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Packages beginning with letter E

e2fsprogs-1.46.6-1.mga9 Utilities used for ext2/ext3/ext4 filesystems linux/armv7hlNew
e2guardian-5.4.5r-1.mga9 Open Source web content filter linux/armv7hl
e2guardian-children-blacklists-20221128-1.mga9 Children Blacklists for e2guardian linux/noarch
e2scrub-1.46.6-1.mga9 Online Ext4 metadata consistency checking tool and service linux/armv7hlNew
e4rat-0.2.3-37.mga9 Toolset to accelerate the boot process as well as application startups linux/armv7hl
earlyoom-1.7-2.mga9 Early OOM Daemon for Linux linux/armv7hl
easychem-0.6-17.mga9 2D molecular drawing program linux/armv7hl
easyeffects-7.0.0-3.mga9 Audio equalizer, filters and effects for pipewire applications linux/armv7hlNew
easymock-4.2-6.mga9 Easy mock objects linux/noarch
easymock-javadoc-4.2-6.mga9 Javadoc for easymock linux/noarch
easymp3gain-0.5.0-14.mga9 Graphical user interface for MP3Gain, AACGain and VorbisGain (GTK2) linux/armv7hl
easyrpg-player-0.7.0-1.mga9 RPG Maker 2000/2003 and EasyRPG games interpreter linux/armv7hl
easyrpmbuilder-0.5.6-9.mga9 A rpm package builder helper linux/armv7hl
easytag-2.4.3-7.mga9 Tag editor for MP3, OGG files linux/armv7hl
eatmydata-105-5.mga9 A small wrapper to disable fsync and related functions linux/armv7hl
eb-4.4.3-6.mga9 Library for reading EB/EPWING files linux/armv7hl
ebook-tools-0.2.2-12.mga9 Tools for accessing and converting various ebook file formats linux/armv7hl
ebook-tools-devel-0.2.2-12.mga9 Devel stuff for ebook-tools linux/armv7hl
ecap-clamav-2.0.0-7.mga9 Clamav ecap module linux/armv7hl
ecap-samples-1.0.0-5.mga9 Simple ecap samples linux/armv7hl
ecasound-2.9.3-1.mga9 Sound processing, multitrack recording, and mixing tools linux/armv7hl
ecflow-server-5.9.2-3.mga9 The ecFlow server linux/armv7hl
ecflow-ui-5.9.2-3.mga9 Graphical applications for ecFlow linux/armv7hl
ecj-4.19-2.mga9 Eclipse Compiler for Java linux/noarch
ecl-21.2.1-2.mga9 Embeddable Common-Lisp linux/armv7hl
ecl-doc-21.2.1-2.mga9 Documentation for Embeddable Common-Lisp linux/armv7hl
econnman-1.1-20.mga9 User interface for the connman network connection manager linux/noarch
ecrire-0.2.0-2.mga9 A text editor based on the Enlightenment Foundation Library linux/armv7hlNew
ecryptfs-utils-111-5.mga9 The eCryptfs mount helper and support libraries linux/armv7hl
ecryptfs-utils-devel-111-5.mga9 The eCryptfs userspace development package linux/armv7hl
ed-1.18-1.mga9 The GNU line editor linux/armv7hl
ed25519-java-0.3.0-5.mga9 Implementation of EdDSA (Ed25519) in Java linux/noarch
ed25519-java-javadoc-0.3.0-5.mga9 Javadoc for ed25519-java linux/noarch
edb- Enlightenment database access library linux/armv7hl
eddie-2.22.2-2.mga9 Eddie - VPN tunnel linux/armv7hl
edgar-1.36-1.mga9 The Legend of Edgar - 2D platform game linux/armv7hl
edgar-data-1.36-1.mga9 Data files for The Legend of Edgar linux/noarch
edid-decode-0-0.20200213.2.mga9 EDID parse tool linux/armv7hl
editorconfig-0.12.5-2.mga9 Commandline utilities for EditorConfig linux/armv7hl
editres-1.0.8-1.mga9 A dynamic resource editor for X Toolkit applications linux/armv7hl
edk2-aarch64-20221117gitfff6d81270b5-5.mga9 UEFI firmware for aarch64 virtual machines linux/noarch
edk2-arm-20221117gitfff6d81270b5-5.mga9 ARM Virtual Machine Firmware linux/noarch
edk2-ovmf-20221117gitfff6d81270b5-5.mga9 UEFI firmware for x86_64 virtual machines linux/noarch
edk2-ovmf-experimental-20221117gitfff6d81270b5-5.mga9 Open Virtual Machine Firmware, experimental builds linux/noarch
edk2-ovmf-ia32-20221117gitfff6d81270b5-5.mga9 Open Virtual Machine Firmware linux/noarch
edk2-tools-20221117gitfff6d81270b5-5.mga9 EFI Development Kit II Tools linux/armv7hl
edk2-tools-doc-20221117gitfff6d81270b5-5.mga9 Documentation for EFI Development Kit II Tools linux/noarch
edk2-tools-python-20221117gitfff6d81270b5-5.mga9 EFI Development Kit II Tools linux/noarch
eduactiv8-4.19.02-4.mga9 Educational activity pack for kids linux/noarch
educazionik-2.0.0-0.16.mga9 Italian educational project linux/armv7hl
edugraphe-1.1-15.mga9 Graph editor written in Java linux/noarch
eduvpn-client-2.2.0-4.mga9 eduVPN client linux/noarch
efax-0.9a-27.mga9 A program for faxing using a Class 1, 2 or 2.0 fax modem linux/armv7hl
efax-gtk-3.2.15-3.mga9 GTK2 front-end for efax linux/armv7hl
efi-filesystem-5-3.mga9 The basic directory layout for EFI machines linux/noarch
efi-srpm-macros-5-3.mga9 Common SRPM Macros for building EFI-related packages linux/noarch
efibootmgr-18-1.mga9 EFI Boot Manager linux/armv7hl
efivar-38-2.mga9 Tools to manage UEFI variables linux/armv7hl
efl-1.26.3-3.mga9 Enlightenment Foundation Libraries linux/armv7hl
efl-theme-extras-1.26.3-3.mga9 Some others Enlightenment themes linux/noarch
efl-theme-mageia-1.26.3-3.mga9 Mageia Enlightenment theme linux/noarch
efx-1.9.99-0.20140509.3.mga9 Graphics Library linux/armv7hl
egd-0.9-8.mga9 Entropy Gathering Daemon linux/noarch
eggdrop-1.9.4-1.mga9 IRC bot, written in C linux/armv7hl
egl-wayland-json-1.1.11-1.mga9 JSON data files for Wayland EGL External Platform library linux/noarch
eglexternalplatform-devel-1.1-4.mga9 Development files for eglexternalplatform linux/noarch
egoboo-2.8.1-11.mga9 3D dungeon crawling game linux/armv7hl
egoboo-data-2.8.1-9.mga9 Data files for egoboo linux/noarch
eigen2-2.0.17-11.mga9 Lightweight C++ template library for vector and matrix math, a.k.a. linear algebra linux/noarch
eigen3-devel-3.4.0-3.mga9 Header files for Eigen3 linux/noarch
eigen3-doc-3.4.0-3.mga9 This is the API documentation for Eigen3 linux/noarch
eiskaltdcpp-2.4.2-4.mga9 Cross-platform program that uses the Direct Connect and ADC protocol linux/armv7hl
eiskaltdcpp-daemon-2.4.2-4.mga9 A simple EiskaltDC++ daemon linux/armv7hl
eiskaltdcpp-gtk-2.4.2-4.mga9 GTK frontend for EiskaltDC++ linux/armv7hl
eiskaltdcpp-qt-2.4.2-4.mga9 Qt frontend for EiskaltDC++ linux/armv7hl
ejabberd-22.05-1.mga9 A distributed, fault-tolerant Jabber/XMPP server linux/noarch
ekg2-0.3.1-31.mga9 Multi-protocol instant messaging and chat client linux/armv7hl
ekg2-core-0.3.1-31.mga9 Multi-protocol instant messaging and chat client linux/armv7hl
ekg2-devel-0.3.1-31.mga9 Development headers for ekg2 linux/armv7hl
ekg2-gadu-gadu-0.3.1-31.mga9 Gadu-gadu protocol plugin for ekg2 linux/armv7hl
ekg2-gpg-0.3.1-31.mga9 GPG plugin for ekg2 linux/armv7hl
ekg2-gtk2-0.3.1-31.mga9 GTK2 UI plugin for ekg2 linux/armv7hl
ekg2-ioctld-0.3.1-31.mga9 Keyboard LED control plugin for ekg2 linux/armv7hl
ekg2-jabber-0.3.1-31.mga9 Jabber protocol plugin for ekg2 linux/armv7hl
ekg2-logsqlite-0.3.1-31.mga9 SQLite log plugin for ekg2 linux/armv7hl
ekg2-voip-0.3.1-31.mga9 GSM VoIP protocol plugin for ekg2 linux/armv7hl
eko-5.3.5-8.mga9 A Eko is a small audio editor with mixer and realtime fx linux/armv7hl
elementary-icon-theme-6.1.0-2.mga9 Elementary icons for GNOME Desktop linux/noarch
elementary-icon-theme-gimp-palette-6.1.0-2.mga9 Icons from the Elementary Project (GIMP palette) linux/noarch
elementary-icon-theme-inkscape-palette-6.1.0-2.mga9 Icons from the Elementary Project (inkscape palette) linux/noarch
elementary-xfce-icon-theme-0.17-1.mga9 Elementary icons forked from upstream, extended and maintained for Xfce linux/noarch
elfutils-0.187-1.mga9 A collection of utilities and DSOs to handle ELF files and DWARF data linux/armv7hl
elinks-0.16.0-1.mga9 Lynx-like text WWW browser linux/armv7hl
elisa-22.12.0-1.mga9 A powerful Music Player for Plasma 5 linux/armv7hl
elisa-handbook-22.12.0-1.mga9 Elisa Handbook linux/noarch
elixir-1.11.2-1.mga8 A modern approach to programming for the Erlang VM linux/armv7hl
elixir-doc-1.11.2-1.mga8 Documentation for the elixir language and tools linux/noarch
elograf-0.5.3-1.mga9 Tool for control of nerd-dictation linux/noarch
emacs-28.2-6.mga9 GNU Emacs text editor with X11 support linux/armv7hl
emacs-auctex-13.1-1.mga9 Enhanced LaTeX mode for GNU Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-chess-2.0b5-13.mga9 A client and library for playing Chess from Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-common-28.2-6.mga9 Common files for GNU Emacs linux/armv7hl
emacs-doc-28.2-6.mga9 GNU Emacs documentation linux/noarch
emacs-el-28.2-6.mga9 GNU Emacs Lisp source files linux/noarch
emacs-epix-1.2.22-7.mga9 Compiled elisp files to run epix under GNU Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-ess-17.11-4.mga9 Emacs Speaks Statistics package for Emacs linux/noarch
emacs-ess-doc-17.11-4.mga9 Emacs Speaks Statistics Documentation linux/noarch
emacs-leim-28.2-6.mga9 GNU Emacs Lisp code for international input methods linux/noarch
emacs-nox-28.2-6.mga9 GNU Emacs text editor without support for X11 linux/armv7hl
emacs-slime-3.0-1.20140115.5.mga9 The superior lisp interaction mode for emacs linux/noarch
emacs-slime-el-3.0-1.20140115.5.mga9 Elisp source files for emacs-slime linux/noarch
emacs-tuareg-mode-2.0.7-4.mga9 OCaml mode for Emacs/XEmacs linux/noarch
emacs-utop-2.9.2-1.mga9 Emacs front end for utop linux/noarch
emerald-0.8.18-2.mga9 Window Decorator for Compiz linux/armv7hl
emerald-themes-0.8.18-2.mga9 Themes for Emerald, a window decorator for Compiz linux/noarch
emprint-0.1.0-3.20140509.7.mga9 E17 screen capture utility linux/armv7hl
enblend-4.2-11.mga9 Tool for compositing images linux/armv7hl
enca-1.19-6.mga9 A program that can detect and convert between character sets linux/armv7hl
encfs-1.9.5-7.mga9 Encrypted pass-through filesystem for Linux linux/armv7hl
enchant-1.6.1-5.mga9 An enchanting spell checking library linux/armv7hl
enchant2-2.3.3-2.mga9 An Enchanting Spell Checking Library linux/armv7hl
enchant2-aspell-2.3.3-2.mga9 Integration with aspell for libenchant linux/armv7hl
enchant2-nuspell-2.3.3-2.mga9 Integration with nuspell for libenchant linux/armv7hl
enchant2-voikko-2.3.3-2.mga9 Integration with voikko for libenchant linux/armv7hl
encryptpad-cli- Minimalist secure text editor and binary encryptor linux/armv7hl
encryptpad-docs- Minimalist secure text editor and binary encryptor linux/noarch
encryptpad-qt5- Minimalist secure text editor and binary encryptor linux/armv7hl
endeavour-42.0-1.mga9 Personal task manager for GNOME linux/armv7hl
endless-sky- A space exploration and combat game similar to Escape Velocity linux/armv7hl
endless-sky-data- Data files for the Endless Sky game linux/noarch
endless-sky-high-dpi- High-DPI graphics for Endless Sky linux/noarch
engauge-digitizer-12.2.2-5.mga9 Convert graphs or map files into numbers linux/armv7hl
engauge-digitizer-doc-12.2.2-5.mga9 HTML documentation of engauge-digitizer linux/noarch
engauge-digitizer-samples-12.2.2-5.mga9 Sample files for engauge-digitizer linux/noarch
engrampa-1.26.0-2.mga9 An archive manager for MATE Desktop linux/armv7hl
enjoy-0.1.0-0.20140511.8.mga9 Music player written using Enlightenment Foundation Libraries linux/armv7hl
enki-22.08.0-1.mga9 Advanced text editor for programmers linux/noarch
enlightenment-0.25.4-2.mga9 Enlightenment window manager linux/armv7hlNew
enlightenment-devel-0.25.4-2.mga9 Enlightenment library headers and development libraries linux/armv7hlNew
enscript-1.6.6-10.mga9 Converts plain ASCII to PostScript linux/armv7hl
entangle-3.0-1.mga9 Tethered Camera Control & Capture linux/armv7hl
entr-5.3-2.mga9 Run arbitrary commands when files change linux/armv7hlNew
enzo-2.6.1-6.mga9 An adaptive mesh refinement code for astrophysical calculations linux/armv7hl
eog-43.1-1.mga9 The Eye of GNOME image viewer linux/armv7hl
eog-devel-43.1-1.mga9 C headers needed to build EOG plugins linux/armv7hl
eog-plugins-42.3-1.mga9 Plugins for the Eye of GNOME image viewer linux/armv7hl
eom-1.26.0-2.mga9 Eye of MATE image viewer linux/armv7hl
eom-devel-1.26.0-2.mga9 C headers needed to build EOM plugins linux/armv7hl
epgsearch-devel-1.0.1-0.beta5.11.mga8 Development headers of epgsearch VDR plugin linux/armv7hl
ephoto-1.6.0-1.mga9 Enlightenment photo manager linux/armv7hl
epic5-2.1.12-1.mga9 (E)nhanced (P)rogrammable (I)RC-II (C)lient linux/armv7hl
epiphany-43.0-1.mga9 GNOME web browser based on the webkit rendering engine linux/armv7hl
epix-1.2.22-7.mga9 Utilities for creating mathematically accurate figures linux/armv7hl
epix-bash-completion-1.2.22-7.mga9 Bash completion support for epix linux/noarch
epoll-2.0.0-4.mga9 A web voting application linux/noarch
epour-0.7.0-1.mga9 Enlightened torrent client linux/noarch
epsoneplijs-0.4.1-15.mga9 Ghostscript IJS Plugin for the Epson EPL-5700L/5800L/5900L/6100L/6200L printers linux/armv7hl
epstool-3.09-2.mga9 A utility to create or extract preview images in EPS files linux/armv7hlNew
erebus-0.15-10.mga9 Open-source real-time RPG with multiple quests and random dungeons linux/armv7hl
eric6-22.8.1-1.mga9 A Python 3 IDE linux/armv7hl
eric7-23.2-1.mga9 A Python 3 IDE linux/armv7hlNew
erlang- General-purpose programming language and runtime environment linux/armv7hl
erlang-asn1- Provides support for Abstract Syntax Notation One linux/armv7hl
erlang-base64url-1.0.1-2.mga9 URL safe base64-compatible codec linux/noarch
erlang-basho_stats-1.1.0-2.mga9 Basic Erlang statistics library linux/noarch
erlang-bbmustache-1.12.2-1.mga9 Binary pattern match-based Mustache template engine for Erlang linux/noarch
erlang-bear-0.9.0-1.mga9 A set of statistics functions for erlang linux/noarch
erlang-cache_tab-1.0.30-1.mga9 Erlang cache table application linux/armv7hl
erlang-certifi-2.9.0-1.mga9 Dummy certifi (certificate bundle) package for erlang linux/noarch
erlang-cf-0.3.1-4.mga9 Terminal color helper linux/noarch
erlang-common_test- A portable framework for automatic testing linux/armv7hl
erlang-compiler- A byte code compiler for Erlang which produces highly compact code linux/armv7hl
erlang-crypto- Cryptographical support linux/armv7hl
erlang-cth_readable-1.5.1-1.mga9 Common test hooks for more readable erlang logs linux/noarch
erlang-cuttlefish-2.1.0-3.mga9 A library for dealing with sysctl-like configuration syntax linux/noarch
erlang-debugger- A debugger for debugging and testing of Erlang programs linux/armv7hl
erlang-dialyzer- A DIscrepancy AnaLYZer for ERlang programs linux/armv7hl
erlang-diameter- Diameter (RFC 3588) library linux/armv7hl
erlang-edoc- A utility used to generate documentation out of tags in source files linux/armv7hl
erlang-edown-0.8.4-1.mga9 EDoc extension for generating Github-flavored Markdown linux/noarch
erlang-eflame-0-0.2.gita085181.5.mga9 Flame Graph profiler for Erlang linux/noarch
erlang-eimp-1.0.22-1.mga9 Erlang Image Manipulation Process linux/armv7hl
erlang-eldap- Erlang LDAP library linux/armv7hl
erlang-epam-1.0.12-2.mga9 Library for ejabberd for PAM authentication support linux/armv7hl
erlang-erl_docgen- A utility used to generate erlang HTML documentation linux/armv7hl
erlang-erl_interface- Low level interface to C linux/armv7hl
erlang-erlsyslog-0.8.0-3.mga9 Syslog facility for Erlang linux/armv7hl
erlang-erlware_commons-1.6.0-1.mga9 Extension to Erlang's standard library linux/noarch
erlang-erlydtl-0.13.1-2.mga9 Erlang implementation of the Django Template Language linux/noarch
erlang-erts- Functionality necessary to run the Erlang System itself linux/armv7hl
erlang-esdl-1.3.1-4.mga9 Erlang OpenGL/SDL api and utilities linux/armv7hl
erlang-esip-1.0.47-1.mga9 ProcessOne SIP server component in Erlang linux/armv7hl
erlang-et- An event tracer for Erlang programs linux/armv7hl
erlang-eunit- Support for unit testing linux/armv7hl
erlang-eunit_formatters-0.5.0-4.mga9 Better output format for eunit test suites linux/noarch
erlang-examples- Examples for some Erlang modules linux/armv7hl
erlang-ezlib-1.0.12-1.mga9 Native zlib driver for Erlang linux/armv7hl
erlang-fast_tls-1.1.15-1.mga9 TLS / SSL native driver for Erlang / Elixir linux/armv7hl
erlang-fast_xml-1.1.49-1.mga9 Fast Expat based Erlang XML parsing and manipulation library linux/armv7hl
erlang-fast_yaml-1.0.33-1.mga9 An Erlang wrapper for libyaml "C" library linux/armv7hl
erlang-folsom-0.9.0-1.mga9 Erlang-based metrics system linux/noarch
erlang-ftp- FTP client linux/armv7hl
erlang-getopt-1.0.2-3.mga9 Erlang module to parse command line arguments using the GNU getopt syntax linux/noarch
erlang-gettext-2.1.0-0.12.git20170123.2bcba56.2.mga9 Erlang internationalization library linux/armv7hl
erlang-goldrush-0.2.0-2.mga9 Small, fast event processing and monitoring for Erlang/OTP applications linux/noarch
erlang-hamcrest-0.1.0-7.mga9 A framework for writing matcher objects using declarative rules linux/noarch
erlang-hex_core-0.7.1-2.mga9 Reference implementation of Hex specifications linux/noarch
erlang-hyper-0-0.16.20161011git4b1abc4.1.mga9 An implementation of the HyperLogLog algorithm in Erlang linux/armv7hl
erlang-ibrowse-4.4.2-2.mga9 Erlang HTTP client linux/noarch
erlang-iconv-1.0.13-1.mga9 Fast encoding conversion library for Erlang / Elixir linux/armv7hl
erlang-idna-6.1.1-1.mga9 Erlang IDNA lib linux/noarch
erlang-inets- A set of services such as a Web server and a HTTP client etc linux/armv7hl
erlang-jiffy-1.1.1-1.mga9 Erlang JSON parser linux/armv7hl
erlang-jinterface- A library for accessing Java from Erlang linux/armv7hl
erlang-jose-1.11.1-2.mga9 JSON Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) for Erlang and Elixir linux/noarch
erlang-jsone-1.6.1-2.mga9 Erlang JSON library linux/noarch
erlang-jsx-3.1.0-1.mga9 A streaming, event-driven json parsing toolkit linux/noarch
erlang-kernel- Main erlang library linux/armv7hl
erlang-lager-3.9.2-1.mga9 A logging framework for Erlang/OTP linux/noarch
erlang-lfe-2.0.1-1.mga9 Lisp Flavoured Erlang linux/armv7hl
erlang-luerl-1.0-1.mga9 Lua in Erlang linux/noarch
erlang-meck-0.9.2-1.mga9 A mocking library for Erlang linux/noarch
erlang-megaco- Megaco/H.248 support library linux/armv7hl
erlang-mnesia- A heavy duty real-time distributed database linux/armv7hl
erlang-mochiweb-2.22.0-1.mga9 An Erlang library for building lightweight HTTP servers linux/noarch
erlang-mqtree-1.0.15-1.mga9 Index tree for MQTT topic filters linux/armv7hl
erlang-mustache-0.1.1-8.mga9 Mustache template engine for Erlang linux/noarch
erlang-neotoma-1.7.4-6.mga9 Erlang library and packrat parser-generator for parsing expression grammars linux/noarch
erlang-oauth2-0.7.0-1.mga9 An Oauth2 implementation for Erlang linux/armv7hl
erlang-observer- A set of tools for tracing and investigation of distributed systems linux/armv7hl
erlang-odbc- A library for unixODBC support in Erlang linux/armv7hl
erlang-os_mon- A monitor which allows inspection of the underlying operating system linux/armv7hl
erlang-p1_acme-1.0.19-1.mga9 ACME client library for Erlang linux/noarch
erlang-p1_mysql-1.0.19-2.mga9 Pure Erlang MySQL driver linux/noarch
erlang-p1_oauth2-0.6.11-1.mga9 An Oauth2 implementation for Erlang linux/noarch
erlang-p1_pgsql-1.1.18-1.mga9 Pure Erlang PostgreSQL driver linux/noarch
erlang-p1_utils-1.0.25-1.mga9 Erlang utility modules from ProcessOne linux/noarch
erlang-parse_trans-3.4.1-1.mga9 Parse transform utilities for Erlang linux/noarch
erlang-parsetools- A set of parsing and lexical analysis tools linux/armv7hl
erlang-pkix-1.0.9-1.mga9 PKIX certificates management for Erlang linux/noarch
erlang-proper-1.3-5.mga9 A QuickCheck-inspired property-based testing tool for Erlang linux/noarch
erlang-protobuffs-0.9.2-2.mga9 A set of Protocol Buffers tools and modules for Erlang applications linux/noarch
erlang-providers-1.9.0-1.mga9 An Erlang providers library linux/noarch
erlang-public_key- API to public key infrastructure linux/armv7hl
erlang-rebar-2.6.4-10.mga9 Erlang Build Tools linux/noarch
erlang-rebar3-3.18.0-1.mga9 Tool for working with Erlang projects linux/noarch
erlang-reltool- A release management tool linux/armv7hl
erlang-relx-4.7.0-1.mga9 Release assembler for Erlang/OTP Releases linux/noarch
erlang-riak_client-2.5.3-5.mga9 Erlang client for Riak linux/noarch
erlang-riak_pb-2.3.2-4.mga9 Riak Protocol Buffers Messages linux/noarch
erlang-rpm-macros-0.3.6-1.mga9 Macros for simplifying building of Erlang packages linux/noarch
erlang-runtime_tools- A set of tools to include in a production system linux/armv7hl
erlang-sasl- The System Architecture Support Libraries linux/armv7hl
erlang-sd_notify-1.1-2.mga9 Erlang interface to systemd notify subsystem linux/noarch
erlang-setup-2.1.0-1.mga9 Generic setup utility for Erlang-based systems linux/noarch
erlang-snappy-1.1.1-0.19.git348da43.1.mga9 An Erlang NIF wrapper for Google's snappy library linux/armv7hl
erlang-snmp- Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) support linux/armv7hl
erlang-ssh- Secure Shell application with sftp and ssh support linux/armv7hl
erlang-ssl- Secure Socket Layer support linux/armv7hl
erlang-ssl_verify_fun-1.1.6-2.mga9 Collection of ssl verification functions for Erlang linux/noarch
erlang-stdlib- The Erlang standard libraries linux/armv7hl
erlang-stdlib2-1.4.4-1.mga9 Erlang stdlib extensions linux/noarch
erlang-stringprep-1.0.28-1.mga9 A framework for preparing Unicode strings to help input and comparison linux/armv7hl
erlang-stun-1.2.4-1.mga9 STUN and TURN library for Erlang / Elixir linux/noarch
erlang-syntax_tools- A set of tools for dealing with erlang sources linux/armv7hl
erlang-tftp- TFTP client linux/armv7hl
erlang-tools- A set of programming tools including a coverage analyzer etc linux/armv7hl
erlang-triq-1.3.0-7.mga9 A property-based testing library for Erlang linux/noarch
erlang-unicode_util_compat-0.7.0-1.mga9 A unicode_util compatibility library for Erlang < 20 linux/noarch
erlang-wx- A library for wxWidgets support in Erlang linux/armv7hl
erlang-xmerl- Provides support for XML 1.0 linux/armv7hl
erlang-xmpp-1.5.8-1.mga9 Erlang/Elixir XMPP parsing and serialization library linux/armv7hl
erlang-yconf-1.0.13-1.mga9 YAML configuration processor linux/noarch
erofs-fuse-1.5-1.mga9 FUSE support for mounting EROFS images linux/armv7hl
erofs-utils-1.5-1.mga9 Utilities for working with EROFS linux/armv7hl
eso-midas-17FEBpl1.2-8.mga9 European Southern Observatory Munich Image Data Analysis System linux/armv7hl
eso-midas-calib-17FEBpl1.2-8.mga9 Calibration data for ESO-MIDAS(tm) linux/armv7hl
eso-midas-devel-17FEBpl1.2-8.mga9 ESO-MIDAS(tm) - development files linux/armv7hl
eso-midas-doc-17FEBpl1.2-8.mga9 Documentation for ESO-MIDAS(tm) linux/armv7hl
espeak-1.48.04-5.mga9 Text to speech synthesis engine linux/armv7hl
espeak-ng-1.51.1-1.mga9 Text to speech synthesis engine (eSpeak NG) linux/armv7hl
espeak-ng-vim-1.51.1-1.mga9 Vim syntax highlighting for espeak-ng data files linux/noarch
esteidcerts-2016-3.mga9 Estonian ID-card certificates linux/noarch
etc-update-20020731-21.mga9 Handle configuration file updates linux/noarch
etcd-3.4.14-3.mga9 Distributed reliable key-value store for the most critical data of a distributed system linux/armv7hl
etckeeper-1.18.18-1.mga9 Store /etc in a SCM system (git, mercurial, brz or darcs) linux/noarch
etckeeper-brz-1.18.18-1.mga9 Support for bzr with etckeeper (via breezy) linux/noarch
etckeeper-dnf-1.18.18-1.mga9 DNF plugin for etckeeper support linux/noarch
etcskel-1.63-37.mga9 Mageia default files for new users' home directories linux/noarch
eterm-0.9.7-5.mga9 Terminal emulator linux/armv7hl
etherape-0.9.20-2.mga9 Graphical network viewer modeled after etherman linux/armv7hl
ethtool-6.1-1.mga9 Utility for controlling network drivers and hardware linux/armv7hl
etoys-5.0.2408-9.mga9 An educational tool for teaching children powerful ideas in compelling ways linux/noarch
etrophy-0.5.1-9.mga9 Library that manages scores, trophies and unlockables linux/armv7hl
ettercap- Ncurses/Gtk3 based sniffer/interceptor utility linux/armv7hl
euclide-0.6.6-10.mga9 A dynamic geometry application linux/noarch
eureka-1.27b-1.mga9 A cross-platform map editor for the classic DOOM games linux/armv7hl
evemu-2.7.0-7.mga9 Event Device Query and Emulation Program linux/armv7hl
eventviews-22.12.0-1.mga9 Lib for creating events linux/armv7hl
evince-43.1-2.mga9 GNOME Document viewer linux/armv7hl
evince-dvi-43.1-2.mga9 TeX DVI document support for evince linux/armv7hl
evisum-0.6.0-1.mga9 A process and system monitor linux/armv7hl
evo-inflector-1.2.1-6.mga9 Implements English pluralization algorithm linux/noarch
evo-inflector-javadoc-1.2.1-6.mga9 Javadoc for evo-inflector linux/noarch
evol-client- Evol Online branding and theme in manaplus linux/noarch
evolution-3.46.3-1.mga9 Integrated GNOME mail client, calendar and address book linux/armv7hl
evolution-chime-1.4.1-7.mga9 Evolution plugin for Amazon Chime linux/armv7hl
evolution-data-server-3.46.3-2.mga9 Evolution Data Server linux/armv7hl
evolution-data-server-tests-3.46.3-2.mga9 Tests for the evolution-data-server package linux/armv7hl
evolution-devel-3.46.3-1.mga9 Development files for building against evolution linux/armv7hl
evolution-ews-3.46.3-1.mga9 Exchange Connector for Evolution, compatible with Exchange 2007 and later linux/armv7hl
eweather-0.2.0-1.r81625.13.mga9 Enlightenment weather/forecasts module linux/armv7hl
exaile-4.1.2-2.mga9 A powerful GTK music player linux/noarchNew
examinator-0.2-11.mga9 Application to generate multiple choice exams in LaTeX quality linux/armv7hl
exec-maven-plugin-3.1.0-1.mga9 Exec Maven Plugin linux/noarch
exec-maven-plugin-javadoc-3.1.0-1.mga9 API documentation for exec-maven-plugin linux/noarch
execstack-0.5.0-2.mga9 Utility to set/clear/query executable stack bit linux/armv7hl
exempi-2.6.1-1.mga9 Library for easy parsing of XMP metadata linux/armv7hl
exfalso-4.5.0-1.mga9 Tag editor for musical files linux/noarch
exfatprogs-1.2.0-1.mga9 Utilities for exFAT file system linux/armv7hl
exif-0.6.22-3.mga9 Command line tools to access EXIF extensions in JPEG files linux/armv7hl
exiv2-0.27.5-3.mga9 Command line tool to access EXIF data in image files linux/armv7hl
exiv2-doc-0.27.5-3.mga9 Exiv2 library documentation linux/noarch
exo-4.18.0-1.mga9 An extension library for Xfce desktop environment linux/armv7hl
exosip-5.1.0-1.mga9 Extended osip library linux/armv7hl
expat-2.5.0-1.mga9 XML parser written in C linux/armv7hl
expect-5.45.4-7.mga9 A tcl extension for simplifying program-script interaction linux/armv7hl
expect-examples-5.45.4-7.mga9 Example scripts for expect linux/armv7hl
ext3grep-0.10.2-12.mga9 Investigation and recovery tool for ext3 filesystem linux/armv7hl
ext4magic-0.3.2-3.mga9 A tool to recover accidentally deleted files on ext3/ext4 filesystems linux/armv7hlNew
extra-cmake-modules-5.102.0-1.mga9 Extra modules and scripts for CMake linux/noarchNew
extra-enforcer-rules-1.5.1-3.mga9 Extra rules for maven-enforcer-plugin linux/noarch
extra-enforcer-rules-javadoc-1.5.1-3.mga9 Javadoc for extra-enforcer-rules linux/noarch
extract-1.11-4.mga9 Show meta-data from files of arbitrary type linux/armv7hl
extremetuxracer-0.8.2-1.mga9 OpenGL racing game featuring Tux linux/armv7hl
extundelete-0.2.4-9.mga9 Investigation and recovery tool for ext3/4 filesystem linux/armv7hl
eye-1.4.1-11.mga9 Small image feature detector using machine learning linux/armv7hl
eyesight-0.1.4-7.mga9 Hawaii desktop image viewer linux/armv7hl
ezcomponents-2009.2.1-12.mga9 Super package to install a complete release of eZ Components linux/noarch

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