsoletes_by_priority, upgrades_by_priority
    + [context] Use installonly_limit from global config (rh#1256108)
    + [context] Add API to get/set "install_weak_deps"
    + [context] Add wildcard support for repo_id in dnf_context_repo_enable/disable (rh#1781420)
    + [context] Adds support for includepkgs in repository configuration.
    + [context] Adds support for excludepkgs, exclude, includepkgs, and disable_excludes in main configuration.
    + [context] Added function dnf_transaction_set_dont_solve_goal
    + [context] Added functions dnf_context_get/set_config_file_path
    + [context] Respect "plugins" global conf value
    + [context] Add API to disable/enable plugins
* Sun Dec 01 2019 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to version 0.39.1
    + Skip invalid key files in "/etc/pki/rpm-gpg" with warning (rh#1644040)
    + Enable timestamp preserving for downloaded data (rh#1688537)
    + Set default to skip_if_unavailable=false (rh#1679509)
    + Add configuration option skip_if_unavailable (rh#1689931)
    + Fix 'database is locked' error (rh#1631533)
    + Replace the 'Failed to synchronize cache' message (rh#1712055)
    + Fix 'no such table: main.trans_cmdline' error (rh#1596540)
    + Add support of modular FailSafe (rh#1623128) (temporarily with warnings
      instead of errors when installing modular RPMs without modular metadata)
    + Add support of DNF main config file in context; used by PackageKit and
      microdnf (rh#1689331)
    + Exit gpg-agent after repokey import (rh#1650266)
    + Don't disable nonexistent but required repositories (rh#1689331)
    + Fix toString() to not insert [] (rh#1584442)
    + Ignore trailing blank lines in config (rh#1722493)
    + Fix handling large number of filenames on input (rh#1690915)
    + Detect armv7 with crypto extension only on arm version >= 8
    + A new standardized User-Agent field consisting of the libdnf and OS version
      (including the variant) (rh#1156007)
    + Add basic countme support (rh#1647454)
    + Fix crash in PackageKit (rh#1636803)
    + Do not create @System.solv files (rh#1707995)
    + Set LRO_CACHEDIR so zchunk works again (rh#1739867)
    + Don't reinstall modified packages with the same NEVRA (rh#1644241)
    + Fix bug when moving temporary repository metadata after download (rh#1700341)
    + Improve detection of extras packages by comparing (name, arch) pair
      instead of full NEVRA (RhBuh:1684517)
    + Improve handling multilib packages in the history command (rh#1728637)
    + Repo download: use full error description into the exception text (rh#1741442)
    + Properly close hawkey.log (rh#1594016)
    + Fix dnf updateinfo --update to not list advisories for packages updatable
      only from non-enabled modules
    + Apply modular filtering by package name (rh#1702729)
    + Fully enable the modular fail safe mechanism (rh#1616167)
    + Use more descriptive message when failed to retrieve GPG key (rh#1605117)
    + Add removeMetadataTypeFromDownload function to the API
    + Context part of libdnf can now read vars (urlvars) from dirs and environment
    + Throw exception immediately if file cannot be opened
    + Add test when there is no primary metadata in compatible format (rh#1744960)
    + Don't abort on rpmdb checksum calculation failure
    + Enable module dependency trees when using set_modules_enabled_by_pkgset() (rh#1762314)
    + New method "Query::filterSubject()", replaces Solution::getBestSolution()
    + The Solution class was removed
    + Add query argument into get_best_query and get_best_solution
    + Add module reset function into dnf_context
    + Add method to get all repository metadata locations
    + Catch NoModuleException in case of not existent value was used in persistor (rh#1761773)
    + Handle NoModuleException in dnf_context_reset_modules (rh#1767453)
    + Report reason how package was excluded (rh#1649754)
    + Fix Arm detection improvements (rh#1691430)
    + Set skip_if_unavailable to true for all media repos (rh#1716067)
    + Only the pkg knows whether it is local or remote (rh#1734350, rh#1717865)
    + Don't use repo's packages as path to local pkgs (rh#1734350, rh#1717865)
  - Drop patch for temporarily dropping support for module advisories
    * Patch: libdnf-0.31.0-Revert-support-for-Module-advisories.patch
  - Refresh patches
    * Remove patch: libdnf-0.28.1-with-static-libsolvext.patch
    * Remove patch: libdnf-0.28.1-Switch-default-reposdir-to-etc-dnf-repos.d.patch
    * Add patch: libdnf-0.39.1-with-static-libsolvext.patch
    * Add patch: libdnf-0.39.1-Switch-default-reposdir-to-etc-dnf-repos.d.patch
* Fri May 10 2019 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to version 0.33.0
    + Import subkeys when importing GPG keys (gh#projectatomic/rpm-ostree#1094)
    + [module] Fix swig binding for getModuleDependencies() (rh#1704871)
    + [module] Prevent std::string from nullptr (gh#rpm-software-management/libdnf#717)
    + Reintroduce hawkey.Repo as deprecated class
* Fri Apr 26 2019 Neal Gompa <>
  - Add patch for SLE to temporarily drop support for Module advisories
    * Patch: libdnf-0.31.0-Revert-support-for-Module-advisories.patch
* Fri Apr 26 2019 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to version 0.31.0
    + Installroot now requires absolute path
    + Support "_none_" value for repo option "proxy" (rh#1680272)
    + Add support for Module advisories
    + Add support for xml:base attribute from primary.xml (rh#1691315)
    + Fix detection of Platform ID for modules (rh#1688462)
* Sun Mar 31 2019 Neal Gompa <>
  - Update to version 0.28.1
    + Enhance modular solver to handle enabled and default module streams differently (rh#1648839)
    + Add support of wild cards for modules (rh#1644588)
    + Exclude module pkgs that have conflict
    + Enhance config parser to preserve order of data, and keep comments and format
    + Improve ARM detection
    + Add support for SHA-384
    + Return empty query if incorrect reldep (rh#1687135)
    + ConfigParser: Improve compatibility with Python ConfigParser and dnf-plugin-spacewalk (rh#1692044)
    + ConfigParser: Unify default set of string represenation of boolean values
    + Fix segfault when interrupting dnf process (rh#1610456)
  - Drop backported patches that are part of this release
    * 0001-Reset-callback-to-NULL-RhBug-1637923.patch
    * 0002-reldep-list-Add-glib-AUTOPTR-cleanup.patch
    * 0003-swdb-Put-Swdb-constructors-together.patch
    * 0004-utils-Drop-empty-else-block.patch
    * 0005-transformer-Fix-minor-docstring-typo.patch
    * 0006-repo-Squash-Wmaybe-uninitialized-warning.patch
    * 0007-transaction-Consistently-use-the-same-swdb-variable.patch
    * 0008-transaction-Minor-syntax-tweak.patch
    * 0101-Zchunk-configuration-flags-were-backwards-so-setting.patch
    * 0102-hy_repos-weren-t-being-filled-properly-when-using-zc.patch
  - Refresh patches
    * Remove patch: libdnf-0.24.1-with-static-libsolvext.patch
    * Remove patch: libdnf-0.24.1-Switch-default-reposdir-to-etc-dnf-repos.d.patch
    * Add patch: libdnf-0.28.1-with-static-libsolvext.patch
    * Add patch: libdnf-0.28.1-Switch-default-reposdir-to-etc-dnf-repos.d.patch
* Wed Feb 13 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Ensure neutrality of descriptions.
  - Adjust RPM groups.
* Wed Feb 13 2019 Neal Gompa <>
  - Fix cmake macro pointer to source tree
* Thu Feb 07 2019 Neal Gompa <>
  - Switch default reposdir to /etc/dnf/repos.d
    * Add patch: libdnf-0.24.1-Switch-default-reposdir-to-etc-dnf-repos.d.patch
* Tue Feb 05 2019 Neal Gompa <>
  - Rebase to version 0.24.1
    + Add support for RH/Fedora modules
    + Add plugin support (unstable API)
    + Add zchunk support
    + Migrate from YUMDB to new SWDB
    + Rewrite into C++
  - Drop Python 2 bindings
  - Backport fixes from upstream eliminate various bugs
    * 0001-Reset-callback-to-NULL-RhBug-1637923.patch
    * 0002-reldep-list-Add-glib-AUTOPTR-cleanup.patch
    * 0003-swdb-Put-Swdb-constructors-together.patch
    * 0004-utils-Drop-empty-else-block.patch
    * 0005-transformer-Fix-minor-docstring-typo.patch
    * 0006-repo-Squash-Wmaybe-uninitialized-warning.patch
    * 0007-transaction-Consistently-use-the-same-swdb-variable.patch
    * 0008-transaction-Minor-syntax-tweak.patch
  - Add proposed patches for improving zchunk support
    * 0101-Zchunk-configuration-flags-were-backwards-so-setting.patch
    * 0102-hy_repos-weren-t-being-filled-properly-when-using-zc.patch
  - Refresh patch for linking to static libsolvext
    * Remove patch: libdnf-0.9.3-with-static-libsolvext.patch
    * Add patch: libdnf-0.24.1-with-static-libsolvext.patch
  - Drop patch merged in upstream libdnf
    * 0001-Add-multiversion-kernel-as-a-recognized-installonlyp.patch



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