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tar-1.35-2.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for aarch64

Name: tar Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.35 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Tue Mar 5 19:33:59 2024
Group: Productivity/Archiving/Backup Build host: i02-armsrv1
Size: 521239 Source RPM: tar-1.35-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: GNU implementation of ((t)ape (ar)chiver)
GNU Tar is an archiver program. It is used to create and manipulate files
that are actually collections of many other files; the program provides
users with an organized and systematic method of controlling a large amount
of data. Despite its name, that is an acronym of "tape archiver", GNU Tar
is able to direct its output to any available devices, files or other programs,
it may as well access remote devices or files.






* Wed Dec 06 2023 Joshua Smith <>
  - GNU tar 1.34:
    * Fail when building GNU tar if the platform supports 64-bit
      time_t but the build only uses 32-bit time_t.
    * Leave the devmajor and devminor fields empty (rather than
      zero) for non-special files, as this is more compatible with
      traditional tar.
    * Fix interaction of --update with --wildcards.
    * When extracting archives into an empty directory, do not create
      hard links to files outside that directory.
    * Handle partial reads from regular files.
    * Warn file changed as we read it less often. Formerly, tar
      warned if the file's size or ctime changed. However, this
      generated a false positive if tar read a file while another
      process hard-linked to it, changing its ctime. Now, tar warns
      if the file's size, mtime, user ID, group ID, or mode changes.
      Although neither heuristic is perfect, the new one should work
      better in practice.
    * Fix --ignore-failed-read to ignore file-changed read errors
      as far as exit status is concerned. You can now suppress
      file-changed issues entirely with --ignore-failed-read
    - -warning=no-file-changed.
    * Fix --remove-files to not remove a file that changed while we
      read it.
    * Fix --atime-preserve=replace to not fail if there was no need
      to replace, either because we did not read the file, or the
      atime did not change.
    * Fix race when creating a parent directory while another process
      is also doing so.
    * Fix handling of prefix keywords not followed by "." in pax
    * Fix handling of out-of-range sparse entries in pax headers.
    * Fix handling of --transform='s/s/@/2'.
    * Fix treatment of options ending in slash in files-from list.
    * Fix crash on tar --checkpoint-action exec=\".
    * Fix low-memory crash when reading incremental dumps.
    * Fix --exclude-vcs-ignores memory allocation misuse.
  - Added patch:
    * add_forgotten-tests.patch: added 2 tests that upstream forgot in the release.
  - Update patch:
    * tar-backup-spec-fix-paths.patch: upstream fixed 2/3rd of paths
    * tar-fix-extract-unlink.patch
      some of this is overwritten by bsc1202436-1 and some was fixed
    * add_readme-tests.patch as no longer exists
  - Removed:
    * tar-fix-race-condition.patch
    * tar-avoid-overflow-in-symlinks-tests.patch
    * bsc1200657.patch
    * bsc1202436-2.patch
    * bsc1202436-1.patch
  - Fix CVE-2023-39804, Incorrectly handled extension attributes in PAX
    archives can lead to a crash, bsc#1217969
* Tue Jul 25 2023 Andreas Schwab <>
  - Run testsuite also on qemu build
* Thu Jul 20 2023 Guillaume GARDET <>
  - Update tests-skip-time01-on-32bit-time_t.patch to not run test
    on armv6 either
* Tue Feb 14 2023 Danilo Spinella <>
  - Fix CVE-2022-48303, tar has a one-byte out-of-bounds read that
    results in use of uninitialized memory for a conditional jump
    (CVE-2022-48303, bsc#1207753)
    * fix-CVE-2022-48303.patch
  - Fix hang when unpacking test tarball, bsc#1202436
    * bsc1202436.patch
    * bsc1202436-1.patch
    * bsc1202436-2.patch
    * go-testsuite-test-hang.patch
* Tue Dec 27 2022 Ludwig Nussel <>
  - Replace transitional %usrmerged macro with regular version check (boo#1206798)
* Thu Oct 27 2022 Danilo Spinella <>
  - Fix unexpected inconsistency when making directory, bsc#1203600
    * tar-avoid-overflow-in-symlinks-tests.patch
    * tar-fix-extract-unlink.patch
  - Update race condition fix, bsc#1200657
    * tar-fix-race-condition.patch
  - Refresh bsc1200657.patch
* Sat Aug 20 2022 Dirk Müller <>
  - drop tar-recursive--files-from.patch (causes bsc#918487)
* Wed Aug 17 2022 Simon Lees <>
  - bsc1200657.patch was previously incomplete leading to deadlocks
    * bsc#1202436
    * bsc1200657.patch updated
* Mon Jun 20 2022 Danilo Spinella <>
  - Fix race condition while creating intermediate subdirectories,
    * bsc1200657.patch
* Wed Apr 13 2022 William Brown <>
  - Add recommends to zstd, a modern fast compression type.
* Thu Oct 14 2021 Bernhard Voelker <>
  - tests-skip-time01-on-32bit-time_t.patch: Add patch to skip test
    'tests/' on platforms with 32-bit time_t for now.
  - tar.spec: Reference it.
    (%check): Output the testsuite.log in case the testsuite failed.
* Fri Oct 08 2021 Danilo Spinella <>
  - The following issues have already been fixed in this package but
    weren't previously mentioned in the changes file:
    * bsc#1181131, CVE-2021-20193
    * bsc#1120610
* Wed Jun 09 2021 Wolfgang Frisch <>
  - Link /var/lib/tests/tar/bin/genfile as Position-Independent Executable
    + tar-PIE.patch
* Sun Feb 14 2021 Andreas Stieger <>
  - GNU tar 1.34:
    * Fix extraction over pipe
    * Fix memory leak in read_header
    * Fix extraction when . and .. are unreadable
    * Gracefully handle duplicate symlinks when extracting
    * Re-initialize supplementary groups when switching to user
* Sat Jan 09 2021 Andreas Stieger <>
  - GNU tar 1.33:
    * POSIX extended format headers do not include PID by default
    * --delay-directory-restore works for archives with reversed
      member ordering
    * Fix extraction of a symbolic link hardlinked to another
      symbolic link
    * Wildcards in exclude-vcs-ignore mode don't match slash
    * Fix the --no-overwrite-dir option
    * Fix handling of chained renames in incremental backups
    * Link counting works for file names supplied with -T
    * Accept only position-sensitive (file-selection) options in file
      list files
  - remove deprecated texinfo packaging macros



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