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libteam-tools-1.32-2.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Tumbleweed for aarch64

Name: libteam-tools Distribution: openSUSE Tumbleweed
Version: 1.32 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: 2.1 Build date: Thu May 23 13:22:27 2024
Group: System/Daemons Build host: reproducible
Size: 369173 Source RPM: libteam-1.32-2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Utilities for controlling team network devices
This package contains frontends to libteam that allow changing
the (team-specific) properties of team devices.
(The general configuration of network devices can be done
through using iproute.)

Linux kernel 3.3 and above offer a so-called "team" network driver -
a lightweight mechanism for bonding multiple interfaces together.
It is a userspace-driven alternative to the existing bonding driver.






* Thu May 23 2024 Otto Hollmann <>
  - teamd: lw: arp_ping: bitmask VID in VLAN BPF filter [bsc#1224798]
    * Add 0001-teamd-lw-arp_ping-bitmask-VID-in-VLAN-BPF-filter.patch
* Tue Sep 26 2023 Otto Hollmann <>
  - update to 1.32:
    * teamd: Add option to change evaluation logic of multiple
    * teamd: lacp: don't move the port state from disabled when admin
    * teamd: lacp: set port to disabled state during removal
    * libteam: clear changed bits in case of TEAM_IFINFO_CHANGE
    * teamd: stop iterating callbacks when a loop restart is
    * teamd: do no remove the ports on shutdown with -N
    * binding/python: ifindex 0 is invalid so do not process it
    * libteamdctl: validate the bus name before using it
    * teamd: lacp: increase "min_ports" upper limit to 1024
    * teamd: increase the waitting time for daemon killing
    * Do regard current state when considering port enablement
  - Remove 0001-teamd-Add-option-to-change-evaluation-logic-of-multi.patch
* Mon Jun 26 2023 Otto Hollmann <>
  - Add option to change evaluation logic of multiple link-watchers (jsc@PED2209)
    Add 0001-teamd-Add-option-to-change-evaluation-logic-of-multi.patch
* Fri Nov 05 2021 Otto Hollmann <>
  - teamd: better handle failures to chown(TEAMD_RUN_DIR) during
    teamd_drop_privileges() (bsc#1185424)
    [+ better_handle_failures_to_chown.patch]
* Fri Oct 15 2021 Johannes Segitz <>
  - Added hardening to systemd service(s) (bsc#1181400). Added patch(es):
    * harden_teamd@.service.patch
* Tue Aug 25 2020 Dirk Mueller <>
  - update to 1.31:
    * teamd: fix build error in expansion of macro teamd_log_dbgx
    * teamd/lacp: fix segfault due to NULL pointer dereference
    * teamd: fix possible race in master ifname callback
    * Fix ifinfo_link_with_port race condition with newlink
    * Skip setting the same hwaddr to a lag port if not needed
    * teamd/lacp: silence ignore none LACP frames
* Mon Aug 26 2019 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Update to upstream release 1.29
    * teamd: remove port if adding fails
    * teamd: add a default value 1000 for link_watch.interval
    * teamd: fix a json object memleak in get_port_obj()
  - Update to upstream release 1.28
    * teamd: do not process lacpdu before the port ifinfo is set
    * teamd: add port_hwaddr_changed for ab runner
    * teamd: add port_hwaddr_changed for lb runner
    * teamd: add port_hwaddr_changed for lacp runner
    * libteam: don't crash when trying to print unregistered device
    * teamd: add port_master_ifindex_changed for
    * teamd: add an option to force log output to stdout, stderr or
    * teamd: lacp: send LACPDU when port state transitions from
* Fri Feb 22 2019 Franck Bui <>
  - Drop use of $FIRST_ARG in .spec
    The use of $FIRST_ARG was probably required because of the
    %service_* rpm macros were playing tricks with the shell positional
    parameters. This is bad practice and error prones so let's assume
    that no macros should do that anymore and hence it's safe to assume
    that positional parameters remains unchanged after any rpm macro
* Fri Jan 05 2018
  - Drop /pkg/ subpart from includedir
* Wed Jan 03 2018
  - Remove defattr that is not really needed
  - Add condition around python bindings, they are really based on
    swig code that would need to be rewritten to support python3



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