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homebank-lang-5.5.3-bp154.1.70 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.4 for noarch

Name: homebank-lang Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP4
Version: 5.5.3 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp154.1.70 Build date: Thu May 12 09:35:45 2022
Group: System/Localization Build host: build81
Size: 1993869 Source RPM: homebank-5.5.3-bp154.1.70.src.rpm
Summary: Translations for package homebank
Provides translations for the "homebank" package.






* Tue Aug 10 2021 Carsten Ziepke <>
  - Update to version 5.5.3:
    * new: added 4 report color themes: quicken2017, mint,
    material, nord
    * change: added 6 more colors to ynab report color theme
    * wish: #1930395 ability to copy certain amounts (sum, avg, balance)
    * bugfix: fixed some minor memory leak in post scheduled
    * bugfix: adding tags from manage tags dialog don't enable save
    * bugfix: #1936806 after editing a txn from detail list of report,
    the list is empty
    * bugfix: #1934739 today button text is not translated in date picker
    * bugfix: #1932301 main windows New and Save tooltip text remains
    in english
    * bugfix: #1931816 changing a date from 'show all transaction'
    don't sort by date
    * bugfix: #1930924 import back a csv reads categories as tags
    * bugfix: #1928147 account column don't sort in scheduled dialog
    * bugfix: #1919936 document what the account maximum balance limit
    does in practice
* Sun May 09 2021 Carsten Ziepke <>
  - Update to version 5.5.2:
    * new   : statistics report add result/detail to clipboard/csv
    * wish  : #1923368 calendar "Today" button to not auto-close
    * wish  : #1916365 please add Toggle detail function to Time
      mode on Statistics report
    * bugfix: #1925976 statistics "total" percentage breakdown
    * bugfix: #1922829 reorder transaction buttons not updated
      after date change
    * bugfix: #1921741 top spending chart legend text overlap
    * bugfix: #1919080 OFX import deduplication unselect valid txn
    * bugfix: #1918479 choosing to force budget monitoring does
      not make document dirty
    * bugfix: #1918334 void transactions from previous periods show
      up in the current transactions
* Tue May 04 2021 Carsten Ziepke <>
  - Update to version 5.5.1:
    * change: report window are now closed when new/open a file
    * bugfix: #1917837 the tag popover list is too small in width
      and height
    * bugfix: #1917075 delete unused payee/category do not enable
    * bugfix: #1916932 impossible to read text when using dark theme
    * bugfix: #1916587 scheduled this/next month date filter is wrong
    * bugfix: #1915729 windows "tag" close the programm on delete
    * bugfix: #1915660 update to the Help & Homebank for check
    * bugfix: #1915643 the "Balance report" does not group correctly
      by week (ISO 8601)
    * bugfix: #1915609 qif export of multiple account double xfer
    * bugfix: #1914943 statistic by time total row doubled with
    * bugfix: #1914935 changing the "Include remind into balance"
      option doesn't update balance in accounts summary
    * bugfix: #1910857 transaction category autofill from payee is
      too invasive
    * bugfix: #1910819 paste amount into split may input too much
      decimal digits
    * bugfix: #1889659 crash on typing in category during add due
      to inconsistent XML
    * bugfix: #1842429 difference between loading 1 OFX file or
      more at once
    * wish  : #1904569 more flexible date handling for QIF import
    * wish  : #1594684 balance report to select several accounts
* Sat Feb 13 2021 Carsten Ziepke <>
  - Update to version 5.5:
    * new   : your accounts added cleared column
    * new   : target xfer dialog add a match ratio column
    * new   : added checking and savings account type
    * new   : added tooltip on 'your accounts' to show last reconciled
      date, minimun/maximum remaining
    * new   : trend time, added average value and line into the graph
    * change: your accounts renamed bank column to reconciled
    * change: statistics report renamed the 'Balance' term with a more
      accurate 'Total'
    * change: statistics report added a compare Exp. & Inc. checkbox
      to clarify the interface
    * wish  : #1911838 integrate fr_CA categories (included with wish)
    * wish  : #1909694 duplicate auto assignment find
    * wish  : #1909590 include one decimal digit in the fuel average
    * wish  : #1900281 homebank Stats Rept - Subcategory heading
    * wish  : #1898277 add a "today" button/calendar option when adding
      new transactions
    * wish  : #1897810 search or sort assignment rules
    * wish  : #1897696 red text in budget report for negative results
    * wish  : #1894425 Add switch inside app to change dark/light theme
    * wish  : #1893854 shortcut for scheduled main window button
    * wish  : #1892606 graph legend text not smaller than windows font
    * wish  : #1891878 your accounts add remaining before overdraft
    * wish  : #1890024 add a high limit for saving accounts
    * wish  : #1887212 internal xfer detection day gap manual preference
    * wish  : #1884376 payee multimatch for autocompletion
    * wish  : #1882876 category/payee separate usage count for
      transaction and overall usage
    * wish: : #1882456 txn dialog to order popover category by type
    * wish  : #1870390 statistic report - sum/total as last row
    * wish  : #1866456 import option to invert expense/income for
      credit card account
    * wish  : #1857636 Allow showing only short/medium-term scheduled
      operations in the main window's overview
    * wish  : #1847622 txn status display to button and/or add icon
    * wish  : #1846928 top spending max items configurable
    * wish  : #1846822 your accounts column choose + add cleared
    * wish  : #1581863 on main window, accounts have 'Reconciled date'
    * wish  : #1565386 ability to set time interval for the Balance report
    * wish  : # 300380 add direct print + pdf/png/ps export mostly
      for report/graph
    * bugfix: #1911805 the decimal digits of the Belarusian ruble is
      indicated incorrectly
    * bugfix: #1909323 windows: crash importing an OFX file with
      info + add to info
    * bugfix: #1903437 date column in transaction list can be empty
    * bugfix: #1898408 split window does not provide 8 decimal places
      for cryptocurrency
    * bugfix: #1898294 time unit is not translated 'Manage
      scheduled/template transactions' dialog
    * bugfix: #1895478 ofx file marked as invalid if empty line at top
  - Remove obsolete (0%{?suse_version} < 1330) stuff from spec file
* Wed Sep 30 2020 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to version 5.4.3:
    * change: remove deprecated GtkAction/GtkUIManager for
    * change: harmonization of dialog dimension with aspect
    * change: split list column now follow same width rule
      than other list
    * change: updated the file statistics: added tags, currencies,
      template, scheduled
    * change: updated the welcome dialog: added icon, relayout, show
      next time checkbox
    * change: reworked and improved the new file assistant
    * change: prefixed template created from the register
    * wish  : #1861759 search "Manage Accounts"
    * wish  : #1861432 merge tags
    * wish  : #1860905 sort by amount in budget report
    * wish  : #1851733 Reports/Vehicle Cost Report filtered dropdown
    * wish  : #1851729 multi line scheduled post
    * wish  : #1851718 popup menu on transaction list
    * wish  : #1847907 add reconcile data when export as CSV
    * wish  : #1829597 view split transaction detail from the register
      (expand or other)
    * wish  : #1810621 mass prefill assignment from the register
    * bugfix: double click on scheduled list total line was faulty
    * wish  : #1886299 export to csv/clipboard 1st column title
    * wish  : #1886181 default preference or remind for import
      similar date gap
    * wish  : #1880386 revert ease to combine expense/income in
      splits dialog
    * wish  : #1882081 add a gtk font size override Edit
    * wish  : #1871383 increase exchange rate size
    * wish  : #1869112 "Export CSV" feature for the "Show all..."
      transactions view
    * wish  : #1837550 export transaction from account as CSV with
      every split line
    * bugfix: delete tag was partially working
    * bugfix: your accounts list was not refreshed after new
      file or import
    * bugfix: #1870476 typo: Your
    * bugfix: #1870433 default backup path folder not initialized
      with wallet folder
    * bugfix: #1869727 typo: assigment
    * bugfix: #1868185 search not finding amounts with more than 3
      digits dollar amount
    * bugfix: #1867392 delete tooltip not translated in
      scheduled/template dialog
    * bugfix: #1865361 txn dialog template list switch sort order
      on each save
    * bugfix: #1865083 when moving a transaction a 'changed' icon
      isn't displayed against the 'from' account
    * bugfix: #1864176 'Restore backup' doesn't open default
      backup folder
    * bugfix: #1864089 missing icons for "Case sensitive" and
      "Regular expression in the assignment dialog
    * bugfix: #1863484 scheduled 'stop after' cannot be removed
    * bugfix: #1862769 manage schedule/template and quicksearch
    * bugfix: #1862677 add and keep FROM register reset the date
    * bugfix: #1862540 win: currency symbol detection fail leads
      to crash
    * bugfix: #1862436 win: incorrect display of russian ruble
      currency symbol
    * bugfix: #1858675 import/export budget mixup if subcategory
      has same name
* Tue Mar 10 2020
  - Update to version 5.3.2:
    * Changes;
      + Remove deprecated GtkAction/GtkUIManager for rep_balance.
    * Bugfixes;
      + Edit menu was not disable for closed account.
      + Statistics show legend toolbutton was state inverted.
      + #1861337 transactions from closed accounts not
      showing > Transactions > Show All.
      + #1861008 after changing values in the budget, the save button
      is not enabled.
      + #1860356 transaction List wrong preset status dropdown.
      + #1860309 preference "Keep the last date" not working after
      creating a new transaction
      + #1860232 crash when deleting multiple transactions from
      "Show All" view.
      + #1859476 budget "Dec" not included in total.
      + #1859386 unable to save Split Transaction in 5.3.1 after
      initially working.
      + #1859346 restore backup should be available anytime.
      + #1859344 missing texts under icons in top menu.
      + #1859275 budget table view balance sometimes empty + no edit.
  - Changes from version 5.3.1:
    * Bugfixes;
      + #1859279 toggling from category to subcategory level on
      Statistics Report doubles the amount .
      + #1859117 split transaction not displaying Split in Category
      after edit txn.
      + #1859088 crash may occur if you enable 'show confirmation
      text' in preference.
      + #1859077 no more pre-filled account when single account.
      + #1858945 keep last date preference no more working.
      + #1858682 add buttons disabled while adding or inherit a
      + #1858507 some menu/toolbar tooltip text remains in English.
  - Changes from version 5.3:
    * New;
      + Transaction dialog shows weekdays and account currency.
      + Transaction type created expense/income and transfer.
      + Added a clear menu for recent opened file.
      + Added delete key shortcut to delete transaction.
      + Added budget pin icon to category forced to be displayed.
      + Filter dialog added select all/none/invert for payment.
      + Added account budget icon to show if account is part of the
    * Changes;
      + Xhb data file format (v1.4).
      + Account dialog layout change.
      + Budget dialog layout change.
      + Assign dialog layout change.
      + Filter dialog layout change.
      + Transaction dialog layout change.
      + Merged transaction and template dialog.
      + Internal transfer payment mode removed (in profit to transfer
      + Transfer payment mode was renamed to bank transfer.
      + Button add/edit/merge/delete to icon button into toolbar
      under listview.
      + Rewritten menus and toobars to drop usage of deprecated
      + Dropped significant g_list_append to gain in performance.
      + Replaced the 'remove' text to more accurate 'delete'.
      + Reworked the ui design of release candidate warning message.
      + Lighten stack usage for dialog.
    * Wish;
      + #1851449 Add a transaction very very slooow with many account
      + #1848604 rely on type exp/inc also for split line input.
      + #1845388 remind the apply of assignment between import.
      + #1844892 detect/skip UTF-8 BOM (Excel CSV files).
      + #1842897 color trailing spaces in assignments.
      + #1842758 your accounts list keep state after open/close
      + #1840100 updates when use multiple account window.
      + #1831975 optional visible/audible confirmation of transaction
      + #1831372 add nett Budget value to 'Manage Budget' screen.
      + #1818320 add "void" status to transactions.
      + #1818052 copy/paste one/multiple transaction(s).
      + #1813474 "Info" field for scheduled/template transactions.
      + #1812630 multiple edit enable change to internal transfer.
      + #1812598 calculate "Remind" transactions into balance (as
      configuration option?).
      + #1810299 bold lowest balance for future date in register.
      + #1792279 configurable backup directory.
      + #1756681 ease debit/credit/transfer transaction seizure.
      + #1749457 change order of same day transactions.
      + #1740368 expense & Income type available at sub-category
      + #1719184 table view for budget setup (contribution code).
      + #1708974 allow for transfer on mismatched days.
      + #1504348 improve control of assignments.
      + #1460666 features for scheduled transactions dialog.
      + #1173135 statistics report to show all items (pay, cate,
      acc...) over time.
      + #1095160 account: more type and created group.
    * Bugfixes;
      + #1854953 Direct Debit type ignored during OFX import.
      + #1853531 show 'Uncleared' transactions displays uncleared and
      + #1845841 check point and remainder on splits gone since 5.2.
      + #1847645 number of backups exceeds preference settings.
      + #1845839 updating a transaction from the Remind screen
      doesn't always update the account summary.
      + #1844881 internal xfer of budget account "this needs a
      + #1829927 when inherit a txn, the Add button faulty keep the
  - Changes from version 5.2.8:
    * New;
      + Import: auto assigment is now optional.
      + Payee dialog: added a payment icon column to ease management.
      + Add help and donate toolbar buttons.
    * Changes;
      + Payee popover: improved the dimension of the popover to larger one.
    * Wish;
      + #1843184 reorganize accelerator for txn dialog.
      + #1841462 shortcuts for register view.
      + #1828914 mark "Today" for calendar widget.
      + #1826211 csv import to assign category from payee choice.
      + #1673902 add a visual marker for uncategorized txn of budget
    * Bugfixes;
      + Fixed compile fail with GTK < 3.22 and gtk_popover_popdown.
      + Accelerator key was not working for date widget.
      + #1843648 info gets empty after editing a txn with paymode
      cheque and positive amount.
      + #1842935 can't save file after OFX import with long unicode
      + #1842292 windows: language change KO if install path as utf-8
      char (é, ç, à, etc).
      + #1840998 transaction Screen only shows 3 weeks in advance.
      + #1840393 import qfx similar transaction dialog amount show
      + #1839851 balance report details view all show amount 0.00.
  - Changes from version 5.2.7:
    * New;
      + Dropped usage of comboboxentry in profit of a popover list
      for tags.
      + Payee column shows >account or <account for internal
      + Transaction tooltip were clarified.
    * Wish;
      + #1828732 add expand/collapse all for categories in edit
    * Bugfixes;
      + Filter payment click on label was not working.
      + Tags add from manager was allowing input space in name.
      + Tags were not freed from archives.
      + #1837838 create an account in new file wizard allows trailing
      space in account name.
      + #1836380 vehicle cost report show bad km stats in some case.
      + #1835588 toggle future transactions button is faulty always
      + #1832982 typo in src/dsp-account.c.
      + #1832216 win: open payee menu crash on libcairo, and is slow.
      + #1830880 changing a transaction in the future screen doesn't
      activate the save button.
      + #1830710 tag list is slow with lots of items and too wide.
      + #1830707 no warning for "amount and category sign don't
      match" if internal transfer.
      + #1830656 Payee and Memo colums on scheduled screen sometimes
      revert to minimum width.
      + #1830523 future/remind txn main panel list shows 0.00 amount.
      + #1792277 not all columns auto-size to contents.
* Thu Jan 30 2020 Dominique Leuenberger <>
  - No longer recommend -lang: supplements are in use
* Mon May 27 2019
  - Update to 5.2.6:
    + Changes:
    - access to the show all transaction with the toolbar
    + Bugfixes:
    - #1829630 homebank: _cairo_arc_in_direction(): homebank killed by SIGABRT
    - #1829076 status "no category" filter not working
    - #1829603 multi currencies problem in Trend Time Report
    + Wishes:
    - #1829007 prefill txn dialog with account if single
    - #1828209 multiple edit could allow updating transaction amount
    - #1809022 detail txn show only category amount split part
    - #1792749 main window date 'other...' consistency
* Wed Mar 20 2019 Paolo Stivanin <>
  - Update to version 5.2.3
    + new
    - statistics report, added account
    - trend time report, added half year interval
    - added console error message for load/save preference file
    + wish
    - sortable columns during import
    - fill paymode/category independently from payee
    - enable to import unlimited account
    - reorder split transactions
    - add tags manager
    - "Show all accounts" should not be shown when no account is selected
    - scheduled home list to show remaining occurence
    - OFX import to allow mapping the "name" field to "info"
    - remind expander state into 'Your account' list
    - display list of available tags in txn dialog
    - enable tag for trend time report
    + lots of bug fixes, see the Changelog for a complete list
* Sun Sep 16 2018
  - Update to version 5.2.1:
    + Wish: Treat search box as another filter (lp#1789698).
    + Bugfixes:
    - Backup files are not being deleted (lp#1792677).
    - Trendtime report crash when display payee (lp#1792567).
    - CSV import do not import info, payee, and tags (lp#1791656).
    - Revert and Restore backup menu items permanently greyed out
  - Changes from version 5.2:
    + Changes:
    - Import, you can drop file to import on the main window.
    - xhb data file format (v1.3).
    - Optimized XML close tag.
    - Preferences, reorganised the pages and elements.
    - Improved the split dialog with a listview and new layout.
    - Migrated split to GPtrArray.
    - Improved the register selection informations.
    - Relayouted payee and category dialog.
    - Removed most theme icons to keep a consistent interface.
    + Wishes:
    - Show average of selection (lp#1783826).
    - Column chart for trend time report (lp#1760145).
    - Filter templates by current account (lp#1759028).
    - Add Select All/None feature when importing transactions from
      files (lp#1744612).
    - Import remember last account (lp#1738816).
    - Execute all the rules for assignments (lp#1720538).
    - Add a visual marker for uncategorized txn (lp#1673902).
    - Option to control the autocomplete of memo (lp#1673048).
    - Update account target window if open (lp#1667501).
    - Show category in subcategory view of budget report
    - Import option to case convert txn description (lp#1623931).
    - Enhance the backup system (lp#1610563).
    - Import to always shows date tolerance (lp#1586211).
    - Prevent to import csv invalid date combinations (lp#1579494).
    - Add quick filter for manage payees window (lp#1500227).
    - Split the amount of a transaction into more than 10
      categories (lp#1225122).
    - Optional default transaction template for each account
    - Include tags in scheduled/template transaction (lp#969218).
    - Option to help detect duplicated transaction (lp#829418).
    - List of all transactions (lp#668417).
    - Implement import of multiple files (lp#528739).
    + Bugfixes:
    - Currencies update fail due to requires api key
    - Segmentation fault if you entered a category ending with :
    - Lost account focus after internal transfert (lp#1787830).
    - Filter for internal xfer target is wrong from txn
    - Budget report graph partially display last line (lp#1784862).
    - Save unavailable after import of OFX (lp#1782926).
    - When editing multiple transactions Homebank doesn't display
      the "account changed" icon (lp#1782749).
    - Merging a category doesn't update the count (lp#1771720).
    - Top spending graphic treats income as expenses (lp#1767659).
    - Quick (partial) date entry doesn't work anymore (lp#1765953).
    - Cannot rename payee in case-sensitive way (lp#1764547).
    - Display of quarter shows calendar year not fiscal year
    - Date resets to 01/01/1900 while adding a new transaction
    - Trendtime report quarter bound date wrong (lp#1758532).
    - Report 'select all' prevent to pick some date (lp#1756601).
* Fri Apr 13 2018
  - Update to version 5.1.8:
    + Wish:
    - Add more decimals for cryptocurrencies (lp#1743254).
    - Enable/disable show future txn in register window
    - Trendtime, average line, negative amounts (lp#1446505).
    + Bug Fixes:
    - Account dialog, the frac digit was not set for currency with
      more than 2 digits.
    - Update currency message error (lp#1750426).
    - CSV export decimal char is not always the same (lp#1750257).
    - No warning when a file was changed from another instance
    - Currencies update fail due to yahoo discontinued service
    - Group internal xfer when sort by payee (lp#1721980).
  - Update '+' to '-or-later' in GPL License tag to comply with SPDX
  - Drop standard BuildRoot tag declaration: RPM already sets it
* Wed Jan 17 2018
  - Update to version 5.1.7:
    + New:
    - Rewritten partially the charts and removed the treeview for
    - Chart line have now a vertical line on active item.
    - Chart now display the 0 scale text.
    - Rewritten the dateentry widget to use a popover.
    - Reports enable to copy to clipboard in addition to export
      as CSV.
    + Change:
    - Chart bar/line now span automatically.
    - Chart donut hole do not trigger overlay anymore.
    - Preferences, txn column list removed, as there is a now a
      context menu.
    - Top spending is now display top 10 items.
    - is now used to get currencies exchange rate
      (replace yahoo).
    - Changes and new entries into the help menu.
    + Wish: lp#1709374, lp#1697241, lp#1674018, lp#1661986,
      lp#1656589 and lp#300380.
    + Bug Fixes:
    - Chart x-scale labels were sometime overriding each others
    - Balance report:
      . Overdrawn was not displayed if the threshold was 0.
      . The amount scale was faulty offset to left at first draw.
    - Budget report: chart bar was not showing over state.
    - lp#1734449, lp#1734210, lp#1730527, lp#1721980, lp#1720377
      and lp#1688744.
  - Point fdupes to the data directory instead of the build root,
    which is a practice that must be avoided.
  - Conditionalize the use of shared-mime-info BuildRequires as it is
    only required by some old distros that does not have RPM File
* Sat Sep 23 2017
  - Update to version 5.1.6:
    + wish: warn when opening a backup file (lp#1710955).
    + Bugfixes:
    - New memo doesn't get added to quick list (lp#1716182).
    - New/deleted transactions and search box show inconsistency
    - "All date" range remains as is after "Select All" in Report
    - Un-editable category (lp#1713413).
    - Manage budget window do not expand properly (lp#1710800).
    - Automatic check numbering issue (lp#1708956).
    - Anonymize dialog change accounts if user close window
    - Months in Manage Budget should allow tabbing from consecutive
      months (lp#1697174).
    - 'Notes' field in 'Manage Accounts' should wrap text
    - Start Balance not shown after new file assistant
    - The "other" side of an internal transfer is not marked as
      changed when an internal transfer is deleted (lp#1691992).
    - Internal transfers with a status of "Remind" are not created
      correctly (lp#1690555).
  - Add fdupes BuildRequiers and %fdupes macro.
  - Add conditional use of deprecated %desktop_database_*,
    %icon_theme_cache_* and %mime_database_* post/postun macros for
    old suse versions buildability.
* Tue Jul 11 2017
  - Update to version 5.1.5:
    + Change: win32: Upgraded to gtk+ 3.22.7.
    + Bugfix: Updating currency rate was not updating file changes
      (and enable save).
    + Bugs fixed: lp#1689308, lp#1687117, lp#1683646, lp#1681532,
      lp#1678476, lp#1678230, lp#1676162, lp#1674020, lp#1672209,
      lp#1672205, lp#1672135, lp#1668036, lp#1667201, lp#1664916.
* Wed Mar 08 2017
  - Update to version 5.1.4:
    + Change:
    - filter:
      . Reworked the layout.
      . Category select change now propagate to subcategories.
    +  Wish:
    - lp#1661806: Show overdraft amount in account window (balance
    - lp#1655542: Improve handling of end of month scheduled
    + Bugs fixed: lp#1663795, lp#1663789, lp#1663399, lp#1662197,
      lp#1662189, lp#1661279, lp#1660910, lp#1658538, lp#1656720,
  - Changes from version 5.1.3:
    + New: Your account, added expand/collapse button.
    + Wish:
    - lp#1653350: Cvs import default category for payee.
    - lp#1645126: Remember the size of columns listview in the main
    - lp#1530784 easy way to see closed accounts in account list.
    - lp#1164643 totals per Financial Institution in account
    + Bugs fixed: lp#1658047, lp#1658045, lp#1658043, lp#1656531,
      lp#1653957, lp#1652994, lp#1652527, lp#1649081, lp#1649078,
  - Changes from version 5.1.2:
    + Wish:
    - lp#1645126: Remember the size of columns in the main window.
    - lp#1639862: Multiple edit transactions date.
    - lp#1638023: Remind scheduled listview column width.
    - lp#916690: Qif option (info to desc; payee to desc).
    - lp#462919: Option to choose to import OFX name to payee or
    + Bugs fixed: lp#1645001, lp#1640885, lp#1638064.
  - Changes from version 5.1.1:
    + Wish:
    - lp#1634615: Get currency format from system again.
    - lp#1634182: Template chooser popover could be wider by
    - lp#1629647: 'Multiple Edit' to include account.
    + Bugs fixed: lp#1638035, lp#1637805, lp#1635857, lp#1635260,
      lp#1635053, lp#1633915, lp#1633895.
  - Changes from version 5.1:
    + Change:
    - Xhb data file format (v1.2).
    - Internal storage of txn into accounts.
    - Transaction dialog, changed the layout.
    - Template/scheduled dialog, changed the layout.
    - Register, refactored toolbar grouping single and multiple
    - Listview:
      . Removed deprecated rule hint (alternate row color).
      . Added line grid (new GTK+ option).
    - Preferences, reworked layout.
    + Wish:
    - lp#1610672: Multiple edit should allow clearing fields.
    - lp#1608025: Revert prefill with shift/ctrl clicked txn when
      multiple edit.
    - lp#1500235: Automatic assignments based on regular
    - lp#1500220: Allow auto assignments to overwrite payee.
    - lp#1484449: Warn when amount sign and category don't match.
    - lp#1448613: Display full category name in autocompletion.
    - lp#1424365: Separate scheduled transaction from template
    - lp#1242312: Category split for template/scheduled
    - lp#1102981: Add comment bloc for accounts.
    - lp#1094528: Auto-assign Payment.
    - lp#844576: Payee default category and payment type.
    - lp#552565: Multiple currency accounting.
    + Bugs fixed: lp#1631888, lp#1628664, lp#1625913, lp#1615245.
  - Add pkgconfig(libsoup-2.4) BuildRequires: New dependency.
* Wed Sep 07 2016
  - Update to version 5.0.9:
    + Enhancements: lp#1507253, lp#1429411, lp#532564.
    + Bug fixed: lp#1602835, lp#1594152, lp#1583406, lp#1562372,
  - Changes from 5.0.8:
    + Bug fixed: lp#1584342.
  - Changes from 5.0.7:
    + New: preferences, add preview for chart color scheme.
    + Enhancements: lp#1509485, lp#1507252, lp#1501125, lp#1501111,
      lp#1292377, lp#880846.
    + Bug fixed: lp#1577555, lp#1556289, lp#1553862, lp#1523216,
      lp#1511325, lp#1464961.
* Sat Dec 26 2015
  - Update to version 5.0.6:
    + Bugs fixed: lp#1504514, lp#1504359, lp#1503682, lp#1502997,
      lp#1502496, lp#1502444, lp#1502034, lp#1501968, lp#1501962,
      lp#1501144, lp#1501138, lp#1501129, lp#1501098, lp#1500043,
      lp#1498622, lp#1497630, lp#1497521.
  - Changes from version 5.0.5:
    + Revert back fix for lp#1464961 inconsistency in internal xfer.
  - Changes from version 5.0.4:
    + win32: upgraded to gtk+ 3.16.6.
    + Amount toggle sign button changed from text button to entry
    + Added/changed transaction are always showed by default filter.
    + lp#1469424: bank Account window should remember user column
    + lp#1338052: add option to show x days future ledger txn.
    + lp#1330156: in the ledger, a way to identify graphically the
      past from the future.
    + Bugs fixed: lp#1492634, lp#1475969, lp#1473717, lp#1464961,
* Thu Jun 11 2015
  - Update to version 5.0.3:
    + Internal xfer credit should display from account.
    + Button to expand/collapse all in "Manage Categories".
    + Re-design icon "credit vs debit card".
    + Add ability to modify transaction when posting from template.
    + Bugfix: "Save file as". If I change the file name, it does
      not change.
    + Some win32/libofx fixes.
* Thu May 07 2015
  - Update to version 5.0.2:
    + Fix importing CSV files automatically creates 3 new accounts.
    + Fix date filter From/To fields not working in Trend time and
      Balance reports.
    + Fix saving cut file name after a dot.
    + Fix budget amount is wrong (seems twice).
    + Fix calendar widget can't be dismissed by clicking on the arrow
      or text entry.
* Tue Apr 07 2015
  - Update to version 5.0.1:
    + change: xhb data file format (v1.1).
    + For other changes, please see ChangeLog.
* Tue Feb 10 2015
  - Update to version 5.0.0:
    + Migrated to GTK+ 3.0.
    + For other changes, please see ChangeLog.
  - Replace gtk2-devel BuildRequires with pkgconfig(gtk+-3.0),
    following upstreams port to GTK+ 3.0.
  - Replace glib2-devel BuildRequires with pkgconfig(glib-2.0),
    matching what configure looks for.
* Sun Jan 18 2015
  - Update to version 4.6.3:
    + New: enhanced categories completion (complete is done with
      partial match on both categories and subcategories).
    + Change: win32: upgraded to libofx 0.9.9.
    + Bugfixes:
    - lp#1351098 win32: OFX import freeze HomeBank.
    - lp#1349160 layout are not persisted well on maximized



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