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RPM of Group Development/C++

asio-1.26.0-1.mga9 Cross-platform C++ library for network programming linux/i586
boolstuff-0.1.17-1.mga9 Disjunctive Normal Form Boolean expression library and example linux/i586
boost-devel-doc-1.81.0-3.mga9 Documentation for developers using Boost linux/noarch
carla-devel-2.5.3-1.mga9 Header files to access Carla's API linux/i586New
cimg-devel-3.2.0-1.mga9 Library for advanced image processing (development files) linux/i586New
cling-0.9-8.mga9 The Interactive C++ Interpreter linux/i586
cocoalib-doc-0.99800-2.mga9 Documentation for cocoalib linux/noarch
colorer-take5-docs-0-0.beta5.16.mga9 Documentation for Colorer take5 linux/i586
cppcheck-2.9-2.mga9 Static analysis tool for C/C++ linux/i586
cxxtest-4.4-5.mga9 A JUnit-like testing framework for C++ linux/noarch
doctest-devel-2.4.9-1.mga9 Development files for doctest linux/i586
drumstick-examples-2.7.2-1.mga9 Example programs for drumstick linux/i586
epgsearch-devel-1.0.1-0.beta5.11.mga8 Development headers of epgsearch VDR plugin linux/i586
festival-devel-2.5-3.mga9 Static libraries and headers for festival text to speech linux/i586
gcc-c++-12.2.1-0.20230128.1.mga9 C++ support for gcc linux/i586New
getfem-examples-5.3-5.mga9 Examples for getfem++ linux/noarch
gflags-2.2.2-4.mga9 A C++ library that implements commandline flags processing linux/i586
glm-devel- C++ mathematics library for graphics programming linux/i586
gromacs-devel-5.0.7-4.mga9 Header files and static libraries for GROMACS linux/i586
gssntlmssp-devel-1.1.0-3.mga9 Development header for GSSAPI NTLMSSP linux/i586
httrack-devel-3.49.2-6.mga9 Headers and static libraries for httrack linux/i586
hupnp-devel-1.0.0-12.mga9 Development files for hupnp linux/i586
ice-devel-3.7.7-3.mga9 Tools for developing Ice applications in C++ linux/i586
json-devel-3.11.2-1.mga9 Development files for json linux/i586
kumir-devel-2.1.0-0.rc9.20190320.10.mga9 Development package for kumir linux/i586
lib2geom-devel-1.2.2-2.mga9 Development files and headers for lib2geom linux/i586
lib3mf-devel-2.2.0-1.mga9 Development package for lib3mf linux/i586
libabseil-cpp-devel-20220623.1-4.mga9 Development files for the Abseil C++ libraries linux/i586
libadplug-devel-2.3.3-2.mga9 Development package for AdPlug linux/i586
libaec-devel-1.0.6-1.mga9 Development package for libaec linux/i586
libalembic-devel-1.8.4-3.mga9 Development files for alembic linux/i586
liballegro-devel- Game programming library linux/i586
liballegro4-devel- Game programming library linux/i586
libalure-devel-1.2-17.mga9 alure development files linux/i586
libalure-static-devel-1.2-17.mga9 alure static library linux/i586
libamf-devel-0.0-0.svn32.13.mga9 AMF tools development files linux/i586
libangelscript-devel-2.35.1-1.mga9 Development files for AngelScript linux/i586
libappstreamqt-devel-0.15.5-1.mga9 Development files for appstream Qt5 bindings linux/i586
libaqbanking-devel-6.5.3-1.mga9 Aqbanking development kit linux/i586
libaqsis-devel-1.8.2-41.mga9 Development files for Aqsis linux/i586
libargon2-devel-20190702-4.mga9 Development files for argon2 linux/i586
libaribb25-devel-0.2.7-2.mga9 Development package for aribb25 linux/i586
libassimp-devel-5.2.2-4.mga9 Header files and development libraries for assimp linux/i586
libatf-c++-devel-0.21-1.mga9 Automated Testing Framework - C++ bindings (headers) linux/i586
libaubio-devel-0.4.9-10.mga9 Development files for aubio linux/i586
libaudaspace-devel-1.3.0-23.git20230114.1.mga9 Development package for audaspace linux/i586New
libavif-devel-0.11.1-1.mga9 Development package for libavif linux/i586
libavkys-devel-9.0.0-3.mga9 Headers for developing programs that will use avkys lib linux/i586
libayatana-appindicator-devel-0.5.91-1.mga9 Development package for libayatana-appindicator (GTK+2) linux/i586
libayatana-appindicator3-devel-0.5.91-1.mga9 Development package for libayatana-appindicator3 (GTK+3) linux/i586
libayatana-ido3-devel-0.9.2-1.mga9 Development package for ayatana-ido3 (GTK+3) linux/i586
libayatana-indicator-devel-0.9.3-1.mga9 Development package for libayatana-indicator (GTK+2) linux/i586
libayatana-indicator3-devel-0.9.3-1.mga9 Development package for libayatana-indicator3 (GTK+3) linux/i586
libbctoolbox-devel-5.2.4-1.mga9 Development files for bctoolbox, a utility library for linphone/belle-sip/etc linux/i586
libbcunit-devel-3.0.2-4.git20221116.1.mga9 BCUnit development files linux/i586
libbeid-middleware-devel-5.1.8-5.mga9 Devel files for beid-middleware linux/i586
libbelcard-devel-5.2.4-1.mga9 Development files for belcard linux/i586
libbelcard-devel-5.1.12-1.mga9 Development files for belcard linux/i586
libbelr-devel-5.2.4-1.mga9 Development files for belr linux/i586
libbelr-devel-5.1.12-1.mga9 Development files for belr linux/i586
libbenchmark-devel-1.7.1-1.mga9 Development files for google-benchmark linux/i586
libbinio-devel-1.4-22.mga9 Development files for libbinio linux/i586
libblosc-devel-1.21.2-1.mga9 Development files for blosc linux/i586
libbluez-devel-5.66-1.mga9 Headers for developing programs that will use bluez linux/i586
libboolstuff-devel-0.1.17-1.mga9 C++ header files for the boolstuff library linux/i586
libboolstuff0.1_0-0.1.17-1.mga9 Disjunctive Normal Form Boolean expression library linux/i586
libboost-devel-1.81.0-3.mga9 The libraries and headers needed for Boost development linux/i586
libboost_python3-devel-1.81.0-3.mga9 Development files for Boost.Python 3 linux/i586
libbotan2-devel-2.19.3-1.mga9 Development files for botan2 linux/i586
libbox2d-devel-2.4.1-4.mga9 Development files for Box2D linux/i586
libcairomm1.0-devel-1.14.3-2.mga9 Development files for Cairomm library linux/i586
libcairomm1.16-devel-1.16.2-1.mga9 Development files for Cairomm library linux/i586
libcal3d-devel-0.11.0-22.mga9 Headers for developing programs that will use Cal3D linux/i586
libccfits-devel-2.6-3.mga9 Headers, libraries, & docs for the CCfits library linux/i586
libcegui0-devel-0.8.7-12.20181104.6.mga9 Development files for CEGUI linux/i586
libcgal-devel-5.5.1-1.mga9 Development files and tools for CGAL applications linux/i586
libcgal-qt-devel-5.5.1-1.mga9 Development files and tools for CGAL applications using Qt 5 linux/i586
libcglm-devel-0.8.8-1.mga9 Development package for cglm linux/i586New
libchafa-devel-1.12.4-1.mga9 Development package for chafa linux/i586
libchardet-1.0.6-1.mga9 Mozilla Universal Chardet library linux/i586
libchardet-devel-1.0.6-1.mga9 Development files of libchardet linux/i586
libclanlib0.8-devel-0.8.1-26.mga9 Headers for developing programs that will use clanlib0.8 linux/i586
libclanlib0.8-static-devel-0.8.1-26.mga9 Static libraries for clanlib0.8 linux/i586
libclanlib2.3-devel-2.3.7-12.mga9 Headers for developing programs that will use clanlib linux/i586
libclaw-devel-1.7.4-10.mga9 Development files for Claw library linux/i586
libclaw-doc-1.7.4-10.mga9 Documentation for Claw library linux/noarch
libclaw-examples-1.7.4-10.mga9 Example files for Claw library linux/noarch
libcling-devel-0.9-8.mga9 Header files for build applications that use cling linux/i586
libcling9-0.9-8.mga9 Library for applications that use cling functionality linux/i586
libcln-devel-1.3.6-3.mga9 Development files for programs using the CLN library linux/i586
libclucene-devel- Static library and header files for the clucene library linux/i586
libcocoa-devel-0.99800-2.mga9 Headers and library links for cocoalib linux/i586
libcocoa0-0.99800-2.mga9 C++ library for computations in commutative algebra linux/i586
libcoeurl-devel-0.3.0-1.mga9 Development files for coeurl linux/i586
libcoin-devel-4.0.0-4.mga9 Headers for developing programs that will use Coin linux/i586
libcolorer-devel-0-0.beta5.16.mga9 Static library and header files for the colorer-take5 library linux/i586
libcommoncpp-devel-1.8.1-18.mga9 A GNU package for creating portable C++ program linux/i586
libcommuni-devel-3.7.0-1.mga9 Development files for the Communi IRC framework linux/i586
libcompface-devel-1.5.2-19.mga9 Development package for compface linux/i586
libcoordgen-devel-3.0.1-1.mga9 Development package for coordgen linux/i586New
libcpprest-devel-2.10.18-3.mga9 Development package for cpprest linux/i586
libcppunit-devel-1.15.1-3.mga9 Development files for cppunit linux/i586
libcrossguid-devel-0.2.3-0.git20190529.1.mga9 Development files for crossguid linux/i586
libcryptopp-devel-8.7.0-1.mga9 Header files and development documentation for libcryptopp linux/i586
libcsv-devel-3.0.3-2.mga9 Development package for libcsv linux/i586
libcuneiform-devel-1.1.0-20.mga9 Cuneiform development files linux/i586
libcxxtools-devel-3.0-1.mga9 Headers and development library for cxxtools linux/i586
libdatovka-devel-0.2.1-1.mga9 Development package for libdatovka linux/i586
libdcadec-devel-0.2.0-4.mga9 Development package for dcadec linux/i586
libde265-devel-1.0.10-1.mga9 Development files for libde265 linux/i586New
libdirac-devel-1.0.2-15.mga9 Development files of the Dirac Video codec linux/i586
libdmtx-devel-0.7.7-1.mga9 libdmtx development files linux/i586
libdrumstick-devel-2.7.2-1.mga9 Development files for drumstick linux/i586
libdxfrw-devel-1.1.0-0.rc1.1.mga9 Development files for libdxfrw linux/i586
libebml-devel-1.4.4-1.mga9 Extensible Binary Meta Language Library headers and static library linux/i586
libebur128-devel-1.2.6-1.mga9 Development files for libebur128 linux/i586New
libeiskaltdcpp-devel-2.4.2-4.mga9 Development files for the main EiskaltDC++ library linux/i586
libespeak-devel-1.48.04-5.mga9 Text to speech library linux/i586
libespeak-ng-devel-1.51.1-1.mga9 Development files for espeak-ng linux/i586
libetl-devel-1.5.1-1.mga9 Template library for synfig linux/i586
libf2fs-devel-1.15.0-1.mga9 Development files for f2fs-tools linux/i586
libffms2-devel-3.0.1-0.0.git20211209.1.mga9 Development package for ffms2 linux/i586
libfield3d-devel-1.7.3-16.mga9 Development package for field3d linux/i586
libfife-devel-0.4.2-20.mga9 Development package for FIFE linux/i586
libfifechan-devel-0.1.5-3.mga9 Headers for developing programs that will use fifechan linux/i586
libfilezilla-devel-0.41.0-1.mga9 Development package for libfilezilla linux/i586New
libflac++-devel-1.4.2-1.mga9 Libraries and headers needed for building apps using FLAC++ linux/i586
libflatbuffers-devel-2.0.6-1.mga9 Development files for flatbuffers linux/i586
libflightcrew-devel-0.9.0-23.mga9 Development files for flightcrew linux/i586
libfmt-devel-9.1.0-1.mga9 Development files for libfmt linux/i586
libfmt8-devel-8.1.1-2.mga9 Development files for libfmt linux/i586
libfmt88-8.1.1-2.mga9 The libfmt8 libraries linux/i586
libfmt9-9.1.0-1.mga9 The libfmt libraries linux/i586
libfox-devel-1.7.81-2.mga9 FOX header files linux/i586
libfox1.6-devel-1.6.57-4.mga9 FOX header files linux/i586
libfreerdp-devel-2.9.0-2.mga9 Development files for freerdp linux/i586
libfudgefont-devel-1.4-6.mga9 Development files for the FudgeFont Allegro 4 addon linux/i586
libfuzzylite-devel-6.0-2.mga9 Development files for fuzzylite linux/i586
libgetfem-devel-5.3-5.mga9 Development files and headers for getfem++ linux/i586
libgflags-devel-2.2.2-4.mga9 Development files for gflags linux/i586
libglee-devel-5.4.0-10.mga9 Devel package for glee linux/i586
libgme-devel-0.6.3-2.mga9 Game Music Emulators development library linux/i586
libgmic-devel-3.2.0-1.mga9 Header file for gmic linux/i586New
libgmic-devel-2.9.7-5.mga9 Header file for gmic linux/i586
libgmock-devel-1.12.1-2.mga9 Development files for gmock linux/i586
libgmpxx-devel-6.2.1-3.mga9 C++ Development tools for the GMP linux/i586
libgnome-games-support-devel-1.8.2-2.mga9 Development package for libgnome-games-support linux/i586
libgoocanvasmm-devel-1.90.11-5.mga9 Development files for goocanvasmm linux/i586
libgranite-devel-6.2.0-1.mga9 Development package for granite linux/i586
libgranite7-devel-7.1.0-1.mga9 Development package for granite7 linux/i586
libgraphlcd-devel-0.1.9-10.mga9 Headers for graphlcd linux/i586
libgrpc-devel-1.48.1-2.mga9 gRPC library development files linux/i586
libgsound-devel-1.0.3-3.mga9 Development files for gsound linux/i586
libgstreamermm1.0-devel-1.10.0-4.mga9 Headers for developing programs that will use gstreamermm1.0 linux/i586
libgta-devel-1.2.1-3.mga9 Development package for libgta linux/i586
libgtest-devel-1.12.1-2.mga9 Development files for gtest linux/i586
libgtkglextmm-devel-1.2.0-14.mga9 Libraries and headers for gtkglextmm linux/i586
libgtkmathview-devel-0.8.0-20.mga9 Libraries and include files for gtkmathview linux/i586
libgtksourceviewmm3.0-devel-3.21.3-5.mga9 Libraries and include files for GtkSourceView linux/i586
libgtkspellmm3.0-devel-3.0.5-2.mga9 Development files for gtkspellmm linux/i586
libguichan-devel-0.8.2-15.mga9 Headers for developing programs that will use guichan linux/i586
libguichan-static-devel-0.8.2-15.mga9 Static libraries for programs which will use guichan linux/i586
libhamlib++-devel-4.5.3-2.mga9 Hamlib radio control library C++ binding development headers and libraries linux/i586
libhdhomerun-devel-20221205-1.mga9 Development package for hdhomerun linux/i586New
libhealpix_cxx-devel-3.82-2.mga9 Headers and development files for the C++ HEALPix libraries linux/i586
libheif-devel-1.14.2-5.mga9 Development files for libheif linux/i586New
libhoard-devel-3.13-1.git20220407.1.mga9 Development files for libhoard linux/i586
libhwy-devel-1.0.2-1.mga9 Development files for highway linux/i586
libhyphen-devel-2.8.8-9.mga9 Files for developing with hyphen linux/i586
libi2c-devel-4.3-2.mga9 Development package for the I2C library linux/i586
libid3-devel-3.8.3-30.mga9 Headers for developing programs that will use id3lib linux/i586
libiir-devel-1.9.3-1.mga9 Development package for iir1 linux/i586
libinn-devel-2.6.4-3.mga9 Developements headers for inn linux/i586
libinsane-devel-1.0.9-2.mga9 Development package for libinsane linux/i586
libinstpatch-devel-1.1.6-2.mga9 Development files for libinstpatch linux/i586
libjoedog-devel-0.1.2-8.mga9 Development package for libjoedog linux/i586
libjthread-devel-1.3.3-4.mga9 Make use of threads easy on different platforms linux/i586
libjxl-devel-0.7.0-5.mga9 Development package for libjxl linux/i586
libkaldi-vosk-devel-git20220817-3.mga9 Headers for kaldi linux/i586
libkcolorpicker-devel-0.2.0-1.mga9 Development package for kcolorpicker linux/i586
libkimageannotator-devel-0.6.0-1.mga9 Development package for kimageannotator linux/i586
libklatexformula-devel-4.1.0-4.mga9 Development files for KLatexFormula linux/i586
libkseexpr-devel- Development files for kseexpr linux/i586
libktoblzcheck-devel-1.53-2.mga9 A library to check account numbers and bank codes of German banks linux/i586
libkvilib-devel-5.0.0-11.mga9 Development headers for KVirc linux/i586
liblcf-devel-0.7.0-3.mga9 Development headers and library for liblcf linux/i586
libldac-devel- Development files for ldacBT linux/i586New
liblightspark-devel- Development libraries for lightspark linux/i586
liblive-devel-2021.06.25-3.mga9 Development files of the LIVE555 Streaming Media Library linux/i586
liblog4cpp-devel-1.1.3-4.mga9 The log4cpp development libraries and headers linux/i586
liblog4cxx-devel-0.10.0-14.mga9 Libraries and headers for log4cxx linux/i586
liblrdf-devel-0.6.1-4.mga9 Headers for developing programs that will use liblrdf linux/i586
liblucene++-devel-3.0.7-22.mga9 Development files and headers for lucene++ linux/i586
liblutok-devel-0.4-20.mga9 Libraries and header files for Lutok development linux/i586
liblz4-devel-1.9.4-1.mga9 Development library for lz4 linux/i586
liblz4-static-devel-1.9.4-1.mga9 Static library for lz4 linux/i586
liblzmalib-devel-0.0.1-13.mga9 Headers for developing programs that will use lzmalib linux/i586
libmaeparser-devel-1.3.0-3.mga9 Development package for maeparser linux/i586
libmanette-devel-0.2.6-2.mga9 Development package for libmanette linux/i586
libmatio-devel-1.5.23-2.mga9 Development files for matio linux/i586
libmatroska-devel-1.7.1-1.mga9 Matroska Audio/Video file format headers and static library linux/i586
libmd4c-devel-0.4.8-2.mga9 Development package for md4c linux/i586
libmediainfo-devel-22.12-1.mga9 Include files and mandatory libraries for development linux/i586
libmfsio-devel-3.0.116-1.mga9 Development package for moosefs linux/i586
libmicrodns-devel-0.2.0-2.mga9 Development package for libmicrodns linux/i586
libmodplug-devel- Header files for compiling against Modplug library linux/i586
libmosquitto-devel-2.0.15-2.mga9 Development package for mosquitto linux/i586
libmovit-devel-1.6.3-3.mga9 Headers for developing programs that will use Movit linux/i586
libmp4v2-devel-2.1.0-0.7.mga9 Development files for the mp4v2 library linux/i586
libmpark-variant-devel-1.4.0-1.mga9 Development files for mpark-variant linux/i586
libmpir-devel-3.0.0-6.mga9 Development package for mpir linux/i586
libmsgpack-devel-3.3.0-2.mga9 Libraries and header files for msgpack linux/i586
libmsym-devel-0.2.3-7.mga9 Development package for libmsym linux/i586
libmtxclient-devel-0.9.1-1.mga9 Development files for mtxclient linux/i586
libmupen64plus-devel-2.5.9-9.mga9 Development headers for Mupen64Plus Nintendo 64 Emulator linux/i586
libmyguiengine-devel-3.2.2-14.mga9 Development files for MyGUI linux/i586
libmysqlcppconn8-devel-8.0.32-3.mga9 Development library and header files for development with mysql-connector-cpp linux/i586New
libneon-devel-0.31.2-3.mga9 Headers for developing programs that will use libneon linux/i586
libneon-static-devel-0.31.2-3.mga9 Static libneon library linux/i586
libnetatalk-devel-3.1.14-1.mga9 Development headers for netatalk linux/i586New
libnetcdf_c++-devel-4.2-16.mga9 Development files for netcdf-c++ linux/i586
libnetcdf_c++4-devel-4.3.1-2.mga9 Development files for netcdf-4 linux/i586
libnettle-devel-3.8.1-1.mga9 Header files for compiling against Nettle library linux/i586
libnewmat-devel-10E-4.mga9 Development files for libnewmat linux/i586
libnftables-devel-1.0.6-1.mga9 Development package for nftables linux/i586New
libnma-devel-1.10.6-1.mga9 Development files for nma linux/i586
libnma-gtk4-devel-1.10.6-1.mga9 Development files for nma (gtk4) linux/i586
libnspr-devel-4.35-1.mga9 Development libraries for the Netscape Portable Runtime linux/i586
libnss-devel-3.87.0-1.mga9 Development libraries for Network Security Services linux/i586New
libnss-static-devel-3.87.0-1.mga9 Network Security Services (NSS) - static libraries linux/i586New
libntl-devel-11.5.1-2.mga9 Shared libraries and header files for NTL (Number Theory Library) linux/i586
libntlm-devel-1.6-2.mga9 Microsoft WinNT domain authentication library for development linux/i586
libnuspell-devel-5.1.2-1.mga9 Development and header files for nuspell linux/i586
liboaml-devel-1.2-5.mga9 Development files for OAML linux/i586
libogre-devel-1.9.1-15.mga9 Development headers and libraries for writing programs using OGRE linux/i586
libolm-devel-3.2.14-1.mga9 Development package for olm linux/i586
liboniguruma-devel-6.9.8-1.mga9 Development package for oniguruma linux/i586
libopenbabel-devel-3.1.1-12.mga9 Development files of openbabel linux/i586
libopencolorio-devel-2.2.0-3.mga9 Development files for opencolorio linux/i586
libopenconnect-devel-9.01-1.mga9 Development headers for openconnect linux/i586
libopencsg-devel-1.4.2-7.mga9 OpenCSG development files linux/i586
libopenimageio-devel- Development files for openimageio linux/i586
libopenimageio-devel- Development files for openimageio linux/i586
libopenscenegraph-devel-3.6.5-15.mga9 Development package for OpenSceneGraph linux/i586
libopenscenegraph34-devel-3.4.1-21.mga9 Development package for OpenSceneGraph linux/i586
libopenthreads-devel-3.6.5-15.mga9 Development package for OpenThreads linux/i586
libopenthreads34-devel-3.4.1-21.mga9 Development package for OpenThreads linux/i586
libopenvdb-devel-10.0.1-1.mga9 Development files for openvdb linux/i586
libopenzwave-devel-1.2.919-5.mga9 Open-ZWave header files linux/i586
libosgxr-devel-0.5.1-2.mga9 Development files for the osgXR library linux/i586
libpartio-devel-1.14.6-4.mga9 Development files for the partio libraries linux/i586
libpcaudiolib-devel-1.2-1.mga9 Development files for pcaudiolib linux/i586
libpcrecpp-devel-8.45-3.mga9 Headers for pcrecpp development linux/i586
libpetsc-devel-3.18.2-2.mga9 Development files for the PETSc library linux/i586
libphonenumber-devel-8.12.57-4.mga9 Development package for libphonenumber linux/i586
libpipewire-devel-0.3.65-2.mga9 Headers and libraries for PipeWire client development linux/i586New
libplank-devel-0.11.89-3.mga9 Development files for the Plank dock linux/i586
libplib-devel-1.8.5-15.mga9 Headers for developing programs that will use plib linux/i586
libplist++-devel-2.2.0-4.mga9 Development package for libplist++ linux/i586
libplist++2.0_3-2.2.0-4.mga9 C++ binding for libplist linux/i586
libpolyclipping-devel-6.4.2-4.mga9 Development files for polyclipping linux/i586
libpoppler-cpp-devel-23.01.0-1.mga9 Development files for poppler-cpp linux/i586
libpoppler-devel-23.01.0-1.mga9 Development files for poppler linux/i586
libpoppler-glib-devel-23.01.0-1.mga9 Development files for poppler's glib binding linux/i586
libpqxx-devel-7.7.4-1.mga9 Headers for developing programs that will use libpqxx linux/i586
libptscotch-openmpi-devel-6.1.3-1.mga9 Development libraries for scotch linux/i586
libptscotch-openmpi-devel-static-6.1.3-1.mga9 Development libraries for scotch linux/i586
libptscotch-parmetis-openmpi-devel-6.1.3-1.mga9 Development libraries for scotch linux/i586
libptscotch0-openmpi-6.1.3-1.mga9 Graph, mesh and hypergraph partitioning library linux/i586
libpugixml-devel-1.13-1.mga9 Development files for pugixml library linux/i586
libpystring-devel-1.1.4-1.mga9 Development files for pystring linux/i586New
libqaccessibilityclient-devel-0.1.1-8.mga9 Development files for libqaccessibilityclient linux/i586
libqaccessibilityclient-qt5-devel-0.4.1-4.mga9 Development files for libqaccessibilityclient-qt5 linux/i586
libqmmp-devel-2.1.2-3.mga9 Development files for the Qmmp libraries linux/i586
libqqwing-devel-1.3.4-6.mga9 Development files for libqqwing linux/i586
libqtav-devel-1.13.0-4.mga8 QtAV development files linux/i586
libqtshadowsocks-devel-2.1.0-15.mga9 Development headers for libQtShadowsocks linux/i586
libquotient-devel-0.7.1-1.mga9 Development package for libquotient linux/i586
libqxmpp-devel-1.4.0-3.mga9 Development files for QXmpp linux/i586
libradare2-devel-5.8.0-1.mga9 Development package for radare2 linux/i586
libraqm-devel-0.10.0-1.mga9 Development package for libraqm linux/i586
libre2-devel-20220601-1.mga9 C++ header files and library symbolic links for re2 linux/i586
librlog-devel-1.4-14.mga9 Header files and development libraries for librlog1 linux/i586
librlog5-1.4-14.mga9 Libraries for rlog linux/i586
librtaudio-devel-5.2.0-1.mga9 Development files for rtaudio linux/i586
librtmidi-devel-4.0.0-3.mga9 Development package for rtmidi linux/i586
librtprocess-devel-0.12.0-1.mga9 Development package for librtprocess linux/i586
librttr-devel-0.9.6-4.mga9 Development package for rttr linux/i586
libscotch-devel-6.1.3-1.mga9 Development libraries for scotch linux/i586
libscotch-devel-static-6.1.3-1.mga9 Development libraries for scotch linux/i586
libscotch-metis-devel-6.1.3-1.mga9 Development libraries for scotch linux/i586
libscotch0-6.1.3-1.mga9 Graph, mesh and hypergraph partitioning library linux/i586
libsfml-devel-2.5.1-4.mga9 Development files for sfml linux/i586
libshaderc-devel-2022.3-1.mga9 Development files for libshaderc linux/i586
libshaderc-static-devel-2022.3-1.mga9 A library for compiling shader strings into SPIR-V (static libraries) linux/i586
libsidplay-devel-1.36.60-11.mga9 Libraries and include files for developing libsidplay applications linux/i586
libsidplay2-devel-2.1.1-26.mga9 Development headers and libraries for libsidplay2_1 linux/i586
libsidplayfp-devel-2.0.2-2.mga9 Development headers and libraries for libsidplayfp5 linux/i586
libsidutils-devel-2.1.1-26.mga9 Development headers and libraries for libsidutils linux/i586
libsigc++2.0-devel-2.10.7-2.mga9 Development tools for the Typesafe Signal Framework for C++ linux/i586
libsigc++3.0-devel-3.0.7-2.mga9 Development tools for the Typesafe Signal Framework for C++ linux/i586
libsignal-protocol-c-devel-2.3.3-3.mga9 Development package for libsignal-protocol-c linux/i586
libsimvoleon-devel-2.1.0-3.mga9 Headers for developing programs that will use SIMVoleon linux/i586
libsoci_core-devel-4.0.3-5.mga9 Header files, libraries and development documentation for soci linux/i586
libsolarus-devel-1.6.5-1.mga9 Development files for solarus linux/i586
libsonivox-devel-3.6.11-1.mga9 Development package for sonivox linux/i586
libsoqt-devel-1.6.0-4.mga9 Headers for developing programs that will use SoQt linux/i586
libsoundio-devel-2.0.0-3.mga9 Development files for libsoundio linux/i586
libspectra-devel0-0.9.0-1.mga9 C++ Library For Large Scale Eigenvalue Problems linux/noarch
libspeech_tools-devel-2.5-3.mga9 Static libraries and headers for festival text to speech linux/i586
libsquashfuse-devel-0.1.105-1.mga9 Development package for squashfuse linux/i586
libsquish-devel-1.15-2.mga9 Development package for libsquish linux/i586
libstdc++-devel-12.2.1-0.20230128.1.mga9 Header files and libraries for C++ development linux/i586New
libstdc++-python-devel-12.2.1-0.20230128.1.mga9 Python files for C++ development linux/i586New
libstdc++-static-devel-12.2.1-0.20230128.1.mga9 Static libraries for C++ development linux/i586New
libstellarsolver-devel-2.4-3.mga9 Development files for stellarsolver linux/i586
libsvncpp-devel-0.12.1-9.mga9 RapidSVN SvnCpp C++ API development libraries linux/i586
libsynfig-devel-1.5.1-3.mga9 Development headers and libraries for synfig linux/i586
libsynfigapp-devel-1.5.1-1.mga9 Development headers and libraries for synfigstudio linux/i586
libtbb-devel-2020.3-4.mga9 The Threading Building Blocks C++ headers and shared development libraries linux/i586
libteng-devel-2.1.1-12.mga9 Development files from Teng linux/i586
libtesseract-devel-5.2.0-2.mga9 Development files from tesseract linux/i586
libtinyxml-devel-2.6.2-14.mga9 Development files for tinyxml linux/i586
libtinyxml2-devel-9.0.0-1.mga9 Development files for tinyxml2 linux/i586
libtntnet-devel-3.0-1.mga9 Headers and static library for tntnet development linux/i586
libtorrent-devel-0.13.8-4.mga9 BitTorrent library written in C++ for *nix linux/i586
libtpm2-tss-devel-4.0.1-1.mga9 Development package for tpm2-tss linux/i586New
libucommon-devel-7.0.1-1.mga9 Headers for building uCommon applications linux/i586
libunibreak-devel-5.1-1.mga9 Development files for libunibreak linux/i586
libview-devel-0.6.6-12.mga9 VMware's Incredibly Exciting Widgets linux/i586
libvlc-qt-core-devel-1.1.1-2.mga9 Headers and development libraries for vlc-qt core library linux/i586
libvlc-qt-devel-1.1.1-2.mga9 Headers and development libraries for vlc-qt core library linux/i586
libvlc-qt-qml-devel-1.1.1-2.mga9 Headers and development libraries for vlc-qt qml library linux/i586
libvlc-qt-widgets-devel-1.1.1-2.mga9 Headers and development libraries for vlc-qt widgets library linux/i586
libvmime-devel-0.9.2-14.mga9 Development files for the libvmime library linux/i586
libvreen-devel-0.9.5-0.git20181123.2.mga9 Development files for API Qt wrapper library linux/i586
libvsqlite++-devel-0.3.13-3.mga9 Development files for vsqlite++ linux/i586
libvsqlite++3-0.3.13-3.mga9 Development files for vsqlite++ linux/i586
libvtk-devel-9.2.2-4.mga9 VTK header files for building C++ code linux/i586
libvtk-devel-9.2.2-3.mga9 VTK header files for building C++ code linux/i586
libwaylandpp-devel-1.0.0-1.mga9 Development files for waylandpp linux/i586
libwaylandpp1-1.0.0-1.mga9 Library files for waylandpp linux/i586
libwebsockets-devel-4.3.2-1.mga9 Development package for libwebsockets linux/i586
libwireplumber-devel-0.4.13-2.mga9 Development files for wireplumber linux/i586New
libwpg-devel-0.3.3-3.mga9 Files for developing with libwpg linux/i586
libwps-devel-0.4.13-1.mga9 Development files for libwps linux/i586
libwps-doc-0.4.13-1.mga9 Documentation of libwps API linux/noarch
libwx_gtk3u_wxsqlite3_3.2-devel-4.9.1-1.mga9 Development files for wxsqlite3 linux/i586
libwxgtku2.8-devel-2.8.12-31.mga9 Header files and development documentation for wxGTK - unicode linux/i586
libwxgtku3.0-devel- Header files and development documentation for wxGTK - unicode linux/i586
libwxgtku3.2-devel-3.2.1-3.mga9 Header files and development documentation for wxGTK - unicode linux/i586
libwxsvg-devel-1.5.24-1.mga9 Development files and headers for wxSVG linux/i586
libxalan-c-devel-1.12-5.mga9 Header files for Xalan-C++ XSLT processor linux/i586
libxerces-c-devel-3.2.4-1.mga9 Header files for Xerces-C++ validating XML parser linux/i586
libxfconf-devel-4.18.0-1.mga9 Development files for xfconf linux/i586
libxml++2.6-devel-2.40.1-7.mga9 Headers for developing programs that will use libxml++ linux/i586
libxml++3.0-devel-3.2.4-1.mga9 Headers for developing programs that will use libxml++ linux/i586
libxml-security-c-devel-2.0.4-1.mga9 Development files for xml-security-c linux/i586
libyalib-devel-1.8-3.mga9 yalib header files linux/i586
libyaml-cpp-devel-0.7.0-1.mga9 Development files for yaml-cpp linux/i586
libyui-devel-4.4.4-2.mga9 libYUI, YaST2 User Interface Engine - header files linux/i586
libyui-mga-devel-1.2.1-4.mga9 UI abstraction library - Mageia extension widget base plugin header files linux/i586
libzen-devel-0.4.40-1.mga9 Include files and libraries for development linux/i586
libzipios-devel- Header files for zipios linux/i586
libzxing-devel-1.4.0-2.mga9 Development files for zxing-cpp linux/i586
littlewizard-devel-1.2.2-9.mga9 Development headers and files for littlewizard linux/i586
lmdbxx-devel-1.0.0-1.mga9 Development files for lmdbxx linux/noarch
maliit-framework-qt5-2.3.0-1.mga9 Input method module for Qt 5 based on Maliit framework linux/i586
mcpp-2.7.2-15.mga9 Alternative C/C++ preprocessor linux/i586
mpicxx-3.4.1-2.mga9 The MPICH wrapper over the C++ compiler linux/i586
mythes-devel-1.2.4-7.mga9 Files for developing with mythes linux/i586
poco-activerecord-1.12.2-1.mga9 The ActiveRecord POCO component linux/i586
poco-crypto-1.12.2-1.mga9 The Crypto POCO component linux/i586
poco-data-1.12.2-1.mga9 The Data POCO component linux/i586
poco-debug-1.12.2-1.mga9 Debug builds of the POCO libraries linux/i586
poco-devel-1.12.2-1.mga9 Headers for developing programs that will use POCO linux/i586
poco-doc-1.12.2-1.mga9 The POCO API reference documentation linux/i586
poco-encodings-1.12.2-1.mga9 The Encodings POCO component linux/i586
poco-foundation-1.12.2-1.mga9 The Foundation POCO component linux/i586
poco-json-1.12.2-1.mga9 The JSON POCO component linux/i586
poco-jwt-1.12.2-1.mga9 The JWT POCO component linux/i586
poco-net-1.12.2-1.mga9 The Net POCO component linux/i586
poco-netssl-1.12.2-1.mga9 The NetSSL POCO component linux/i586
poco-odbc-1.12.2-1.mga9 The Data/ODBC POCO component linux/i586
poco-pagecompiler-1.12.2-1.mga9 The PageCompiler POCO component linux/i586
poco-prometheus-1.12.2-1.mga9 The Prometheus POCO component linux/i586
poco-sqlite-1.12.2-1.mga9 The Data/SQLite POCO component linux/i586
poco-util-1.12.2-1.mga9 The Util POCO component linux/i586
poco-xml-1.12.2-1.mga9 The XML POCO component linux/i586
poco-zip-1.12.2-1.mga9 The Zip POCO component linux/i586
pstreams-devel-1.0.3-2.mga9 POSIX Process Control in C++ linux/noarch
ptscotch-openmpi-6.1.3-1.mga9 Graph, mesh and hypergraph partitioning library linux/i586
pybind11-devel-2.9.2-1.mga9 Seamless operability between C++11 and Python3 linux/noarch
pybind11-json-devel-0.2.12-1.mga9 pybind11_json is an nlohmann::json to pybind11 bridge linux/noarch
qdevelop-0.29-10.mga9 Development environment dedicated to Qt4 linux/i586
qdevelop-plugins-0.29-10.mga9 Plugins for qdevelop linux/i586
qt-jdenticon-0.3.0-1.mga9 Jdenticon Qt5 plugin linux/i586
range-v3-0.12.0-1.mga9 Range library for C++14/17/20, basis for C++20's std::ranges linux/noarch
rapidjson-1.1.0-6.mga9 A fast JSON parser/generator for C++ linux/i586
rapidxml-devel-1.13-7.mga9 Fast XML parser linux/noarch
restinio-0.6.17-1.mga9 RESTinio is a header-only C++14 library that gives you an embedded HTTP/Websocket server linux/i586New
robin-map-devel-1.2.1-1.mga9 C++ implementation of a fast hash map and hash set using robin hood hashing linux/noarch
scotch-6.1.3-1.mga9 Graph, mesh and hypergraph partitioning library linux/i586
simgear-devel-2020.3.17-3.mga9 Headers/misc for developing programs that will use simgear linux/i586
svdrpservice-devel-1.0.0-11.mga9 Development headers for svdrpservice VDR plugin linux/i586
taglib-extras-devel-1.0.1-15.mga9 Development files for taglib-extras linux/i586
task-c++-devel-2011.0-10.mga9 Metapackage for C++ development linux/noarch
utf8cpp-devel-3.2.3-1.mga9 Header files for utf8cpp linux/noarch
vc-1.4.3-1.mga9 Ease explicit vectorization of C++ code linux/i586
vdr-devel-2.6.1-2.mga9 VDR development headers linux/i586
vdr-femon-devel-2.4.0-3.mga9 Development headers of femon VDR plugin linux/i586
vdr-wirbelscan-devel-0.0.7-14.mga8 Development headers for wirbelscan VDR plugin linux/i586
vmmlib-devel-1.6.2-0.20140319git925a709b.8.mga8 A vector and matrix math library implemented using C++ templates linux/noarch
vsqlite++-0.3.13-3.mga9 Well designed C++ sqlite 3.x wrapper library linux/i586
vtable-dumper-1.2-2.mga9 Tool to list content of virtual tables in a C++ shared library linux/i586
waylandpp-doc-1.0.0-1.mga9 Documentation for waylandpp linux/noarch
xmms2-devel-0.9.1-5.mga9 Development libraries and headers for XMMS2 linux/i586
xproperty-devel-0.11.0-1.mga9 Traitlets-like C++ properties and implementation of the observer pattern linux/noarch
xproperty-doc-0.11.0-1.mga9 Traitlets-like C++ properties and implementation of the observer pattern linux/noarch
xsd-4.1.0-0.1.a12.mga9 W3C XML schema to C++ data binding compiler linux/i586
xsimd-devel-9.0.1-3.mga9 C++ wrappers for SIMD intrinsics linux/i586
xtl-devel-0.7.4-1.mga9 QuantStack tools library linux/noarch
zipios- C++ library for reading and writing Zip files linux/i586

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