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python3-pip-wheel-20.0.2-150400.15.6 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.4 for noarch

Name: python3-pip-wheel Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 20.0.2 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 150400.15.6 Build date: Sat May 7 23:30:22 2022
Group: Development/Languages/Python Build host: sheep26
Size: 1289270 Source RPM: python-pip-wheel-20.0.2-150400.15.6.src.rpm
Summary: A Python package management system
Pip is a replacement for easy_install. It uses mostly the same techniques for
finding packages, so packages that were made easy_installable should be
pip-installable as well.






* Fri Feb 25 2022
  - Add wheel subpackage with the generated wheel for this package
    (bsc#1176262, CVE-2019-20916).
  - Make wheel a separate build run to avoid the setuptools/wheel build
* Thu Feb 17 2022
  - Switch this package to use update-alternatives for all files
    in %{_bindir} so it doesn't collide with the versions on
    "the latest" versions of Python interpreter (jsc#SLE-18038,
* Sat Nov 27 2021
  - Add CVE-2021-3572-split-unicode-separators.patch stopping the script
    from splitting references on Unicode separators (CVE-2021-3572,
* Wed Nov 18 2020
  - Update in SLE-15 (bsc#1175297, jsc#ECO-3035, jsc#PM-2318)
* Wed Sep 09 2020
  - add pypa-pip-issue-6413-fix.patch
    * addresses CVE-2019-20916 (bsc#1176262, SOC-11388)
    * backport of changes from fix
* Thu Mar 19 2020
  - Skip virtualenv tests that are pinned to old virtualenv 16
* Wed Feb 05 2020
  - update to 20.0.2
  - add setuptools-45.1.0-py3-none-any.whl for testsuite
  - drop pytest5.patch
    * Fix a regression in generation of compatibility tags
    * Rename an internal module, to avoid ImportErrors due to improper uninstallation
    * Switch to a dedicated CLI tool for vendoring dependencies.
    * Remove wheel tag calculation from pip and use packaging.tags. This should provide more tags ordered better than in prior releases.
    * Deprecate builds that do not generate an .egg-info directory.
    * The pip>=20 wheel cache is not retro-compatible with previous versions. Until pip 21.0, pip will continue to take advantage of existing legacy cache entries.
    * Deprecate undocumented --skip-requirements-regex option.
    * Deprecate passing install-location-related options via --install-option.
    * Use literal "abi3" for wheel tag on CPython 3.x, to align with PEP 384 which only defines it for this platform.
    * Remove interpreter-specific major version tag e.g. cp3-none-any from consideration. This behavior was not documented strictly, and this tag in particular is not useful. Anyone with a use case can create an issue with pypa/packaging.
    * Wheel processing no longer permits wheels containing more than one top-level .dist-info directory.
    * Support for the git+git@ form of VCS requirement is being deprecated and will be removed in pip 21.0. Switch to git+https:// or git+ssh://. git+git:// also works but its use is discouraged as it is insecure.
    * Default to doing a user install (as if --user was passed) when the main site-packages directory is not writeable and user site-packages are enabled.
    * Warn if a path in PATH starts with tilde during pip install.
    * Cache wheels built from Git requirements that are considered immutable, because they point to a commit hash.
    * Add option --no-python-version-warning to silence warnings related to deprecation of Python versions.
    * Cache wheels that pip wheel built locally, matching what pip install does. This particularly helps performance in workflows where pip wheel is used for building before installing. Users desiring the original behavior can use pip wheel --no-cache-dir
    * Display CA information in pip debug.
    * Show only the filename (instead of full URL), when downloading from PyPI.
    * Suggest a more robust command to upgrade pip itself to avoid confusion when the current pip command is not available as pip.
    * Define all old pip console script entrypoints to prevent import issues in stale wrapper scripts.
    * The build step of pip wheel now builds all wheels to a cache first, then copies them to the wheel directory all at once. Before, it built them to a temporary directory and moved them to the wheel directory one by one.
    * Expand ~ prefix to user directory in path options, configs, and environment variables. Values that may be either URL or path are not currently supported, to avoid ambiguity:
    - -find-links
    - -constraint, -c
    - -requirement, -r
    - -editable, -e
    * Correctly handle system site-packages, in virtual environments created with venv (PEP 405).
    * Fix case sensitive comparison of pip freeze when used with -r option.
    * Enforce PEP 508 requirement format in pyproject.toml build-system.requires.
    * Make ensure_dir() also ignore ENOTEMPTY as seen on Windows.
    * Fix building packages which specify backend-path in pyproject.toml.
    * Do not attempt to run clean after a pep517 build error, since a may not exist in that case.
    * Fix passwords being visible in the index-url in "Downloading <url>" message.
    * Change method from shutil.remove to shutil.rmtree in
    * Skip running tests which require subversion, when svn isn't installed
    * Fix not sending client certificates when using --trusted-host.
    * Make sure pip wheel never outputs pure python wheels with a python implementation tag. Better fix/workaround for #3025 by using a per-implementation wheel cache instead of caching pure python wheels with an implementation tag in their name.
    * Include subdirectory URL fragments in cache keys.
    * Fix typo in warning message when any of --build-option, --global-option and --install-option is used in requirements.txt
    * Fix the logging of cached HTTP response shown as downloading.
    * Effectively disable the wheel cache when it is not writable, as is the case with the http cache.
    * Correctly handle relative cache directory provided via --cache-dir.
* Fri Oct 18 2019
  - Update to version 19.3.1
    * Document Python 3.8 support.
    * Fix bug that prevented installation of PEP 517 packages without
    * Remove undocumented support for un-prefixed URL requirements pointing to SVN repositories.
    * Remove the deprecated --venv option from pip config.
    * Make pip show warn about packages not found.
    * Abort installation if any archive contains a file which would be placed outside the extraction location.
    * pip's CLI completion code no longer prints a Traceback if it is interrupted.
    * Ignore errors copying socket files for local source installs (in Python 3).
    * Skip copying .tox and .nox directories to temporary build directories
    * Ignore "require_virtualenv" in pip config
* Tue Aug 13 2019
  - Update to version 19.2.2:
    * Merge pull request #6827 from cjerdonek/issue-6804-find-links-expansion
    * Fix handling of tokens (single part credentials) in URLs (#6818)
    * Simplify the handling of "typing.cast"
* Thu Aug 08 2019
  - Update to version 19.2.1:
    * Fix a ``NoneType`` ``AttributeError`` when evaluating hashes and no hashes provided
    * Drop support for EOL Python 3.4.
    * Credentials will now be loaded using keyring when installed
    * Fully support using --trusted-host inside requirements files
    * Update timestamps in pip's --log file to include milliseconds
    * Respect whether a file has been marked as "yanked" from a simple repository (see PEP 592 for details)
    * When choosing candidates to install, prefer candidates with a hash matching one of the user-provided hashes
    * Improve the error message when METADATA or PKG-INFO is None when accessing metadata
    * Add a new command pip debug that can display e.g. the list of compatible tags for the current Python
    * Display hint on installing with --pre when search results include pre-release versions
    * Report to Warehouse that pip is running under CI if the PIP_IS_CI environment variable is set
    * Allow --python-version to be passed as a dotted version string (e.g. 3.7 or 3.7.3)
    * Log the final filename and SHA256 of a .whl file when done building a wheel
    * Include the wheel's tags in the log message explanation when a candidate wheel link is found incompatible
    * Add a --path argument to pip freeze to support --target installations
    * Add a --path argument to pip list to support --target installations
  - from version 19.2.0
    * Drop support for EOL Python 3.4. (#6685)
    * Improve deprecation messages to include the version in which
      the functionality will be removed. (#6549)
    * Credentials will now be loaded using keyring when installed. (#5948)
    * Fully support using --trusted-host inside requirements files. (#3799)
    * Update timestamps in pip’s --log file to include milliseconds. (#6587)
    * Respect whether a file has been marked as “yanked” from a simple
      repository (see PEP 592 for details). (#6633)
    * When choosing candidates to install, prefer candidates with a
      hash matching one of the user-provided hashes. (#5874)
    * Improve the error message when METADATA or PKG-INFO is None
      when accessing metadata. (#5082)
    * Add a new command pip debug that can display e.g. the
      list of compatible tags for the current Python. (#6638)
    * Display hint on installing with --pre when search results
      include pre-release versions. (#5169)
    * Report to Warehouse that pip is running under CI
      if the PIP_IS_CI environment variable is set. (#5499)
    * Allow --python-version to be passed as a dotted
      version string (e.g. 3.7 or 3.7.3). (#6585)
    * Log the final filename and SHA256 of a .whl file when done building a wheel. (#5908)
    * Include the wheel’s tags in the log message explanation when
      a candidate wheel link is found incompatible. (#6121)
    * Add a --path argument to pip freeze to support --target installations. (#6404)
    * Add a --path argument to pip list to support --target installations. (#6551)
    * Set sys.argv[0] to the underlying when invoking via
      the setuptools shim so setuptools doesn’t think the path is -c. (#1890)
    * Update pip download to respect the given --python-version
      when checking "Requires-Python". (#5369)
    * Respect --global-option and --install-option when installing
      from a version control url (e.g. git). (#5518)
    * Make the “ascii” progress bar really be “ascii” and not Unicode. (#5671)
    * Fail elegantly when trying to set an incorrectly formatted key in config. (#5963)
    * Prevent DistutilsOptionError when prefix is indicated in the
      global environment and --target is used. (#6008)
    * Fix pip install to respect --ignore-requires-python when evaluating links. (#6371)
    * Fix a debug log message when freezing an editable,
      non-version controlled requirement. (#6383)
    * Extend to Subversion 1.8+ the behavior of calling Subversion
      in interactive mode when pip is run interactively. (#6386)
    * Prevent pip install <url> from permitting directory traversal if e.g. a malicious
      server sends a Content-Disposition header with a filename containing ../ or ..\\.
      (#6413) (bsc#1176262, CVE-2019-20916)
    * Hide passwords in output when using --find-links. (#6489)
    * Include more details in the log message if pip freeze can’t generate
      a requirement string for a particular distribution. (#6513)
    * Add the line number and file location to the error message when reading an
      invalid requirements file in certain situations. (#6527)
    * Prefer os.confstr to ctypes when extracting glibc version info. (#6543, #6675)
    * Improve error message printed when an invalid editable requirement is provided. (#6648)
    * Improve error message formatting when a command errors out in a subprocess. (#6651)
* Mon Jul 22 2019
  - Add patch to build with pytest5, also sent upstream:
    * pytest5.patch
* Wed May 15 2019
  - Update to version 19.1.1+git.1557777841.63878672:
    * Update news file to match usual style
    * fix-5963: assert error message
    * Simplify CandidateEvaluator.evaluate_link().
    * Fix 6486 mac gitignore (#6487)
    * Store instances in the VcsSupport registry instead of classes.
    * Remove unused cls argument from VcsSupport.unregister().
    * fix-5963: Add news file
    * fix-5963: fail elegantly on missing name or section in config set / unset
    * Remove unnecessary slices.
    * Fix typo.
* Wed May 15 2019
  - Switch to multibuild, so testing is separate from the building
    of the package itself.
* Sat May 11 2019
  - Update to version 19.1.1+git.1557521541.a731e7e3:
    * Docs: capitalize "URL"
    * Upgrade Sphinx version for Read the Docs (#6477)
    * Upwrap import
    * Remove utils/'s dependence on the current environment.
    * Improve import error handling Fix --no-index usage Fix missing type annotation type
    * Rename _link_package_versions() to evaluate_link().
    * Move _link_package_versions() to CandidateEvaluator.
    * Refine return type of _package_versions() and find_all_candidates().
    * Fix mismerged import
    * Issue #5948: Enable keyring support
    * Move run_with_log_command() after run_stderr_with_prefix().
    * Change to never allow logging errors during tests.
    * Add failing test.
    * Respect --global-option and --install-option for VCS installs.
  - Start using upstream git checkout instead of the released
    tarballs so we can get tests/ directory (gh#pypa/pip#6258).
  - Enable tests.
* Fri May 10 2019
  - Update to 19.1.1:
    - Restore pyproject.toml handling to how it was with pip 19.0.3
      to prevent the need to add --no-use-pep517 when installing in
      editable mode. (#6434)
    - Fix a regression that caused @ to be quoted in pypiserver
      links. This interfered with parsing the revision string from
      VCS urls. (#6440)
    - Configuration files may now also be stored under sys.prefix
    - Avoid creating an unnecessary local clone of a Bazaar branch
      when exporting. (#5443)
    - Include in pip's User-Agent string whether it looks like pip
      is running under CI. (#5499)
    - A custom (JSON-encoded) string can now be added to pip's
      User-Agent using the PIP_USER_AGENT_USER_DATA environment
      variable. (#5549)
    - For consistency, passing --no-cache-dir no longer affects
      whether wheels will be built. In this case, a temporary
      directory is used. (#5749)
    - Command arguments in subprocess log messages are now quoted
      using shlex.quote(). (#6290)
    - Prefix warning and error messages in log output with WARNING
      and ERROR. (#6298)
    - Using --build-options in a PEP 517 build now fails with an
      error, rather than silently ignoring the option. (#6305)
    - Error out with an informative message if one tries to install
      a pyproject.toml-style (PEP 517) source tree using --editable
      mode. (#6314)
    - When downloading a package, the ETA and average speed now
      only update once per second for better legibility. (#6319)
    - The stdout and stderr from VCS commands run by pip as
      subprocesses (e.g. git, hg, etc.) no longer pollute pip's
      stdout. (#1219)
    - Fix handling of requests exceptions when dependencies are
      debundled. (#4195)
    - Make pip's self version check avoid recommending upgrades to
      prereleases if the currently-installed version is stable.
    - Fixed crash when installing a requirement from a URL that
      comes from a dependency without a URL. (#5889)
    - Improve handling of file URIs: correctly handle
      file://localhost/... and don't try to use UNC paths on Unix.
    - Fix utils.encoding.auto_decode() LookupError with invalid
      encodings. utils.encoding.auto_decode() was broken when
      decoding Big Endian BOM byte-strings on Little Endian or vice
      versa. (#6054)
    - Fix incorrect URL quoting of IPv6 addresses. (#6285)
    - Redact the password from the extra index URL when using pip
    - v. (#6295)
    - The spinner no longer displays a completion message after
      subprocess calls not needing a spinner. It also no longer
      incorrectly reports an error after certain subprocess calls
      to Git that succeeded. (#6312)
    - Fix the handling of editable mode during installs when
      pyproject.toml is present but PEP 517 doesn't require the
      source tree to be treated as pyproject.toml-style. (#6370)
    - Fix NameError when handling an invalid requirement. (#6419)
    - Make dashes render correctly when displaying long options
      like --find-links in the text. (#6422)
* Sun Mar 10 2019
  - update to version 19.0.3:
    * Fix an IndexError crash when a legacy build of a wheel
      fails. (#6252)
    * Fix a regression introduced in 19.0.2 where the filename in a
      RECORD file of an installed file would not be updated when
      installing a wheel. (#6266)
* Tue Feb 12 2019
  - Avoid name repetition in summary. Summary should not be a
    sentence (let alone three).
* Mon Feb 11 2019
  - Update to 19.0.2 (2019-02-09):
    + Bug Fixes
    * Fix a crash where PEP 517-based builds using --no-cache-dir
      would fail in some circumstances with an AssertionError due
      to not finalizing a build directory internally. (#6197)
    * Provide a better error message if attempting an editable
      install of a directory with a pyproject.toml but no
    * The implicit default backend used for projects that provide a
      pyproject.toml file without explicitly specifying build-
      backend now behaves more like direct execution of,
      and hence should restore compatibility with projects that
      were unable to be installed with pip 19.0. This raised the
      minimum required version of setuptools for such builds to
      40.8.0. (#6163)
    * Allow RECORD lines with more than three elements, and display
      a warning. (#6165)
    * AdjacentTempDirectory fails on unwritable directory instead
      of locking up the uninstall command. (#6169)
    * Make failed uninstalls roll back more reliably and better at
      avoiding naming conflicts. (#6194)
    * Ensure the correct wheel file is copied when building PEP 517
      distribution is built. (#6196)
    * The Python 2 end of life warning now only shows on CPython,
      which is the implementation that has announced end of life
      plans. (#6207)
    + Improved Documentation
    * Re-write README and documentation index (#5815)
  - Update to 19.0.1 (2019-01-23):
    + Bug Fixes
    * Fix a crash when using –no-cache-dir with PEP 517
      distributions (#6158, #6171)
  - Update to 19.0 (2019-01-22):
    + Deprecations and Removals
    * Deprecate support for Python 3.4 (#6106)
    * Start printing a warning for Python 2.7 to warn of impending
      Python 2.7 End-of-life and prompt users to start migrating to
      Python 3. (#6148)
    * Remove the deprecated --process-dependency-links option.
    * Remove the deprecated SVN editable detection based on
      dependency links during freeze. (#5866)
    + Features
    * Implement PEP 517 (allow projects to specify a build backend
      via pyproject.toml). (#5743)
    * Implement manylinux2010 platform tag support. manylinux2010
      is the successor to manylinux1. It allows carefully compiled
      binary wheels to be installed on compatible Linux platforms.
    * Improve build isolation: handle .pth files, so namespace
      packages are correctly supported under Python 3.2 and
      earlier. (#5656)
    * Include the package name in a freeze warning if the package
      is not installed. (#5943)
    * Warn when dropping an --[extra-]index-url value that points
      to an existing local directory. (#5827)
    * Prefix pip’s --log file lines with their timestamp. (#6141)
    + Bug Fixes
    * Avoid creating excessively long temporary paths when
      uninstalling packages. (#3055)
    * Redact the password from the URL in various log messages.
      (#4746, #6124)
    * Avoid creating excessively long temporary paths when
      uninstalling packages. (#3055)
    * Avoid printing a stack trace when given an invalid
      requirement. (#5147)
    * Present 401 warning if username/password do not work for URL
    * Handle requests.exceptions.RetryError raised in PackageFinder
      that was causing pip to fail silently when some indexes were
      unreachable. (#5270, #5483)
    * Handle a broken stdout pipe more gracefully (e.g. when
      running pip list | head). (#4170)
    * Fix crash from setting PIP_NO_CACHE_DIR=yes. (#5385)
    * Fix crash from unparseable requirements when checking
      installed packages. (#5839)
    * Fix content type detection if a directory named like an
      archive is used as a package source. (#5838)
    * Fix listing of outdated packages that are not dependencies of
      installed packages in pip list --outdated --not-required
    * Fix sorting TypeError in move_wheel_files() when installing
      some packages. (#5868)
    * Fix support for invoking pip using python src/pip ....
    * Greatly reduce memory usage when installing wheels containing
      large files. (#5848)
    * Editable non-VCS installs now freeze as editable. (#5031)
    * Editable Git installs without a remote now freeze as
      editable. (#4759)
    * Canonicalize sdist file names so they can be matched to a
      canonicalized package name passed to pip install. (#5870)
    * Properly decode special characters in SVN URL credentials.
    * Make PIP_NO_CACHE_DIR disable the cache also for truthy
      values like "true", "yes", "1", etc. (#5735)
    + Vendored Libraries
    * Include license text of vendored 3rd party libraries. (#5213)
    * Update certifi to 2018.11.29
    * Update colorama to 0.4.1
    * Update distlib to 0.2.8
    * Update idna to 2.8
    * Update packaging to 19.0
    * Update pep517 to 0.5.0
    * Update pkg_resources to 40.6.3 (via setuptools)
    * Update pyparsing to 2.3.1
    * Update pytoml to 0.1.20
    * Update requests to 2.21.0
    * Update six to 1.12.0
    * Update urllib3 to 1.24.1
    + Improved Documentation
    * Include the Vendoring Policy in the documentation. (#5958)
    * Add instructions for running pip from source to Development
      documentation. (#5949)
    * Remove references to removed #egg=<name>-<version>
      functionality (#5888)
    * Fix omission of command name in HTML usage documentation
  - Fix patch pip-8.1.2-shipped-requests-cabundle.patch
    this version is long gone
  - Rename patch to pip-shipped-requests-cabundle.patch
  - Fix and show shebang removal
* Thu Dec 06 2018
  - Fix fdupes call
* Sat Oct 20 2018
  - specfile:
    * remove devel from noarch
  - update to version 18.1:
    * Features
      + Allow PEP 508 URL requirements to be used as dependencies.
      + As a security measure, pip will raise an exception when
      installing packages from PyPI if those packages depend on
      packages not also hosted on PyPI. In the future, PyPI will block
      uploading packages with such external URL dependencies
      directly. (#4187)
      + Upgrade pyparsing to 2.2.1. (#5013)
      + Allows dist options (–abi, –python-version, –platform,
      –implementation) when installing with –target (#5355)
      + Support passing svn+ssh URLs with a username to pip install
    - e. (#5375)
      + pip now ensures that the RECORD file is sorted when installing
      from a wheel file. (#5525)
      + Add support for Python 3.7. (#5561)
      + Malformed configuration files now show helpful error messages,
      instead of tracebacks. (#5798)
    * Bug Fixes
      + Checkout the correct branch when doing an editable Git
      install. (#2037)
      + Run self-version-check only on commands that may access the
      index, instead of trying on every run and failing to do so due
      to missing options. (#5433)
      + Allow a Git ref to be installed over an existing
      installation. (#5624)
      + Show a better error message when a configuration option has an
      invalid value. (#5644)
      + Always revalidate cached simple API pages instead of blindly
      caching them for up to 10 minutes. (#5670)
      + Avoid caching self-version-check information when cache is
      disabled. (#5679)
      + Avoid traceback printing on autocomplete after flags in the
      CLI. (#5751)
      + Fix incorrect parsing of egg names if pip needs to guess the
      package name. (#5819)
    * Vendored Libraries
      + Upgrade certifi to 2018.8.24
      + Upgrade packaging to 18.0
      + Add pep517 version 0.2
      + Upgrade pytoml to 0.1.19
      + Upgrade pkg_resources to 40.4.3 (via setuptools)
    * Improved Documentation
      + Fix “Requirements Files” reference in User Guide
* Mon Jul 23 2018
  - update to 18.0
  - refresh pip-8.1.2-shipped-requests-cabundle.patch
    * drop python 3.3 support
    * Remove the legacy format from pip list.
    * Remove support for cleaning up #egg fragment postfixes
    * Remove the shim for the old location
    * Introduce a new --prefer-binary flag, to prefer older wheels
      over newer source packages.
    * Improve autocompletion function on file name completion
    * Add support for installing PEP 518 build dependencies from source
    * Improve status message when upgrade is skipped due to only-if-needed strategy
* Fri Apr 20 2018
  - update to 10.0.1
  - refactor pip-8.1.2-shipped-requests-cabundle.patch
    * Switch the default repository to the new "PyPI 2.0" running at
    * big bunch of changes from 9.0.1 in NEWS.rst
* Wed Mar 29 2017
  - uninstall alternatives in %postun
* Thu Feb 23 2017
  - update for singlespec
  - fix alternative priorities
  - drop cacert.pem and add pip-8.1.2-shipped-requests-cabundle.patch
    to ensure function without it
  - add ca-certificates{,-mozilla} dependency to ensure existence of CA bundle
  - add fdupes
* Sun Jan 08 2017
  - update to version 9.0.1:
    * Correct the deprecation message when not specifying a --format so
      that it uses the correct setting name ("format") rather than the
      incorrect one ("list_format") (:issue:`4058`).
    * Fix "pip check" to check all available distributions and not just
      the local ones (:issue:`4083`).
    * Fix a crash on non ASCII characters from `lsb_release`
    * Fix an SyntaxError in an an used module of a vendored dependency
    * Fix UNC paths on Windows (:issue:`4064`).
  - update to version 9.0.0:
    * **BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE** Remove the attempted autodetection of
      requirement names from URLs, URLs must include a name via
    * **DEPRECATION** "pip install --egg" have been deprecated and will
      be removed in the future. This "feature" has a long list of
      drawbacks which break nearly all of pip's other features in
      subtle and hard-to-diagnose ways.
    * **DEPRECATION** "--default-vcs" option (:issue:`4052`).
    * **WARNING** pip 9 cache can break forward compatibility with
      previous pip versions if your package repository allows chunked
      responses (:issue:`4078`).
    * Add a "pip check" command to check installed packages dependencies
    * Add option allowing user to abort pip operation if file/directory
    * Add Appveyor CI
    * Uninstall existing packages when performing an editable
      installation of the same packages (:issue:`1548`).
    * "pip show" is less verbose by default. "--verbose" prints
      multiline fields.  (:pull:`3858`).
    * Add optional column formatting to "pip list" (:issue:`3651`).
    * Add "--not-required" option to "pip list", which lists packages
      that are not dependencies of other packages.
    * Fix builds on systems with symlinked "/tmp" directory for custom
      builds such as numpy (:pull:`3701`).
    * Fix regression in "pip freeze": when there is more than one git
      remote, priority is given to the remote named "origin"
      (:pull:`3708`, :issue:`3616`).
    * Fix crash when calling "pip freeze" with invalid requirement
      installed (:pull:`3704`, :issue:`3681`).
    * Allow multiple "--requirement" files in "pip freeze"
    * Implementation of pep-503 "data-requires-python". When this field
      is present for a release link, pip will ignore the download when
      installing to a Python version that doesn't satisfy the
    * "pip wheel" now works on editable packages too (it was only
      working on editable dependencies before); this allows running "pip
      wheel" on the result of "pip freeze" in presence of editable
      requirements (:pull:`3695`, :issue:`3291`).
    * Load credentials from ".netrc" files (:pull:`3715`,
    * Add "--platform", "--python-version", "--implementation" and
      "--abi" parameters to "pip download". These allow utilities and
      advanced users to gather distributions for interpreters other than
      the one pip is being run on.  (:pull:`3760`)
    * Skip scanning virtual environments, even when venv/bin/python is a
      dangling symlink.
    * Added "pip completion" support for the "fish" shell.
    * Fix problems on Windows on Python 2 when username or hostname
      contains non-ASCII characters (:issue:`3463`, :pull:`3970`,
    * Use "git fetch --tags" to fetch tags in addition to everything
      else that is normally fetched; this is necessary in case a git
      requirement url points to a tag or commit that is not on a branch
    * Normalize package names before using in "pip show" (:issue:`3976`)
    * Raise when Requires-Python do not match the running version and
      add "--ignore-requires-python" option as escape hatch
    * Report the correct installed version when performing an upgrade in
      some corner cases (:issue:`2382`)
    * Add "-i" shorthand for "--index" flag in "pip search"
    * Do not optionally load C dependencies in requests (:issue:`1840`,
      :issue:`2930`, :issue:`3024`)
    * Strip authentication from SVN url prior to passing it to "svn"
      (:pull:`3697`, :issue:`3209`).
    * Also install in platlib with "--target" option (:pull:`3694`,
    * Restore the ability to use inline comments in requirements files
      passed to "pip freeze" (:issue:`3680`).
* Thu Jun 30 2016
  - Use as Source url.
* Sat May 14 2016
  - update to 8.1.2:
    * Fix a regression on systems with uninitialized locale (:issue:`3575`).
    * Use environment markers to filter packages before determining if a
      required wheel is supported. Solves (:issue:`3254`).
    * Make glibc parsing for `manylinux1` support more robust for the variety of
      glibc versions found in the wild (:issue:`3588`).
    * Update environment marker support to fully support PEP 508 and legacy
      environment markers (:issue:`3624`).
    * Always use debug logging to the ``--log`` file (:issue:`3351`).
    * Don't attempt to wrap search results for extremely narrow terminal windows
    * Fix regression with non-ascii requirement files on Python 2 and add support
      for encoding headers in requirement files (:issue:`3548`, :pull:`3547`).
* Wed Mar 09 2016
  - update to 8.1.0:
    * Implement PEP 513, which adds support for the manylinux1 platform tag,
      allowing carefully compiled binary wheels to be installed on compatible Linux
    * Allow wheels which are not specific to a particular Python interpreter but
      which are specific to a particular platform (:issue:`3202`).
    * Fixed an issue where ``call_subprocess`` would crash trying to print debug
      data on child process failure (:issue:`3521`, :pull:`3522`).
    * Exclude the wheel package from the `pip freeze` output (like pip and setuptools).
    * Allow installing modules from a subdirectory of a vcs repository
      in non-editable mode (:issue:`3217`, :pull:`3466`).
    * Make pip wheel and pip download work with vcs urls with subdirectory option
    * Show classifiers in ``pip show``.
    * Show PEP376 Installer in ``pip show`` (:issue:`3517`).
    * Unhide completion command (:pull:`1810`).
    * Show latest version number in ``pip search`` results (:pull:`1415`).
    * Decode requirement files according to their BOM if present (:pull:`3485`,
    * Fix and deprecate package name detection from url path (:issue:`3523` and
    * Correct the behavior where interpreter specific tags (such as cp34) were
      being used on later versions of the same interprter instead of only for that
      specific interpreter (:issue:`3472`).
    * Fix an issue where pip would erroneously install a 64 bit wheel on a 32 bit
      Python running on a 64 bit OS X machine.
    * Do not assume that all git repositories have an origin remote.
    * Correctly display the line to add to a requirements.txt for an URL based
      dependency when ``--require-hashes`` is enabled.
    * Make ``install --quiet`` really quiet. See :issue:`3418`.
    * Fix a bug when removing packages in python 3: disable INI-style parsing of the
      entry_point.txt file to allow entry point names with colons (:pull:`3434`)
    * Normalize generated script files path in RECORD files. (:pull:`3448`)
    * Fix bug introduced in 8.0.0 where subcommand output was not shown,
      even when the user specified ``-v`` / ``--verbose``. :issue:`3486`.
    * Enable python -W with respect to PipDeprecationWarning. (:pull:`3455`)
    * Upgrade distlib to 0.2.2 (fix :issue:`3467`):
    * Improved support for Jython when quoting executables in output scripts.
    * Add a `--all` option to `pip freeze` to include usually skipped package
      (like pip, setuptools and wheel) to the freeze output. :issue:`1610`.
    * Stop attempting to trust the system CA trust store because it's extremely
      common for them to be broken, often in incompatible ways. See :pull:`3416`.
    * Detect CAPaths in addition to CAFiles on platforms that provide them.
    * Installing argparse or wsgiref will no longer warn or error - pip will allow
      the installation even though it may be useless (since the installed thing
      will be shadowed by the standard library).
    * Upgrading a distutils installed item that is installed outside of a virtual
      environment, while inside of a virtual environment will no longer warn or
    * Fix a bug where pre-releases were showing up in ``pip list --outdated``
      without the ``--pre`` flag.
    * Switch the SOABI emulation from using RuntimeWarnings to debug logging.
    * Rollback the removal of the ability to uninstall distutils installed items
      until a future date.
* Wed Jan 20 2016
  - Update to 0.8.0
    * BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Drop support for Python 3.2.
    * BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Remove the ability to find any files other than the
      ones directly linked from the index or find-links pages.
    * BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Remove the ``--download-cache`` which had been
      deprecated and no-op'd in 6.0.
    * BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Remove the ``--log-explicit-levels`` which had been
      deprecated in 6.0.
    * BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE Change pip wheel --wheel-dir default path from
      <cwd>/wheelhouse to <cwd>.
    * Deprecate and no-op the ``--allow-external``, ``--allow-all-external``, and
      ``--allow-unverified`` functionality that was added as part of PEP 438. With
      changes made to the repository protocol made in PEP 470, these options are no
      longer functional.
    * Allow ``--trusted-host`` within a requirements file. :issue:`2822`.
    * Allow ``--process-dependency-links`` within a requirements file. :issue:`1274`.
    * Allow ``--pre`` within a requirements file. :issue:`1273`.
    * Allow repository URLs with secure transports to count as trusted. (E.g.,
      "git+ssh" is okay.) :issue:`2811`.
    * Implement a top-level ``pip download`` command and deprecate
      ``pip install --download``.
    * Fixed :issue:`3141`, when uninstalling, look for the case of paths containing
      symlinked directories (:pull:`3154`)
    * When installing, if building a wheel fails, clear up the build directory
      before falling back to a source install. :issue:`3047`.
    * Fix user directory expansion when ``HOME=/``. Workaround for Python bug, reported in :issue:`2996`.
    * Fixed :issue:`3009`, correct reporting of requirements file line numbers
    * Fixed :issue:`1062`, Exception(IOError) for ``pip freeze`` and ``pip list``
      commands with subversion >= 1.7. (:pull:`3346`)
    * Provide a spinner showing that progress is happening when installing or
      building a package via ````. This will alleviate concerns that
      projects with unusually long build times have with pip appearing to stall.
    * Include the functionality of ``peep`` into pip, allowing hashes to be baked
      into a requirements file and ensuring that the packages being downloaded
      match one of those hashes. This is an additional, opt-in security measure
      that, when used, removes the need to trust the repository.
    * Fix a bug causing pip to not select a wheel compiled against an OSX SDK later
      than what Python itself was compiled against when running on a newer version
      of OSX.
    * Add a new ``--prefix`` option for ``pip install`` that supports wheels and
      sdists. (:pull:`3252`)
    * Fixed :issue:`2042` regarding wheel building with using a different
      encoding than the system.
    * Drop PasteScript specific egg_info hack. (:pull:`3270`)
    * Allow combination of pip list options --editable with --outdated/--updtodate.
    * Gives VCS implementations control over saying whether a project
      is under their control (:pull:`3258`)
    * Git detection now works when ```` is not at the Git repo root
      and when ``package_dir`` is used, so ``pip freeze`` works in more
      cases (:pull:`3258`)
    * Correctly freeze Git develop packages in presence of the &subdirectory
      option (:pull:`3258`)
    * The detection of editable packages now relies on the presence of ``.egg-link``
      instead of looking for a VCS, so ``pip list -e`` is more reliable
    * Add the ``--prefix`` flag to ``pip install`` which allows specifying a root
      prefix to use instead of ``sys.prefix`` (:pull:`3252`).
    * Allow duplicate specifications in the case that only the extras differ, and
      union all specified extras together (:pull:`3198`).
    * Fix the detection of the user's current platform on OSX when determining the
      OSX SDK version (:pull:`3232`).
    * Prevent the automatically built wheels from mistakenly being used across
      multiple versions of Python when they may not be correctly configured for
      that by making the wheel specific to a specific version of Python and
      specific interpreter (:pull:`3225`).
    * Emulate the SOABI support in wheels from Python 2.x on Python 2.x as closely
      as we can with the information available within the interpreter
    * Don't roundtrip to the network when git is pinned to a specific commit hash
      and that hash already exists locally (:pull:`3066`).
    * Prefer wheels built against a newer SDK to wheels built against an older SDK
      on OSX (:pull:`3163`).
    * Show entry points for projects installed via wheel (:pull:`3122`).
    * Improve message when an unexisting path is passed to --find-links option
    * pip freeze does not add the VCS branch/tag name in the #egg=... fragment anymore
    * Warn on installation of editable if the provided #egg=name part does not
      match the metadata produced by ` egg_info`. :issue:`3143`.
    * Add support for .xz files for python versions supporting them (>= 3.3).
* Fri Sep 25 2015
  - update to 7.1.2:
    * Don't raise an error if pip is not installed when checking for the latest pip
    * Check that the wheel cache directory is writable before we attempt to write
      cached files to them.
    * Move the pip version check until *after* any installs have been performed,
      thus removing the extraenous warning when upgrading pip.
    * Added debug logging when using a cached wheel.
    * Respect platlib by default on platforms that have it separated from purlib.
    * Upgrade packaging to 15.3.
    * Normalize post-release spellings for rev/r prefixes.
    * Upgrade distlib to 0.2.1.
    * Updated launchers to decode shebangs using UTF-8. This allows non-ASCII
      pathnames to be correctly handled.
    * Ensured that the executable written to shebangs is normcased.
    * Changed ScriptMaker to work better under Jython.
    * Upgrade ipaddress to 1.0.13.
    * Allow constraining versions globally without having to know exactly what will
      be installed by the pip command. :issue:`2731`.
    * Accept --no-binary and --only-binary via pip.conf. :issue:`2867`.
    * Allow ``--allow-all-external`` within a requirements file.
    * Fixed an issue where ``--user`` could not be used when ``--prefix`` was used
      in a distutils configuration file.
    * Fixed an issue where the SOABI tags were not correctly being generated on
      Python 3.5.
    * Fixed an issue where we were advising windows users to upgrade by directly
      executing pip, when that would always fail on Windows.
    * Allow ``~`` to be expanded within a cache directory in all situations.
    * Fixed a regression where ``--no-cache-dir`` would raise an exception, fixes
    * **BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE** Revert the change (released in v7.0.0) that
      required quoting in requirements files around specifiers containing
      environment markers. (:pull:`2841`)
    * **BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE** Revert the accidental introduction of support for
      options interleaved with requirements, version specifiers etc in
      ``requirements`` files. (:pull:`2841`)
    * Expand ``~`` in the cache directory when caching wheels, fixes :issue:`2816`.
    * Use ``python -m pip`` instead of ``pip`` when recommending an upgrade command
      to Windows users.
    * Don't build and cache wheels for non-editable installations from VCSs.
    * Allow ``--allow-all-external`` inside of a requirements.txt file, fixing a
      regression in 7.0.
    * **BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE** Removed the deprecated ``--mirror``,
      ``--use-mirrors``, and ``-M`` options.
    * **BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE** Removed the deprecated ``zip`` and ``unzip``
    * **BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE** Removed the deprecated ``--no-install`` and
      ``--no-download`` options.
    * **BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE** No longer implicitly support an insecure origin
      origin, and instead require insecure origins be explicitly trusted with the
      ``--trusted-host`` option.
    * **BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE** Removed the deprecated link scraping that attempted
      to parse HTML comments for a specially formatted comment.
    * **BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE** Requirements in requirements files containing
      markers must now be quoted due to parser changes from (:pull:`2697`) and
      (:pull:`2725`).  For example, use ``"SomeProject; python_version < '2.7'"``,
      not simply ``SomeProject; python_version < '2.7'``
    * Ignores bz2 archives if Python wasn't compiled with bz2 support.
      Fixes :issue:`497`
    * Support ``--install-option`` and ``--global-option`` per requirement in
      requirement files (:pull:`2537`)
    * Build Wheels prior to installing from sdist, caching them in the pip cache
      directory to speed up subsequent installs. (:pull:`2618`)
    * Allow fine grained control over the use of wheels and source builds.
    * ``--no-use-wheel`` and ``--use-wheel`` are deprecated in favour of new
      options ``--no-binary`` and ``--only-binary``. The equivalent of
      ``--no-use-wheel`` is ``--no-binary=:all:``. (:pull:`2699`)
    * The use of ``--install-option``, ``--global-option`` or ``--build-option``
      disable the use of wheels, and the autobuilding of wheels. (:pull:`2711`)
      Fixes :issue:`2677`
    * Improve logging when a requirement marker doesn't match your environment
    * Removed the temporary modifications (that began in pip v1.4 when distribute
      and setuptools merged) that allowed distribute to be considered a conflict to
      setuptools. ``pip install -U setuptools`` will no longer upgrade "distribute"
      to "setuptools".  Instead, use ``pip install -U distribute`` (:pull:`2767`).
    * Only display a warning to upgrade pip when the newest version is a final
      release and it is not a post release of the version we already have
      installed (:pull:`2766`).
    * Display a warning when attempting to access a repository that uses HTTPS when
      we don't have Python compiled with SSL support (:pull:`2761`).
    * Allowing using extras when installing from a file path without requiring the
      use of an editable (:pull:`2785`).
    * Fix an infinite loop when the cache directory is stored on a file system
      which does not support hard links (:pull:`2796`).
    * Remove the implicit debug log that was written on every invocation, instead
      users will need to use ``--log`` if they wish to have one (:pull:`2798`).
    * No longer ignore dependencies which have been added to the standard library,
      instead continue to install them.
    * Fixes :issue:`2502`. Upgrades were failing when no potential links were found
      for dependencies other than the current installation. (:pull:`2538`)
    * Use a smoother progress bar when the terminal is capable of handling it,
      otherwise fallback to the original ASCII based progress bar.
    * Display much less output when `pip install` succeeds, because on success,
      users probably don't care about all the nitty gritty details of compiling and
      installing. When `pip install` fails, display the failed install output once
      instead of twice, because once is enough. (:pull:`2487`)
    * Upgrade the bundled copy of requests to 2.6.0, fixing CVE-2015-2296.
    * Display format of latest package when using ``pip list --outdated``.
    * Don't use pywin32 as ctypes should always be available on Windows, using
      pywin32 prevented uninstallation of pywin32 on Windows. (:pull:`2467`)
    * Normalize the ``--wheel-dir`` option, expanding out constructs such as ``~``
      when used (:pull:`2441`).
    * Display a warning when an undefined extra has been requested. (:pull:`2142`)
    * Speed up installing a directory in certain cases by creating a sdist instead
      of copying the entire directory. (:pull:`2535`)
    * Don't follow symlinks when uninstalling files (:pull:`2552`)
    * Upgrade the bundled copy of cachecontrol from 0.11.1 to 0.11.2.
      Fixes :issue:`2481` (:pull:`2595`)
    * Attempt to more smartly choose the order of installation to try and install
      dependencies before the projects that depend on them. (:pull:`2616`)
    * Skip trying to install libraries which are part of the standard library.
      (:pull:`2636`, :pull:`2602`)
    * Support arch specific wheels that are not tied to a specific Python ABI.
    * Output warnings and errors to stderr instead of stdout. (:pull:`2543`)
    * Adjust the cache dir file checks to only check ownership if the effective
      user is root. (:pull:`2396`)
    * Install headers into a per project name directory instead of all of them into
      the root directory when inside of a virtual environment. (:pull:`2421`)
* Wed Sep 23 2015
  - added coreutils are requirement, to work around SLE12 error in Studio
* Wed Jul 29 2015
  - Make tests conditional to avoid dependency loop.
* Wed Mar 18 2015
  - update to 6.0.8:
    * Fix an issue where the ``--download`` flag would cause pip to no longer use
      randomized build directories.
    * Fix an issue where pip did not properly unquote quoted URLs which contain
      characters like PEP 440's epoch separator (``!``).
    * Fix an issue where distutils installed projects were not actually uninstalled
      and deprecate attempting to uninstall them altogether.
    * Retry deleting directories incase a process like an antivirus is holding the
      directory open temporarily.
    * Fix an issue where pip would hide the cursor on Windows but would not reshow
    * Fix a regression where Numpy requires a build path without symlinks to
      properly build.
    * Fix a broken log message when running ``pip wheel`` without a requirement.
    * Don't mask network errors while downloading the file as a hash failure.
    * Properly create the state file for the pip version check so it only happens
      once a week.
    * Fix an issue where switching between Python 3 and Python 2 would evict cached
    * Fix a regression where pip would be unable to successfully uninstall a
      project without a normalized version.
    * Continue the regression fix from 6.0.5 which was not a complete fix.
    * Fix a regression with 6.0.4 under Windows where most commands would raise an
      exception due to Windows not having the ``os.geteuid()`` function.
    * Fix an issue where ANSI escape codes would be used on Windows even though the
      Windows shell does not support them, causing odd characters to appear with
      the progress bar.
    * Fix an issue where using -v would cause an exception saying
      ``TypeError: not all arguments converted during string formatting``.
    * Fix an issue where using -v with dependency links would cause an exception
      saying ``TypeError: 'InstallationCandidate' object is not iterable``.
    * Fix an issue where upgrading distribute would cause an exception saying
      ``TypeError: expected string or buffer``.
    * Show a warning and disable the use of the cache directory when the cache
      directory is not owned by the current use, commonly caused by using ``sudo``
      without the ``-H`` flag.
    * Update PEP 440 support to handle the latest changes to PEP 440, particularly
      the changes to ``>V`` and ``<V`` so that they no longer imply ``!=V.*``.
    * Document the default cache directories for each operating system.
    * Create the cache directory when the pip version check needs to save to it
      instead of silently logging an error.
    * Fix a regression where the ``-q`` flag would not properly suppress the
      display of the progress bars.
    * Fix an issue where the implicit version check new in pip 6.0 could cause pip
      to block for up to 75 seconds if PyPI was not accessible.
    * Make ``--no-index`` imply ``--disable-pip-version-check``.
    * Fix an issue where the output saying that a package was installed would
      report the old version instead of the new version during an upgrade.
    * Fix left over merge conflict markers in the documentation.
    * Document the backwards incompatible PEP 440 change in the 6.0.0 changelog.
    * Fix executable file permissions for Wheel files when using the distutils
      scripts option.
    * Fix a confusing error message when an exceptions was raised at certain
      points in pip's execution.
    * Fix the missing list of versions when a version cannot be found that matches
      the specifiers.
    * Add a warning about the possibly problematic use of > when the given
      specifier doesn't match anything.
    * Fix an issue where installing from a directory would not copy over certain
      directories which were being excluded, however some build systems rely on
    * **PROCESS** Version numbers are now simply ``X.Y`` where the leading ``1``
      has been dropped.
    * **BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE** Dropped support for Python 3.1.
    * **BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE** Removed the bundle support which was deprecated in
      1.4. (:pull:`1806`)
    * **BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE** File lists generated by `pip show -f` are now
      rooted at the location reported by show, rather than one (unstated)
      directory lower. (:pull:`1933`)
    * **BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE** The ability to install files over the FTP protocol
      was accidently lost in pip 1.5 and it has now been decided to not restore
      that ability.
    * **BACKWARD INCOMPATIBLE** PEP 440 is now fully implemented, this means that
      in some cases versions will sort differently or version specifiers will be
      interpreted differently than previously. The common cases should all function
      similarly to before.
    * **DEPRECATION** ``pip install --download-cache`` and
      ``pip wheel --download-cache`` command line flags have been deprecated and
      the functionality removed. Since pip now automatically configures and uses
      it's internal HTTP cache which supplants the ``--download-cache`` the
      existing options have been made non functional but will still be accepted
      until their removal in pip v8.0. For more information please see
    * **DEPRECATION** ``pip install --build`` and ``pip install --no-clean`` are now
    * NOT* deprecated.  This reverses the deprecation that occurred in v1.5.3. See
      :issue:`906` for discussion.
    * **DEPRECATION** Implicitly accessing URLs which point to an origin which is
      not a secure origin, instead requiring an opt-in for each host using the new
      ``--trusted-host`` flag (``pip install --trusted-host foo``).
    * Allow the new ``--trusted-host`` flag to also disable TLS verification for
      a particular hostname.
    * Added a ``--user`` flag to ``pip freeze`` and ``pip list`` to check the
      user site directory only.
    * Fixed :issue:`1873`. Silence byte compile errors when installation succeed.
    * Added a virtualenv-specific configuration file. (:pull:`1364`)
    * Added site-wide configuation files. (:pull:`1978`)
    * Added an automatic check to warn if there is an updated version of pip
      available (:pull:`2049`).
    * `wsgiref` and `argparse` (for >py26) are now excluded from `pip list` and `pip
      freeze` (:pull:`1606`, :pull:`1369`)
    * Fixed :issue:`1424`. Add ``--client-cert`` option for SSL client certificates.
    * Fixed :issue:`1484`. `pip show --files` was broken for wheel installs. (:pull:`35`)
    * Fixed :issue:`1641`. install_lib should take precedence when reading distutils nfig.
    * Send `Accept-Encoding: identity` when downloading files in an attempt to
      convince some servers who double compress the downloaded file to stop doing
      so. (:pull:`1688`)
    * Fixed :issue:`1559`. Stop breaking when given pip commands in uppercase (:pull:725`)
    * Fixed :issue:`1618`. Pip no longer adds duplicate logging consumers, so it
      won't create duplicate output when being called multiple times. (:pull:`1723`)
    * Fixed :issue:`1769`. `pip wheel` now returns an error code if any wheels
      fail to build.
    * Fixed :issue:`1775`. `pip wheel` wasn't building wheels for dependencies of
      editable requirements.
    * Allow the use of ``--no-use-wheel`` within a requirements file. (:pull:`1859`)
    * Fixed :issue:`1680`. Attempt to locate system TLS certificates to use instead
      of the included CA Bundle if possible. (:pull:`1866`)
    * Fixed :issue:`1319`. Allow use of Zip64 extension in Wheels and other zip
      files. (:pull:`1868`)
    * Fixed :issue:`1101`. Properly handle an index or --find-links target which
      has a <base> without a href attribute. (:pull:`1869`)
    * Fixed :issue:`1885`. Properly handle extras when a project is installed
      via Wheel. (:pull:`1896`)
    * Fixed :issue:`1180`. Added support to respect proxies in ``pip search``. It
      also fixes :issue:`932` and :issue:`1104`. (:pull:`1902`)
    * Fixed :issue:`798` and :issue:`1060`. `pip install --download` works with vcs lks.
    * Fixed :issue:`1456`. Disabled warning about insecure index host when using locaost.
      Based off of Guy Rozendorn's work in :pull:`1718`. (:pull:`1967`)
    * Allow the use of OS standard user configuration files instead of ones simply
      based around ``$HOME``. (:pull:`2021`)
    * Fixed :issue:`1825`. When installing directly from wheel paths or urls,
      previous versions were not uninstalled. This also fixes :issue:`804`
      specifically for the case of wheel archives. (:pull:`1838`)
    * Fixed :issue:`2075`, detect the location of the ``.egg-info`` directory by
      looking for any file located inside of it instead of relying on the record
      file listing a directory. (:pull:`2076`)
    * Fixed :issue:`1964`, :issue:`1935`, :issue:`676`, Use a randomized and secure
      default build directory when possible. (:pull:`2122`, CVE-2014-8991)
    * Fixed :issue:`1433`. Support environment markers in requirements.txt files.
    * Automatically retry failed HTTP requests by default. (:pull:`1444`, pull:`2147`    * Fixed :issue:`1100` - Handle HTML Encoding better using a method that is more
      similar to how browsers handle it. (:pull:`1874`)
    * Reduce the verbosity of the pip command by default. (:pull:`2175`,
      :pull:`2177`, :pull:`2178`)
    * Fixed :issue:`2031` - Respect sys.executable on OSX when installing from
    * Display the entire URL of the file that is being downloaded when downloading
      from a non PyPI repository (:pull:`2183`).
    * Support setuptools style environment markers in a source distribution
    * Upgrade requests to 2.3.0 to fix an issue with proxies on Python 3.4.1
    * Fixes :issue:`1632`.  Uninstall issues on debianized pypy, specifically issues th
      setuptools upgrades. (:pull:`1743`)
    * Update documentation to point at for
      bootstrapping pip.
    * Update docs to point to
    * Upgrade the bundled projects (distlib==0.1.8, html5lib==1.0b3, six==1.6.1,
      colorama==0.3.1, setuptools==3.4.4).
    * Correct deprecation warning for ``pip install --build`` to only notify when
      the `--build` value is different than the default.
    * **DEPRECATION** ``pip install --build`` and ``pip install --no-clean`` are now
      deprecated.  See :issue:`906` for discussion.
    * Fixed :issue:`1112`. Couldn't download directly from wheel paths/urls, and whenheel
      downloads did occur using requirement specifiers, dependencies weren't
      downloaded (:pull:`1527`)
    * Fixed :issue:`1320`. ``pip wheel`` was not downloading wheels that already exisd (PR
    * Fixed :issue:`1111`. ``pip install --download`` was failing using local
      ``--find-links`` (:pull:`1524`)
    * Workaround for Python bug (:pull:`1544`)
    * Don't pass a unicode __file__ to on Python 2.x (:pull:`1583`)
    * Verify that the Wheel version is compatible with this pip (:pull:`1569`)
    * Upgraded the vendored ``pkg_resources`` and ``_markerlib`` to setuptools 2.1.
    * Fixed an error that prevented accessing PyPI when pyopenssl, ndg-httpsclient,
      and pyasn1 are installed
    * Fixed an issue that caused trailing comments to be incorrectly included as
      part of the URL in a requirements file
    * pip now only requires setuptools (any setuptools, not a certain version) when
      installing distributions from src (i.e. not from wheel). (:pull:`1434`).
    * `` now installs setuptools, when it's not already installed
    * Don't decode downloaded files that have a ``Content-Encoding`` header.
    * Fix to correctly parse wheel filenames with single digit versions.
    * If `--allow-unverified` is used assume it also means `--allow-external`.
  - Adjust BuildRequires for python-virtualenv
* Sat Nov 08 2014
  - fix bashism in pre script



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