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Packages beginning with letter R

r128gain-1.0.4-1.5 Fast audio loudness (ReplayGain / R128) scanner & tagger linux/noarch
rabbitmq-java-client-3.5.0-4.1 Java AMQP client library linux/noarch
rabbitmq-server-bash-completion-3.11.3-1.1 Bash completion for rabbitmq-server linux/noarch
rabbitmq-server-zsh-completion-3.11.3-1.1 Zsh completion for rabbitmq-server linux/noarch
racket-doc-8.6-2.3 Documentation HTML files for Racket linux/noarch
radare2-zsh-completion-5.7.8-1.1 ZSH completion for radare2 linux/noarch
radeontop-lang-1.4-1.6 Translations for package radeontop linux/noarch
rainbow-2.8.0-1.3 Colorize commands output or STDIN using patterns linux/noarch
rainbow-bash-completion-2.8.0-1.3 Bash Completion for rainbow linux/noarch
rainbow-zsh-completion-2.8.0-1.3 ZSH completion for rainbow linux/noarch
raleway-fonts-3.0-4.25 Elegant sans-serif Typeface Family linux/noarch
rancher-selinux-v0.2.testing.1-1.4 SELinux policy module for Rancher linux/noarch
ranger-1.9.3+git20221124.f8b304f-1.1 Console File Manager linux/noarch
rapid-photo-downloader-0.9.34-1.1 Parallel downloader for camera and smartphone photos linux/noarch
rapid-photo-downloader-lang-0.9.34-1.1 Translations for package rapid-photo-downloader linux/noarch
raspberrypi-eeprom-2023.01.11-1.1 Raspberry Pi 4 EEPROM firmware linux/noarchNew
raspberrypi-eeprom-firmware-2023.01.11-1.1 Raspberry Pi 4 EEPROM firmware blobs linux/noarchNew
raspberrypi-firmware-2023.01.18-1.1 Binary bootloader and firmware files for Raspberry Pi linux/noarchNew
raspberrypi-firmware-config-2023.01.18-1.1 Configuration for the Raspberry Pi firmware loader linux/noarchNew
raspberrypi-firmware-config-camera-2023.01.18-1.1 Configuration for the Raspberry Pi firmware loader linux/noarchNew
raspberrypi-firmware-dt-2023.01.20-1.1 Device trees for the Raspberry Pi firmware loader linux/noarchNew
raspberrypi-firmware-eeprom-2020.09.03.138a1-1.7 Raspberry Pi 4 EEPROM firmware upgrade package linux/noarch
raspberrypi-firmware-extra-2023.01.18-1.1 Extra bootloaders for Raspberry Pi linux/noarchNew
raspberrypi-firmware-extra-pi4-2023.01.18-1.1 Extra bootloaders for Raspberry Pi linux/noarchNew
rbac-manager-k8s-yaml-1.4.2-1.1 Kubernetes yaml file to run rbac-manager linux/noarch
rbenv-1.2.0-1.3 Simple Ruby version Management linux/noarch
rbenv-bash-completion-1.2.0-1.3 Bash completion for rbenv linux/noarch
rbenv-bundle-exec-1.0.0-1.1 The one true plugin for rbenv bundler integration linux/noarch
rbenv-zsh-completion-1.2.0-1.3 ZSH completion for rbenv linux/noarch
rclone-bash-completion-1.61.1-1.1 Bash Completion for rclone linux/noarch
rclone-zsh-completion-1.61.1-1.1 Zsh Completion for rclone linux/noarch
rcm-1.3.6-1.1 An rc file (dotfile) management tool linux/noarchNew
read-only-root-fs-1.0+git20220808.cd59f4f-1.2 Files and Scripts for a RO root fileystem linux/noarch
read-only-root-fs-volatile-1.0+git20220808.cd59f4f-1.2 Dracut Module to mount a tmpfs overlay on a RO root linux/noarch
readline-doc-8.2-2.1 Documentation how to Use and Program with the Readline Library linux/noarch
realmd-lang-0.17.1-1.1 Translations for package realmd linux/noarchNew
reco-lang-3.2.1-1.3 Translations for package reco linux/noarch
redeclipse-data-2.0.0-4.3 Data files for the Red Eclipse game linux/noarch
redfishtool-1.1.5-1.6 A CLI tool for accessing the Redfish API linux/noarch
redminecli-1.3.0-1.10 Command line interface for Redmine linux/noarch
redminecli-bash-completion-1.3.0-1.10 Bash completion for redminecli linux/noarch
rednotebook-2.22-1.8 Graphical diary and journal linux/noarch
rednotebook-lang-2.22-1.8 Translations for package rednotebook linux/noarch
reflectasm-1.11.1-1.1 High performance Java library that provides reflection by using code generation linux/noarch
reflectasm-javadoc-1.11.1-1.1 Javadoc for reflectasm linux/noarch
regexp-1.5-23.4 Simple regular expressions API linux/noarch
regexploit-1.0.0-1.8 Find regular expressions vulnerable to ReDoS linux/noarch
relaxngDatatype-2011.1-5.4 RELAX NG Datatype API linux/noarch
relaxngcc-1.12-3.2 RELAX NG Compiler Compiler linux/noarch
relaxngcc-javadoc-1.12-3.2 Javadoc for relaxngcc linux/noarch
release-compare-0.5.6-1.3 Release Compare Script linux/noarch
release-notes-openSUSE-84.87.20180228.827b030-1.318 Release Notes for openSUSE linux/noarch
reload4j-1.2.20-1.3 Revival of EOLed log4j 1.x linux/noarch
reload4j-javadoc-1.2.20-1.3 Javadoc for reload4j linux/noarch
remake-lang-4.3_1.5-1.9 Translations for package remake linux/noarch
remmina-lang-1.4.29-1.1 Translations for package remmina linux/noarchNew
replacer-1.6-3.4 Replacer Maven Mojo linux/noarch
replacer-javadoc-1.6-3.4 Javadoc for replacer linux/noarch
rescue-1.0.4-1.6 Action Adventure in Space linux/noarch
resteasy-3.0.26-3.4 Framework for RESTful Web services and Java applications linux/noarch
resteasy-atom-provider-3.0.26-3.4 Module atom-provider for resteasy linux/noarch
resteasy-client-3.0.26-3.4 Client for resteasy linux/noarch
resteasy-core-3.0.26-3.4 Core modules for resteasy linux/noarch
resteasy-jackson2-provider-3.0.26-3.4 Module jackson2-provider for resteasy linux/noarch
resteasy-javadoc-3.0.26-3.4 Javadoc for resteasy linux/noarch
resteasy-jaxb-provider-3.0.26-3.4 Module jaxb-provider for resteasy linux/noarch
restic-bash-completion-0.14.0-1.1 Bash Completion for restic linux/noarch
restic-zsh-completion-0.14.0-1.1 Zsh Completion for restic linux/noarch
retext-7.2.3-1.1 Simple editor for Markdown and reStructuredText linux/noarch
retry-1655407786.7ff7de5-1.2 A simple tool for retrying command executions in plain POSIX sh linux/noarch
reuse-1.0.0-2.1 A tool for compliance with the REUSE recommendations linux/noarch
revelation-0.5.4-2.4 Password manager for GNOME linux/noarch
revelation-lang-0.5.4-2.4 Translations for package revelation linux/noarch
rfc-read-0.2.6-1.1 Read RFCs from the command-line linux/noarchNew
rfcdiff-1.47-1.12 Draft Diff Tool linux/noarch
rhash-lang-1.4.3-1.2 Translations for package rhash linux/noarch
rhino-1.7.14-2.3 JavaScript for Java linux/noarch
rhino-demo-1.7.14-2.3 Examples for rhino linux/noarch
rhino-engine-1.7.14-2.3 Rhino Engine linux/noarch
rhino-javadoc-1.7.14-2.3 API documentation for rhino linux/noarch
rhino-runtime-1.7.14-2.3 Rhino Runtime linux/noarch
rhythmbox-lang-3.4.6-2.1 Translations for package rhythmbox linux/noarch
rime-schema-all-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 All rime input schemas linux/noarch
rime-schema-array-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 array input schema for rime linux/noarch
rime-schema-bopomofo-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 bopomofo input schema for rime linux/noarch
rime-schema-cangjie-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 cangjie input schema for rime linux/noarch
rime-schema-cantonese-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 cantonese input schema for rime linux/noarch
rime-schema-combo-pinyin-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 combo-pinyin input schema for rime linux/noarch
rime-schema-default-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 Default/Preset collection of rime schemas linux/noarch
rime-schema-double-pinyin-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 double-pinyin input schema for rime linux/noarch
rime-schema-emoji-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 emoji input schema for rime linux/noarch
rime-schema-essay-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 essay input schema for rime linux/noarch
rime-schema-extra-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 Extra collection of rime schemas linux/noarch
rime-schema-ipa-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 ipa input schema for rime linux/noarch
rime-schema-jyutping-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 jyutping input schema for rime linux/noarch
rime-schema-luna-pinyin-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 luna-pinyin input schema for rime linux/noarch
rime-schema-middle-chinese-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 middle-chinese input schema for rime linux/noarch
rime-schema-pinyin-simp-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 pinyin-simp input schema for rime linux/noarch
rime-schema-prelude-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 prelude input schema for rime linux/noarch
rime-schema-quick-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 quick input schema for rime linux/noarch
rime-schema-scj-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 scj input schema for rime linux/noarch
rime-schema-soutzoe-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 soutzoe input schema for rime linux/noarch
rime-schema-stenotype-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 stenotype input schema for rime linux/noarch
rime-schema-stroke-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 stroke input schema for rime linux/noarch
rime-schema-terra-pinyin-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 terra-pinyin input schema for rime linux/noarch
rime-schema-wubi-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 wubi input schema for rime linux/noarch
rime-schema-wugniu-20210525+git.4f7fc2a-1.6 wugniu input schema for rime linux/noarch
rinutils-devel-0.10.1-1.1 Shlomi Fish's gnu11 C Library of Random headers linux/noarch
ripgrep-bash-completion-13.0.0-5.1 Bash Completion for ripgrep linux/noarch
ripgrep-fish-completion-13.0.0-5.1 Fish Completion for ripgrep linux/noarch
ripgrep-zsh-completion-13.0.0-5.1 ZSH Completion for ripgrep linux/noarch
ripit-3.9.90-2.13 Perl Script to Create .ogg or .mp3 Files from an Audio CD linux/noarch
ristretto-lang-0.12.4-1.1 Translations for package ristretto linux/noarch
rke2-selinux-0.11.latest.1-1.1 SELinux policy module for rke2 linux/noarch
rmit-sansforgetica-fonts-1.000-1.10 Sans Forgetica Font linux/noarch
rmw-lang-0.8.1-3.1 Translations for package rmw linux/noarch
robin-map-devel-1.0.1-1.2 C++ implementation of a fast hash map and hash set using robin hood hashing linux/noarch
rocket.term-0.2.0-2.6 Text based chat client for the messaging solution linux/noarch
rocksndiamonds-data-20220526-1.2 Data files for Rocks'n'Diamonds linux/noarch
rocs-lang-22.12.1-1.1 Translations for package rocs linux/noarch
rollback-helper-1.0+git20181218.5394d6e-1.16 Helper Scripts for system rollback linux/noarch
roundcubemail-1.6.0-1.2 A browser-based multilingual IMAP client linux/noarch
rovasiras-kende-fonts-20221015-1.1 A ligatured font for the Old Hungarian script linux/noarchNew
rovasiras-roga-fonts-20221112-1.1 A ligatureless variant of the Kende Old Hungarian font linux/noarchNew
rpi-eeprom-config-0.0.20200625~9342fdb-1.7 Raspberry Pi 4 eeprom firmware configuration tool linux/noarch
rpm-config-SUSE-20220926-1.1 SUSE specific RPM configuration files linux/noarch
rpm-repo-keys-openSUSE-0-8.4 openSUSE repository GPG keys linux/noarch
rpmconf-1.1.8-1.1 Tool to handle rpmnew and rpmsave files linux/noarch
rpmdevtools-8.10-7.8 RPM Development Tools linux/noarch
rpmlint-2.4.0+git20230125.20e5b58-1.1 RPM file correctness checker linux/noarchNew
rpmlint-strict-2.4.0+git20230125.20e5b58-1.1 RPM file correctness checker linux/noarchNew
rpmlint-test-2.4.0+git20230125.20e5b58-1.1 RPM file correctness checker linux/noarchNew
rpmorphan-1.19-3.9 Tool to list orphaned RPM packages linux/noarch
rpmrebuild-2.17-1.1 A tool to build a rpm file from the rpm database linux/noarchNew
rsibreak-lang-0.12.15-1.3 Translations for package rsibreak linux/noarch
rsnapshot-1.4.4-2.4 Backup program using hardlinks linux/noarch
rsvg-thumbnailer-2.55.1-2.1 SVG thumbnailer using the GNOME Render SVG library linux/noarchNew
rsvndump-lang-0.6.1-1.1 Translations for package rsvndump linux/noarch
rt2860- Userspace configuration files for rt2860 driver linux/noarch
rtrlib-devel-doc-0.8.0-1.5 API documentation of the RTRlib linux/noarch
rubber-1.6.0-1.4 An automated system for building LaTeX documents linux/noarch
ruby-build-20230124-1.1 Compile and install Ruby linux/noarchNew
ruby-build-dependencies-jruby-20230124-1.1 ruby-build dependencies for building JRuby linux/noarchNew
ruby-build-dependencies-mri-20230124-1.1 ruby-build dependencies for building MRI linux/noarchNew
ruby-build-dependencies-mruby-20230124-1.1 ruby-build dependencies for building mruby linux/noarchNew
ruby-build-dependencies-picoruby-20230124-1.1 ruby-build dependencies for building PicoRuby linux/noarchNew
ruby-build-dependencies-truffleruby-20230124-1.1 ruby-build dependencies for building TruffleRuby linux/noarchNew
ruby-bundled-gems-rpmhelper-0.0.2-1.12 A little helper to add provides for intree gems during a ruby build linux/noarch
ruby-common-3.2-1.1 Collection of scripts and macros for ruby packaging linux/noarch
ruby-common-rails-3.2-1.1 Rails packaging support linux/noarch
ruby3.1-doc-ri-3.1.3-2.1 Ruby Interactive Documentation linux/noarch
runawk-examples-1.6.1-1.33 Examples for RunAWK linux/noarch
ruqola-lang-1.8.1-1.1 Translations for package ruqola linux/noarch
rust-packaging-15-2.67 RPM macros for building Rust packages on various architectures linux/noarch
rust-srpm-macros-15-2.67 RPM macros for building Rust source packages linux/noarch
rxtx-java-javadoc-2.2~pre2-3.4 Javadocs for rxtx-java linux/noarch
rygel-lang-0.42.0-1.2 Translations for package rygel linux/noarch
rypper-0.24-1.26 Wrapper around zypper for managing multiple repositories linux/noarch

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