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remind-4.2.6-bp156.1.3 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.6 for x86_64

Name: remind Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP6
Version: 4.2.6 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp156.1.3 Build date: Mon May 13 19:12:29 2024
Group: Productivity/Office/Organizers Build host: h02-ch1a
Size: 659911 Source RPM: remind-4.2.6-bp156.1.3.src.rpm
Summary: A sophisticated calendar and alarm program
Remind is a sophisticated calendar and alarm program.
It includes the following features:

* A sophisticated scripting language and intelligent
  handling of exceptions and holidays.
* Plain-text, PostScript and HTML output.
* Timed reminders and pop-up alarms.
* A friendly graphical front-end for people who don't
  want to learn the scripting language.
* Facilities for both the Gregorian and Hebrew calendars.
* Support for 12 different languages.






* Tue Sep 12 2023 Detlef Steuer <>
  - VERSION 4.2 Patch 6 - 2023-09-12
  - NEW FEATURE: remind: The "nonomitted()" function takes an optional
    extra INT argument called "step".  See man page for details.  Also
    allows the "start" argument to be greater than the "end" argument,
    in which case they are effectively swapped.
  - NEW FEATURE: remind: The "slide()" function takes an optional extra
    INT argument called "step", similar to "nonomitted()".  See man page
    for details.
  - NEW FEATURE: remind: Added the $ParseUntriggered system variable;
    see the man page for details.  You almost certainly will never need
    to use this.
  - NEW FILE: holidays/ie.rem: Added Irish holidays, courtesy of
    Amy de Buitléir.
  - CHANGE: remind: The "-tn" option sets all REM statement deltas to
    ++n rather than adding n to any existing REM statement's delta.
    Additionally, the corresponding system variable $DeltaOffset has
    been renamed to $DeltaOverride.
  - NEW OPTION: remind: Add the "-tz" option to explicitly set all
    REM statement deltas to zero.
  - DOCUMENTATION FIX: remind: various documentation improvements.
  - BUG FIX: Correct some errors in Italian localization, courtesy of
    Emanuele Torre
* Tue Apr 11 2023 Detlef Steuer <>
  - VERSION 4.2 Patch 5 - 2023-04-11
  - MINOR IMPROVEMENT: remind: If someone uses OMIT yyyy-mm-dd UNTIL yyyy-mm-dd
    give a better error message suggesting THROUGH instead of UNTIL.
  - BUG FIX: remind: The fix for the combination of ADDOMIT and SATISFY that
    appeared in version 04.02.00 was not complete; the bug has finally been
    properly fixed.
  - BUG FIX: remind: Remove an unnecessary #include <sys/file.h>.
    Nothing needed that and it broke compilation on FreeBSD.
  - VERSION 4.2 Patch 4 - 2023-03-15
  - NEW FEATURE: Remind: Add "htmlescape" and "htmlstriptags" built-in
  - NEW FEATURE: Rem2PDF: Add the "--wrap, -y" option to ensure that no
    printed calendar takes up more than 5 rows.  If a calendar would normally
    require 6 rows, wrap it so the last day or two appear on the first
    row instead of on a sixth row.
  - NEW FEATURE: Remind: Improve the -k option to allow specification of
    separate commands for immediately-issued vs. queued reminders.  For
      remind '-kcmd1 %s' '-k:cmd2 %s' ...
    will use "cmd1" for immediately-issued reminders and "cmd2" for queued
    ones.  If you only use '-k:cmd2 %s' then immediately-issued reminders
    are simply printed as usual rather than being passed to a command.
  - IMPROVEMENT: Remind:  Make "SPECIAL MSG" the same as just "MSG" and
    the same for MSF, RUN, PS and PSFILE.  This effectively lets you use
    expression-pasting to determine the type of a REM command; see the
    remind(1) man page for details.
  - MINOR IMPROVEMENT: If "make test" fails, output up to 200 lines of diff
    so we can see immediately what failed.
  - DOCUMENTATION FIX: Fix some typos; fix TkRemind syntax description.
  - TEST FIX: Make tests run reliably regardless of local machine's time zone.
  - BUG FIX: TkRemind: Don't crash if local installation of Tk lacks the
    - underlinefg configuration option.
  - BUG FIX: examples/defs.rem: Fix up US Thanksgiving example.
  - BUG FIX: include/holidays/us.rem: Add logic for US holidays that are
    observed on a Friday if the holiday is a Saturday, or on a Monday if the
    holiday is a Sunday.
  - BUG FIX: TkRemind: Don't cut off MOON text at the first white-space
  - BUG FIX: Remind: prevent functions defined on the command-line (as in
    remind '-if(x)=whatever') from segfaulting.
* Fri Feb 10 2023 Detlef Steuer <>
  - VERSION 4.2 Patch 3 - 2023-02-10
  - NEW FEATURE: Remind: add the orthodoxeaster() function to return the
    date of Orthodox Easter.
  - IMPROVEMENT: Add Greek language support courtesy of JeiEl.
  - IMPROVEMENT: Add Greek holiday file courtesy of JeiEl.
  - IMPROVEMENT: Fix the Perl code (rem2pdf, rem2html) to silence Perl::Critic
  - IMPROVEMENT: Many internal code tweaks to eliminate many cppcheck
    static analysis warnings.
  - DOCUMENTATION IMPROVEMENT: Clarify the distinction between a "time"
    and a "duration" as suggested by Ian! D. Allen.
  - BUG FIX: Remind: Fix incorrect interaction between sortbanner() and
    MSF-type reminders.  Bug found by Tim Chase.
  - BUG FIX: examples/defs.rem: Fix the calculation of US Tax Day as per
    Tavis Ormandy and Tim Chase.  Also fixed in include/holidays/us.rem
  - BUG FIX: Remind: Add missing #include <fcntl.h> to funcs.c
  - BUG FIX: Remind: Fix undefined integer-overflow behavior in built-in abs()
    function.  Pointed out on IRC by "ubitux".
* Mon Jan 02 2023 Detlef Steuer <>
  - VERSION 4.2 Patch 2 - 2023-01-01
  - NEW FEATURE: Remind: Add the NOQUEUE modifier to the REM statement for
    explicitly telling Remind not to queue a timed reminder.
  - NEW FEATURE: Remind: Add soleq() function to return the DATETIME of
    solstices and equinoxes.  See $SysInclude/seasons.rem for an example
    of how to use the function.
  - MINOR IMPROVEMENT: Update examples/astro to include solstices and equinoxes.
  - BUG FIX: TkRemind: Provide better error indication if showing today's
    reminders fails on startup.
  - BUG FIX: Remind: Refuse to read world-writable directories.
  - BUG FIX: Tests depended on the actual date of the test run.  This has
    been fixed.
  - INTERNAL CHANGE: Remind: Change inappropriately-named "Julian" variables
    to "DSE" (= Days Since Epoch) since they weren't really holding true
    Julian dates.
  - INTERNAL CHANGE: Add "SPDX-License-Identifier" tags to most files.
* Fri Dec 16 2022 Detlef Steuer <>
  - VERSION 4.2 Patch 1 - 2022-12-15
  - MINOR IMPROVEMENT: TkRemind: If "Extra Remind Options" contains -m, make
    TkRemind start the calendar with Monday instead of Sunday.
  - MINOR IMPROVEMENT: Sample files: Add French holidays courtesy of
    Clément Bœsch.
  - MINOR IMPROVEMENT: A few performance fixes, likely not even noticeable in
    most cases.
  - MINOR FIXES: Fix misleading comments in the source code.
  - MINOR FIX: Remove a bunch of dead code in the moon-phase routines.
  - MINOR FIX: Remove unnecessary %"...%" markers in holidays/us.rem
  - MINOR FIX: Don't use the -ffat-lto-objects if we're compiling with Clang.
  - MINOR FIX: Remind: Fix a broken printf-format string (need to double up on %
    to get a literal % in the output.)
  - BUG FIX: Make test suite pass regardless of the date on which it is run.
  - BUG FIX: Make sure the banner gets printed each time through a "*N"
    command-line option loop.
* Fri Oct 14 2022 Detlef Steuer <>
  - VERSION 4.2 Patch 0 - 2022-10-14
  - NEW FEATURE: remind: Allow weekdays to be globally-omitted.  For example:
      OMIT Saturday Sunday
    globally-omits all Saturdays and Sundays.
  - NEW FEATURE: remind: Add ansicolor() built-in function to make it easier
    to colorize reminders on the terminal.  Suggested by Tim Chase.
  - NEW FEATURE: remind: Add several special variables related to the color
    mode: $UseVTColors, $UseBGVTColors, $Use256Colors, $UseTrueColors and
    $TerminalBackground.  Based on a suggestion by Tim Chase.
  - NEW FEATURE: remind: Add utctolocal() and localtoutc() built-in functions.
  - NEW FEATURE: remind: Add timezone() built-in function.
  - NEW FEATURE: remind: Add trigtags() function per suggestion from Tim Chase.
  - NEW FEATURE: remind: The $AddBlankLines system variable controls whether or
    not a blank line is added after each reminder.
  - NEW FEATURE: remind: The built-in functions columns() and rows() return the
    width and height of the terminal (in character positions) respectively.
  - NEW FEATURE: remind: The built-in function columns("string") returns the
    number of columns occupied by "string" on the terminal, taking into account
    double-width Unicode characters and zero-width ANSI escape sequences.
  - NEW FEATURE: remind: You can add custom substitution sequences of the form
    %{name} or %*{name} that end up calling the function subst_name and using
    its return value as the replacement for the substitution sequence.
  - NEW FEATURE: remind: Add the FUNSET command to undefine a user-defined
  - NEW FILES: Add standard include files holidays/jewish.rem and
    ansitext.rem (the latter defines standard ANSI escape codes for
    changing text attributes such as bold, underline, etc.)
  - NEW EXAMPLES: add examples/alignmemt.rem, examples/ansitext and
  - BUG FIX: remind: Make MSF correctly format UTF-8 text and text with
    embedded ANSI color-changing codes.
  - BUG FIX: remind: Make ADDOMIT actually work correctly in a SATISFY-type
    REM command.  Bug found by Gunther Reißig
  - BUG FIX: Convert documentation files and src/lang.h to UTF-8.  Patch
    from Jochen Sprickerhof.
  - BUG FIX: Fix tests in non-UTF-8 locales.
  - BUG FIX: Fix a few problems with the include/holidays/us.rem file.
  - BUG FIX: remind: Fix an ancient logic error in DBufPutc that hurt
  - MINOR IMPROVEMENT: Clean up code and remove some dead code.
* Wed Sep 28 2022 Detlef Steuer <>
  - VERSION 4.1 Patch 0 - 2022-09-25
  - NEW FEATURE: remind: "remind -c" now supports the MOON special, printing
    the moon phases in the calendar if the locale supports UTF-8 encoding.
  - NEW FEATURE: remind: "remind -c" now supports the SHADE special.  Works
    best with the 256-color extended XTerm palette or 24-bit true-color
    terminal escape sequences.
  - NEW FEATURE: remind: "remind -c" now supports the WEEK special.
  - NEW FEATURE: remind: The new "stdout()" function returns a string describing
    where stdout is going.  Examples of return values are "TTY" if remind's
    output is going to terminal, "FILE" if it's redirected to a plain file,
    or "PIPE" if it's going to a pipe.  See the man page for all the details.
  - NEW FEATURE: Add the "-wt" option to set the calendar width to the terminal
    width even if standard output is a pipe.  Useful for situations like this:
      remind -wt -c .reminders | less -R
  - CHANGE: "make install" now no longer strips debugging symbols from the
    remind and rem2ps executables.  Use "make install-stripped" if you want
    them stripped.
  - CHANGE: remind: "remind -c" highlights today's date in bold, if
    colors are enabled.
  - CHANGE: Dump string values with control characters escaped.
  - DOCUMENTATION FIX: Document behavior of DO and filedir() with respect
    to symbolic links.
  - DOCUMENTATION FIX: Add home page link to man pages.  Suggested by Ian! D.
  - DOCUMENTATION FIX: Make date in man pages actually be the release date.
    Include Remind version in man pages.  Also suggested by Ian! D. Allen.
  - DOCUMENTATION FIX: Fix inaccuracy in how string constants were documented.
  - BUG FIX: Makefiles: Pass CFLAGS at link-time so link-time optimization
    actually happens.  Pointed out by Zolan Puskas.
  - BUG FIX: If the first REM command to trigger was a RUN command, the banner
    would not print.  This has been fixed.
  - BUG FIX: replace deprecated 'fgrep' with 'grep -F' (Jochen Sprickerhof)
  - BUG FIX: make "make test" depend on "make all" (Jochen Sprickerhof)
  - BUG FIX: make "REM ... SATISFY ... MSG foo" respect $DefaultColor.  Bug
    reported by Gunther Reißig.
  - BUG FIX: Don't consider IFTRIG true if we could not compute a trigger date.
    Bug noted by Gunther Reißig
* Fri Aug 19 2022 Detlef Steuer <>
  - VERSION 4.0 Patch 3 - 2022-08-16
  - IMPROVEMENT: remind: add plain_body and calendar_body JSON keys in -pp...
  - BUG FIX: tkremind: Don't create empty files called '&1' when creating
    a new reminder.
  - BUG FIX: remind: Don't call signal-unsafe functions from signal handler
* Tue Aug 02 2022 Detlef Steuer <>
  - VERSION 4.0 Patch 2 - 2022-08-02
  - IMPROVEMENT: remind: Allow more forms of OMIT as per Ian D. Allen!'s request:
      OMIT Month [THROUGH Month]
      OMIT Day Month [THROUGH Day Month]
      OMIT Day Month Year [THROUGH Day Month Year]
  - BUG FIX: Make $T behave as documented, exactly like trigdate().  $T would
    return '1989-12-31' rather than 0 if the trigger date was not valid.
  - BUG FIX: TkRemind: Fix resizing bug for a calendar with 6 rows.
  - DOCUMENTATION IMPROVEMENT: Improve TkRemind documentation; document use
    of inotifywait if available.
* Sat Jun 04 2022 Detlef Steuer <>
  - VERSION 4.0 Patch 1 - 2022-06-03
  - IMPROVEMENT: Add $SuppressLRM system variable to suppress the UTF-8
    Left-to-Right mark in "remind -c" output.
  - DOCUMENTATION FIX: Document the "q" sub-option to the "-p" option.
* Tue Apr 05 2022 Detlef Steuer <>
  -  VERSION 4.0 Patch 0 - 2022-04-04
  - MAJOR NEW FEATURE: remind: Remind output can effectively be
    translated into other languages at run-time.  A number of system
    variables let you translate English words to another language, and a
    mechanism for altering the substitution filter at run-time lets you
    translate its output so the results are idiomatic.  See the man page
  - NEW FEATURE: remind: Add the pad() built-in function
  - NEW FEATURE: tkremind: Day numbers can be displayed left-aligned,
    centered or right-aligned.
  - IMPROVEMENT: contrib/remind-conf-mode: The Emacs syntax-highlighter
    has been updated with the latest system variables and functions
    and has been made case-insensitive.
  - IMPROVEMENT: remind, rem2ps: Use link-time optimization with gcc if
  - IMPROVEMENT: remind: Print better diagnostics when errors occur inside
    a user-defined function.  We now show the stack trace to make it easier
    to figure out where the error actually is.
  - CHANGE: Add a "q" sub-option to the "-p", "-pp", and "-ppp" options.
    This causes Remind *not* to remove the %"...%" marker sequence from
    remind bodies.
  - BUG FIX: rem2pdf: Make rem2pdf respect the --prefix ./configure flag.
    Loosely based on patch by Jonathan Kamens.
  - BUG FIX: tkremind: Fix the "-m" flag, which was broken in 03.04.00.
  - BUG FIX: Fix the overflow-detection functions so they work with link-time
    optimization.  The previous versions would be optimized away.
  - BUG FIX: Warn if the arguments to the "-@" option are out of range.
    Problem noted by Ian! D. Allen.
  - BUG FIX: Always interpret $Latitude and $Longitude input values in the
    "C" locale.  (We do accept localized input, but warn.)
  - BUG FIX: Fix many spelling mistakes caught by Jens Schleusener
* Sat Mar 26 2022 Detlef Steuer <>
  - remind-nostrip.patch removed, no longer needed
* Sun Mar 20 2022 Detlef Steuer <>
  - nostrip-patch removed, does no longer apply, and no longer needed
  - Version 3.4 Patch 2 - 2022-03-14
  - NEW FEATURE: remind: Add syntactic sugar to simplify some common
    types of reminders.  See "SYNTACTIC SUGAR FOR REM" in the remind
    man page.  Based on suggestions from Ian! D. Allen.
  - CHANGE: examples/defs.rem: The examples file has been updated to use
    the newer syntactic sugar.
  - CHANGE: remind: Always parse the body of REM statements to catch
    expression errors.  In the past, something like:
      REM 2025-01-02 MSG [1/0]
    would not cause a division-by-zero error except on 2025-01-02.  Now,
    the error is always caught.  NOTE POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY: There may
    be edge-cases when formerly-valid remind scripts now trigger errors.
    However, this is pretty unlikely.
  - NEW FEATURE: remind: Add the "trig" function to allow more
    expressiveness when creating triggers.  See man page for details.
  - IMPROVEMENT: tkremind: Tweak the calendar display; improve ability to
    customize colors, including supplying two built-in themes.  Based on
    patch and suggestion from Paulo (last name unknown).
  - IMPROVEMENT: tkremind: TkRemind handles errors in reminders scripts
    much more unobtrusively.  Instead of popping up a modal dialog box
    with almost-unreadable error output, it discreetly notifies you of
    errors with a button that lets you view the specific error messages
    in a more readable format.
  - IMPROVEMENT: examples/remind.vim: Update list of keywords in vim syntax
    highlighting file.
  - IMPROVEMENT: contrib/remind-conf-mode: Update the list of keywords,
    functions and variables in the Emacs syntax-highlighting file.  Also make
    it match them case-insensitively.
  - CHANGE: remind: Increase $MaxSatIter default to 1000 instead of 150.
    Computers are much faster than when I first wrote remind and they
    can handle this higher limit easily.  The higher limit also enables
    certain reasonable reminders that failed in the past because of the
    low SATISFY iteration limit.
  - CHANGE: remind: The "||" operator now returns the value of the first
    non-zero operand rather than just returning 1 or 0.  Similarly, "&&"
    returns 0 if either operand is false or the value of the last
    operand if both operands are true.
      NOTE POTENTIAL INCOMPATIBILITY: Remind scripts that depend on ||
      and && always returning exactly one of 1 or 0 may need
  - CHANGE: The || and && operators can accept any non-STRING type as long
    as both operands have the same type.  The "false" values are defined
    as follows; true values are any other value:
      INT:      0
      TIME:     00:00
      DATE:     '1990-01-01'             (the Remind epoch)
      DATETIME: '1990-01-01@00:00'       (the Remind epoch)
  - IMPROVEMENT: remind: Issue diagnostics if an UNTIL or THROUGH date
    is earlier than any possible trigger date, as well as an UNTIL date
    with a fully-specified date and no repeat ("*N").  Suggestion from
    Ian! D. Allen.
  - BUG FIX: tkremind: If the same moon phase appeared twice in a month,
    TkRemind would not display the first occurrence correctly.  This has
    been fixed.
  - BUG FIX: rem2pdf: Fix typos in the man page.
  - BUG FIX: remind: The IF command documentation didn't reflect how it
    actually worked; now it does.
  - BUG FIX: remind: Use correct UNTIL/THROUGH keyword in error message.
  - BUG FIX: rem2pdf: Correct the calculation that warns about an over-full
    calendar box.  Problem noted by Jonathan Kamens.
  - BUG FIX: remind: The "remind -c" output would sometimes be incorrect if
    scripts with double-wide characters were used.  This has been fixed.
  - BUG FIX: remind: The "remind -c" output would sometimes be incorrect
    if right-to-left scripts were used in reminders.  This has been fixed.
* Wed Feb 23 2022 Detlef Steuer <>
  - VERSION 3.4 Patch 1 - 2022-02-23
  - MINOR IMPROVEMENT: Support the INSTALL_BASE environment variable for
    installing rem2pdf in a non-standard location like your home directory.
    This is passed in to rem2pdf's Makefile at build and install time.
  - MINOR IMPROVEMENT: ./configure: Add --disable-perl-build-artifacts flag
    to avoid installation of perllocal.pod and .packlist files.
  - BUG FIX: tkremind: If the system date rolls over, update the display
    to correctly highlight the current date.  This worked in older versions
    of Remind, but was broken by 03.04.00.
  - BUG FIX: rem2pdf: The small calendar font would sometimes be scaled
    incorrectly so the small calendar overflowed the box.  This has been
* Sun Feb 13 2022 Detlef Steuer <>
  - VERSION 3.4 Patch 0 - 2022-02-10
  - MAJOR CHANGE: Remind and its helpers (except for rem2ps) fully support
    UTF-8.  If your system locale is a UTF-8 locale and your terminal
    can handle UTF-8 encoding, you can enjoy full Unicode support in Remind.
  - NEW FEATURE: Added a rem2pdf Remind-to-PDF converter.  It can handle
    the full UTF-8 character set and features a new PANGO special reminder
    type that lets you format the text in the PDF calendar (by changing the
    font size, color, underlining, etc.)
  - NEW FEATURE: remind:  New system variables $Sunday through $Saturday
    and $January through $December let you set weekday and month names
    to whatever you like, permitting you to produce calendars in your
    local language, even if it's not one of the languages Remind supports
    by default.
  - NEW FEATURE: tkremind: If rem2pdf installed, TkRemind offers you the
    choice of PDF or PostScript output in the Print dialog.
  - CHANGE: remind: Increase the number of allowed "full OMITs" from 500
    to 1000.
  - CHANGE: Remove the annoying code that slowed compilation and running
    on Windows and Mac OS X.  I believe the point has been made and free
    OSes have enough of a critical mass that the annoyances are
  - CLEANUP: remind: C source code: Replace the LAT_DEG, LAT_MIN,
  - CLEANUP: remind: C source code: Remove various unused or obsolete macros.
  - BUG FIXES: Minor fixups to groff source and Makefiles courtesy of
    Jochen Sprickerhof.
  - BUG FIX: Properly support formatting of double-wide characters in the
    terminal mode "remind -c" calendar.
  - BUG FIX: rem2html: Document how to highlight today with a red border
  - BUG FIX: rem2html: Generate and install a man page for rem2html
  - BUG FIX: remind: Get rid of LAT_DEG/LAT_MIN/LAT_SEC and
    LON_DEG/LON_MIN/LON_SEC macros in favour of DEFAULT_LATITUDE and
  - IMPROVEMENT: All localized languages now use UTF-8 exclusively.
    Support for old character encodings like ISO-8859-1 and ISO-8859-2
    has been dropped since modern UNIXes have pretty much standardized
    on UTF-8.
  - CHANGE: remind: Non-English versions of remind *no longer* accept
    non-English month- and weekday-names in trigger specifications.  This
    was a misfeature.  NOTE INCOMPATIBILITY.
* Tue Jan 25 2022 Detlef Steuer <>
  * VERSION 3.3 Patch 12 - 2022-01-24
  - UPDATE: rem2html: Use JSON::MaybeXS instead of JSON::Any, since JSON::Any
    is deprecated.  NOTE INCOMPATIBILITY: If you don't have JSON::MaybeXS
    installed, you'll need to install it before trying to install or update
  - NEW FEATURE: Add a DO command.  This is just like INCLUDE, but relative
    paths are interpreted relative to the directory containing the current
    file.  That is:
      DO somefile.rem
    is equivalent to:
      INCLUDE [filedir()]/somefile.rem
  - NEW FEATURE: Add the $DefaultTDelta system variable and associated
    - tt[N] command-line option to set a default time delta for timed
    reminder without an explicit +N delta.
  - IMPROVEMENT: TkRemind: Store .tkremindrc in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/tkremindrc
    or $HOME/.config/tkremindrc as per the XDG Base Directory Specification.
  - BUG FIX: remind: Make the shell() built-in function respect
  - BUG FIX: Use size_t to track the size of dynamic buffers rather than int.
    This permits Remind to read in files with lines longer than 1GB and to
    consume more than 1GB of output from the shell() command, both of which
    will surely be massively useful.  (The old limit was 1GB rather than 2GB
    because of details of the dynamic buffer resizing algorithm.)
* Thu Dec 30 2021 Detlef Steuer <>
  * VERSION 3.3 Patch 11 - 2021-12-30
  - IMPROVEMENT: TkRemind: Save the print dialog settings so they persist.
  - IMPROVEMENT: TkRemind: Show queue in sorted order.
  - IMPROVEMENT: TkRemind: Pass "-r" flag to inotifywait
  - IMPROVEMENT: TkRemind: Draw moon phases with Tk canvas items rather than
    using PNG images.  This lets them change color along with other TkRemind
  - IMPROVEMENT: TkRemind: Underline editable reminders when the pointer enters
    them; fire up the editor with either Button-1 or Button-3 for
    non-TkRemind-generated reminders.
  - NEW FUNCTION: Remind: Add the isany() built-in function.
  - IMPROVEMENT: rem2html: Add class names indicating number of rows in calendar
  - IMPROVEMENT: remind: In -z0 mode, sleep with higher precision to ensure we
    wake as close to possible to each 1-minute boundary.
  - IMPROVEMENT: rem2html: Coalesce table.rem-cal CSS into one block.  Thanks
    to Ian! D. Allen for pointing this out.
  - IMPROVEMENT: examples/defs.rem: Modernize the examples and get rid of some
  - CHANGE: Add $Latitude and $Longitude system variables.  Deprecate
    $LatDeg, $LatMin, $LatSec, $LongDeg, $LongMin and $LongSec.
  - CHANGE: Test: Add "dump $" to test.rem.
* Tue Nov 30 2021 Detlef Steuer <>
  - Changes to remind
    * VERSION 3.3 Patch 10 - 2021-11-30
  - IMPROVEMENT: TkRemind: Apply window and text colors to all GUI elements
    including buttons and status labels.
  - NEW FEATURE: The new ADDOMIT keyword can shorten reminder files.
    The command:
      REM ...whatever... ADDOMIT MSG Foo
    behaves identically to:
      REM ...whatever... SATISFY 1
      IF trigvalid()
      OMIT [trigdate()] MSG Foo
    For example, Labour Day can be displayed and omitted as follows:
      REM Mon 1 Sep SCANFROM -7 ADDOMIT MSG Labour Day
  - UPDATE: Update contrib/remind-conf-mode to latest release
  - CHANGE: The parser does not auto-convert numbers 90-99 to 1990-1999.  This
    was messing up things like "DURATION 90".  It also means you can no longer
    abbreviate the years 1990-1999 as 90-99.
  - BUG FIX: Various documentation fixes
  - BUG FIX: When switching users with the "-u" option, call initgroups()
    to properly set group membership list.
* Fri Oct 15 2021 Detlef Steuer <>
  - rem2html is included, cleanup of specfile
    * VERSION 3.3 Patch 9 - 2021-10-14
  - NEW FEATURE: Add "-+username" option to tell Remind to trust files owned by
    "username" and allow RUN directives in them.  Idea courtesy of Ian! D. Allen
  - NEW FEATURE: Add "-u+username" variant to tell Remind to switch users to
    "username" without disabling RUN directives.  Idea courtesy of Ian! D. Allen
  - CHANGE: rem2html: rem2html has been moved out of the www/ directory into
    its own rem2html/ directory.  If your system has the prerequisites
    (namely Perl, Getopt::Long and JSON::Any) then rem2html will be installed
    by "make install".
  - CHANGE: Remove "cm2rem".  It was about 20 years obsolete.
  - CHANGE: rem2html: Use inline data: URL images for moon images by default,
    thus producing a completely stand-alone HTML file.
  - CHANGE: Remove unnecessary spaces from "remind -pp" JSON output.
  - DOCUMENTATION FIX: Various man page fixes and tweaks.
  - BUG FIX: rem2html: Tweak the default CSS stylesheet; more rational
    handling of rem2html command-line options.
  - BUG FIX: remind: "remind -c" would sometimes highlight *two* days as
    "today"; this has been fixed.
  - BUG FIX: Add a missing #ifdef...#endif and remove a C99-ism.  This once again
    allows Remind to be compiled with some very old C compilers.
* Tue Sep 14 2021 Detlef Steuer <>
    * VERSION 3.3 Patch 8 - 2021-09-13
  - NEW FEATURE: remind: Add INCLUDECMD command
  - NEW FEATURE: remind: Add shellescape() built-in function
  - BUG FIX: tkremind: TkRemind would sometimes fill in incorrect initial
    values for the reminder-editing form if you clicked on a TkRemind-created
      reminder to edit it.  This has been fixed.
  - BUG FIX: tkremind: Get back better error messages from Remind if you
    try to create a reminder with an invalid date specification.
  - BUG FIX: remind: Catch integer overflow if we try to evaluate $IntMin * -1
  - DOC UPDATES: remind: Minor man page fixes
* Tue May 11 2021 Detlef Steuer <>
    * VERSION 3.3 Patch 7 - 2021-05-10
  - MINOR FIX: Refuse to run "make test" as root --- it would fail
    anyway with an obscure message.
  - BUG FIX: Remind would sometimes compute incorrect trigger date for:
    REM Tue 29 Feb MSG ...
  - BUG FIX: Remind would sometimes compute incorrect trigger date for
    a date spec like: Tue 31 2021 MSG ...
* Tue Mar 30 2021 Detlef Steuer <>
    * VERSION 3.3 Patch 6 - 2021-03-30
  - test/test.rem: Change local to en_US.utf-8 only if current locale
    is not a UTF-8 locale.
  - MINOR CHANGE: Remind's arithemtic operators (+, -, *, /) give errors
    on overflow rather than silently giving the wrong answer.
  - MINOR CHANGE: Add $IntMin and $IntMax system variables.
  - DOCUMENTATION FIX: Document that TkRemind now requires Tcl/Tk version
    8.5 or newer.
* Fri Jan 22 2021 Detlef Steuer <>
  - update to remind 3.3.5
    * VERSION 3.3 Patch 5 - 2021-01-21
  - NEW FEATURE: tkremind: Add ability to change fonts and colors from
    within TkRemind "Options" dialog.
  - CHANGE: tkremind: TkRemind now requires Tcl/Tk 8.5 or newer.
  - CHANGE: tkremind: You can specify the location of the options
    file on the command-line if you want to use one other than ~/.tkremindrc
  - CLEANUP: tkremind: Remove "Apply Options" from Options dialog; we only
    need "Save Options".
  - DOC FIX: Add missing release note in 3.3.4 notes regarding
    setpagedevice patch
  - DOC FIX: tkremind: Document shortcut keys.
* Tue Jan 12 2021 Detlef Steuer <>
  - update to remind 3.3.4
    * VERSION 3.3 Patch 4 - 2021-01-12
  - NEW FEATURE: If "inotifywait" is installed, TkRemind uses it to refresh
    the calendar display right away when the reminders file/directory is updated.
    This makes TkRemind react almost instantly if external tools are editing
    or updating reminders.
  - MINOR NEW FEATURE: rem2ps has a new '-x' option; this puts the day numbers
    on the top-left of the day's box instead of the top-right.
  - MINOR FIXES: A typo in remind.1 was fixed; additional comments regarding
    UNTIL were added.
  - BUG FIX: rem2ps: Call setpagedevice to set page size
    Based on a patch from Jonathan Kamens
* Mon Nov 09 2020 Detlef Steuer <>
  - update to remind 3.3.3
    * VERSION 3.3 Patch 3 - 2020-11-09
  - BUG FIX: Fix startup crash in TkRemind if "Show Today's Reminders on
    Startup" is enabled (which, unfortunately, is the default.)  Bug reported
    by Martin Ziemer.
* Sun Nov 08 2020 Detlef Steuer <>
  - update to remind 3.3.2
    * VERSION 3.3 Patch 2 - 2020-11-08
  - MINOR NEW FEATURE: Add MAYBE-UNCOMPUTABLE keyword; see the man page
    and discussion at
  - CHANGE: TkRemind always invokes Remind with the "-itkremind=1" option,
    even when printing.  NOTE INCOMPATIBILITY: This is a behavior change!
    When you print from TkRemind, we also invoke Remind with "-itkprint=1"
    so you can detect that PostScript is being generated.
  - CHANGE: The maxmimum length of a variable name has been increased from
    16 characters to 64 characters.  Modern computers have plenty of memory.
  - BUG FIXES: Minor documentation updates, typo fixes, clarifications, etc.
  - BUG FIX: Fix calendar-drawing alignment errors when displaying UTF-8
    strings with zero-width combining characters and strings with tabs.
  - BUG FIX: TkRemind would mess up placement of the WEEK special if invoked
    with the "-m" option.  This has been fixed.
  - BUG FIX: TkRemind would sometimes fail with an error message when editing
    a reminder; this is because it was interpreting months 08 and 09 as
    illegal octal numbers.  This has been fixed.
* Fri Mar 20 2020 Detlef Steuer <>
  - update to remind 3.3.1
  - CHANGE: For overlapping multi-day events, issue a reminder for the
    most *recent* event rather than the earliest event.  NOTE
    INCOMPATIBILITY: This is a behavior change!
  - CHANGE: Do not convert 90-99 to 1990-1999 when parsing numbers to
    recognize years.  NOTE INCOMPATIBILITY: This is a behavior change!
  - CHANGE: Revert change to -y option that included filename and line
    number in the hash.
  - CHANGE: Retain newlines (produced by %_) in JSON output.
  - FIX: Document $FormWidth system variable
  - FIX: Highlight today's date in "remind -c" output
  - FIX: Eliminate compiler warnings on Ubuntu 18.04.
  - IMPROVEMENT: Allow times to be specified either in 24-hour mode
    (HH:MM or HH.MM) or AM/PM mode (HH:MMam; HH:MMpm, etc.)
  - IMPROVEMENT: Allow DURATION to be specified as a time (1:30) or a
    number of minutes (90).
  - IMPROVEMENT: If terminal size can be determined, set $FormWidth to
    terminal width - 8; if not, set $FormWidth to 72.
  - MINOR IMPROVEMENT: Add the "ampm()" built-in function.
* Sat Feb 01 2020 Detlef Steuer <>
  - update to remind-3.3.0
  - FIX: rem2ps: Add a %%PageBoundingBox: document structuring convention
  - FIX: rem2ps: Ignore unknown SPECIAL-type reminders.
  - IMPROVEMENT: In calendar mode ("-c" option), Remind automatically adjusts
    the width of the calendar to fit the terminal window if standard output
    is a TTY.
  - IMPROVEMENT: Add JSON-based output with "remind -pp" and "remind -ppp"
    The JSON-based intermediate format preserves a lot more information
    about the original reminder, allowing back-ends more insight into
    the intent of the reminder, the recurrence used, etc.  See the documentation
    in "man rem2ps"
  - IMPROVEMENT: TkRemind can "reverse-engineer" reminders that it creates
    using the additional information in the "remind -pp" format, so it
    doesn't create or use ugly comment blocks to delimit the reminders
    it creates.
  - IMPROVEMENT: TkRemind: Add popup help to most buttons and controls.
  - NEW FEATURE: Add support for $DefaultColor system variable, suggested
    by Tim Chase.
  - NEW FEATURE: The "-@[n][,m]" command-line option allows colored reminders
    in Agenda Mode as well as in Calendar Mode.  It also adds support for
    terminal emulators that can handle the xterm 256-color escape sequences
    as well as the true 24-bit color escape sequences.
  - CHANGE: SPECIALs are now case-insensitive.  Before, only SPECIAL COLOR
    would work.  Now you can use Special Color, special color, etc.
* Sat Jan 04 2020 Detlef Steuer <>
  - defattr still needed to support SLE11-SP4
* Sat Jan 04 2020 Detlef Steuer <>
  - update to remind-3.2.0
  - removed buildroot and defattr calls from spec. No londer needed.
  - IMPROVEMENT: Add support for events spanning multiple days (with AT
    and DURATION).  Add trigeventstart() and trigeventduration()
    introspection functions; see "MULTI-DAY EVENTS" in the man page.
  - IMPROVEMENT: Add introspection functions trigback(), trigdelta(),
    trigduration(), trigfrom(), trigpriority(), trigrep(),
    trigscanfrom(), trigtimedelta(), trigtimerep(), and triguntil().  See
    man page for details; thanks to Tim Chase for the suggestion.
  - IMPROVEMENT: TkRemind: Use PNG images for the next month / previous
    month buttons rather than -> and <-.  Also use nice anti-aliased
    moon phase images instead of ugly blocky bitmaps.
  - CHANGE: Modify addition so that previously-illegal combinations
    TIME + TIME, TIME + DATETIME and DATETIME + TIME are now allowed.
    Also allow DATETIME - TIME.  If t1 and t2 are expressions of type TIME
    and dt is an expression of type DATETIME, then the following are now
    equivalent (before, the expressions on the left-hand side would fail
    with a "Type mismatch" error.)
    t1 + t2     ==     t1                + coerce("INT", t2)
    dt + t2     ==     dt                + coerce("INT", t2)
    t1 + dt     ==     coerce("INT", t1) + dt
    dt - t2     ==     dt                - coerce("INT", t2)
  - DOC FIX: Document previously-undocumented $MaxStringLen system variable
  - DOC FIX: Various minor documentation fixes.
  - BUG FIX: Specifying a DURATION without an AT clause results in an error.
    Before, it would be accepted but not do anything useful.
  - BUG FIX: Catch potential date overflow in slide() function
  - BUG FIX: Fix compile error when compiling Romanian version; eliminate
    compiler warning when compiling non-English versions.
  - BUG FIX: TkRemind: Fix startup failure of TkRemind if options are at
    default. :(
* Fri Aug 14 2015
  - update to remind-3.1.15
    - BUG FIX: Fix a buffer overflow found by Alexander Keller
    - BUG FIX: Make parser reject an AT followed by more than one time.
    - BUG FIX: Make parser reject repeated delta or *repeat values.
    - NEW FEATURE: Putting the line __EOF__ in a .rem file causes
      Remind to treat it as end-of-file.
    - IMPROVEMENT: Use better PNG images for moons in the HTML display
    - BUG FIX: The "-n" command-line option should really run in
      "ADVANCE_MODE" rather than "CAL_MODE" internally; otherwise,
      the substitution sequences may be misinterpreted.
    - BUG FIX: A typo in clearing out MD5 sum context has been fixed.
    - BUG FIX: Typo in Spanish translation was fixed.



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