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geda-utils-1.10.0-lp152.1.1 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Ports Leap 15.2 for aarch64

Name: geda-utils Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 1.10.0 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.1.1 Build date: Tue Apr 14 15:43:15 2020
Group: Productivity/Scientific/Electronics Build host: obs-arm-2
Size: 446394 Source RPM: geda-gaf-1.10.0-lp152.1.1.src.rpm
Summary: Various Utilities and Scripts for the gEDA Suite
This utility package contains several helper utilities for the gEDA
suite, containing an advanced PCB netlister gsch2pcb, symbol converters and
creators, refdes renumbering tools and many others.






* Tue Mar 31 2020 Wojciech Kazubski <>
  - fixed source URL
* Wed Feb 26 2020 Wojciech Kazubski <>
  - Updated to release 1.10.0
  - General changes
    * Added the library "xornstorage" and the Python package "gaf" as a
      (currently quite minimal) way to access gEDA/gaf functionality from
      outside of gschem.  These are on the long term intended to replace
      libgeda, making the core gEDA/gaf functionality available as a
      library to both gschem and other applications.
    * Added command-line tool `xorn' for low-level schematic and symbol
      file manipulation.
    * The symbol directories "gnetman", "verilog", and "vhdl" are now
      installed to the new location PREFIX/share/gEDA/extra-sym/.  This
      allows adding the default library with "component-library-search".
    * The directory to which gEDA programs write log transcripts can be
      changed by setting the environment variable `GEDALOG' (the default
      being ~/.gEDA/logs/).
    * Numerous ixed bugs.
  - gschem changes
    * Tool windows are now "dockable", i.e., they can be either used as
      modal/non-modal dialogs or docked to the edges of the main window.
    * The action mechanism used for menu items, tool buttons, and key
      bindings has been redesigned.
    * The menus, toolbar, and keymap have been revamped to more closely
      resemble the "standards" for a desktop application.  Some actions
      have been assigned more accessible or memorable keys.
    * Attaching and detaching attributes now work as expected:
    * Fixed "Lock Component" and "Unlock Component"
    * Added new  color schemes
    * Symbol editing has been improved:
    * Added support for back-annotation from pcb-rnd.
    * Double-clicking a subschematic component enters the subschematic.
    * Right-clicking in path mode works as expected.
    * Pins are allowed to have zero length.
    * "File / Revert" only asks for confirmation if the file has been
    * The "repeat" function of the middle mouse button now evaluates
      actions at the current mouse position.
    * Mouse gestures work properly again.
    * Added new mouse gestures for page navigation:
    - swiping left goes to the previous, swiping right to the next page
    - swiping right and then down enters a subschmatic
    - swiping left and then down enters a symbol
    - swiping up and sideways (in any combination) goes back to the
      parent schematic
    * The coordinate dialog has been replaced with an option to display
      the coordinates in the status bar.
    * Added further menu items:
    - "Add / Last Component" (A C)
    - "Object / Toggle Text Overbar" (T O)
    - "View / Show Menubar" (V M)
    - "View / Show Toolbar" (V T)
    - "View / Show Scrollbars" (V S)
    - "Tools / Select Locked Objects" (T L)
    * Fixed various issues related to undo/redo:
  - gnetlist changes
    * Refactored gnetlist:
    - Netlist backends can also be written in Python.
    - When reading broken schematics and/or symbols, gnetlist doesn't
      silently fail or produce bad output any more.
    - In case there should be any problems with the refactored codebase,
      the "old" gnetlist is still available as "gnetlist-legacy".
    * There are new semantics for power and I/O port symbols.
    * Hierarchical schematics can now use a simple form of parametrization
      where the instantiating component contains an attribute of the form
      `param=NAME=VALUE' and some attribute value in the subschematic
      contains the pattern `$(NAME)', which will be replaced with `VALUE'.
    * Duplicate I/O ports in subschematics and duplicate I/O pins in
      subschematic symbols are now treated correctly.
    * Added a netlist backend for pcb-rnd's tEDAx format.
    * Added backends which dump the netlist in various generic formats.
  - For more detailed information see NEWS file.
  - patch #2: fix-gxyrs-utility.patch removed (applied upstream)
  - patch #4: geda-gaf-enable-guile-2.2.patch removed (applied upstream)
  - patch #5: xorn-enable-guile-2.2.patch added to build xorn with guile
    2.2 on Factory / Tumbleweed
  - patch #6: geda-gaf-enable-guile-2.0.patch added to revert changes
    introduced by upstreaming patch #4 (used for older releases)
  - patch #7: geda-gaf-fix-uninitialized-variable.patch added on
    Tumbleweed to prevent build failing with latest gcc
  - Removed requirement for geda-xgsch2pcb - now PCB can directly import
    schematic files.
* Wed Jul 31 2019
  - Prevent conflict of libgeda42-data and libgeda45-data:
    * Rename package with unversioned files to libgeda-data.
    * Move versioned lang files to libgeda45.
  - Process with spec-cleaner.
* Fri Mar 22 2019 Jonathan Brielmaier <>
  - Update to version 1.9.2:
    * Guile 2.0 or newer is now required
    * `gpstoimage' has been removed from the distribution; equivalent
      functionality is provided by the `gaf' command.
    * `convert_sym.awk' has been removed from the distribution; equivalent
      functionality is provided by the `convert_sym' command.
    * New scheme procedures and hooks have been added
    * Removal of some scripts and programs
    * Updated translations
    * Various bugfixes
    For more details see: /usr/share/doc/packages/geda-gaf/NEWS
  - New subpackages:
    * libgedacairo45
    * libgedacairo-devel
  - Add patches:
    * geda-gaf-disable-failing-tests.patch: disable failing tests
    * geda-gaf-enable-guile-2.2.patch: enable guile-2.2 on Factory/TW
  - Increase version of libgeda to 45
  - Install more languages files
  - Add and remove files for packages where necessary
  - Remove unnecessary requires on libgeda, which are found by rpm
  - Update source link
  - Improve phrasing in summaries
  - Fixes boo#1117307: geda-gaf now requires at least guile-2.0 and
    seems to work also with guile-2.2
  - Remove deprecated defattr statements
  - Use license and doc macro
* Sun May 06 2018
  - Move scheme code common to gattrib, gnetlist, gschem and utils
    from gschem subpackage to new geda-base subpackage.
  - Remove conditionals for deprecated distributions
* Sat Feb 10 2018
  - Limit descriptions to the package, fix some typos here and there.
  - Remove redundant %clean section.
* Sat Feb 03 2018
  - Add patch fix-gxyrs-utility.patch to fix the failed unittest
    when building for factory
* Tue Mar 03 2015
  - Fix desktop menu categories
* Wed Nov 12 2014
  - Add geda-gaf-rpmlintrc to source list
* Sat Nov 08 2014 Led <>
  - fix bashisms in post/postun scripts



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