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RPM of Group Sound/Players

alsaplayer-0.99.81-16.mga9 Advanced Linux Sound Architecture (ALSA) player linux/armv7hl
amarok-2.9.75-2.mga9 The powerful media player for KDE linux/armv7hl
amarok-handbook-2.9.75-2.mga9 Amarok Handbook linux/noarch
audacious-4.2-1.mga9 A versatile and handy media player linux/armv7hl
audacious-adplug-4.2-2.mga9 AdLib player plugin for audacious linux/armv7hl
audacious-fluidsynth-4.2-2.mga9 Fluidsynth MIDI plugin for audacious linux/armv7hl
audacious-jack-4.2-2.mga9 Audacious output plugin for the jack sound server linux/armv7hl
audacious-plugins-4.2-2.mga9 Audacious Media Player core plugins linux/armv7hl
audacious-pulse-4.2-2.mga9 Audacious output plugin for the Pulseaudio sound server linux/armv7hl
audacious-sid-4.2-2.mga9 Audacious input plugin for C64 SID files linux/armv7hl
audacious-skins-1.0.0-19.mga9 Additional skins for Audacious linux/noarch
audacious-wavpack-4.2-2.mga9 Wavpack input plugin for Audacious linux/armv7hl
banshee-2.6.2-18.mga9 Music player with mobile player support linux/armv7hl
banshee-ipod-2.6.2-18.mga9 Ipod support for Banshee linux/armv7hl
banshee-mtp-2.6.2-18.mga9 MTP audio player support for Banshee linux/armv7hl
clementine-1.4.0-0.rc2.3.mga9 A cross-platform music player based on Amarok 1.4 linux/armv7hl
cmus-2.10.0-2.mga9 A powerful ncurses-based music player linux/armv7hl
dumb-1.0-1.20170128.8.mga9 Dynamic Universal Music Bibliotheque linux/armv7hl
exaile-4.1.2-2.mga9 A powerful GTK music player linux/noarchNew
gmpc-11.8.16-11.mga9 Gtk2 frontend for the mpd linux/armv7hl
gmpc-albumview-11.8.16-12.mga9 Album View draws all album covers linux/armv7hl
gmpc-avahi-11.8.16-11.mga9 An avahi plugin for gmpc linux/armv7hl
gmpc-discogs-0.20.0-11.mga9 Artist and Album image fetcher linux/armv7hl
gmpc-extraplaylist-0.20.0-13.mga9 An extra playlist plugin for gmpc linux/armv7hl
gmpc-jamendo-11.8.16-12.mga9 Jamendo plugin for gmpc linux/armv7hl
gmpc-lastfm-0.20.0-13.mga9 A Last.FM artist art provider plugin for gmpc linux/armv7hl
gmpc-libnotify-11.8.16-11.mga9 A libnotify plugin for gmpc linux/armv7hl
gmpc-lyrics-11.8.16-11.mga9 A lyrics provider plugin for gmpc linux/armv7hl
gmpc-magnatune-11.8.16-11.mga9 A magnatune browser plugin for gmpc linux/armv7hl
gmpc-mserver-0.20.0-13.mga9 A microhttpd server plugin for gmpc linux/armv7hl
gmpc-shout-0.20.0-13.mga9 A shout plugin for gmpc linux/armv7hl
gmpc-tagedit-11.8.16-11.mga9 GMPC Editor for song tags linux/armv7hl
gnome-music-42.1-1.mga9 Music player and management application linux/noarch
goobox-3.6.0-4.mga9 CD player and ripper for GNOME linux/armv7hl
grip-4.2.4-1.mga9 A CD player and ripper/MP3-encoder front-end linux/armv7hl
gst123-0.3.5-4.mga9 Command line audio player based on GStreamer linux/armv7hl
guayadeque-0.4.6-7.git20220113.2.mga9 Music Player with the aims to be intuitive, easy to use and fast linux/armv7hl
juk-22.12.0-1.mga9 A music player and manager for KDE linux/armv7hl
knowthelist-2.3.1-5.mga9 An awesome party music player linux/armv7hl
librepcb-0.1.7-1.mga9 A powerful, innovative and intuitive EDA tool for everyone linux/armv7hl
libyarock-mpv-1.4.0-5.mga9 The MPV audio back-end library for Yarock linux/armv7hl
libyarock-phonon-1.4.0-5.mga9 The Phonon audio back-end library for Yarock linux/armv7hl
libyarock-vlc-1.4.0-5.mga9 The VLC audio back-end library for Yarock linux/armv7hl
lollypop-1.4.37-1.mga9 Music player for GNOME linux/noarch
lxmusic-0.4.7-3.git20190224.5.mga9 Lightweight XMMS2 client with simple user interface linux/armv7hl
mikmod-3.2.8-4.mga9 A MOD music file player linux/armv7hl
mixxx-2.3.3-3.mga9 Music DJing software linux/armv7hl
moc-2.6-0.alpha3.2.mga9 Music on Console - Console audio player for Linux/UNIX linux/armv7hl
mopidy-3.0.2-3.mga9 Music server with MPD and Spotify support linux/noarch
mopidy-musicbox-webclient-3.1.0-5.mga9 Responsive webclient for Mopidy, a music server linux/noarch
mopidy-podcast-3.0.0-6.mga9 Mopidy extension for searching and browsing podcasts linux/noarch
mopidy-radio-de-0.2.0-10.mga9 extension for Mopidy linux/noarch
mopidy-tunein-1.0.0-5.mga9 Mopidy extension for playing music from TuneIn linux/noarch
mpc-0.34-2.mga9 MPC, command-line client for MPD linux/armv7hl
mpd-0.23.11-2.mga9 MPD, the Music Player Daemon linux/armv7hl
mpg123-1.31.2-1.mga9 MPEG audio player linux/armv7hl
mpg123-jack-1.31.2-1.mga9 Jack audio output plugin for mpg123 linux/armv7hl
mpg123-openal-1.31.2-1.mga9 OpenAL audio output plugin for mpg123 linux/armv7hl
mpg123-portaudio-1.31.2-1.mga9 Portaudio output plugin for mpg123 linux/armv7hl
mpg123-pulse-1.31.2-1.mga9 Pulse audio output plugin for mpg123 linux/armv7hl
mpg123-sdl-1.31.2-1.mga9 SDL audio output plugin for mpg123 linux/armv7hl
mpg123-sndio-1.31.2-1.mga9 Sndio audio output plugin for mpg123 linux/armv7hl
mpg321-0.3.2-11.mga9 A real-time MPEG 1.0/2.0/2.5 audio player for layers 1, 2 and 3 linux/armv7hl
mps-youtube-0.2.8-15.mga9 Terminal based YouTube player and downloader linux/noarch
musique-1.10.1-5.mga9 Lightweight music player linux/armv7hlNew
ncmpc-0.47-1.mga9 Ncurses client for MPD linux/armv7hl
ncmpcpp-0.9.2-11.mga9 An ncurses mpd client inspired by ncmpc linux/armv7hl
qmmp-2.1.2-3.mga9 Feature-rich Qt-based multimedia player linux/armv7hl
qmmp-plugin-pack-2.1.0-1.mga9 A set of extra plugins for Qmmp linux/armv7hl
quimup-1.4.4-5.mga9 A client for the music player daemon (MPD) linux/armv7hl
quodlibet-4.5.0-1.mga9 Advanced, elegant jukebox style music player linux/noarch
radio-3.107-4.mga9 Console radio application linux/armv7hl
radiotray-ng-0.2.8-12.mga9 An Internet radio player for Linux linux/armv7hl
rhythmbox-3.4.6-2.mga9 Music Management Application linux/armv7hl
sayonara-1.8.0-0.beta1.1.mga9 A lightweight Qt Audio player linux/armv7hl
sonata-1.7.0-4.mga9 An elegant music client for MPD linux/noarch
strawberry-1.0.14-1.mga9 Audio player and music collection organizer linux/armv7hl
tomahawk-player-0.8.99-24.mga9 A social media player linux/armv7hl
vlc-plugin-fluidsynth-3.0.18-2.mga9 Add MIDI playback support to VLC based on Fluidsynth linux/armv7hl
vlc-plugin-gme-3.0.18-2.mga9 Add game music playback support to VLC based on libgme linux/armv7hl
vlc-plugin-mod-3.0.18-2.mga9 MOD audio decoder plugin for the VLC media player linux/armv7hl
vlc-plugin-mpc-3.0.18-2.mga9 MPC audio decoder plugin for the VLC media player linux/armv7hl
vlc-plugin-shout-3.0.18-2.mga9 Shoutcast and Icecast connector linux/armv7hl
vlc-plugin-sid-3.0.18-2.mga9 SID audio decoder plugin for the VLC media player linux/armv7hl
vlc-plugin-speex-3.0.18-2.mga9 Ogg Speex codec plugin for the VLC media player linux/armv7hl
vlc-plugin-twolame-3.0.18-2.mga9 MP2 encoder plugin for VLC linux/armv7hl
xmms2-0.9.1-5.mga9 A modular audio framework and plugin architecture linux/armv7hl
xmms2-docs-0.9.1-5.mga9 Development documentation for XMMS2 linux/noarch
xmms2-perl-0.9.1-5.mga9 Perl support for XMMS2 linux/armv7hl
xmms2-ruby-0.9.1-5.mga9 Ruby support for XMMS2 linux/armv7hl
xmp-4.1.0-4.mga9 A multi-format module player linux/armv7hl
yarock-1.4.0-5.mga9 Modern and elegant Linux music player linux/armv7hl

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