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gnuplot-5.4.3-150400.1.6 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.4 for aarch64

Name: gnuplot Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 5.4.3 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 150400.1.6 Build date: Sun May 8 13:40:23 2022
Group: Documentation/Other Build host: ibs-arm-3
Size: 4068655 Source RPM: gnuplot-5.4.3-150400.1.6.src.rpm
Summary: Function Plotting Utility and more
GNUplot is a command line driven interactive function plotting utility.
GNUplot supports many different types of terminals, plotters, and
printers (including many color devices and pseudodevices like LaTeX)
and can easily be extended to include new devices.




GPL-2.0-or-later AND SUSE-Gnuplot


* Mon Jan 10 2022
  - Update to gnuplot 5.4.3
    * NEW "set pm3d border retrace" will use quadrangle color for the border
    * NEW "nogrid" flag for plots to opt out of dgrid3d processing
    * NEW option "above|below y=<val>" for "plot with fillsteps"
    * NEW "set style histogram nokeyseparators" suppress blank key entries Bug #2473
    * CHANGE always allow palette color for non-plot elements of 2D plot
    * FIX contours were incorrectly allocated space in the key even if "notitle"
    * FIX evaluation of unary minus in front of ternary operator Bug #2468
    * FIX arm and s390 require "signed char" Bugs #2467 #2450
    * FIX range errors if "smooth csplines" applied with x-axis reversed Bug #2465
    * FIX handle various corner cases found by fuzzing
    * FIX textcolor should accept "linetype N"  Bug #2459
    * FIX Windows:  handling of Window messages for piped input Bugs #2204 #2412
    * FIX aquaterm: auto-configuration use of Frameworks  Bug #2419
    * FIX qt:       pm3d quadrangle borders for transparent surfaces
    * FIX png/gif:  gdlib auto-configuration issues
    * FIX dumb:     limit enhanced text markup to single-line vertical displacement
  - This update fixes CVE-2021-44917 (boo#1194017)
  - Port patches
    * gnuplot-4.6.0.dif
    * gnuplot-gd.patch
* Mon Jun 07 2021
  - Update to gnuplot 5.4.2
    * NEW in "using" context, $# means "number of columns in current data line"
    * NEW define on program entry:   I = sqrt(-1) = {0.,1.}
    * NEW support input data that uses epidemiological date-week formats
    * NEW optional fillcolor for "set key opaque"
    * NEW provide and document use of a plugin to provide uigamma function
    * CHANGE much improved domain and precision for igamma function
    * CHANGE generate only one key entry per multi-dataset input file Bug #2380
    * CHANGE (Windows): attempt to convert unicode on command line to UTF-8
    * CHANGE clip `with image` to plot boundary in 2D plots
    * CHANGE In gprintf format "%c", add no space for a null prefix Bug #2266
    * CHANGE Make auto-placement of left border less sensitive to plot size Bug #2415
    * FIX time formats %U %W Bug #2390
    * FIX cairo terminals: Do not lose font info during multi-line enhanced text
    * FIX left-justification of titles in splot with user-specified key position
    * FIX cairo terminals (Windows): ignore "text scaling" from user screen settings
    * FIX win: instabilities associated with changing window size Bug #2301 #2304
    * FIX pm: better mousing and font handling
    * FIX qt: prevent zombie gnuplot_qt process Bug #2188
    * FIX clipping of filled polygons that have only 1 or 2 vertices Bug #2400
    * FIX "set tics front" unexpectedly made all grid lines invisible
    * FIX more terminals support requested linewidth for textbox borders
    * FIX indexing of multiple matrix data sets in a single input file
    * FIX do not inject extra '\n' into input stream after 'set term' Bug #2292
  - Change offset of patches
    * gnuplot-4.6.0-fonts.diff
    * gnuplot-4.6.0.dif
    * gnuplot-gd.patch
* Mon Apr 26 2021
  - Update spec file to work with TeXLive 2021
* Thu Apr 22 2021
  - Last commit had added patch gnuplot-PIE.patch
* Thu Apr 15 2021
  - Hardening: compile with PIC and link with PIE (bsc#1184123).
* Thu Dec 10 2020
  - Update to gnuplot 5.4.1
    * NEW "with rgbimage" and "with rgbalpha" accept single column ARGB input
    * NEW add toggle in toolbar widget for qt terminal option "ctrl-q"
    * NEW keyword "smooth kdensity period <val>"
    * NEW time format %tD encodes days relative to time 0
    * NEW pm3d quadrangles in 2D projection are clipped smoothly to x and y
    * CHANGE gif animation 'optimize' option is deprecated Bugs #1992 #2070 #2348
    * CHANGE svg increase coordinate precision to two decimal points Bug #2369
    * FIX y autoscaling of default "with filledcurves" #Bug 2294
    * FIX placement of mirrored x and y tics in mode 'set view projection ...'
    * FIX pm3d lighting calculation for degenerate quadrangles
    * FIX botched deprecation of old syntax for "call" arguments Bug #2298 #2368
    * FIX pm3d "depthorder" affects 'set obj polygon' with >4 vertices Bug #2297
    * FIX loss of precision for asin(x), asinh(x) with real x << 0 Bug #2302
    * FIX error handling of bad font name in enhanced text Bugs #2303 #2308
    * FIX incomplete domain for complex acosh(x), real x < -1 was treated as NaN
    * FIX error handling of fuzzed input  Bugs #2306 #2307 #2309 #2312 #2344
    * FIX add range check for plot of binned data (allows clipping on y)
    * FIX "unzoom" applied to autoscaled volatile data
    * FIX no default for binary columns needed if there is a 'using' spec Bug #2315
    * FIX buffer overflow of enhanced text fragment  Bugs #2310 #2311
    * FIX qnorm and Hann functions applied in dgrid3d Bugs #2277 #2318
    * FIX handling of dashtype given as a string with leading whitespace Bug #2336
    * FIX preserve key position across isolated instance of "title at x,y" Bug #2342
    * FIX contour labels had spurious point symbols
    * FIX allow "pointtype variable" in combination with jitter Bug #2354
    * FIX cgm: sanity for non-zero font size Bug #2358
    * FIX more checks for valid UTF-8 Bugs #2362 #2364
  - Remove patches now upstream
    * 052cbd17.patch
    * 1f36c4fb.patch
    * 963c7df3.patch
    * a31c3b70.patch
  - Port patch gnuplot-gd.patch
  - Update Gnuplot_5_4.pdf as well
* Mon Sep 28 2020
  - Add temporary upstream commits as patches
    * 052cbd17.patch
    * 1f36c4fb.patch
    * 963c7df3.patch
    * a31c3b70.patch
    to fix the bugs bsc#1176689 with CVE-2020-25559 and bsc#1176687
    with CVE-2020-25412
* Fri Jul 17 2020
  - Update to gnuplot 5.4
    * NEW support for 64-bit integer arithmetic
    * NEW support for voxel grids
    * NEW plot ... with table if <expression>
    * NEW "set walls" command to show xy xz and yz planes in 3D plots
    * NEW "set clip radial" for line segments in polar mode plots
    * NEW "splot ... with isosurface"
    * NEW "splot ... with circles"
    * NEW "splot ... with boxes"
    * NEW "plot ... with arrows"
    * NEW "plot ... with polygons"
    * NEW "set view projection {xz|yz}"
    * NEW "set datafile columnheaders"
    * NEW per-plot fillcolor and fillstyle for pm3d surfaces
    * NEW allow separate color column with dgrid3d surfaces (but not color splines)
    * NEW string function trim(" padded string ") removes leading and trailing whitespace
    * NEW unicode escape sequences \U+hhhh
    * NEW order N Bessel functions of 1st and 2nd kind (besjn besyn)
    * NEW modified Bessel functions I0 (besi0) and I1 (besi1)
    * NEW modified Bessel function of order n (besin)
    * NEW "set object polygon depthsort" as an alternative to front/back/behind
    * NEW "set pixmap" object-like bitmap images from png/gif/jpeg input files
    * NEW overflow avoidance extends range of arguments handled by complex division
    * NEW largely extended pcl5 terminal supports PCL5e/PCL5c printers
    * NEW revised pstricks and texdraw LaTeX terminals
    * NEW extended dospc terminal (DOS32/OpenWatcom)
    * NEW extended svga terminal using the (M)GRX library (DOS32/DJGPP)
    * NEW heavily revised fig terminal
    * NEW LaTeX terminal pict2e uses the LaTeX2e pict2e environment
    * NEW Left-click on hypertext label will copy text to clipboard (wxt qt)
    * NEW smooth option "zsort" controls order that points are plotting in
    * NEW multiple textbox styles
    * NEW Time/date input recognizes format %p to handle am/pm field
    * EXPERIMENTAL "set mouse mouseformat function <stringval_from_xy(x,y)>"
    * CHANGE revised syntax for plot style "with parallelaxes"
    * CHANGE deprecate command "reread"
    * CHANGE remove deprecated command "update"
    * CHANGE remove deprecated option "thru"
    * CHANGE special case optimization of nonlinear code to speed up logscale
    * CHANGE windows terminal can print using Direct2D
    * CHANGE windows terminal supports color fonts (Direct2D)
    * CHANGE arrow head size can be decoupled from arrow size
    * CHANGE apply trange to sampling on pseudofile '+'
    * CHANGE move tgif terminal to "legacy" status; build only if configured
    * CHANGE imaginary values from the using spec of a 2D plot are treated as NaN
    * CHANGE remove compile option EXTENDED_COLOR_SPECS used only by vgagl.trm
    * CHANGE remove linux and vgagl terminals
    * CHANGE remove undocumented EXPERIMENTAL option for pm3d filled contours
    * CHANGE print to datablock expands embedded \n into a separate block entry
    * CHANGE boxplot outliers affect autoscaling only if they are enabled
    * CHANGE remove latex, emtex, eepic, and tpic terminals from default build
    * CHANGE pm3d quadrangles are by default clipped smoothly to zrange
    * CHANGE `set offset` is ignored when the axis range is not autoscaled
    * FIX allow mixed use of in-key plot titles and manually placed titles
    * FIX open/close path for polygons
    * FIX several stability issues of the caca terminal
    * FIX gd terminals: rendering of white lines with lw > 1
    * FIX do not reapply "set offset" on refresh or scrolling event
    * FIX for negative relative time format with leading element zero
  - Port patch to 5.4.0
    * gnuplot-4.4.0-x11ovf.dif
    * gnuplot-4.6.0-demo.diff
    * gnuplot-4.6.0-fonts.diff
    * gnuplot-4.6.0.dif
    * gnuplot-QtCore-PIC.dif
    * gnuplot-gd.patch
    * gnuplot-wx3.diff
    * gnuplot-5.2.0-texi2info.patch
  - Remove now obsolete patch gnuplot-QtIndexedList.dif
  - Add new Gnuplot_5_4.pdf as now the old tutorial isn't anymore
* Mon Jun 22 2020
  - Add patch gnuplot-QtIndexedList.dif to avoid warnings reported
    with boo#1172565
* Tue Jun 16 2020
  - Disable warning messages from Qt5(.15 and up) (boo#1172565)
* Mon Dec 02 2019
  - Update to gnuplot 5.2.8
    * CHANGE user-visible GPVAL_TERM_HCHAR GPVAL_TERM_VCHAR (help debug font issues)
    * CHANGE placement of ylabel (compromise 5.2.7 and earlier versions) (Bug #2181)
    * CHANGE make strstrt() aware of UTF8, e.g. strstrt("αβγ5", "5") returns 4
    * FIX "set timestamp" from "save" must not include a justification (Bug #2178)
    * FIX set cntrparam levels increment <base>, <factor> for logscale z (Bug #2183)
    * FIX character pointtypes should inherit plot coloring like normal pointtypes
    * FIX bad autoscaling of linked y2 axis (Bug #2186)
    * FIX prevent infinite loop from unbounded interation in a non-data plot command
    * FIX dimensions reported by "stats matrix every" (Bug #2189)
    * FIX extent of boxplot whiskers could be off by one point (Bug #2106)
    * FIX mix unbounded iteration and functions in a single plot command (Bug #2201)
    * FIX reverse history search with readline=builtin (Bug #2209)
    * FIX qt: suppress off-by-one ysize (Bug #1759)
    * FIX cairo: suppress off-by-one ysize (Bug #1759)
    * FIX gd: apply alpha to brushstroke lines (Bug #2117)
    * FIX tikz: fixes to accommodate lua 5.3 and newer pgf
    * FIX wxt: ExportToFile widget disabled in persist mode (Bug #2185)
    * FIX qt: handling of modifier keys (ctrl alt shift) for keyboard events
    * FIX wxt: handling of modifier keys (ctrl alt shift) for keyboard events
    * FIX fig: dashtype "solid" was not passed through correctly to transfig
    * FIX gd: incorrect line spacing of multiline label (Bug #2215)
* Mon Aug 05 2019
  - Use _multibuild for documentation subpackage. The documentation requires
    TeX and emacs, which significantly add to the build dependencies (emacs
    depends on webkit2gtk, which depends on rust).
  - Split Gnuplot mode files for emacs from the gnuplot package. The
    gnuplot mode packages has no build dependency on gnuplot, while
    the split removes the emacs build dependency from gnuplot.
  - Disable KDE3 era DCOP support
  - Move man pages to main package
  - Do not package figure_*.pdf build artifacts, created for PDF manual
  - Cleanup spec file:
    * Fix RPM Group for doc package
    * Remove support for openSUSE 13.1 (Qt4)
    * Remove support for X11 installed in /usr/X11R6/
    * Remove defattr macro use
    * Disable (S)VGA terminal (requires unvailable libvga)
* Fri May 31 2019
  - Update to gnuplot 5.2.7
    * NEW "set pm3d noclipcb" will skip drawing quadrangles with color < cbmin
    * NEW pm terminal supports utf8, dashed lines, bold/italic text
    * NEW imaginary component of array values is available to "using" in column 3
    * NEW gnuplot --slow may help use of qt terminal with slow system font server
    * CHANGE splot "with points pt 0" acts like "with dots"
    * CHANGE (tikz) improved default interpretation of gnuplot arrowhead style
    * CHANGE teach hidden3d to handle double-headed vectors (arrowstyle "heads")
    * CHANGE "unset title" or "reset" resets all title properties to default
    * CHANGE font names passed to enhanced text processing may be in quotes
    * CHANGE cairo terminals accept fractional font sizes
    * CHANGE "plot with table" does not output trailing field separator
    * CHANGE better centering for clustered histograms
    * CHANGE clear STATS_* variables before performing analysis
    * CHANGE cairo, libgd, and svg terminals handle LT_NODRAW by not drawing at all
    * CHANGE svg terminal clickable icons are in-line data rather than external refs
    * CHANGE revise space allocated for ylabel; allow text justification for ylabel
    * CHANGE reduce overhead, making it feasible to have 10^6 hypertext labels
    * CHANGE heavily revised fig terminal
    * FIX "plot with table" unnecessarily limited string column output to 60 chars
    * FIX (windows) make sure graph window is shown even if the program is "hidden"
    * FIX hidden3d mode was not correctly dealing with arrowstyle backhead
    * FIX sprintf in 'using' spec must not clobber numeric locale
    * FIX tikz - request for polygon with 0 vertices could hang terminal
    * FIX lua/tikz - do not attempt to ftruncate output being piped through stdout
    * FIX tkcanvas - do not attempt to ftruncate output being piped through stdout
    * FIX handle NaN values in input stream to "stats FOO matrix"
    * FIX prevent extra read past the end of a datablock holding matrix data
    * FIX pm - issues in box and polygon fill, (wide) lines, enhanced text, images
    * FIX dropped character in piped input stream if plot window is manually closed
    * FIX extraneous dots and potential segfault from splot with contour labels
    * FIX boxplots - color sequence correctly starts with specified linetype
    * FIX incomplete initialization led to segfault from "gnuplot -c baz"
    * FIX Allow "pm3d depthorder base" to handle 3D boxes with logscale z
  - Correct relative offsets of the hunks of the patches
    * gnuplot-4.4.0-x11ovf.dif
    * gnuplot-4.6.0-fonts.diff
    * gnuplot-4.6.0.dif
* Thu Jan 03 2019
  - Update to gnuplot 5.2.6
    * NEW keyword "keyentry" places an entry in the key without actually plotting
    * NEW "set style boxplot medianlinewidth <lw>"
    * CHANGE drop non-working support for CIE/XYZ color space
    * CHANGE strptime ignores content read with format a/A/w/W
    * FIX various corner-case bugs and overruns found by fuzzing
    * FIX revise waitforinput in x11 terminal
    * FIX revise waitforinput and terminal close events in qt terminal
    * FIX revise waitforinput and new window events in monothreaded wxt terminal
    * FIX lua.trm compatibility with lua version 5.3
    * FIX error line reporting inside an if/else bracketed clause
    * FIX error in date conversion for times within a nanosecond of a year boundary
  - Drop patch gnuplot-e3cc539c.patch as this is fixed with update
* Wed Nov 28 2018
  - Add patch gnuplot-e3cc539c.patch from upstream commit e3cc539c
    Fix the bugs boo#1117463 (CVE-2018-19492), boo#1117464 (CVE-2018-19491),
    and boo#1117465 (CVE-2018-19490)
* Tue Oct 09 2018
  - Let patch gnuplot-5.2.0-texi2info.patch apply
* Tue Oct 09 2018
  - Update to gnuplot 5.2.5
    * NEW "set pm3d depthorder base" sorts pm3d quadrangles by projecting to z=0
    * NEW "set jitter vertical" displaces y coordinate rather than x coordinate
    * NEW array size can be determined automatically from the initializer
    * CHANGE place titles along x axis in plots with columnstacked histograms
    * CHANGE equivalent slope constraint for mcs splines at both ends of the range
    * CHANGE numerical arguments to "call" are stored in ARG1..ARGn as strings
    * CHANGE numerical arguments to "call" are stored in ARGV[n] as complex
    * CHANGE treat imaginary values plotted from a using spec as UNDEFINED (NaN)
    * CHANGE allow "reset" between plots in a multiplot layout
    * CHANGE Deprecate linux and vgagl terminals (to be removed in 5.3)
    * CHANGE placement of axis and tic labels in 3D projections on to xz or yz plane
    * CHANGE default to ./configure --without-wx-multithreading
    * FIX parametric function plots did not work with logscale x (regression in 5.2.0-4)
    * FIX polar mode "set trange" was assumed to use radians, now it tracks "set angle"
    * FIX clip polar grid lines and ticks to x/y range limits
    * FIX clipping of plot "with lines" when axes are nonlinear (regression from 5.0)
    * FIX clipping of all elements in finanacebars/candlesticks/boxplots
    * FIX clipping of 3D splot "with labels"
    * FIX strange interaction of "noautoscale" with blank data lines
    * FIX alignment of boxed text to center for eps/cairolatex
    * FIX incompatibility of "pm3d depthorder" and rgb color taken from data column
    * FIX aqua terminal font changes in enhanced text mode
* Mon Jun 04 2018
  - Update to gnuplot 5.2.4
    * NEW "call" parameters ARG1, ARG2, ... are also present as ARGV[1]...ARGV[ARGC]
    * CHANGE generalize the test for missing data flag in input data
    * CHANGE "set []range writeback" is now essentially always in effect
    * CHANGE consistent placement of timestamp at true bottom of page
    * FIX spurious evaluation of logscale coordinates as UNDEFINED
    * FIX column header title assignments for histogram with errorbars
    * FIX re-implement "refresh" command to use autoscale writeback/restore
    * FIX font-handling bug; line-spacing of previous font still in effect
    * FIX post, svg, dumb terminals: early fontsize initialization
* Mon May 07 2018
  - Update to gnuplot 5.2.3
    * NEW "set grid {no}vertical" adds grid lines in the xz and xz planes
    * NEW "set cntrparam {firstlinetype N} {{un}sorted}"
    * CHANGE drop non-working support for YIQ color space
    * CHANGE expand \n characters when printing into a datablock
    * CHANGE allow contour plots to opt out of hidden3d processing
    * CHANGE special-case code to speed up handling of logscale axes
    * CHANGE do not write GPFUN_* variables to "save" output file
    * CHANGE default to density 100 for "set fs solid", 50 for "set fs transparent"
    * FIX potential buffer overflow in gprintf formats containing %%
    * FIX immediate response to ctrl-Z when libreadline is used for input
    * FIX warning messages inside a bracketed clause could trigger early exit
    * FIX tweak logscale tic range limits and minor tic generation intervals
    * FIX stats FOO using 'namedcolumn' name columnhead
    * FIX clipping of INRANGE->UNDEFINED line segments
    * FIX use of logscale y axis in "set view map" or "set pm3d map" modes
    * FIX placement of colorbox in "set view map" mode
    * FIX autoscaled axis range of logscale axes in "set view map" mode
    * FIX polar mode "with yerrorbars" error bars are radial, not vertical
    * FIX clipping of circles whose center is offscreen to the left or bottom
    * FIX snap to x=zero for function plot sampling does not apply to logscale x
    * FIX canvas terminal: apply both color and alpha channel to points and lines
    * FIX svg terminal: apply current color to dots
    * FIX qt terminal: include "notitle" plots in accounting for toggle operations
    * FIX svg terminal: point plot empty title produced spurious mousing directive
    * FIX tikz terminal: failed to recognize dashtype 1
* Thu Feb 15 2018
  - Do not miss gpic and mif
  - Even if pulled by other packages do explicite require for the build
    * pkgconfig(freetype2)
    * pkgconfig(libjpeg)
    * pkgconfig(libpng16)
* Mon Feb 12 2018
  - Do not use xorg-x11-* as buildrequires
  - Fix broken GD libs detection (gnuplot-gd.patch)
  - Remove unneeded buildrequires.
* Thu Nov 16 2017
  - Update to gnuplot 5.2.2
    * NEW splot ... with lines title at {beg|end}
    * FIX allow mixed use of in-key plot titles and manually placed titles
    * FIX prevent runaway iterations of the form   plot for [i=start:*] ...
    * FIX handle in-line range limits for linked or nonlinear axes
    * FIX restore pre-5.2 interpretation of logscaled tic increment as a multiplier
    * FIX logscale tic placement is closer to that of versions before 5.2.0
    * FIX recheck inrange/outrange points after spline or bezier smoothing
    * FIX sampling on x2 if linked to x1;  e.g. plot sample [t=1:5:1] '+' axes x2y1
    * FIX empty range on logscale y axis is handled by auto-extending the range
    * FIX autoscaling xrange of stacked histograms
  - Add now missed TEXDIR at configure time which now includes also
    the sub path tex/latex/gnuplot/ below /usr/share/texmf/ (could
    become removed with some of the next version updates?)
* Wed Nov 08 2017
  - Update to gnuplot 5.2.1
    * NEW set table separator {tab|comma|"char"} allows creation of csv files
    * NEW hotkey for changing azimuth in 3D plots with mousing
    * NEW titles for "splot .. with lines" can be placed at {beg|end} of plotted line
    * NEW Rework gstrptime() to handle relative time formats tH tM tS
    * NEW command 'set rgbmax <value>' controls interpretation of input RGB values
    * CHANGE restore pre-5.2 interpretation of logscaled tic increment as a multiplier
    * CHANGE allow mixed use of in-key plot titles and manually placed titles
    * FIX autoscaling of plots with spline or bezier smoothing
    * FIX autoscaling of plots with linked axes where data is plotted on x2 or y2
    * FIX "with filledcurves below y=foo" mishandled the case of y value exactly = foo
    * FIX [windows] repair breakage of stderr/stdout redirection to console
    * FIX postscript terminal artifacts when drawing dot/dash circles
    * FIX handle empty range on logscale y axis as a warning, not an error
* Fri Sep 29 2017
  - Add patch gnuplot-5.2.0-texi2info.patch as source to be avble
    to patch the resulting gnuplot.texi
  - Modify patches
    * gnuplot-4.4.0-x11ovf.dif
    * gnuplot-4.6.0-demo.diff
    * gnuplot-4.6.0-fonts.diff
    * gnuplot-4.6.0.dif
    * gnuplot-QtCore-PIC.dif
    * gnuplot-wx3.diff
* Wed Sep 27 2017
  - Update to gnuplot 5.2.0
    * NEW user-defined dashtypes in metapost terminal
    * NEW datablock contents may be accessed as an indexed array of strings
    * CHANGE allow explicit sample interval for u and v using pseudofile '++'
    * CHANGE decouple cbrange from color components in "with rgbimage"
    * FIX reconcile aspect ratio flags from "set view map" and "set view equal xy"
    * FIX "set key fixed" should be ignored in the case of "set view map"
    * FIX GPVAL_* variables were not being updated in "set table" mode
    * FIX evaluation of nested iteration containing an empty range
    * FIX bug in variant time_spec formats %tH %tM (undesired wrapping)
    * NEW "plot with table" can handle string-valued output columns
    * CHANGE add caca terminal documentation to the user manual
    * CHANGE revised output of "test" command
    * CHANGE use Mingw-w64 and MSVC popen rather than built-in "fake" popen
    * FIX copy environmental variable GNUTERM to internal variable on entry
    * FIX more consistent handling of plot 'with table'
    * FIX incorrect, possibly empty, command string was saved for previous fit
    * FIX ignore non-numeric values of potential dummy params used by "fit"
    * FIX autoscaling during refresh of volatile data plots "with vectors"
    * FIX terminal initialization must be done before executing ~/.gnuplot
    * FIX do not use LaTeX formatting in tabular output
    * FIX polar border should not be clipped to rectangular border
    * FIX raxis was truncated at R=0 if the axis direction was inverted
    * FIX sanity check to catch "plot '+' binary"
    * FIX sanity check for NULL format passed to gprintf
    * FIX sanity check inverse mapping function of set link and set nonlinear
    * FIX sanity check for empty image data structure
    * FIX segfault from corruption of timestamp text
    * FIX several unitialized variables (see Bug 1933)
    * FIX dumb term: linetype character distinction was lost if not in color mode
    * CHANGE svg terminal option "fontscale" replaces obsolete "fsize"
    * NEW plot styles
    * NEW    splot ... using <x>:<y>:<z>:<zlow>:<zhigh> with zerrorfill
    * NEW    "set jitter" allows creation of bee swarm plots
    * NEW    data filter "bins" sorts input into equal width bins on x
    * NEW    "with points" and "with linespoints" accept `pointtype variable`
    * NEW    hidden3d now treats 'image' and 'rgbimage' as occluding rectangles
    * NEW    "smooth fnormal" normalized frequency
    * NEW polar mode improvements and extensions
    * NEW    "set [m]ttics" places labels around perimeter of polar grid
    * NEW    "set rlabel" places a label above the r axis
    * NEW    "set rrange [90:0]" plots in celestial horizontal coordinates
    * NEW    "set border polar" uses border linetype for perimeter of polar plot
    * NEW    "set theta <origin> <sense>" orientation of polar coordinate theta
    * NEW    label, arrow, and object positions may be given in polar coordinates
    * NEW nonlinear coordinate systems
    * NEW    "set nonlinear <axis> via f(axis) inverse g(axis)"
    * NEW    "set log" re-implemented as special case of "set nonlinear"
    * NEW data type array[size]
    * NEW commands and command options
    * NEW    "break" exits from iteration loop
    * NEW    "continue" begins next iteration immediately
    * NEW    "toggle {<plotno> | "plottitle" | all}"
    * NEW    "set pm3d lighting" specifies lighting model with specular highlighting
    * NEW    "set table OUTFILE {append}"
    * NEW    "set minussign" and "set micro" (first appeared in 5.0.5)
    * NEW    "set view azimuth <angle>" controls azimuth of the z axis in 3D plots
    * NEW    "save fit <filename>" replaces deprecated command "update"
    * NEW terminals and terminal options
    * NEW    terminal domterm (supports in-line SVG in DomTerm terminal emulator)
    * NEW    terminal sixelgd (sixel terminal graphics using gdlib)
    * NEW    svg 'standalone' embeds images rather than including by reference
    * NEW    windows terminal supports saving graph as bitmap
    * NEW    windows graph windows can be docked to the wgnuplot text window
    * NEW    windows terminal Direct2D driver rather than GDI/GDI+ where possible
    * NEW    wxt supports saving graph as EMF on Windows
    * NEW    wxt supports printing on Windows
    * NEW    dumb suports ANSI colors and filled polygons
    * NEW Optional sampling interval in range specifiers for pseudofiles '+' '++'
    * NEW gnuplot on Windows
    * converts Unicode (BMP) input to current `set encoding`, including UTF-8
    * is system DPI aware
    * NEW textbox style supports fillcolor and bordercolor
    * CHANGE point style associated with "plot with labels" is shown in the key
    * CHANGE Revise placement of axis labels in 3D plots
    * CHANGE Timestamp is now placed relative to page rather than plot boundary
    * CHANGE Track font/enhanced for key title separately from the key entries
    * CHANGE order of margins in `set margins <left>, <right>, <bottom>, <top>`
    * CHANGE Store and reuse x,y dimensions from the time image data is read in
    * CHANGE Some STATS_* variables are of type integer rather than real (complex)
    * CHANGE ^R starts a backward search when using the built-in readline
    * CHANGE Only update axis->data_min/max if the point being stored is INRANGE
    * CHANGE auto-generation of minitics on logscale axis has changed
    * CHANGE revised printing dialogs on Windows
    * CHANGE preserve whitespace following opening { in enhanced text strings
    * CHANGE windows terminal provides better oversampling
    * CHANGE New default "set key fixed" prevents 3D key box from rotating with plot
    * CHANGE Deprecate pdf terminal requiring non-free library PDFlib
    * CHANGE windows terminal also uses GDI+ for printing and copy-to-clipboard
    * CHANGE raxis/polar grid can coexist with cartesian axes
    * CHANGE evaluation of norm(x) or x**y returns 0 on floating underflow
    * CHANGE support for space-in-x11-raises-KDE3-konsole is now a configure option
    * CHANGE don't use loadpath to choose output directory for "save"
    * CHANGE GNUTERM may contain terminal options in addition to bare terminal name
    * CHANGE remove legacy terminals corel and dxf from default build
    * FIX cairo.trm - reset terminal font after printing an enhanced text string
    * FIX autoscaling of data with "smooth cnorm"
    * FIX Built-in readline handles S-JIS encoding
    * FIX Output to printer on Windows via special file "PRN"
* Wed Aug 16 2017
  - Update to 5.0.7 (which does also close CVE-2017-9670 (bsc#1044638))
    * NEW set term {pngcairo|pdfcairo} pointscale <factor>
    * NEW "save fit" back-ported from version 5.2 as a replacement for "update"
    * NEW user-defined dashtypes in metapost terminal
    * CHANGE deprecate "update" command (but do not remove it)
    * CHANGE allow placement of circles in 3D plots using axis coordinates
    * CHANGE ignore invalid z coordinate for 3D objects placed in "set view map"
    * CHANGE distinguish 'bind "shift-Button1"' from 'bind "Button1"'
    * CHANGE use Mingw-w64 and MSVC popen rather than built-in "fake" popen
    * CHANGE allow range to include sampling interval in plots using pseudofile '+'
    * FIX rangelimited y2 axis could produce spurious diagonal line across plot
    * FIX assignment of x/y dimensions in "binary record=(a,b) ... with image"
    * FIX negative array index caused by hidden3d degenerate polygon
    * FIX object clipping in "set view map"
    * FIX cairo terminals: scale textbox border linewidth by terminal linewidth
    * FIX canvas terminal: initialization of plot dimensions (affects first zoom)
    * FIX crash in stats if no usable data is found
    * FIX do not use LaTeX formatting in tabular output
    * FIX sanity check to catch "plot '+' binary"
    * FIX sanity check for NULL format passed to gprintf
    * FIX sanity check for empty image data structure on input
    * FIX more consistent handling of plot 'with table'
    * FIX incorrect, possibly empty, command string was saved for previous fit
    * FIX 2D images with logscale axes could fail (segfault)
    * FIX nested iteration containing an empty range
    * FIX allow 64-bit Cygwin build using gtk3 for wxt terminal
* Wed May 10 2017
  - Update to 5.0.6
    * NEW command 'set micro' enables encoding-specific char for gprintf %c format
    * NEW command 'set datafile missing NaN' treats invalid data as if it were
    * NEW backport updated svg/domterm terminal from development version
    * CHANGE - start/end limits in nested iterations are reevaluated dynamically
    * CHANGE - revised adjustment of x2label and plot title when x2tics are
    * CHANGE - mark non-free pdf terminal DEPRECATED
      (to be removed in release 5.2)
    * CHANGE - allow fractional font sizes for gdlib terminals
    * CHANGE - do not allow inverted R axis
      (requires support not backported from 5.1)
    * CHANGE - allow pointinterval property in 'with lp' for splot as well as
      for plot
    * CHANGE - "linewidth <lw>" is accepted as a terminal option for aquaterm,
      qt, wxt
    * CHANGE - spline segments outside xrange are ignored rather than treated
      as errors
    * FIX wxt - multithreaded wxt was faulting during resize (mutex lock failure)
    * FIX windows - timed pause only worked for intervals < 1 second
    * FIX Front/back layering of border+grid lines was not always correct in
    * FIX "set pm3d depthorder interpolate N,M" memory allocation failure
    * FIX aquaterm failed to honor request to disable enhanced text markup
    * FIX save and show commands failed to list linecolor for lines with "lt -1"
    * FIX the "missing" data flag is honored by "using ($n)" as it is for "using n"
    * FIX error reporting of line number inside a bracketed clause
    * FIX gnuplot_x11: possible fix for sporadic use-after-free error
    * FIX initialization of hidden3d structures for splot with dots
    * FIX track arrowhead properties in hidden3d mode
    * FIX tracking of NaN values from function evaluated during binary data input
    * FIX 3D rotation does not clobber hidden/visible status of plots
* Thu Dec 15 2016
  - Update to 5.0.5
    * NEW allow filename completion for system commands and pipes (backport from 5.1)
    * NEW option to plot with labels {rotate variable}
    * NEW command "set minussign"
    * NEW stats command "name" option now accepts "columnheader" or "columnheader(N)"
    * NEW command option "set colorbox invert"
    * CHANGE qt terminal force selection of outline font rather than bitmap font
    * CHANGE post terminal simplex/duplex output depends on PostScript level setting
    * CHANGE improved autoscaling of plot "with boxes"
    * CHANGE qt terminal sets TERM_POLYGON_PIXELS to avoid aliasing artifacts
    * CHANGE all stats and fit commands skip header records if "autotitle columnhead"
    * FIX Do not confuse EOF with 8-bit character 0x177 (E.g. in Cyrillic encodings).
    * FIX use blank line rather than 'u' flag in "set table" output of smoothed data
    * FIX order dependence of "fillcolor" keyword in plot commands
    * FIX svg - better vertical justification of rotated text
    * FIX wxt - file export widget correctly handles inactive plots
    * FIX qt - preserve leading and trailing whitespace in enhanced text strings
    * FIX various bugs affecting matrix data plotted "with image"
  - Remove the patches now upstream
  - Port patches to current version
* Tue Jul 26 2016
  - Some more TexLive packages
* Mon Nov 30 2015
  - Update to 5.0.1
    * NEW "set mono" (full command "set monochrome {linetype lt
    * NEW "set fit nolog" suppresses output to log file
    * NEW sixel terminal supports RGB and palette colors, but only 16 at
      a time :-(
    * NEW command "printerr" acts exactly like "print" but always outputs
      via stderr
    * CHANGE autoconfigure of Qt5 support now looks for --variable=host_bins
    * CHANGE reevaluate fill color for each polygon in data for
      "with filledcurves"
    * CHANGE gstrptime(): always check validity of %y %Y %d %B %b input fields
    * CHANGE track text properties for key title separately from key entries
    * CHANGE "smooth kdensity" now handles logscale y and explicit x range
    * CHANGE order of margins in the "set margin" command to left, right,
      bottom, top
    * CHANGE guarantee color of key sample for "lc variable" plots matches
      1st point
    * CHANGE "set term fig color" can use predefined linetype colors and
      named colors
    * CHANGE skip all preprocessing for input lines beginning with shell escape
    * CHANGE build system to suppress dvi as an automake-generated target
    * CHANGE in hidden3d mode, the 'nosurface' suppresses both surface grid
    * FIX replace palette color value NaN with background color
    * FIX improved handling of boxplot data with multiple factors (categories)
    * FIX save_textcolor was not handling "tc variable"
    * FIX apply numeric locale when reading ascii matrix data
    * FIX handling of ascii matrix data
    * FIX reinitialize brush used to draw dotted lines in gd terminal
    * FIX failure to clear bold/italic text attributes in cairo terminals
    * FIX tabular output of time data when the axis format has not been set
    * FIX breakage in plot style filledcurves {above|below} y1=<yval>
    * FIX dashtypes after "set term {e}pslatex mono"
    * FIX report and enforce maximum number of parallel axes without faulting
    * FIX smooth mcsplines for a curve containing multiple y values at a single x
    * FIX several bugs evident for log-scaled color axis
    * FIX regression in color support for pbm/sixel/hpgl terminals (no RGB color)
    * FIX accummulated round-off error in dotted lines drawn by libgd terminals
    * FIX incorrect colorbox axis labels in polar plots
    * FIX AquaTerm framework name is case-sensitive
    * FIX strip enhanced text markup from plot titles embedded in svg output
    * FIX error in retrieving matrix column headers as strings
    * FIX error in calculating absolute deviation (stats command)
    * FIX allocation error from "set fit covariancevariables"
    * FIX tkcanvas terminal handling of blank (default) font family name
    * FIX off-by-one-error in color of contours when hidden3d is active
    * FIX adjust WIN32 encoding used by text output from "pause" command
    * FIX qt terminal 3D rotation mode tendency to get stuck "on"
    * FIX dash pattern rendering in contour lines
    * FIX 'fit [][min:max] f(x)' was incorrectly ignoring min:max
  - Rediff gnuplot-4.6.0.dif
  - Add gnuplot-5.0.1-fix-latex-docs.diff to fix a regression of 5.0.1 in
    building the latex docs
* Tue Jul 28 2015
  - Add patch gnuplot-5.0.0-lua-5.3.1.dif to make it build with
* Fri Jul 24 2015
  - Require pkgconfig of libcerf at build time
* Fri May 22 2015
  - Make it build even with older Qt4 based systems
* Thu May 21 2015
  - Since QtCore is build with -reduce-relocations a -fPIC is required
    therefore add patch gnuplot-QtCore-PIC.dif
* Sun Mar 22 2015
  - Enable CACA output module
  - Build with wxWidgets 3. Add patch gnuplot-wx3.diff
* Sat Jan 31 2015
  - for versions greater than 13.1 we shall build against qt5
    * cleaned up various rpmlint warning
    * got rid of configure options obsoleted
* Wed Jan 21 2015
  - Update to 5.0.0
    * NEW new command set {xyz}tics {timedate|geographic|numeric} sets
    * NEW add the tictype keywords to
    set format {axis} {time|geographic|numeric}
    * NEW format modifier 't' in timedate mode indicates a time
    rather than a date
    * NEW grey out key entries when corresponding plot is toggled off
    * NEW allow parenthesized expressions as call parameters
    * NEW set margins <left>, <right>, <top>, <bottom>
    * NEW set trange [theta_min:theta_max] filters input data in polar plots
    * NEW "set mouse zoomfactors <xfact>,<yfact>"
    * NEW New matrix keywords for text data: "columnheaders" and "rowheaders"
    * NEW The dashtype property on any line can be seperately controlled
    * NEW custom dashtypes
    * NEW LFS support for datafiles
    * NEW timecolumn(col,"timeformat') now requires 2nd parameter, the format
    * NEW 'set view map {scale}' allows resizing a 3D projection plot
    * NEW 'nodraw' keyword to suppress lines (e.g. in style linespoints)
    * NEW bold/italic text markup in enhanced text mode
    * NEW bit-shifing binary operators << and >>
    * NEW stat calculates skewness, kurtosis, and standard errors
    * NEW function plugins, e.g. 'import f(x) from ""'
    * NEW option to tabulate all input columns "set table;
    plot ... with table"
    * NEW smoothing option "mcsplines" for piecewise monotonic
    cubic splines
    * NEW 'history !N' reexecutes the command at history entry N.
    * NEW 'set history {size <N>} {quiet|numbers} {full|trim} {default}'
    * NEW piecewise functions via separate sampling ranges for each plot
    * NEW function hsv2rgb(H,S,V) creates a 24-bit RGB value
    * NEW plot title can be placed next to the plot line in
    the graph proper
    * NEW inline data can be stored for reuse in named data blocks
    * NEW 'set print|table $datablock' to redirect output to a named
    data block
    * NEW hypertext labels can be displayed on mouse-over
    * NEW geographic (Degrees Minutes Seconds) data axes
    * NEW set arrow <tag> from <start> length <len> angle <ang>
    * NEW arrow style keywords "noborder" and "fixed"
    * NEW the high bits of RGB colors are treated as an alpha channel
    * NEW 'set surface explicit' disables automatic generation of
    a surface mesh
    * NEW 'set link [x2|y2]' ties secondary axis range to the primary axis
    * NEW 'set link x2 via f(x) inverse g(x)' introduces generic nonlinear
    * NEW linked axes can be used to place x2 and y2 labels on 3D plots
    in map mode
    * NEW 'set key opaque' works for 3D plots also
    * NEW x11 terminal is aware of current and requested plot aspect ratio
    * NEW x11 support for toggling plots on/off with left mouseclick on
    the key
    * NEW post term can use /FlateDecode to reduce the size of embedded
    * NEW 'set fit quiet|results|brief|verbose' changes fit's verbosity
    * NEW fit optionally stores final covariances to user variables
    * NEW fit command takes errors of independent variables into account
    * NEW 'set multiplot next/previous'
    * NEW 'set contours; splot FOO with labels' places labels on the
    contour lines
    * NEW Additional levels of user-specified axis tics
    * NEW complex math routines cerf, cdawson, erfi, faddeeva from
    libcerf if present
    * NEW i/v/V hotkeys to toggle all plots on the screen on/off
    * NEW 'set mrtics' (minor tics on polar axis)
    * NEW 'reset session'
    * NEW call argument convention ARGC, ARG0 ARG1 ... ARG<ARGC>
    * NEW shell invocation gnuplot -c scriptfile ARG1 ARG2 ARG3
    * NEW format %h is like %g but uses LaTeX or enhanced markup for the
    * NEW LaTeX terminals use math mode for axis tic labels
    * NEW Interrupt scripts or fits by pressing Ctrl-C in Windows console
    mode gnuplot or Ctrl-Break in wgnuplot.
    * NEW optional faster windows terminal variant using GDI+
    * NEW plot option to "skip N" lines at start of an ascii data file
    * NEW interactive color character art terminal "caca"
  - Rediff gnuplot-4.6.0-fonts.diff, gnuplot-4.4.0-x11ovf.dif,
    gnuplot-4.6.0.dif and gnuplot-4.6.0-demo.diff.
  - Remove gnuplot-4.6.0-backtick.diff as to-be-patched file no longer
* Tue Oct 28 2014
  - Update to 4.6.6
    * NEW linetype keyword "nodraw" can be used to draw only the points in
      "with lp"
    * NEW plot option to "skip N" lines at start of an ascii data file
    * NEW 'set fit prescale' normalized fit parameters before M-L refinement
    * NEW update svg terminal to grey out the key entry when a plot is
      toggled off
    * NEW allow keywords "comma" and "tab" for "set datafile separator"
    * CHANGE Accept "with image pixels" as a synonym for "with image failsafe"
    * CHANGE return NaN if a requested numerical data value finds a string
    * CHANGE Consume only one space following the font name in an enhanced
      test string
    * CHANGE respond to left mouse click on press rather than on release
    * FIX Faster recovery from outboard server gnuplot_qt being killed
    * FIX get rid of O(N^2) memory allocation for string data in long input
    * FIX large integers in iteration spec could cause overflow in end
      condition check
    * FIX object fillcolors should be consistent with the color of current
    * FIX LFS support on 64bit platforms (not backported for 32bit platforms)
    * FIX timecolumn() applied to non-axis data reports an error rather than
    * FIX clipping could fail on integer overflow
    * FIX segfault resulting from strcol(N) applied to empty field in a *.csv
    * FIX adjustment of key size to accommodate long key title
    * FIX treat data value read as "NaN" the same as we would "1/0"
    * FIX handling of events triggered by closing the qt plot window
    * FIX iteration failure due to integer overflow
    * FIX clip r axis tics to current plot boundary
    * FIX logscale cb axis with volatile data
    * FIX qt terminal timing problem with mouse click+release
    * FIX qt terminal handle window close events
    * FIX incorrect processing of certain loop [start:end:incr] combinations
    * FIX Fix y extent and clipping of rectangles with y coord < 0 or inverted
    * FIX handle columnheaders in input to fit
    * FIX add sanity check in pdf.trm to avoid strcpy(fontname,fontname)



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