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tk-8.6.12-150300.10.3.1 RPM for ppc64le

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.6 for ppc64le

Name: tk Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 8.6.12 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 150300.10.3.1 Build date: Tue Feb 8 05:34:40 2022
Group: Development/Languages/Tcl Build host: nebbiolo
Size: 5398203 Source RPM: tk-8.6.12-150300.10.3.1.src.rpm
Summary: Graphical User Interface Toolkit for Tcl
Tk is a graphical user interface toolkit that takes developing desktop
applications to a higher level than conventional approaches. Tk is the
standard GUI not only for Tcl, but for many other dynamic languages,
and can produce rich, native applications that run unchanged across
Windows, Mac OS X, Linux and more.

    The Tcl Core Team <>






* Wed Nov 10 2021
  - New version 8.6.12:
    * (bug)[7beaed] ttk::bindMouseWheel syntax error
    * (new) support 4 new keycodes: CodeInput, SingleCandidate,
      MultipleCandidate, PreviousCandidate
    * (new) Portable keycodes: OE, oe, Ydiaeresis
    * (bug)[9e1312] <Enter> to parent after child destroyed
    * (bug)[d3cd4c] more robust notebook processing
    * (bug)[234ee4] crash in [clipboard get] invalid encoding
    * (bug)[be9cad] Poor trace housekeeping -> tkwait segfault
    * (bug)[9b6065] restore Tcl [update], see window-2.12
    * (bug)[34db75,ea876b] cursor motion in peer text
    * (bug)[c97464] memleak in TkpDrawAngledChars
    * (bug)[171ba7] crash when grab and focus are not coordinated
    * crash due to failed transient record housekeeping
    * (bug)[099109] segfault reusing a container toplevel
    * (bug)[4efbfe] static package init order in wish
    * (bug)[033886] Win: hang in font loading
    * (bug)[8ebed3] multi-thread safety in Xft use
    * (new)[TIP 608] New virtual event <<TkWorldChanged>>
* Sat Apr 17 2021
  - Update to version (still presenting itself as 8.6.11)
    * Fixed issue in bindMouseWheel
* Mon Jan 04 2021
  - Version 8.6.11:
    * Fix TkKeyEvent platform variations
    * ttk respect -cursor option
    * MouseWheel for ttk::scrollbar
    * fix fontconfig crash when no font installed
    * fix tearoff menu redraw artifacts
    * stop crash w/Noto Color Emoji font
    * fix crash of angled text w/o Xft
    * fix crash when active button is destroyed
    * disfavor Master/Slave terminology
    * many more bug fixes.
* Fri Nov 20 2020
  - Fix manpage symlink for wish8.6.
* Mon Oct 12 2020
  - Fix build with RPM 4.16: error: bare words are no longer
    supported, please use "...":  lib64 == lib64.
* Tue Dec 03 2019
  - Version 8.6.10:
    * (bug)[0a9c91] crash in text-11a.22
    * (bug)[9705d1] crash activating "Alt" theme
    * (bug)[e3b954] cursor offset at full screen display
    * (bug)[18a4ba] cross-platform [winfo containing]
    * (build) 'None', 'ControlMask' symbol conflicts
    * (bug)[509caf] [treeview tag configure] regression
    * (bug)[3003895] [scale] res rounds and -from
    * (new)[TIP 533] [$mb post x y idx]
    * (bug)[1529659] embed toplevel blocks outer menu
    * (bug)[8814bd] crash in [NSMenu size]
    * (bug)[1951ab] Prevent transient window cycles (crashed on Aqua)
    * (bug)[4da219] Incomplete read of multi-image GIF
    * (new)[TIP 535] Precision of ::scale widget tick mark values
    * (bug)[da3914] [$treeview identify element] failure
    * (bug)[897ffe] Prevent cross-manager loops of geom management
    * (bug)[368fa4] Prevent toggle of hidden treeview indicators
    * (bug)[928652] Apply TIP 533 for ttk::menubutton
    * (bug)[1001070] X-platform rework of label options -highlight*
    * (bug)[6286fd] checkbutton handling of -selectcolor
    * (bug) Ttk scrolling bugs, see tests treeview-9.1, entry-3.[3-6]
    * (new)[TIP 541] [combobox current] support "end" index
    * (bug)[2a6c62] <<TreeviewSelect>> trigger on item delete
    * (bug)[75b8fb] Crash with some [event generate]d <ButtonRelease>
    * (bug)[5ddeca] Stop app switching exposing withdrawn windows as zombies
    * (new) Refactor all MouseWheel bindings
    * (bug)[c8ccd1] up array key in [text] takes to index 1.0
    * (new)[TIP 532] Tk event loop rewrite to prevent ring overflow
    * (bug)[2834776] Stop disabled spinbox from generating
      <<Increment>> & <<Decrement>>
    * (bug)[a01b6f7] Workaround XWayland bug reporting screen width
    * (bug)[b82bd4] Fix [style configure -compound]
    * (bug)[69b48f] failing test textTag-18.1
    * (bug)[c4abd2] panic in stackorder command
    * (bug)[53d280] [wm iconphoto] crash on empty image
    * [90d555] workaround NSFontManager bad selections
    * (new) Partial Emoji support in text displays
  - tk-8.5.12-fix-xft.patch is not needed anymore.
* Tue Jul 23 2019
  - Use FAT LTO objects in order to provide proper static
    library (boo#1138797).
* Wed Dec 12 2018
  - Version 8.6.9:
    * (platform) stop using -lieee, removed from glibc-2.27
      (bsc#1179615, bsc#1181840).
    * (bug)[aa7679] crash using window after master destroyed
    * (bug)[925262] New option -state for ttk::scale
    * (bug)[fa8de7] Crash [ttk::checkbutton .x -variable {}]
    * (bug)[382712] Crash in [event generate . <KeyPress>]
    * (bug)[657c38] Crash in menu destroy with checkbutton entry
    * (bug)[de156e] Deny PRIMARY selection access in safe interps
    * (bug)[b68710] Fixes in [text] bindings
    * (bug)[e20d5c] Stop failures of textTag-18.1
    * (bug)[5d991b] Fortify var traces against deleted vars
    * (bug)[1821174] Stop RenderBadPicture X error
    * (bug)[502e74] Stop X errors on untrusted connections
    * (bug)[71b131] Regression in Tk_DrawChars()
    * (bug)[59fccb] menu flaws when empty menubar clicked
    * (bug)[7423f9] improved legacy support for [tk_setPalette]
    * (bug)[de01e2] Crash in [$text replace]
    * (bug)[135696] Crash in [wm transient]
    * (bug)[309b42] Improve ttk high-contrast-mode support
    * (bug)[fabed1] GIF photo support for "deferred clear code"
    * (bug)[3441086] error message in layout-2
    * (bug)[05bd7f] vista theme for combobox
    * (bug)[382712] crash in KeyPress event handling
    * (bug)[6fcaaa] insertion cursor visibility in ttk::entry
    * (bug)[822923] cascade menu indicator color
    * (bug)[9658bc] borderwidth calculations on menu items
    * (bug)[ca403f] treeview border drawing
    * (bug)[4b555a] hang in [$text search -all]
    * (bug)[6b22d4] [treeview] binding fix
* Thu Jul 12 2018
  - Update tkcon.tcl to CVS revision 1.124:
    * Use -underline clearly to disambiguate from new 8.6.6 option
    - underlinefg
    * prevent file edit from undoing loading of file
* Mon Feb 19 2018
  - add explicit buildrequire on fontconfig-devel
* Fri Dec 29 2017
  - Version 8.6.8:
    * (bug)[f1a3ca] Memory leak in [text] B-tree
    * (bug)[ee40fd] Report [console] init errors
    * (bug)[3295446] Improve history visibility in [console]
    * (bug)canvas closed polylines fully honor -joinstyle
    * (bug)[cc42cc] out of mem crash in tests imgPhoto-18.*
    * (bug)[3406785] fix coords rounding when drawing canvas items
    * (bug)[8277e1] linux fontchooser sync with available fonts
    * (bug)[5239fd] Segfault copying a photo image to itself
    * (bug)[514ff6] canvas rotated text overlap detection
    * (bug)[1e0db2] canvas rchars artifacts
    * (bug)[d9fdfa] display of Long non-wrapped lines in text
    * (bug)[dd9667] text anchor not set
    * (bug)[bb6b40] ::tk::AmpMenuArgs and 'entryconf'
    * (bug)[55b95f] Crash [scale] with a bignum value
    * (bug)[ce62c8] text-37.1 fails
    * (bug)[0ef1c5] OS X - tests menu-22.[345] hang
    * (bug) display of embedded toplevels
    * (bug)[73ba07] Correct property type for MULTIPLE conversion
    * (bug) Memory leak in tkImgPhoto.c.
    * (bug) Defeat zombie toplevels
    * (bug) [wm withdraw] on Window and Dock menus
    * (new)[TIP 477] nmake build system reform
* Thu Oct 19 2017
  - Sync SLE12 with Factory to fix a bug in Itcl that was affecting
    iwidgets (bsc#903017).
* Wed Sep 13 2017
  - Change licence to "TCL".
* Fri Aug 11 2017
  - New version 8.6.7:
    * (bug)[a2abc4] Wrong warp cursor position on 2nd display
    * (bug)[fa3229] menu-38.1
    * (bug)[2cf3d6] button-5.24
    * (bug)[1534455,2945130] Key release events get _L vs _R right.
    * (bug)[8c4216] listbox-4.1
    * (bug)[eb2681] listbox-13.1
    * (bug)[3126428] ttk::button react to image change
    * (bug)[1082213] wrapped text don't start lines with whitespace
    * (bug)[3217462] tri-state button on non-native theme
    * (bug)[3588460] Fix file dialog -typevariable
    * (bug)[e36963] event generate .e <diaeresis>
    * (bug)[6aea69] grid-23
    * (bug)[f60c54] combobox-3
    * (bug)[f32502] crash drawing many dashed objects
    * (bug)[dac92f] text-2.[89]
    * (bug)[7a838c] X11 ring buffer overflow
    * (bug)[d4fb4e] imgPhoto-4.75
    * (bug)[1403ea] Limits on text line size on Windows
    * (bug)[ae32eb] textDisp fails in text custom config
    * (bug)[7d967c] crash after IME restart
    * (bug)[c492c9] disabled combobox arrow appearance
    * (bug)[6b3644] Fix -alpha for 16-bit color PNG
    * (bug)[775273] artifacts on Ubuntu 16.10+
    * (bug)[28a3c3] test BTree memleaks plugged
    * (bug)[db8c54] Stop freed mem access in warp pointer callback
    * (bugs) Fix calculation of ttk::notebook tab widths
    * (bug)[291296] notebook tab management
    * (bug)[3f323b] variable struct size on XCode 8.3.1
    * (bug)[a5ba1c] race condition on Win clipboard cleanup
    * (bug)[2433781] center image on button
    * (bug)[434d29] type mismatch with recent Xft
    * (bug)[bc43fd] paneconfigure get pane heights right
    * (bug)[adc028] menu avoid unreleasable global grab
    * (bug)[92e028,c5eb90] User switch forced theme reset
    * (bug)[62c5b7] segfault in [text] replace
    * (bug)[b601ce] Resource exhaustion processing corrupt GIF
    * (bug)[28d0b8] Follow ICCCM advice on X selection protocol
    * (bug)[4966ca] Scidb race in notebook tab selection
* Mon Nov 14 2016
  - New version 8.6.6:
    * (bug)[3137232] spinbox teardown hygiene
    * (bug)[2981253] spinbox rapid button action
    * (bug)[2262543] scale initialization callbacks
    * (bug)[e9112e] incomplete [wm forget]
    * (bug)[d95e5d] <Map> from hidden panes
    * (TIP 443) More configuration options for text tags
    * (bug)[487861] menu: cascade/accelerator appearance
    * (bug)[1192095] active index from toplevel menus
    * (bug)[18c08d] revised final newline behavior in [text]
    * (bug)[fd3a4d] <<Modified>> delivery to text peers
    * (bug)[b36218,011706] event reentrancy / widget destruction
    * (bug)[64261b] mouse events after double click
    * (bug)[545f10] Xft color font speed
    * (bug)[109865] event reentrancy / widget destruction
    * (TIP 446)[1273358] [$text edit (canundo|canredo)]
    * (bug)[79549a] crash in mouse pointer warping
    * (bug)[787adc] Modernize Tk_Init()
    * (bug) Aqua: excess lable padding
    * (bug) Aqua: bitmap distortion
    * (bug) Aqua/Retina: fix alpha rendering of images
    * (bug)[c84f66] Aqua: crash: overflow in geometry calc
    * (bug)[450bb0] Aqua: memory corruption from [tk busy]
* Tue Mar 01 2016
  - New version 8.6.5:
    * (bug)[e4ed00] [$text index "1.0 display wordstart"] crash
    * (bug)[562118] Unicode support of "wordstart" modifier
    * (bug)[06c3fc] PNG alpha error corrupted output file
    * (bug)[dece63] various mem corruptions in images
    * (bug)[53f8fc] panedwindow geometry management
    * (bug)[1641721] tk_getOpenFile symlink display doubled
    * (bug)[d7bad5][2368195][3592454][1714535][1292219][3592454]
      panedwindow fixes
    * (bug)[805cff] Tk_ConfigureWidget() segfault
    * (bug)[3f179a] Text widget crash with elided text
    * (bug)[2886436] Stop [$text delete] acting before start index
    * (bug)[1236306] TraverseToMenu error bound to toplevel destroy
    * (bug)[00189c] MSVC 14: semi-static UCRT support
    * (bug)[cc0ba3] PNG read buffer overflow
    * (bug)[1501749] Crash embedded window delete bound to <Map>
    * (license) Replace icons that lacked clear free license
    * (bug)[46c83f] Win: tk_getOpenFile -initialdir
    * (new feature)[TIP 437] New panedwindow options
    * (bug)[1669632] [text] autoseparator placement
    * (bug)[2262711] [text] RE search Unicode+elided
    * (bug)[1815161] [$text count -ypixels] needs management
    * (bug)[1520118] Document spinbox validate expectations
    * (bug)[1414025] $entry insertion cursor visibility
    * (bug) PNG rendering on El Capitan
    * (bug)[2160206] menubutton panic
    * (bug)[220854] Display trailing TAB in entry
    * (bug)[542199] double click on lone char in entry
    * (bug)[297442d] strict motif binding on <Control-underscore>
    * (bug)[3601604] $listbox -takefocus
    * (bug)[1997299] [text] tag borderwidth leak
    * (bug)[1739605] [text see] misbehavior
    * (bug)[ff8a1e] Never-mapped [text] performance
    * (bug)[1700065] Report errors from -textvariable write trace
    * (bug)[793909] -textvariable handle undefined namespace
    * (bug)[2f78c7] crash with [text] and [tablelist]
    * (bug)[1288433,3102228] <<ListboxSelect>> misfires
    * (bug)[1510538] initial scrollbar width
    * (bug)[1305128] event not received by scrollbar
    * (bug)[1927212] Mousewheel/scrollbar bindings
    * (bug)[2049429] get more $text options from database
    * (TIP 441) New option [listbox ... -justify]
    * (bug) OBOE in ttk::notebook options parsing
    * (enhance) [option readile] expects utf-8 file
    * (bug) crash in [$text delete]
* Thu Aug 06 2015
  - New version 8.6.4:
    * (bug)[d43a10] shimmer-related crash in [tk_getOpenFile]
    * (bug)[1c0d6e] Win build trouble with SIGDN
    * (bug)[4a0451] [tk_getOpenFile] result
    * (bug) several fixes to elided context in [text]
    * (new feature)[TIP 433] %M binding substitution
    * (bug)[ab6dab] corrupt dashed lines in postscript
  - Update tkcon.tcl to CVS revision 1.122.
* Wed Nov 12 2014
  - New version 8.6.3:
    * (bug)[9e487e] Phony button clicks from browsers to plugin
    * (bug)[810c43] [text] elide changes advance epoch
    * (bug)[fb35eb] fix PNG transparency appearance
    * (bug)[3417012] [scale -digits $bigValue] segfault
    * (bug)[3529885] [scale] handling of negative resolution



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