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libhwloc15-2.10.0-1.3 RPM for i586

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for i586

Name: libhwloc15 Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 2.10.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.3 Build date: Wed Dec 27 20:01:59 2023
Group: Unspecified Build host: reproducible
Size: 472730 Source RPM: hwloc-2.10.0-1.3.src.rpm
Summary: Runtime libraries for hwloc
This package contains the run time libraries for hwloc.






* Wed Dec 27 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 2.10.0:
    Heterogeneous Memory core improvements
    + Better heuristics to identify the subtype of memory such
      as HBM, DRAM, NVM, CXL-DRAM, etc.
    + Build memory tiers, i.e. sets of NUMA nodes with the same
      subtype and similar performance.
    - NUMA node tier ranks are exposed in the new MemoryTier
      info attribute (starts from 0 for highest bandwidth tier).
    + Add hwloc_topology_free_group_object() to discard a Group
      created by hwloc_topology_alloc_group_object().
    + Fix cpukinds on NVIDIA Grace to report identical cores
      even if they actually have very small frequency differences.
    + Add CXLDevice attributes to CXL DAX objects and NUMA
      nodes to show which PCI device implements which window.
    + Ignore buggy memory-side caches and memory attributes
      when fake NUMA emulation is enabled on the Linux kernel
    + Add more info attributes in MemoryModule Misc objects,
    + Get CPUModel and CPUFamily info attributes on LoongArch
    + Add support for new AMD CPUID leaf 0x80000026 for better
      detection of Core Complex and Die on Zen4 processors.
    + Improve Zhaoxin CPU topology detection.
    + Input locations and many command-line options (e.g.
      hwloc-calc -I -N -H, lstopo --only) now accept filters such as
      "NUMA[HBM]" so that only objects are that type and subtype are
    - NUMA[tier=1] is also accepted for selecting NUMA nodes
      depending on their MemoryTier info attribute.
    + Add --object-output to hwloc-calc to report the type as a
      prefix to object indexes, e.g. Core:2 instead of 2 in the
      output of -I.
    + hwloc-info --ancestor and --descendants now accepts kinds
      of objects instead of single types.
    - The new --first option only shows the first matching
    + Add --children-of-pid to hwloc-ps to show a hierarchy of
    + Add --misc-from to lstopo to add Misc objects described
      in a file.
    - To be combined with the new hwloc-ps --lstopo-misc for
      a customizable lstopo --top replacement.
* Wed Oct 18 2023 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - Update to version 2.9.3:
    * Handle Linux glibc allocation errors in binding routines (CVE-2022-47022).
    * Fix hwloc-calc when searching objects on heterogeneous memory platforms,
    * Fix hwloc_get_next_child() when there are some memory-side caches.
    * Don't crash if the topology is empty because Linux cgroups are wrong.
    * Improve some hwloc-bind warnings in case of command-line parsing errors.
    * Many documentation improvements all over the place, including:
      + hwloc_topology_restrict() and hwloc_topology_insert_group() may reorder
      children, causing the logical indexes of objects to change.
* Sun Jul 16 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 2.9.2:
    * Don't forget L3i when defining filters for multiple levels of
      caches with hwloc_topology_set_cache/icache_types_filter().
    * Fix object total_memory after hwloc_topology_insert_group_object().
    * Fix the (non-yet) exporting in synthetic description for
      complex memory hierarchies with memory-side caches, etc.
    * Fix some default size attributes when building synthetic
    * Fix size units in hwloc-annotate.
    * Improve bitmap reallocation error management in many functions.
    * Documentation improvements
* Tue Jun 20 2023 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 2.9.1:
    * Fix a failed assertion in hwloc_topology_restrict() when some
      NUMA nodes are removed because of
    * Mark HPE Cray Slingshot NICs with subtype "Slingshot".
* Tue Jun 06 2023 Egbert Eich <>
  - Readd libXNVCtrl support as an optional plugin.
  - Add OpenCL support as an optional plugin.
  - Ship GUI tool in a separate package. This avoids installing
    undesirable X11 dependencies.
* Tue May 09 2023 Thomas Blume <>
  - remove header files for feature we don't ship (jsc#PED-4156)
    These headers do not define an API that is not supported at present and
    therefore would not cause a failure during build. Still, they define static
    inline functions which look for HWLOC objects that are only set up by
    non-supported device scanners. Thus these objects will never be present - even
    though the relevant hardware is.
* Thu Jan 26 2023 Callum Farmer <>
  - Remove libXNVCtrl support as it brings too many X dependencies
* Fri Dec 23 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 2.9.0:
    + Expose the memory size of CXL memory devices (Type 3) on Linux.
    + The LevelZero backend now reports the "XeLinkBandwidth" distance
      matrix between L0 devices (and subdevices) when available.
    + Add support for CUDA compute capability up to 9.0.
    + lstopo now switches to console mode when its output is redirected.
      Graphical window mode may be forced back with --of window.
    + hwloc-calc now accepts "numa" in -H, and I/O subtypes such as "gpu"
      in -I and -N.
* Fri Jul 29 2022 Callum Farmer <>
  - Add libXNVCtrl support on TW
* Mon Jul 11 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 2.8.0:
    * API
      to reduce the overhead when unneeded.
      + Add separate Read/Write Bandwidth/Latency memory attributes and
      implement them on Linux.
    * Backends
      + NUMA nodes may now have a subtype such as DRAM, HBM, SPM, or NVM
      on heterogeneous memory platforms on Linux.
    - Add DAXType and DAXParent attributes on Linux to tell where a
    DAX device or its corresponding NUMA node come from (SPM for
    Specific-Purpose or NVM for Non-Volatile Memory).
      + Detect heterogeneous caches in hybrid CPUs on MacOS X,
      thanks to Paul Bone for the help.
      + Max frequencies are not ignored in Linux cpukinds anymore (they were
      ignored in hwloc 2.7.0), but they may be slightly adjusted to avoid
      reporting hybrid CPUs because Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0.
    - See the documentation of environment variable HWLOC_CPUKINDS_MAXFREQ.
      + Hardwire the PCI locality of HPE Cray EX235a nodes.
    * Tools
      + lstopo and other tools may now load Linux and x86 cpuid topology files
      from a tarball.
      + lstopo may now replace the P# and L# index prefixes with custom strings
      thanks to --os-index-prefix and --logical-index-prefix options.
    * Misc
      + Add --disable-readme to avoid regenerating the top-level hwloc README
      file from the documentation.
    * Bugfix
    + Use setenv() instead of putenv() - fixes crash in Slurm (bsc#1210227)
* Fri Apr 08 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 2.7.1:
    * Workaround crashes when virtual machines report incoherent x86 CPUID
      information about numbers of cores and threads.
      Thanks to Peter Bense for the report.
    * Use setenv() instead of putenv() when trying to force enable oneAPI L0
      support, to avoid issues with applications that touch the environment,
      thanks to Josh Hursey for the patch.
    * Add some warnings at the end of configure when GPU libraries are
      missing on the system or their path is missing in the environment.
    * Backends
      + Add support for NUMA nodes and caches with more than 64 PUs across
      multiple processor groups on Windows 11 and Windows Server 2022.
      + Group objects are not created for Windows processor groups anymore,
      except if HWLOC_WINDOWS_PROCESSOR_GROUP_OBJS=1 in the environment.
      + Expose "Cluster" group objects on Linux kernel 5.16+ for CPUs
      that share some internal cache or bus. This can be equivalent
      to the L2 Cache level on some platforms (e.g. x86) or a specific
      level between L2 and L3 on others (e.g. ARM Kungpeng 920).
      Thanks to Jonathan Cameron for the help.
    - HWLOC_DONT_MERGE_CLUSTER_GROUPS=1 may be set in the environment
    to prevent these groups from being merged with identical caches, etc.
      + Improve the oneAPI LevelZero backend:
    - Expose subdevices such as "ze0.1" inside root OS devices ("ze0")
    when the hardware contains multiple subdevices.
    - Add many new attributes to describe device type, and the
    numbers of slices, subslices, execution units and threads.
    - Expose the memory information as LevelZeroHBM/DDR/MemorySize infos.
      + Ignore the max frequencies of cores in Linux cpukinds when the
      base frequencies are available (to avoid exposing hybrid CPUs
      when Intel Turbo Boost Max 3.0 gives slightly different max
      frequencies to CPU cores).
    - May be reverted by setting HWLOC_CPUKINDS_MAXFREQ=1 in the environment.
    * Tools
      + Add --grey and --palette options to switch lstopo to greyscale or
      white-background-only graphics, or to tune individual colors.
    * Build
      + Windows CMake builds now support non-MSVC compilers, detect several
      features at build time, can build/run tests, etc.
      Thanks to Michael Hirsch and Alexander Neumann .
* Sun Dec 05 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 2.6.0:
    * Backends
      + Expose two cpukinds for energy-efficient cores (icestorm) and
      high-performance cores (firestorm) on Apple M1 on Mac OS X.
      + Use sysfs CPU "capacity" to rank hybrid cores by efficiency
      on Linux when available (mostly on recent ARM platforms for now).
      + Improve HWLOC_MEMBIND_BIND (without the STRICT flag) on Linux kernel
      >= 5.15: If more than one node is given, the kernel may now use all
      of them instead of only the first one before falling back to others.
      + Expose cache os_index when available on Linux, it may be needed
      when using resctrl to configure cache partitioning, memory bandwidth
      monitoring, etc.
      + Add a "XGMIHops" distances matrix in the RSMI backend for AMD GPU
      interconnected through XGMI links.
      + Expose AMD GPU memory information (VRAM and GTT) in the RSMI backend.
      + Add OS devices such as "bxi0" for Atos/Bull BXI HCAs on Linux.
    * Tools
      + lstopo has a better placement algorithm with respect to I/O
      objects, see --children-order in the manpage for details.
      + hwloc-annotate may now change object subtypes and cache or memory
    * Build
      + Allow to specify the ROCm installation for building the RSMI backend:
    - Use a custom installation path if specified with --with-rocm=<dir>.
    - Use /opt/rocm-<version> if specified with --with-rocm-version=<version>
    or the ROCM_VERSION environment variable.
    - Try /opt/rocm if it exists.
    - See "How do I enable ROCm SMI and select which version to use?"
    in the FAQ for details.
      + Add a CMakeLists for Windows under contrib/windows-cmake/ .
    * Documentation
      + Add FAQ entry "How do I create a custom heterogeneous and
      asymmetric topology?"
* Sat Jul 17 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 2.5.0:
    + Add hwloc/windows.h to query Windows processor groups.
    + Add hwloc_get_obj_with_same_locality() to convert between objects
      with same locality, for instance NUMA nodes and Packages,
      or OS devices within a PCI device.
    + Add hwloc_distances_transform() to modify distances structures.
    - hwloc-annotate and lstopo have new distances-transform options.
    + hwloc_distances_add() is replaced with _add_create() followed by
      _add_values() and _add_commit(). See hwloc/distances.h for details.
    + Add topology flags to mitigate binding modifications during
      hwloc discovery, especially on Windows:
      restrict discovery to PUs and NUMA nodes inside the binding.
      changing the binding during discovery.
    + Add a levelzero backend for oneAPI L0 devices, exposed as OS devices
      of subtype "LevelZero" and name such as "ze0".
    - Add hwloc/levelzero.h for interoperability between converting
      between L0 API devices and hwloc cpusets or OS devices.
    + Expose NEC Vector Engine cards on Linux as OS devices of subtype
      "VectorEngine" and name "ve0", etc.
      Thanks to Anara Kozhokanova, Tim Cramer and Erich Focht for the help.
    + Add a NVLinkBandwidth distances structure between NVIDIA GPUs
      (and POWER processor or NVSwitches) in the NVML backend,
      and a XGMIBandwidth distances structure between AMD GPUs
      in the RSMI backends.
    - See "Topology Attributes: Distances, Memory Attributes and CPU Kinds"
      in the documentation for details about these new distances.
    + Add support for NUMA node 0 being offline in Linux, thanks to Jirka Hladky.
    + Add --with-cuda-version=<version> or look at the CUDA_VERSION
      environment variable to find the appropriate CUDA pkg-config files.
      Thanks to Stephen Herbein for the suggestion.
    - Also add --with-cuda=<dir> to specify the CUDA installation path
      manually (and its NVML and OpenCL components).
      Thanks to Andrea Bocci for the suggestion.
    - See "How do I enable CUDA and select which CUDA version to use?"
      in the FAQ for details.
    + lstopo now has a --windows-processor-groups option on Windows.
    + hwloc-ps now has a --short-name option to avoid long/truncated
      command path.
    + hwloc-ps now has a --single-ancestor option to return a single
      (possibly too large) object where a process is bound.
    + hwloc-ps --pid-cmd may now query environment variables,
      including MPI-specific variables to find out process ranks.
* Tue Mar 16 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 2.4.1:
    * Fix AMD OpenCL device locality when PCI bus or device number >= 128.
      Thanks to Edgar Leon for reporting the issue.
      + Applications using any of the following inline functions must
      be recompiled to get the fix: hwloc_opencl_get_device_pci_busid()
      hwloc_opencl_get_device_cpuset(), hwloc_opencl_get_device_osdev().
    * Fix the ranking of cpukinds on non-Windows systems,
      thanks to Ivan Kochin for the report.
    * Fix the insertion of custom Groups after loading the topology,
      thanks to Scott Hicks.
    * Add support for CPU0 being offline in Linux, thanks to Garrett Clay.
    * Fix missing x86 Package and Core objects FreeBSD/NetBSD.
      Thanks to Thibault Payet and Yuri Victorovich for the report.
    * Fix the import of very large distances with heterogeneous object types.
    * Fix a memory leak in the Linux backend,
      thanks to Perceval Anichini.
* Sun Jan 24 2021 Dirk Müller <>
  - update to 2.4.0:
    + Add hwloc/cpukinds.h for reporting information about hybrid CPUs.
    - Use Linux cpufreq frequencies to rank cores by efficiency.
    - Use x86 CPUID hybrid leaf and future Linux kernels sysfs CPU type
      files to identify Intel Atom and Core cores.
    - Use the Windows native EfficiencyClass to separate kinds.
    + Properly handle Linux kernel 5.10+ exposing ACPI HMAT information
      with knowledge of Generic Initiators.
    + lstopo has new --cpukinds and --no-cpukinds options for showing
      CPU kinds or not in textual and graphical modes respectively.
    + hwloc-calc has a new --cpukind option for filtering PUs by kind.
    + hwloc-annotate has a new cpukind command for modifying CPU kinds.
    + Fix hwloc_bitmap_nr_ulongs(), thanks to Norbert Eicker.
    + Add a documentation section about
      "Topology Attributes: Distances, Memory Attributes and CPU Kinds".
    + Silence some spurious warnings in the OpenCL backend and when showing
      process binding with lstopo --ps.
    + Add hwloc/memattrs.h for exposing latency/bandwidth information
      between initiators (CPU sets for now) and target NUMA nodes,
      typically on heterogeneous platforms.
    - When available, bandwidths and latencies are read from the ACPI HMAT
      table exposed by Linux kernel 5.2+.
    - Attributes may also be customized to expose user-defined performance
    + Add hwloc_get_local_numanode_objs() for listing NUMA nodes that are
      local to some locality.
    + The new topology flag HWLOC_TOPOLOGY_FLAG_IMPORT_SUPPORT causes
      support arrays to be loaded from XML exported with hwloc 2.3+.
    - hwloc_topology_get_support() now returns an additional "misc"
      array with feature "imported_support" set when support was imported.
    + Add hwloc_topology_refresh() to refresh internal caches after modifying
      the topology and before consulting the topology in a multithread context.
    + Add a ROCm SMI backend and a hwloc/rsmi.h helper file for getting
      the locality of AMD GPUs, now exposed as "rsmi" OS devices.
      Thanks to Mike Li.
    + Remove POWER device-tree-based topology on Linux,
      (it was disabled by default since 2.1).
    + Command-line options for specifying flags now understand comma-separated
      lists of flag names (substrings).
    + hwloc-info and hwloc-calc have new --local-memory --local-memory-flags
      and --best-memattr options for reporting local memory nodes and filtering
      by memory attributes.
    + hwloc-bind has a new --best-memattr option for filtering by memory attributes
      among the memory binding set.
    + Tools that have a --restrict option may now receive a nodeset or
      some custom flags for restricting the topology.
    + lstopo now has a --thickness option for changing line thickness in the
      graphical output.
    + Fix lstopo drawing when autoresizing on Windows 10.
    + Pressing the F5 key in lstopo X11 and Windows graphical/interactive outputs
      now refreshes the display according to the current topology and binding.
    + Add a tikz lstopo graphical backend to generate picture easily included into
      LaTeX documents. Thanks to Clement Foyer.
    + The default installation path of the Bash completion file has changed to
      ${datadir}/bash-completion/completions/hwloc. Thanks to Tomasz Kłoczko.



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