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Packages beginning with letter J

j2objc-annotations-2.2-1.3 J2ObjC Annotations linux/noarch
j2objc-annotations-javadoc-2.2-1.3 API documentation for j2objc-annotations linux/noarch
jackson-annotations-2.13.3-1.2 Core annotations for Jackson data processor linux/noarch
jackson-annotations-javadoc-2.13.3-1.2 Javadoc for jackson-annotations linux/noarch
jackson-bom-2.13.3-1.2 Bill of materials POM for Jackson projects linux/noarch
jackson-core-2.13.3-1.2 Core part of Jackson linux/noarch
jackson-core-javadoc-2.13.3-1.2 Javadoc for jackson-core linux/noarch
jackson-databind- General data-binding package for Jackson (2.x) linux/noarch
jackson-databind-javadoc- Javadoc for jackson-databind linux/noarch
jackson-dataformat-cbor-2.13.3-1.3 Support for reading and writing Concise Binary Object Representation linux/noarch
jackson-dataformat-csv-2.13.3-1.3 Support for reading and writing CSV-encoded data via Jackson abstractions linux/noarch
jackson-dataformat-properties-2.13.3-1.3 Support for reading and writing content of "Java Properties" files linux/noarch
jackson-dataformat-smile-2.13.3-1.3 Support for reading and writing Smile encoded data using Jackson abstractions linux/noarch
jackson-dataformat-toml-2.13.3-1.3 Support for reading and writing TOML-encoded data via Jackson abstractions linux/noarch
jackson-dataformat-xml-2.13.3-1.3 Jackson extension component for reading and writing XML encoded data linux/noarch
jackson-dataformat-xml-javadoc-2.13.3-1.3 Javadoc for jackson-dataformat-xml linux/noarch
jackson-dataformat-yaml-2.13.3-1.3 Support for reading and writing YAML-encoded data via Jackson abstractions linux/noarch
jackson-dataformats-binary-2.13.3-1.3 Jackson standard binary data format backends linux/noarch
jackson-dataformats-binary-javadoc-2.13.3-1.3 Javadoc for jackson-dataformats-binary linux/noarch
jackson-dataformats-text-2.13.3-1.3 Jackson standard text-format data format backends linux/noarch
jackson-dataformats-text-javadoc-2.13.3-1.3 Javadoc for jackson-dataformats-text linux/noarch
jackson-datatype-guava-2.13.3-1.3 Add-on module for Jackson which handles Guava data-types linux/noarch
jackson-datatype-hppc-2.13.3-1.3 Add-on module for Jackson to support HPPC data-types linux/noarch
jackson-datatypes-collections-2.13.3-1.3 Jackson datatypes: collections linux/noarch
jackson-datatypes-collections-javadoc-2.13.3-1.3 Javadoc for jackson-datatypes-collections linux/noarch
jackson-jaxrs-json-provider-2.13.3-1.3 Jackson-JAXRS-JSON linux/noarch
jackson-jaxrs-providers-2.13.3-1.3 Jackson JAX-RS providers linux/noarch
jackson-jaxrs-providers-datatypes-2.13.3-1.3 Functionality for reading/writing core JAX-RS helper types linux/noarch
jackson-jaxrs-providers-javadoc-2.13.3-1.3 Javadoc for jackson-jaxrs-providers linux/noarch
jackson-jaxrs-providers-parent-2.13.3-1.3 Parent for Jackson JAX-RS providers linux/noarch
jackson-module-afterburner-2.13.3-1.3 Jackson module that uses byte-code generation to further speed up data binding linux/noarch
jackson-module-blackbird-2.13.3-1.3 Jackson module that uses LambdaMetafactory based code generation to replace reflection calls. linux/noarch
jackson-module-guice-2.13.3-1.3 Jackson module to make integration with Guice a bit easier linux/noarch
jackson-module-jaxb-annotations-2.13.3-1.3 Support for using JAXB annotations as an alternative to "native" Jackson annotations linux/noarch
jackson-module-mrbean-2.13.3-1.3 Functionality for implementing interfaces and abstract types dynamically linux/noarch
jackson-module-no-ctor-deser-2.13.3-1.3 Support deserialization of POJO classes without default constructor linux/noarch
jackson-module-osgi-2.13.3-1.3 Jackson module to inject OSGI services in deserialized beans linux/noarch
jackson-module-paranamer-2.13.3-1.3 Jackson module that uses Paranamer to introspect names of constructor params linux/noarch
jackson-modules-base-2.13.3-1.3 Jackson modules: Base linux/noarch
jackson-modules-base-javadoc-2.13.3-1.3 Javadoc for jackson-modules-base linux/noarch
jackson-parent-2.13-1.5 Parent pom for all Jackson components linux/noarch
jafama-2.3.1-1.137 A (Strict) FastMath class with 1e-15ish accuracy linux/noarch
jafama-javadoc-2.3.1-1.137 Javadoc for jafama linux/noarch
jag-data-0.3.8-2.7 Data files for the JAG game linux/noarch
jakarta-activation-2.1.0-2.4 Jakarta Activation Specification and Implementation linux/noarch
jakarta-activation-javadoc-2.1.0-2.4 Javadoc for jakarta-activation linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-discovery-0.4-137.3 Jakarta Commons Discovery linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-discovery-javadoc-0.4-137.3 Javadoc for jakarta-commons-discovery linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-launcher-1.1-25.4 A Cross-Platform Java Application Launcher linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-launcher-javadoc-1.1-25.4 Javadoc for jakarta-commons-launcher linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-modeler-2.0.1-2.3 Jakarta Commons Modeler Package linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-modeler-javadoc-2.0.1-2.3 Javadoc for jakarta-commons-modeler linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-transaction-1.1-28.3 Commons Transaction linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-vfs-1.0-33.3 Commons Virtual Filesystem linux/noarch
jakarta-commons-vfs-javadoc-1.0-33.3 Commons Virtual Filesystem linux/noarch
jakarta-mail-2.1.0-1.4 Jakarta Mail API linux/noarch
jakarta-mail-javadoc-2.1.0-1.4 Javadoc for jakarta-mail linux/noarch
jakarta-poi-2.5.1-31.3 Java API To Access Microsoft Format Files linux/noarch
jakarta-poi-javadoc-2.5.1-31.3 Java API To Access Microsoft Format Files linux/noarch
jakarta-poi-manual-2.5.1-31.3 Java API To Access Microsoft Format Files linux/noarch
jakarta-servlet-5.0.0-1.4 Server-side API for handling HTTP requests and responses linux/noarch
jakarta-servlet-javadoc-5.0.0-1.4 Javadoc for jakarta-servlet linux/noarch
jakarta-slide-webdavclient-2.1-27.3 Slide WebDAV client linux/noarch
jakarta-slide-webdavclient-javadoc-2.1-27.3 Slide WebDAV client linux/noarch
jakarta-slide-webdavclient-repolib-2.1-27.3 Slide WebDAV client linux/noarch
jakarta-taglibs-standard-1.1.2-2.4 Open Source Implementation of the JSP Standard Tag Library linux/noarch
jakarta-taglibs-standard-javadoc-1.1.2-2.4 Javadoc for jakarta-taglibs-standard linux/noarch
jameica-2.10.3-1.1 Runtime environment for Java applications like Hibiscus linux/noarchNew
jameica-devel-2.10.3-1.1 SDK for the Jameica framework linux/noarchNew
jameica-javadoc-2.10.3-1.1 Javadoc for jameica linux/noarchNew
janino-3.1.6-1.4 An embedded Java compiler linux/noarch
janino-javadoc-3.1.6-1.4 API documentation for janino linux/noarch
jansi-javadoc-2.4.0-1.3 Javadocs for jansi linux/noarch
jarjar-1.4-4.5 Tool to repackage Java libraries linux/noarch
jarjar-javadoc-1.4-4.5 Tool to repackage Java libraries linux/noarch
jatl-0.2.2-3.4 Java Anti-Template Language linux/noarch
jatl-javadoc-0.2.2-3.4 Javadoc for jatl linux/noarch
java-11-openj9-javadoc- OpenJDK 11 API Documentation linux/noarch
java-11-openjdk-javadoc- OpenJDK 11 API Documentation linux/noarch
java-13-openjdk-javadoc- OpenJDK 13 API Documentation linux/noarch
java-15-openjdk-javadoc- OpenJDK 15 API Documentation linux/noarch
java-17-openj9-javadoc- OpenJDK 17 API Documentation linux/noarch
java-17-openjdk-javadoc- OpenJDK 17 API Documentation linux/noarch
java-18-openjdk-javadoc- OpenJDK 18 API Documentation linux/noarch
java-19-openjdk-javadoc- OpenJDK 19 API Documentation linux/noarch
java-1_8_0-openj9-javadoc- OpenJDK 8 API Documentation linux/noarch
java-1_8_0-openjdk-javadoc- OpenJDK 8 API Documentation linux/noarch
java-cup-0.11-31.4 LALR Parser Generator in Java linux/noarch
java-cup-manual-0.11-31.4 LALR Parser Generator in Java linux/noarch
java-jwt-3.8.3-1.137 Java JWT linux/noarch
java-jwt-javadoc-3.8.3-1.137 Javadoc for java-jwt linux/noarch
javacc-7.0.11-1.4 A Parser and Scanner Generator for Java linux/noarch
javacc-demo-7.0.11-1.4 Examples for javacc linux/noarch
javacc-javadoc-7.0.11-1.4 Javadoc for javacc linux/noarch
javacc-manual-7.0.11-1.4 Manual for javacc linux/noarch
javacc-maven-plugin-2.6-2.4 Maven Plugin for processing JavaCC grammar files linux/noarch
javacc-maven-plugin-javadoc-2.6-2.4 Javadoc for javacc-maven-plugin linux/noarch
javaewah-1.1.6-2.4 A word-aligned compressed variant of the Java bitset class linux/noarch
javaewah-javadoc-1.1.6-2.4 Javadoc for javaewah linux/noarch
javahelp2-2.0.05-32.4 Java online help system linux/noarch
javahelp2-javadoc-2.0.05-32.4 Java online help system linux/noarch
javahelp2-manual-2.0.05-32.4 Java online help system linux/noarch
javamail-1.5.2-7.3 Java Mail API linux/noarch
javamail-javadoc-1.5.2-7.3 Javadoc for javamail linux/noarch
javapackages-ivy-6.1.0-2.1 Local mode for Apache Ivy (files) linux/noarch
javapackages-local-6.1.0-2.1 Non-essential macros and scripts for Java packaging support linux/noarch
javaparser-3.24.2-1.4 Java 1 to 13 Parser and Abstract Syntax Tree for Java linux/noarch
javaparser-javadoc-3.24.2-1.4 Javadoc for javaparser linux/noarch
javapoet-1.7.0-1.176 A Java API for generating .java source files linux/noarch
javapoet-javadoc-1.7.0-1.176 Javadoc for javapoet linux/noarch
javassist-3.29.2-1.1 Java Programming Assistant: bytecode manipulation linux/noarch
javassist-demo-3.29.2-1.1 Samples for javassist linux/noarch
javassist-javadoc-3.29.2-1.1 Javadoc for javassist linux/noarch
javassist-manual-3.29.2-1.1 Tutorial for javassist linux/noarch
javazic-1.7.0-1.4 A time zone compiler for Java linux/noarch
jawn-ast-0.14.1-2.3 A small AST linux/noarch
jawn-json4s-0.14.1-2.3 Support to parse to json4s AST linux/noarch
jawn-parser-0.14.1-2.3 A generic JSON parser linux/noarch
jawn-util-0.14.1-2.3 A few helpful utilities linux/noarch
jaxb-api-4.0.0-2.4 Jakarta XML Binding API linux/noarch
jaxb-api-javadoc-4.0.0-2.4 API documentation for jaxb-api linux/noarch
jaxen-1.1.6-39.3 The jaxen project is a Java XPath Engine linux/noarch
jaxodraw-2.1.0-6.3 A Java-based GUI for drawing Feynman diagrams linux/noarch
jaxodraw-javadoc-2.1.0-6.3 Javadocs for jaxodraw linux/noarch
jaxodraw-latex-2.1.0-6.3 LaTeX style file axodraw4j.sty for documents generated with jaxodraw linux/noarch
jboss-annotations-1.2-api-1.0.2-2.4 Java EE Annotations 1.2 API linux/noarch
jboss-annotations-1.2-api-javadoc-1.0.2-2.4 Javadoc for jboss-annotations-1.2-api linux/noarch
jboss-interceptors-1.2-api-1.0.0-2.4 Java EE Interceptors 1.2 API linux/noarch
jboss-interceptors-1.2-api-javadoc-1.0.0-2.4 Javadoc for jboss-interceptors-1.2-api linux/noarch
jboss-jaxrs-2.0-api-1.0.1-3.4 JAX-RS 2.0: The Java API for RESTful Web Services linux/noarch
jboss-jaxrs-2.0-api-javadoc-1.0.1-3.4 Javadoc for jboss-jaxrs-2.0-api linux/noarch
jboss-logging-3.4.1-3.4 The JBoss Logging Framework linux/noarch
jboss-logging-javadoc-3.4.1-3.4 Javadoc for jboss-logging linux/noarch
jboss-logging-tools-2.2.1-2.83 JBoss Logging I18n Annotation Processor linux/noarch
jboss-logging-tools-javadoc-2.2.1-2.83 Javadoc for jboss-logging-tools linux/noarch
jboss-logmanager-2.0.4-1.170 JBoss Log Manager linux/noarch
jboss-logmanager-javadoc-2.0.4-1.170 Javadoc for jboss-logmanager linux/noarch
jboss-marshalling-1.4.11-1.170 JBoss Marshalling linux/noarch
jboss-marshalling-javadoc-1.4.11-1.170 API documentation for jboss-marshalling linux/noarch
jboss-marshalling-osgi-1.4.11-1.170 JBoss Marshalling OSGi Bundle linux/noarch
jboss-modules-1.5.2-1.170 A Modular Classloading System linux/noarch
jboss-modules-javadoc-1.5.2-1.170 Javadoc for jboss-modules linux/noarch
jboss-parent-20-1.171 JBoss Parent POM linux/noarch
jboss-websocket-1.0-api-1.0.0-2.4 JSR-356: Java WebSocket 1.0 API linux/noarch
jboss-websocket-1.0-api-javadoc-1.0.0-2.4 Javadocs for jboss-websocket-1.0-api linux/noarch
jc-1.22.4-1.1 JSON CLI output utility linux/noarch
jcasgen-maven-plugin-2.8.1-3.4 Apache UIMA Maven JCasGen Plugin linux/noarch
jchardet-1.1-2.4 Java port of Mozilla's automatic character set detection algorithm linux/noarch
jchardet-javadoc-1.1-2.4 API documentation for jchardet linux/noarch
jcifs-1.3.19-3.4 Common Internet File System Client in 100% Java linux/noarch
jcifs-demo-1.3.19-3.4 Common Internet File System Client in 100% Java linux/noarch
jcifs-javadoc-1.3.19-3.4 Common Internet File System Client in 100% Java linux/noarch
jcip-annotations-1.0-21.4 Java Concurrency in Practice linux/noarch
jcip-annotations-javadoc-1.0-21.4 Javadoc for jcip-annotations linux/noarch
jcl-over-slf4j-1.7.36-3.2 JCL 1.1.1 implemented over SLF4J linux/noarch
jcodings-1.0.12-3.4 Java-based codings helper classes for Joni and JRuby linux/noarch
jcommon-1.0.24-2.4 Common library linux/noarch
jcommon-javadoc-1.0.24-2.4 Common library linux/noarch
jconvolver-examples-1.1.0-1.1 Configuration examples for jconvolver linux/noarch
jcsp-1.1~rc5-3.4 Communicating Sequential Processes for Java (JCSP) linux/noarch
jcsp-javadoc-1.1~rc5-3.4 Javadoc for jcsp linux/noarch
jctools-3.3.0-2.4 Java Concurrency Tools for the JVM linux/noarch
jctools-channels-3.3.0-2.4 JCTools Channel implementations linux/noarch
jctools-experimental-3.3.0-2.4 JCTools Experimental implementations linux/noarch
jctools-javadoc-3.3.0-2.4 Javadoc for jctools linux/noarch
jcuber-4.4.1-2.17 Java Cube Reader Library linux/noarch
jcuber-doc-4.4.1-2.17 Documentation for for jcuber linux/noarch
jdeparser-2.0.3-1.115 Source generator library for Java linux/noarch
jdeparser-javadoc-2.0.3-1.115 Javadoc for jdeparser linux/noarch
jdepend-2.10-3.2 Java Design Quality Metrics linux/noarch
jdepend-demo-2.10-3.2 Demonstration and sample files for jdepend linux/noarch
jdependency-1.2-4.4 An API to analyse class dependencies linux/noarch
jdependency-javadoc-1.2-4.4 API documentation for jdependency linux/noarch
jdom-1.1.3-39.3 JDOM is a Java Representation of an XML Document linux/noarch
jdom2- Java manipulation of XML linux/noarch
jdom2-javadoc- Javadoc for jdom2 linux/noarch
jedit-5.5.0-5.3 Programmer's Text Editor Written in Java linux/noarch
jedit-javadoc-5.5.0-5.3 Programmer's text editor written in Java (Documentation) linux/noarch
jemmy- Java UI testing library linux/noarch
jemmy-javadoc- Javadocs for jemmy linux/noarch
jenkins-json-lib-2.4-6.4 Jenkins JSON library linux/noarch
jeos-firstboot- Simple text based JeOS first boot wizard linux/noarch
jeos-firstboot-rpiwifi- jeos-firstboot module for WiFi configuration for RaspberryPi systems linux/noarch
jeromq-0.5.2-1.3 Pure Java implementation of libzmq linux/noarch
jeromq-javadoc-0.5.2-1.3 Javadoc for jeromq linux/noarch
jersey-2.28-6.4 JAX-RS (JSR 311) production quality Reference Implementation linux/noarch
jersey-javadoc-2.28-6.4 Javadoc for jersey linux/noarch
jetbrains-annotations-23.0.0-1.1 IntelliJ IDEA Annotations linux/noarch
jetbrains-annotations-javadoc-23.0.0-1.1 Javadoc for jetbrains-annotations linux/noarch
jetbrains-mono-fonts-2.304-1.1 JetBrains Mono: a typeface for developers linux/noarchNew
jettison-1.5.3-1.1 A JSON StAX implementation linux/noarch
jettison-javadoc-1.5.3-1.1 Javadocs for jettison linux/noarch
jetty-annotations-9.4.48-2.1 The annotations module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-ant-9.4.48-2.1 The ant module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-artifact-remote-resources-1.2-2.4 Jetty toolchain artifact remote resources linux/noarch
jetty-build-support-1.5-2.4 Jetty build support files linux/noarch
jetty-build-support-javadoc-1.5-2.4 API documentation for jetty-build-support linux/noarch
jetty-cdi-9.4.48-2.1 The cdi module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-client-9.4.48-2.1 The client module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-continuation-9.4.48-2.1 The continuation module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-deploy-9.4.48-2.1 The deploy module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-distribution-remote-resources-1.2-2.4 Jetty toolchain artifact for distribution remote resources linux/noarch
jetty-fcgi-9.4.48-2.1 The fcgi module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-http-9.4.48-2.1 The http module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-http-spi-9.4.48-2.1 The http-spi module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-io-9.4.48-2.1 The io module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-jaas-9.4.48-2.1 The jaas module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-javax-websocket-client-impl-9.4.48-2.1 The javax-websocket-client-impl module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-javax-websocket-server-impl-9.4.48-2.1 The javax-websocket-server-impl module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-jmx-9.4.48-2.1 The jmx module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-jndi-9.4.48-2.1 The jndi module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-jsp-9.4.48-2.1 The jsp module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-minimal-javadoc-9.4.48-2.1 Javadoc for jetty-minimal linux/noarch
jetty-openid-9.4.48-2.1 The openid module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-parent-25-1.177 Jetty parent POM file linux/noarch
jetty-plus-9.4.48-2.1 The plus module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-proxy-9.4.48-2.1 The proxy module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-quickstart-9.4.48-2.1 The quickstart module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-rewrite-9.4.48-2.1 The rewrite module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-schemas-4.0.3-1.171 XML Schemas for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-security-9.4.48-2.1 The security module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-servlet-9.4.48-2.1 The servlet module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-servlets-9.4.48-2.1 The servlets module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-start-9.4.48-2.1 The start module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-toolchain-1.7-1.173 Jetty Toolchain main POM file linux/noarch
jetty-unixsocket-9.4.48-2.1 The unixsocket modules for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-unixsocket-javadoc-9.4.48-2.1 Javadoc for jetty-unixsocket linux/noarch
jetty-util-9.4.48-2.1 The util module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-util-ajax-9.4.48-2.1 The util-ajax module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-version-maven-plugin-1.0.10-2.4 Jetty version management Maven plugin linux/noarch
jetty-version-maven-plugin-javadoc-1.0.10-2.4 API documentation for jetty-version-maven-plugin linux/noarch
jetty-webapp-9.4.48-2.1 The webapp module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-websocket-api-9.4.48-2.1 The websocket-api module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-websocket-client-9.4.48-2.1 The The websocket-client module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-websocket-common-9.4.48-2.1 The websocket-common module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-websocket-javadoc-9.4.48-2.1 Javadoc for jetty-websocket linux/noarch
jetty-websocket-server-9.4.48-2.1 The websocket-server module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-websocket-servlet-9.4.48-2.1 The websocket-servlet module for Jetty linux/noarch
jetty-xml-9.4.48-2.1 The xml module for Jetty linux/noarch
jeuclid-3.1.9-2.3 MathML rendering solution linux/noarch
jeuclid-cli-3.1.9-2.3 Command line interface for JEuclid linux/noarch
jeuclid-fop-3.1.9-2.3 JEuclid plug-in for FOP linux/noarch
jeuclid-mathviewer-3.1.9-2.3 Viewer for MathML files linux/noarch
jffi-javadoc-1.3.4-2.4 Javadoc for jffi linux/noarch
jflex-1.8.2-4.4 Lexical Analyzer Generator for Java linux/noarch
jflex-javadoc-1.8.2-4.4 API documentation for jflex linux/noarch
jflex-maven-plugin-1.8.2-1.3 JFlex Maven Plugin linux/noarch
jflex-maven-plugin-javadoc-1.8.2-1.3 API documentation for jflex-maven-plugin linux/noarch
jformatstring-0.10~20131207-3.4 Java library for format string checks linux/noarch
jformatstring-javadoc-0.10~20131207-3.4 Javadoc for jformatstring linux/noarch
jfreechart-1.0.19-1.137 Java chart library linux/noarch
jfreechart-javadoc-1.0.19-1.137 Javadocs for jfreechart linux/noarch
jgit-5.11.0-4.1 Eclipse JGit linux/noarch
jgit-javadoc-5.11.0-4.1 API documentation for jgit linux/noarch
jgraphx-4.2.2-2.4 Java-based Diagram Component and Editor linux/noarch
jgraphx-javadoc-4.2.2-2.4 API documentation for jgraphx linux/noarch
jgroups-2.6.10-33.3 Toolkit for reliable multicast communication linux/noarch
jgroups-javadoc-2.6.10-33.3 Javadoc for jgroups linux/noarch
jgroups-manual-2.6.10-33.3 Manual for jgroups linux/noarch
jgroups-repolib-2.6.10-33.3 Artifacts to be uploaded to a repository library linux/noarch
jhighlight-1.0.1-2.4 An embeddable pure Java syntax highlighting library linux/noarch
jhighlight-javadoc-1.0.1-2.4 Javadocs for jhighlight linux/noarch
jing-20220510-2.1 RELAX NG validator in Java linux/noarchNew
jing-javadoc-20220510-2.1 Javadoc API documentation for Jing linux/noarchNew
jisp2-2.5.1-28.4 The Java Indexed Serialization Package linux/noarch
jisp2-demo-2.5.1-28.4 The Java Indexed Serialization Package linux/noarch
jisp2-javadoc-2.5.1-28.4 The Java Indexed Serialization Package linux/noarch
jlatexmath-1.0.3-6.3 Java API to display mathematical formulas written in LaTeX linux/noarch
jlatexmath-fop-1.0.3-6.3 FOP plug-in for jlatexmath linux/noarch
jlatexmath-javadoc-1.0.3-6.3 API Documentation for jlatexmath linux/noarch
jlex-1.2.6-283.4 A Lexical Analyzer Generator for Java linux/noarch
jlfgr-1.0-24.5 Java look and feel Graphics Repository linux/noarch
jline-2.14.6-5.3 Java library for reading and editing user input in console applications linux/noarch
jline-javadoc-2.14.6-5.3 Javadocs for jline linux/noarch
jline1-javadoc-1.0-2.4 API documentation for jline1 linux/noarch
jmdict-20211231-3.4 The Japanese Dictionary from the EDRDG project (JMdict format) linux/noarch
jmdns-3.5.7-2.4 Java implementation of multi-cast DNS linux/noarch
jmdns-javadoc-3.5.7-2.4 API documentation for jmdns linux/noarch
jmock-1.2.0-30.4 Test Java code using mock objects linux/noarch
jmock-demo-1.2.0-30.4 Test Java code using mock objects linux/noarch
jmock-javadoc-1.2.0-30.4 Test Java code using mock objects linux/noarch
jmol-14.32.73-1.1 3D Viewer for chemical structures linux/noarch
jna-contrib-5.5.0-3.4 Contrib for jna linux/noarch
jna-javadoc-5.5.0-3.4 Javadocs for jna linux/noarch
jnacl-1.0.0-1.3 eu.neilalexander:jnacl linux/noarch
jnacl-javadoc-1.0.0-1.3 Javadoc for jnacl linux/noarch
jnr-a64asm-1.0.0-1.5 AArch64 assembler for the Java Native Runtime linux/noarch
jnr-a64asm-javadoc-1.0.0-1.5 Javadocs for jnr-a64asm linux/noarch
jnr-constants-0.10.2-1.5 Java Native Runtime constants linux/noarch
jnr-constants-javadoc-0.10.2-1.5 Javadocs for jnr-constants linux/noarch
jnr-enxio-0.32.6-1.5 Native I/O access for java linux/noarch
jnr-enxio-javadoc-0.32.6-1.5 Javadocs for jnr-enxio linux/noarch
jnr-ffi-2.2.4-3.4 Java Abstracted Foreign Function Layer linux/noarch
jnr-ffi-javadoc-2.2.4-3.4 Javadocs for jnr-ffi linux/noarch
jnr-netdb-1.2.0-1.5 Network services database access for java linux/noarch
jnr-netdb-javadoc-1.2.0-1.5 Javadoc for jnr-netdb linux/noarch
jnr-posix-3.1.7-1.5 Java Posix layer linux/noarch
jnr-posix-javadoc-3.1.7-1.5 Javadoc for jnr-posix linux/noarch
jnr-process-0.4.5-1.5 A ProcessBuilder look-alike based entirely on native POSIX APIs linux/noarch
jnr-process-javadoc-0.4.5-1.5 Javadocs for jnr-process linux/noarch
jnr-unixsocket-0.38.8-1.5 Unix sockets for Java linux/noarch
jnr-unixsocket-javadoc-0.38.8-1.5 Javadocs for jnr-unixsocket linux/noarch
jnr-x86asm-1.0.2-2.5 Pure java x86 and x86_64 assembler linux/noarch
jnr-x86asm-javadoc-1.0.2-2.5 Javadoc for jnr-x86asm linux/noarch
jo-bash-completion-1.9-1.1 Bash Completion for jo linux/noarch
jo-zsh-completion-1.9-1.1 ZSH completion for jo linux/noarch
joda-convert-1.9.2-3.4 Java library for conversion to and from standard string formats linux/noarch
joda-convert-javadoc-1.9.2-3.4 API documentation for joda-convert linux/noarch
joda-time-2.10.1-2.4 Java date and time API linux/noarch
joda-time-javadoc-2.10.1-2.4 Javadocs for joda-time linux/noarch
jomolhari-fonts-alpha003-3.25 Tibetan Font linux/noarch
jondo-00.20.001-1.19 Proxy client for the anonymous proxy system JonDonym linux/noarch
jondofox-2.15.0-1.23 Secure Firefox profile for anonymous web browsing linux/noarch
jopt-simple-5.0.4-1.173 A Java command line parser linux/noarch
jopt-simple-javadoc-5.0.4-1.173 Javadoc for jopt-simple linux/noarch
joycond-autoload-0.1.0+git.51~f9a6691-3.4 Configuration for autoloading extra joycond modules linux/noarch
jp2a-bash-completion-1.1.1-2.5 Bash completions scripts for jp2a linux/noarch
jrosetta-1.0.4-5.31 API and graphical components for console linux/noarch
js-technology-fonts-0.0+git.1515043414.01c39b7-1.9 JS Technology fonts linux/noarch
jsch-0.1.55-2.4 Pure Java implementation of SSH2 linux/noarch
jsch-agent-proxy-connector-factory-0.0.7-4.4 Connector factory for jsch-agent-proxy linux/noarch
jsch-agent-proxy-core-0.0.7-4.4 jsch-agent-proxy core module linux/noarch
jsch-agent-proxy-javadoc-0.0.7-4.4 API documentation for jsch-agent-proxy linux/noarch
jsch-agent-proxy-jsch-0.0.7-4.4 JSch connector for jsch-agent-proxy linux/noarch
jsch-agent-proxy-pageant-0.0.7-4.4 Pageant connector for jsch-agent-proxy linux/noarch
jsch-agent-proxy-sshagent-0.0.7-4.4 ssh-agent connector for jsch-agent-proxy linux/noarch
jsch-agent-proxy-svnkit-trilead-ssh2-0.0.7-4.4 trilead-ssh2 connector for jsch-agent-proxy linux/noarch
jsch-agent-proxy-usocket-jna-0.0.7-4.4 USocketFactory implementation using JNA linux/noarch
jsch-agent-proxy-usocket-nc-0.0.7-4.4 USocketFactory implementation using Netcat linux/noarch
jsch-demo-0.1.55-2.4 Pure Java implementation of SSH2 linux/noarch
jsch-javadoc-0.1.55-2.4 Pure Java implementation of SSH2 linux/noarch
json-glib-lang-1.6.6-2.5 Translations for package json-glib linux/noarch
json-lib-2.4-6.4 JSON library for Java linux/noarch
json-lib-javadoc-2.4-6.4 Javadoc for json-lib linux/noarch
json4s-ast-3.6.7-1.158 The json4s ast module linux/noarch
json4s-core-3.6.7-1.158 The json4s core module linux/noarch
json4s-ext-3.6.7-1.158 The json4s ext module linux/noarch
json4s-jackson-3.6.7-1.158 The json4s jackson module linux/noarch
json4s-native-3.6.7-1.158 The json4s native module linux/noarch
json4s-scalap-3.6.7-1.158 The json4s scalap module linux/noarch
json4s-xml-3.6.7-1.158 The json4s xml module linux/noarch
jsonp-1.0.4-3.4 JSR 353 (JSON Processing) RI linux/noarch
jsonp-javadoc-1.0.4-3.4 Javadoc for jsonp linux/noarch
jsoup-1.15.3-2.1 Java library for working with HTML linux/noarch
jsoup-javadoc-1.15.3-2.1 Javadoc for jsoup linux/noarch
jsr-305-3.0.2-2.4 Correctness annotations for Java code linux/noarch
jsr-305-javadoc-3.0.2-2.4 Javadoc documentation for jsr-305 linux/noarch
jsr-311-1.1.1-3.4 JAX-RS: Java API for RESTful Web Services linux/noarch
jsr-311-javadoc-1.1.1-3.4 Javadoc for jsr-311 linux/noarch
jtidy-8.0-30.4 HTML syntax checker and pretty printer linux/noarch
jtidy-javadoc-8.0-30.4 HTML syntax checker and pretty printer linux/noarch
jtidy-scripts-8.0-30.4 HTML syntax checker and pretty printer linux/noarch
judy-doc-1.0.5-10.10 Development files for Judy linux/noarch
juk-lang-22.12.1-1.1 Translations for package juk linux/noarch
jul-to-slf4j-1.7.36-3.2 JUL to SLF4J bridge linux/noarch
junit-4.13.2-3.2 Java regression test package linux/noarch
junit-javadoc-4.13.2-3.2 Javadoc for junit linux/noarch
junit-manual-4.13.2-3.2 Manual for junit linux/noarch
junit5-5.8.2-1.4 Java regression testing framework linux/noarch
junit5-bom-5.8.2-1.4 JUnit 5 (Bill of Materials) linux/noarch
junit5-guide-5.8.2-1.4 Documentation for junit5 linux/noarch
junit5-javadoc-5.8.2-1.4 Javadoc for junit5 linux/noarch
junitperf-1.9.1-26.4 JUnit extension for performance and scalability testing linux/noarch
junitperf-demo-1.9.1-26.4 JUnit extension for performance and scalability testing linux/noarch
junitperf-javadoc-1.9.1-26.4 JUnit extension for performance and scalability testing linux/noarch
jupyter-bqplot-jupyterlab-0.5.32-3.3 Interactive plotting package for Jupyterlab linux/noarch
jupyter-bqplot-notebook-0.5.32-3.3 Interactive plotting package for Jupyter Notebooke linux/noarch
jupyter-calysto-1.0.6-2.9 Libraries and Languages for Jupyter linux/noarch
jupyter-doc-1.0.0-9.1 HTML documentation for jupyter linux/noarch
jupyter-imatlab-0.4-5.1 Jupyter kernel for MATLAB linux/noarch
jupyter-ipydatawidgets-5.5.2-8.3 Jupyter widgets to help facilitate reuse of large datasets linux/noarch
jupyter-ipydatawidgets-jupyterlab-7.1.2-8.3 JupyterLab Widgets to help facilitate reuse of large datasets linux/noarch
jupyter-ipyevents-2.0.1-5.1 A custom ipython widget for returning mouse and keyboard events linux/noarchNew
jupyter-ipyevents-jupyterlab-2.0.1-5.1 A custom ipython widget for returning mouse and keyboard events linux/noarchNew
jupyter-ipyleaflet-0.17.1-1.2 A Jupyter widget for dynamic Leaflet maps - Jupyter files linux/noarch
jupyter-ipyparallel-8.4.1-2.1 Interactive parallel computing library for IPython linux/noarch
jupyter-ipyscales-0.7.0-5.1 A Jupyter widget library for scales linux/noarch
jupyter-ipysheet-0.7.0-1.1 Spreadsheet widget for the Jupyter notebook - Jupyterfiles linux/noarch
jupyter-ipyvolume-0.5.2-1.7 IPython widget for rendering 3d volumes linux/noarch
jupyter-ipywebrtc-0.6.0-1.3 WebRTC for Jupyter notebook/lab linux/noarch
jupyter-jupyter-client-7.4.9-1.1 Jupyter protocol implementation and client libraries linux/noarchNew
jupyter-jupyter-wysiwyg-19.10-2.16 WYSIWYG editing functionality for markdown/HTML cells in Jupyter linux/noarch
jupyter-jupyter_core-filesystem-20221227-9.1 Common directories shared by Jupyter packages linux/noarch
jupyter-jupyter_highlight_selected_word-0.2.0-8.3 Jupyter notebook extension to highlight every instance of the current word linux/noarch
jupyter-jupyter_latex_envs-1.4.6-5.3 LaTeX environments for Jupyter notebook linux/noarch
jupyter-jupyter_nbextensions_configurator-0.6.1-1.1 Configuration interfaces for nbextensions linux/noarchNew
jupyter-jupyterlab-3.5.2-1.1 Environment for interactive and reproducible computing linux/noarch
jupyter-jupyterlab-filesystem-20221227-9.1 Common directories shared by JupyterLab packages linux/noarch
jupyter-jupyterlab-ipyscales-3.3.0-5.1 A JupyterLab widget library for scales linux/noarch
jupyter-jupyterlab-latex-3.1.0-1.4 Jupyter Notebook server extension which acts as an endpoint for LaTeX linux/noarch
jupyter-jupyterlab-pygments-0.2.2-2.1 Pygments theme for jupyterlab -- Jupyterlab extension files linux/noarch
jupyter-jupyterlab-templates-0.3.2-1.1 Templates for notebooks in JupyterLab linux/noarch
jupyter-jupyterlab-widgets-3.0.3-1.1 A JupyterLab extension for Jupyter/IPython widgets - Jupyter JS files linux/noarch
jupyter-lineup-widget-4.0.0-1.4 Python package to export interactive HTML pages from Jupyter Notebooks linux/noarch
jupyter-matlab-kernel-0.17.1-1.1 Matlab kernel for Jupyter linux/noarchNew
jupyter-matplotlib-0.10.4-9.2 Matplotlib Jupyter Extension linux/noarch
jupyter-matplotlib-jupyterlab-0.10.4-9.2 Matplotlib JupyterLab Extension linux/noarch
jupyter-nbclassic-0.4.8-2.1 Jupyter Notebook as a Jupyter Server Extension linux/noarch
jupyter-nbconvert-7.2.8-1.1 Conversion of Jupyter Notebooks linux/noarchNew
jupyter-nbconvert-latex-7.2.8-1.1 LaTeX support for nbconvert linux/noarchNew
jupyter-nbdime-6.1.2-9.1 A JupyterLab extension for showing Notebook diffs linux/noarch
jupyter-nbdime-jupyterlab-2.1.1-9.1 A JupyterLab extension for showing Notebook diffs linux/noarch
jupyter-notebook-6.5.2-1.2 Jupyter Notebook interface linux/noarch
jupyter-notebook-filesystem-20221227-9.1 Common directories shared by Jupyter notebook packages linux/noarch
jupyter-notebook-lang-6.5.2-1.2 Translations for the Jupyter Notebook linux/noarch
jupyter-notebook-latex-6.5.2-1.2 LaTeX support for the Jupyter Notebook linux/noarch
jupyter-notebook-shim-0.2.2-1.1 The configuration file for python-notebook-shim linux/noarch
jupyter-octave-kernel-0.34.2-1.1 Interactive plotting package for the Jupyter notebook linux/noarch
jupyter-panel-0.13.1-1.1 Jupyter notebook and server cofiguration for python-panel linux/noarch
jupyter-plotly-4.14.3-1.2 Jupyter notebook integration for python-plotly linux/noarch
jupyter-pythreejs-2.1.1-4.6 A Python/ThreeJS bridge utilizing the Jupyter widget infrastructure linux/noarch
jupyter-pythreejs-jupyterlab-2.1.1-4.6 A Python/ThreeJS bridge utilizing the Jupyter widget infrastructure linux/noarch
jupyter-qgrid-1.3.1-5.1 Grid for sorting and filtering DataFrames in Jupyter notebooks linux/noarch
jupyter-rpm-macros-20221227-9.1 Macros for building Jupyter RPM packages linux/noarch
jupyter-server-mathjax-0.2.6-1.2 MathJax resources as a Jupyter Server Extension -- configuration linux/noarch
jupyter-server-terminals-0.4.4-1.1 Jupyter Server Extension registration for python*-jupyter-server-terminals linux/noarchNew
jupyter-sidecar-jupyterlab-0.6.2-5.1 A sidecar output widget for JupyterLab linux/noarchNew
jupyter-widgetsnbextension-4.0.5-1.1 Jupyter interactive widgets for Jupyter Notebook - Jupyter Files linux/noarch
jvnet-parent-4-1.12 parent POM file linux/noarch
jvyamlb-0.2.5-20.4 YAML processor for JRuby linux/noarch
jwnl-1.4~rc3-2.4 Java API for accessing the WordNet relational dictionary linux/noarch
jwnl-javadoc-1.4~rc3-2.4 Javadoc for jwnl linux/noarch
jwordsplitter-4.4-1.134 A Java library to split German compound words linux/noarch
jwordsplitter-javadoc-4.4-1.134 Javadoc for jwordsplitter linux/noarch
jwt_verify_lib-source-20191024-1.9 Source code of jwt_verify_lib linux/noarch
jython-2.2.1-25.4 A Java implementation of the Python language linux/noarch
jython-demo-2.2.1-25.4 Demonstration and samples for jython linux/noarch
jython-javadoc-2.2.1-25.4 Javadoc for jython linux/noarch
jython-manual-2.2.1-25.4 Manual for jython linux/noarch
jzlib-1.1.3-5.4 Re-implementation of zlib in pure Java linux/noarch
jzlib-demo-1.1.3-5.4 Examples for jzlib linux/noarch
jzlib-javadoc-1.1.3-5.4 API documentation for jzlib linux/noarch

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