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showfoto-8.3.0-1.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for aarch64

Name: showfoto Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 8.3.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 1.1 Build date: Tue Apr 2 23:52:10 2024
Group: Unspecified Build host: reproducible
Size: 1443830 Source RPM: digikam-8.3.0-1.1.src.rpm
Summary: DigiKam: Showfoto
Additional program to browse and view photos






* Tue Apr 02 2024 Jaime Marquínez Ferrándiz <>
  - Update to 8.3.0:
  - Rebase 0001-Look-for-each-akonadi-component-separately.patch
* Mon Feb 26 2024 Christophe Marin <>
  - Drop the KDE PIM build dependencies until digikam starts using Qt6
* Mon Jan 15 2024 Wolfgang Bauer <>
  - Update to 8.2.0:
  - Drop 0001-Use-FindLibExiv2.cmake-from-ECM.patch, no longer
  - Rebase 0001-Look-for-each-akonadi-component-separately.patch
* Fri Dec 15 2023 Christophe Marin <>
  - Require extra-cmake-modules at build time
* Tue Nov 14 2023 Christophe Marin <>
  - Add patch to detect and use libexiv2 0.28.1
    * 0001-Use-FindLibExiv2.cmake-from-ECM.patch
* Sat Aug 26 2023 Christophe Marin <>
  - Adapt once again to the build system changes in akonadi*
  - Add patch:
    * 0001-Look-for-each-akonadi-component-separately.patch
* Wed Aug 09 2023 Christophe Marin <>
  - Add the optional libpulse dependency (boo#1210750)
* Fri Jul 28 2023 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 8.1.0:
  - Drop patch, merged upstream:
    * 0001-fix-broken-compilation-with-Exiv2-0.28-missing-heade.patch
* Tue Jul 04 2023 Christophe Marin <>
  - Add patch:
    * 0001-fix-broken-compilation-with-Exiv2-0.28-missing-heade.patch
* Thu Apr 20 2023 Christophe Marin <>
  - Add the sonnet build dependency (boo#1210689)
* Tue Apr 18 2023 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Explicitly disable buildtime detected CPU features as a workaround
    for kde#465548 (boo#1210569)
* Mon Apr 17 2023 Christophe Marin <>
  - Update to 8.0.0:
  - Drop patch, merged upstream:
    * 0001-fix-compile-DNG-SDK-with-GCC13.patch
* Tue Mar 28 2023 Christophe Marin <>
  - Add upstream change:
    * 0001-fix-compile-DNG-SDK-with-GCC13.patch
* Mon Mar 20 2023 Christophe Marin <>
  - Update to 7.10.0:
  - Drop patch, no longer needed:
    * 0001-Revert-Exiv2-is-now-released-with-exported-targets-u.patch
* Thu Dec 08 2022 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to 7.9.0:
    * Fix of Google photo login and remote album management.
    * Better management of faces location from metadata.
    * Database schema migration backward compatibility.
    * Better support of coordinates import from metadata.
    * Better ISO date format support from metadata.
    * Better performance with album management from a remote database.
    * Fix application window positions under Microsoft Windows.
    * Better Tags import and merge with items metadata.
* Mon Nov 07 2022 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Explicitly use FFmpeg 4 to build Digikam for the moment
* Tue Sep 06 2022 Wolfgang Bauer <>
  - Update to 7.8.0
  - New features (from NEWS):
    * General : HIF files recognized as HEIF images.
    * IconView: Add support of GrayScale and 16 bits PSD images.
    * General : Libraw updated to 2022-07-14 snapshot.
      Camera format support:
      Phase One/Leaf IIQ-S v2 support
      Canon CR3 filmrolls/RawBurst
      Canon CRM (movie) files
      iled bit-packed (and 16-bit unpacked) DNGs
      (non-standard) Deflate-compressed integer
      DNG files are allowed
      Camera support:
      Canon EOS R3, R7 and R10
      Fujifilm X-H2S, X-T30 II
      OM System OM-1
      Leica M11
      Sony A7-IV (ILCE-7M4)
      DJI Mavic 3
      Nikon Z9: standard compression formats only
    * Plugins : GMicQt tool updated to last version 3.1.
  - 49 bugs fixed
  - Add libheif build dependency to enable the HEIF decoder
  - Use macro for soversion
  - Remove no longer needed conflict with libdigikamcore7
  - Remove explicitly versioned libopencv_dnn dependency, should no
    longer be needed with opencv's new soversion rules
  - Explicitly enable kfilemetadata and akonadi-contact support, they
    are disabled by default now
* Mon Aug 01 2022 Cor Blom <>
  - Updated 0001-Revert-Exiv2-is-now-released-with-exported-targets-u.patch
* Sat Jul 30 2022 Cor Blom <>
  - Update to 7.7.0
  - New features (from NEWS):
    * Remove internal libheif and libde265 from core in favor to
      system libraries.
    * Update internal Libraw snashot to 2022-06-17 with Olympus OM-1
  - 81 bugs fixed
  - Removed now included Fix-build-with-akonadi-contacts-22.04.patch
* Wed May 25 2022 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Resolve rpmlint error "libdigikamcore7.x86_64: E: shlib-policy-name-error
    SONAME:, expected package suffix: 7_6_0"
  - Move documentation out of libdigikamcore7.
* Fri May 13 2022 Wolfgang Bauer <>
  - Add Fix-build-with-akonadi-contacts-22.04.patch to fix build with
    the latest Akonadi versions
* Mon Mar 07 2022 Wolfgang Bauer <>
  - Update to 7.6.0
  - New features (from NEWS):
    General: Use Qt5.15 LTS patches collection git repository from KDE
      to build AppImage Linux bundle (snapshot 2022-01-23).
    General: All bundles use last KF5 framework 5.90.
    General: All bundles generate a manifest text file listing git
      revisions of all upstream libraries used by application.
    General: AppImage Linux bundle now support ICU to perform search
      with UTF-8 characters in all text fields.
    General: Update internal Libraw to snapshot 2022-02-10.
    General: New FlowView generic plugin for digiKam and Showfoto
  - 847 bugs fixed
* Mon Jan 17 2022 Wolfgang Bauer <>
  - Update to 7.5.0
  - New features (from NEWS):
    General : MacOS package, Windows installer, and AppImage bundle use
      KF5 5.89 and KAPPS 21.12.0 frameworks.
    General : AppImage Linux bundle now support Platform Input Context
      FCITX (
    General : Improve RTL translations support.
    General : GUI internationalization and localization updates with
      more than 50 languages available.
    General : Add OpenWith contextual menu support under MacOS.
  - 734 bugs fixed
* Sat Dec 18 2021 Wolfgang Bauer <>
  - Update to 7.4.0
  - New features (from NEWS):
    Bundles : AppImage is now compiled under Mageia 7.1 instead 6.1 for
      a better binary compatibility with recent Linux.
    Bundles : AppImage use last Qt 5.15.2 and KF5 5.84 libraries.
    Bundles : Last stable Exiv2 0.27.5 is now used to compile Windows,
      AppImage, and MacOS bundles.
    Plugins : New tool to share items on the network with a Motion JPEG
      stream server.
    Showfoto: Add new left sidebar hosting a folder-view to quickly
      explore images from local file system.
    Showfoto: Add new left sidebar hosting a stack-view to host
      favorite contents.
    Database: Add the ability to use a local SQLite thumbnail database
      with an external MySQL configuration.
    General : Integration of Image Quality Sorter Google Summer of Code
      project 2021 from Phuoc Khanh LE
    General : Update internal Libraw to snapshot 202110
    * Camera Format support:
    - Sony Lossless compressed support
    - Panasonic v6/12 bit
    * Camera support:
    - DJI Mavic Air 2S
    - Fujifilm GFX 50S II;  GFX 100S, X-E4
    - GoPro HERO9, HERO10 (if compiled w/ USE_GPR_SDK)
    - Nikon Z fc
    - Panasonic GH5 Mark II
    - Pentax K3 Mark III
    - Olympus E-P7
    - Ricoh GR IIIx
    - Sony A1, A7R-IIIA (ILCE-7RM3A), A7R-IVA (ILCE-7RM4A),
    - Canon EOS M50 Mark II was supported but not listed in
      camera list
  - 209 bugs fixed
  - Drop Fix-compile-for-newer-Akonadi-Build-Versions.patch, merged
  - Update 0001-Revert-Exiv2-is-now-released-with-exported-targets-u.patch
    to avoid the use of a function that was added in exiv2-0.27
  - Readd libjasper-devel BuildRequires to reenable JPEG2000 support,
    it's back in Tumbleweed since a while
  - Drop redundant recommendation of the -lang package
  - Add signature file and keyring
* Wed Dec 01 2021 Wolfgang Bauer <>
  - Add Fix-compile-for-newer-Akonadi-Build-Versions.patch to fix
    build with Akonadi 21.12
* Sat Aug 28 2021 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Fix the libdigikamcore runtime dependency (boo#1189905)
* Thu Aug 26 2021 Christophe Giboudeaux <>
  - Disable build on archs missing QtWebEngine.
* Mon Jul 12 2021 Wolfgang Bauer <>
  - Update to 7.3.0
  - New features (from NEWS):
    General : Add new metadata viewer based on ExifTool.
    General : Better support of astrophoto FITS image format (Flexible
      Image Transport System) including metadata extraction
      support to populate the database.
    General : Better support of MPO image format (Multiple Picture
      Object) including metadata extraction support to populate
      the database.
    General : Digital Scanner plugin is now available under Windows.
    General : Use last Exiv2 0.27.4 in all bundles with Base Media File
      metadata read and write support (HEIF, AVIF).
    General : Use last KF5 framework 5.80 in all bundles.
    General : Update internal Libpgf to 7.21.7 (18-02-2021).
    General : Update internal Libraw from snapshot 20210622.
    General : Update internal DNG SDK to last 1.5 and XMP SDK to last
    General : DNGWriter now use ExifTool to post-process metadata.
    General : Internal Libraw use DNG SDK 1.5 to handle 8 bits DNG
    Searches: Find duplicates items is now process in parallel using
    Plugins : New tool to export items to iNaturalist web service
    Plugins : SlideShow and Presentation tools now allow to move items
      to the trash.
    Plugins : New tool to convert RAW to DNG in batch for Showfoto.
  - 373 bugs fixed
  - Drop no longer needed upstream patch:
    * Fix-build-after-Qt-commit-f8ad329f.patch
  - Refresh patch:
    * 0001-Revert-Exiv2-is-now-released-with-exported-targets-u.patch
* Mon Jul 12 2021 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Don't package ChangeLog, it is massive
* Sat Jun 26 2021 Wolfgang Bauer <>
  - Add Fix-build-after-Qt-commit-f8ad329f.patch to fix build with
    the latest Qt
* Sun May 09 2021 Fabian Vogt <>
  - Require the version of libopencv_dnn it was built against (boo#1185700)
* Tue Mar 30 2021 Wolfgang Bauer <>
  - Update to 7.2.0
  - New features (from NEWS):
    General       : Add ccache support to speed-up compilations.
    General       : New Online version checker/downloader, with release
      notes viewer and option to install automatically
      new version under macOS and Windows.
    General       : MacOS PKG installer is now compatible with Apple
    General       : MacOS bundle is now fully relocatable.
    General       : Check and fix source codes with Clazy static
    General       : All bundles updated to last KF5 framework version
    General       : All bundles updated to last OpenCV version 4.4.0.
    General       : Add a static QCollator class for fast item sorting.
    AdvancedSearch: Add search for empty title, caption, author or
      creator fields.
    AdvancedSearch: Add search for a month or the day of a month.
    AdvancedSearch: Add option to search tags in tree.
    Database      : Change database scheme under MySQL from TagsTree
      VIEW to TABLE with triggers.
    FaceManagement: Improve users experience in GUI for face workflow
      while tagging and manage faces.
    FaceManagement: Add face engine clustering support for detection
      and recognition processes.
    FaceManagement: Remove face engine data files from sources and
      bundles and add a file downloader.
    RawEngine     : Update internal Libraw to last 0.21.0:
      Camera format support:
      Lossy compressed CR3 files
      Lossy compressed RAF files
      Uncompressed floating point DNG files (16-24-32
      Deflate compressed striped DNG files
      XMP and HEIF-preview extraction from CR3 files
      Camera model support:
      Apple iPhone 12 Max, iPhone 12 Max Pro
      Canon EOS R5, EOS R6, EOS 850D, EOS-1D X Mark
      III (lossy compressed files)
      FujiFilm X-S10
      Hasselblad CFV II 50C",
      Leica M10-R, Q2 Monochrom, S3, SL2-S
      Nikon Z 5, Z 6 II, Z 7 II
      Olympus E-M10 Mark IV
      Panasonic DC-G100 / G110, DC-S5
      Sony ILCE-7C (A7C), ILCE-7SM3 (A7S III)
      Zeiss ZX1
      Plus multiple DNG-recording cameraphones/drones/
  - 364 bugs fixed
  - BuildRequire opencv-devel >= 3.4.0, the legacy HAAR face
    detection code that still supported opencv 3.3 was removed
    completely in this release



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