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libspice-client-glib-2_0-8-0.38-1.59 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for x86_64

Name: libspice-client-glib-2_0-8 Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15
Version: 0.38 Vendor: SUSE LLC <>
Release: 1.59 Build date: Sat Mar 6 12:54:28 2021
Group: System/Libraries Build host: sheep06
Size: 1190104 Source RPM: spice-gtk-0.38-1.59.src.rpm
Summary: Gtk client and libraries for SPICE remote desktop servers
A Gtk client and libraries for SPICE remote desktop servers, (Linux and Windows)




GPL-2.0-or-later AND LGPL-2.1-or-later


* Mon Oct 05 2020
  - Fix buffer overflow vunerabilities in QUIC image decoding
    (CVE-2020-14355 bsc#1177158)
* Thu Mar 19 2020
  - Remove unneeded Recommends for spice-gtk-lang from spec file
* Tue Mar 17 2020
  - Update to version 0.38:
  - #108 - Add CD/DVD redirection, to allow mounting ISO images from client.
  - #99 - Fix display scaling with EGL and HiDPI monitors
  - #19 - Fix display corruption on HiDPI
  - #82 - Various clipboard fixes & improvements, related to host/guest races &
    cltipboard managers
  - [rhbz#1720532] - Fix buffer overflow on sending data with shared-folders
  - [rhbz#1695618] - Fix hang over failed migration
  - API: add spice_display_channel_change_preferred_video_codec_types()
  - Several usbredir related fixes and code improvements
  - Several video stream related fixes and code improvements
  - Several shared-folder related fixes and code improvements
  - file-xfer: fix stuck transfer while transfering multiple big files at once
  - file-xfer: fix possible crash on Windows
  - Migration: Fix metadata swap of channels
  - build-sys: remove autotools (transition to meson completed)
  - Require spice-protocol >= 0.14.1
  - Require libusb >= 1.0.21
  - Translations:
    - Update Italian
    - Add Russian
  - Use meson build system
  - Include a post release patch to compensate for an issue where the
    build does need to find celt resources even though we build
    without Celt support.
* Mon Mar 09 2020
  - Clean up some spec file conditionals that are no longer helpful
  - Do other spec file clean up which has been pending for a while
* Tue Oct 08 2019
  - added "BuildRequires: pkgconfig(libdrm)" in order to fix build
    with upcoming changes in libglvnd/Mesa
* Thu May 16 2019
  - Update to version 0.37:
    + Deprecate SpiceMainChannel:color-depth and SpiceSession::color-depth
    + Fix race condition on keyboard modifiers
    + Fix cursor on Wayland: Fixes hidden cursor #83
    + Fix clipboard on X11: avoid request client clipboard data when
      is known that there is no data.
    + Improve usb redirection
    + Fix on usb redirection: Don't add same device twice
    + Fix on smartcard: Warn if multiple readers are detected
    + Add instrumentation for frame and queue statistics of
      SpiceDisplay using [Recorder] library
    + Fix Warnings with GStreamer >= 1.14 on video decoding due to
      setting buffer's PTS
    + Fix some Critical warnings when build without GNOME desktop
    + Fix Criticals when no primary monitor is set
    + Documentation fixes
  - Add keyring and tarball signature files
* Mon Mar 25 2019
  - Drop pkgconfig(usbutils) BuildRequires: usbutils 010 dropped the
    .pc file.
  - Pass --with-usb-ids-path=/usr/share/hwdata/usb.ids to configure:
    pass the correct path to the usb.ids file (shipped by hwdata).
* Sat Jan 19 2019
  - Update to version 0.36:
    + Deprecate PulseAudio backend: it will be removed in a future
    + Add H265 stream support
    + Add SpiceQmpPort helper to interact with QEMU monitor over a Spice port
    + Display a message if EGL support is required (with dmabuf local rendering)
    + Many GstVideoOverlay improvements
    + Smooth-scrolling improvements
    + Miscellaneous fixes
    Dropped patches (needed changes in base version):
* Thu Nov 15 2018
  - Add README.SUSE with information regarding the kvm group requirement for the
    USB passthrough feature to work.
* Mon Aug 20 2018
  - Fix potential heap corruption when demarshalling (CVE-2018-10873,
    Added patch:
* Mon Jul 16 2018
  - Avoid buffer overflow on image lz cheks (CVE-2018-10893, bsc#1101295)
    Added patches:
  - Add setuid bit to spice-client-glib-usb-acl-helper (bsc#1101420)
* Thu Jun 14 2018
  - Update to version 0.35:
    + New SpiceSession::disconnected signal.
    + Use GstVideoOverlay if possible to render directly on
      Gstreamer's sink element.
    + Handling smooth-scroll for scroll events on touchpads in
    + The spice-controller library was removed.
    + Fix migration regression introduced in v0.34 (rhbz#1558043).
    + Introspection: Fixes for SpicePortChannel,
      SpiceDisplayChannel, SpiceRecordChannel, SpiceInputsChannel,
    + Fix width computation for palette images (rhbz#1508847).
    + Introduction of spice+tls:// URI format to tls all channels.
    + Fix keycodes on Xwayland (rhbz#1479682).
    + Memory leak fixes.
  - Drop:
    + Use-scancode-instead-of-keycode-names.patch: fixed upstream.
    + libspice-controller subpackage to follow upstream changes.
    + pkgconfig(celt051) BuildRequires: it is no longer required nor
  - Switch python2 packages BuildRequires to python3, the new Python
    version default.
* Mon Apr 09 2018
  - Partially fix bsc#1074144, where we have keymapping issues under Xwayland.
    + Add the following upstream patch:
    + Use-scancode-instead-of-keycode-names.patch
* Mon Aug 28 2017
  - Update to version 0.34 (bsc#1055295):
    + NOTE: this is the last release with the spice-controller library
    + add VP9 codec support
    + API: add spice_display_change_preferred_video_codec_type()
    + API: add new SpiceCursorChannel:cursor property, deprecate "cursor-set" signal
    + API: spice_audio_new() is no longer in public header
    + fix clipboard crash and other regressions from 0.33
    + report invalid or stopped streams to the server
    + use playbin instead of decodebin with gstreamer > 1.9
    + support GST_DEBUG_BIN_TO_DOT_FILE debug
    + deprecate a few esoteric options from --spice group:
    - -spice-color-depth, --spice-cache-size, --spice-glz-window-size used
      mainly for development. They may be available with spicy in the future.
    + win32: handle failures when starting win-usb manager
    + win32: removed windows usb-clerk support, replaced by UsbDk
    + win32: fix alt-tab & grab issues
    + spicy learned to tweak codec preference, cancel transfer, and resize
      precisely for debugging purposes
    + use keycodemapdb submodule, drop perl(Text::CSV) dependency
    + file-xfer: fix bad filename encoding
    + file-xfer: handle new error kind
    + build-sys fixes for macos
    + replace some deprecated gtk code
    + memory leak fixes, new tests
  - Drop now useless patches:
    + 48da2c66-fix-lz4-deps.patch
    + spice-gtk-remove-pygtk-bindings-leftovers.patch
* Tue Feb 28 2017
  - Drop pkgconfig(pygtk-2.0) BuildRequires: No longer needed, nor
    used as gtk2 support was dropped.
  - Add spice-gtk-remove-pygtk-bindings-leftovers.patch: Remove
    leftover pygtk bindings, patch from upstream git.
  - Stop using sed to insert usbredirhost-0.5 into configure checks,
    no longer needed: fixed upstream.
* Thu Feb 02 2017
  - Merge SLES changelog (fate#322402)
* Tue Dec 13 2016
  - Better check for lz4.
* Mon Dec 05 2016
  - Merge SLES and openSUSE differences in one spec file.
* Sat Oct 08 2016
  - Update to version 0.33:
    + lz4 compression of USB channel.
    + Keyboard: pause key fixes, set keypress-delay to 0 on local
    + Mouse: fix pointer grabbing in server mode.
    + Clipboard: fix copying text from old application without
      UTF8_STRING target (motif).
    + File-xfer changes: grouping all transferred files per
    + New
      API and associated properties.
    + New SpiceChannel:socket property.
    + Fix rendering issues with CSD on Windows.
    + Fix gettext support, some translations updates.
    + Fix display refresh issue on f25 after resize (init egl only
      when required).
    + Many leaks and races fixes, new tests (bsc#1016291).
  - Changes from version 0.32:
    + Libspice-client-gtk API/ABI break: library soname/version has
      been bumped, and deprecated symbols have been removed. In
      practice, most of the API (in particular for language bindings)
      should be unchanged.
    + Drop gtk+ 2.0 support.
    + Require gtk+ >= 3.12 and glib >= 2.36.
    + Add GStreamer as a backend for mjpeg, vp8 & h264 decoding. This
      allows the upcoming Spice server release to send video regions
      with better codecs.
    + A number of spice-gtk structures are now private.
    + Spice-gtk widget is no longer a GtkDrawingArea but an opaque
      type with only guarantee to be a GtkWidget.
    + Virgl:
    - Use GtkGlArea if possible (on wayland only atm).
    - Various fixes (multiple display, resize, canvas-less
    + Win-usbredir: use UsbDk backend when available and various
    + Ensure that dnd file copy get cancelled.
    + Some JP and KR keyboard handling fixes on Windows.
    + Fix SASL GSSAPI.
    + Fix ipv6 proxy address handling.
    + Allow smaller widget with scaling enabled.
    + Add spice_main_request_mouse_mode() to request mouse mode.
    + Add SpiceGtkSession:sync-modifiers to change modifiers sync
    + Various video decoding improvements.
    + Use GTask instead of GSimpleAsyncResult.
    + Misc bindings, leaks, warnings, and spelling fixes (bsc#1010188).
  - Add gstreamer-plugins-bad, gstreamer-plugins-good,
    pkgconfig(gstreamer-1.0), pkgconfig(gstreamer-app-1.0),
    pkgconfig(gstreamer-audio-1.0), pkgconfig(gstreamer-base-1.0) and
    pkgconfig(opus) BuildRequires: New dependencies.
  - Add disabled pkgconfig(libphodav-2.0) BuildRequires: New optional
    dependency, not yet available in openSUSE.
  - Drop pkgconfig(gtk+-2.0) BuildRequires: No longer needed as
    upstream dropped gtk2 support.
  - Remove all buildhandling of gtk2.
  - Changes to subpackages following upstream changes:
    + Bump sover for libspice-client-gtk-3.
    + Drop libspice-client-gtk-2,python-SpiceClientGtk and
      typelib-1_0-SpiceClientGtk-2_0 no longer built.
* Wed Aug 31 2016
  - Move acl helper to a new libspice-client-glib-helper package and
    add a corresponding dependency (bsc#994858)
* Fri Mar 18 2016
  - Update to version 0.31:
    + NOTE: this is the last release to support gtk+ 2.0.
    + Add local GL scanout support for virtio-gpu/virgl guests.
    + New file-transfer API, to be able to monitor transfers etc.
    + New spice_display_change_preferred_compression() API.
    + Better authentication error reports.
    + usbredir: drop isoc packets on low bandwidth (rh#1264156).
    + usbredir: add counter of free channels (rh#1298772).
    + Add a toplevel include header spice-client-gtk.h.
    + Grab keyboard based on session focus (rh#1275231).
    + Don't print error message on successful file transfer
    + Allow simultaneous support for Pulse and GStreamer audio.
    + Remove GSlice usage.
    + Some BE endianness fixes.
    + Misc leak and use after-free fixes.
    + Documentation fixes.
  - Drop pkgconfig(x11) and pkgconfig(xrandr) BuildRequires: no
    longer needed.
* Thu Oct 01 2015
  - Update to version 0.30:
    + spice-protocol is no longer bundled with spice-gtk. Requires
      spice-protocol >= 0.12.10
    + Handle single headed monitors that have a non-zero x, y config
    + Various small improvements to 'spicy' test application
    + Fix build with automake < 1.13
    + various bug fixes and improvements (boo#958306)
    + New API:
    - spice_main_update_display_enabled()
    - Add SpiceSession::preferred-compression property and
    - -spice-preferred-compression commandline switch (requires a
      yet-to-be-released version of spice server)
    + Ability to set the SpiceDisplay::keypress-delay property via a
      new SPICE_KEYPRESS_DELAY environment variable
  - Add python-six BuildRequires: New dependency, that configure
    fails to look for.
* Tue Jun 30 2015
  - Update to version 0.29:
    + sync guest audio volume with client volume
    + use stream volume for PulseAudio source
    + on Windows, fail early during initialization if the usbclerk service
      can't be reached
    + fix audio and usb managers to work with client provided fds
    + check for too long passwords, boo#931044
    + many crasher and bug fixes, (boo#898383)
  - Drop now useless patch: password-length-check.patch
  - bnc#894069: disable smart card support for SLE
* Fri Jun 05 2015
  - Check for passwords longer than what spice protocol allows to
    help reporting the error to the user.
    password-length-check.patch. boo#931044
* Thu Mar 26 2015
  - Update to version 0.28:
    + webdav improvements:
    - No longer spawn a server thread
    - No longer use local TCP sockets & port
    - Provides read-only mode with SpiceSession:share-dir-ro
    - Requires libphodav-2.0 glib-2.0 >= 2.43.90 libsoup-2.4 >=
    + Drop gstreamer 0.10 in favour of 1.0
    + Add spice+unix://path connection support
    + Accept URI with empty parameters value, such as
    + Fixed lz4 support
    + Silence some harmless warnings
    + Misc API documentation improvements
    + Switch-host migration fixes
    + Learn to build --without-gtk
    + Bugs and regressions fixes
  - Add pkgconfig(liblz4) BuildRequires and pass --enable-lz4 to
* Fri Dec 19 2014
  - Update to version 0.27:
    + Add GStreamer 1.0 audio support.
    + Add LZ4 compression algorithm support.
    + Learn to release the keyboard grab on release keys pressed
      (ctrl+alt by default), to let alt+f4/alt-tab and others for
      client side.
    + Session and channels life-cycle changes: a channel will no
      longer hold a reference after session disconnection.
    + Migration fixes, fail early on client provided fds (this is
      left to solve in the future).
    + Fix support for Gtk+ 3.0 on Windows.
    + Clipboard size fixes.
    + Server-side pointer drawing on grab.
    + Build-sys improvements.
    + New APIs:
    - spice_usb_device_get_libusb_device()
    - spice_session_is_for_migration()



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