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python3-requests-2.20.1-lp152.2.1 RPM for noarch

From OpenSuSE Leap 15.2 for noarch

Name: python3-requests Distribution: openSUSE Leap 15.2
Version: 2.20.1 Vendor: openSUSE
Release: lp152.2.1 Build date: Tue Apr 28 20:18:01 2020
Group: Development/Languages/Python Build host: cloud119
Size: 492357 Source RPM: python-requests-2.20.1-lp152.2.1.src.rpm
Summary: Python HTTP Library
Requests is an HTTP library, written in Python, as an alternative
to Python's builtin urllib2 which requires work (even
method overrides) to perform basic tasks.

Features of Requests:
   + HTTP Header Request Attachment.
   + Data/Params Request Attachment.
   + Multipart File Uploads.
   + CookieJar Support.
   + Redirection History.
   + Redirection Recursion Urllib Fix.
   + Automatic Decompression of GZipped Content.
   + Unicode URL Support.
 - Authentication:
   + URL + HTTP Auth Registry.






* Mon Apr 27 2020 Matej Cepl <>
  - Switch off test_https_warnings test (bsc#1170175)
* Thu May 16 2019 Bryan Stephenson <>
  - Update to version 2.20.1 (bsc#1111622)
    * Fixed bug with unintended Authorization header stripping for
      redirects using default ports (http/80, https/443).
* Tue Oct 30 2018 Jan Engelhardt <>
  - Ensure neutrality of descriptions.
* Sat Oct 20 2018 Arun Persaud <>
  - specfile:
    * remove devel for noarch
    * remove restriction for urllib3 < 1.24
    * HISTORY and README changed from .rst to .md
  - update to version 2.20.0:
    * Bugfixes
      + Content-Type header parsing is now case-insensitive
      (e.g. charset=utf8 v Charset=utf8).
      + Fixed exception leak where certain redirect urls would raise
      uncaught urllib3 exceptions.
      + Requests removes Authorization header from requests redirected
      from https to http on the same hostname. (CVE-2018-18074)
      + should_bypass_proxies now handles URIs without hostnames
      (e.g. files).
    * Dependencies
      + Requests now supports urllib3 v1.24.
    * Deprecations
      + Requests has officially stopped support for Python 2.6.
* Thu Jul 19 2018
  - -test subpackage must be empty
* Mon Jul 16 2018
  - make multibuild package to resolve circular deps on tests
* Mon Jul 02 2018
  - update to version 2.19.1:
    * Fixed issue where’s init function failed trying
      to append to a __doc__ value of None.
  - update to version 2.19.0:
    * Improvements
      + Warn about possible slowdown with cryptography version < 1.3.4
      + Check host in proxy URL, before forwarding request to adapter.
      + Maintain fragments properly across redirects. (RFC7231 7.1.2)
      + Removed use of cgi module to expedite library load time.
      + Added support for SHA-256 and SHA-512 digest auth algorithms.
      + Minor performance improvement to Request.content.
      + Migrate to using for 3.7 compatibility.
    * Bugfixes
      + Parsing empty Link headers with parse_header_links() no longer
      return one bogus entry.
      + Fixed issue where loading the default certificate bundle from
      a zip archive would raise an IOError.
      + Fixed issue with unexpected ImportError on windows system
      which do not support winreg module.
      + DNS resolution in proxy bypass no longer includes the username
      and password in the request. This also fixes the issue of DNS
      queries failing on macOS.
      + Properly normalize adapter prefixes for url comparison.
      + Passing None as a file pointer to the files param no longer
      raises an exception.
      + Calling copy on a RequestsCookieJar will now preserve the
      cookie policy correctly.
    * We now support idna v2.7 and urllib3 v1.23.
  - Properly set idna/urllib3 dependency versions, runtime and buildtime
  - Spec cleanup, remove conditionals for ancient distro versions
  - Remove duplicates with fdupes
* Wed Mar 07 2018
  - Allows Recommends and Suggest in Fedora
* Tue Feb 27 2018
  - Recommends only for SUSE
  - In no SUSE evironments some tests related with certificates can
    fail. Skip the tests if this case.
* Sun Sep 24 2017
  - update to version 2.18.4:
    * Improvements
      + Error messages for invalid headers now include the header name
      for easier debugging
    * Dependencies
      + We now support idna v2.6.
  - changes from version 2.18.3:
    * Improvements
      + Running $ python -m now includes the installed
      version of idna.
    * Bugfixes
      + Fixed issue where Requests would raise ConnectionError instead
      of SSLError when encountering SSL problems when using urllib3
* Tue Aug 08 2017
  - update to version v2.18.2
    * Add requirements.txt to
    * test ssl version check functions as expected in python 2.6
    * no more stickers
    * fix OPENSSL_VERSION_NUMBER check on Python2.6's ssl module
    * Setup HISTORY for next release
    * Use 'prefix' instead of 'key' in session docstring
    * Allow urllib3 1.22
    * v2.18.2
    * stickers
    * redundant comma
* Mon Jul 03 2017
  update to version v2.18.1
    * 2.17.1
    * Fix a typo: verison -> version
    * fix
    * Prepare v2.18.0
    * Update requirements.txt
    * cleanup
    * Preserve identity of unbundled deps
    * ignore undefined names in flake8
    * flake8 ignore lambda expressions
    * Add the pytest .cache/ directory to .gitignore
    * docutils
    * try junit
    * new installation location
    * cleanup
    * flake8report.txt
    * empty commit
    * no more pipenv
    * Begin dev section of README
    * Remove exec permission from files that shouldn't have it
    * change development philosophy docs to reflect reality
    * fix manifest file
    * only flake8 the right directory
    * update development documentation
    * Remove session redirect cache
    * no piping to a file
    * Catch error if multiprocessing is not available or is unable to determine the number of CPUs
    * todo
    * cleanup
    * typo
    * number of cores for travis
    * ignore import statements for flake8
    * Update README.rst
    * better ci file
    * bunk change
    * that doesn't work on windows
    * improve development instructions
    * Fix a typo: paramters -> parameters
    * Adds changelog entry for #4134
    * ignore line continuations for flake8
    * Allow Requests.Response to be used as a context manager
    * Fix requests.packages not having package attributes
    * remove note about cacerts.pem
    * v2.17.3
    * improve install documentation syntax
    * improve installation instructions
    * flake8: import statement improvements
    * fix spaces in
    * v2.18.1
    * skip for now
    * v2.17.2
    * fix flake8 for EOF in
    * improve flake8
    * Prepare for next release cycle
    * try this travis file
    * remove "are you crazy?" section
    * fix sidebars
    * Update index.rst
    * fix empty lines for flake8
    * convert version compatibility checks to warning
    * fix github stars
    * v2.17.1
    * improve line continuations for flake8
    * attempt new ads
    * speed up appveyor
    * v2.17.0
    * improve installation docs
    * fix flake8 indent error
    * Adds to AUTHORS
    * Clearer makefile for building README
    * flake8
    * Fixes error swallowing in set_environ
    * cleanup (flake8)
    * improve install docs
    * new requests namespace
* Sat Jun 10 2017
  - update to 2.16.5:
    * unvendored bundled libraries
    * for more changes, see
  - drop no-default-cacert.patch: this is now in python-certifi
  - drop requests-do-not-use-bundle.patch: obsolete
* Fri May 05 2017
  - Ensure neutrality of description.
* Tue May 02 2017
  - The following two entries should have been added to the previous
    changelog entry.
  - Drop urllib3-ssl-default-context.patch
  - Add requests-do-not-use-bundle.patch
* Tue Mar 14 2017
  - update for multipython build
  - synchronize with python 3 version
    * drop urllib3-ssl-default-context.patch
    * add requests-do-not-use-bundle.patch
  - debundle urllib3 and chardet
  - enable test suite
* Mon Mar 06 2017
  - fixed dependencies in spec
  - update to version 2.13.0
    * Only load the idna library when we’ve determined we need it.
      This will save some memory for users.
    * Updated bundled urllib3 to 1.20.
    * Updated bundled idna to 2.2.
  - update to version 2.12.5
    * Fixed an issue with JSON encoding detection, specifically detecting
      big-endian UTF-32 with BOM.
* Wed Dec 28 2016
  update to version v2.12.4
    * Python 2 compatibility
    * adding tests for super_len conditional flow
    * Check in updated idna.
    * Test case for requests getting stuck on post redirect with seekable stream
    * v2.12.2
    * added new test, original test restored
    * Make Response.content return None if raw is None
    * adding unicode_is_ascii utility function
    * Update sidebarlogo.html
    * Fixed another scheme proxy over "all" priority
    * Add changelog for 1.19.1
    * changed behavior of basic-http-auth test
    * correct backtick formatting
    * Note @jeremycline is now our contact.
    * Order of type check
    * Add prepared request pickling tests
    * adding comment
    * Add deprecation warnings for 3.0
    * clarify that the `chunk_size` is optional when streaming to a file
    * adding ISO-8859-1 fallback for reason decoding
    * fixed some error
    * pysocks 1.5.7 blacklisting, due to IPv6 problems
    * Fix tests for new urllib3 exception text.
    * make add_dict_to_cookiejar cookielib.CookieJar compatible
    * correct module for cookiejar_from_dict in docs
    * converting update call to merge_cookies call for cookielib compatibility
    * streaming doc clarification
    * removing redundant logic from prepare_content_length
    * Update certifi certs to 2016.09.26
    * Specify self.cert is used for SSL client certificates
    * Fix how we test fallback to latin-1 reason encoding
    * adding method to url tests
    * Enable UTS46 mode.
    * Adding 'import requests' to readme code snippet. (#3700)
    * Add Documentation for custom methods
    * adding passthrough in close() for non-urllib3-like Responses
    * remove extra import
    * Test chunked upload doesn't set content length
    * Change setuptools extra for new secure extra.
    * fix issue when the file-like object raises an IOError with tell
    * Added myself to AUTHORS
    * Changelog entry for better IDNA.
    * updated tests with IDNA encoded and IPv6 urls
    * documentation line added for consistency with the post method
    * Fall back to streaming
    * added unicode auth test
    * updates authors
    * spelling fix for release-process
    * Revert "Adding 'import requests' to readme code snippet."
    * Document that Response.json() may raise ValueError
    * Amplifies the timeout warning in the docs.
    * Revert "Restrict URL preparation to HTTP/HTTPS"
    * Update README.rst
    * Further complicate the makefile to rewrite imports
    * Unable unicode in basic http auth
    * Various packaging requirements for idna
    * Fixed: httpbin doesn't support bytes
    * reverting 3357 and comparing properly encoded strings
    * Fixed issue #3696. Added a test for it as well.
    * fixed: httpbin with unicode auth
    * Remove error swallowing exception catching of AttributeError
    * Update sidebarintro.html
    * removing use of seek to set total_length
    * Update urllib3 to 1.19
    * Use IDNA2008 to encode hosts.
    * Formatted the example to fix the color highlighting
    * Add tests to verify that correct 'Content-Length' or 'Transfer-Encoding' headers are being set in PreparedRequest.
    * [httpAdapter] allow empty password in proxy credentials
    * Fixed bug to give scheme proxy priority over "all"
    * adding decoding requirement for Python 3
    * fixes broken link on documentation page
    * Basic tests for internationalized domain names.
    * Update Comments & Magic Strings
    * Change module of internal references to to_native_str()
    * Add pickle test with hooks
    * update 307 tests to check body content
    * checked data parameters for type like dict.
    * test different CookieJar types for add_dict_to_cookiejar
    * Restrict URL preparation to HTTP/HTTPS
    * Indicate shell command in README is code-like.
    * documentation on encoding fallback for streaming
    * Fixed readme typo - 'site' should be 'domain'
    * Rework Bytestring Host Test to use PyTest Httpbin
    * Add makefile to get latest idna release.
    * Tests for our URL handling.
    * Add test for request when Host header is bytestring
    * Move to_native_string to to avoid circular dependency
    * Add workaround to avoid implicit import of encodings.idna.
    * minor doc string cleanup
    * little modification  in consume_socket_content
    * links
    * Update bundled urllib3 to 1.19.1
    * Changes to documentation based on comments and correction of list of authors.
    * Add license for idna package.
    * Add line to AUTHORS
    * Adjust patch to utilize requests utility functions
    * test _body_position and rewind_body
    * Seems like we're missing a backport here.
    * new logo :D
    * add socket tests for 401 redirect and 401 failure
    * Adding notes about Request's timeout behavior.
    * fixed usage unicode string
    * unicode test for _basic_auth_str
    * Let's use capitals.
    * adding string casting for non-bytes values
    * Add patch to avoid bytestring/str hodgepodge
    * Vendor idna v2.1
    * Clarify allow_redirects
    * v2.12.3
    * v2.12.0
    * v2.12.1
    * v2.12.4
    * modifying IDNA encoding check to allow fallback
    * Use seek from end rather than getvalue
    * updating pickling tests for PreparedRequest
    * We only ship tagged releases now.
    * Make Response.content() return None if status_code is None
    * Just lstrip instead of strip because trailing whitespace already works.
    * adding rewind for re-POST bodies
    * Add persistent examples
  - update urllib3 requirement to 1.19.1
  - add idna requirement, refresh unbundling patch
* Thu Sep 01 2016
  update to version v2.11.1
    * Update urllib3 to 1.16
    * Close and then release the connection
    * Added tests for should_bypass_proxies function
    * Update documentation of Session.max_redirects
    * Document bunch of return types
    * Update HISTORY.rst
    * Cleaning up comment on JSON encoding to be more strictly relevant.
    * Oh yeah, we updated urllib3 too.
    * Fixing test; it was accomplishing the right thing, but doing it in the wrong way.
    * compensate for lack of taste
    * Use xfail marker for a test expected to fail without Internet connection
    * in python3.x not have StringIO
    * Spelling fixes
    * adding in slice_length fix and test for chunk_size=None (#3370)
    * Support responses like `HTTP/1.1 404 Unicode chars` (#3385)
    * Document header ordering. (#3295)
    * Add section on SOCKS proxies.
    * Update list of supported Python versions in todo.rst
    * removing Content-Type and Transfer-Encoding headers on redirect
    * check and test for headers containing return characters or leading whitespace
    * Clarify Python versions supported by requests
    * Allow graceful interruption of testserver.Server
    * reverting 3362
    * fixed date formatting
    * Make BaseAdapter describe the mandatory adapter interface (#3216)
    * Note how HTTPErrors are raised
    * Removing charset from JSON content type; tightening requirements on .encode()
    * Add 'all' proxy selection to select_proxy
    * Fix TypeError when get json-encoded content of a response
    * wildly inaccurate button results in deletion
    * v2.11.1
    * v2.11.0
    * Prepare changelog for 2.11.1.
    * Allow None value for chunk_size again (#3368)
    * updating documentation to reflect decision of #3386
    * added in type check for chunk_size
    * Update a note on AppEngine
    * Remove duplicate import warnings
    * adding asserted_encoding check on None type encoding to match text() behavior (#3362)
    * Encoding JSON requests to bytes for urllib3 to handle; ensuring same with testing.
    * docs updates
    * Changelog for 2.11
    * Update README.rst
    * Use iter instead of noop list comprehension
    * Test security warnings (#3289)
    * Combined tests to one tests for should_bypass_proxies method
    * Update index.rst
    * Replace tab with appropriate spaces.
    * Support ALL_PROXY environment variable
    * Add a bit about RequestsCookieJar to Cookies section
    * making module docstrings and coding comments consistent
    * docs: Add a note about SSL c_rehash
    * updating docstring to match functionality
    * fix grammer mistakes in Quickstart
    * consider plain ip notation of an ip in no_proxy if not in cidr notation
    * Defining header value type requirements and tests
    * removing redundant test
    * updating HISTORY
    * adding in pep8 fixes
    * building Response manually
    * making class and function docstrings consistent
* Wed May 18 2016
  - update to 2.10.1:
    * SOCKS Proxy Support! (requires PySocks; $ pip install requests[socks])
    * Updated bundled urllib3 to 1.15.1.
    * Change built-in CaseInsensitiveDict (used for headers) to use OrderedDict
      as its underlying datastore.
    * Don't use redirect_cache if allow_redirects=False
    * When passed objects that throw exceptions from ``tell()``, send them via
      chunked transfer encoding instead of failing.
    * Raise a ProxyError for proxy related connection issues.
* Tue Mar 01 2016
  - update no-default-cacert.patch to simply pass empty CA path
  - urllib3-ssl-default-context.patch: patch bundled urllib3 to behave
    correctly with regard to empty CA path passed
  - change urllib3 fallback requirements to Recommends
  - use ca-certificates in SLE as well
  - recommend ca-certificates-mozilla to have a basic certificate set
* Wed Feb 17 2016
  - Update to 2.9.1 (changes since 2.8.1):
    * The verify keyword argument now supports being passed a path to
      a directory of CA certificates, not just a single-file bundle.
    * Warnings are now emitted when sending files opened in text mode.
    * Added the 511 Network Authentication Required status code to the
      status code registry.
    * For file-like objects that are not seeked to the very beginning,
      we now send the content length for the number of bytes we will
      actually read, rather than the total size of the file, allowing
      partial file uploads.
    * When uploading file-like objects, if they are empty or have no
      obvious content length we set Transfer-Encoding: chunked rather
      than Content-Length: 0.
    * We correctly receive the response in buffered mode when
      uploading chunked bodies.
    * We now handle being passed a query string as a bytestring on
      Python 3, by decoding it as UTF-8.
    * Sessions are now closed in all cases (exceptional and not) when
      using the functional API rather than leaking and waiting for
      the garbage collector to clean them up.
    * Correctly handle digest auth headers with a malformed qop
      directive that contains no token, by treating it the same as if
      no qop directive was provided at all.
    * Minor performance improvements when removing specific cookies
      by name.
    * Fix errors when calculating cookie expiration dates in certain
    * Update bundled urllib3 to 1.13.1.
  - Rebase no-default-cacert.patch.
  - Modify no-default-cacert.patch: output /etc/ssl/ca-bundle.pem
    instead of neither NULL nor /etc/ssl/certs/ as a path to cacerts
    bundle (boo#967128).
  - Don't apply no-default-cacert.patch on SLE.
  - Require ca-certificates package (but not on SLE).
  - Tests are being improperly started and actual ones require
    network connection, so fix and comment out.
* Thu Dec 17 2015
  - Modify no-default-cacert
    + The call to set_default_verify_paths() is not necessary. The openSUSE
      and SLES Python has been patched to always use the system certs.
      Additionally this call breaks the use of python-requests on older systems,
      openSUSE_13.2 and original release of SLES 12 which fall back to
      the built in implementation of ssl which doe not implement
      this method
* Wed Oct 21 2015
  - update to 2.8.1:
    - Update certificate bundle to match ``certifi`` 2015.9.6.2's weak certificate
    - Fix a bug in 2.8.0 where requests would raise ``ConnectTimeout`` instead of
    - When using the PreparedRequest flow, requests will now correctly respect the
      ``json`` parameter. Broken in 2.8.0.
    - When using the PreparedRequest flow, requests will now correctly handle a
      Unicode-string method name on Python 2. Broken in 2.8.0.
* Wed Oct 21 2015
  - remove requests-do-not-use-bundle.patch (bsc#947357)
* Wed Oct 21 2015
  - fix requires
* Wed Oct 14 2015
  - Add python3-chardet to build requirements for tests.
  - Remove no-default-cacert-sles.patch as no-default-cacert.patch
    does basically the same.
* Fri Oct 09 2015
  - Update to 2.8.0:
    * Requests now supports per-host proxies. This allows the proxies
      dictionary to have entries of the form {'<scheme>://<hostname>':
      '<proxy>'}. Host-specific proxies will be used in preference to
      the previously-supported scheme-specific ones, but the previous
      syntax will continue to work.
    * Response.raise_for_status now prints the URL that failed as
      part of the exception message.
    * requests.utils.get_netrc_auth now takes an raise_errors kwarg,
      defaulting to False. When True, errors parsing .netrc files
      cause exceptions to be thrown.
    * Change to bundled projects import logic to make it easier to
      unbundle requests downstream.
    * Change the default User-Agent string to avoid leaking data on
      Linux: now contains only the requests version.
    * The json parameter to post() and friends will now only be used
      if neither data nor files are present, consistent with the
    * We now ignore empty fields in the NO_PROXY enviroment variable.
    * Fix problem where httplib.BadStatusLine would get raised if
      combining stream=True with contextlib.closing.
    * Prevent bugs where we would attempt to return the same connection
      back to the connection pool twice when sending a Chunked body.
    * Miscellaneous minor internal changes.
    * Digest Auth support is now thread safe.
  - Apply no-default-cacert-sles.patch on SLE 12.
  - Apply Arun Persaud's changes to requests-do-not-use-bundle.patch
    (update to 2.8.0).
  - Enable tests.
  - Small spec cleanup.
* Tue Oct 06 2015
  - Fixed requests-do-not-use-bundle.patch
* Mon Oct 05 2015
  - Unbundle python-chardet and python-urllib3 (boo#947357)
* Mon Sep 14 2015
  - Disable testsuite. Tests were never executed (bsc#945455) but
    enabling the testsuite doesn't work because the suite needs
    network access.
* Fri Jul 24 2015
  - fix version condition to allow RHEL/CentOS 7 builds
* Fri Jul 24 2015
  - Update to 2.7.0
    - resolving several bugs involving chunked transfer
      encoding and response framing.
    - Remove VendorAlias import
    - Simplify the PreparedRequest.prepare API
    - Handle UnicodeDecodeErrors
    - Copy a PreparedRequest's CookieJar more reliably
* Tue Jun 30 2015
  - update no-default-cacert.patch to not hardcode a ca cert location
* Mon Apr 20 2015
  - Update to 2.6.0 (bsc#922448, CVE-2015-2296):
    - Fix handling of cookies on redirect. Previously a cookie without a host
      value set would use the hostname for the redirected URL exposing requests
      users to session fixation attacks and potentially cookie stealing. This was
      disclosed privately by Matthew Daley of `BugFuzz <>`_.
      An CVE identifier has not yet been assigned for this. This affects all
      versions of requests from v2.1.0 to v2.5.3 (inclusive on both ends).
    - Fix error when requests is an ``install_requires`` dependency and ``python test`` is run. (#2462)
    - Fix error when urllib3 is unbundled and requests continues to use the
      vendored import location.
    - Include fixes to ``urllib3``'s header handling.
    - Requests' handling of unvendored dependencies is now more restrictive.
    - Support bytearrays when passed as parameters in the ``files`` argument.
    - Avoid data duplication when creating a request with ``str``, ``bytes``, or
      ``bytearray`` input to the ``files`` argument.
    - Revert changes to our vendored certificate bundle. For more context see
      (#2455, #2456, and
* Tue Feb 24 2015
  - update to 2.5.2 (bsc#929736):
    * Update HISTORY and version for v2.5.2
    * Update urllib3 to 29aa09bde9c42cc9a8d79aac47ee3d362b438cca
    * document combination of repeated response headers
    * Update README to use Shields badges
    * Upgrade urllib3 to 490d3a227fadb626cd54a240b9d0922f849914b4
    * Update certificate bundle.
    * Update to use instead of
    * add a timeout value to connection_error_invalid_port test to accelerate
    * split test_connection_error into two distinct tests, and changed
      "unknown url" test URL since currently gives
      a valid response.
    * quickstart: using a list as a value in query params
    * HISTORY: replace n-dash to workaround pip bug
    * Check that a filename is a basestring instance
    * Move noncebit to the only place it is used
    * Remove entirely unnecessary and unused bits from requests.compat
    * Attempt to quote anyway if unquoting fails
    * Update urllib3 to a27758625e4169330fcf965652b1093faf5aaaa2
    * drawn towards it rather than pushed away
    * certifi
    * simpler button
    * cleanups
    * Requests Pro
    * javascripts
    * Changing year in all copyright information
    * Enhance documentation for clarity.
    * Clean up cookie docs and display them.
    * Bump version to 2.5.1
    * Add release notes for 2.5.1
    * Fix bug in renegotiating a nonce with the server
    * Fix error handling on Python 3
    * catch exception more specifically in Response.ok
    * Uncommented test in
    * Fix a typo in a comment
    * Give proper attribution to pip
    * utils.guess_filename fails if the given parameter looks like a file object
      but has a non-string name attribute
    * Copy pip's import machinery wholesale
    * Updated the broken link to twitter streaming API documentation
    * Enable GitHub syntax highlighting on README
    * Bump version to 2.5.0
    * Add updates for 2.5.0
    * Update tests to work offline
    * updatee chardet, urllib3
    * url was already parsed, don't urlparse twice
    * Properly serialize RecentlyUsedContainers for cache
    * Changed ConnectionError to InvalidURL
    * Docs: Add more section labels for referencing
    * Partially addresses Issue #1572
    * Update HTTPAdapter docstring
    * Add last few changes and add a quick test
    * Update urllib3 to df4ec5cce1
    * Update how we handle retries to be consistent with documentation
    * Fix HTTPDigestAuth not to treat non-file as a file
    * Fixed.
    * Added test for overriding Content-Length.
    * Close sessions created in the functional API
    * Pass strict to urllib3.
    * Use to_native_string instead of builtin_str
    * Update documentation about max_retries to reflect code
    * Cap the redirect_cache size to prevent memory abuse
    * Add DeprecationWarnings to inform users of plans
    * Note about read timeout errors and max_retries
    * fix failing test "test_prepare_unicode_url" \(take 3\)
    * Revert "fix failing test "test_prepare_unicode_url""
    * fix failing test "test_prepare_unicode_url"
    * Revert "fix failing test "test_prepare_unicode_url""
    * update AUTHORS
    * fix failing test "test_prepare_unicode_url"
    * Changing parameter name `newline` ==> `delimiter`.
    * Clean up handle_redirect.
    * Adding a custom line delimiter to iter_lines()
    * Fix #2279. Update layout css
    * Fix #2288. Change urllib3 and chardet workflow
    * Update sidebarintro.html
    * Made more better
    * Add Release History to the sidebar
    * Fixed #2250
    * Update
    * Clean up, support all redirects, fix potential endless 401 loop.
    * v2.4.3
    * Re-order params for backwards compat
    * allow unicode URLs on Python 2
    * requests v2.4.2
    * fix documentation for utils.get_unicode_from_response() :)
    * v2.4.2 changelog
    * Remove timeout from __attrs__
    * Fix a couple of issues I noticed
    * Support bytestring URLs on Python 3.x
    * A fix for #1979 repeat HTTP digest authentication after redirect.
    * remove unused import
    * fix #2247
    * docs: Clarify how to pass a custom set of CAs
    * Correct redirection introduction
    * Avoid getting stuck in a loop
    * make StreamConsumedError doubly inherit
    * using the `StreamConsumedError`
    * add-in StreamConsumedError
    * rm `else` after `if` then `raise` block
    * raise RuntimeError when a single streamed request calls *iter methods
      than once
    * Remove invoke from requirements.txt, docs
    * Fixup the remaining references to timeline.json.
    * Moved multiple files upload example to advanced section.
    * Added example of how to send multiple files in one request.
    * Document skipping in PreparedRequest; followup to #2222
    * Add more tests to `test_invalid_url`
    * lawl
    * mils
    * Fixes typo in test
    * Changes check on base and json. Fails on tests.
    * Adds review changes
    * Adds json parameter for POST requests
* Mon Dec 01 2014
  - fix license (Apache-2.0 only)



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