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velocity-1.7-150200.3.10.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.6 for noarch

Name: velocity Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 1.7 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 150200.3.10.1 Build date: Fri Nov 3 07:16:59 2023
Group: Development/Libraries/Java Build host: h03-ch2a
Size: 429023 Source RPM: velocity-1.7-150200.3.10.1.src.rpm
Summary: Java-based template engine
Velocity is a Java-based template engine. It permits anyone to use the
simple yet powerful template language to reference objects defined in
Java code.
When Velocity is used for web development, Web designers can work in
parallel with Java programmers to develop web sites according to the
Model-View-Controller (MVC) model, meaning that web page designers can
focus solely on creating a site that looks good, and programmers can
focus solely on writing top-notch code. Velocity separates Java code
from the web pages, making the web site more maintainable over the long
run and providing a viable alternative to Java Server Pages (JSPs) or
Velocity's capabilities reach well beyond the realm of web sites; for
example, it can generate SQL and PostScript and XML (see Anakia for more
information on XML transformations) from templates. It can be used
either as a standalone utility for generating source code and reports,
or as an integrated component of other systems. Velocity also provides
template services for the Turbine web application framework.
Velocity+Turbine provides a template service that will allow web
applications to be developed according to a true MVC model.






* Wed Sep 27 2023
  - Reduce considerably the dependencies graph
  - Added patches:
    * velocity-1.7-commons-lang3.patch
      + port from apache-commons-lang to apache-commons-lang3
    * velocity-1.7-log-chute.patch
      + make JDK's own logging provider as default so that the others
      can be removed and dependencies on other logging frameworks
      with them
* Tue Mar 22 2022
  - Build with java source and target levels 8
* Tue Feb 22 2022
  - Do not build against the log4j12 packages, use the new reload4j
* Fri Mar 12 2021
  - Added patch:
    * velocity-1.7-CVE-2020-13936.patch
      + Backport fixes for bsc#1183360, CVE-2020-13936: arbitrary
      code execution when attacker is able to modify templates
* Tue Oct 01 2019
  - Build against the compatibility package log4j12
* Mon Apr 08 2019
  - Do not depend on the apache-parent, since we are not building
    using Maven.
* Thu Feb 14 2019
  - Build against the new plexus-classworlds package
* Mon Nov 05 2018
  - Add alias "velocity:velocity" to the maven artifact
* Tue Sep 19 2017
  - Fix buid with jdk9: specify java source and target level 1.6
* Fri May 19 2017
  - Remove unneeded deps
* Fri May 19 2017
  - New build dependency: javapackages-local
* Wed Mar 18 2015
  - Fix build with new javapackages-tools
* Fri Dec 05 2014
  - Update to version 1.7
    + No changelog available
  - Add requirement to commons-logging; new dependency
  - Remove java-devel >= 1.6.0 requirement; not needed anymore
  - Do not copy convert folder; doesn't exist anymore



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