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liblz4-1-32bit-1.9.3-150400.1.7 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.4 for x86_64

Name: liblz4-1-32bit Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 1.9.3 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 150400.1.7 Build date: Sat May 7 23:04:37 2022
Group: System/Libraries Build host: sheep60
Size: 140868 Source RPM: lz4-1.9.3-150400.1.7.src.rpm
Summary: Hash-based predictive Lempel-Ziv compressor
LZ4 is a lossless data compression algorithm that is focused on
compression and decompression speed. It belongs to the LZ77
(Lempel–Ziv) family of byte-oriented compression schemes. It is a

This subpackage contains the (de)compressor code as a shared library.






* Mon Oct 04 2021
  - version 1.9.3 fixes also CVE-2021-3520 [bsc#1185438]
* Mon Nov 16 2020
  - Update to release 1.9.3
    * api: LZ4_decompress_safe_partial() now supports unknown
      compressed size
    * api: improved LZ4F_compressBound() with automatic flushing
    * cli: multiple files are compressed now using the legacy format
* Wed Oct 16 2019
  - enable testsuite
  - verbose build
* Tue Oct 15 2019
  - version update to 1.9.2
    * decompression functions were reading a few bytes beyond input size
    * api: lz4frame initializers compatibility with c++, reported by @degski
    * cli : added command --list, based on a patch by @gabrielstedman
    * fixes CVE-2019-17543 [bsc#1153936]
* Thu Jun 06 2019
  - Update to new upstream release 1.9.1
    * Decompression speed was improved by about 12% (x86/x64).
    * New option `lz4 --list` to inspect the block type, checksum
      information, compressed and decompressed sizes (if present). The
      command is limited to single-frame files for the time being.
* Fri Oct 12 2018
  - lz4 1.8.3:
    * minor decompression speed improvement (~+2%) with gcc
    * fix corruption in v1.8.2 at level 9 for files > 64KB under
      rare conditions
    * Add new command --fast
    * api: LZ4_decompress_safe_partial() now decodes exactly the
      number of bytes requested
* Thu Jun 28 2018
  - lz4 1.8.2:
    * speed inprovemtns for compression and decompression
    * fix compression compatible with low memory addresses
    * fix decompression segfault when provided with NULL input
    * cli: new command --favor-decSpeed
    * cli: benchmark mode more accurate for small inputs
* Wed Feb 07 2018
  - Update to new upstream release
    * Most visible new feature is support for dictionary compression
    * Support is now more formally added on the API side within
      lib/lz4frame_static.h. It's early days, and this new API is
      tagged "experimental" for the time being.
    * Support is also added in the command line utility lz4, using
      the new command -D. The behavior of this command is identical
      to zstd, should you be already familiar.
    * lz4 doesn't specify how to build a dictionary. All it says is
      that it can be any file up to 64 KB.
    * This approach is compatible with zstd dictionary builder, which
      can be instructed to create a 64 KB dictionary.
    * Improved performance at ultra settings (levels 10+).
    * These levels receive a new code, called optimal parser,
      available in lib/lz4_opt.h.
    * New parser uses less memory (from 384KB to 256KB), performs
      faster, compresses a little bit better (not much, as it was
      already close to theoretical limit), and resists pathological
      patterns which could destroy performance.
    * New parser is directly compatible with lower compression levels,
      which brings additional benefits:
      + Compatibility with LZ4_*_destSize() variant, which reverses
      the logic by trying to fit as much data as possible into a
      predefined limited size buffer.
      + Compatibility with Dictionary compression, as it uses the
      same tables as regular HC mode
    * In the future, this compatibility will also allow dynamic change
      of compression level.
    * Small set of bug fixes and improvements:
      + perf : faster and stronger ultra modes (levels 10+)
      + perf : slightly faster compression and decompression speed
      + perf : fix bad degenerative case
      + fix : decompression failed when using a combination of
      extDict + low memory address
      + cli : support for dictionary compression (-D)
      + cli : fix : lz4 -d --rm preserves timestamp
      + cli : fix : do not modify /dev/null permission as root
      + api : _destSize() variant supported for all compression
  - partial cleanup with spec-cleaner
  - drop lz4-use-shlib.diff, breaks build
  - misc spec cleanups
    - remove Makefile fix
    - build and install separately
    - New URL
* Fri Aug 25 2017
  - Update to new upstream release 1.8.0
    * cli: fix: do not modify /dev/null's permissions.
    * cli: added POSIX separator "--" for specifying that all
      following arguments are non-options.
    * cli: restored -BX command enabling block checksum.
    * API: added LZ4_compress_HC_destSize() and
    * API: lz4frame: negative compression levels trigger fast
    * API: lz4frame: ability to control block checksum and
      dictionary ID.
    * API: fix: expose obsolete decoding functions
    * API: experimental: lz4frame_static.h:
      new dictionary compression API
    * doc: Updated LZ4 Frame format to v1.6.0, restoring
      Dictionary ID field in header.
  - Add lz-export.diff
* Tue Aug 15 2017
  - Use official upstream repository; (boo#1053910)
* Wed Jul 05 2017
  - Update to new upstrema release 1.7.5 (2017-01-03)
    * back to the old version scheme
    * lz4hc: new compression levels 10-12
  - Remove lz4-soversion.diff (not needed),
    lz4-killdate.diff (no longer needed)
* Mon Jan 16 2017
  - Add baselibs.conf: provide liblz4-1_7 as -32bit compatibility
    package, required by systemd-32bit.
* Sat Apr 02 2016
  - Update to new upstream release 131 (library 1.7) (boo#973735)
    * slightly improved decoding speed
    * lz4frame API is included in liblz4
    * new -m command line option to compress multiple files
    * new lz4 and lz4hc compression API (old one retained)
* Fri Nov 28 2014
  - Update to version 1.4+svn124
    * LZ4F_compressBound() may be called with NULL preferencesPtr
    * LZ4_loadDict now returns the dictionary size instead of 1
    on success
  - Add lz4-soversion.diff to address ABI changes



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