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klavaro-3.03-bp153.1.18 RPM for s390x

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for s390x

Name: klavaro Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP3
Version: 3.03 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp153.1.18 Build date: Sat Mar 6 03:15:34 2021
Group: Amusements/Teaching/Other Build host: s390p22
Size: 2822846 Source RPM: klavaro-3.03-bp153.1.18.src.rpm
Summary: Typing tutor
Klavaro  is a touch typing tutor that is very
flexible and supports customizable keyboard
layouts. Users can edit and save new or unknown
keyboard layouts, as the basic course provided by
the program was designed to not depend on specific






* Tue Mar 13 2018
  - Use espeak-ng when available
  - Remove superfluous buildtime requirement
* Sun Aug 06 2017
  - update to 3.03
    + Fixed:
    - el.paragraphs minor bugs fixed.
    - Counting unicode characters apart for touchs-per-second calculation and
      also handling IM context.
    - Gurmukhi keyboard for Jhelum is from Pakistan (kept version for
      India). Removed extra "bindi" from 'P' key-position.
    - Updated klavaro.appdata.xml file, e.g. added the kudo ModernToolkit.
    - Added GenericName in klavaro.desktop file.
    - Resource leak at translation.c (fh obtained with fopen but had no fclose).
    - Default keyboard for Finnish is [qwerty_se], not [querty_se].
    - Blinking cursor GSource timeout error.
    - Not plotting data for English UK, Español; Castellano and possibly other
    + Changed:
    - Max number of customizable basic lessons increased to 256.
    - ar.paragraphs updated with some quotes, no more religious or
      political texts.
    - Allowing the tutor window to shrink more.
    - Using Gurmukhi script to show Punjabi (pa) option in "Language" at main menu
    + Added translations:
    - Korean support.
    - Serbian.
    + Updated translations:
    - Arabic.
    - French.
* Sun Nov 06 2016
  - use
  - use upstream provided .desktop file
* Thu Sep 01 2016
  - update to 3.02
    + Fixed:
    - Using portable GTK function to access Klavaros's Top 10 URL.
    + Changed:
    - pa.paragraphs updated.
    + Added translations:
    - Catalan.
    - Croatian.
    + Updated translations:
    - Swedish.
    - Polish.
    - Czech.
    - Italian.
    - Galician.
    - French.
    - Finnish completed: words and paragraphs added.
* Wed Sep 10 2014
  - update to 3.01
    + Added:
    - Gurmukhi Jhelum keyboard for Punjabi language (normal and shifted).
    - AppData file, with description and screenshot links for software
    - AppIcons with resolutions 64x64 and 96x96.
    + Fixed:
    - Punjabi characters now are managed correctly.
    - Maybe the annoying wrapping bug has also been fixed (Hallelujah!).
    - Layout querty_ca_quebec.kbd not presenting isolated acute anymore,
      using now the letter "é".
    - Reactivated the spin button to select the basic lesson on progress
    - Return of value -1 for pointer in gtk_databox_get_graphs(), now
      returning NULL.
    - Windows issue when selecting default language (e.g. with en_IN).
    - Now the internal GtkDatabox library has its name moved to
      "gtkdataboks", to avoid conflicting with the upstream library.
    + Changed:
    - Reset button put a bit aside from the Close button, in the progress
    - New phrases for C.paragraphs (default English), avoiding political
    - Some new phrases for pt_br.paragraphs.
    - Backspace allows to repeat accomplished lesson in basic module.
    + Added translations:
    - Punjabi.
    - Slovenian.
    + Fixed messages:
    - Typo: Kunf-fu mastering --> Kung-fu mastery
    - Idiom: make better --> do better
    + Updated translations:
    - Czech.
    - Galician.
    - German.
    - Swedish (also sv.paragraphs and sv.words).
  - remove upsteaamed patch: klavaro-3.00-wrong-return-value.patch
* Mon Aug 25 2014
  - update to 3.00:
    + Fixed:
    - Typo: prefered --> preferred
    - Manpage: minus as hyphen corrected with escapes (\-)
    + Changed:
    - Migrated from GTK2 to GTK3.
    - GtkDatabox is incorporated statically, because its last release does
      not support GTK3 yet.
    - FontSelectionDialog is deprecated, so using now a FontButton.
    - Some translatable messages were reviewed.
    - Default background color for the tutor practice text came back to
      ice-white: colors are easier customizable in the preferences.ini file.
    + Added:
    - Keywords in the klavaro.desktop file.
    - Goals for touch typing skill are now configurable through the
      prefences.ini file.
    - Programmer Dvorak keyboard layout added (dvorak_us_prog.kbd).
    + Updated translations:
    - Basque.
    - Danish.
    - Dutch.
    - Esperanto.
    - Greek.
    - Hungarian.
    - Portuguese (Brazilian).
    - Ukrainian.
    - Vietnamese.
    + Added translations:
    - Finnish (partial).
  - add klavaro-3.00-paragraph-ru-fix.patch to replace hard to type
    typographic chars with simple
  - add klavaro-3.00-wrong-return-value.patch to fix 64-bit
    portability issue in gtkdatabox.c
* Wed Feb 05 2014
  - update to 2.01:
    + Fixed:
    - Icon indication in the .desktop file now gives only the relative
      name (klavaro), not the complete absolute path: more general.
    - Italian translation, _Next <==> _Previous (by hand, waiting update
      from the Translation Project)
    - Symbols '-' and '\' at middle of words are avoided now; and '´' is
      avoided at end of words (adapt module).
    - It was aborting in Windows systems where LANG=en_US.
    + Changed:
    - (ACLOCAL_AMFLAGS): New variable.
    - (EXTRA_DIST): Add m4/ChangeLog.
    - (AM_GNU_GETTEXT_VERSION): Bump to 0.18.3.
    + Updated translations:
    - Kazakh
    - Khirgyz
  - release notes for 2.00:
    + Changed:
    - ru.paragraphs for practicing module fluidity in Russian.
    - Not relocating very old paths to the "newer" ones.
  - removed patches:
    * klavaro-1.9.5-paragraph-ru-fix.patch not needed
* Fri Sep 06 2013
  - update to 1.9.9:
    + Added translations:
    - Greek
    + Fixed:
    - Turkish keyboard layouts.
    + Changed:
    - Updated the greek keyboard layout, the old one is renamed
      to qwerty_old.
    - Default foreground color for the tutor practice text made
      more greenish.
    - Updated autotools and gettext infrastructure.
  - release notes for 1.9.8:
    + Updated translations:
    - Esperanto.
    - French.
    - Vietnamese.
    - Kirghiz.
* Mon Feb 25 2013
  - updated to 1.9.7:
    + Added:
    - Bulgarian translation
    + Updated:
    - Kyrgyz translation
    - Galician translation
    + Changed:
    - Galician text for fluidity practice, it had content
      with violence.
    - Galician words for speed practice.
    - Filtering progress charts according to keyboard (basic
      & adapt) or language (velo & fluid).
      See side effects on NEWS!
    - Dismissing keys which are not in the current keyboard
      (keyset), in the error/speed accounting process for the
      adapt personal practicing. Results for these are saved now
      in specific files, for each keyboard.
      See side effects on NEWS!
* Sun Jan 20 2013
  - updated to 1.9.6:
    + Added:
    - Kyrgyz translation (partial)
    - Telugu translation (partial)
    - Workman (US) layout
    + Changed:
    - Explicit linking with gmodule  -2.0, to avoid problem with
      Implicit DSO linking (in Fedora).
    - Orange color for keys now a bit darker.
    - Basic lessons with only 2 letters are 4 lines only.
    - Russian internal sub  -dictionary changed, because of
      spelling errors.
    + Updated:
    - Automake files (1.11.6)
    - Basque translation
    - Russian translation
  - removed klavaro-1.9.4-dso.patch (fixed upstream)



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