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icecream-1.2-bp153.1.19 RPM for x86_64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for x86_64

Name: icecream Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP3
Version: 1.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp153.1.19 Build date: Fri Mar 12 22:10:51 2021
Group: Development/Tools/Building Build host: lamb02
Size: 1012274 Source RPM: icecream-1.2-bp153.1.19.src.rpm
Summary: For Distributed Compile in the Network
Distributed compiler with a central scheduler to share build load.




GPL-2.0-or-later AND LGPL-2.1-or-later


* Wed Jan 09 2019
  - Use icecream user+group instead of nonexistent icecc
    in scheduler (boo#1121250)
* Fri Nov 30 2018 Stephan Kulow <>
  - update to 1.2
    - Add more compiler flags to the list that mean build locally
    * -pedantic (preprocessing only)
    * -pedantic-errors (preprocessing only)
    * -fsyntax-only
    - don't force local compile on -include-pch
    - Make load calculation better
    - Limit amount of data sent at one time for slow networks/remotes
    - Many updates to the tests
    - Better logs of some error conditions
    - Build locally if it is likely that there will not be more compiles
    - Support adding gcc and clang to the same environment
    - Better handling of icerun
    - Cygwin now works as a client
    - Don't expose Host endianness to network
    - General code cleanup
* Fri Jun 29 2018
  - Add firewalld rules, remove SuSEFirewall2 config
  - Add systemd service units for icecream, icecream-scheduler
  - Create socket and environment directories using tmpfiles.d
  - Strip no longer needed options from config file
  - Spec file cleanup:
    - remove cruft for 12.2 and older
    - use %license tag
* Wed Jan 03 2018
  - Update dependencies to fix building on SLE
  - Cleanup spec file:
    * Run spec-clener
    * Make building more verbose
* Wed Jan 03 2018
  - changes icecream 1.1rc3 -> 1.1
    - revert "Add load control for preprocessing"
    - better handle clang arugments with spaces
    - remove "crashme" command from scheduler
    - better logging around exception 30
  - changes icecream 1.1rc2 -> 1.1rc3
    - Fix broken pipe race condition
    - Better error handling
    - Crash fixes
    - Documentation update
    - Include objcopy in environment if it exists
    - Add CI builds on travis-ci: OSX, ubuntu trusty
    - Fixed several memory errors
    - Extract enviornments with compile priority, not daemon priority
    - Handle spaces in the parameters following -MT
    - Handle -target -arch -c-isystem and -cxx-isystem (clang)
    - Handle NAT situations better
    - Add load control for preprocessing
    - Handle scheduler unable to reach remote machine
    - Make scheduler election algorithm handle multiple netnames
* Thu Nov 23 2017
  - Replace references to /var/adm/fillup-templates with new
    %_fillupdir macro (boo#1069468)
* Tue May 30 2017
  - update to 1.1rc2
    - -gsplit-dwarf support for debug fission (
    - bug fixes since 1.1rc1
  - switch to github tar - and related build system changes
* Fri Oct 31 2014
  - update to 1.1rc1 (including bsc#861524 and CVE-2014-4607)
    - require capng
    - allow ICECC_VERSION file to start with a .
    - work with different executable names for docbook-to-man on different distributions
    - support color diagnostics if possible
    - fix several crashes
    - clean up and improve documentation
    - move icecc-create-env to bindir.
    - Try to use only the best available scheduler
    - make daemon port configurable
    - USE_SCHEDULER now accepts host:port to change ports
    - use system lzo, drop bundled minilzo
    - force local compilation when required in more cases
    - detect some clang out of memory errors.
    - better support for FreeBSD
    - bump protocol version to 34
    - daemon requires chroot
    - some code refactoring for better maintainability
    - find if feature is supported by checking protocol version
    - better logging on error conditions
    - Create many tests cases
    - use path name instead of localhost for unix socket
    - clean up build system
    - use getnameinfo() instead of inet_ntoa()
    - fix some valgrind found issues
    - drop supplementary groups before setgid()
    - make signal handlers more robust
    - work better if user "icecc" does not exist
    - find compilers outside of PATH when building locally
  - remove upstream patches
  -  make gcc-c++ only a Recommends: in the spec file
      A machine running only the daemon actually does not need any compiler.
* Wed Feb 12 2014
  - 0002-icecc-fix_s390_build.patch:
    fix build for s390/s390x
* Tue Jul 16 2013
  - handle $HOME not being set:



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