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Packages beginning with letter Z

z-2.7.3-1.7 Frontend for compressing and uncompressing linux/noarch
zanshin-lang-22.12.1-1.1 Translations for package zanshin linux/noarch
zathura-lang-0.5.2-1.1 Translations for package zathura linux/noarch
zd1211-firmware-1.5-2.6 Firmware for ZD1211 USB WLAN sticks linux/noarch
zenity-lang-3.43.0-2.1 Translations for package zenity linux/noarch
zerobranestudio-1.90-3.5 Lightweight Lua IDE linux/noarch
zim-0.75.1-2.1 A Desktop Wiki linux/noarchNew
zim-lang-0.75.1-2.1 Translations for package zim linux/noarchNew
zinc-0.3.15-3.5 Incremental scala compiler linux/noarch
zinnia-tomoe-0.6.0-7.24 Zinnia model files trained with data provided by Tomoe linux/noarch
zipkin-api-source-0.2.2-1.9 Source code of zipkin-api linux/noarch
zlibrary-data-0.99.4-3.54 Data files for Zlibrary linux/noarch
znc-lang-1.8.2-3.1 Translations for package znc linux/noarch
zp-0.2.0-1.12 Shorter command of zypper linux/noarch
zsh-sh-5.9-3.1 Handle behaviour of /bin/sh linux/noarch
zvbi-lang-0.2.39-1.1 Translations for package zvbi linux/noarch
zynaddsubfx-common-3.0.5-1.24 Common files for ZynAddSubFX synthesizers linux/noarch
zypper-aptitude-1.14.59-1.1 aptitude compatibility with zypper linux/noarch
zypper-changelog-plugin-0.3-1.1 Changelog listing tool linux/noarch
zypper-lifecycle-plugin-0.6.1601367426.843fe7a-3.3 Zypper subcommand for lifecycle information linux/noarch
zypper-log-1.14.59-1.1 CLI for accessing the zypper logfile linux/noarch
zypper-needs-restarting-1.14.59-1.1 needs-restarting compatibility with zypper linux/noarch

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