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sox-14.4.2-bp153.1.23 RPM for aarch64

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.3 for aarch64

Name: sox Distribution: SUSE Linux Enterprise 15 SP3
Version: 14.4.2 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: bp153.1.23 Build date: Sat Mar 6 15:06:32 2021
Group: Productivity/Multimedia/Sound/Editors and Convertors Build host: obs-arm-8
Size: 301584 Source RPM: sox-14.4.2-bp153.1.23.src.rpm
Summary: Sound Conversion Tools
SOX is intended to be the Swiss Army knife of sound processing tools.
It does many things, it just does not do them all well. Sooner or later
it will come in very handy. SOX is really only usable day-to-day if you
hide the wacky options with one-line shell scripts.




LGPL-2.1+ and GPL-2.0+


* Wed Feb 14 2018
  - Added patches:
    * CVE-2017-11332.patch: Fixed the startread function in wav.c, which allowed
      remote attackers to cause a DoS (divide-by-zero) via a crafted wav file.
      (CVE-2017-11332 bsc#1081140)
    * CVE-2017-11358.patch: Fixed the read_samples function in hcom.c, which
      allowed remote attackers to cause a DoS (invalid memory read) via a crafted
      hcom file. (CVE-2017-11358 bsc#1081141)
    * CVE-2017-11359.patch: Fixed the wavwritehdr function in wav.c, which
      allowed remote attackers to cause a DoS (divide-by-zero) when converting a
      a crafted snd file to a wav file. (CVE-2017-11359 bsc#1081142)
    * CVE-2017-15370.patch: Fixed a heap-based buffer overflow in the ImaExpandS
      function of ima_rw.c, which allowed remote attackers to cause a DoS during
      conversion of a crafted audio file. (CVE-2017-15370 bsc#1063439)
    * CVE-2017-15371.patch: Fixed an assertion abort in the function
      sox_append_comment() in formats.c, which allowed remote attackers to cause
      a DoS during conversion of a crafted audio file. (CVE-2017-15371
    * CVE-2017-15372.patch: Fixed a stack-based buffer overflow in the
      lsx_ms_adpcm_block_expand_i function of adpcm.c, which allowed remote
      attackers to cause a DoS during conversion of a crafted audio file.
      (CVE-2017-15372 bsc#1063456)
    * CVE-2017-15642.patch: Fixed an Use-After-Free vulnerability in
      lsx_aiffstartread in aiff.c, which could be triggered by an attacker by
      providing a malformed AIFF file. (CVE-2017-15642 bsc#1064576)
    * CVE-2017-18189.patch: Fixed a NULL pointer dereference triggered by a
      corrupt header specifying zero channels in the startread function in
      xa.c, which allowed remote attackers to cause a DoS (CVE-2017-18189
  - Removed sox-doublefree.patch
* Tue Dec 19 2017
  - sox-doublefree.patch: initialize comment, it might
    get returned back with OK. (bsc#1064576 CVE-2017-15642)
* Fri Aug 25 2017
  - Enable lame/mad/twolame unconditionally
  - Remove ffmpeg/opus conditional because it is always present
* Mon Mar 06 2017
  - Replace libopus-devel with pkgconfig(opusfile) BuildRequires:
    this is what configure looks for, and will actually build the
    optional opus support as intended.
* Tue Sep 22 2015
  - Update to 14.4.2
    o Add optional support for reading Ogg Opus files.
    o Fix for max size text chunks in aiff files.
    o Add reading support for RF64 WAV files.
    o Work around for libsndfile created RF64 files with invalid
    o Detect MS ADPCM WAV files with invalid blocks.
    o Detect Sphere files with invalid header sizes.
    o 'Deemph' can now also be used at 48kHz sample rate.
    o 'Rate' now much faster in many cases.
    o Allow sending spectrograms to stdout.
    o Allow use of Dolph window with spectrograms.
    o Allow mixing time and sample-count arguments for the delay
      effect, and for spectrogram -S and -d.
    o Support multi-channel LADSPA plugins.
    o Support infinite repetition with repeat.
    o Improved pink noise frequency response in synth.
    o Extended syntax for specifying audio positions to several
    o Fix integer overflow in mcompand. [3590093]
    o Add optional latency compenstation for LADSPA plugins.
    o New -p option for soxi to display sample precision.
    o New libsox example6: give explicit output attributes.
    o Speed optimization for effects that operate on channels
    o Fix memory leaks.
    o Most internal symbols (lsx_*) are no longer exported.
  - Drop sox-14.4.0-ocloexec.patch as it brings little enhancement
    and there has been no activity at upstreaming it
  - Enable ffmpeg and opus by default
* Wed Sep 11 2013
  - Update to version 14.4.1
    o Fix pipe file-type detection regression
    o MAUD write fixes
    o Fix crash when seeking within a FLAC file
    o Fix Ogg Vorbis files with certain numbers of channels being
    o Fix reading 64-bit float WAVs
    o Fix potential buffer overrun when writing FLAC files directly via
    o Check whether pulseaudio is available before choosing it as
    o Restore 8 seconds default for spectrogram, if the input length is
      not known
    o Set output length for splice to unknown instead of 0
    o Increase maximum width for spectrograms
    o Fix memory leaks in LADSPA effect
    o Fix hang in several effects (rate, tempo, and those based on
      dft_filter) when processing long files
    o Prevent (m)compand from tampering with their arguments
    o Fix input length calculation for combine methods other than
    o Fix to to work with Autoconf 2.69
  - Rebase sox-14.4.0-ocloexec.patch
* Thu Feb 07 2013
  - sox-14.4.0-ocloexec.patch: edited, config.h must be included
    _everywhere_ and GNU_SOURCE defined so O_CLOEXEC is available
    for all targets.
* Sat Nov 17 2012
  - Disable OSS support, alsa and pulse are enough for us now.
* Sat Apr 14 2012
  - Update to version 14.4.0
    o Add floating point encodings in AIFF-C files.
    o Pad WAV data chunks to an even number of bytes.
    o Made Pulse Audio driver the default driver.
    o Lots of improvements to man pages.
    o New upsample, hilbert, and downsample effects.
    o Fix fading bugs.
    o Enable --plot on biquad and fir effects.
    o Now effects chain can be unlimitted length.
    o Fix newfile/restart effects when merging or mixing files.
    o Fix crash in compand and mcompand effect.
    o Improved audio length calculations when using effects.
    o New trim effect with enhanced capabilities.
    o Improved large file support.
    o MP2 write support.
  - Split librarires to follow SLPP
  - Optionally enable twolame support
  - Use pkgconfig() style BuildRequires
  - Update ocloexec patch to apply to the new version
  - Remove audioio.h/sunaudio support
  - Remove unneeded ncurses BuildRequire
  - Remove patches not needed anymore (sox-14.3.2-new_ffmpeg.patch,
    sox-14.3.1-undefined.patch and sox-14.3.1-aliasing.patch)
* Sun Nov 27 2011
  - fix build on < 12.1 by not applying the O_CLOEXEC patch there as it is not in
    the glibc
  - fix build on >= 12.1 by adding ncurses-devel to the BuildRequires



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